Made in abyss chapter 45

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Title: Cursed ones
Did they find a human in the darkness? Or...?
You're not a narehate?

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I still look like a person...
Sorry sorry.
It's been a while since I talked to someone...
Sorry if I said something weird

You're not a narehate!?
In the 6th layer!
A person!
Are you a white whistle?!
uhh... sorry
I'm veloeluko
It's long so just call me veko
Uhh.. I think I'm a human
Right now I have a lot of time so I just name and sing to these.
Isn't that right kati?
I don't really know what you mean by sixth layer so sorry

Why did you come to this sticky place
I'm Riko!
I'm looking for reg and nanachi
Rahochu sosu jinshitsu faufu (I'm looking for robot and fluffy)
ngangamadimo(I don't understand)
Their friends... Right?
Those two.
I couldn't find them at so I thought they might be here
I wonder if thats what that was jessie
Could it be...
I got a signal so I might know where one of them is...

I would guide you
but I cant take this off
if you think "come off" and touch it...
It'll come off..
Are you a bad person?
Iruburu... This village didn't have a very good creation
You could say its cursed

I'm partially ...
responsible for that
In hell everything was numbed
And we were the ones making our own hell
And even though I couldnt do anything about it...
I went against this village being made
And was sealed in the darkness
I was able to watch the village through signals
The creation isn't very good
But now its not that bad of a place.
It's a gathering of curses and children who grow up distorted
but even though they don't have their human bodies anymore
They still have their souls and continue on

Oh yeah what were we talking about
Ya... I'm a bad person
I was greedy and wanted to be more than a human
More than just coming here....

I dont care if you're a bad person
Can you guide me
It's too late
once it's too late
you're a good kid


Are you ok?
this is all because I said you should come with me
That kid
was chosen by you
Amazing... For kids from the village this place should be painful to be in
At times aspiration overcomes instict
right riko?
Lets go
It's probably hard on that kid too


I have to climb this?
I can't do that
My legs are weak
Do your best~
This is how it looks now?
I couldnt tell from just the signals
Uhh... Do you have something to wear
It would be bad if they found me

It's perfect
[I'm translating the clothes at the end to not make this too text heavy]
It seems a bit livelier than before
I wonder if somethings going on.
Oh.. Is this the time of year for the summonings?
THis is the first time I saw this too... Lets look at it later

Belafu of the 3 sages' house
Your friend should be here
I cant go in there...
It'd would be bad if they knew i got out.
Can you go without me...
I'll be fine
I have maa-san also

thanks user, youre the best!

you make me happy

Ok, so Veko doesn't know the terms delvers use to refer to the abyss as well as their whistles. This more or less confirms they are from an earlier period of delvers before the whistle system was created, at most she could a human from the previous cycle.

excuse me
Uhh.. I'm coming in
menme(Come in)
menme(Come in)
Uhhh can I talk to belafu?
menme(Come in)
menme(Come in)

Hey... get out of the way!
Wait human child
Majyakajya san
What's happening here
hadi... So....

the person in the top panel is obviously the delver woman, she has a delving hat and her front bang resembles the one she has, except longer. i see no whistle, which means she cold be from the early period. not a human from the previous cycle.

A human child
blu Yes
Hello I am belafu
What do you want?

I came to look for nanachi
And then she was here!
Hey nanachi!
That fluffy one
Sold herself
In order to buy meeti from me
she let go of herself
I can't suck meeti anymore
But I have the fluffy one forever here
I'm happy to have the two of them here forever

Kajya didn't klnow how valuable meeti was
And I told nanachi about here
Then nanachi looked at her like someone looks at haku(treasure)



Thanks user you're the best!


>Nanachi selling her soul
Oh vey

No matter how much you suck meeti she never runs out
Belafu's favorite...
To Belafu it was just always sucking meeti
Nanachi said "don't hurt meeti anymore"
To buy meeti she sold herself
Now... hagun.... shes sleeping from inhaling smoke


>Nanachi got Mitty AND succ

>sold herself to Bondrewd
>sold herself to Belafu

This makes no sense, why does nanachi even care that much, technically it's not even mitty anymore, it's just another hollow. He only reason to want to have her back would be to kill her again.



Those eyes
You were the one that was there then...
I remember
thank you

>Now... hagun.... shes sleeping from inhaling smoke

blaze it



poor bun ;-;


Human child
Do you know meeti
She's important to nanachi... and she saved my life
Umm.. What do I have to do for you to give back Nanachi and Meeti
Meeti... the masked man brought her here
The man went by lord of dawn
On one of his many visits
he had meeti

Nanachi whoring herself is so hot.

