Things you hate in WoW

post em'

>alliance/horde loyalists/fanboys. people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction
>random people who invite me in a group without bothering to utter a word or messaging me to tell me what they want
>Leroy Jenkins. This shit was never funny. Not even for 5 minutes when it was brand new.
>Red Shirt Guy. Why do people become famous for literally nothing?
>Nostalgia fags. Get over it.
>Ezra the tauren in Mulgore
>people who keep charging forward in dungeons and don't wait for other party members to catch up
>the ridiculously high auction house prices and anyone stupid enough to pay for them
>how I receive new quests at a 3x faster rate than I can acomplish them, thus leaving me with a constant feeling of being overwhelmed
>the Blizzard in-game shop
>not getting a free month when you buy an expansion
>Nobbel87 and his shit voice
>how predictable quests are
>go to this area and kill 12 mobs and collect 15 bear asses
>how predictable the quest plotlines are
>when Blizzard tries to be funny
>how Grom Hellscream is not a raid boss in WOD and he never actually fights anyone for the entirety of the expansion.
>when quests ask me to collect SEVERAL items that can only be obtained from other players/professions
>the women who play this game
>the transmog/slutmog/rare mount whores that sit in major cities
>murlocks. They should be entirely erased from the game.
>how I got sick of Suramar really quickly to the point where I don't even want to enter the zone anymore
>gotta grind ancient mana for my mana junkies
>gotta grind rep
>how AP is an artifically scarce, non-tradeable resource
>how alt-unfriendly this expac is
>LFR shaming
>how I feel obligated to play this game regularly since I'm paying a subscription AND paid for the expac
>getting dazed and dismounted
>how people fail to realize that the "You think you do, but you don't." guy was actually 100%, spot on right.

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I take it you don't like WoW.

>people who keep charging forward in dungeons and don't wait for other party members to catch up
being a slowpoke, if the healer can deal with it, its OK
>the ridiculously high auction house prices and anyone stupid enough to pay for them
demand and supply decides the price, deal with it
>when Blizzard tries to be funny
OP had fun once and hated it
>when quests ask me to collect SEVERAL items that can only be obtained from other players/professions
well, it IS a MMO, so some social contact might be good for you user
>the women who play this game
some of em are good, some of em are bad...just as the men
>gotta grind ancient mana for my mana junkies
vanila fags knows the meaning of grind, you, do not
>gotta grind rep
its not like you have to farm it for MONTHS, PER CHAR!
>LFR shaming
random people

>>alliance/horde loyalists/fanboys. people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction

Spoken like a true Alliance fuckboy

do we really need to read your opinions user
come now, raging about leeroy is just as bad as caring about it, very petty thoughts

The legendary drop rates

Ur right but people who do heroin deny that they can die from it.

>Well it is an mmo
No one likes being asked for favor irl or in a game. asking people to get you stuff is fucking retarded

I want Thrall's hair back.

>No one likes being asked for favor irl or in a game
well, either you can pay a contact you have for the favor, or have friends help you
because helping a friend is half the fun
i would know having run atunment runs or key runs with and for friends

>at class hall
>npc talks about doing some cool quest like gathering ingredients to summon Illidan or finding horses for the 4 horsemen
>they're just garrison missions

What the fuck?

No no Blizzard, I would much rather gather 6 heron eggs or kill 12 crabs

>It's an MMO

>hating MoP
>hating harmless memes
>hating social interaction
>hating grinds in mmos
>hating women

almost a decade later and wrathbabies still won't fuck off

being obsessed with negativity is a depressive trait

The fact that wow destroyed any chance of a wc4 and battle net for wc3 is almost dead..battle net for wc3 in it's prime was a wonderland.

>Artstyle. Well I kinda liked it in vanilla but it keep getting worse and worse to completely unlikeable level
>Slow fights. characters and stand in front of each other and "dance" for too long time before any action. I was really pissed off when I first played WoW because I thought that fights will be like from WC3
>Too drastic changes, like for example removing talent trees, changing skills, nerfing/buffing classes
>Worgens, Goblins, pandas have story mode for the begining, you must went trought all that linear shit before you can play game as you want
>But who cares about this low level shit just buy level boost to not play this game
>Game has no lore or whatever, it's just a big pile of shit

it truly is.



The state of elemental shamans and the fact that other casters think they have any right to complain about anything ever

I just hit 110 and I still have Stormheim left to do

Should I do the quest that unlocks the WQs and ignore Stormheim and Suramar? I already know their questlines

I have no sympathy for anyone who shares the same class as Green Jesus.

>Leroy Jenkins

Why Blizz love this shit so much? It's not even funny or something

>random invites

Irrelevant with multi-tagging, but fairly obvious in the old days.

>charging forward
Keep up, tanks gotta keep moving.

Nah, you just get a load then do a circle.

>expansion month
This bothers me too.

>Bliz humour
Don't be so uptight.

See above.

>LFR shaming
Just remove LFR.

Are ele shamans still underpowered?

>It's not even funny or something

It is hilarious to normies.

>not personnel
This annoys me.

>when Blizzard tries to be funny

They made Hearthstone completely unplayable thanks by this shit

>Nostalgia fags. Get over it.
vanilla was good, bc was ok.
The end.

The absolute stupidity of the average player. After not playing for a while my tolerance for it is pretty high, but it depletes rapidly.

How can so many people be this inept, slow, and stupid? What joy do they find in a game when they aren't even trying to master it at all? And I'm not talking about genuine beginners here.

Wow makes me hate people with a passion.

>le meme arrow posting xD xD xD
Stop that.

>>not getting a free month when you buy an expansion
That would literally shut blizzard down

>No one likes being asked for favor
Currency can be exchanged for goods and services.


is Enhancement still the most busted shit?

thrall the cuck is enchant though

Who are you quoting?

>No one likes being asked for favor irl or in a game

I don't mind being asked a favor irl. I like feeling that someone values me enough to want something from me.

It was a big in-joke at the time, everyone who actually did UBRS knew how hilariously wrong they were, yet it was all played straight.

>alliance/horde fanboys
How dare they?

>Low res textures in 2016

Nice job Jewzzard

I can't decide if this is the best bait i've ever seen or the worst.

I suppose that means its good.

>hating it

Khadgar is the best WoW character now

It's not an RPG anyway unless you play on an RP server.

I hate the entire game.

