Dragon Ball Super

Will Dicasty get suspended in the manga tournament as well?

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Why is Manga Jiren so huggable?

How's Frieza going to help Goku Blanco defeat Jiren?

Because he's purest boy in the multiverse, he don't even want to ring out people despite being actually helping his team in the tournament. He just want to make his wish, go home and keep bringing justice to his universe

Translation when.

5 minutes.

Movie plot leaked

Do you regret watching Super?
If you could go back in time, would you watch it again?

Yesm because i would regret not watching it.

>Roshi tries to play off the no flight rule as a hurdle a martial artist should be able to adapt to. Kuririn points out that’s just because Roshi can’t fly. In return for the sass, Roshi tells Kuririn he probably needs to start over with the milk training basics.

>Caulifla called Magetta "junk" prior to trip to the Void Realm, so the sad Metalman initially refused to fight. He was convinced otherwise just in time.

>Hit’s been training since the last tournament with Goku, and won't "lose in such a manner" this time.

>To no one's surprise after the events of the previous chapters, Universe 11 still isn’t antagonistic to Goku about being a “villain”. Goku greets Toppo and tries to meet Geran. The grey baldy tells him to get lost, he doesn’t want to waste energy with this interaction.

>After deciding to team up before the match, Freeza comes to offer Frost advice so he doesn’t waste stamina. He reveals the 3 bald Earthlings (Roshi, Tenshinhan & Kuririn) are small-fry, and requests Frosts eliminate them quickly.

>Frost wonders why Freeza would risk his Universe losing. Freeza doesn’t care. He joined the tournament for revenge on the Saiyans, so he’s waiting for the arena to clear out a bit so he can make his move. Well, if that’s the case, Frost is willing to oblige.

>Do you regret watching Super?
>If you could go back in time, would you watch it again?



>>Caulifla called Magetta "junk" prior to trip to the Void Realm
How can anyone like such a disgusting character
Waifufags need to stop thinking with their dicks

Yes, but then again I also regret every single thing I can remember doing so far in life.

>Do you regret watching Super?
Hell no
>If you could go back in time, would you watch it again?
Yes but i would not look at any spoilers

oh sorry


Better now?

Waifufags don't think period.


Based Vados

Super is fuck great. Minus the movie retellings, was fantastic to watch with the great lore and development. Best sequel to Z ever.

Also I got to see 2 + 1 sexy female saiyans so fuck yeah. I would love seeing Kale's sexy ass again.

if i could go back i would(obviously u faggot) but i cant decide if i would wait until multiple episodes build up to marathon or watch bi-weekly

>It was over, Goku managed to knock Jiren out of bounds with a second to spare
>U7 is declared the winner and the Zeno's proceeded to erase U11
>As Goku prepared to make his wish he was overcome by a bright light
>"What's going on, Zen-chan?!" Goku shouted at the Omni-King hoping for answers, but he, along everyone else, was fading into the mysterious light
>Before Goku could do or say anything else, the light intensified with the force of a thousand Solar Flares for a moment before leaving the Saiyan alone in total darkness
>As Goku lied within the void, he heard a faint, almost familiar voice calling out to him
>Slowly, he opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of his old friend Bulma leaning over him, muttering "Thank god" or something
>Goku has overjoyed and was about to ask how she got there but then he noticed some off about her, she seemed... younger
>"What happened?" He asked, noting that his voice sounded funny
>"What happened? Kid you just got hit by car, how are you alive?!"


>Do you regret watching Super?

yes because is like the worst anime in last 10 years

>If you could go back in time, would you watch it again?

yes but only for zamasu arc because it was comedy gold

>read waifufag opinion
>it's total shit
Every time.

Don't lewd Kale.

>ad hominem
Every single time

Now that BLANCO is confirmed, when do you all think U11 will reveal their secret fighter hiding in a pocket dimension?

I want to rub kale's soft little feet.

Fucking spics.

>Toyo avoided showing Koitsukai, Bollaretor and Panchia

what did he mean by this?

>Google translate


Panccea was there, Anilaza will happen

>blanco actually happened
>it wasn't gohan
Did he ever do anything after Cell arc?

How do you think they met

They're really hard to draw.

