Darling in the franxx

What's 02's feeling toward Hiro now? It is kinda weird to see Hiro's monologue about wants to be with 02 but 02's monologue is just to kill more dinos.

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>Dr.FranXX explains the asspull
>It was in fact not power of love but a deadly mind bond
>Hiro proceeds to asspull his next battles with the power of determination instead

015 is too good for 016. He can get sucked dry by 02

Based fat poster


>Fat kid is fat and useless

I'm sure they are saving up for a episode where all her thoughts and feelings will flow in detail. Right now she really wants to be with someone, but she know they will die on the third ride. Hiro survived it, and now she is filled with hope.

If this show is going to have any class, they'll have it be that Ichigo is the one that needs someone to lean on.
But they won't.
She'll get over here and fuck Goro I guess cause whyyyyy the fuck not?
Seriouslty why would they even inculde sucha cahracter to just fucking cock tease it? WHY??
Are these gainax shitters sadists? FUCK


It doesn't look like this at all. Her arms are like girls arms and her butt is like a girls butt. She doesn't have metal plates but shapely c cups instead

its a tacticool strelizia

I don't like it. She looks like the ep6 monster could smash it into it's parts

yeah, she needs to be cute.

>shota dick

They've been intentioanlly cryptic about it. But it doesnt seem like its in a malicious way. Im guessing 02 cares more about her partners than she lets on, she talks in the opening scene about how she admires the Jian, so its probably a little heartbreaking to have disposable partners that die rather than lifelong partners.

She was raging because she killed yet another partner, she was calling herself a monster actually.

What I’m hoping is that one of the pairs accidentally discovers sexual intercourse improves sync ratios 10 fold.
Maybe these two will discover it considering how much of a horny little shit Zorome is.

>Hiro's determination was so strong that he keeps training himself all day long and willing to use his life as an exchange to pilot 3 times without any regret.
>After episode 6, he changed his mind to be 02's wing
Imagine Hiro use the same level of determination and execution to chase 02

So cute.

>Ichigo is the one that needs someone to lean on
Even her hairclip resembles bird with one wing. She'll probably be serving an example of what happens if you have no other wing, still I hope for her getting good ending.


Lets try to figure this out anons.
The names Hiro gave everyone are all completely on-the-nose descriptors of their key physical or emotional traits.
So considering that, what’s 02’s name going to be?
>inb4 “Oni”
Even that’s too obvious.



How do I find girls as dominant as 02?

0 = Rei
2 = Ni

Reini = She likes the rain
Oni = Devil

Rainy Devil

002 is Kanbaru.

I can't help thinking:"Are you brain dead?" from this fan art.

Fuck, another thing I will probably not get.

Why would Hiro call her a demon?

>02 loves Hiro for his genetics

What's her endgame?

Real Grade Strelizia!

It's super obvious it's going to be Honey to go with Darling.

I cant believe Hiro fucking died

She got a cuck fetish.

You can find a girl as dominant as 02, but not as cute, sexy, beautiful and with 2 horns

I'm with Kanbaru, it'll be Reini.

Is 02 a seasonal waifu?


This Hiro-Naomi interactions are giving me Kaneki-Rize vibes.

Red = Aka
Honey = Hachimitsu
Red honey = Akimitsu?


Does personality fall under genetics?

Continuing on from the screening impressions, seems there will be a new ED for 7 onwards if I'm reading right from multiple people saying it

Being alive falls in genetics for him

>''The Jockey and her mare'' is the best metaphor to describe the relationship between the Stamen boy and the Pistil girl.

>Pistil girls are mares who need a jockey to ride and tame them.

>Zero Two is a wild mare like Alexander's horse and Hiro a skilled jockey like Alexander.

It is no use having a great wild mare, if you do not have a great jockey to ride and tame her.

Seasonal waifu's are rarely as popular as 02.


Why do the girls have a fucking deathwish?

02 is in love with Hiro but she hates herself so she can't fully let him in (yet)

Oni or Honey, Oni makes the most sense with his number naming scheme, but he would be calling her a monster (even if he, and maybe even her, dont know what that word means).

Honey is pretty on the nose since it both has the "oni" sound to it, goes with darling, and 02 drowns all her food in it. That being said it would be an english word and so far all Hiro's names have been Japanese style.

Or could be something completely out of nowhere that will seem really obvious in retrospect to us.

>hates herself
>loves Hiro
Pick one.

purple oni

All of squad 13 is completely incompetent beside Delphinium, hopefully they actually improve now that the "Hiro needs to get in the robot" arc has come to a close.

You can be self loathing while loving someone you idiot.

Is it just me or do Papa's clothes look like the garb that high-ranking Shingon priests wear?

She want to be accepted by others. And in her mind as long she keep killing dinos, they will eventually see her as a human.

He'll literally go outside the codenames just for her. Part of breaking free of such a system.

yare yare

how to tame a crazy wild oni
try again

>killing makes you human

I find it mind numbing that they would refuse to train for a battlefield where the previous squad got wiped out


Zero Two's monologue includes wanting to be with someone as she finds the Jian beautiful, praising her Darling and pointing out how much better he is special to her, and then that she must klll Klaxosaurs. We know more than enough of how she feels about him at the moment.

>tfw darling gives me the strong thick hiro dick

You can be self destructive and think you "love someone" but you simply don't have the capacity because you're eternally unhappy. Either that or you have some self love.

She is sterile though.

Why do their mouths move when they talk? And why do they have teeth?

Trigger please stop.


They're holograms

yare yare

Who will die in the final episodes ?
Hiro, 002 or will ichigo sacrifice herself to save them ?

Need to replace the punchline image with pic related.