It's success stifled any experimentation in the MMO genre with all developers forced by every rising development and maintenance costs chase after the same success (that will never happen again)

The fact that because of this game the gameplay associated with "MMO" became a rigid system with little varation between different games.


Bravo blizzard, you made an expansion worse than WoD and the delusional legion blizzard cucks don't realize it yet.

But all those meme bullshit went full bananas

Appreciate i don't use this term lightly, you are the most entitled sounding motherfucker i've ever heard complaining about this game, this game being world of warcraft.

YOU. Are the most entitled person i have ever heard complain about this game. Based on this list alone, compared to everyone else, general forums, mmochampion, Cred Forums, gamefaqs, eve online, WoW itself and a dozen other MMOs, it's you.

You disgust me.

You can't contain memes. They will spread by their very nature.

>Favorite color/movie/TV show/sexual position is X

Look nigger, I fucking love the Horde and I look down on all of these little Alliance cocksuckers.

I met a a QT3.14 in Calculus who had a big ass priest class tattoo on her thigh (slut) and the first words I ever said to her were:

"Alliance or Horde?

She said "Horde, of course."

"Clever girl."

We fucked for a over a year.

Alliance delta-males were too Delta to even approach her.

Much like the in game Alliance cowards and Horde warriors.

>only 840
You absolute chump.

NeW models was the biggest bullshit ever. I waited for them for so long and when they were released they were shit, so shit that I still use old models

Not OP but it's just a videogame. I've always played both factions, to me the people who actually give a shit about it are like the people who gave a shit about highschool football rivalry bullshit.

Everyone switched to Alliance for years anyway because Humans had the best racial

Thanks! :^)

no bias, in my gameplay experience I started as a troll mage and played that character for three years. My guild was full of juggalos, and as soon as blood elves rolled in it became faggy and everyone was instant horde fanboy, and metzen choked on horde cock.

Been Alliance ever since. It's like you don't even like Lord of the Rings, fag

>people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction

But you can judge people by that

She won that election

>My guild was full of juggalos

Were they really into the idea of killing cops?

Fuck you hordecuck. When I invited this guy because we've did the same quest he didn't complain since he wasn't retarded like you. My favourite title is LEEEROOOOY JENKINS. Red shirt guy is cool but not as cool as Vanilla wow was. Ezra is qt. I have limited amount of time so I better do dungeons quickly you slowpoke. Prices in auction house should be high as fuck because it allows you to overcome any vendor/skill/we costs with ease - a well inflated "market" where stack of linen cloth sells for 500G+ is typical for server where everybody has the best riding etc. The more quests the better. Blizzar in-game shop is wonderful because you can get all the qt mounts. Fuck you nigger no free dinners for you. Nobbel87 mai waifu. Predictable quests are great because you can relax when doing them. Blizzard jokes are great. Hellscream is a faggot, good thing he has little to no screentime in WoD. At first you were talking about predictable boring quests and now what? Something that's little bit harder and you're out? I love cybering with girls playing Wow. Slutmogs whores make me hard. Murlocks should be made playable race. Suramar the best zone ever. Ancient mana grinding is relaxing and so is rep grind. AP is non-tradeable because Blizzard learned from how the gold economy functions. Alt-niggers are the worst. LFR is for noobs. MoP was the best expansion. Good, at least you have motivation to play instead of shitposting on 4chin. Daze is 10/10 mechanic. You thinkbutyoudon't guy is retarded and wrong.

>68 only after a year of WotLK

what the fuck

>estimated wait time: 6 minutes
>time in queue: 38 minutes

t-thanks blizzard

Yeah, pet battle queues are a bitch if it's not a full 25 team

>Estimated wait time: 5 minutes
3 minutes later
>Estimated wait time: 10 minutes
another 3 minutes later
>Estimated wait time: 15 minutes


Way too many of those are more you being a stupid faggy nigger and have nothing to do with WoW itself.

If you can sit and have your period for a whole wall of text like that just quit playing it you whiny little bitch.

they weren't very upstanding

See this shit is why I play paladin. I play Ret when I'm just playing normally, but if I want to do a dungeon I just switch to prot so I get instaqueue.

I'm just saying, before they were turned into a meme, ICP's whole thing was about killing cops.

>I play Ret

why would you do this to yourself at all?

If you're away from the game around patch time, you can't get into any group for months because you didn't get 'Ahead of the Curve' or whatever meme achievement on the first week of the patch being out. Fuck WoW achievement elitists. The best reason to quit the game is the kind of people that play it

It's middle of the road dps, it's perfectly capable of killing enemies. Which you need to with Suramar City's habit of

>one guy noticed you
>5 guys on your ass instantly

>Irrelevant with multi-tagging

It's actually better with multi-tagging, if both of you can solo well, each of the guys in the party can farm each designated side while everyone gets credit.

There's only one person I hate in WoW, and it's the "1 wipe and I'm leaving" guy, when it's a mythic on the week of release.

Yes good sir, I understand your time is so valuable that you need us to learn and master the mechanics on the first try, but holy shit dude

Retadins improve significantly once they reach over 20% in haste

Yeah I know, I've rolled some Alliance characters too but saying "For the Alliance!" just doesn't have the same psychological impact and I don't think I've ever heard anyone ever say it IRL.

Plus, I'm an asshole and bully IRL so Horde is the perfect faction for me.

The majority of these are super subjective but most importantly you forgot the "pvp" and players from the opposing faction preventing you from levelling.

There's so many of these guys playing the game nowadays. I played The Division for a month or so a while back, and while it's not a great game, random people in groups are perfectly content to wipe 20 or 30 times until we finally succeed. Made me realise how toxic lots of WoW players are in random groups. I'm not sure I understand how WoW got this way

>She won that election


>Yeah I know, I've rolled some Alliance characters too but saying "For the Alliance!" just doesn't have the same psychological impact and I don't think I've ever heard anyone ever say it IRL.

I play for stats man. Humans are just inherently better because of their racials. Even with EMFH nerf, they still have The Human Spirit which is the best passive racial in the game.

>Ezra the Tauren in mulgore

Literally who

That it's a grind-shitfest yet people still play and defend it.

Sylvanas waifu cucks who think that Sylvanas has done literally nothing wrong.

It's okay to waifu an undead elf if that's your thing, but remember that she gives literally zero shits about anyone but herself and only serves to inflict misery on the world. And this expansion only adds fuel to that fire.

