The way he leaps at you as soon as you enter the arena

>the way he leaps at you as soon as you enter the arena
>those animalistic growls
>that way he grinds his axe against the ground before uppercutting you
>that way he gradually loses control throughout the fight
>that fucking music

Is father Gascoinge the best early game boss ever?

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Close to it. The barrier of entry, the fleshed out character, the suffocating persona, the arena in which you fight allows you to truly grasp is bloodlust. Fantastic stuff.

Yes. I can't thinking of anything that comes close.


Skipped cleric beast on my first

Why would you do that?

Really...? This game looks so fucking stupid.



Got scared of the giant with the brick went another way. I had the better first boss imo.

I completely missed cleric my first playthrough because I found the sewers.

all i knew was how fuckin hard he was at first

>beat him my first try just by spamming blunderbuss

feel like I ruined it desu

What a blunder

>can collect an item that is of no importance to you but if you use it in the fight it has relevance to him and causes him to react
>Its a music box from his daughter and he is briefly stunned upon hearing it, fighting with himself briefly before he goes full werewolf, losing the last of his humanity
Neat, I like that it stuns him, but if you use it early it just makes him transform much earlier, but its also disappointing, that this is the only boss that has something like this. That sort of thing needs to be in more games let alone just BB.

That's really good bait. I'm actually angry.


That's a thing? I felt like I wasn't doing enough damage for it to even matter. That or the Kirk hammer was too slow for me to follow with. Just beat him yesterday, god damn was that satisfying

>Gascoigne, eat a Snickers.
>*beast Gascoigne* WHY?
>Because you're not you when you're hungry.
>Ooh it sings to me... *munch*

Should be noted that he is way overlevelled for what is the first bossStill triggered, makes it look lame as fuck

>tfw beat Logarius at level 14
How far can I go bros? I could pull my hair out trying to beat Ludwig I guess

>tfw I liked the fight for gascgoine but never really understood the DOOD BLOOD DOOD THE ATMOSPHERE GOAT GREATEST EVER hype for him
That's reserved for Logarius
or really Ludwig

Its not so much that you cant win at low level, but the guy in that video was getting hit alot, enough to actually get killed if you were lower.
Wait till you get to Kos at that level

>no music to set the tone
>spin2win and other lame tactics
Agreed with the others, thats some quality bait

>Wait till you get to Kos at that level
>implying I can beat Ludwig and Maria at this lethal when I'm not that good
Could be worse I guess
Some anons at /bbg/ were trying to help a level 20 beat Laurence

Spin2win makes the game somewhat trivial, its like the weapons the offer at the beginning are difficulties, if you really want to have an easy run pick, the axe. Nothing wrong with this, the game offers the tools and youre using them, but it is fucking lame because its that strong.

I came close to throwing myself out of a window trying to beat Laurence at 40, I can only imagine 20 would be fucking miserable.

If only I'd kept doing my BL 4 run and gotten gud instead of moving on to other video games.

Axe is fantastic in the early game but tapers off the further you go.

Cleaver only gets better the long the game goes on.

Whip never gets good, only novel for arcane.

When you shoot a humanoid enemy before an attack, you can stun them and get a parry attack that does huge damage. Gascoign is very easy to parry.

>I could pull my hair out trying to beat Ludwig I guess
You will get extremely mad, my friend.

I did this but with molotovs.

Is there any reason to take the cleaver over the saw spear, considering how soon it shows up?
I took the whip because I want to Belmont my way through the game, but I need a backup weapon that actually has dps.
>he makes it look so easy

>try to spin2win against Gernham
It took me to get to the end of the fucking game to realize that I had been cheesing the whole game.

I've completed more than 400 unique chalice dungeons and I can tell you that it's not the weapon that's losing its edge, it's you

Ever heard of AI? well they don't have it in this game

>Whip never gets good, only novel for arcane.
Man fuck you, Cane starts to shine after some upgrades. It has range, CC and having all types of damage for different situations(slash and thrust to deal with brainsuckers) and bonus dmg with its tricked/untricked forms. Cane has served me well for skl builds in defiled CDs and DLC

>first two phases the player can circle tombstones and other obstacles to keep him out of reach while they regroup
>last phase he completely rips through them making new players go "oh shit"
He even has awesome stage design.

>I never really understood the blood
Did you ever even figure out what "pale blood" was?

The cleaver has slightly better strength scaling and I'd argue a more versatile transformed moveset, but doesn't do serrated damage while transformed. Spear does serrated in both forms and scales better with skill and is a good poke weapon while transformed.

If you're going cane / skill shit there's not really a good reason to pick cleaver over spear.


Yes and he is among the best BB bosses aswell in my book.