Because they are impossible to break or hurt according to this episode so Dr.FranXX thought fuck it

Again, they were put together quickly by Dr.FranXX order and it's implied they were never ready like P26. They have training and their sortie down to the Magma reserves was supposed to be part of that, but their lack of experience shows. They're slowly improving in that they know the team is important and supporting each other as of 6 and it'll probably progress like that.

Oni pussy too strong

That's just because she kills everyones semen after three thrusts. Hiro will be fine.



Hiro trains. What gives?

Nah. You can do both perfectly fine, don't tell me how I feel.

When does the bullying stop?


Where were you when Nova-kun was revealed to be Shaggy Blanco?

not telling

That's probably why he's fit for Strelizia. He's been solo training on a training bot a lot of the time and Strelizia can handle solo combat.

Hiro actually cares and uses his free time to train. The rest are lazy and don't care. Plus I dont really know how a Pistil is supposed to train, so unless you have a strong Pistil like 02 or Ichigo, you could be in a bad way even if you wank one out on the training bots every day.

You really can't, at least if you believe in basic psychology.

Stop this dumb meme

The bullying never stops. Delphinium is next user.

Watch Gurren Lagann.

Mouths are projections and dont have actual depth. Doesnt explain Strelizias occasional lipstick but whatever. At least it gives an in-universe explanation for sidemouths.

WHY?! They are going to fucking die if they fail. They can't be such morons.

She not tho.

>Everyone went to talk with Hiro and was praising him for have killed the dino
>No one went to talk to her or thanked Zero Two even thought she had killed it with him
That kind of shit hurts user.

Because it's sexy.

June 23

It's true though. No evidence against it.


>Show telegraphs it's main source of asspulls
>Cred Forums is still hyped about it just like r**t
What the fuck is going on in here

Hiro's expression is great in the meme, no need to change it.

Why is drool so hot?



Ichigokeks never fail to amuse me

They're kids. Sheltered homeschooled kids who dont even decide what clothes they wear or what food they eat. Its not exactly far fetched they might not have a whole lotta common sense.

>It's true though. No evidence against it.
This contradicts itself

It's going to be Honey, pronounced Ha-Ni




We really need to get the full version of the tune that plays at the end of ep 6 when they destroy the klaxosaur. Which is the same tune that plays in ep 4 when 02/Hiro break out together.

I can't wait to see Zero Two die. Search your feelings, you know it's gonna happen.

They would know what pain is surely.

There's a number of things that simply can't cover since it's complex so I don't.

Double digit code, literally only actual competent mech in episode 6 besides Strelizia was Delphinium. I'm an 02fag but Ichigo is definitely a cut above the other pistils we have been shown thus far (minus 02 of course)

Delphinium is pure



Would this have been a better position for the pilots?

It's the writers crutch. Just get over it

>The origins of "darling" can be found in the very heart of the English language; its earliest known uses can be traced back to Old English writings from the 9th century. Old English "deorling" was formed by attaching the Old English suffix -ling ("one associated with or marked by a specified quality") with the adjective "dēore," the ancestor of our adjective "dear" ("regarded very affectionately or fondly," "highly valued or esteemed," "beloved").
02 learned or was taught the old meaning of the word Darling rather than the one we know and think she knows.
02 wouldn't care if Hiro died because it would mean he didn't have the quality she marked, and he was weak after all.


she failed to take the strong and thick hiro dick, shes mediocre at best

He's got the ED genes. He can't get it up to anyone else

It isn't a big deal, why do you keep bringing it up in every thread?

Ichigo is strong by will

Hiro and 002 are strong by genetics

It gets him a bunch of (you)'s for a few weeks now

>too cultured to get it up to normal girls
is hiro, dareisayit, /ourguy/?

Fucciboy squad soon
how gay will they be

If he was ourguy I'm sure he'd even get it up to Dr.FranXX



They're really not equipped with the reality of battle it seems. That's something they have to grow into. They've been improving slowly and I feel it's going to continue like that. Dr.FranXX must have a reason for wanting a fresh squad out siding of finding Zero Two's lover.

Why are they called the nines? There are 8 of them.

>fuccboi squad's pistils are cute boys
maybe I won’t drop this

They could get some cues from Hiro's behavior. It's not like they are not aware that training is an option


They sure seem to keep their women in line. They're probably gay as hell.

Nine Alpha, Nine Iota, etc.


Humans are at the top of the evolutionary chain because they can effectively kill anything.

why does one of them sorta look like Ichigo?

For sure. But I guess they haven't had the luxury with the increased frequency of Klaxosaur attacks. In the end, they are just children.


Because of how their naming scheme works

We know there is a 9'α from the credits of episode 6. and 9'α mentions 9'I, who knows what the significance of the 9 actually is though.

Excuses excuses.

Are those girls in the back part-klaxosaur like 002?

They won't be gay though, they just look pomp because they can.

>title drop in episode name
>" baited to hype it by shitposters"
Why is this a thing?

>its another genetics show
if I wanted to watch this shit I’d leave my room

I want to get a girl like 02 and don't care if I get aids.
Which military do I join?

>genetics show

The Israeli Defense Force


Nothing in 'basic psychology' says you can't love someone if you hate yourself. Psychology major here.


Get out, you're fucking pathetic.

Seems unlikely since they lack any of the distinctive features.

Onifags are fucked up

kikel scum


It's fine if you want to look at it like that. I was simply responding to you.

FranXX is a great virgin filter

I love skintight suits

If clone theory is right, I'm guessing they and 02 are from the same 'genetic stock' and her Klaxosaur DNA is what makes them different.

