Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice

Just finished this.

I really enjoyed it, all the individual cases felt really tightly written and there was less fluff than previous games. I was a bit disappointed in the final case because I was anticipating shit happening that didn't from stuff I saw in other cases but didn't eventuate, but it was still really great up until you realize who's actually alive and who's dead.

Liked it a lot more than DD, AJ and AA2. Pretty good job, Samurai AA when?

What did you guys think? Love or hate? Favourite case? Who's best girl?

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Who is best Uendo and why is it Patches? As for the OP question, SoJ was a solid 8/10.

Anyone else having trouble accessing the DLC page?
I tap on "View DLC", it starts loading but kicks me back to the Extras screen.
It worked before the new system update.

I think this probably the first PW I've played where I throughly enjoyed the beginning cases more than the later cases. This game has easily the best case 1 and 3 in the series. Love that they re-used the DGS engine. It's fantastic and I'm excited for the future.

It works fine for me, senpai. Maybe your internet is just unusually slow?

How did you feel about the mini-case at the start of case 5? I really loved that but I was surprised they didn't give it its own name then just have it lead into case 5 (or case 6 as it would be) since they did that with DD.

Will buy it tomorrow or so, very excited.

Is the new prosecutor any good? So far he/she? is the only thing i disliked about promo materials and trailer

I'm just starting case 5.
Case 4 fucking sucked, especially after the masterpieces that were Case 2 and 3.
It was a huge letdown, fuck that case.

Is Rayfa the next Reimu?

He's like Edgeworth. Stuck up bastard you hate, but you actually get to wreck his shit unlike with Gavin who you never really got to destroy in court.

I enjoyed every case thoroughly, and I thought the mini fake out was really cool. 1, 3 and to a extent 2 were just extremely good. 1 and 3 were so wonderfully written i was surprised they came so early. They were absolutely delightful.

He basically only wants a guilty verdict and doesn't care about the truth which is really enjoyable when you finally nail the fucker. He's smug as shit, and usually only chimes in to completely blow up your argument. His dynamic with other characters is great, particularly Ema and Bonny.

Doesn't beat around the bush and downright insults you and treat you as if you were literal putrid shit
I kind of like him for being such an asshole tho

I'm only just starting the third case and jeez, what a total cunt she's been. So why am I falling for this tsun-tsun moeblob?

>Gavin is probably the best prosecutor in the PW universe

Who can defeat him?

I like him a lot because of how much he shittalks the defense. A lot of people don't like him for the same reason, though. He also bullies the fuck out of Athena in Case 4 so look forward to those antics.

himself since he generally did all the work for you.

Apollo. Multiple times.

Anyone made an image of her doing that adorable blushing pose she does?

I want her in her own spinoff. Have her decide to become a defense lawyer to help out Hornhead and transfer to that law academy in the US/Japan/whatever. Playing as a haughty bitch could be lots of fun.

Because she's a shitty brat princess in a shithole country played actually right. She genuinely loves her country and was raised to believe her parents' rule is completely just, which it clearly isn't. Her realization she has failed her people is actually pretty god damn endearing to me.

Case 5 spoiler
>Ga'ran's prosecuting attire
Holy shit I'm sweatin a little
What a way to kick off the final trial

Case 4 is literally the best filler case in the series, though and Uendo was a fun witness. It doesn't even drag like the other filler cases, either. It feels like a fun intermission so I don't get the hate for it.

Wow mobile fucked up that formatting sorry


I saw the twist coming miles away
Geiru was a fucking bitch, and a boring one at that
The defendant was a drunkard obese cunt
Only good things were Simon and Uendo, because everything else was awful

I wish there were more Maya. All the pre-release promotions made me think she would be more important.

How long until Trucy gets jealous and starts a fight over Apollo?

spoiler for the case, obviously

Anyone else like her actual appearance more than the clown persona? I mean I can dig the clown look but the flat-chested, long hair look is superior.

Why do japs not like this one too much? I legit think it's the best game in the series, maybe tied with GK2, and I'm generally a nostalgia fag that has replayed the original trilogy half a dozen times but can't even stomach DD a second time becuase it's so bad.

Apollo is the best character ever made and him figuring out how to take down the queen of Kuhrain with gunmen surrounding him was outstanding.

Twisty twist twist.

Owen is best Uendo.

The game was pretty heavy on the references to previous games (Apollo and Trucy, Trucy and the Gramaryes, Lamiroir, Kurain Village, Apollo Nayuta and Dhurke's relationship compared to Phoenix and Edgeworth, etc). So of course when they had Maya get kidnapped and put on trial to reference the old games, which kind of annoyed me because unlike the other stuff I feel like it didn't serve much a nostalgic purpose, just a mechanical one.

I thought the game was great.
Only case i didn't like was 4. Thankfully case 4 is really short so you can just move on to the absolutely insane case 5.

posting best girl

Anyone got a .gif of Ema's thinking animation?

Yeah. At least one investigation section with her could have done a lot, but the most we got was minor court assistance and detention center stuff.

She's really cute when she gets embarrassed

Am I the only one that thinks Turnabout for Tomorrow is better than Turnabout Resolution?

>Be you priest, saint, queen, or even god.
>You just look like another suspect to me.
Jesus Christ, Apollo was relentless in this game.

Just beat case 5. Man, what a rush. Apollo saying "a dragon never yields" should have had a unique animation and voice clip thought

Also just beat Asinine Attorney. All hail Queen Pearls!

Turnabout Revolution seems less likely to actually leave me angry on a replay so yes

Apollo has no fucking chill. He's so hard core he was playing PS4 games in 2007.

is this a fucking Jojo villian? What the fuck

I liked 4 because it had Blackquill and Athena having banter, and I enjoyed that part of DD the most.

DD's final case is very strong because it has that one amazing twist that underpins the whole sequence of events but once you get past that it's a bit meandering with the back and forth, the hostages, and so on. SoJ's final case is less so for most of it because it doesn't obfuscate the case sequence as much until the end but by then you already have the answer and it becomes a battle of wills.

Which of Dhurke's accessories will Apollo be wearing after a timeskip?

>the moment you realize Apollo was dressing up like Dhurke to act strong in Dual Destinies

You don't need to ask, it already happened.

Isn't even a question, the Badge on his neck.

Don't shortsell SoJ's amazing twist there, user

>Maya is topless in case 3

I can't believe they actually went through with having her channel someone who wasn't an attractive woman.

Play the DLC case. It brings back the best character and you have Maya as your assistant.

It's available already?

I can't, there's no way to make the DLC work for EU yet.

you can play it early by downloading it through Freeshop

No spoilers man!

Also speaking of best characters what did we think of Datz?

tried that but it suddenly stops mid download

Can someone please outline how 6-3's murder happened? There were so many twists and names being thrown around in those last 30 minutes I got kinda lost.

An absolute riot. I hope he becomes the new Larry and keeps showing up in AA7 because I cannot get enough of this guy.

Last thing Inga heard before his death was Datz keking loudly

Nice reading comprehension there, buddy.

Puh'ray found Bhe'leeb in the hidden rebel base. She pushed the stone slab over and killed him by accident when he fell on the Waar'bad statue.