That and the fact that up until Stormheim, she's gotten away with every stunt that she's pulled.

thats all it was since it came out

Does anybody unironically care about the lore in this game wtf?

I imagine its the make a wish kid. Voiced a quest giver who gave a quest to get his dog back. Why OP would feel so strongly about him I don't know

>everything post-BC
>BC has done fucked up too though, with flying mounts and daily quests and arenas and tiny raid sizes and shit

I dont know but people want to fight the legion first because they are the biggest threat.

I like the old god and titan stuff, pretty damn tired of the faction conflict stuff though

That's the whole idea behind mmos - make objectives where you have to grind until you collect a certain amount of something and your reward centre gets stimulated. That's why they are addictive.

I absolutely love the lore in this.
Some really cool world building in this.

Redshirt guy for sure

Of course, because the lore means jackshit (which is actually true, because they retcon harder than a prostitute hits crack), every race should have every class, the game should be sectioned off into Horde vs. Alliance mentality with no explanation whatsoever, dungeons and raids should just be textureless encounters with big floating orbs for bosses, and we should all just kill ourselves for playing a game.

I bet you're a Sylvanas apologist BTFO.

i used to care
before they made forsaken part of the horde
should thank blizzard , saved me time by skipping reading retarded questlogs

>Ezra the tauren

It was a make a wish foundation for a kid with cancer, what is wrong with you faggot

besides for the flying mounts i don't care 100% speed its slow
doesn't help that since wod was made without flying in mind , theres invisible walls everywhere (and i bet legion too)

What disgusts me about this game is how there are so many quests about killing animals. Everything in that game is about killing animals.

t. druid


Warlocks in raids only spammed chaos bolts.
Hunters were able to bind their entire rotation to the mouse wheel.

I can never take a game seriously, let alone paying attention to the lore, if it's full of memes and autistic disney humour. I have no idea what's happening ever since W3 The Frozen Throne.

I'm disgusted that they let Death knights and demon hunters join the same faction as paladins.

warlocks too, but they're ok i guess as long as fuck off and leave me alone

no shadow bolt.
chaos bolt got added later.

>if it's full of memes and autistic disney humour.
>Local user doesn't know the difference between lore, plot and quest stories

b8:the post to end all b8s

The story was weird in TBC, too. They fucked up with Illidan so badly that they had to retcon him back into relevance, they pretty much killed any redemption that Kael'thas might have (by the way, expect him to make a return from the Twisting Nether :^) ), and consider that they started the road of the Retcon Cycle with the entirety of the Draenei race.

>vanilla was good, bc was ok.
and wotlk was the best

>if it's full of memes and autistic disney humour.
but thats all of WC3

What? There is also plot?

>if it's full of memes and autistic disney humour

You should never play any Blizzard, Bethesda, or EA game, then, unless you want to get disappointed.

Haven't you seen the bloodelves?

Probably you're right, I haven't played it since I was a kid.

>how people fail to realize that the "You think you do, but you don't." guy was actually 100%, spot on right.

If he's right, then the dev team is just fucking stupid because I haven't wanted anything they've been selling for seven years now.

>WoW is much more a World of Warcraft 3 than anything from WC 1 or 2
>we are told and shown that orcs are noble savages trying to put their past behind them while occasionally faltering
>Mists systematically destroys 10 years of development for the sole purpose of the "lawful good overdrive"
>WoD continued the trend by showing demon corruption had little to nothing to do with anything and its just your either a frostwolf or a bloodthirsty asshole
>Legion is completely alliance focused with all class halls being either neutral or alliance themed, Varian goes out like a champ while Vol'jin unceremoniously gets shanked by parity as to not lessen Varian's actions, and blizz bending over backwards to hide alliance misdeeds
>90% convinced "voices" made sylvanas warchief just so they could give her enough attention to kill her, probably in 7.1

that horde bias though.

>people who keep charging forward in dungeons and don't wait for other party members to catch up
I fucking hate this as a healer
>tank pulls a lot of mobs
>struggle to keep the whole party alive because of that
>heal so much that I run out of mana
>say "sec mana" and sit down to restore
>tank just goes ahead and pulls another group as I sit down

Still stuck pre-naxx? The meta is now Yogg+Tuskar rng.

Personally I like the lore though I don't play WoW itself because no matter what I hate MMO tier gameplay.

Why would you try to master it? wow became piss easy over the last decade. A brain dead monkey can lead raids now

I know. I remember how much I liked Mass Effect series before and when I tried to replay it a few years later I was so disappointed.

I try to overcome this mentality though for the sake of having fun.

>Legion is completely alliance focused with all class halls being either neutral or alliance themed, Varian goes out like a champ while Vol'jin unceremoniously gets shanked by parity as to not lessen Varian's actions, and blizz bending over backwards to hide alliance misdeeds

Alliance hasn't had an expansion focused around them since Wrath, it can't be all horde all the time.

>people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction
People who play horde are always unbearable faggots. Its just a known fact.

>Alliance is gayyyy horde rules

The last one people seem to be widening up to how obnoxious it is. Who gives a fuck anymore it's wow shits garbage

>set up Jaina to make it a meme to hate her so they can corrupt her later on and kill her unceremoniously, even though she's entirely right
>Sylvanas has never had any repercussions for her actions until Stormheim
>Anduin is only set up as leader because of lineage, and will turn out to be a shitty strategist, in addition to a pussy
>Velan is too obsessed with his son to care for his people now
>we have to suffer with fucking Malfurion and the Malf-Tyrande love arcs
>dwarves are irrelevant this expansion
>gnomes are also irrelevant this expansion
>Genn is the only one actually doing anything, and he was only provoked because Sylvanas was doing shit

Remember, both sides suffer. I'm sure you can also cherrypick like I did, but in the end, Blizzard actively fucks over both factions in different ways.

Also, Alliance has the higher pop ratio, so it's fair that the story tips in their direction some.

You play female draenei because they're the hottest class and neckbeards are mad horny for them.

Belf was mostly because pre-cata it way the only way for horde to have paladins.

thats a load of bullshit. Cata was a reverse of vanilla so horde zones got more polish yes, but it by no means focused on horde. It was about the faction war, which both sides participated in.