Look at the most recent post.
Nanachi sold herself because she saw Mitty in pain

Someone tell me what's going on, I'm too sleepy to read.

>Lord of Dawn

I knew by the smell
It was a real immortal
It was a signal of love
A strong crystal of the curse
In some ways it was a personification of the abyss
I wanted it really bad
No matter what I had I couldn't pay for it
Then how
I paid the price and had iruburu give birth to it

It’s being known for quite some time

>On one of his many visits
How many kids, Bondrewd, HOW MANY

I'm gonna get my heart broke aren't I Cred Forums?

>I paid the price and had iruburu give birth to it

Oh yawn. So it really is just an illusion. What a cheap plot twist.

im confused

>I paid the price and had iruburu give birth to it


All 724 of my arms and legs
50% of my height
Part of my sensory organs
I turned them all into value
Copied even the sould so it was a perfect copy
For that Nanachi paid for it with her all


Wait how did he go there without dying? Am I being stupid?

What will
you give me for it?
I don't know what I can pay for it with yet
So... can you tell me
What I have to pay for you to give them back
If you pay your whole body
I can right now

>copied the soul

Yes, you are. Read slower.


incredibly so

No, youre just not being scientific.

>It's a lot more dangerous
>than when I was a guide for the orphanage but
Bodies of whole children have great value here
So you're being too greedy
My hair that's been grown for a long time
5 more my fingernails from my left hand
And all my gear... Is that enough?
I was being a bit too greedy I guess
But... that's not enough

>the masked man

so did the stupid Bun jump to the conclusion and sold herself for nothing?

This is what a real speed reader looks like.

>How did the guy that kidnaped kids to be able to go back up go back up?
Yes, you are being stupid.

With enough willpower we can bring her back!

Its a copy but as real as the real one as Riko looked into its eyes and confirmed it, so its a copy of Mitty but definitely Mitty.

Wait I have an idea!
There should still be that cave full of Mitty-like creatures that is isolated from the rest of the 6th layer.
Just fucking shoot an opening into it, make it rain on the village.
Now the value of mitty-like things should drop like mad and Riko could buy them back easily.

If I made a copy of you with all your memories would it be the real you? Come on user

Wait, but if narehate are technically just representative of soul, wouldn't that mean the soul was also technically copied? I'm a bit confused.


Why what's happening

Those ones aren't immortal though.

On top of that, I want you to choose from one of 3 options
Both eyes or
Both legs
or half your innards
I can't go lower than that
I want it but I wont be greedy
I'll also do my best so you don't die

Don't forget theres non-shit TLs you can buy and should

Now that's thinking with capitalism!

We can do better than that, we could have all the Prushkas we want with enough capital to exchange for them

Come on.


Theyre not immortal though, that would only increase Mitty's value.

>Both eyes or
>Both legs
>or half your innards

Oh fuck

Jesus user, at least let us finish the chapter before you start.

Page 18+this translations are probably the most off
Pants or a hood for 4 legged (8)
A long coat for small legged walkingthings (23 13)
Hook from delving gear of an unkown era (86 each)
4 meters of string from mitochu san (6 15)
curtain material (5)
2 Bags made from Opottsu-san's skin (8 7)
I'm assuming the numbers and the symbols are price

Robo legs upgrade when

>Both legs.
Rikos is actually going to be an actual moe potato by the end of this.

How about 1 eye and 1/4 innards?

The sage did say the soul is a perfect copy, and Riko did confirm it by looking into her eyes, so whether you like it or not, its Mitty, both body and soul



Soon we'll have Punished Riko: A fallen Spelunker.

So it's confirmed Bondrewd went into the 6th layer and lived.
He's probably the only thing other then Reg to have done so. Sasuga Bondrewd

She'll barter it down to one eye and her hand that no longer works anyways. Get ready for pirate Riko.


>Half her liver (it grows back), a kidney and her womb.
This could actually work.


import abyss.util.mitty;

class Main {
Soul nanachiLure = new mitty.Soul();

Bondrewd is probably looking through Nanachi's eyes and facepalming his fucking brains out. Thank god he has back ups.

>Both your legs


Damn Faputa must be really really expensive for them to not just make a copy of her

She's going to end up making the sacrifice for Riko (and therefore Reg), isn't she?

No, he's coming down to sacrifice what is left of himself instead so that the group can continue on their adventure

>Bondrewd has been to the sixth layer
>tfw he makes a return

>i see no whistle, which means she cold be from the early period. not a human from the previous cycle.
Or perhaps a foreigner.

so much for riko making it through this manga intact

Nanachi sold herself withut second thought about Riko and Reg after everything they went trhough and all the good food.
Why it makes me so sad.
Fucking slut Bun and your fucking obsession with meat rug.
Riko and Reg deserved better companion.