>Gt faggot spotted.

Does anybody actually like the Pride Troopers?

But she is an adorable loli thou.

>Maji-Kayo being hurt by a physical attack
Can't Toyo give the secondary characters ANY special trait at all?

>superspic can't defend his show
>deflects to GT for no reason

Love Dyspo but don't care much for the others

Shut the FUCK up.

>defeated by fat buu
>defeated by buutenks
>killed by kid buu
>defeated by beerus
>defeated by base frieza
>soon to be defeated by some weakling in the ToP

he makes everyone else look good!

>why is Maji Kayo being pushed by Jiren?

This "list" is so shit
Kefla hyperseed is above Toppo

I liked the top 3 and kahseral

Pirina and Saonel would wipe the floor with Caulifla and Cabba.

Can Vegeta even beat Hit's timeskip since it was Jiren that eliminated him anyway.

shhh kale i brought you some scented crayons

People just assume Hit is weaker than the top tiers because he dropped out early.

Dragon Ball power scale is disguting since Z, it's awful to see predictable and inexperienced fighters like Dyspo and Kale respectivelly being so much stronger than real martial artists like Roshi, Krillin and Tien. All because muh weak race.

if vegeta could have unlocked kawaii to fight him i think so since i would put hit around the same tier as a GoD though lacking hakai of course so weaker in a sense

Kale! language! No pudding tonight. Now go to your room.

pre-Kawaii Vegeta probably no.


>Faggot can't attack without ad hominem
>thinks a reaction gif validates his criticism
What a retard

>Hit’s been training since the last tournament
So he can mantain his full power (that makes him stronger than SSG Goku) and is EVEN stronger now. That's real shit considering how strong is God in the manga

Manga Hit is a puny weakling.


Toyo had to buff Hit because he made him too weak in the universal tournament, and the outline has him fighting Jiren.

Keep it down kale, broly's trying to do his homework.

link me to the korean scans boys

>forces Goku to use its strongest form at that moment
>too weak
??? A character training and getting stronger than before isn't special, user

his gimmick is his timeskip, thats all hes about, you dont want to give him the same destructive power as SSB too.

Plus in the manga when he screamed, he actually powered up unlike anime where he just screamed for no reason.

I want to touch Kale.

why is vados' VA so lewd? she reminds me of my aunt who used to suck on my cheeks in a sexual manner back when I was cuddly and cute and she was hot as fuck.


Goku implied that even Vegeta could have beaten him.

You are welcome

You can't she's mine.

I wish we knew how she treats Champa in private

By staying in the ring when they double ko

vegeta and goku were equal.

His gimmicks are timeskip and adaptability. Timeskip itself is a gimmick, but his ability to grow as he fights is his best trait.

If I was to go back in time I'd shitpost in the Future Trunks arc threads since I was largely ignoring /dbs/ and dbs around that time.

Yeah, using his strongest form as well. A character that actually forces you to go SS God SS is real shit in the manga, Hit, Freeza and soon Jiren are the only non gods ever achieving that

Nah, Vegeta had extra training had RoSaT after that (for Black arc) and his 100% was still weaker than Goku's.

in the tournament Vegeta and Goku had the same power. what the fuck are you talking about?

I've got a 300 word essay due tomorrow and I'm just here posting FAGbba

Cute Beerus and Champa

thx bros
but god damn why is the manga such a rush fest.
Like these characters got more development in the anime.

shit characters that only filled episodes with shit animation.

Nice headcanon.

Because the manga is a year worth of anime behind the anime itself, and it has monthly chapters.
They can't focus that much on that, while the anime can afford to focus episodes on a bunch of characters.

Ignore this guy , there's many mangafags who are here just to shitpost and are permanently butthurt because muh neckbeard fights over mediums telling the same shitty story.

>watching GT for the first time
>Pan is an unlikable annoying bitch
How can anyone stomach her? She should’ve just stayed a cute baby like in Super

Fodder getting its own episodes always was an anime's thing, they need to drag out the arc

are you serious? in the manga they had the same power. Which is why Goku says Vegeta could beat him too.

>he liked le sniper episode
>he like le yadrat
>he liked that guy that piccolo destroyed in 5 seconds of fighting


No regrets here

is /ourmvp/ diecisiete still in and the leaks are confirmed fake?