Mists was entirely about Anduin and the "Lawful Good Overdrive" They flat out told us they were working on a different expansion and switched to Mists and they told us Garrosh was going to be redeemed but ended up being "what wow needed." It's blatantly obvious the entire plot was engineered for Alliance to raid Org and the "rebellion" was just so horde players could run it too. Want to prove me wrong? Name one thing the rebellion did that mattered. Fuck, it didn't even really exist until the shitty filler patch and therefore almost didn't exist until the raid. They fail to take the docks as agreed upon, and only show up to get annihilated by the scorpion mech with Alliance arriving to save the day and tear open the gate

Warlords was mostly mirrored but its obvious what little dev time went into it was favored towards the alliance

You people that claim this shit need to learn the difference between meaningful focus and fodder to slaughter en masse

The playerbase. Everyone has an excuse for being terrible nowadays, and if you refute their little reasons for playing like shit they get obstinate and call you a tryhard. I can't count the number of times that I've been doing a bg and will call out instructions that just get flat out ignored and then get made fun of for trying to win. It's even worse in lower level endgame content like heroics where people just expect to be carried and then do dumb shit like aggro avoidable trash on purpose and die in the first 30 seconds of a fight.

I've been back to the game for about 6 months now and I haven't encountered a single one of these types of know nothing baddie fuckboys who can manage to not be a fuckboy by actually striving to improve rather than going through the motions to collect their welfare gear. I am a jaded cynical old man when it comes to MMOs and I've been killing internet dragons for so long that I'm sure some of these literal fuckboys were in literal diapers while I was slapping my dick against raid bosses and suffering their dickless fuckboy attitudes and general poor play gives me gray fucking hairs.

That's really all. Other than that the game is fine.

>Mists was entirely about Anduin and the "Lawful Good Overdrive"

One zone was about Anduin, the summit. Jade Forest was about upsetting the balance, Four Winds was about farming, Dread Wastes was about the bugs, and did anyone ever do the Kasarang Wilds?

>Warlords was mostly mirrored but its obvious what little dev time went into it was favored towards the alliance

Are you kidding me? We barely did anything as Alliance in WoD, and if you're counting Khadgar, he's factionless aside from being for Azeroth.

>You people that claim this shit need to learn the difference between meaningful focus and fodder to slaughter en masse

That's what I mean. Aside from the Forsaken, Wrath was about finishing the story of WC3, which because it was about Arthas was for the humans. They even threw in dwarf lore for the hell of it and brought back Muradin.

You couldn't escape the Alliance focus in Wrath, even if you played Horde. Even if you didn't raid. Cata was a pretty 50-50 split, and the others you didn't even have to do any of the stuff relating to the factions aside from Jade Forest.

>Ezra the tauren in Mulgore
Yeah, making npc in memory of kid who died of cancer really makes WoW hate-able

>Nobbel87 and his shit voice

I want to impregnate a Draenei

>>how people fail to realize that the "You think you do, but you don't." guy was actually 100%, spot on right.

>play nostalrius server before shutdown
>hooked and end up playing for 6 hours that night
>have fun till shutdown

>legion comes out
>smack dummies with all my classes to see changes
>wow its fucking nothing
>quit after an hour


i want to suck a dranei's cock

>One zone was about Anduin, the summit. Jade Forest was about upsetting the balance, Four Winds was about farming, Dread Wastes was about the bugs, and did anyone ever do the Kasarang Wilds?
convenient you disregard a zone he appeared in as "did anyone do it?" Jade Forest has the factions each do unique quest chains about Anduin, Wilds has you quest with him, his appearance in the summit, and a new scene every patch

>Are you kidding me? We barely did anything as Alliance in WoD, and if you're counting Khadgar, he's factionless aside from being for Azeroth.
I said it was little. Starting with the launch event. They took the time to remodel Nethergarde and most of the quests for both faction revolve around it with a single quest that says "oh yeah the horde base defected go kill this one guy," meanwhile the quests involving stonard were scrapped. Then you have the alliance garrison being better than the horde's. The last major thing was admiral taylor's garrison, which was initially going to be a bigger story, which was just an alliance story horde was once again shoved into

Nelfs were futas in RP before playable draenei were even a thing

I just hate WoW period, pretty much. A shorter list would be things I like.

>Horde get 3 expansions in a row focused to them
>Alliance finally get one
>Horde neckbeards cry


Master as in at least doing a minimum effort to improve, user.

I'm competitive by nature, but I can't fathom how people can stand being so content with being bad - at anything. It's so fucking frustrating sometimes.

So far, it'll be better than WoD. Even if worse than MoP. Then again, the Jew always has a trick up the sleeve.

I want to fuck her in the ass while she also sticks her tail in my ass.

Nostalgiafags and Nobbel's annoying forced voice, he should've been bullied to suicide when he got bullied in school

>Originally WoW had 3 races per faction

What kind of retarded Horde they wanted to made why just not Orcs, goblins and ogres? Blizzard is so retarded

yeah, but at the point the warcraft lore already has shittones more races, so they can't just leave them out.

>>random people who invite me in a group without bothering to utter a word or messaging me to tell me what they want
Hi wodkiddy

>Then you have the alliance garrison being better than the horde's.

That's just an opinion of aesthetics. Functionally they serve the same purpose.

>convenient you disregard a zone he appeared in as "did anyone do it?"

I disregard it because I myself didn't do it, I didn't need to in order to reach 90.

>Jade Forest has the factions each do unique quest chains about Anduin

He leaves as soon as he comes in JF. You spend more time with the SI7 commando squad than him.

>They took the time to remodel Nethergarde and most of the quests for both faction revolve around it with a single quest that says "oh yeah the horde base defected go kill this one guy,"

Yeah a base that was comprised of old horde members defected to a group that is much closer to Doomhammer and Blackhand's horde than Thrall's, big shock.

>The last major thing was admiral taylor's garrison, which was initially going to be a bigger story, which was just an alliance story horde was once again shoved into

I never did Spires of Arakk as horde so I didn't know Taylor was a sequence for them too.

To me there is no true bias as long as Blizz keeps it even and one faction can never destroy the other, which will never happen because they'd piss off half their players.

The goblins were neutral bt WC3 and the ogres that weren't Stonemaul left the horde.

Because people wouldn't play after the free month?