Tahrust stabbed him with the dagger that already had Maya's prints on it and moved the body to the plaza and made it look like he was just praying

On the night of the ritual, Tahrust drugged Maya, put Lady Kee'ra's cloak on the statue and then killed himself by leaping onto it to fool the divination seance and frame Maya.

You mean the monk one? Basically the monk and his wife were rebels so their adoptive son guy found out and tried to kill them. The wife killed the guy with the stone and then the priest falsified the vision of death and suicided himself in a specific way to pin the blame on Maya instead of letting his wife be convicted. He couldn't just take credit for the murder because his wife would have tried to defend him herself and end up getting killed due to the DC law.

Here's everything that occurred in the case!

The Priest and his wife are rebels. They have a secret rebel base. They live with a disciple who is a Rebel Hunter. The Rebel Hunter finds out that the wife and Priest are Rebels, he attacks the wife. The wife pushes back against him in self defense, the Rebel Hunter/Disciple dies. The head priest preserves the Disciple in snow then places him in the public square, and then the head priest kills himself during the ritual with Maya to pin it all on Maya because his wife wouldn't get off in court as a rebel with the DC act

Is 6-4 any good? I'm not feeling it after like...
>Corruption scandal
>shit is escalating
>justice minister is threatening you less and less subtly
>princess is questioning herself
>side with the rebels more and more
>have a new rebel BFF
>Okay, but here, look, Athena's over in Japanifornia being Athena! Isn't that interesting?

Make me give a shit.

Ok, but how did no one notice Puhray's dead body with that gigantic golden dagger jutting out of his back? Especially with it being right in front of the sacred gate and all.

>mfw he took those fuckers out with his finger

no it's a shitty filler case that shouldn't exist and only athenafags will try to convince you otherwise

Elder god tier bantz between Simon, Nahyuta and the Uendos. Just enjoy the ride because you need to get through it to reach 6-5, anyway.

I'm pretty sure the dagger was covered by a sash or a cloak. And since the faithful were praying for a couple days, nobody gave him a second thought.

Just relax and enjoy it. It's a breather episode and there's a "real" case 4 at the start of case 5 anyway.

The guy's hood was angled over it or something, everyone thought the dude was just pious.

Kinda bad filler case only saved by Blackquill and the 2nd witness shitposting for half of it.

I loved how they kept flashbacking to the drunk fatass when what he was saying in said flashback is completely irrelevant and doesn't help in anyway.

>2nd witness
sorry meant 3rd, Uendo.

He does offhandedly tell you the key fact you need to know to crack the case, but you'd never know it was important unless you've already played it.

It reminded me of this a bit:

The flashbacking in this game is really annoying. You get the Maya/Rayfa speech at least 5 times during the final case.

The old games did flashbacking all the time, too.

It's probably because the audience are working and school-age Japs who'll be stopping and starting often, so the flashbacks are to remind them if they're lost. It makes it annoying when you're marathonning whole cases like us shut-ins but I bet they appreciate it.

guys help with the DLC case
what do I present once the surgeon has come out?

Case 5
Seriously, Dhurke being dead was a fantastic twist. Infinitely better than "DUDE IT WAS BOBBY LMAO" or Athena fixing his mom.

>Athena fixing his mom

Now that would've been the big twist for 5-5

I wasn't expecting it at all and it actually made me feel really sad. Poor Apollo.

the dlc case is pretty fun so far. good fanservice being able to see old characters interact with each other. Edgey>Nayuta

Edgeworth is better than every other prosecutor because of how much screentime and development he's gotten over the years. Pointing it out is just redundant.

she's more of a Power Rangers villain

How come I can't find the OST theme that plays for the happy girl characters like Bonnie and Armie on youtube?

I was expecting her hair to come out and be some kind of creature, those pink things being the eyes

von karma was fun too. And Payne is payne.

Apparently it's supposed to be a spider, given the various insults thrown around.

This it?

I feel really sorry for Apollo, He's the only one who ever did any work at the agency, he would defend any client that came by and always get a guilty verdict, yet he was always treated like shit and forced to clean the toilet, meanwhile, all boss does is paper work and only ever defends his friends, and gets treated like a hero

Yeah, thanks.

How much shipping shit is there?

t. Horn Head

Case 5

This is probably the real reason he fucks off to Khu'rain at the end of the game, dude picked living in the palace and being literally the only lawyer in the country over cleaning toilets and being dumped on.

>Maya was 17 when she was first introduced
>Ema was 16
>Trucy was 15
>New princess girl is 14

So are we going to get a 13 year old sidekick next?

You already did. His name is Ahlbi

Did anyone else feel like there was something hidden behind the story that didn't get revealed?

Like, when the stuff with the founder's orb got revealed I was thinking the stuff about having no face would be a plot point and the mention of Dhurke and Ga'ran being at least amicable before the fire and some of the language used made me think they were foreshadowing some big shock about the Founder, but they steered away from it.

Also the game had some recurring themes that made me suspect something chief being fire. The first case had the culprit burning his evidence, second case had the fire trick that was never performed, third case had the lanterns and the ritual, fifth case part one has the arson years earlier that led to Sarge's fear and the fire being used to uncover the face in the founder's orb, and the fifth case's second part has a second arson. Also every seance had the smell of incense in it.

I was actually expecting the founder to be some sort of fire demon possessing people and causing all this stuff.

>Minister of Justice Igna is a huge piece of shit that deserves all the hate he gets
>The letter in his safe
>presenting the notebook to Rayfa
>choosing [He had a bad dream] in court.
>Igna adored his daughter and Rayfa is a hardcore daddy's girl

I hate this feel. I shouldn't have it.

>presenting the notebook to Rayfa
>choosing [He had a bad dream] in court.

I missed these, what happens?

So did anyone else have any theories that were just completely wrong?

After finding the picture of Amara holding a baby inside Inga's safe, I thought I was in for some really retarded love triangle shit where Dhurke got cucked by Inga and Inga was planning to kill his wife so that he could marry Amara.

Posting best OST

Of course you'd post that, Green Gramarye.

>When you present the notebook, Rayfa asks what her entry says. It says something like "hair in hoops, likes pink clothes, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE". Then Rayfa gets embarrassed.
>For the [bad dream] thing, the court starts speculating on if Igna would have a nightmare about Rayfa becoming a delinquent. I think rayfa confirms that's a worry he would sometimes have.


You skipped pearl.

I agree. He's a guinea pig for Trucy's magic acts, Phoenix treated him like shit, Athena joins in with both Trucy and Phoenix most of the time.

Yeah. Fuck the WAA. I'd fuck off to Khura'in as well.

Rayfa is for _____

>Think that the removal of spirit medium bullshit was overall an improvement for the games

>Spirit medium bullshit is what allowed 6-3 and 6-5 to happen

I-I don't know anymore, Cred Forums

my dick

He's knee deep in Khura'in pussy now. He's made the right decision.

I like him a lot. Mostly his animations.

I was expecting the Holy Mother to be Ami Fey.

didn't play aa5 or aa6
is this khura'in the same as Kurain Village from the first games

Anything can be good if the writing is good.

Nah, it's a foreign country named after a religion that the Kurain Village gets its name from.

Khura'in is a fictional country. The religion was brought over to Japan in the form of Kurain Village.