>people actually think Riko is going to lose body parts

Come on you guys, don't be naive. If it's not that lady Riko just met that helps her, it'll be Maa or someone else. Riko is getting out of this unscathed.


Hopefully. I hate this bug.

We're about to make 4th layer look like a fucking joke



>my soul right now.

Riko right now

I'd agree, but without her they're adventure would never have gotten this far.

Still though, what the fuck was nannachi thinking? Riko is being more cautious then her.

I would just like to express my appreciation to Translator-kun for his hard work.

yeah, just like the last time shit hit the fan. Scott free!

Yeah, and then immediately heading up to layer 5 because consciousness transfer lol.

Bondrewd's version of the Daiz crime list fucking when

nanachi didn't even ask for a human version of mitty


She almost had an arm lopped off 2 layers above where she is now
She may actually be getting sacrificed

I'm pretty irritated that I laughed at this.

I'm ded user,this is pure gold

she probably felt the Mitty is real and doesn't want to see her suffer again, and Riko looked into Mitty's eyes and did confirm its the real deal, so Nanachi did the decision perhaps too fast but nt really unfounded?

Hmm, good point. And if the Village can recreate Mitty's soul, then it can recreate Mitty somehow or in some form that isn't in constant suffering. All Belafu cares about is the regeneration powers. I wonder if somehow they could just extract Mitty's soul and put it into some other kind of container, like how Fart Giraffe had a body constructed?

>sings to and names the balancing blobs
Veko is so cute. Shame the sages are going to tear her apart.

Yeah but why sell yourself? Just be like "that's bad" then have reg incinerate the place from orbit, two problems solved for one shot.

>Still though, what the fuck was nannachi thinking? Riko is being more cautious then her.

Nanachi is depressed and borderline suicidal, user. People like that behave recklessly.

Thanks so much user for the translation.
What a why to end the chapter. I wish somehow Riko won't have to loose parts of herself.

I'd choose the legs. She's on a journey of no return anyway, and she can get robo legs.

Wait, I thought the point of this was that the Narehate saw Mitty, made a version of her, and then Nanachi saw it and bought her back

i want riko to confront her about this and they both break into tears.

>Bondrewd made one of Three Sages his bitch
Papa is the best.

Best. Fucking. Dad.

Shouldn't this end with ; not bracket?

Don't forget that Nanachi planned to die after Mitty was taken care of. She most likely doesn't have any self worth.

Value isn't just a force here. As long as they have something to pay with, they'll be able to recreate entire individuals from scratch, even their souls. This is spooky, but its ridden with potential. Could they bring back Prushka and Mitty if they can pay the price?

So what even this Belafu bitch gonna do with bun? Touch her fluff all day?

>On one of his many visits
He even said it.

So its clear that Faputa was born from a delver, therefore explaining why she's not in the value village, and dislikes the place because her mother Veko is imprisoned inside.

So why did the three sages lock her mom in the slime pit? Did Veko break a law by breeding with a narehate within the village? Even Veko admits to Faputa being a bad entity.

Also, if everyone in the village is a childs soul, would that explain why childrens bodies are so valuable, because they can transport their souls to the new body and regain their human forms?


She's going to feed off her user.

succ her dry

Fug nugget inc.

Considering the price paid for current nu-mitty, I doubt any of them have enough value to do it. Maybe if they kidnap Moth and sell her to them?
WAIT HOLD THE UFKC ON. is that what actually happened?? moth is love baby between human and narehate???

Is that the vagina one?

you guys are dumb, it's obviously not economic to buy sth you can only succ only once while stop sucking the immortal rug which you can do infinite.

It's the name of the Village.

She won't be climbing up anyway, so wheelchair will actually be faster

The village is one colossal overpower bullshit

Isn't that the altar that was on the elevator? It sounds like they sacrificed a girl and that's what faputa is guys.

But what if the succ is that much better?


Maybe she can barter it down to a combo of one eye, one leg and one quarter of innards. It's much more affordable to lose one out of a pair of organ than to lose both. Also one of her hand is already busted so no big loss there.

Meanwhile certain butt-shaped plant can copy Bondrewd like it's fucking nothing.

nanachi about to be succ'd

Oh yeah, I guess that's why village and cradle are the same.

New chapter when?

5 minutes.

Thanks user and translation team! I've put the rough TL and an image dump into the MEGA until a proper typeset is released.