>Even back then the Horde still would have had dead Humans

I find it hilarious that people who play Undead think Blood Elves ruined the Horde when they're both ex-Alliance members

BE never made sense for Horde. They left the Alliance to side with the naga. The reason we got of "we had a vision where bad shit will happen if we stay with Kael" was retarded

>It's that period when an expansion has just released, and blizz jew to get everyone to buy it, provide content for the first month so everybody thinks it's amazing, and the subsequently abandons it

Still, no matter how many times blizz leaves the sour taste of their cock in their mouth at the end of every expansion, blizzcucks will still line up to buy the next one

>legion will fix everything guys I swear!

kek, remember when people were saying WoD was the best expansion ever?

Undead never made sense for the Horde either

facebook missions are fucking retarded

getting the same exact gear with higher item level isn't fun

844 no legendary yet already bored took 2 days to farm enough gold to get 6 months of time im just pissed i didn't have gold saved up to not pay for the first month

xpac worth 20 bucks max shoulda just waited

The alliance wasn't about to let in a group that slaughtered the humans remaining in Lordaeron.

have you maybe considered that people just enjoy the expansions for a while, even if they end up unsubbing later?

Why couldn't they just be neutral?

World of Warcraft

A game full of features, but the overall concept, if there even is one, sucks.

And Graphics. It's like I'm on LSD or something.

>Wow I hate getting similar gear with better stats
>Grr RNG isn't letting me have that one item I want

so it's exactly how its been since BC then?

why would they pick undeads instead of trolls?

>I was really pissed off when I first played WoW because I thought that fights will be like from WC3

So two idiots standing there smacking the air in front of each other for 10 minutes with the occasional high mana cost ability being used?

A three faction game system would be complicated to figure out.

Can you imagine how much of a clusterfuck a 3-way AV would be? It would essentially be Tol Barad on a bigger scale.

>Can you imagine how much of a clusterfuck a 3-way AV would be?

No, because a neutral race has the option to join either team.

I agree and that is what I hate about wow.
How can you defend it?

>gnomes were added later

Thank god they did that. Best race by far.

WoW: oh god the pain, let me die already.
Activision: No, you are good. *puts a patch on WoW's visible guts*, let's go, next expansion pack is coming out, today.
WoW: I hate you players, I hate you.

Oh, I thought meant neutral as in an independent 3rd faction.

I could only see that working in a Universe of Starcraft MMO.

Because some people enjoy different things than you

Oh man, imagine how cool would it be if they made character select screen with all your chars standing together by eachother...

>Another kid that didn't realize blizzard bought out Activision not the other way around


collecting the same exact item from the same dungeon on the same mode item level 835 then 840 then 850

what is the point of that shit, i like to run the raids once then im pretty much bored of this shit and ill wait until next year when all the artifact leveling shit is free or they go back to regular items

the fact that its pay per month and they only really release content with 60 dollar xpacs is just sad

This entire post is wrong on so many levels that I don't even know when to begin

No, the idea behind MMORPGs is, playing an RPG with lots and lots of other players.

See: Ultima Online, Ever Quest and Asherons Call.

World of Warcraft was going the Ever Quest route.

But there are many other paths an MMORPG can travel.

They are independent. But back in vanilla your reputation with different factions actually mattered. Forsaken would still be their own faction but could also raise or lower their reputation with either the horde or alliance, or both, or neither

>But back in vanilla your reputation with different factions actually mattered.

Ehh not really, unless you really wanted a mount or it was part of unlocking a dungeon/raid. I was able to play vanilla just fine and not give a fuck about most of the factions.

so you're new to WoW I'm guessing? Idk what you were expecting

asherons call literally had content updates for almost a decade every single month THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD GET WITH A SUB

reminds me i gotta pay for my villas

No one of the original Blizzard team is left.
Blizzard is just a hollow name now, just like activision, so I prefer to say activision.

back to rping on your paladin

>60 dollar xpacs

Pretty sure it was 40

What's $90 and smells like shit?
It must be blizzards latest hit!

Original as in started WoW, or original back when they were with Vivendi and made SNES games?

>Not being a faction loyalist.
People like you are the reason there's so much cross faction faggotry and why the communities have lost all sense of identity.

I'm playing kronos, and I absoloutely love when people ask favors of because of my mining or blacksmithing. You're just a sour person

I still haven't tried Legion, but these annoyed me most last time i played:
I know they are piss easy and most people don't mind them, but there's just something incredible boring about them, just a big turnoff for me and makes my eyes roll
>randomized stats
I liked reforging, it was just annoying that you get some item with wrong stats and you are can't change them for little for your own suits
>class changes
I know that's what keeps game somewhat fresh, but usually those changes come out of nowhere and totally change the playstyle. Really annoying that i loved how certain class plays and in next expansion they just gut it for no reason.

That happened when they allowed alts of the same faction on the same server


>getting dazed and dismounted
There's an item for this you.
>Hating MoP
Bad taste.
>LFR shaming
Casual with bad taste.

>WW Monks and DH AoE nerfed
>meanwhile outlaw blade flurry untouched



well I guess when you've got a whopping community of 19 people you gotta message someone to not feel so alone

By that logic PvE servers should've never had identity.

That happened because fuckboy whiners wanted to be on both sides at the same time. Again, it goes right back to my point.

>Prot Warrior untouched

All is good.

>BM cleave also untouched

Legion is pretty good but I haven't resubbed after my subscription ended. It's not that WoW is bad, it's just not for me anymore.

It really only mattered if it was part of attunement. Otherwise, it was the exact same as now, only level for mounts, tabards, maybe gear and novelty shit. It just took longer.

>All tank specs are gonna get their damage nerfed

No, because back then you could actually lose reputation.

PvE and RP servers always allowed that though, it never needed to be added in.

RP is literally the best way to play. You find enjoyment in the game that you simply can't find playing normally.

>People who think single target damage matters at all in mythic+
>Implying ret paladins, shadow priests and other specs are gonna get invited to mythic+

>do warden elite world quest
>kill some faggot monster in Highmountain
>descend from the heavens on my chopper
>ride towards it
>mob has about 12 million HP
>3 dds stand around it, the field littered with skelletons
>they can't touch the mob at all
>just jump over them, jump of my bike and start tanking
>literally can't die
>DDs look up down I am a gnome in awe of me they decide they can join now before I solo the mob
>one of them dies because of cleave or some mechanic or something
>kill the mob
>get some titanforged drop
>get back on my bike
>dds shuffle to loot the mob, throwing a /thanks my way

And that is the life of being absolutely broken in this game.

I just switch from ret to prot when I want to run dungeons/raids

My rogue literally does double the single target and AoE damage as my Warlock with only 3 buttons.