I'm also betting that, given the muzzles, the Nines or whatever they're called, uh, don't exactly treat the female half of their unit very well. "You're just there to let me pilot" or some shit.

Damn, that's some nice fanart

Her fucking canines are gigantic, I'm a sucker for big canines, but goddamn that shit is scary. Imagine 02 bites your neck? It's like a fucking German Shepard ripping your throat off.

Thus, Darling Bites!

>Imagine 02 bites your neck?
s-stop user my dick can only get so erect

This is my first foray into the mecha genre.
Are other mecha animes also this lewd?

I don't think their upbringing can help with the anxiousness from the fight or flight response

Don't worry you'll lose all that blood from your neck wound.

Loving Hiro is the cure to her self-hatred.

Because 02 is the ninth. They found Nine Iota (literally 9-10) because 02 finally has a partner who's not dead at this point.


This show is lewd?

In other scenes the "fangs" are only a little bigger than a normal persons, maybe it's a result of the klaxosaur blood along with the red eyes and going completely psycho.

Yes, go watch Aquarian EVOL

Imagine watching FranXX alone

Sure, if it means she can be happy with herself, something Hiro clearly has to help her through (and so far is.)

When is she going to snap?

I want to cum in strelizia and take responsibility

How exactly did 02 survive her encounters whenever she went into Stampede mode? Every time she went berserk, we saw her ass getting kicked. Did the other Nines have to bail her ass out each time she devoured her Stamen?

You cannot fuck the robots retard



>He doesn’t know

02 will in some way molest Hiro, which causes Ichigo to slap the tiara thing off her head and grab Hiro. 02 then goes full Yandere and shit hits the fan.

They fight in squads so yeah probably

Remember when gundam was good?

I want to see a Gundam fuck a Franxx.

I want to cum in strelizia just before you do, unbeknownst to you, and not take responsibility.

Maybe YOU can't...

IBO made Gundam great again

You cannot fuck the robots retard



hasnt been good since turn a

Why does this guy has TWO partners?

if there’s a will there’s a way

>Reika (れいか, レイカ pronounced ray-kah) is a Japanese given name for females. The name can be written using the characters for "lovely; companion" (rei) and "splendor; flower; petal" (ka). However the name can have many different meanings depending on which kanji is used. Reika can also be written in katakana or hiragana.

That are all guys

Yes and can you imagine how painful that is? it rubs it in her face.

I have fond memories of Wing and Seed, idk man.

Is nothing sacred, you autist?

Is that Strelizia's legs?

>idk man
me neither man, I don’t know wrong from right anymore. fuck this gay earth

So basically Rei+Asuka

I think those are all girls, they all have the white outfits while the dudes wear grey/black.

Why do the girls' suits have super high heels?


Ichigo becomes better best girl in 2nd cour of this series.

That could work.

They look much bigger than usual when she's calm. They're still larger than human norm anyway but not as big as when she's stampeding.

Why does the series have nude scenes?

Genista! Sitting on my face!

kinda shows why shes the way she is

>liking SEED

What's the point in a plugsuit if you don't have heels to make the legs/ass even more pronounced?

>Girl with a honey motif
>Gives her husband the pet name Darling
>Even goes with her number 00=8=hachi=ha/2=ni

Hiro is not exactly a genius at coming up with names, it's going to be Honey.

Then how are they going to pilot that robot in the back?

>Maybe I'm cut out to be a breeder.
So is this hinting at some sort of higher class within their society that actually makes babies or something?
Quarter oni babies confirmed.

there's probably a really good reason.

>you autist
that word has no meaning anymore, at this point it’s just a buzzword used by hypersocial normgroids in an attempt to degrade people who differ from what the normgroids perceive as normal at the time

Plugsuits are supposed to make you more mobile.

What is he names her Sakura?

About that..

>Did the other Nines have to bail her ass out each time she devoured her Stamen?
That's what I'm assuming so far, yeah. I bet she hated it too since they all look like assholes who would rub it in.

Fat robot!

You mean more nubile.

No, not Strelizia. They do look very similar though, I wonder what the Nines' FranXX will look like. Strelizia seems to be customized to 02 (the horns and the little tie), but would the other Nines mechas be very similar?

You tell me.
She's good enough to become a waifu within a season, but she might also be so great that she'll outlast that season and remain popular for a long time.
She's very unique in her personality and intense in her portrayal, she has already inspired some very strong emotions from a large base of people.
Girls like her tend to remain popular long past their show's run.


Same could be said about virgin shaming or whatever those hypersexual primates do nowadays.

9 Alpha is very handsome

>You cannot fuck the robots retard
says you

this series has an insane amount of fanart already

>injuries are just a splash of red paint
Why does every anime do this

Cute and useless! I love Genista!

Don't be silly user, they can't move when piloting the FranXX anyway. Ass shape for the stamen's benefit is clearly more important, don't doubt Dr. FranXX's genius.

He has already fallen in love and he doesn't even realize it. 02's sweetness and affection managed to get to him and if this is his new reason to live we better see a completely new Hiro from now on.

is the red eyes her true eyes or just representing her trance piloting?


There wasn't a Kemono Friends to soak up a hundred thousand of them so far

I think it's just a joke, Hiro knew what a sommelier was in the first 4 Koma, I doubt those even exist as a concept anymore in universe.

Except he can't pilot with childhood friend and its hinted that if parasites are unfit to pilot they are killed.

>shounenshitter buzzwords

The same reason that their clothes always seem to explode off of them but leave only scratches on the actual person. Really the most severe injury we've seen so far was Hiro's space AIDS.

>02 will never come into your life and give you a reason to live
why live bros?

>Fails to hit the mark

Never step between a /m/an and his dream.