What the fuck is this thing anyway? Is this human? Or kin?

Depends what you mean by early. "Potentially first boss"? I can't think of anything that beats him, though I did love the way they use Asylum Demon, where you CAN kill it but you're meant to get your ass kicked, escape, then come back with just a new weapon and kick its ass in half a second. Really showed newcomers what these games tend to be like.

I liked Gundyr, too, but he wasn't Father Gascan.

Are there any other good things to pick up if I'm focusing on skill/cane? I'm still pretty early so I haven't fully dedicated to skill.
I know about the gun rapier and it sounds pretty cool, so I was thinking of using that on the side.

if you're skl and want DEEPS get the rakuyo use it like every other shitter. Or if you actually have taste use the church pick, burial blade or BoM

Personally I think he is Pthumerian

What's that smell?



Why won't this fuck stagger?

no I got it, I'm just saying the atmosphere and hype just never really worked for me the way I see other people jazzing about it

Kos....or some some Kosm

Poise is working as intended

Felt like I was beating up a retard that whole fight.

i really liked this thing

How is it bait?
That's a smart way to beat the boss for less experienced players.

Most of the good skill weapons are in the DLC. If you have it I'd say the Beasthunter Saif is fucking great and the Church Pick is also fun. Bowblade exists but it's better for bloodtinge builds than skill I think. You can use the Rakuyo if you want to be a faggot.

Non-dlc your options are pretty much just Blade of Mercy and Burial Blade. Reiterpallasch is okay but more of a novelty and really only useful in PvP.

The hitbox on his lightning attacks pissed me off so I ended up cheesing it with poison knives.

>being this jealous over micolashs knowledge

>all the neat weapons are DLC
Welp. I guess I'll just resort to what I've done every first Souls playthrough and go quality so I can use whatever I want.
Thanks pals.

I got a lot of use out of the Reiterpallasch my first time through the latter half of the game and most of the Chalice Dungeons, it became my main. I found it a lot more effective against PvE than the Blade of Mercy. It stunlocks far better and has superior reach.

For skl builds its limited:
saw spear: decent but scaling is low. But fast r1 spam. early game
rifle spear: avoid like the plague
reiter: fast but barely any range, early-mid game
Blades of Mercy: can get very early or late game depends if you want to fuck up a questline or not. Fast and but no range, have to be up close and personal.
Burial Blade: end game. Has range and good rally.
Saif: Easy to obtain after getting into the DLC, R1 and its TF attacks are abusable
Pick: Behind a boss and NPC hunter encounters in DLC. Plays like the BB but has thrust and bonus dmg for days
Rakuyo: Endgame DLC area, Guarded by 2 fish fags that will tear you a new one. Basically a better version of the BoM with hyperarmor on one of its moves


try the BoM or reiter, complements the cane before you get into the DLC

M8 rifle spear is fine, plays like a DaS weapon and not a BB weapon is the reason it feels "so bad"
>spear mode
>poke enemies out of range in the middle of attacks for extra damage
>thrust gems provide massive bonuses
Thats about the only moveset youll use which is why it feels shit compared to other weapons. Also if I remember right the charged attack is a lunge or charge, which sets up strong hits very easily because it closes the distance for you. Give spear a chance.

>that fucking music
I think the music is a big reason why I choked against him, it made me so nervous.

Is the DLC not dirt cheap? I remember i got it for £5 but that mightve been in a sale.

Yeah it's useable but the moveset is bland and the gun part has really limited usefulness in PvE. Plus if you wanted to R1 spam stunlock, the cleaver or saw spear are more practical choices.

I try to do my first run of a game vanilla, it's less about price and more about autism.

I dunno, I found Reiter's moveset a lot of fun. I liked its mix of speed and power, not to mention the almost non-existent stamina drainage of its attacks.

Never liked the Saw Cleaver. Hate how it feels. I like the Saw Spear but it doesn't scale very well and it gets a little boring.


>Give spear a chance
I did user, Polearms/Spears/Lances are my fav. weapon types.There were too many times against fast enemies mainly dogs where I'd miss them even when right next to them. Rs has some uses but the Church Pick is better spear than the RS

>All these people talking about "fun"
>not using the beast cutter

Pick isn't even remotely a spear, it's a sword.

Did you guys know that the healing blood in this game is actually menstrual blood?

>healing church only uses maidens as their highest healers
>you get special healing blood by two women repsectively
>latin menses is the term for menstruation

really makes you think the next time you flush a vial of menstrual blood into your veins, huh

>le epic exclusive rehash xD

Yeah man, it's the best! NOTHING will ever come close to this epicness

Only people who knew that were literally anyone who paid attention. The entire game is literally a metaphor for how psychotic bitches are on their periods. The last area's even called "Nightmare of Mensis"

Maybe he means a better spear as in it's entire thrust damage.