I'm actually disappointed in Phoenix's character in Case 5. For the first part, it was like the developers wanted him to act as an antagonist but couldn't actually figure out how, so they had Maya get kidnapped AGAIN and be held hostage. He acts so differently than he did in 2-4, and it's aggravating when he should know better.

He really didn't even do much in the second part either. He should have at least had another Psyche-Lock segment or, if that couldn't happen, actually be a helpful counsel during the trial. But nope, they decided to stuff all of Apollo's backstory into this one huge case, and Phoenix was thrown out of character as a result.

I thought he did a decent enough job. Phoenix panicking and bluffing in his civil case was hilarious, and he was always at Apollo's side to point out useful things in the second half.

Its not his fault. Apollo went balls deep and left literally everyone in the court in the dust, not just Nick.

This is on par with PW1 and 3 for me. It was really really good overall.

6-5 spoilers
i cried like a babby when it was revealed that Dhurke had been dead, even before he came to the U.S.

Apollo gave as few fucks as possible in that trial, it was amazing.

The game was basically Apollo Justice 2 But Good, it was totally his coming of age as a lawyer and a good stopping point for his story arc, though they could have gone one better by having Lamiroir arrive and giving testimony about her husband that leads to Apollo suggesting the photo seance in the first place and also revealing she's his mother.

I thought they were going to have Apollo's dad get channeled as the final witness

Likely saving it for future usage, I'm assuming that's who Nick is talking to at the end there.

I'm only partway through the first case, but they way they handled Kurain in this seems really weird. So Maya was in Kurain Village, then she went to Not-Japan to finish there? And both places are coincidentally named almost the same thing? Capcom must've had to work hard to localize this.

Also is the Seance/Insight thing gonna be a thing I have to put up with all the time in this? It's almost like 4-3 or 4-2 with the guitar bullshit.

I thought it might be that or some sort of combination of channeling and seance where Apollo actually experiences events from Jove's perspective.

Kurain Kingdom isn't based on Japan, it's Tibet.

All will be explained, and only 3/5 cases have seances.

I thought it was supposed to be that Phoenix goes back to Kurain to see Maya finish her training. It seemed off for a reason then.

Kurain village is an immigrant village in US (Japan in original script).

Kingdom of Ku'rain is the original country the beliefs of the people in the village came from.

I was having real trouble figuring out what to present here. I finally presented the blood, and thought it made no sense, but then immediately realized what it meant. When the music switched, I realized that this was actually what the game was doing. Holy fuck, what an awesome moment and twist.

Seriously. I love Blackquill, especially with 6-4, but Edgey has way too much behind him to not be the best prosecutor in the series for essentially forever.

Case 4 is all about noodles and baked goods, which require heat to be made.

I would personally love if PW7 sort-of follows up on characters from the last few games. Armie, Blackquill's sister, the students, Lamiroir, and others.

But not Klavier. He's too boring.

Pretty sure her hair is a war'baad. Athena's hair is the spider leg.

>That fucking creepy ass music when Apollo realizes what he's doing
what fucking track is that.

Game made me want to replay the older ones. Is the HD Trilogy on the 3DS any good? I heard it had some quality issues.

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure it's the only time it plays in the whole game and it's fucking amazing.

That was the iOS port. I think the Trilogy is solid. Haven't played it myself but others have said it's good.

>Sarge will never appear in an Ace Attorney game again

Just finished, and I'm super impressed with what they did with Apollo. It feels like after 3 games he's a genuine character. He legit wins basically by himself, unlike in AJ. He goes fucking ham in 6-5, leaving Phoenix in the dust. His final decision felt right, and I'm glad they didn't cop out. Not sure how they're going to make it work for future games, but at least for this one it was a good decision.

Seances were solid, I wish they could have used them more honestly, but I'd imagine they are relatively hard to fit into cases compared to normal testimony since it has to be more deceptive than usual. I doubt they'll bring it back, but it would be nice if they could.

Criminal underuse of Psyche Locks, but we'll never get back to T&T levels ;_; Bracelet and Mood Matrix had a few uses, but I doubt anyone really cares about them very much.

This is the first game where I feel like they genuinely acknowledge events from previous games (even for small things, and not just for cameos), the fact that they are in America (yes yes, I know), and that aspects of Japanese culture as not being American, like rakugo. It made the game feel more cohesive than it's really ever been.

Could talk about each case and the overall story in more detail, but I'd say overall this was at least a middle-ranked game in the series, if not a top-ranked one. We'll see how opinions settle as time goes on, but I do think they did a pretty solid job this time. Hopefully the DLC case is good!

>Sarge will never been an AA assistant despite being an underaged girl with a gimmick

Life is simply unfair.

There's hope, user, she's 7 years younger than Athena

>that bit where you channel apollos dad for the final bit of evidence
I knew it was coming since like the beginning but it was the hypest shit regardless

>Criminal underuse of Psyche Locks, but we'll never get back to T&T levels ;_;
They may have made investigations more open than in DD but they still feel nothing like the old times. I know some people prefer it this way but I really miss them.

Anyway, I thought the game was good, possibly the best Yamazaki game but still very far from the originals. I hated DD so I'm happy with this result.

>your fucking face when

I liked how both phoenix and edgeworth made remarks to themselves forging evidence and trying to have perfect win records

it's the little nods like that that really contextualize everything

6-5 was fucking amazing.

That twist... Dhurke being dead the entire time. I didn't know. I had failed with guesses and then eventually picked him and that music....... fuck, it was done so well

If I never played an ace attoenery game is this still fun and enjoyable?

Did anyone else think that Amara was gonna be the REAL final boss? That shit with the animals and shit and the lightning anger animation just made it so obvious, but then it didn't

>fuck yeah more trucy

God damn she is only 17.

It was a little like having to fight Dark Force before Mother Brain in Phantasy Star 2.

I don't get what you mean with this post user

It'll be ok but this is really a series that benefits from getting everything, there are a ton of nods and callbacks in this one.

Inga's prosopagnosia showing up as seeing literal blank, blurry face in the seance


Yeah, it was obvious when you didn't get rid of the picture after the first day, so I saw it from the beginning, but it was still awesome.

I wish they'd go back to the old investigation style. 3-5 Investigation Day 2 is probably my favorite Investigation ever because of the 4 fucking Psyche Locks (all or most of which are 5 locks). But I still enjoyed what they did here. AAI2 is super solid as well and has a great overarching story, but it's so different from AA6, I'm not sure how to compare them. Nothing beats the Mastermind though in terms of villains.

Oh, fucking thank you for linking this. Best fucking moment. We were looking for it above. It's not on the OST?

As I said here , I did the same thing. Failed, and when I guessed the right thing, everything just went crazy.


I feel like the ZE series spoiled me on the proper treatment on prosopagnosia,

I was in exactly the same pose as apollo

hit too fucking hard, man

>Replaying Apollo Justice
>That part where you HAVE to present the forged evidence
I forgot how much I loathed this part.


Apollo had a lot of pent up rage from all the bullying and abuse he experienced the previous games and this one that he needed to vent. He's come a long way

it was the dumbest shit

phoenix going for something so underhanded despite being suspended for it is also dumb


I like trucy a lot but the laws of my state dictate that I can't imagine her a certain way


I just want remind you guys that the first thing Apollo did after his first trial was punch Phoenix in the face

>new voice actors in aa5 and aa6
b-b-but why

Good, what phoenix did was incredibly out of character for someone who had his life ruined for presenting fake evidence

>Examine the flowers on Trucy's desk
>One from Gavin
>One of Lamiroir
>One from the Tenmas

We need more shit like this in these games to tie them together. Good shit.

