Hunter x Hunter

Ten bucks says he gets punched to death.

She deserved better

Would Killua be better at defending a prince from assassination than Kurapika? It seems like his area of expertise after all. Actually, how different would this arc be if Killua hadn't been written out?

Are you unable to love a male Kurapika?

killua is nowhere near analytical enough to handle thus situation as well as kurapika has. killua's mostly instinct while pika is brains as well as overpowered nen abilities with hefty drawbacks.

I almost cried when I saw his eyebags and how tired he looked in that one 2011 episode

I like her in all forms user it's just that i really like (you)s

Killua is a good assassin and would think about how a possible assassin would think, but his Hatsu isn't particularly useful for protecting someone. And on the fact that he needs to periodically recharge to maintain his levels if shit does go down, I don't think he'd be an amazing guard. Kurapika is methodical enough to account for most things while having a very diverse toolkit of abilities. Additionally, he can handle the politics of the arc better because he knows to tread lightly. Killua isn't Gon-levels of oblivious, but I feel like he wouldn't take Velgei's snarling as well as Pika did.

Will we possibly get pregnant Benjamin if Rihan gets rekt?

Brion is his hatsu

Predator won't be too useful to Ben considering he has to come at someone from a place of "complete ignorance." If it didn't have that limit, he'd be able to perfectly counter Cammy. But since he knows her ability because of Musse's ability, it wouldn't count.

wew i'm really stupid i thought that the predator was growing inside his target body not his own

Togashi better have a secret stash of canon doujins that will be uploaded when he dies. There are too many questions currently unanswered

Conjuration > Enhancement > Specialization > Emission > Manipulation > Transmutation

What questions?

Pitou cheated and Kurapika is a male

those aren't questions, faggot

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Did Pitou cheat and is Kurapika a male now don't make me post again i'm jacking it right now

kurapika is so cute

Technically specialization is the best objectively because of cases like Kurapika where you get full potential in all categories.
Just an answer to the various reproductive, genitalia, and sexual questions the series has raised. How would the chimera ants that spread out reproduce, for instance. How the pregnancy stones would work. What genitals various characters actually have. How nen is used in sex. Etc etc etc

Pika is CUTE!!!!!!!!!

>Technically specialization is the best objectively because of cases like Kurapika where you get full potential in all categories.
Kurapika is literally the only one who can do that because "Emperor Time" is his specialist hatsu, not something that applies to all specialists.

>How is nen used in sex
Now that’s some info that is pretty funny

Pika is a boy! a beautiful boy!



curarpikt is SEVERELY underappreciated in these threads

such a cute girl

Kurapika is a girl. A male Kurapika would've spread his semen throughout the world already. There's literally 0 involvement for Kurta clan restoring for a male Kurapika. Just spray it everywhere.

>this beautiful boy will eat a bullet sandwich after getting his eyes.
It’s not fair, I don’t want the depression to kill him after this hunt.

He just wants the eyes back though.