Even after 5 playthroughs I still have trouble getting the timing right to dodge Gascoignes leaping attack that he loved to do right as you're recovering from knockdown. No other boss in the game attacks as relentlessly, even Orphan gives you a chance to recover.

I understood that

I don't say this too often, but kill yourself.

Gascan constantly lets you recover, it's the biggest reason he's so much easier than fights like Gehrman, Maria, and Orphan. Or do you strictly mean the beast form? Because literally everything that thing does can be gun parried.

>when memefags/PCfags play Bloodborne

this is honestly my favorite game of all time now. also easier than souls doesn't mean it can't be better than souls. going to ds3 from bb feels like going to God of war from ninja gaiden black

Imagine fighting Gehrman on your first playthrough and he does this to you

I would be so fucking mad, holy shit.

I wish Gascoigne, the Watchers, and Vordt were fought later on in the game. They could be such satisfying boss fights if they were less easy.

>it's a millennial discovered videogames episode


Nah I'm just talking about beast form, his human form is ridiculously easy once you've learned parrying.

My biggest complaint with from is that whenever they have cool creative gimmicks with bosses or encounters they seem to only ever do it once

Getting killed by a snatcher and waking up in the gaol was such a dramatic moment, but they didn't really carry anything like that over to dark souls 3 for example

who /whirligig/ here?

Imagine co-oping Ludwig and this happens to you

video games are an exclusively millenial pastime save for dads who play civ or other outliers. millenial doesn't mean born in the 2000's or some shit.

? Millenials are People born from '85 to '99. Are you claiming these people have not gamed before? Are you not a millenial yourself? Are you admitting being underageb&?

>beckoner just chilling at the entrance
He knew

Beast form has the biggest parry windows of any boss and literally every attack he uses has one. He's legit more parry bait than Maria or even his human form.

That's you.

>mfw encountering the first Old Hunter with the beast cutter
I didn't follow the prerelease for the DLC, so I was fucking blown away when I realized there was a fucking threaded cleaver in the game.
>that heavy KACHUNK as it slams down into the ground in its tricked form
The sound of glory.

Yeah, it sucked that there was no dramatic moment like that in dark souls 3 for example :( I think it wasn't because it was a multiplatform release; they couldn't afford to use a heart wrenching drama like that without having to worry about the consequences



>being mentally ill on top of being a millennial

It's like pottery before my eyes

What a fucking casual filter he was. One of my favorite bosses of all time.

Look up the demographer definition of "millennial".

Yeah, I beat the whole game with only that shit.

Is this Tactical Stealth Bait or are the Bloodborne fanboys not realizing it?

There's practically zero good narrative in this game and that is if it even appears.

I really can't believe people are shilling the only perceived good PS4's exclusive aside from Uncharted. Oh fucking wait.

seriously, best weapon of this game, I made orphan cry like a bitch with this

Whip is fantastic. I've done two separate playthroughs maining each for separately and it never left me feeling underwhelmed.

>definition of "millennial"

You are it. I should go look up some statistics about how common mental illnesses are withing this demographic, maybe you're an outlier

A lot of the voice acting in Bloodborne makes me rock hard.


Especially Valtr when he's mad

why does people enjoying things trigger you so hard

>Is father Gascoinge the best early game boss ever?
Not even fucking close, m8.

>No other boss in the game attacks as relentlessly
1st phase Ludwig

DS3 boss

what did he mean by this?

Oh, I thought you just misnamed a BB boss.

Yeah, Vordt was kind of a cakewalk.

Valtr lines are pretty fucking good

Truly the best Confederate

Cane is good man.

t. I did my entire first playthrough + platinum'ed with just it.

The fuck happened there?

The grinch has to do something until Christmas gets here, and apparently that's posting on Cred Forums.

>He has an animation and a sound for dying in the first phase even though that's conventionally impossible

Fuck me in the ass like a nu-male if i know, let the next generation figure it out

interesting to see that accursed ludwig still has a death animation even though it shouldn't even be possible for him to die in that state

Alfred's monologue at the end of his questline is still the best voice acting in the game, especially if you attack him afterwards.

>2 seconds apart

for early game Soulsborne bosses I like the Bell Gargoyles the best. thats my favorite boss arena of any Soulsborne boss. i also like how it throws in extra mechanics to teach you thing, like the second gargoyle half way through, the way you can cut its tail off to get an item. i just love that boss.

What if you stack a shit ton of damage and do enough damage to skip his second form and just kill him from 50%?


It triggers a cutscene the instant you hit 50% so it's impossible.


