Has an anime ever made you cry Cred Forums?

Has an anime ever made you cry Cred Forums?

Be honest



plenty have

I was watching Clannad with my wife's daughter from her previous marriage. We both cried our eyes out.

Of course.

One of the biggest things I judge an anime on is how much is resonates with me emotionally. I welcome a show that can make me cry, it means the creators of the show knew what they were doing. Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho and VEG have both made me tear up more than once this season.


I feel like you're making fun of people who re-marry. I'm 25 and long out of college, the dating pool is very limited. I can't help dating a woman who already has a child. Get over yourself.

Eh Why not just call her your daughter? This is the internet?


oh I just fell for it.

What are your fave animes single-kun?

Digimon Adventure made me cry

no, I'm not a faggot

ive cried this season during the antarctica show

She's not mine though. I don't really like her that much since most of the girls she associates with are foul bitches.

Basically this


Some fucking gay bike anime has made me cry multiple times, I'm a super easy target.

Devilman didn't for some reason though.

Suzuha ;_;

You should learn to like her maybe (and encourage her to meet better friends)

I always feel bad though for people who have kids that are complete irredeemable bitches . It's like they are held hostage, and they gave birth to a copy of their worst family member.

A couple of times.

When Derflinger died.
When Senketsu went into space.
When Chamber died.

I was too half-asleep to know whether I would have cried for Zaruba, but it follows a pattern.

clannad I was 15


I can't tell if you are jokin or not, but seems like t checks off the loli and incest boxes. It's not a deal breaker though!

fma brotherhood made me cry a few times when i first watched it and cried twice when i rewatched in a month back with my bro

I used to. There's far too much tension between us now that she's older. I've suspected that recently she thinks my love for her is just out of pity her and she blames herself for the break-up of my wife's last marriage.

This thread is becoming the new Sakurafish

I miss him

This moment right here had be bawling. God fucking damn. The confusion and pain on his face, and him looking directly into the camera like he did in the very first episode, and the way that the music swells perfectly... I can't ever hold back


At least 80% of what I watch does, even when there's nothing sad

>I'm 25 and long out of college, the dating pool is very limited
it only gets worse

Made in abyss

Yes ;_;

Just some relatively recent ones
>mitty made in abyss
>End of Haykyuu's 2nd season/Tsukki's first block in S3
>Almost every Devilman Crybaby ep past 5

dumb roastie whore btfo by literally the most beautiful Angel.

Yeah it makes me crave family relationships like Ed and Al have with each other.

Yeah that stuff is inevitable . Kids get weird complexes about those things. It's quite likely that things will repair themselves again in time. Teens have to go through their angst.

It was hard for me to get upset during Steins;gate just because I always had the suspicion everything would turn out fine regardless. Maybe because it's a vn adaptation.

Code Geass made me cry from how fucking shitty it was. Fuck that shitty anime.

Ryo gets completely rejected, though.

I tricked my gf into thinking that was the final episode and she cried her eyes out. Then I unpaused the credits and started hitting me after seeing the start of 23.

Delete this.

When L died I bawled like a baby. Well my soul did.

I cried out "NOT the spooooonn!!!" and my friend was sobbing. I don't know why but that was all I could say in my grief. We cried too.

Ashita no Joe, Gurren Lagann, and that Chunnbyo show, because I always wanted to say goodbye to my dad.