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New chapter out, where's the thread at? rip Garou

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Waiting for jaiminisbox translation.

Trash manga with no substance.

Just got archieved. Good timing user.

Why did Garou get nerfed so badly? He put up a far better fight against a bunch of A rank and S rank heroes despite being in a much worse shape. Now he's going to beat Darkshine the next time.

And his next defeat(Psykos) is also due to being distracted by Tareo.

It makes sense, the fight was just warm up for both sides. When they were about to get serious, Jellyfish came with Tareo and RR took the chance.

If you think about it, this is the third time we've seen Garou not being able to take a fight to the end. First it was MB with Zenko interrupting, then later Bang and Bomb with PM rescuing him, now getting distracted. I feel like this is building up for the Darkshine fight when he just has to push through.

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Next Chapter we are finally getting this redrawn, Hobo, Fuhrer Ugly, Gums, ENW, Rover first appearances in the manga

so, those two robots at the bottom got replaced by the ninjas, right?

I can't believe Hiruma is fucking dead.

Yeah pretty much, like how Do-S is replacing Goddess Glasses.

Im expecting Nyah to be added to that monster picture, given that he will fight PPP

Why did Genos get removed in the manga version of pic related?

>Demon Jobber

I like how Murata incorporates the environment in his fight choreography, like the manhole cover stuff vs Metal Bat and the powerlines in this chapter.

>the manhole cover stuff

The first shouldve been kept if it wasnt for One telling Murata to redraw the scene, it was cool seeing the manhole cover bouncing back to Garou.

It didn't fit MB's character. He's all about pure strength and guts, adding strategy isn't his kind of thing.

Talk about an anticlimactic end.

“Just start killing your opponents LOL” is such an old story at this point, this should’ve been the moment that Garou finally starts killing. But he’s utterly distracted by the totally unbelievable and HEINOUS act of the kid being taken hostage, so that these monsters get to breathe for two more hours. Jellyfish and Ripper being the worst offenders obviously.

This is Do-S fleeing Tatsumaki and Fubuki all over again. Except even worse because there’s no point in letting both Jellyfish and Ripper live. They’ll both die to Garou for the same reasons anyway: he gets angry and finally starts killing. But if Garou saving the kid from Ripper was a given, he’s going to kill Jellyfish randomly somewhere just because the blob got away in this instance and forget about Bug God because of another plot convenience: he’s “reserved” for another guy.

You’re confusion OPM with MHA user

He didn't, look a little harder.


>Talk about an anticlimactic end.
That's the point. Real fights aren't about flashy finishers and honorable duels, it's about who manages to put the other down. Garou is childish and doesn't realize this yet.

All the monsters lived because Garou had to lose this fight, but with what we've seen it wouldn't make sense if he lost at his level. Underhanded tactics show that monsters are something entirely different, and lead Garou into his transformation. Besides what did you even expect to happen? The Jellyfish had barely arrived when RR slashed Garou's back.

Genos was behind Saitama in the webcomic, in the manga Tatsumaki is right behind him.

Oh and another lewd shot involving her.

Well the one way I see this being resolved in a satisfying manner is by having Garou save the first hostage (rich kid) when he kills Sludge Jellyfish. It’d make sense because Sludge was part of that kidnapping operation and so far Garou has no idea that MA are keeping a child hostage already, which is incredibly strange to be honest.

When he saves Tareo from Ripper he could finally learn about the other hostage from Tareo. Then find him and kill Sludge.

Otherwise, yep, Sludge literally lives just to get quickly one-shotted by an angry Garou.

He has been fairly well hidden away but he's on the page with Marugori.

Only his eye is visible.

Just noticed on the bottom left, the monster from the Numbers extra chapter(the one with the power levels).



>This is Do-S fleeing Tatsumaki and Fubuki all over again.

Not even close, when Garou actually cares for the kid in the manga unlike the webcomic, and also Bug God and Ripper started to go serious the moment Garou got distracted.

t. hxhfag

I didn't say it was a good shot of Genos, just that he was there. I kind of wish we got a massive bunch of extra characters added but it didn't happen.

>having Garou save the first hostage (rich kid) when he kills Sludge Jellyfish

Hm, I can see that. If ONE is going to explore Garou's naivety in such detail and resort to overdramatic kid distractions, he might as well address the fact that he's yet to learn about freaking Waganma.

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I dont see shit

Left of Fist Fight Djinn, right of Marugori's crotch.


1:55-2:00, very fitting.

It's supposed to be anticlimactic because, as Psykos said, Garou is still indecisive. He's distracted by a dirty trick, he lacks the experience and conviction to kill. Obviously, having learned this, he's going to be ruthless with the monsters from now on.

But I do agree that Jellyfish feels like a third wheel that shouldn't even be getting more screentime.