Reminder that Apollo and Pearl are the only main characters who hasn't been accused of a crime

Was that one of the longest final cases in the series?

Not that I minded since it was definitely one of the best cases in the series

>longest final cases in the series


Franziska? Gavin (if you count him)? I can't think of anyone else.

I think RftA and AAI's felt longer
6-5 honestly didn't seem that long to me, including of course the first part

It was one of the longest games

even the first case took forever

Franziska got accused in AAI.

Fran was accused, in the extraterritorial rights case by Lang, right
Although it was a ruse

She's technically been accused in AAI-5

Fuck, will any Perceive segment ever live up to the final one in 4-4?

Even the last one in this game was pretty underwhelming

It was very long, but there are some pretty long cases in the series. 1-5 had three days, remember. 3-5 had very long investigations, but they were split up and had tons of Psyche Locks. I-5 is super complex and had the final confrontation. I2-3 had the mysteries in both generations. This one was long because it had two completely separate trials, which is a first I think.

I clocked in at 26 hours (w/o DLC). I think that's pretty average for me with AA games. I could be misremembering though, and I was definitely worse when I was young. I go through cross examinations pretty fast now.

Ah yes, I forgot. Thanks.

>Spent the whole final case trying to understand Paul Atishon's name pun
>Kept thinking that Atishon was some weird way to say Attison, which is somewhat of a preppy name
>Just got it now after looking it up

Well I feel fucking stupid.

Is it pay attention

because that's the only one I can imagine it to be

I just got Datz Are'bal myself


It's Politician.

oh my god I might be retarded

How are these threads so fucking respectful

I still press everything even if I know what to present

I feel like I miss out on dialog if I don't do it

Same here

Me too, but I almost always know what to present after pressing now. Granted JFA and T&T were definitely harder, but I think I am just better/older/experienced now.

Now that they're separated by a country, will we get one last Apollo/Trucy duo case?

Trucy is the 'funny man' without her 'straight man'.


Post-release/completion excitement for a good game. People just want to talk about it because it was actually really solid. Unlike with ZE3, where all the completion threads were just memes because no one wanted to discuss how disappointing it was.

They'll get a case alright

But Cred Forums told me the game was complete shit and everyone was just in a "honeymoon phase"

Turnabout Taboo

I want to fill Trucy with my cum

contrarians will always exist

AA6 is without doubt better than both 4 and 5, and probably juuuust behind AAI2

Obviously you're joking, but DD did go through a honeymoon phase where people liked it a lot more than they do now. I think a lot of the bad parts about DD like increased streamlined nature and reduced difficulty were at least improved upon. I'd imagine that once the dust settles, people will think of this game as a solid mid-to-high tier game in the series.

Unpopular opinion time?

AA and JFA are way fucking overrated and put on a pedestal way too much, and there are only like three good cases between both games

I didn't really care much about Trucy even after all the things she had to endure in AJ. But then 6-2 happend, and it fucking broke me.

Fuck Gramaryes. All of them are dead or missing, and she STILL has to deal with their bullshit, while putting on her brave face.
Thalassa needs to give Trucy a huge hug and apologize for this fucking mess of a family.

start of the series, there will always be some nostalgia fogging up our view there, but JFA easily has the best case in the series to this very day

nobody overrates JFA, most people seem to agree on it or Apollo Justice being the worst in the series

It's okay

when push comes to shove, she can pull out a gun out of her extra dimensional panties



Anyone have that AA meme tier list? I feel like A DRAGON NEVER YIELDS would be God tier


So I guess AA7 is in the 3-year cycle? Wait until 2019?

No, because there will never be a villain like Gavin again.

next game: Thalassa gets killed by one of her multiple boyfriends and it will still be a Gramarye's fault somehow.

AAI2 is solid, but nowhere near best of the series.

This is not even my most unpopular opinion, but I know better than to say it on one of these threads. It'd be pointless to argue it.

>After 6-5 Day 1 Investigation, I realize Dhurke is too perfect, and is setting himself up to be the victim
>After 6-5 Day 2 Investigation, he's still alive, albeit going to die for some real after the case, so I think I must be wrong, which I'm happy about

>My fucking face when

No joke Thalassa's going to die next game. Because no one is allowed to have parents in this series.

out of curiosity which games do you think are the best in the series?

It's okay, bro, not every has to have the same favorites. Discussion is good. It's only when people start shittalking games or cases just to keep threads alive that it becomes a problem. Unfortunately that's extremely common when there's not a new game because there's nothing to discuss otherwise.

Case 1 was good.
Case 2 was great.
Case 3 was amazing.
Case 4 was one of the worst cases in the entire series.
Case 5 was great.

To be fair, 6-4 is the second ever non-first case without an investigation, and I wouldn't say 3-4 is really that amazing standalone without 3-5 right after it or 3-1 before it. You can't really blame it for not being a normal case when it's not a normal case. Blackquill makes the banter elder god tier, so at least it has that.

TT > JFA > AA > AJ > AAI2 > SOJ >> AAI > DD

I think JFA and AJ are the most complex and thematically interesting games in the series but are (understandably though I love 2-3 personally) brought down by a poor logic third case.

Interesting. Personally I disagree, and think that AAI2's themes and personal struggle are the most interesting to me. While I admit there are decent themes in JFA and AJ, I'm not sure I'd call them complex. Perhaps I just haven't thought about it enough? Why do you feel that way?

The main thing I disliked is that the multiple personalities shit was retarded. And it lead to some retarded leaps of logic.


That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard.

pretty sure 3-4 was also a non investigation case

What's his name, Cred Forums?

Seriously, is it Abbot or Tahrust? They refer to him as both.

I mean, guy did have 3 personalities so it wasn't a stretch he had a fourth

and it's not like the defense hasn't had greater leaps in logic before

Yeah definitely, but the series has done some stupid shit before. Not forgiving it, it's definitely a strange leap.

Yes, thank you. I wrote that in the post.

Because Phoenix almost got his ass disbarred.

An abbot is like a priest, bro. It's a title, not a name (although I don't blame you given the naming in this game).

oh my bad I completely misinterpreted your post, you're right that it's the only non investigation case that didn't count as build up to 5

it almost feels like the tutorial case, given how long the first case actually is, it being moved wouldn't change a thing which is interesting

Oh. I'm not Christian, I wouldn't know.

Is the "Asinine Attorney" thing an extra case? It's marked "Theater" in the DLC screen, so I'm not sure.

>Sword stabbed through the side
>Injury is in the back
>No one calls this out

I just don't think I can play with such a glaring issue in front of me... Not even in court yet

Also, Someone list and explain the pun names later?

Actually, there are four things I really disliked about case 4.

>Only two witnesses
>Multiple personalities
>Murder weapon was noodle dough
>The "big twist" at the end was about what kind of dough was used

They mention that he could have twisted his body early in the investigation. But this is dropped immediately

If Rayfa becomes an assistant to Apollo in court in later games, we might wind up seeing them every once in a while in future games, at the very least in a DLC care or two. She'd make a great assistant to Apollo too just for being a zinger and a half.