How is it fair at all? Did blizzard just drop the ball with balancing this expansion?

>MFW their new blue post saying "ehh we are still keeping an eye on it" while not admitting they fucked it all up

What the hell is wrong with you? It's a game, get over yourself. This is coming from a vegan

Top tier bait. You deserve every single (You)

Only thing that I can agree with is it not being friendly towards alts.

Just gonna have to wait and see in 11 days for tuning

If the artifact research was account-wide (and for all we know it will be at some future point), alts would be totally viable.

Remember, everyone thought garrisons were anti-alt too, but it turns out after a certain point you don't really need to do your garrison stuff anymore.

>switch one talent on ret
>i now shit multi target damage
As expected of non ret shitters, they have no clue

For Rogue class hall followers, I'm using Taoshi, Noggenfogger, Shaw, Garona, and Vanessa Vancleef. Should I swap out Noggenfogger for Ravenholdt? Ravenholdt's secondary passive is way better than Noggen's, but I see a lot more Outlaw missions than Sub ones.

Which spec and what buttons are you using? I need to get better with my rogue.

> but it turns out after a certain point you don't really need to do your garrison stuff anymore.

Oh user. You do realize the new kara dungeon coming soon will require all your champions to be ilvl 850 to attune to the dungeon? Including alts?

New Ret
I fucking hate how it plays. It's so damn boring and has nothing I liked about the spec in it anymore. It's left me questioning why I even still play this game if I can't even enjoy playing my Ret anymore.

>Ret Paladin
If your static allows you to play ret then good for you, you might be able to do the easiest mythic+ dungeons, no non-shitty pug will invite you

Thing that cracks me up is that Blizzard literally had half a year to tune those numbers in the beta and they completely fucked it up. How the fuck is that even possible?

There was still PvP flagging and battlegroups, story based conflicts and a lore surrounding it.
>Not understand basic group/tribal psychology.
Are you daft? You don't have to butt heads with someone of another culture to feel rejection of them.

yea its not like they're running on an engine thats literally almost 20 years old

I bet you play human male warrior you fucking babby

Because it's like cigarettes and alcohol.

Switch to prot. You are still shit in dungeons but atleast the world questing is bearable.

I play RP though

And disregarded. We don't talk to subhumans on this board.

What is this from?


halo 2

>You are still shit in dungeons

BULLSHIT, I only died in Mythic Arcway because it was our first time and the in-game explanation didn't really tell us the mechanics of one of the bosses well. Aside from that I never had an issue staying alive.


Yes user, you know, what the words Role-Playing in MMORPG stand for. You don't play D&D and treat it like it's pure mechanics, unless you're a munchkin

Compared to Prot Warrior or Bears pally really lacks a lot. Brewmaster are worse though. DH and DK are kinda strange, sometimes they drop like a sack of bricks and other times it is smooth sailing.

I'm too far gone in my artifact weapon for that to make any difference. I'd have to start a character from scratch again.

I like to keep my healers on edge.

>Grinding AP when it isn't necessary



Once you start artifact research you'll be gaining so many points that even a basic AP item will give you like 3 levels on your off build artifact

everything past vanilla.

Some tv series. Just search Jonathan Strange.

Naw. Healer dps is kinda meaningful now so trying to smoothen shit out for them speeds shit up.

Gee user you sound like A MASSIVE CASUAL

reminder to not drop any money in this direction

i know this exact feel, i makes me cry every time i open up the browser and see my poor fucker just sitting there being shit everything.

I'd never pay you user, so don't worry


If I see any panda I kill them if they're the other faction
If I'm inviting a random for my pug I remove them from group
Panda players are always shitters and furries and should be treated with the outmost disrespect

A part of me misses the time when the Alliance was filled with 12 year olds. Because now it's just filled with shitposters in LFG chat

nigga i've skipped maybe 3-4 days so far since its released and im at 18 points in my weapon, its fucking easy.

This is so god damn true. Logged on to KT and saw so much shitposting in LFG I had to leave it. What happened to cause this?

Well there's your prob-
>Actually being in the LFG channel on any server

They're the kind of people who still play WoW. It's not longer a fad or the hip popular thing, only the diehard fans stuck around.

Pruning, increasing power level of classes and Blizzard doing a complete overhaul of talents every single expansion.

Only Druid should have been pruned coming into Legion.

>Only Druid should have been pruned coming into Legion.
t. warrior

>get fuck all for legendaries because "lolfuck elementalsamirite?"
>still can't get legendaries
>its now even less likely to happen and if i do by some stroke of god get one its gonna be that completely useless ass shit and thats all i'll have all expansion
son of a fucking bitch i hate this game, i'd like to go one expansion without getting shat on, just one.

Didn't they say world bosses have a pretty good chance of dropping?

Because dev team went full fucking autism with "m-muh class fanta sea" and completely ignored the fact that people were calling the changes fucking shit and that some specs are literally umplayable garbage for 5 months straight

No, world bosses drop 860+ gear

.0001% to .001% isn't that much of a step up no matter how much blizzard lies to you.

your father must be a furry because yo momma is a cow!

>dwarves are irrelevant this expansion

That is wrong.
We wouldn't even be going around collecting world pillars right now if it wasn't for Magni speaking to a literal titan inside of Azeroth for years.

Gnomes being irrelevant is a good thing.

lazy devs that forget this is a subscription based game and the hordes of fanbois that defend their every move
>garrison missions will be removed!
>actually never mind they're mandatory!!

instead you pay some PG rated for kids fantasy story company 50 per expansion and 15 a month so you could escape from reality every single day.

You´re a cuck now, deal with it :^)

Moon Guard Goldshire. It gives the rest of us RPers a bad reputation.

Well that and the "I'm going to sit in a corner in the inn because I'm too fucking cool to approach you" RPer.

The three chucklefucks that got pushed in by a solo DH get me every time.

>so you could escape from reality every single day.
What's wrong with that? What's wrong with running away from reality if it sucks?

>that feel when the guy who the cap was on is literally you class and spec wise
fuck, thats depressing. god damn it i hate this game.


I agree with large part of your post, especially with LFR shaming and how alt-unfriendly WoW is now.

>>the women who play this game

I guess you hate 'Hi I'm a girl, give me gold, attention and carry me in hc' women. Normal girls don't do this shit and stay quiet. Source: my guild, friends, my friend's wife etc.

