Who is the true queen of the DAH~RINGU?

Who is the true queen of the DAH~RINGU?

02 > shit > Lum

The one with the sharpest fangs wins

shit > your taste


>Who is the true queen of the DAH~RINGU?
The one that invented it of course. 02 is just meme girl of the season, she'll never reach the iconic status of Lum nor impact the industry the way she did.

02 is a Lum ripoff.

She’s lum with an asuka skin since this show took all of its designs from eva

The fact that they don't see the evident Lum + Asuka ripoff confirms the fanbase of FranXX is underaged

Didn't Chitose say it in Nisekoi? I feel like it's the only petname you see in anime

She doesn't look anything like Asuka you fucking moron.


lol ok

Lum by far.

>wears red
That's pretty much it.

oh damn son BRING THE GAME

UY is so fucking boring

Her horns are basically asuka’s hairpeices, and they have similar eye and hair colors. It wouldn’t be that bad if the rest of the designs weren’t also facelifted from eva

Both are ironic weeb shit, but Lum is much worse on that regard, so 02 is better.

You are such a huge moron it's scary. Did you fail to notice the horns of the other girl in the OP image? The same one that says 'darling'? How about the 5000 other girls with twin hair pieces?

You're one of those retards who think Evangelion innovated and changed everything, and will try to find Eva influence in anime anime he watches. Such is the nature of your worship of Anno.

lol chill, go do something relaxing

>Her horns are basically asuka’s hairpeices
They are red things on their head that look nothing alike.
>similar eye and hair colors.
Confirmed for colorblind.

Because that's what Killing Bites is.

02 is cute but nothing will ever top Lum.

Lum, obviously. Flavor of the season doesn't count, Lum is eternal.