They made a shit load of money last night on the screenings.

Drinking Genista's piss! Making her cum noisily in a simultaneous orgasm with Kokoro!


At least l have Ichigo

>jobs cutely

If they can ride together without any more notable adverse effects, at least for now, then there should be nothing stopping Hiro and 02 from wanting to pilot together all the fucking time.
They're gonna lock themselves in the franxx and pilot like rabbits.

Why did 02 said "Found one" on the first episode.

Kill yourself.

To buy 02 merchandise.

It's an easy way to visually indicate injuries without having to animate too much extra. To be fair, head wounds in the hair won't really be visible but they will bleed like a motherfucker to the point where it looks like the injured person has just been splashed in the face.

would you take responsibility Cred Forums?

why do the nips like the theme of child soldiers so much

She chose to stay behind and keep a distance between herself and the rest though.
Nothing stopped her from walking towards the group, she'd probably have gotten congratulated too if she did that.

I wouldn't shag her to begin with.

>Rei + Asuka

>02 will never femdom you silly



Yes. Already did.

the second Japanese Empire will become a nightmare

Why did this episode fail so hard to deliver?

Why do Genista and Chloropytrum get guns when the bots can only be killed by the magic orange melee weapons?

We'll have our due soon. R-right guys?

>Pregnant Zero Tsu
Yes. YES!

Director played too much MHW.
Can't blame him though, gunlance is the best.


>02's response to Hiro's apparent death
She becomes consumed with bitter rage and defiance, screaming in infuriated agony.

>Ichigo's response to Hiro's apparent death
She breaks down into a sobbing mess, has to be effectively slapped to get her act together.

>02's response to Hiro's survival
She's quietly content, her confidence in her darling buttressed, they will pilot together for the rest of their days

>Ichigo's response to Hiro's survival
She's a hysterical, sobbing, moeblob.

Goddamn, it's like they are showcasing how good 02 is by contrasting her against this trite caricature of a love interest; it's fucking nice having a strong female lead for once.

This anime has awakened my femdom desires too much. What other anime has more submissive females so I can get my dick back on track?

Where's your shield?

>Gunlance is best
>It's the worst performer in the show

makes me think

Neck yourself pls

>Is strong because she was genetically altered to be


Consider the massive amount of damage she took during her fight in episode 6 and she was still standing after that.
She's probably very resilient and can take any klaxo beating until the klaxo either succeeds in destroying a colony and moves along or her backup arrives and saves her. She could also probably beat most mid to small tier klaxos simply by being so hard to kill herself that she eventually destroys them.

>Cred Forums will defend the episode that ruined the suspense the last 5 episodes built up with a power of love asspull
why do I even bother coming here anymore?

>barrel doesn't line up with any of the cylinders
So THAT's why Genista can't do shit, her gun misfires every shot.

Keep yourself alive please.

The OST was not on point, otherwise I liked it. Hiro overcoming the infection via willpower was better than him turing into a blue oni like some were expecting

Yeah Honey sounds about right.

Seems on track to me.

the bullets expand through the barrel and come out big

>making up shit

All of those are guys, 4 guys in the shot, so they need 4 girls one for each.
That makes them 8 overall.

Gotta wank the IG.

what does ost mean?

its gurren laggan all over again.


So, what's gonna be Ichigo new excuse to try keep Zero Two away from Hiro?

I already fucking hate him.

Original Soundtrack.

Pretty sure she was reffering to the pond she was swimming in later. Since she was looking for an ocean, says "Found One", and then upon landing immidiatly books it for the pond.

On second thought.

Are they all men?


You got me

>Implying this is true

Only in the most literal sense. I imagine who 02 is at this point is a construct of a hard upbringing and over 2 years in the front line or in battle.

But then that doesn't really matter overly much. A strong female lead is a strong female lead, no matter her backstory.

For now, we live to watch more 02.

Why does Violet Evergarden have a higher rating than this?

Over Salty Tacos

what do we do after this finishes?

You sound like you live a sad life.

He didn't overcome it on willpower. The infection didn't go away because he thought "I want to live" it went away because he thought "I want to live-for 02's sake".
Whatever happened there was a result of the bond between them.

no but look where the barrel comes into contact with the cylinder, the gun is eternally out of battery. It seems that if any of those rounds went off they wouldn't even enter the barrel.

yeah he got me, too

Why do KyoAnifags exist? There's your answer.

>predictability is bad
hey faggot, spoiler alert. MAIN CHARACTER DOES MC THINGS

Endless Eight was good

So there's plenty of art of the Franxx being cute and acting like their pilots.

But is there any art of the pilots being cool and acting/dressing like their Franxx?

I want Kokoro in a black naked apron.

stop watching anime with your brain off

Their whole team seems experimental so perhaps they're made that way just to see how it goes.
They're not useless, the guns can serve as suppressing fire and can clear out smaller enemies. The big gun also packs a good mid range impact.
They both also have melee magma weapons they can use so it's not like their ranged weapons are their only option.
But overall their roles seem to be all over the place.

No she just hates her dino self and developed an obsession with killing dinos. Hiro is just a tool for her to kill dinos with. They made that clear with the ending monologues.
Ichigo is going to win Hiro, likely after 02 betrays him somehow. What else are they going to do with the next 18 episodes?

That doesn't confirm anything about your post though.

02 is her combat wife. Ichigo is her cute imouto.
All is good in the world.

Because it's better, but not as good as Yorimoi.

How popular would 02 be if she permanently had red skin?

>Ichigo acts like a human being
>02 acts like wish fulfillment cartoon
Really makes you think.

