Left or right?

Left or right?

me on left

I choose Mako.

Satsuki 100%


Right is better, but I wouldn't fuck her. Satsuki is for following her ideals and bathing in her resolve.

My beautiful wife Ryuko!

Satsuki fucking sucks dude.


I want my own lady Suzuki!


Why not both?


satsuki all the way

dem eyebrows

Junketsu Ryuko or Clone Satsuki?

This. I wouldn't feel bad abusing Ryuko.

Satsuki would murder you if you did though.

Has a truer picture ever been posted?

They really make me wish I had multiple-penises, so that I wouldn't have to choose.

Would they ever have sex with each other?

I fucking love ryuko i'm sorry

Por que no los dos?

When are we gonna get a fucking Nonon figure