Anyone else think think that Payne is going to commit murder in AA7?

Phoenix pretty much got Apollo to get his own boss arrested, effectively putting Apollo out of a job, then had the gull to ask him to come and work for him.

Damn it, Dhurke! Answer me....

This. Everyone's dad is either dead or jailed.

I'm gonna laugh my ass off if Justice Law Offices is poor as fuck despite being the only law office in the country on top of Apollo being in with Royalty.
Rayfa's already trying to get him to do it for free.

Phoenix is gonna be the victim and Athena will be the next protagonist.

Instead of committing murder,

>Payne gets killed
>It's a Frank Grimes situation, where no one gives him any slack or respect after his death
>Made fun of during the trial

Could be funny, if fucking dark.

>Thalassa dies in the reunion
>Apollo is the defendant

It writes itself

Pic related happens when Apollo and Trucy were just about to meet their mother when she's killed.

God damn those are some chills.

I realized it as I was submitting the evidence, and just god damn no.

A dragon never yields.


>Rayfa not only handed out flyers for his law office, but for other miscellaneous shit for him to do like yak milking.

He is forever cursed after Naruhodō Ryūnosuke friend slashed him with a sword and told him he will never win against any of Naruhodō's descendants

But he also lost against Apollo.

That doesn't invalidate , mate.

This is one of those cases that do not do well in localization. Thankfully I had watched Joshiraku, so I was in the know.

Shut the fuck up, by this train of logic Phoenix is gonna die because Duhrke showed us not even adoptive parents are safe.

Phoenix's parents are alive and irrelevant.


Satora imaoman domosamashi detashinuke taregasayo sonoka!

She actually could, she's established in the ending to go out on adventures so you could do some sort of archaeology dig related murder.

But Dhurke still had biological children, so Phoenix is fine

That's just never gonna happen. Fuck the series is called: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

>no ema posts
what the fuck, Cred Forums?
scientifically improbable.

I'm glad she's happy now and her theme reflects that.

Also that is weird. AA threads used to be flooded with Emafags but they're gone when she was at happiest.

Emafag here, I never left

They're mad she has a boyfriend now

Why do people like 6-2 again?

I thought it was really mediocre besides the reveal at the end. They take 3 hours on just repeating stuff you already now and then pull the twin bullshit out of their asses so that the case makes sense instead of another better writen possibility.

Not to mention the actual motive is just retarded (being upset at a girl that has literally nothing to do with a guy that is 9 years dead, really nigger?)

What bullshit? It was ridiculously obvious as soon as they brought up the teleportation trick. The case is thematically solid and about misdirection, you immediately should have know there was something up with bonnie.

>Sad Monk

Because I finally got some Apollo/Trucy interation since game 4. I also got to see Trucy's conviction and that in itself really impressed me.

I'm trying to figure out why people like case 1 so much.

He had her follow him cross country multiple times and is now staying in Khurain for a while to work with him too.

If she's not taking those beads in the butt, then Khurai'nism is the one true religion.

>I'm glad she's happy now and her theme reflects that.
Me too, but she still feels like she's lacking something... I feel as though her original personality still isn't entirely coming through, like there's still something missing in her life.
Hopefully if or when her sister is released she'll completely come out of her shell.

Why does everyone hate on 6-4 that much? I hated athena in DD and this case is my #1 of this game (not counting the final case obv).

>Excellent localisation
>Simon banter and trash talking Nahyuta all the time
>Athena proves she doesn't need Mr. Wright or Apollo for anything
>Best witness in the entire series
>Just the right difficulty, not too easy or too hard

The owen reveal was 10/10

>I'm trying to figure out why people like case 1 so much.

Because Mayafags and Trucyfags have shit taste and as long as their waifus show up they think their case are good by default.

>The headband was an AUX cord

>"I know things have been hard for you, Horn Head. We both lost our fathers. But m-maybe we can help each other f-feel better..."


>the actual motive is just retarded
Reus is a Gramarye, they don't need a real motive to be assholes

spoilers for aa7
fathers die or get jailed

Maya gets accused.

Love how Ema was actually ALWAYS grouchy, just hid it properly in 1-5. Ema has the potential to be the literally hitler of the series.
>Magic is just unexplained science, Trucy.
>Do you honestly think psychology is science?
>Your occult bullshit gives me a headache, Maya.
>You are incompetent if not for your gimmicky guesses, Apollo.
>Everyone knows you are just a bluffmaster with no actual rational deduction skills, Wright. It was Edgeworth who got my sister off the hook.
>Edgeworth, I like you and all but... Have you ever won a case against Wright, or anybody for that matter.

>Dhurke being dead
I was spoiled about that in the Cred Forums thread, but I'm still surprised. I thought he was killed after he ran away from Datz instead of being dead the entire time.


Let it go.... and move on...

Why not change it up and have Pearl get accused of murder this time?

>best case 1
Apollo Justice and Trials and Tribulations wants a word with you

AAI2 and Apollo Justice have the best first cases.

Just started case 4. I'm really liking the cases themselves but it feels like they are going overboard with the flashbacks, especially in case 3

Payne is the prosecutor for the fist case

I like used psychology quite a bit from the previous game. It actually came off better too.

I want to agree but didn't Apollo Justice's first case end with phoenix presenting fake evidence and nearly getting apollo into the same shit phoenix is

I want to read a green in which her fake balloon tits become real through spirit magic bullshit or something.

Also, i liked that it wasn't hand holding as much as DD and how the cursor changes when you can interact with something

I thought 3-2 and 3-5 were the only good cases in T&T

Not really.

Is your Maya being kidnapped again and your client being guilty: the case.

>b-but blackmail!
Nothing that hasn't been done before.

So about the end
Why didn't Amara reclaim the throne until Rayfa came into her powers? She had every right to it.

Probably she doesn't want to interrupt the peace process. The people like Rayfa because she's Dhurke's daughter and directly helped take down Garan while Amara didn't do much against her sister and even helped her out.

Edgey felt very shoehorned in to case 5

What did he even do?


Just helped out as Wright's friend, nothing major. If you present your badge or whatever to him he tells you a nice easter egg tho.

Him complaining about the Plumed Punisher totally justifies his presence.

Plot-wise he provides them a fast ride to khura'in and negotiates the right to investigate.

>He launches into a rant about it in Asinine Attorney
>Phoenix cuts him off again

After playing Asinine, I really want to see Pearl and Maya in Khura'inese clothes with facial tattoos

I need more murder mysteries, guys. Will Umeniko When They Cry will the void?

Fuck no, that shit is the ultimate cockblock.

>AA5 completely drops AA4's dangling threads, Terran exists only so Case 5 can pass as a personal one
>AA6 is advertised for being about spirit mediums
>developers say that this is to pose a new challenge for Phoenix
>Maya's return is hyped up
>it's actually an Apollo game

Well played Capcom

I love how Clay isn't mentioned in this game at all. From nobody to a body to nobody again.


Cred Forums's opinion on Nahyuta.


I've noticed Apollo REALLY doesn't want to bring up his past unless it's absolutely necessary. He forgot about Nahyuta and his dad for at least 10 years.