It's what you say after training

You sound like a bigger faggot tbqh

allow a Cred Forumsitician to explain a flaw in pic related:

You keep trying to change this shitpost. It's not working.

She already called out to 02 for help so it'd be really embarrassing and petty if she still had an issue with her, now's her chance to accept her.
Hiro isn't even hurt by her anymore, at least for now.
Ichigo is actually very mature at last most of the time when she's not being emotional, I fully expect her to come around and apologize to 02 for her past slap and tell her that she wants to welcome her into the team properly.
Just wait.

>No desyncs
>Carried the team during their first mission before Misturu and 02 showed up as back up
>Took 3 Klaxosaurs attacking at once to almost bring them down
>When everyone else was despairing over Hiro being KO'd were still determined to save him and 02
>Worst performer in the show



>02 was in tears after Hiro calmed her down.
It pretty obvious user-kun.

>>Ichigo acts like a wish fulfillment cartoon
acts like a strong human being

Fixed that for you, user, you fucked up the subjects.

no I mean the barrel itself is small and ramps up into that size so the bullets can expand

Will she start a family with Broro though?

It always baffles me how the Japanese can't pronounce certain English sounds. Like, I get it, there is no Japanese hiragana for "too", but is it really THAT hard to just take the "t" sound and attach the う sound? Zero Two really isn't that hard to pronounce correctly.
These people are professional voice actors, they should be able to do that.
And while this slightly angers me, at the same time though, I love how they just don't give a fuck about butchering the English language. Because after all: why should they care? They're Japanese. Japan is like everything Trump wants America to be, and it's fucking beautiful.

>02 is self-conscious about her horns. She hates them about herself and sees it as the reason why she is all alone and why she refers to herself as a monster.

>It's not about "Hiro sucking the horns" it's about 02 having her horns sucked.

This user gets it. That would be so romantic.

They don't do that on purpose

They're not actually the worst, that's Mitsuru and Ikuno.

But they do have the lowest numbers among the teams.
That's mainly just cause Mitsuru has high numbers that he constantly puts out, which is why Ikuno gets put in so much pain and can't catch up.

Genista has the same problem, but Futoshi doesn't get his pulse count as high.

People not use to making certain sounds are going to consistently sound them out wrong, because their mouths aren't use to making those movements. I'm sure you'd have trouble pronouncing Gaelic if you didn't speak it.


At least all that fat armor served for something.
Are they basically the tank of the team?
>Gets agro with huge canon shots
>All the small klaxos attack them but they are undamaged

We don't do it on purpose.

>t. ichifag

I am starting to call darling “dah-ling” as well. Goddamn the Nips.

o fugg I see the light now, thanks user.

No sorry, it was right the first time. You want wish fulfillment girlfriend, not a realistic character with believable reactions.

no problem user.
reminder that Genista literally has done nothing wrong.

He relieved her of her pain, of her loneliness. Her face really showed how much it meant to her.


Will Cred Forums ever recover from the amount of daily threads this anime gets?

i like zero two

In the system of Greek numerals, iota has a value of 10. ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iota )
>nine iota
>9 10

does that mean that the second from the right in the pic is a boy? With those eyelashes?

thats fuckin nasty

t. can't even properly pronnounce 先輩


would shag after a lobotomy
>a very good cure for cuckoldry too ;-)

If you've spoken one language as your native tongue your whole life, your mouth will legitimately refuse to make certain sounds if those sounds aren't part of your native lexicon.

Cred Forums will never recover

They never spoke with intonations before so when they try, it comes out wrong. Also, pretty sure some of them can speak better English but sticks to how the Japanese say it to feel at home. Many actors do this in the West like Javier Bardem

It's not even close to VVV or GC though.

Welp I’m dumb, thanks for pointing that out! The extent of my Greek is limited to the Greek alphabet sadly :P

If actually aimed at Hiro it makes the comment all the more interesting because it supports the idea he is not unique and that there are others like him out there. Really begs the question then what happened to land Hiro on a backwater plantation if he was originally destined for “greater” things.

We survived Code Geass and KLK, we can survive DiTF no problem.

Their sync rates where all better than that in later episodes. I think Ikuno and Mitsuru were still the lowest though but not by much.

Shhh, you'll hurt the stupid with your facts.

That's the ideal female body


Agreed, indisputable most adorable parasite pair.

facts by definition aren’t necessarily true


Makes sense but why read it upside down? It's just forced ambiguity.

and that's why she's going to be a walking sex doll instead

Guys reverse Hiro, what could it mean? Does he have the red tumor?


For all the femdom that happens in these threads. I never see anyone talk about how Ikuno's robot was literally built to stomp on blue balls until they burst.

>It's every Mecha ever made all over again

>If you've spoken one language as your native tongue your whole life, your mouth will legitimately refuse to make certain sounds if those sounds aren't part of your native lexicon.
My native language is German. When I was ~17, our English teacher taught us how to pronounce the "th" sound that exists in English, but doesn't exist in German.
It took us literally 5 minutes to figure it out after he gave us an in-depth explanation of the mouth movements you have to make.
You are right that it takes some practice to say it right in a long sentence though. I still sometimes get tripped up if there's a lot of "s" and "th" sounds mixed in a sentence.

The memes is getting stale user-kuns.

This bullying needs to stop

That's nothing compared with what's gonna happen in R3 threads, user.

Is he actually reverse Hiro or do they just look similar?

I don't think we can really say it's an asspull till we get Dr. Franxx or someone explaining it.

As is, it's a fucking tumor made from simply mind linking with 02. It being reduced/cured through a change in mindset isn't that big of a stretch.

What I'm expecting it to be is that the tumor is the result of selfishly using 02's power. It kept growing as Hiro drew on 02 for his desire to pilot, but it went away when he finally saw her struggling and decided to give back to her.