>possible to kill orphan in first phase
>no animation

No I am seriously interested, I have the game and I don't see its charm, I even grew up with NES games that this game's difficulty tries so desperately to copy.

It's repetitive and boring. Fucking hate going all the way to the boss after learning something and dying, just to kill the same jabronis over and over to get there, pic related is a fun battle but not even the elevator shortcut really speeds shit up and I was told this was faster Dark Souls, shit is no Ninja Gaiden Black.

I'm not having fun. How do I have fun in this game? Is firearm only playable kek? Help.

>mfw not sure if OP is joking or not
>mfw just beat the game tonight
>literally "that's it?"

Is the game broken? The wet nurse didn't even attack me.

Talk about BloodBORE.

If you dont like it just leave it, not every game appeals to every person and the idea that every game should is frankly delusional. Just play something you actually enjoy.

Goddamn this is some shitty ass bait
Don't you have classes tomorrow kid? Shouldnt you be sleeping?

All the shills told me it's a must-own if you have a PS4. Was it a bad idea taking the sword cane as a new player? What do I put my blood souls or whatever the fuck into?

>I grew up with NES games, I'm used to difficulty
>Is at a loss on how to play a fucking ARPG
Even casuals can do this shit with Skyrim man come on. It's not PvP you don't have to min/max stats

Owning a PC doesnt mean you will enjoy RTS games, not every game appeals to every person.

The cane is a pretty bad weapon user, its for specialized builds, try out other weapons till you find something that fits, youre not bound to one weapon, try other things. Again if you dont like it, dont force it, not every game should or will ever appeal to everyone.

This shit don't even compare to Contra and Double Dragon's difficulty, they were much harder but also faster games. But rather, what is the appeal? Feels like I'm just wasting my time, but I don't want the regret of having wasted $40 either.


Deepest Lore.

You were supposed to just shoot them. Dogs get floored when shot and shooting is always fast.

Literally the boss kept attacking some empty spot.

What the fuck do you people see in this game?
>coming off the superior nioh
>keep forgetting X and O are switched
>keep trying to block and parry
>that subpar 30fps

Im so hyped for Nioh. Does Dark Souls 3 play better than Bloodbore?

This is bait right? When I first fought this guy I want even sure if he was important to the story so I killed him right away.

And now I'm thinking about the people who kept saying they needed to grind for health potions. What game were they playing?

Aren't they cute?

They used to creep me out before knowing these lil' tumors are on the good hunter's side. Wish there was a more in-depth lore on the messengers, they're quite the interesting creatures.

Have you played many 3d action RPGS? Or any? If youre looking simply for difficulty you shouldnt even be playing games from the past 10 years.

>brings up "superior" Nioh in a BB thread

Oh, you're that guy.

When you kill Mergos Wet Nurse and use musicbox you can hear a childs laugh for a moment

I'm such a meme I didn't even know this game was an RPG, doesn't present itself like other RPGs with choices and the such. I haven't played any of these dungeon crawlers or whatever you call these games now.

I guess he ran out of webms.

>superior game that isn't even released

I liked the Alpha too but come on.

This game looks like a carbon copy of dark souls, why do people care about it so much?

Powderkeg for lyfe.

Mergo's existence is being sustained by the wet nurse. Without it, baby mergo dies. Playing the music box lets it experience happiness before the end.

Note how "Nightmare slain" only appears once the child's crying or laughter stops.

I've been planning on making a Powerkeg/fire obsessed character for a while now. I'll have to try and get around to it at some point.

What's a good level to stop increase Arcane if I only care about increasing molotov/flamesprayer damage?

Making new character in Ds3

Which name do you like better?

Ramza Beoulve or Daniel Fortesque.

How can I not bring it up? I dropped BB a few months back because I got bored of it and only picked it back up after wishing the nioh beta was still going.

All I could think about was how much more challenging and fun a beta was over a fully funded Sony/From project. The only thing BB has over Nioh is the seamless world.

I played the alpha and beta. I had much more fun with those two levels over all of BB.

Though I guess I got my $16 worth from BB. I just don't get how you guys get so into a cryptic game with nothing much to see or do. None of the bosses were a challenge and I died mors from shitty minion stun animations than any actual bosses.

I died once at the first boss because I didn't know how to heal and I died once at Rom because I went in with one heal.

My nigga

>>the way he leaps at you as soon
> as you enter the arena
>>those animalistic growls
>>that way he grinds his axe against
> the ground before uppercutting
> you
>>that way he gradually loses
> control throughout the fight
>>that fucking music
> Is father Gascoinge the best
> early game boss ever?I'm sad I platinum'd this game in one playthrough. I was so overpowered by the end that the Moon Presence was easier than most of the Chalice dungeon bosses.