Who was Clay again?

3/10 less interesting version of Barnham

>Apollo tries to implicate Maya in Inga's murder
Not cool faggot

What backstory will be presented in AA7 that will give Apollo a reason to forget everything

Apollo won't be in AA7. He's gone.

Try Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Hotel Dusk or Ghost Trick.

>People seriously believe this

He is though. He'll show up as a cameo or guest assistant or a suspect but he's not going to be a main character anymore.

I blame Phoenix babbies for this

You mean capcom?

Phoenix is objectively the best protagonist

>new spinoff
>Rayfa decides to help our her country by becoming a defense lawyer herself, has Amara take over as queen and transfers to Themis Academy as a student
>forms an "occult law club" with a gloomy emo guy she likes annoying
>each new case is the club getting into adventures during field trips or incidents on campus or at the dorms, with each case resulting in a new character joining the club as a condition for Rayfa defending them
>antagonists are the school's elite prosecutor team
>game mechanics revolve around Rayfa's seances which often backfire and give more evidence to the prosecution, creating really desperate situations
>cameos by Phoenix and co.
>beach trial

It writes itself, seriously.

>still bumbles around like his OG trilogy self in court even though he NEVER does this in AJ
>is supposed to be the best defense attorney of all time
Nah, Polly's better.

Everyone bumbles around in court when they're on the defense, even edgeworth

Is there a giant KICK ME sign taped to the Defense bench or something?

240p voice acting on the DS, and cutscenes.

Don't ask me why they couldn't just enhance the voices slightly. Not like anyone is going to care they sounds slightly different in cutscenes when the original VA was fine.

Phoenix sounds like he's 15, and everything he says Objection I just think of Teddy. Edgeworth sounds like he's 60 on the other hand. Really annoys me.

2-4 is a great case, but it's on par with 1-4, 1-5 and 3-5. It's not any better. It just feels like it's the best case ever because JFA had the worst Case 1, a mediocre Casre 2 and a fucking awful Case 3 that by the time you get to Case 4, you're expecting it to be awful but in the end it's amazing and really makes you think it's better than it is.

She's on her way to the throne,
She's on her way to success!
But she has to go to school, she's got to ace that test!
She's an Empress-to-be
And she's totally...

You know, it's all about ME!


She's going to Khura'in Academy,
She's got to learn his ABC's,
Don't try to stop her,
To top her,
Sadhmadhi: To cleanse her putrid soul, right?
Datz: Uh...
Rayfa, Rayfa, Go-Go!

She's got the cool, she's got the charm and the looks!
And the lawyer that can help her read those things called books!
She's going to Khura'in Academy (Come on, Rayfa!)
And to fulfill her destiny,
Her friends are defense
There's no pretense
They'll save her from the nonsense
Friends? I thought this was all about me. Ha ha, spell my name again!
Rayfa, Rayfa, Go-Go!

I love Princess Rayfa! I will protect Princess Rayfa from the terrorists!

Ahlbi x Rayfa
Ahlbi x Pearl ?

Rayfa x Pearl obviously

Is this the Emperor's New Groove?
Holy shit I forgot this thing existed



Pearls in Rayfa's outfit when

So is this game Apollo's T&T?

same here


>why not both

This means AA7 will be an Athena game, right?

because they were stolen at completely different times and reported in completely different countries

it'd have been pretty difficult to tie together

If they are the same Athison wins the claim as he has legit proof of being the owner of the Crystal

Most likely, but after this game being legitimately good they can redeem her too

>I feel like the ZE series spoiled me on the proper treatment on prosopagnosia,
Well to be fair he literally says he just wanted to see the faces, which is consistent with this

part of me hopes that there isn't an uncensored version of this and that this is the original.

>implying Apollo ever needed to be redeemed
He was always good senpai
I forgot how much of a fucking prick Ace was.

yes but AA4 and AA5 were subpar and didn't do him justice (heh), this time you got his equivalent of T&T

I hope we get Athena vs Simon in the next game

I love their banter

>TFW Simon starts throttling Athena to get her to man up

>what is 5-3

AA5 was pretty good though. It lacked difficulty, but AA games aren't that hard.

He was just a bad character and later on a plot device that ended up growing into a cool guy.

I mean Polly's character was always good.

>tfw I needed to look up how to beat the demo
This game would destroy me.

Wow user, that's pretty pathetic. You should go download a DS emulator and try the first game, make a thread and have everyone laugh at your terrible reasoning skills.

I already bought the trilogy, and yeah some of the parts are genuinely confusing. But some are total bullshit.

It's like Monster Hunter or SMT. Being constantly demolished is fun.

Umineko has 80 hours of gameplay before you find the actual answer, and that includes wiki browsing because they don't actually spell it out


I want him to be her assistant again, they have a great chemistry together.

Dissosoative Identity Disorder on case 4 is a much, much worse offender of that.

I can't believe writers just throw the "multiple personality" card without even looking it up.

At least they called it by its correct name?


Bawled like a fucking babby

Post 'em

He's alright. His animations and theme are great, but he's kind of an Edgeworth lite who throws around a lot of insults. Whatever shit DD gets, Blackquill was a more thoroughly entertaining prosecutor.

>>Sword stabbed through the side
>>Injury is in the back
>>No one calls this out

Why do people keep saying this? Ema mentions this in the investigation.

I think the guy's office in Kurain Village is probably the most comfy place I've ever seen in the series, I'd kill for a large image of that.

Guys, guys what if in 6-2

they had used Max instead of Retinz

Because nobody pays attention for some reason during investigations

done enjoy your room

inb4 Thalassa dies in AA7

Anyone have a template?


What was that giant exterminate robot from?


La Mulana

No, I feel the same way

Have beaten the first three cases.

Am really not 'feeling' this new prosecutor. Honestly, I think Gaspen Payne came off much more skilled in the first case than he has thus far.

Turnabout for Tomorrow (that is, 5-4 + 5-5 combined, as it should be) is a pretty underrated case, but Revolution was great. I put them in the same tier.


I'd knock it down because of the Phantom's forced as hell breakdown

Hey it's the panda prosecutor!

Farewell, My Turnabout has some parts of it erased, but thanks

I agree with you. He's the worst of the entire franchise.

the prosecutor is literally the only bad thing in the entire game, don't worry

Thanks buddy!

Bah, I disagree. Case 4 was uninteresting and shallow, Apollo's new backstory is pants on head retarded and the lag at points was really getting on my nerves.

Good. He's a shit villain

>the only case they couldn't americanize

then again you said apollo's backstory was shit so fuck you

>Case 4 was uninteresting and shallow
t. Simon

This was such a fantastic line.

No I'm not! He's best boy!

There we go, perfect for my new wallpaper.

Apollo's new backstory IS shit, though

a dragon never yields to shitposts

I disagree scum



DO all Khura'inists look the same to you? Racist.

nobody outside of the fey family wears so many beads

nobody wears purple beads except the fey

the fey are clearly a splinter of the holy mother like the royal line

the holy mother just fucked off one day, gave kurain her name and khura'in her face

You might not be far off - in concept art, a lot of the big mountain statue designs are Ami Fey-ish

As a prosecutor, he's pretty decent. He basically only talks when necessary, and he lets the defense walk themselves into traps or reversal of previous statements. A bare minimum, he's better as a prosecutor than Gavin and probably Franzy, and I'd say better than Godot as well.