Going with the show's symbolism, the problem was he was just trying to take her wing and ultimately needed to give his wing to her instead.

MALfags are cancer. Also VEG's score has been decreasing with DitF's is increasing, another possible reason why Cred Forums magically decided out of nowhere they hate DitF now.

Only 5. The girls behind have cannon fodder designs. The last 3 will show up in the second season.


>Ichigo's shadow

> Be techie on grave shift
> Srubbing blood off Streilizia after last battle
> it's crotch panel inspection day
> Open panel to do regular diagnostic
> slip on blue puddle
> fall inside, Crotch plate locks shut
> Cry out for help but no one around
> it's dark and poorly ventilated
> Starts getting hot and musty
> everything covered in slippery oil

> Suddenly noise from above
> 02 is dragging Hiro out for a night practice
> You cry out but the Mech turns on
> 02 announces out that something doesn't feel right
> Streilizia falls down and can't move
> 02 starts screaming through the mech
> Hiro panics and tries talking her through the confusion
> They settle on a breathing exercise and some kind of situps
> A few minutes later Strelizia howls
> She opens the crotch panel and pulls you out
> Streilizia pulls you to her robo chest with a shit eating grin
> "He's beautiful, Darling! Our very own juncea!"

Do you see threads for either of those shows anymore?

016 - 910. Gotta mean something

>It took us literally 5 minutes to figure it out after he gave us an in-depth explanation of the mouth movements you have to make.
Right here, you need the information to form the right mouth movements to make the right sounds, most people in Japan don't learn english, and the english they do learn is purely out of school mandated curriculum. Thus, most speak it absolutely terribly. The only reason I learned any real Italian was because my teacher was straight from fucking Napoli.

He's not reverse Hiro. he's a member of the Nines, the same group 02 is supposed to be a part of that's directly under APE's control.
Going by how he referred to either 02 or Hiro as Nine Iota, it's likely his name is Nine Alpha, which would be fucking hilarious given the context of this show.

It's not clear right now what they'll be doing, but they're clearly going to be an important and probably antagonistic force.

Nonsense, it's only getting spicier and juicier.


another day another boogeyman
>what? the show had a bad episode for people that like the plot? no no. nobody actually hates it. must be MALfags

>he thinks there will be threads for Franxx a week after it's over

No, she’s different, she isn’t flavor of the week she’s more like heroine. Want to stop but keep coming back for more.

His name is 012. Please stop calling him reverse Hiro. Also please submit a tip to Funi like I asked.

Post that whore in my thread one more time and I will end you.

I could notice 3 big things happened before the tumor disappeared back into his body.

1-He realized 02's condition, he identified her struggle and empathized with her feelings, establishing an emotional connection.

2-He realized that he actually cared about her and wanted to be there for her, even being willing to fight and die again just for her.

3-He gained the determination and resolve to live again, he desired to live.

Which of those actually did the trick, no way to know yet. But it must have been connected to one of those.

Maybe 9'I is another code for ZeroTwo, and the fact you can also twist it to mean Hiro is just a symbolism thing since they're a package deal now.

Proto-002 is cuter and purer than the onislut.

Lets not become VEG threads and care about a score please

"Seasonal waifu" is a buzzword, she's no different from any popular female character.

She has a deep sadness within her that Hiro alleviates

He looks like Meliodas.

The occasional ones.
What are you even talking about? I never said literally nobody hates it. But 75% of the faggots who said
>Episode 6 was a bad episode? wtf FranXX as a whole is a terrible anime now
are either shitposters, hipsters, or fags pretending to be cool.

But something weird was back in episode 1 was when her old partner falls out of the cockpit dead we see no sign of Oni AIDS anywhere on his body, when Hiro had it creep up onto his face, and grow large enough on his chest to be visible through his suit.

Quads confirm.

You wish. 02 takes everything cute and sexy about her and adds in actual loyalty for her partner and a cool strong Oni girl angle to the formula that makes her more dangerous and mysterious.

Unrealistic post. The only way this could happen is if she wanted it (i.e if Hiro wanted it). Hiro is canonically not a cuck, so it wouldn't happen.

What a stupid post and drawing. Have you not even seen the show? She's an oni, you dumbfuck. She would kill them both.

He brought it up first.

They are probably doing that to spite the r***s who come down here to discuss their new favorite shonenshit

Eva is not a psychology course.

Like the occasional threads for VVV and GC? Even CG has had plenty of threads before the S3 was announced.
You're not making much sense m8.

Holy fucking buzzwords Batman

Did it say that in the credits or something? Where are you getting 012 from?

I know that image now makes it HIGHLY unlikely that this is the split among the Nines, but I'm still gonna foolishly cling to hope until it's crushed next episode.

I'm thinking there may still be a sliver of hope that the two besides Nine Alpha are a boy and girl that pilot that Franxx beside them and they basically just brought Nine Alpha there.

It was already explained the reaction between Hiro piloting with 02 was the OPPOSITE of what happened with other people. instead of being sucked dry he was overloaded. Or something like that.

No pat partner had the same condition as Hiro.
They all bled to death.
Hiro wasn't bleeding.
They all lost yellow blood cells, Hiro had a massive spike of them.
We don't know if anyone ever went through the same process as Hiro before, at least not yet. Perhaps he wasn't 02's first "darling" but the other candidates died of the oni aids and lacked the resolve or devotion to actually live for 02's sake.

or maybe people that don't like autistic EPIC HYPER HYPE fight or le rule of le cool.
so anybody over the mental age of 16

002 can't even ride as good as Medb.