>it's a blizzard game
>it's wow

are you me?


Am I the only one who actually agrees with 90% of OPs points?

that you´re gonna face the same problems again and again when you finish the game storyline. do shit about it instead of posting about tfw no job no gf still living in moms basement bs here for next 10 years.

>implying WoW RP has any value

There is nothing coherent about this setting anymore. Also there isn't a single rper that doesn't erp even if it is on alts.

>go to this area and kill 12 mobs and collect 15 bear asses
You mean like how if a quest requires 10 boar hearts, then you kill 10 boars but only 1 of them has a heart.

Fucking retarded MMO mechanics.

>wow its fucking nothing
what do you mean?

I usually go with "it got damaged in battle and we need pristine bear asses for the quest" kinda logic.

Don't reply to salty Nostalrius players, they're basically hating on anyone who can enjoy retail

>low drop rates

is there anything worse than this, oh i forgot

>mob scarcity
>high population of players

>Sims tell me my favorite spec is shit
>play it anyway

Do people really get that autistic over this shit when it doesn't even fucking matter until Mythic Raids/ High Mythic+

>Faggots who select healer as a role for LF but clearly only did it to get an instance faster and have no interest in doing anything more than occasionally healing the tank

Every fucking time.

>have to kill 8 magic dudes and 10 champion dudes
>only camp to spawn them only spawns 2 champions at a time while there are 20 magic dudes all with slows and pets and shit

people get autistic because they are at that point sad as shit they can't get in because blizzard is a larger pack of homos then a gay pride parade running through every single closet in NYC.

>try to join mythic group
>get kicked because my spec is 1k dps below average

sims and datamining bullshit ruined this game

idk I saw a frost DK doing some pretty mad DPS the other day. I dunno how he was doing it

They probably wanted every playable warcraft 3 race to be represented.

did you check if he had any legendaries?

didn't think to, good point tho

he was consistently maxing out DPS in mythic court of stars, the other DPS weren't bads either



how do I get my rank three gathering skills?
been collecting shit for days and Im not getting shit.

>there are people who don't play Dwarves


>those tiny skulls

holy fuck your dwarf is an edgy looking fucker, you should probably get that checked out.

but what do you do if blizzard redesigns your favourite spec and makes it shit? frost dk

Some people know what they are doing and most don't. I've seen good Ele Shamans and Rets even though they are supposed to be shit according to the forum shitters.

It's funny because Blizzard did all this pruning and supposedly making the specs easier to play yet the majority of the player base still can't do well unless they are playing an broken OP spec.

Yeah we have a girl in our guild who's in her late 20's. She's useless at the game and we all know it, everybody cracks jokes about it including her, but we still keep her because she's not actually terrible, just does stupid shit like standing in fire and ignoring mechanics, and she's good humored.

>tfw you're doing your WQs and you pull 6 mobs into a tanks aoe and run off while he kills them for you

So which is better in universe erotica? A Steamy Romance Novel: Got Milk? or The Lusty Argonian Maid

I keep doing that in that Elite area in Suramar, barrage pull everything into a tank and feign death after he hit some AoE, then I take a wank and WQ complete


>having a blast on war
>decide to try out prot
>don't think I've been under 90% health for the last two levels
Jesus christ I'm an unkillable death machine.


And if she was a guy he would've been kicked ages ago. Don't fool yourself.

Actually WoW is still very alt-friendly. It's not multi-spec friendly anymore though

Once you go bald theres no going back.

Is this porn

>mfw rogue
>see rare mob I need and alliance scum waiting for someone to pull
>I pull
>we are all fighting it
>they have to kill it for me while I just afk and fap or watch twitch

>BiS trinkets just literally never drop


>the first words I ever said to her were:
"Alliance or Horde?
>saying "For the Alliance!" just doesn't have the same psychological impact
>Plus, I'm an asshole and bully IRL so Horde is the perfect faction for me

The strongest case of autism I've seen in some time

>Nobbel87 and his shit voice

Seriously he hams it the fuck up now, years ago he did it in a normal voice and was something I could just turn on and listen to while I either played or worked out. Now what he does with his voice makes my spine want to twist in a pretzel.

>all DPS from 15-110

>tfw my server died this afternoon for some reason

bravo blizzard

What do?



A fucking transmogs

This is so fucking retarded thing
You can't even know what your friends or enemies wore without inspect. It's literally shit for girls who wants to looks kewl

>Estimated wait time 30 seconds
>Actual wait time 0-5 seconds

Roll a hybrid class and do Tank/Healer when doing LFG or LFR.


>questing as a holy priest

Holy fuck, what happened? I used to be fine back when I played, obviously slower than a DPS spec but I respected and enjoyed it, but now it's just a hassle and slow. Now I just run by everything I don't absolutely need to kill and get really pissed off when I get dazed because they can't kill me.

I care solely about the lore.

Can someone explained what happened? What did he do he was almost dead then suddenly killed all three of them


I thought I was playing Warcraft, not AssCreed

>community that refuses to play the game off auto-pilot
>Everyone was turned into a super hero instead of a macho man so basic mobs can never be difficult
>Questing is literally just filler unless you're a story junky and has been since wotlk
>No content outside of raiding holds any substance since it's all been nerfed to help get people into raiding (will have to see if M+ changes this)
>There is no reason to care for anyone outside your guild, even then i find myself never being loyal to a guild since there is little reason to play together outside of raid night
>There is 1 ranged dps spec tied to a tank spec and i dislike both of them
>melee dps remains less desirable for raids

Literally cannot get a damn Holy relic to drop. Blizz fucked up by not allowing the crafted ones to proc a higher ilvl or be upgraded.

>Belf Mage
What a fag

I hate that WoW looks like shit

People who can't spell Murloc.


Put these Blizzdrones in their place OP;
Leave the game.

They can't play a empty MMO. That would be truly pointless.

that the game has been ruined twice for me

I hate how the whole alliance vs horde in hte currrent situation. Their racial composition doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense that the horde still exists, it doesn't make sense that we are stuck in horde vs alliance when we have to save the world.

I also wish there were a lot more playable races. Arrakoa, Tuskarr, Gnolls, Ogres, a bunch of skins for the Tauren, orc colours, etc.

How does what your picture say prove anything?

It doesn't say she doesn't care about her people. It literally says how far she'll go to protect her people and whether they're more precious than her soul.