As a person, he's kinda boring, but I really like his weird "study everything before the trial" quirk. We do learn more about him, but he definitely doesn't have that personable edge that Blackquill has.

Blackquill > Manfred von Karma > Edgeworth > Godot > Gaspen Payne > Winston Payne > Franziska von Karma > Sahdmadhi > Klavier Gavin

Damn, those are some sick concept arts. I wish they'd kept the mountain looking like that. "Person impaled on mountain sword" would be quite an interesting case.

c o n f i r m e d

Literally, what were they thinking with Gavin?

Ending spoilers

Apollo's not gone for good now, is he? I like the 3 lawyer dynamic the WAA has going on

Of course not. They aren't gonna throw away a perfectly good character. They learned their lesson with AJ.

His story is over, like Edgeworth. I think he might show up in special cases but I think next game will be Athena-centric or new guy centric.

I would kinda like a new timeskip.

I'd probably switch Edgeworth and Blackquill, and take Manfred out (final boss prosecutors are kind of hard to compare to everyone else), but otherwise 100% on point

We really need more girls as prosecutors

>I would kinda like a new timeskip.

Same, actually. It would be a good excuse to show how far Athena has come, finally put Phoenix in the actual mentor role, and have a game where it's international cases working together with Franziska and Lang, or something.

I don't think Lang is a complex enough character, a mature Franziska would rule tho

People really liked in 1-5 and 2-4 when both sides fought together against a common foe. However, that was only impactful because Edgey was antagonistic for so long and had to grow into being helpful.

He just wasn't antagonistic enough, but at the same time was a dick to you for no reason. Super cocky, but lost every case (which they all are, to be fair). Too friendly, and sometimes helped you for no reason. So all of these things combined make him very awkward and not a good prosecutor.

definitely reaction image material

Really? Lang had pretty good arcs in both AAI and AAI2. He'd be pretty funny to put opposite Franziska, too, both are intensely aggressive.

I swear I completely forgot Lang was even in AAI2

For someone who's only been in 3 cases, I like him a lot. He deserves more screen time definitely. If they ever chose to do the international thing again, I'd love more of him.

Here's the rest of his concepts

It's pretty telling he looks like beta!Edgeworth, because he fulfills Edgeworth's role, except for Apollo

It's not fair to compare Edgey to anyone, he has two of his own games where he gets tons of development, plus the mountains of cases in the main series. Blackquill, despite having less cases, is fucking excellent, and I'll love to have him on more cases. His style of humor and prosecuting are amazing.

Yeah, I do wish he was in AAI1 a bit more. He gets a fantastic introduction in AAI-3, but that case is fucking awful. The gimmicks with his "pack" and Shih-na don't really get the screentime they needed to stick. He's a lot of fun whenever he's on screen too, a boisterous but fair dude works well against Edgeworth.

>That cutie in the top right
Man, Apollo almost had two 10/10 sisters.

No. Didn't you see the end credit scene? He's getting at least one case next game.


That's fair, I suppose. I'd still put Edgeworth above Blackquill (Edgeworth is already fantastic in AA1), but Blackquill is definitely up there. He's fun as hell.


>we still don't know what """"""""favours""""""""" Phoenix was doing for Edgeworth back in Europe

The mysteries in this game truly are deep.

defeating incest laws so edgeworth could marry franny

>incest laws for adopted children

is that really a thing?

it probably is

So how did everyone imagine Sarge before we learned she was a half-Russian loli?

Since the doctor was in his 60s, I thought he would be a fat 25+ year old manchild. Needless to say I like the direction they went.

>In Tatsuro Iwamoto's early days at Capcom, he drew a character with two eyepatches, and wanted to use him for Daryan Crescend, but Shu Takumi rejected the design. The eyepatches were later implemented onto Shi-Long Lang's design, though here they were X-shaped sunglasses instead of eyepatches.

guess what other character he designed, by the way

>defeating incest laws

wait this rafma chick is 14?
she looks older

I did always think it would be a child, but considering everyone said "he" I did expect a boy.

Yeah, because according to the law you are still marrying your sister/brother and that's not ok

A little boy

Yo homey, don't be dissing my niggas.

So why did we never get The Great Ace Attorney in English anyway?

I figured it out because most of the evidence avoided mentioning her gender, except her profile page.

>he only talks when necessary

That's the thing. Remember in the early Ace Attorney games (and the first Ace Investigations game, with the courthouse vending machine), how Winston Payne was constantly described as "lacking stage presence" (or however they worded it)? That describes Nahyuta Sahdmadhi.

Throughout the second case in Spirit of Justice, I kept forgetting Sahdmadhi was even there. Then the "camera" would quickly cut to him, and I'd be like "oh yeah, he's still here."

No Phoenix, series too niche

The excuse they've given us is that they were busy localizing AA6 and they haven't had time yet to localize GAA. We'll see now that AA6 is done if they stick to that.

I have never heard that excuse in my life.

Damn, what a great character design. It's a shame she's only used for like 10 minutes. Hope she comes back one day.

>Will we ever get a localized version of Daigyakuten Saiban?

>Eshiro: Unfortunately there's a number of circumstances... We absolutely do want to bring it to the West, but unfortunately due to these circumstances right now... I'm really really sorry! Nowadays on the Internet lots of fans are directly asking us, "Where's Daigyakuten Saiban?" On livestreams, even in the Japanese ones, people from the West will write in and ask where it is. Every time we say, we're sorry! Certain circumstances are kind of getting in the way.

They definitely said a year or so ago that they can only localize one game at a time, and they chose AA6 since they were relatively close in production.

I really like how simple it is

I also enjoy the use of parts of the drone as "face", like de Killer's radio (that one even looked like its owner)

Have you ever watched someone else playing AA for the first time?

I've convinced my brother to play the series, he's currently on 2-4, and it's fascinating watching him nail the deductions so far.

>Ini Mimey's final testimony
>Europeans driving on the other side of the road is brought up
>"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."
>his face lights up
>"...This is Mimi, isn't it?"

>that middle design
>pizza and soda delivery
thats pretty fucking mlg

Yes, a few times. It feels great re-experiencing the games with someone who's never played them. You really just need a poker face of steel and will to not say a damn thing.

I introduced one of my friends to the series and he liked so much he brought all the original trilogy and the Miles games. One of my favorite memories of watching him play was when he was doing the last case of AAI and he said to me something like
>Don't worry, I won't need help because I'm going to bring down the old man in five minutes
I couldn't stop laughing

>Apollo justice asinine attorney
>if you ask for consultation during the cross examination Klavier actually helps Apollo
Reminded me why he's such a shit prosecutor.


I wasn't there when he finished the game, but I remember that when Alba dropped the old man persona he was completely shocked




>left page bottom-right

Wait a minute, that Nayuta...

literally all designs are perfect.


I remember getting my brother to play the games as well, and he was playing through 2-4 before going to bed alone in his room, and the sudden appearance of de Killer when you're investigating the television room as Maya that he actually shrieked. Good shit.

Never played Ace Attorney but I enjoy the designs and the dialogue I've seen

Is it ok to start with the 3DS ones or do I need to go further back?