Also Mitty a cute! CUTE!


They are pat the point of no return. What did you expect? Things will only get more OP from here.

could be, faputa smells good and there's a lot of incense in the elevator, maybe to block out the smell

>Mitty 2.0

So clearly someone has to bite the bullet, who are we thinking will survive the 6th layer.

It's better to choose the legs because Riko is only good for cooking. She can cook without legs but she can't cook without eyes or arms.

>all my gear
Doesn't that include Reg?

Scarifices are turne into white whistles

What's his endgame?

Ones that die. Mitty isn't a white whistles.

>Oh yeah, I guess that's why village and cradle are the same.
And "mother" 10% of the time.

I like that Belafu is the one who looked the most human-like out of the three sages and they turned out to be a freakshow.

Nu-mitty will get beamed again once Nanachi comes to her senses (or nanachi stays there forever and they go on without her)
Veko will get eaten, Maaaaaaaaaaaa-san will die of internal injuries maybe.

do not succpost kthxbai

>Finally get to sixth layer
>Waahhh things are too crazy

I've been waiting for this kind of shit.

He's going to be the "big bad" of the village.
He's going to try to get Riko to enter him.
Screencap this.

Notice how Bondrewd is using the design from his first appearance here, but by the time Mitty had been created he had already switched to his prushka-dad design. Either that mask's a dud or the absolute madman had multiple morningstar/gangways.

>Sages find Veko
>All hell breaks loose
>Riko steals Nanachi and Mitty in the confusion and the four of them bolt
>They meet back up with Reg and prepare to descend to the next layer to escape
>Sages catch them
>Reg defends the group but is overpowered
>Faputa sacrifices herself to protect Reg, her death causes the entire village to descend into pure chaos
Betting on something like this

Quick, let's brainstorm things other than body parts that Riko could use to barter with.


Wouldnt they get balanced the second they try to run off with someone elses value though?


Eye, one kidney, gallbladder and other shit, then an arm so she can use Reg's arm instead.

(I jest, but that'd be hilarious.)

Prush-whistle has no value.

Delete this.


Or maybe she can just sell robokuns arm.

>Either that mask's a dud or the absolute madman had multiple morningstar/gangways.
Its obviously the second.

Nah nigga, Veko is going to fuck up Belafu and then Faputa is going to fuck up Veko and Riko, get Reg's arm back, then Reg's going to fuck up Faputa for fucking up Riko and then everyone's going to get fucked up by Maa-san but the village will save everyone and then they'll all go to the next layer.

Does Virginity count as a body part? Isn't the hymen not technically an organ?


>mother 10% of the time

Doesn't this prove that Faputa was born from Veko also

>Riko steals Nanachi and Mitty in the confusion
And is ripped apart by the balancing.

I think you shall be a Hollywood director



So in this chapter Riko frees an heinous criminal without thinking and then considers selling her organs on the black market. Leaving Riko by herself is a mistake.

last sage is the only way to the 7th layer


That would be rather boring, and it wouldn't answer any of the interesting questions that the village poses.
I sincerely fucking hope not.

What if there's no balacing? Like, what if someone got to somewhere and release someone that should not be released.

>then considers selling her organs on the black market
That's on Nanachi though.

>Reg willing goes back to his crazy's ex's place, then gets lost and almost killed on the way back

>Nannachi sells herself to a thing with eyes for mouths, then smokes a bunch of dank 420 and passes out

Riko just made friends and freed an unjust captive. Fuck the village anyways, going against it is a good thing.

Oh fuck.
One of the White Whistles is going to save them at the last minute. They're down there waiting for something to happen.

>Riko steals Nanachi
Wouldn't make it to the door before the balancing gets her.

I'm betting taking Veko out is going to cause problems with the balancing and the stability of the village.


>Locked up for a reason and must be hidden from sages.
>Natural protection from other narahate by fear of place

Veko definitly powers the village

I cant fucking wait.


It's obvious whats going to happen, Reg is going to burn the whole village down and Faputa will meet her mommy and everyone will be happy except all those dead in the narehate village. Yes Maa-kun dies.

>we've spent all this time theorizing about the other white whistles
>we'll get to see them but they'll already be dead
>The Lord of Mystery remains a mystery for the rest of time

>Riko turns into third worst Katawa

Does Tsukushi draw some of his panels in mirror image?
Also does this kill the autosave rumor?

