ITT: Post obvious Cred Forums references

ITT: Post obvious Cred Forums references.

Nobody cares enough about Cred Forums to reference it anywhere, sorry.

They do tho

Ah yes, clovers, just like autism, didn't exist before Moot decided to unleash both of these things on the world.

The whole Yotsuba manga is a reference to the Cred Forums mascot.


Wasn't there a Cred Forums screenshot or something in LWA?

Dunno I dropped that garbage on episode 1.

Yeah Sucy was shitposting on /ck/

inb4 that was an actual thread.

well to be fair, lwa was made for normalfags, and that's what Cred Forums is mostly made off nowadays.

Go back to 2Chan Kurisu.


I wonder if Tattun could come back and post the actual asset used for that screenshot. That would be awesome.

Fucking moot


>not posting the actual screenshot


Fuckdamn. Also noticed that almost immediately.

Oh hey you are the new guy right?

Exactly, Irish can go fuck themselves, clovers and autism belong to Cred Forums.


Moot is a faggot cuck, but I miss him and want him back

i want to ___ inside ____



He's not just a faggot cuck, he's our faggot cuck.

Not anymore

moot personally had Google remove the Open This Image option from the image search

He sold us to a dataminer

Moot personally saves all our IPs and sells them to the NSA
He also hacks your computer and steals you're waifu folder

stop trying to derail the thread discussing a literal who

Checks out, filtered.


It was becauset of Tattum, saying otherwise is retarded since yo could've put reddit or something if that was the case.

Why does Cred Forums loves to use the word cuck so much?