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I want my sensei figure now!

Wow, the face looks better than the image.

Waiting for this one.

miku is sex

Post the other sweater puppies that were announced

finally their headphones are being put to use

>best wonfes fig once again is GK

shit taste

>running without a sports bra

ouch my tits hurt

So now that the dust has settled how would you rate this wonfes?
I'd give it a solid 7/10
Still a lot of fate and other irrelevant shit but also a few quite nice scales and a shitton of great nendos. Might be the first OC I'll get.

She's very cute, I can't believe I'm gonna be getting one

is there a compilation of all the stuff announced at wonfes somewhere?
I missed it and I want to see what got announced

Post what you will be pre-ordering.


I want a kaguya luna one

>tom exclusive

Can't say pre-ordering now for sure, until I see the prototype and/or paint but there are quite a few things I'll keep monitoring.


There is so much wrong with this, yet I know it isn't bait.

>My proxy got everything I wanted from WonFes.

it is physically painful to look at this image, It literally gives me a headache.

Is that supposed to be an educational example of literally everything done wrong?

good for you user!


there's no hand in the image.

>supporting youtube personalities


Damn, you're right. That is a close one though.

Anyone have this figure, please? I want real photos, unboxing or something related

Who are they?


Lots of pics here:

GUP girls


Thought we were supposed to not give attention to the porkfag and ignore both his posts and threads

do not ignore pork

The focus of the image is potato ships you bakas.

its a shitty price figure, the box is shit with no padding

Its a prize figure, what have you got to lose?

Having kids with Sensei!

Old hags can't have kids


Let's be honest here: how will you look at your PVC purchase 15 years from now, when her series is dead forgotten, and you'll likely be invested in newer and better series

Ill tell you in 15 years

I mainly buy on aesthetics.

Ill actually be more attached to my figures since new shit is starting to suck more and more

That's why I bought Asuka. Her ass will always be famous.

Stay mad, Homo.

>when her series is dead forgotten
>buying shit because they're trendy
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>Potato Nendos
>all three Hifumi figures, even Emontoys
>Akko figure

newfags haven't left yet. give it a week.

Explains .

as well as the bunch of retards who keep bumping this thread instead of moving to the less cancerous one

fuck off
no one mentioned Pochaco until you did

OMG did you go to Japan?!
Thats so cool!
The image is a close representation of your 'strategic' package positioning. No one cares.

Other thread is gone anyway.

>mention the other thread
>porkshitter IMMEDIATELY finds it, reports it, it gets pruned
We were better off before


this is cute, is she up for pre-order yet?

Yes user, they put an unpainted, non-GK figure up for pre-order.

i hope i'm dead by then.


I want this fumikane one

Stay mad faggot
Now post in my Pochaco thread

ok so where is it I can't find it


Sex with sensei!

Thanks mods/Janis for actually deleting a legit thread and leave around this one plagued with porkfag and spoonfeeding newfags.

Lurk more on your own damn board.

I was planning on the Nendo, but the scale looks about perfect.

Worked all weekend, still chewing through threads and links.

Who was making this?

keep crying

when will yumi get a good fig?

yumi is phat

It does make more sense to delete the thread with less posts though, not that most of them are any good.

What's the point of Good Smile's million subsidiaries?

Different focuses?

Barely see a difference in focus.

Is Phat notorious for making shit figures or what?

Here ya go.

8/10; a lot of stuff I was hoping for got prototypes and sculpts (pic related).

You cared enough to reply. And your pic doesn’t apply to all people.

I made this thread first
You are the only one talking about Pochaco and shitting up the thread

Well, at least the latter has a good lead for answers.


Bought multiple times off mandarake, but never had this happen. How exactly do I checkout? Already checked and not blocking any scripts.

They’re mediocre to decent; it depends on who you ask.

Everytime I say I'll get out of buyfagging for good
But then theres one figure that looks amazing
And then I need to get another 2 figures to pose with it
Buyfagging is pain

My waifu got a figure announced and her figma got a prototype so it was 10/10 for me.

Okay, Satan.

Just went to the eva shop in Hakone, the selection really isn't that great. Picked up a mug and some earphones since I forgot mine, but unless you're already in Hakone, I wouldn't go out of the way to come here.

then I will pray that the Anne fig they announced is closer to the decent end of the scale.


Ugly as fuck

Wrong thread buddy

This design looks busy as fuck. It will have to have a helluva paint job to not look like shit.

probably mediocre paint job considering it's aquamarine

autistic cunt

I'm really hoping they announce a Hina and Momo to go with her.

how is it any different then supporting our normal Japanese Corporate Overlords?

>so far



I want those sweater puppies!

Does bottom right have a dick??? I was really liking it until I saw what it seems to be a giant penis.

Are the illustrations on the right going to be a figure or what? Or was it just some sort of prototype for the actual figure we got? Because I don't like the figure's pose or expression

why do the futas have erections but their faces don't look aroused whatsoever

I'm very devoted. I still love the things I did 15 years ago.

Because flaccid dicks aren't pretty.

hi newfag

>Does bottom right have a dick?
Character is literally named Hermaphroditos.

It's a concept art. About 0 chance for it to ever become a figure.

>tfw a figure will never ever come


Why did he think the figure illustration was good? It's boring and awkward. At least Asuka and Mari are looking better, unless he changes those too

I have a few others I'm keeping an eye on, but so far the top row are instant preorders and the bottom are maybes.

where can i cop bottom row?

From what I've seen

>Best Fate boy getting a good figure finally

2B, Kat and Raven if they get approved, Akko, Miike and pic related

Is the sleepwear Aoba and Hifumi dakis or something?

I agree, that Mordred nendo is their best figure.

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