Meet Reg
He crashed Idofront and now he's going to crash Value village!
Say something nice to him

I am not interested in this plot development. It feels pretty cheap to once again bring back the Mitty plot and Bondrewd in order to create some drama/facilitate whatever Tsukushi wants to do with the village. That plotline ended perfectly and didn't have to get milked, and I also don't really like how even though we're past the point of "no return" and a lot of stuff from layer 6 up until now felt completely divorced from the upper layers, they still have to fall back on stuff and characters from a previous layer. Why not devote more time to explore the new lady as a character and flesh out her connection to things more?

Never seeing Srajo would come as no surprise to me whatsoever.

They'll just trade regs arm and be done with it.

This cute and sexy criminal is dangerous and shoud be punished by becoming my wife!

The autosave was proved bull crap


Good job fucking everything for everyone Nanachi you fucking retard

>Baaaaw pls Kill Mitty
>Oh no Mitty is alive I better sell myself and get sucked everyday instead of looking for Reg so he can Incinerate her again and kill her for realsies this time

You probably have a really clean belly button.

Inaccurate picture

he seems to have an extra arm.

>I'm betting taking Veko out is going to cause problems with the balancing and the stability of the village.
That's the idea. I don't think they'd just kill Veko right away like that but in the confusion the balancing might get thrown off for long enough that they can get out of the range of it.

>Why not devote more time to explore the new lady as a character and flesh out her connection to things more?
This is literally the first chapter we've been properly introduced, and moreover, the past few chapters have been almost entirely devoted to exploring the village and learning more about it.

>Velolueko names, sings to and monitors the balancing tentacles
>the things that rip sages into sevens of hundreds of pieces and duplicate souls

>Ya... I'm a bad person
>I was greedy and wanted to be more than a human

The potato's gone and fucked it again hasn't she

Wait, wasn't the girl who Riko just freed the one in charge of the balancing? Wouldn't getting her out fuck up the whole system?

>Does Tsukushi draw some of his panels in mirror image?
Mostly confirmed he does, mainly because which hand of Riko's is fucked up changes from time to time.

Ozen would have just died if the incinerator hit her, right? It seems obvious but maybe I'm wrong?

>This is literally the first chapter we've been properly introduced
Sounds like a perfect time to get to know a character, first impressions and all.

>the past few chapters
Which I was liking a lot. I'm just not keen of how this whole Nanachi and Mitty thing is playing out, it feels like he couldn't come up with a more interesting idea and retreads ground the characters should've moved past already.

No balancing equals complete chaos. It'll go steadily down the path of anarchy

>Sounds like a perfect time to get to know a character, first impressions and all.
And what do you know, the majority of the chapter was used to do just that.


I thought the balancing was supposed to be automated so as for it be completely and absolutely fair. Shouldn't bartering be against that? What's preventing people to force others "barter" for a misery during an exchange?

>Wait, wasn't the girl who Riko just freed the one in charge of the balancing?
That's not what we were told.

>what would happen to Mitty 2.0 soul after dying? would there be 2 mitty's waiting for Nanachi?

He did nothing wrong.

What comes to me as most surprising is that Bondrewd has been and frequented the 6th layer, even stringing Mitty along. How did he return to the fifth floor?

I think removing Veko may have stopped the balancing, we'll have to wait and see.

Less than half, actually. And a bunch of that was Riko asking for directions and getting them while Veko (?) ponders whether she had met her friends. Not much to go on

Science solves all problems user. Nothing is out of reach, when you have science on your side.

Does Mitty 2.0 have a soul? And if a copy does have a soul, is it the same soul as the original Mitty?

>How did he return to the fifth floor?
Wow it's almost like if he's been experimenting with how to make other things take on the burden of the curse instead of taking it himself. What the fuck you think the cartridges are for? Because they're /fa/?

Nigga even Crazy Reg wasn't able to kill him. They knew that they'd have to conserve their shit if they were going to reach the bottom. Killing Bonerdad wasn't their goal, their goal was passing through Idofront through the Sea of Corpses and onto the Capital and Ancap village.

If Bondrewd comes back and is totally amicable and with his Praying Hands, I'm going to flip my shit.
>My, my, my, my. Riko, I knew you'd find this place.

If it hit vitals she'd be dead; Incinerator destroys everything it hits.
Which, due to plot convenience, means it barely ever fucking hits anyone, so it's an irrelevant argument.

We still got enough for an introduction.
Riko's priorities right now are finding her friends, it wouldn't make sense for her to promptly sit down and here a life story.

Ok, but then what happened to the furry body he would acquire when he would ascend?

I want to wash her hair!