>Hiro wasn't bleeding.
how fast did you watch episode 6

I only got Iota as the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Missed the part on the Greek numerals.

Stop discussing anime because I don't like it when people actually discuss the anime, I only like it when people shitpost and call it terrible because I didn't like how one scene was handled? Sounds Cred Forumsbout right. I can't imagine how much more terrible the threads would be if E7 or FMA were airing in the mid-late 2010's.

I will whale out my ass if they ever gave Medb a 02 outfit.

My heart and my PTSD. His real name is Nine TWELVE DAMMIT TRIGGER Alpha, but I personally will call him 012 simply because my heart and PTSD demand it so.

Honestly VVV and CG rely on mostly random over the top shits to garner the reactions. I say DiTF did well without resorting to these cheap moves.


This is so hypocritical. All Cred Forums has ever done since Madoka is base their opinions on shows on kneejerk reactions instead of actually thinking about things.

Both GC and CG are way better than Franxx so far though.

until episode 6 that is, which was just that.
the crowd it gathered from the nearly perfect episode 5 hated that shit

holy shit

That's what I assumed. not-Hiro and not-Ichigo are probably partners on this team.

If you need downvotes, you can get it on other places.

Holy fuck just go back to whatever hole you came out of and never post here again.

GC has a far superior soundtrack, that's for sure. It made me wish Sawano or Naoki Sato was composing the score. Better plot? No way.

>Cred Forums is one person
there have been many many people thinking about almost anything they can these past weeks and even before the show even started.
the only replies they get are "fuck off shitposter" or none at all.



I kind of like the idea of the main rival having throwaway pistils. I think it provides a good contrast to Hiro and 02.

Before the whole Hitler Shuu thing, it was way better. The whole void stuff was really cool, compared to generic mecha #248.

If these really represent the relationships between them, its kinda cute that Satan and Miku's kinda is like their tsundere relationship.
[spoier]And it makes me scared about Kokoro's rejecting Futoshi more than even Ikuno rejects Mitsuru[/spoiler]

>yknow I didnt really like episode 6, it was a let down from episode 5

What the fuck is wrong with this fanbase

>so anybody over the mental age of 16
Which is you right now.

Yeah GC was so bad it's funny tier of silly anime trash. It wasn't actually good.
Franxx is ridiculous and over the top in its imagery but it's actually good.

He sounds like he is over the mental age of 16, yes.

Was he even watching? it's not that hard to miss.

Also better visually too, although the rest of GC sucked, the musics and visual spoiled me greatly.

yes, I am over the mental age of 16. Thanks for telling me again.

Yeah. Unlike you.

How fucken convienent she crashed right where he was standing

You mean he is UNDER.


Since you apparently are yearning for a blog:

I've been here since 2010. Probably more than you. I would want nothing more than to never come here again, but I always do because whenever I watch anime I want to discuss it with someone, and all of those other websites aren't going to cut it. This is Anonymous and free. But it's also the worst place to discuss it. Shounen such as MHA and FranXX are allowed to be discussed here as much as VEG and Yuru Camp are. But saying "this show is objectively bad" with no well thought out reason other than "I personally hate it" is not discussion, it's shitposting. This entire board is just a septic tank of shitposting and not actually enjoying or discussing the medium it's based off of. All I feel whenever I come here is this sickness, this bleak emptiness. I hate everyone on here. Ever since what happened in the Summer of 2014, I hope you all die painful deaths and burn in hell. I'm not perfect, but at least I'm capable of discussion.

He’s probably 02’s “first”, he’s completely compatible with her and so he didn’t die from riding with her, but she wishes he did, probably because he was an abusive cunt when they were children.
Hiro might actually be cloned from the same genetic material as blondie, which is why 02 is so compatible with him.

almost like
she planned it so she could lead Hiro into her Franxx without higherups interfering, securing their official partnership later.

No you're under.

I'm over considering I have no such issues with that kind of thing.

Unironic shitposting is still shitposting.
If an opinion is so stupid and bad that it just completely misses everything it attempts to criticize about a show then what's wrong with calling it out as nothing but shit?
I've seen people who unironically say the show became complete shit for one episode because it didn't end with tragedy and they didn't get a proper explanation of how the main character survived so it's an "asspull" and generic.
That sort of over simplification and disassociation from context is just a trash opinion period.

First time you used your degree for something?


Literally proving you're under the age of 16 with this bullshit.

>they didn't get a proper explanation of how the main character survived so it's an "asspull"
>implying this is false
wow good post

Fucking hell I just noticed it.

Did you download that image 6 times?

wow just like every gundam conveniently was around the main cast when they got in it the first episode. you don't know shit about mecha

You can't even call this a mecha show. Oh my sides.

This is fucking mecha:

>what is gundam IBO

Stop responding to a shitpost.

Then why did she slap him away?

but GL was actually good

>you don't know shit about mecha
>actually willing to watch mecha shit
Face it. The only reason this show is so popular is because Trigger is making it and making it as lewd as legally possible.

I'm fucking sick of you accusing me of things, that's what. How can I tell you apart from the genuine people? I hope you burn alive. I hope a truck full of gasoline falls all over you and you catch fire, and that you don't die until a couple hours later when wildlife is already pecking at your charred remains. I loved Twelve so much and all you did was mock him. I tried to be civil and understand you but you never wanted to even try to understand why I loved him. He was everything. He was my favorite.

If you need everything always explained to you right as it happens then you cannot enjoy anything with buildup, mystery or surprises.
You disqualify yourself and your opinions as a result. They are shit.

It was complete and utter shit. I think most of the thread agrees that Franxx is vastly superior in every single aspect.