Daniel. Has a more "refined" sound to it.

And the design. The look of Nioh is incredibly forgettable. Loved the combat though, and a fucking multiplayer system beyond "spend 5 minutes together then leave and never have coop in that area again".

Those are both some top tier cosplay builds right there. I'd say go with the Hero of Gallowmere himself and make it an actual build based on him, just taking the name is nothing but it's your responsibility to mix up the sword and board style.

Moon Presence is piss easy, overpowered or not. A bit of a disappointing "true final boss".

Creepy yet soothing.

Isn't it the same song as the tiny music box? I remember the daughter of Gehrman playing the exact same song.

>I'm sad I platinum'd this game in one playthrough. I was so overpowered by the end that the Moon Presence was easier than most of the Chalice dungeon bosses
I know that feel. Was really looking forward to Maria since everyone was telling me she was the best boss From's ever made. Rekt her so bad on my first go, she died before the animation transitioning into her 3rd phase even got to finish. Ludwig and Kos were fucking great though, so at least I got that.

Gascoinbe's daughter*

It's a holdover from pre-release, during the demos when Ludwig's second form didn't exist.

The coop needs fixing. Nioh streamlines a lot of bloodbornes problems, but it's painful having to load back and forth after some new player kills himself.

I wish I could just queue up instantly when that happens.

This isn't the thread for it, but did you not play the "Yokai Realm with a Companion" mode? In that you both had to keep each other alive and if someone died you revived the other, but there were no shrines and if you either died too much or both died at once it was game over.

>platinum'd this game in one playthrough.
>Somehow accepted Gerhmans offer to kill the player and end the game and also decline gerhmans offer and fought him and the moon presence

He probably saved a backup, accepted the offer and then reloaded the backup to reject him.

not him but backing up saves thru psn+ or usb

I'm going to replay DS3 someone tell me what build to play.

Bows/Crossbows only. Something I've been thinking of doing but haven't yet.



That's just your opinion, everyone has one

Who hunters saif here?

>tfw have the stats planned out and everything but the main thing stopping me from doing it is coming up with a good name for the character

Best weapon alongside the church pick.

I loved helping out at Bloodstarved Beast, there was always people who needed help for some reason.

It's the poison.

Its easy though.

Yeah, easy to die.

It's a fun fight to co-op since BSB loves swapping targets so everyone gets some.



Whirligig Saw is fucking great. Tonitrus is my second favorite just because its great at fucking up ayy lmaos.


I'm going to make a Dr. Frankenstein build that uses the Tonitrus and Whirly. Gonna put goggles on him in the character creator, but what about overall fashion? I'm thinking Butcher's chestpiece with surgical gloves. What pants?

You're the type of guy to play a DMC game and do nothing but shoot things the entire time.

Guacamoles trousers.
Neat slacks that have been ruined by countless nights tinkering with dead bodies.

If you want normal looking pants, Brador's set and the constable set have decent ones. Student Set too. If you want white looking pants, the closest things are the executioner set, White church set, and the Yahar'gul Set has okay lighter pants.

I'm not familiar with this meme.
Whose trousers? Gascoignes?

also what said is really good too.

I figure he meant gascoigne's but now I'm doubting myself on that.

How's this? I don't know whether or not to invest in more ARC for the TT. I never could find any use for it, even with 50ARC. It always seemed to do terrible damage, even to enemies in water.

Papa Guacamole = Father Gascoignes

He teleported into a hill, clipped off the floor hitbox, fell for a minute until he reached the colorless fog.

Gherman's theme is best theme.

This image is unusually high-def.
Is there something you are not sharing with us, user?

Can only carry 99 arrows/bolts in equipment at a time, senpai

I love Gerhman, Maria, Gascoigne and Laurence's themes equally. And I love them a fuckin' lot.

>that you-won't-like-me-when-I'm-angry second phase

>those violins

>those bells

>those vocals

99 of each type, and there's a lot of different types. Plus they get refilled at bonfires from your extras and you could also use throwing items if necessary.

I dont like how they receded back to shit soundtracks in DaS3. There, I said it, only the last fight and Abyss Watchers is good. What the fuck happened.

Because it's not on PC duh

I have killed him so hard that he never awakened his second form. It was online and I was helping this guy and I was laying down some fucking turbo stake driver R2s on him while the host and his other ally were spamming whirligig saw with beast blood pellets. He fucking exploded and died and that was that.

Seriously. Probably a bug, but it DID happen when we were laying an unholy smackdown on the poor guy

I just kept myself at 40 Arc, it gave enough of a boost for the tonitrus. Also I never use the tiny tonitrus for the exact reasons you described. its so niche in its use that having 50 arc just for it felt wasteful, at least to me.

