Just marathoned this shit, it was pretty cool, solid 9/10 but I was just wondering if you guys also think that Tae-chan is the worst girl and the main guy is too obsessed with her to the point of being brainwashed. She didn't do anything the entire story, much like a fucking piece of furniture. Reika or even the karate chick should've had more of a chance, they literally sacrificed their lives to protect that retard.

And why would he revive Nishi? If he wanted to find out more about Gantz he could just talk with the guys on that website, instead he used his points on someone that doesn't give two shits about any of them.

Also, was Masaru Katou fucking gay?

What I learned from reading it is that the author really fucking LOVES drawing bodies, especially female ones.

It all went to shit after the buddha fight.

Tae brought him peace of mind and gave him a reaosn. He never had one before her and was always angry and something missing but she just calms him down and makes him happy. One could say that he found a reason to live and just be.

No suprises here, the manga goes to shit the moment Tae appears, though Osaka arc was pretty good.

Yeah she helped him grow as a person, but her job should've been done when Izumi killed her. Instead the author brought her along the entire ride and whenever she appeared the scenes seemed dull and forced.

The thing that irks me the most about Gantz is how they never addressed the vampires again. That was the best arc of the series, but they got left on the wayside because the author forgot they existed. The series was great up until the last arc, when it got cancelled. I feel gantz was better than Inuyashiki and had more potential, but i'm glad that Oku was at least able to find success in one of his stories.

Anyone remember the shitshow when one of the "big reveals" was the German guy's autistic daughter saying random numbers that were beamed into her head via aliens?

I loved those threads. Basically that was the point where many longtime fans just said "FUCK this series"

Vampires were probably just some kind of alien immigrants.

I'm more confused about the whole telekinesis powers and who or what was Sebastian, that otaku german translator.

Reika is a babe. But the author just used her to satisfy his ego. Or maybe to get back at women who rejected him.

>Or maybe to get back at women who rejected him
you could be on to something here

>Vampires were probably just some kind of alien immigrants.
They were parasyte literally aliens that transformed humans bodies.

I swear that people complaining about Gantz don't even read the fucking series

I dont know man, the author is an idiot but she did swallow

watch gantz:O now

did it before
it was what brought me to read the manga

So what was gants original purpose? To be used as unlimited army resource to kill the 4 eyes dick giant people?

Why didn't the superior rival aliens just killed them themselves?

This, before Tae, Kurono lives only for the next Gantz mission. I mean as awesome as just having missions and having the protagonist pulling cool shit while killing aliens from a storyline point of view you need to trigger a change in the protagonist and make him grow as a person.

What was gantz again?

The actual worst fucking taste,holy shit. Literally the only correct thing you said was that Gantz was good.

>Why didn't the superior rival aliens just killed them themselves?
Because they were to busy being fedoralords.

I thought it was fine until the Dino Arc ended. After that it went to total shit.

The God Aliens aren't actually that strong

I fucking loved gantz. I was sweating in cold sweat or fapping throughout the whole series. Awsome

Have some pics fellow gantz lovers


I don't know what's worse. The manga's final arc, or the anime's filler-finale arc.


wow good argument retard