I bet you loved the shit out of this

No I didn't, but then again, I haven't liked too much of DBS.

and this

Kefla would mop the floor with Anilaza and potentially can ring out Toppo without major issues, she is easily third strongest fighter on tournament.

Don't make me post Faggba sucking Vegeta's dick.


and this guy mashing against toppo and then gets defeated off screen by frieza and ringed out

>m-manga is rushing it too much

is Cred Forums part of the cuck circle?


It's already happened, just not with Cell.

Aniraza is too damn high,, jobber was pushed into a stalemate by what, five guys? if you want to be super generous, you could MAYBE scale him up to around SSBx4-5.
Dyspo is too high, all he has is speed and tons of it, he lacks power - once his annoying speedblitzing is nullified, he becomes almost completely useless. You could maybe put his super form on equal standing with Hit.
Kefla is too low, according to Whis, she passed SSBx20 as SS and then there's still SS2. She should me much closer, maybe equal to Kawaii Vegeta.
It pains me to say so, but it's clear that 17 was wanked into being stronger than Freeza, and maybe even fucking hit with how that fucker performed.

>Shit List/10

or remember when an entire universe got ringed out in 5minutes? but yeh its the manga whos rushing it.

post translated scan my brother

>cuck circle
>literally the best strat
if they all seperated roshi, tien and krillin would get ringed out in 5 seconds.

>are you serious?
Are you? U6 arc happened right after RoF (when Goku was stronger than Vegeta according to Whis) and they got the same exact training the same time, and right after that we got Black arc and Vegeta still needed extra training to beat Black and STILL his SSB form at 100% was still not strong enough to keep up with Merged Zamasu, but Goku's was.

RoF Vegeta < RoF Goku

>enjoying a 48 min tournament stretched to hell where everything stops useless someone from U7 or Jiren is on the screen

Dyspo is best boi

>pepsiman already eliminated
Defend this

>this happened eleven years ago
This arc really has been too long

the anime at least gave them a chance to show any form of attack that isnt just rushing at the enemy and getting their ass kicked in.

tell me where its stated that Goku is stronger than Vegeta in the manga before u6 arc.

I miss him...

No, I didn't, I think the idea of the ToP itself is absolutely retarded and that DBS itself is complete wasted potential.
I don't like either the anime or manga too much, DBS is just too lazy and safe to hold any interest in it.

God lord that was SO dumb

I like how jiren literally says 'fuck off'

just like nigrish and the other guy right?

>some guys says the manga is going a bit quick
>guy has a complete meltdown

Why are you so insecure?
Seriously, between the overraction to any criticism, and the constant angry shitposting from both, why are manga vs anime neckbeards such pissy whiny fucks?

If you didn't like either you wouldn't be here. You'd be posting in a thread about shit you do like

U9 still hasn't been eliminated in the manga, though.

You may not like it but thats how he is supposed to be

because I like to put toeicucks in their place when they come with their shit double standard.

This, by statements alone they made it clear enough that the bitch could tango with something as powerful as a hypothetical SSBKK x40, It made the whole fucking tournament an absolute chore after she dropped out, since it was clear that anything that followed was barely worthy being called small fry. At least until Jobbo flipped the fuck out, and that ended up having all the gravitas of a wet fart.

>Goku and Frieza win ToP
>Super Shenron only grants one wish

Gintama predicted Masted UI years ago.

So you are one of those neckbeards who fights over manga and anime.
Boy, you guys are the ones that make me thankful this shitshow is cancelled the sooner you fatasses fuck off from Cred Forums the better.

u7 already has 6 elemination in 20 pages.
next month u7 might have 40 with the way toyo is going on about it

Every version of RoF had Whis saying Goku is always ahead also even if you dismiss that line, it's a fact that Goku's SSB at 100% was stronger than Vegeta's even with all his extra training so of course he was also weaker during the tournament that happened right before that

Literally 90 out of the 100 unique IPs of this threads are either niggers or spics, with maybe a poo or an arab here and there. You can't have a calm discussion here.

tell me where its stated in the manga that Goku is more powerful than Vegeta before the u6 arc. Dont give me other bullshit.