>it feels like he couldn't come up with a more interesting idea
If he had to do the "selling yourself to the village angle", it would be difficult to do with just Reg, Nanachi, and Riko, since the only thing they really value is each other.
None of them would have sold themselves in the first place unless one of the other two had first.
The big exception, of course, is Mitty for Nanachi. She's literally the only thing that could break their triangle of value and still play by village rules, assuming Prushka still belongs to Riko.

>and it wouldn't answer any of the interesting questions that the village poses.
It's not like it would be an instantaneous process. Maybe Riko leaves to consider her options for a bit, we get more chapters about the village and Veko, we see more of Reg and Faputa bonding, then things start happening.

Cartridges. That or he just wrote off the bodies he sent to the 6th layer. We already know he can have bodies operating across more than one layer

Jesus Christ, and here I thought the speedreader meme was just a meme.

Goddamn you just don't read at all do yiu.?

What if he can attach Prushka's severed legs to Riko?

Oh fug.

Thanks user.

He can only see, not hear or anything. He can't even peer into Nanachi anymore since her eyes are always closed (since she's sleeping). He may know she fucked up, but consider the fact that he didn't even tell Nanachi about another Mitty. He probably doesn't care.

You don't get the blessing under normal circumstances, it's a rare occurrence between someone taking the curse with absolute love and devotion for the other person.
It's why Prushka was the one who caused it.

You really did speed read huh?

I think it's implied he's received part of the blessing by that point already.

When you see Bondrewd examine Mitty's flesh lamp, you get a small glimpse of his not so normal eye.

It doesn't have to play out with Riko sitting down and hearing a story. They could spend the chapter while they're travelling to the place Nanachi is, or have Veko do something that disturbs Riko's priorities or dozens of other alternatives. Sometimes Tsukushi seems to want to get to the point so fast it becomes too fast for me, I know people here like the fast pacing but there's value in slowing down and breathing sometimes. Chapter 39 was a great example of this

You can barter things of equal value for other things of equal value. So you can pick one finger over another if they are valued the same amount.

Post yfw the "mysterious ring of the 7th layer" is just Bondrewd's second idofront

I want off this ride.


>The real real Bondrewd is actually below

Oh that's right, the blessing is only transferred when someone really cares for you a whole lot. Sorry it's been a long time since I've read the actual manga before chapter 43

You're forgetting the alternative that they meet, interact and bond with an arc-specific character which could prompt them to act later on (and of course the alternative of not going for that angle at all if the only way he can imagine it done is by cheapening a previous arc)

She's even cuter in clothes


I wonder if this second Mitty is from bisecting Mitty and seeing if both regenerated?

Is Veloeluko related to the balancing somehow? Now that she's gone, does that affect the law and order of Ilblu? Is it possible there's no longer any "balancing" now that she's free?


Only Prushka loved him enough to get the full furry. Plus he might have lost a body or two before. Then there is the tail.

Bondrewd as we know him is a whistle.
But I've had the theory that Bondrewd has, or had, a body in the final layers that he sent down there.
The only thing that makes me think otherwise is the "strain" it causes when one of "him" is too far away from the others.

But user look at all those condoms hanging from her skirt

If Bonerdad part is roller coaster,this part is spaceship doing FTL

When Maa hit Menya, he didn't get ripped apart right away. It wasn't until Riko acknowledged how valuable Menya was that Maa got fucked. If both parts agree to the value of the exchange, then balancing won't happen. And value is relative to the person. Just like water is fairly cheap, but you would pay a mountain of gold for it in a desert.

>it was Bondrewd's letter to another Bondrewd all along

>breeding with a narehate
So we bestiality now?

MiA's long list of fetish fuel increases. Sasuga Tsukushi.

I think that's how Nanachi is going to be freed, she's able to take Mitty and book it because Belafu has no legs lolol

Technically, we are on Daddy's wild ride again.

I want to suck those toes.

Riko is alpha as fuck. 0 Hesitation in freeing her.

I can't believe that nanachi is fucking dead!

>Bondrewd has infinite Mitties that all contain her soul and are perfect copies of Nanachi's friend and he does horrible experiments on them

>I wonder if this second Mitty is from bisecting Mitty and seeing if both regenerated?
B-Daddy likes the planarians.

I assumed that was an effect of Zoaholic, but it definitely could spin that way too.
But yeah I completely forgot about how the blessing of the abyss works. Fuck, might re-read the manga again. The existence of his tail can also be inferred to be from his trip to the 6th layer.
Sasuga Tsukushi, he finally unravelled the mysteries of Bonedads body

>Bondrewd already knows what's at the bottom, that's why he is so desperate

It would taste pretty bad.