You should start with the Trilogy which you can get on the eshop.

Start at the beginning.

please ethier emulate or get a flashcart for the trilogy. new redrawn art looks ass.

you can play the trilogy on the 3DS, it's objectively better than the NDS versions, then you emulate apollo justice, then move on onto the 2 3DS games

then while you wait for the next game you play the spinoffs (edgeworth games for the NDS and PW vs layton)


Looks like someone needs to update this.

Hey, what the fuck is your problem, guys who hate on Rayfa?

She's a miracle of the universe who's both smug, AND cute. Not to mention a bit tsundere, and her design was really.. uhh.. well thought out.

They really knew how to, you know, get people interested on her.

The Founder's orb is taken out a few times a year, like new years if i recall

The game takes place during april

If it was Ami's crystal then it couldn't have been in Khura'in when it was taken out during their celebration

only the box was taken out, nobody actually saw the orb

>yfw there was a second victim


Case 5 has it worse nigger.
>he was dead all along

>little girl
Literally carefully formulated by Capcom for maximum fapbait.

Whoever holds the box would know if the orb was inside like Paht who felt the weight difference once the orb was missing

Pretty sure that's what he was referring to.

I'm about to get a friend who's only played Danganronpa into the series. Wish me luck

I also watch a let's player for this exact reason


Is Gavin really so hated around here? This guy was fucking great. He's the broest of all prosecutors.

The guy suffers non-stop (realizes he was used by his brother into framing Wright, loses said brother after his guilt is established and keeps a smile on his face, later loses his best friend and keeps rocking.

He's the only of the prosecutors not to try to kill you, maim you, conceal evidence, whip you, withhold evidence, "prepare" witnesses to lie, or otherwise cheat. He just cares about the truth, and for once you have a prosecutor who is as effective as Edgeworth without years of angst to wade through first. I'm surprised he's only come up in cameos since then, he's so good at his job the only reason you usually ever beat him is he helps you along the way.


There could have been a fake inside

Gavin is the worst of the worst.

Blackquill is bad too, but not as bad as Gavin.
I'm beginning to hate Sahdmandhi

The difference between Edgeworth helpful and Gavin helpful is that Edgeworth still fought you and believed in your clients guilt. Gavin just fucking didn't give a shit.

I like him as a character, but a prosecutor who doesn't give a shit about losing is boring as fuck.

What the FUCK is with 6-5 civil case. Literally impossible. What the fuck am I supposed to do on the second testimony?

>The guy suffers non-stop (realizes he was used by his brother into framing Wright, loses said brother after his guilt is established and keeps a smile on his face, later loses his best friend and keeps rocking.

This is a massive problem, though. He never comes across as having any sort of inner battle for this or anything, he just... stays stoically the same. He has no arc, while the game has the biggest opportunity to give him one.

He really should've been the anti-Edgeworth, starting off cheery and friendly but becoming really embittered.

Also, having a "friendly" prosecutor isn't the same as having one who gives zero opposition, which is awful for gameplay purposes. Edgeworth is "friendly" (after AA1) but pulls no punches.

Also Klema >>>>>> Skyemahdi

What is it about?

Which one is that? Are you interrogating Sarge?

>Ema with either of them

He tried his best in this game

Ema will either share Apollo with Trucy or die alone
Sadmonk is a onesided professional interest, Klav is just him being a cock and her hating his fucking guts

I wouldn't say Gavin was really pulling any punches either. He had the court convinced of the kid's guilt in 5-3 and IIRC it's Apollo that beats out the accusation on his own.

>He never comes across as having any sort of inner battle for this or anything, he just... stays stoically the same
I think it's kind of cool he retains his cool head no matter what shit comes his way, though. And we definitely do see a lot of turmoil for him in 5-4 since, up to that point, even though he had suspicions he never outright knew he was used by Kristoph.


Would you hire him, Cred Forums?

No, just started, Paul's second testimony, after the email one.

>Sadmonk is a onesided professional interest, Klav is just him being a cock and her hating his fucking guts

She's secretly tsun for both of them, what have you been paying attention to?

Rayfafags are the worst. Worse than Athenafags.

t. Apollo

Ah! Okay

Look for the comment where he's boasting about how the orb was clearly made by Ami Fey for his ancestors. There's a piece of evidence that contradicts the possibility of that orb being made by Ami.

>Excellent localisation
You could literally hear the sounds of the localization team drinking themselves to death while crying in a corner in that case.
It certainly wasn't the best localization, but with everything they had done in previous games, it was absolutely the most hilarious

Eat your soba Athena

t. Horn Head

>She's secretly tsun for both of them, what have you been paying attention to?
Take off your shipping goggles, she hates both of them. Klavier was one of the main reasons Wright, one of her idols, got disbarred, and Nahyuta was constantly accusing her friends, such as Trucy and Maya.

Reminder that Klavier was the true killer of 5-3, is secretly a raging psychopath and is the true mastermind of AJ.

It's a giant dogu imitating a Dalek

>Love how Ema was actually ALWAYS grouchy
But that's wrong. She's been cheery by default in literally every game she's appeared in, except for AJ.

Still have to finish 6-5.

Shit's long as fuck.

Aren't the beads supposed to represent their level of training/spiritual power?

Are there any AA games where the final trial is not the best?

Dai Gyakuten Saiban.
Apollo Justice
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright.

Anyone got the crime scene photo for 6-4? I need it for reasons.

Is GAA really that bad? ;_;


When does the true hero of AA finally return in glorious 3D Cred Forums?

Next game, pal

Klavier worked better during 5-3's mock trial

I want to throat-fuck Kisegawa.

I like him as a character a lot. He goes well with all of the AJ characters, but it feels like he wouldn't work so well without Apollo and Ema. His lack of gimmick and focus on the truth over winning was also given to Blackquill, but Blackquill improved on it by also being antagonistic. It's another reason why Edgeworth needed to be replaced because he would end up doing the same schtick as Gavin.

I can only imagine poor Gumshoe is either

A) Changed jobs
B) Still the exact same rank he was 9 years ago

Gumshoe had a lot of heart but that doesn't get you far in the investigation game. I hear a lot of people theorize he's the new Chief of Police but let's be honest, Gumshoe as lovable as he is was terrible at his job. I'm betting he's changed careers since he's still a bit too young to retire.

At least they finally referenced him again in this game

>Dating smokers
Fuck that. Balloon girl is much better,

But she's holding a fan. God knows how she blows smoke rings from it

He's a VERY good actor.

Kinda extreme don't you think? I personally would make passionate love with Kisegawa


its the haughty attitude, could imagine that attitude choking on a cock?

Case 1 is decent.
Case 3 is great.

But yeah, besides those two, the game is not very good and the trials are really repetitive and follow the same pattern everytime with the whole "Jurist system", since they jump very quickly to a guilty veredict so that you can engage in the gimmick.

Which is?
Can't find anything that says it's not made in japan either.

Look at Dr. Buff's research paper. He as a note about the pattern on the orb being a Khura'inese design dating back to the founding period

Present the Research Notes as Evidence against the line that says Ami Fey made it in Japan. The judge will ask you what in the Research Notes proves that, and you'll note a memo from the guy at the top left corner of the research notes that should point you in the right direction