>complaining about nerds on Cred Forums

Waiting for LGBTQ Goku form.

>tell me
I told you you turboautist, it's in ALL versions of RoF

No, just about the retards fighting over the manga and anime, as if both aren't mediocre as fuck.

>el tio

has pablo gone too far?

Will be confirmed in 2020 in Dragon Ball Ultra.

What's funny is that manga and anime fighting retards don't care about quality.
You won't see any of them shit on stuff like the unironical blue Super Saiyan recolor or the fact that we got fucking Goku Blanco, because that's stuff that's both in the anime and manga.
They are just drones.

Remember when everyone was saying the first two arcs of Super look like shit because Toei was saving up for pic related? I wonder where are those faggots now

are you one of those faggots that was like
>guys both the anime and manga of FMA are good on their own ground you shouldn't criticize it
or that defended the filler in DBZ?

Saban cinematic universe

>might have 40
t. Toeipaco

>transformations at the original manga
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different!
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different!
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different, but there's a massive drawback that makes him useless!

>transformations at GT
>Goku is stronger now that he looks totally different!

>transformations at Super
>Goku is stronger now and his energy got a special property!
>Goku is stronger now, his energy got a special property and on top on that he got another unique property! There's also a drawback but can be solved with smart strategies and techniques!
>Goku is stronger now and can use a top tier technique based on a neat IRL martial arts' concept!

Super's transformations (in the manga at least) >>> DB's transformations > GT's transformations

>What's funny is that manga and anime fighting retards don't care about quality.
Hey user, i enjoy Super as a whole but i know the series is the epitome of bad writing and laziness. Still, there's no doubt the Manga is better than the Anime

What did Toei mean by this?

Vegeta will always be the second fiddle. Must be hard being a Vegetafag

>food on the battlefield
you're just reminding me buu isn't there.

>manga had no RoF
Yeah because it follows the original movie/manga specials for the movie.
RoF is a story that still happened and Vegeta was weaker than Goku, stop this embarrassing denial.

He's bloatmaxxing.

Jiren's mad that Goku drank all the protein shakes again.

No, i'm one who's tired of retards defending two versions of the same mediocre crap.

Unlike the BoG movie, pic related is still canon. At least to the Manga

I do remember Vegeta looking fucking terrible in the anime Champa arc.

it's what we have useless tori has another stroke and decides to re-release something that comes right after the buu ending to milk dragon ball even more
so yes even if both are shit one version needs to rule over the other or you will never be able to discuss something when one side counts blue kaio ken or 17 being on blue level and for the other those 2 things don't even exist

Did you like the 3D of RoF? I think it was amazing

then why are you on a super thread if you hate it?

And so you retards sperg out over this trash instead of making your own threads?
Besides, what are you going to discuss?
It's DB, if you can't follow it you are brain dead.

You guys do remember Toyo did make a 3-chapter adaptation of RF back when the movie came out. THAT's why he didn't do it again.

nice xenoverse 3
cgi in anime is shit regardless of the quality of it

That's what I said. And in that movie, Whis said Goku was stronger than Vegeta, that's why after their 3 years in RoSaT Goku was stronger than Vegeta too and after Vegeta's extra training for the Black arc Goku was still ahead

RoF Vegeta < RoF Goku

same place as those people who said 3.5 wasn't terrible.

>second fiddle that always beats the MC.
Not bad at all.

It's about to die, i'd like to see that.

>man I'm so cool and intelectual going to thread of series I consider shit

2.5 incoming..

Anyone else surprised we are getting Instinct Goku in XV2? XV1 barely had RoF content (last DLC and there was not even story mode) and it was BEFORE the Super series started, yet XV2 ended up with Goku's last form and the final boss of the series and it's not even confirmed to be the last DLC

>instead of making your own threads
this is a super thread, the fuck are you sperging about?

>Beats the MC

Anime and manga threads, I mean.

Which girl's ass is more firm, Kale, Caulifla, Videl or 18?