The demo versions of the dlc that ware playable during the various expos or whatever didnt have Ludwigs second phase. Sneaky From didnt show all their cards.

Actually it's nope, just regular demon souls run with raw 720p output on a capture card.

I played Demon's and Dark Souls before bloodborne and still this motherfucker managed to kill me more than 10 times on my first playthrough.

I consider him a good boss because it teaches you that in bb you have to be agressive. I was so used to play the "block then attack" way on the other games, he made me change.

>imploding that Soul of Cinder wasn't 10/10 music.

But yeah for the most part the music in DSIII was not as good as Bloodborne.

The kept all the choir stuff from bloodborne but never made music that fit the mood is what my problem with the music was. Each piece in bloodborne always fit the time, area, and general theme of what was happening around it. Like Ebrietas's theme, that music sunk the idea into your head that you were fighting something that existed on a higher plane than your own. Even the DLC did amazing. Ludwig's Theme is still my favourite just because of how different it changes when you fight his second form. With Dark Souls 3 it almost always seemed like they were trying to do something way more than what the boss was, or it just felt like generic action-fantasy music. Like how Vordt's theme just suddenly goes fucking hard as shit when all he does is get slightly more aggressive. Granted there were still good songs in the soundtrack, but Bloodborne's music felt like it was way more involved in the general atmosphere of the game.


Forgot to mention WHY vordt's them felt bleh. its because he's like the first boss you fight and he has this music that sounds like some late game shit. its not bad, but it just felt so fucking out of place during that fight.

s-shut up I meant to say Dancer's theme but re-read your post and lost my train of though

Guys I need some help. I'm willing to play a NG++ run now with the BeastCutter but the fucker has like the worst stats EVER. At +10 it still has a fucking C on STR and Skill and Arcane stuck on D.

Give me any hint on how to improve it because, no matter what I do, the fucking Threaded Cane is dealing more damage that this thing.

Vordt and Gundyr should have had their themes swapped.

A certain man here would like to have a word with you about who is the best early game boss.

Beastcutter just sucks in comparison.
The threaded cane is one of the best weapons in the game and is viable in any situation thanks to a really fucking diverse moveset.
The beastcutter is considerably slower and more situational.

Fuck off.
We don't need NiOh being brought up in these threads and we definitely do not need to discuss which game does it better.
I'd prefer it if we actually talked about the games that were in the thread and not
Bloodborne is still fun, you faggots are just spoiled with the fact you have a different game that stakes a claim its better.
And you can howl to the moon how well each game does but at the end of the day both are fantastic games.
This isn't intelligent discussion its just dickwaving, fuck off namefag.

If you're going to a whirligig, 50 str is fine.
If you're planning on using the Tonitrus more then I'd drop the saw and pick up a wheel or another arcane scaling weapon and go 25 str and 50 arc.

post webums

What if I go 50str/50arc

How hard is chalice Ebrietas?

...'s too much insight!

>replying to a several hours old post when no one was talking about it anymore or even said much on the matter at the time



just a little bit harder than standard, honestly.
there's a massive hole in the middle of the arena iirc

You forgot to post the webm of the guy dodging left and right.


>speed running
>player just stands there instead of bolting to the lamp / exit

Those two must have been shitting themselves, damn.



Canon a best


cainhurst invasions are like shooting fish in a barrel


Easiest boss in the game.





Holy shit

This happened to me once with Orphan of Kos. Exactly the same thing.

This actually really pissed me off

>there are people on this board right now who genuinely believe tonitrus isn't the best weapon

you know boss fight in DaS3 surpassed Ludwig for me. The Ludwig fight might be the best in the series actually. It gave me the feeling I THOUGHT I was gonna get when I first fought Artorias after reading so much about him in item descriptions.

Dark Souls 3 does have an incredibly solid boss list though. Especially compared to Demons, Dark 1 and Dark 2.

I used to use it with my Wheel beast character, but then I converted to Wheel + claws.

>good bosses
Lothric Princes are the only cool (and original) ones that come to mind.

I agree. A lot more memorable than das2 at least. I have trouble recalling them to be honest. DeS had mostly gimmick bosses but I remember them all. Das1 were all pretty good memorable overall.

Most of the bosses in DS3 were passable and none of them were overly bad.
But not a large amount stood out, which is a shame considering how much hype went into building up the lords of ember.
At least Soul of Cinder and Abyss watchers were proper hype and Pontiff was a very good surprise.

>Aah, you were at my side, all along.
>My true mentor...
>My guiding moonlight

>music changes
>boss name changes
>boss moveset changes
>fucking moonlight sword

It's obviously the best boss. It's either Ludwig or Lady Maria.