Why you guys gotta be so mean?

hiro on the right

AND OF COURSE THAT'S YOUR FAVORITE WORD. I typed that shit out and that's the only thing that goes through your head. You're not a victim. Nobody on this board is a victim. They're nothing more than a bunch of crybaby shitheads who wouldn't know anything good if it hit them over the head.

Look at the response you got. That's why you don't bother.

if you are really trying to tell me you didnt get a heart boner when they finally had full spiral power, get out of my face.

>cherry picking
>don't like mecha
>posting in a mecha anime thread
wow so this is why people say Cred Forums is the same thing as Cred Forums fuck off retard.

Some of the most popular anime ever are mecha before Trigger was ever even a whisper, but you're just so retarded and unloved that you live in your own world where everything went and still goes only your way.

What is it with this series that attracts pissfags? This is the third time today that one shows up.

>tfw bamboozled into watching shonen garbage

so he would realize that he couldn't dissuade her not to ride alone, and would have make the choice to ride with her himself.

This is nothing in comparison to Godannar or Gravion.

that is twice deep than you even said

Do you guys notice how everyone always talks about Hiro in every scene?
Do the other characters have nothing else to worry about except Hiro this, Hiro that? Seriously.

I remember MS IGLOO, yeah.

no one is forcing you, faggot

The show is focused on him so they only show the conversations where they discuss what's relevant to the current situation, which is usually Hiro related.

He's a big deal. Gotta remember by episode 1 they had essentially just arrived recently at the birdcage, and just did their aptitude tests, in which Hiro, who was expected to be the squad leader, flunked, and then before that news got stale sexy oni girl shows up riding Hiro's dick wherever he goes.

Plus they're sheltered kids, they dont exactly have a lot to talk about, its not like they get to hear about current events outside of their little birdcage.

>It's a passion project!
>Trigger finally does Mecha!
>Gainax is back!
Sorry for having expectations.

considering that he is the only one with dino cancer and all of them are lazy fucks who don't even train, then what else can you show them do?

No one ever forced you. You didn't get "bamboozled", not unless you live in a country that straps you into a chair and forces you to watch this. Oh wait, there's no such thing. So go take too many sleeping pills.

>Gainax is back
you were delusional from the beginning

Oh poor you. You saw that people liked this show and you think your opinion is objective fact. See, this is exactly why nobody likes you. You're a pretentious twat.

Not their fault you don't like it.

Holy shit you bickering fucks are insufferable.

>the bullets expand through the barrel and come out big
My bullet would expand in her barrel, if you know what I mean.

If you are always unhappy, you will always have the same level of love in a relationship that usually deteriorates, because you hide things from your partner like anxieties and problems. I didn't say it was required, but having some form of self love is necessary to a healthy loving relationship. Sure you can be in love, but not a healthy love.


I'm a pretentious twat because I have standards? Sorry but I don't have to try to fit in with a bunch of 15 year old otakus to have any friends.

Don't tell me what to do, you cunt

I don't know why people respond to shitposts. "I'm mature for not liking action!!!!!" "I was forced to watch this fuck you!!!!!" like christ it's obvious.

The triplets look like biker bitches with those masks on, so I guess this squad will have the similar roguish asshole way of doing things and treat their Franxx the same way bikers treat their machines.
If 02's apparently a member of this group then her own delinquent personality makes a lot of sense.

But there isn't really any action. 80% of this anime is talking about muh feelings.

Some guy really pushed the "staff actually made up gainax" meme well then.

delete your brain with a bullet, you fuckface

bikers love their machines though, you scratch them and you will have 4 less teeth

Fuck off edgefag



That's exactly what I'm saying.
We've learned quad 13's Franxx are unusual for their "personality" and considering 02's personal machine is just as unique I'd reckon their mechs will be no different.

That's not how language works. /t/ and /ts/ were the same phoneme in Japanese, only different because of the vowels they followed, until very recently when it got more accustomed to English loanwords. If you think Japanese mispronounce English, you should try hearing an Anglo speaking a language with normal vowels like Japanese or Spanish, or hell, anything in Mandarin. You're asking for people to make distinctions that go against their linguistic habits and intuitions.

This board would not be such a shiposting hell if retards stopped posting to have their opinion validated and were actually able to enjoy things instead on desperately trying to fit in the hivemind.

>arguments are scawy!
>Please stop!
Tits or gtfo woman, chop chop.


Or they could just ignore it and we could continue our discussion of the actual episodes instead of metaposting. Every time you see dumb maturefags then ignore em.

> Getting personally miffed on an anonymous image board
Golly gee I sure love Anime and Manga!

This is true, this is non-cunt behavior, but unfortunately most of Cred Forums are total cunts.

I wouldn't have to do this if you didn't mock my love for Twelve during that summer, you know. This is on no one but you and everyone else that did it.

Watch Juuni Taisen because that show is not for cunts, unlike Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, which is literal shit for cunts.

Didn't they literally DUG UP a fucking gundam right close to when they needed?

Fucking retard

There's no reason for you to call me that. You don't even get it.

Listen, while you're replying to cunts, you should probably instead not do that and instead watch Juuni Taisen. If you don't like Juuni Taisen you're a literal fucking cunt who should consider suicide, cunt. I can't imagine anyone so retarded and cuntish as to not like Juuni Taisen.

>>Gainax is back!
user, come on.
>I was ((bamboozled)) because I created expectations
All your fault.

I think that they're compatibility is what kept hiro alive. The whole cancer thing was just there for drama. However, I still think their affections for each other are forced and sloppily written.

Cry me a river

Stop being a cunt and watch Juuni Taisen. Why is that other user a cunt, anyway? What about him is so cuntish, exactly?