>Vegeta never got UI
>Vegeta never got to even trouble Jiren
>he cried before dying
>he thought about some fuccboi shota before dying

What the FUCK vegetabros

18 and then the u6 monkeys, can't get more firm than an android made for peak performance still not as perfect as cell


When he watched for patterns and struck, Vegeta showed that you could observe and beat Jiren without purely brute strength.

Then 17 showed that Jiren could be wounded.

So they could have gone down a much better, more interesting route, but instead we get "goku powers up and beats the bad guy" like we all expected.


Kale. Muscular yet thicc.

Kale's when she goes Super Saiyan.

Why is Future Trunks the best written character?

he isn't
in fact he's pretty overrated

Can the Zensu beans grow arms?

>he thinks mirai future trunks is better written than Master Muten Roshi


Just thinking about Kale's ass make me dick stronger than adamantium.

Daily reminder


He used to be. Then Super happened

Is this thing monthly? Feels like forever since the last chapter came out.

Only time i remember is in the Saiyan arc. WHta the second time?

>*cries about cabba*


>can heal arms
>can't heal scars

>Died 3 times

He is the only character to get shit done. And works his ass off to get to the top after struggling.


Yes, why do you think chapters have like 40 pages now?


I want to tear open her spats and eat her asshole.

>Beats a tired Frieza and STILL gets himself killed.
>Beats Black but seconds later needs Goku to fight him.
> Gets humiliated by Perfect Cell
The only real fight i can say Vegeta has won is against Toppo

can someone update this?

What's going on?

She whispers weight loss tips in his ears whenever he dozes off

>dead show
>dead thread


But your virginity is still alive and well.

the only downside of super compared to any of the previous series is its animation. outside of some token scenes it's pretty shit. but the new lore and character development easily makes up for it. the show introduces some of the most interesting characters the series ever had (beerus/whis).

Im not saying the show doesn't have other weaknesses. It has insane amounts of superfluos writing (unintentional filler episodes) and its quality varies heavily over the course of the series, but that was exactly the same with the original dragon ball, dbz and all the movies as well.

if you watch dragon ball for the reasons it should be watched (likable character cast ascending an ever increasing hype ladder), super would easily be superior to z if it wasn't for the fact that it's forced to ride on trodden ground.

What if they played mexican music when Goku transforms into Goku Blanco?

I really think Toyotaro messed up that post-fight banter. It makes no sense that Goku wanted to keep Blue at max strength to knocked out Hit in one attack (and he still dodged that) if beating him were no big deal.

Goku fucking sucks.


I should also add that there is one disappointing aspect to the series: It doesn't give enough spot light to characters besides goku and vegeta.

goku is the shows main protag, that shouldn't change, but the show now has a rather large roster of completely underutilized characters.

gohans treatment is especially lame, of course, but the same could be said for all the kid saiyans. they are supposed to have much larger latent potential than their parents, yet they are nothing but filler dummy opponents before goku gets to fight.

kid gohan ss2 and gokus combined kamehameha painted a beautiful picture of dragon balls future, but they went in a different direction instead.

There he goes again, rent free.

But chadhan was supposed to get Goku Blanco

Drunkhan accidentally gave Goku his Blanco powers

Will meme magic make El Hermano real next?

eeyy, goku ssb kaioken x10 looked pretty hype. thats what those chinese intern slaves focused on for all the time probably

What was the purpose of this arc?

Serious question: Is Goten gay? Lot of suspect shit he did in Z man.

Yes because I would prefer what the manga is shaping up to be; but the anime has brought me so many laughs, cheers, and just enjoyable experiences with friends that I would watch it again.

Answer the questions

>Do you like Super?
>Was Super a worthy successor of Z?
>Did Super reach your expectations?
>Will Super be fun to rewatch?
>Rate it from 0-10

Hype Pan Blanco in Dragon Ball Ultra Tour

he's the only character that had a genuine hard life. for all the others it was basically 'fight ever harder enemies but in the end it all went right'. that's relatable at a fundamental level but even moreso because he's a huge contrast to the rest of the characters. it's still gut wrenching to me to think about his universe where goku, gohan, etc. and all his friends are simply dead and will never come back (though, I've always wondered why he doesn't just use dragon balls to bring them back)

No, I can tell

What? He never did anything not done by boys of his age and End of Z portrays him as a player.

Blanco Posting