Would Cred Forums ever consider lewding father Gascoigne

I think a lot of people forget how crappy a lot of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls music was too.
Bloodborne is really the outlier here, the only one with such a large number of stellar tracks.


its blood

The horse noise ruined the cutscene for me, it made him seem comical.

Did a beast run, man, I never thought beasthood was so op, once beast claw gets in it's over, fun as fuck too.

Now I'm thinking about doing a Cainhurst knight with evelyn + Reiterpalasch, is it a good weapon for end game ?

I wish they'd given us some DLC option for finding the Beast Claws. Slogging through chalices underleveled every time you want to do a Beast Claw run isn't so much fun.
I was expecting the beast claw hunter in the DLC to drop them, or give and item to buy them, but nope.

Agreed, wish they would give us some kind of alternative for having access to all weapons early somehow, since builds are made based on weapons, at least I play like this.

You know, while that could be more true for Bloodborne with there being less weapons with more moves, I feel like dedicating your character to only one weapon is generally a bad way to go in Souls games. It's something a lot of people seem to go for, but all builds let you use so many weapons and there's plenty slots for equipping that you're really sacrificing a lot of versatility. Just doesn't make much sense, you can have a favourite but there's still many that play like it, and the system is made more with having the options in mind I feel.

Personally, it's just that using all the equip slots fucks the weight limit and I don't like wasting points in vitality (DaS3)


Well yeah but by the same token you don't have to use every slot, there's plenty of space for using like 2-4 weapons depending on their weight.

god damn that snatcher, i was genuinely freaked out by that place, it creeps me out for some reason


What was the deal with the one reborn?

they have a fair chance haha they just have to dodge better

You remember all of those corpses of the mensis people?

Well...guess what they turned into?

Ni-oh was generic AF and the enemies were quite dull imo.

>Is father Gascoinge the best early game boss ever?
>best early game boss ever
>totally forgetting about Metal Gear Ray

So this is all an exclusive can do, after all...

>totally different from all the other fights in the game
>doesn't actually teach you anything
>most of the damage is done through QTEs and blade mode
Bladewof it is.


>oh shit that guy is tougher than I thought
>great now I'm dead, I'll have to run back to grab those echoes

I think that was the last time the games genuinely surprised me, I don't think theres another example of that in a souls game? where a regular enemy can initiate a side-event by killing you

>usually hate Katana type weapons in souls games
>fucking loved the Chikage
It was just so much god damned fun.

Killing someone, then using the transform to throw the blood off of it always got me a few replies;

I wish the wheel got something similar to the blood flick.
It would have made the Vileblood/Church teasing even better.

Cosmic vomit and shit of Great Ones?

I think the One Reborn is the only boss in BB that made my stomach turn. That grotesque animation of the One Reborn leaking all kinds of deceased fluids when he slides out of the blood moon. When it vomits concentrated stomach acid that could kill a town. It even throws expired guts of former Yarnamites and black church hunters, the guts are so vile and rotten that it has become highly toxic. Where does OB even get the guts from? Does OB scrape it off his own mutilated, deceased, experimental failed body?

I'm going to be sick just thinking about the One Reborn.

Are you kidding me? The wheel spin is the best taunt in the entire game. You have no idea how many people freak the fuck out when you rev the SHIT out of the wheel non stop right in front of them. Not to mention it allows you to one-shot people so they should be freaking out really.

Just nothing like spinning that wheel like a fucking madman without regard. If only there was some kind of laugh to accompany it it would be perfect.

it's just so stylsh


looks like gehrman doesn't need to build speed for 12 hours.

>anime blood flick after you killed someone
Fucking loved doing that. It was so god damned cringy, but god, I loved it.

Why no love for Father Gascoigne's partner Henryk?, he was a decent boss.
Also the best boss was the hunter of hunters boss that has the blood sword and amped up shotgun with the old hunter teleport.
He was a fucking bastard to kill.

which is basically just action game with rpg elements, which are rarely the role-playing parts of rpg

no one said you had to kill the enemies to reach the boss fight again. just fucking run past them.

>want to PVP in Bloodborne
>get bored with builds easily
>have to grind gems every time just to be viable

>Why no love for Father Gascoigne's partner Henryk?, he was a decent boss.
He was a boss? I just let Eileen kill him.

Is that even possible? I'm pretty sure Henryk will kill Eileen if you don't help her out.

It's great for getting into the shit, but it's not as pompous and dismissive as the little blood flick.

When I fought him I didn't even know that Eileen helped you fight him.
The bitch just sat back and forced me to solo him, still was a good fight.

She did it in mine (NG+2), I didn't even touch Henryk.