>Bondrewd already visited the whole abyss, he's retired and tortures lolis as a hobby
>he forged the 2000 years theory by sending his bodies to die in praying pose
>he made up birthday curse by poisoning each child


for some reason mouths for eyes are really unnerving.

Serjo will be sent by Bondrewd or Wakuna will come.

Actually, he didn't even poison those children. He just poisoned himself.

>for some reason
I don't think you have to justify eyemouths being disturbing.

Stop making me like Bondrewd

I need my Punished Riko now.

>everyone in Abyss is Bondrewd

Srajo is already in layer 6 as well.

>Another chapter where nothing "big" happens

This place is a fucking powder keg. There's at least 4 separate mysteries unsolved, that we're introduced this layer. Surely it has to all explode at some point right?

>implying we ever left

I don't understand. Why do they keep making such dumb decisions? Nanachi sold herself in the blink of an eye, and now Riko's contemplating selling off her body parts for Nanachi. Also, how the fuck are they more valuable than an infinite food source? Did I miss something by reading too fast? Does that thing plan to use them or their bits for bartering? How the fuck do you even calculate value? It's like anything you feel strong attachment to = nigh infinite value. That doesn't make any sense. There should be some standard. If I was that monster, I wouldn't accept Nanachi's offer, nor Riko's. Not worth an infinite food supply.


Srajo: I'm so glad I went to 6th Layer without interacting with this crazy fag
>posing figure appears near the entrance of 7th Layer
Bondrewd №657656: OYA, OYA, OYA

Bunnies taste better then rugs, its simple economics user.



>nothing big happens
>Riko frees the Circus of Value
>Mitty gets the SUCC
>Bonedaddy shown to visit Ancapland all the time
>Riko to become Punished Riko
Did you speedread?

this is so sad desu

That new character will exchange her for her life

Oh no, you're giving me flashbacks of Lost again.

I'm betting they escape and Faputa tries to stop them.

jesus fuck belafu was sucking out all of Mitty's internal organs all the time that's why the pot is there to keep Mitty is some shape for them to regrow easily to succ them some more

Again, value is decided by those that want to do the exchange. If they accept they have the same value, then that's it. If you steal or damage someone else's property, then that someone else decides the value of the damage.

If you value your thing a lot, you won't exchange it, even if the other part thinks it's not that valuable.

>how the fuck are they more valuable than an infinite food source?
Nanachi smells really good, that's something nice to have if you live in a shithole full of mutants. and Riko is a just a bit dmaged human child, extremely rare down there.

>Riko frees the Circus of Value
Kek that one got me

read it from the start, but slowly.

I mean nothing big as a large ending scene. I expected to have some answers, but it just gets more tense. Surely all these plot points have to coverage at some point? It's going to be a fucking huge event.


Imagine that you're that thing. Why would you care for such a thing when you can keep on sucking on an infinite meatbag? I mean, if you can get it without trading that INFINITE food source, then sure, but to trade it for some random narehate? Come on... also, the fact that meeti was recreated means that they could also be recreated. I call that shitty writing. Any kind of resurrection system dramatically reduces the value of a life.

Useless? Seriously, why the hell would that thing care for a small piece of skin? Goddammit, I was looking forward to the next chapter and THIS is what I get? Fucking thing sucks.

>I call that shitty writing. Any kind of resurrection system dramatically reduces the value of a life.
Thinking in arbitrary absolutes is shitty critique.

Yeah, I get that part and I cannot like that design. At all. Basically, I pick up this ordinary rock that looks like anything else, and I make it into my best friend ever, for a few years or whatnot. Now it's worth BILLIONSSSSSSSS!!!

It feels that the author just wants to mess with kids. Not that I give a fuck, just saying.

They've established that human children are incredibly rare and valuable, even more than Mitty. So, it's a reasonable trade.

>Any kind of resurrection system dramatically reduces the value of a life.
I disagree, because as far as we know this is the only place that this can happen, and it's not even traditional "resurrection".
Think of how much it cost to recreate Mitty for the Narehate. The only reason it could do that was it had so many damn legs.
Realistically, this "resurrection", if it can only be done by this specific Narehate, is unreasonable for almost anyone other than itself and maybe the other sages.

>Basically, I pick up this ordinary rock that looks like anything else, and I make it into my best friend ever, for a few years or whatnot. Now it's worth BILLIONSSSSSSSS!!!

And no one wants it, so no one pays for your shitty rock. Do you know how supply and demand works?

This manga introduced the concept of resurrection right in the beginning. The story has had the idea of death not being permanent going for it all this time.