I don't get why you complain about Jellyfish, he's clearly a slimy (pun intended) fucker, he waited until Garou had left and was going to attack MB's body, and he held a grudge. He's probably been wating for a time like this, and with how the fight worked it had to be a third monster that caught Tareo, and after that it'd make no sense if he was killed.

I'm glad the triple digit IQ posters are here to explain the plot to the haters.

Garou could kill him at that moment precisely in order to take the kid back and continue to protect him in the fight user. It's not rocket science.

It was also always obvious that Jellyfish would appear in this encounter and snatch Tareo, but his prolonged survival is contrived to say the least. He must be killed by Garou because he pulled this faggotry with the kid, yet we already have Ripper as the inevitable and poignant victim of a Garou who legit wants to murder him this time.

Gyoro: …if Garou kun is nurtured successfully, there’s a good chance he becomes a second Orochi sama

G: only I know the secret trick…

G: even though I’ve instructed Bug God to stop Royal Ripper if he’s gone overboard with beating up Garou kun

G: if he dies, he dies. It means he was never good enough…

G: I’ll just wait for better material to show up


This is interesting, Psykos knows a trick in how to "create the Ultimate monster". Its her version of how to make someone breaking his limits but while remaining a full monster?

lmao the absolute state of Genos

Psykos isn't going to know anything about limiters at all.

Garou looked at Tareo and screamed, in that same moment RR slashed him and it was too late. It isn't like Garou stood there looking away for several seconds, that's supposed to be happening quickly. And there isn't a real necessity for Garou to be the one to kill him, just like there wasn't with Bug God or there won't be with Phoenix Man. In the end it's still RR who fucked him up and started this shit.

Funny how he got a better showing on a substantially more cramped page. Weird of Murata not to give him more focus though, it's something you'd expect ONE to do.

Like says there are two hostages.

Kill Ripper, get Tareo.
Kill Jelly, get Waganma.

Here you go blind user.

I actually think that Engine knight will be the one to save the rich kid since he's in deep cover and working for the association.

user, Garou literally just stands there with flashbacks yelling how the kid shouldn't be involved in this. It's by far the laziest way to end the encounter when he already protected the kid from Ripper and in the webcomic did a similar thing with warding off and killing another monster. This happens because Garou is a softie yadda yadda let's repeat this again.

It also goes without saying that Jellyfish should be killed by Garou for pulling this shit with Tareo. Jellyfish living through this at all is unnecessary.

>Jellyfish living through this at all is unnecessary.
Who cares really. He's already dead anyway, a lot of the manga drags unnecessarily now but it gets there in the end.

>Jellyfish living through this at all is unnecessary.
Why? It sets up a revenge kill with a good motivation. Jellyfish was already established as having a grudge to pick with Garou so this reveal of his works. We know Garou is a softie at heart so Tarou being used as a hostage also works for the story and he's supposed to be kidnapped anyways. And the story is hilighting his indecisive nature so him freezing up and giving RR the chance for the attack is perfectly within character.

If anything this fight shows how Garou's lack of resolve is a crutch. In the last fight Bang was holding back and trying to lecture and turn Garou to the right path. These are monsters and they aren't above cheap shots and hitting a guy while he's down and out. Everything this chapter works and I don't know why you're this upset about Garou losing focus because of his own repressed compassion.

That's the point, you're going to see him die in a fashion that is too similar to Ripper, likely even more pathetic. Garou will find him and in his rage quickly murder him anyway.

Jellyfish was a turning point in this fight, yet his demise is going to be some random near-offscreen. He could've been killed by Garou already.

True he could have been, there doesn't seem to be any reason to keep him alive. Like I said, parts of the manga drag unnecessarily now.

Of course, its not Genus limiters theory, but more like what she believes it leads to the "Ultimate" monster.

We got confirmation that Orochi was originally a human and not made from scratch and plans to use the same "trick" that made Orochi with Garou .

It's a little early to speculate I think. Psykos could be planning literally anything and it's not to say her end goal is even the same as it was in the webcomic anyway.

"The Strong" edit when?
>Garou got btfo by two demon threats

I personally agree that it’s too repetitive and not a satisfying enough closure. Despite his role here Sludge is bound to get swatted in some corridor as Garou is passing by. Unless, of course, Garou kills him to save another kid that everyone forgot about and gets an actual revenge against this guy.

I find if weird that Murata didn't take this chance to make it a proper 5 pager spread instead of a sort of 3 pager spread and 2 aditional pages.

I wonder why do people like this character so much, besides his strange and unreasonable ideology of perfect world and the fact he beat many heroes. I saw on this subreddit that many people are hyping Garou. The argument that he was trying to protect the boy is weak because if he didn't beat those heroes they would save much more than one child so it does not justify him (at least for me). Can you explain me why is he so amazing maybe I missed something.

Nice copy and paste.

>I saw on this subreddit that many people are hyping Garou.
If you're going to post bait, at least change some of the text first.

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It's funny how rarely they do check.

These are getting turned out quicker and quicker it seems. No clue how he pulls it off.