One Reborn is the one thing in the game that I feel they didn't really think through.
There's nothing at all suggesting even slightly what it is. The name implies it's some being that has been reborn, possibly a Great One, the appearance suggests it's a conglomeration of sacrifices, but all the bodies in Yahargul are still present, just desiccated. The fact that he come from the moon really doesn't help either because that implies he has a direct connection to either Moon Presence or Mergo, like he's a child of theirs.

It almost feels like they forgot to put in the piece of lore explaining The One Reborn. Like they left out one item that told us what it was.

I feel kind of bad that it took me so fucking long to realise why so many trick weapons have bandages on them.
It's to soak up blood.

this, I love revving the wheel because it's super hype but the flick is the best emote in the game





Your SKIRR against Ony is IMpressive

Same here. I ended up basing my character around it since it feels like an exotic weapon that a noble collecter would use.

It's just a shame there's such an unreal grind to get the best blood damage gems for it.

you're gonna get raped by a kappa

What's the word for doing that to someone again?


Notes in the Unseen Village read "Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets" & "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry."

Everyone in the village has turned into stone while praying (the ritual). It could mean that the One Reborn is made by sacrifices (I mean just look at his design) for Mergo(the newborn).

The maidens summoned the One Reborn and at the same time they try contain him, probably because it is created by maidens from the sacrifices and rituals. (Those same-like maidens keep bringing the deceased back from the death in the Unseen Village). They probably have the power to summon a failed "Great One" like by performing the final ritual at the moon. Just look how the maidens are formed up "around" the moon.

Just a theory,

Begone despicable beast.

k bye

All I had to do was cheese him through tombstones, it was a really easy fight

The One Reborn is definitely made of sacrifices. Thats the whole reason why snatchers exist and why the player gets kidnapped after dying to them.

>equip hunters axe
>trap him behind any of the graves that litter the boss arena
bloodborne so hard

I stopped playing at him. Takes too long to redo everything just to get to him. Got other games to play.

inb4 git gud

are you sexually attracted by him or what

The part where he first turns to look at you, showing off his fangs and steaming breath is seriously one of most memorable vidya moments in recent memory.

>What are short cuts

You don't need to kill all the beasts again, you can just run straight to his lair. You can also call for help from the other worlds by ringing the Beckoning Bell.

I did unlock the elevator and also got the musicbox. I get furious everytime I lose got no zen and I'll probably give myself a heart attack before I beat him.

I can't help but wonder what his breath smells like. It has been on my mind ever since that cutscene.

>2 years later sonyggers still jerk their microdicks over cuckborne because it was literally the only remotely decent game they've gotten in the past half decade

literal comedy gold


I was trying to beat Laurence last night at bl29. He's an asshole.

If this Bloodborne?
Witcher 3 has better kombat.

I think it's definitely possible the One Reborn is made from the bodies of the sacrificed, it still doesn't make complete sense to me.
What purpose does One Reborn serve? Obviously the sacrifices were used as a sort of brain battery, their minds being channelled through the mensis cages to power to ritual and break their minds into the nightmare.
But then why did they need a big pile of corpses? And if the corpses became One Reborn why are they all still scattered around Yahargul, frozen and fossilised? Why is he 'Reborn'? Was he an attempt to build their own great one? Why would they do that when their main plan was to enter the nightmare and meet Mergo and Kos? Was One Reborn an accident? A side effect? And if he was then why did they decide to keep him as a pet in the moon? The bell maidens obviously protect him and in some ways command him, so did they expect him to come from the ritual?
Did one reborn exist before the boss fight? Is his 'birth' from the moon literally his birth? Were all the sacrificed minds stored away somewhere, and only just now they were fused together into The One Reborn to protect Micolash's mummy?

One Reborn just seems so vague to me. Same with Shadows of Yharnam. There's nothing in the game that even mentions the shadows, they're just sort of there.

this entire post is one big meme

Can people not talk about anything without meme-speak anymore?

>you will never be this op

Why even live?

I have honestly beat this game like 3 times and still don't really understand what pale blood is. Please explain to me

Oh that sounds fun.

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was bloodborne general and wasn't open to the discussion of better games.

I first posted because some posts in here have to be memes. You guys are talking about how impressive the game is but I keep thinking you guys haven't played many games by what's in your posts.

You make a lot of choices in Soulsborne games, sometimes game-changing ones.

They just come naturally through gameplay and aren't presented to you with a textbox saying "PRESS X TO DO THE GOOD THING" - "PRESS Y TO DO THE BAD THING"


Paleblood is the moon. Maybe. Or the Moon Presence. Maybe.

Bloodborne lore isn't as clear on some things as Dark Souls, which I honestly like more. It means we're still speculating on it and probably always will.