Call it what you will, I call it a waste of a properly concluded chapter in Nanachi's life. She got closure. Meeti was gone. She could move on with life.

Oh wait. Look at that. Meeti's back. Wow... way to go. The author sure made all of that drama they went through utterly pointless.

>and I make it into my best friend ever, for a few years or whatnot. Now it's worth BILLIONSSSSSSSS!!!
Right, but it's also your best friend ever. Would you sell your best friend ever for something else? Also, would anyone accept that stone for the high value it has for you?

The only way for you to get rich with a stone is if someone steals or breaks your stone, and you would have lost your best fucking friend ever. You get real damage for that.

more like Meaty, Imrite

I do agree with this, it's lame to have such a good end scene, then bring the character back.


>Any kind of resurrection system
Like that stone cube that can make dead babies come back to life?

>thought bon shenanigans were over
>the masked man brought her here
Real talk, I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, I am glad Tsukushi is trying to tie together the previous plotlines, on the other hand I feel that FALSE MITTY is a pretty cheap plot move. Also as much as I fucking love the guy, bringing him back into the plot sort of cheapens the impact that the final scenes of the Idofront Arc had. While its pretty obvious that Bon is not gonna play as much of an important role here, I still think that it should be elaborated more on why and for what precise purpose the fuck he came all the way down here. This is all very unnerving and I don't know what I should think of it.
I am thrilled, but worried.

>Anons thinking resurrection is a big deal, or even new.
How quickly we forget....


Why wouldn't they want it? It has infinite value. They could barter it for other shit. It would be like pseudo money. Makes perfect sense. The system is completely flawed. It isn't even about the rarity of things. It's all about how much you value it. As long as I value something as infinite, it doesn't matter what others think. Could even get it stolen or damaged on purpose, then make a scene and get it balanced. What a riot.



>Any kind of resurrection system dramatically reduces the value of a life.
Rico was literally resurrected as a baby at the very start of the manga, why didn't you dropped it at that point?

Given how much Nanachi hates herself, how did she have enough value to buy Mitty?

>Could even get it stolen or damaged on purpose
Then you don't value it. If you don't value it, it doesn't get balanced. What part of it being your best friend ever don't you get?

Kids in a japanese manga where the standard is any 9y old is a super genious and outsmarts every adult and saves the world.

>The economic system made by mutant children for mutant children doesnt make that much sense
Whats the problem here?

So it is possible to make infinite value by just selling copies of somebody with a very rare curse type. Reminds me of Path of Exile currency abuse with mirrors.

Bon isn't going to come back, he's more than likely busy fixing the Idofront.

Yeah okay, I won't argue that. You're right about that. I just didn't imagine it would turn out like this. You know, you think of resurrection as in... I don't know... being reborn as someone else, not as a perfect copy, possibly with all of your memories intact, too. Like the cycle of rebirth. Your soul goes through whatever system the world uses, is recycled, and you're reborn. Well, you aren't who you were before, but it's still your soul... whatever that means.

>Hey guys check this rock out it has INNNNFFIINNITTEEE value
>No it doesn't it's a shitty rock
>It totally does trade it with me
>No, fuck off
This is like basic economics user. Something is only worth something if other people want it.

She literally values Mitty as a friend over her own life. That was stated way back before Mitty was killed.

Riki will become a cyborg before the series end, mark my words

Well copying is kinda strange because normal humans hold their memories in their brains and its physically impossible to perfectly copy it.
Here mitty doesnt have a functioning brain, and has a soul and the copy is 100% identical.

Exactly. Nanachi values Mitty more than herself. So how does Nanachi have enough value to purchase Mitty?

To be fair, this Mitty ISN'T Mitty, it's literally a copy of her.
Whether that means a copy of blob Mitty's soul only is a weird thing to think about.

Because the other part values Nanachi more than Nanachi values herself.

You ever overpay for water cuz you where thirsty user?

I understand. Still, I expect more elaboration from Tsukushi on why the fuck precisely Bon was visiting L6. Just bringing him up for one more chapter and then forgetting it would be kind of lackluster, especially since him bringing Mitty down there was supposed to be a big deal.

Yeah, but how would you value something as "infinite" or "super high"? Remember, that the village count toward your soul, even if its a lie, because of that, you would actually value that as infinite, hence, you would not trade that for anything.

Knockoff Mitty means less expensive, also Belafu likely prefers an actual being for some unknown reason, so whatever that value statement was on the paper before they entered the village, that's how much Nanachi/fake Mitty is worth. So Riko is worth a hell of a lot more and Reg is worth nothing. Riko can't trade Reg's arm for Nanachi's freedom.