It doesn't say she values her soul more. It's obvious by anything the plot will have her dying to save the forsaken. That's how those stories always go.

>WW Tiger Palm
>Generates 0 Chi

The game sucking your dick.
>user you're a great mage who can wield Felo'milorn. You are truly one of the best mages out there.
Yeah me and the other thousands of fire mages wielding it. Stop making me seem important.

He is right.

I feel this everytime I log in.

23rd sub runs out.

Wit hall the shit we did over the years it would feel weirder if we weren't special.

>still worse than Khadgar in every way

They look like a teenager blizzdrone just bummed them hard.

Too busy campaigning for state senate to play WoW.

>yfw memetic raiders cried about m+

Story in WoW is pure shit. I don't understand why they made single player shit in meuporg


That's the process for when I log into WoW and then come 1 hour ... yeah...

What the fuck happened to the WoW website? Looks like total shit now

What are they mean by this?

I blame phones and people who browse the internet with them.

You can just switch specs though.

>ancient mana farming is hard

It takes literally 5 minutes and im not joking. Go to the winery and pick up tgose 120 mana bottles that are everywhere

Kys OP

wow made me so pesimistic to every change happening in the world
it always gets worse

and be completely behind with artifact power therefore doing shit dmg and having to start over again farming bullshit

Might as well finish them as long as it's your main. Completing quest lines has bad a history of being important to endgame progression, especially for acquiring legendaries used in raiding etc

You still need to do at least a little bit in each zone to get friendly with each zone faction to unlock WQ

Yeah but they treat you like YOU'RE the best and because of YOU they accomplished the goal. Then you realize they gave that speech to like a million other players and eh.

AP is not hard to get you fucking shitter.

>a politician playing a rogue

>>Ezra the tauren in Mulgore
Have you no heart?

I'm at 7500 in Honored. Soon I will finish.

its not hard but its also not fun

>playing WoD
>realize how much of a literal goldmine the garrisons were
>specialize the garrison on 3 characters to solely make gold
>save up almost 1 million gold during WoD
>legion comes out
>hate what they've done to my main (hunter)
>don't want to pay for the game anymore but still curious about Legion and if hunters get any better at 110, with a leveled up artifact, gear, and pvp talents (they don't)
>find guild mate willing to trade money for gold
>trade 120k gold for exactly enough money via paypal to pay for legion

Glad I had enough forethought to not have to pay for this piece of shit, not glad I didn't have enough forethought to work on any alts just in case blizzard horribly butchered my main.

>people keep telling me to not play Outlaw because they're going to be fucked
>blizz has given no indication of wanting to doing that

I am having so much fun. I was running heroics with my friend and he was giving me shit for being behind him in damage.

>his fucking face when I rolled all the buffs possible and ended the boss fight with 398k dps, 150k past him and anyone else

Rolling the bones is fun.


Oh, but they touched our utility pretty hard.

Too hard.

When will they fix Spriest aoe?

old WoW

that's honestly what I hate, and it astounds me people want that shit back

maybe it's because the people who want it back were 12 or whatever when the game came out but honestly it was fucking trash, that was only slightly better than most other MMOs which were ultra trash

Feels good to get those instaqueue
as a healer

>How is it fair at all? Did blizzard just drop the ball with balancing this expansion?

They listened to NONE of the feedback all through alpha and beta.

What's more, they decided to completely get rid of every class mechanic the game has slowly developed over 12 years of life and decided to come up with completely new mechanics pulled straight out of the asses of people who have never played this game but desperately want it to be like all the MOBAs they've brainlessly hammered their faces against while the rest of us were playing WoW.

FUCK this new dev team. They're a bunch of shit kicking windowlickers.

The best part is that DKs get to assault the paladin class order hall and butcher paladins all over the place, whilst paladin players never retaliate and are essentially cucked out of justice

anyone who tells you that is retarded

they have said shit all about Outlaw Rogue since Legion came out, because they know WW and DH AoE DPS is much more problematic

you can still get beat by other classes at AoE as outlaw, and your single target is middle of the pack, anyone who says otherwise is a retard

good on you for picking the coolest melee dps spec though

what is it with this fashion trend where you wear 10 layers of successively thicker closing in summer heat?

>finding a rich felslate deposit currently is literally the same as finding a cache of 500-700 gold or more

good times, played 2 weeks already bought 2 tokens.

How do I get good at doing dps during trashes with feral druid?

pick the AoE talents and guardian mastery

He slammed his keyboard onto his face and won.
Or slammed his face into the keyboard - these are very difficult and delicate choices one must make when playing demon hunter.

How do you people get ilvl +840? WQs that give you gear and dungeons?

Emissary quests don't really seem worth it desu

Convention centers are usually chilly.

>justifying complete shit

clearing your WQs that have a duration of more than 24 hours is probably key if you're not getting anything that drops high tier gear

>Nobbel87 and his shit voice

Speaks better english than shitskins who grew up in english speaking Countries

>Be in a guild
>Hit 110
>Run Mythic 5mans with guild until 850

Gear from Heroics and world quests is terrible.

>>Ezra the tauren in Mulgore
A kid who died of cancer and who's only wish was to visit Blizzard's HQ bothers you?

World quests and dungeons.

My belt I leather worked myself and upgraded with obliterium. I'm at 838 now, but desu once you get past 830 you need to stop giving a shit and get gear with your stat priorities.

Hah, dumb DKnigger.
Meanwhile we warriors actually had to go collect things in the world to open a portal to the demonic realm and invade Sargeras fortress to rescue our homie Hodir.

Their extreme reluctance to have cross species couples.
Meanwhile in Elder Scrolls Online there's an abundance of cross species married couples and even gay couples.

There is a human-elf gay undead buddycop couple m8.

Because that's the only reason I can find for not breaking cucktira's neck.

Where are you getting these?

why does that matter?

You have to be exalted with the night fallen.

Kill 500 billion boars.

Nobody knows that the above character is Anders Breivik's character.
Nobody cares about the fat Norfag anymore anyway.

Everyoner left, even Metzen he was like fuck this shit

>Things you hate in WoW

>Classes drastically changing
>Everything behind a massive grind
>Restricting flying every fucking expansion then charging to fly in that expansion zone.
>Half-assed features aka gems, glyphs, artifacts, orders

Yet the thing that I hate the most of all.

>Fury = 2H-DW
>Arms = Bladestorm

It matters because he's a faggot and wants the entire world to be just as gay and shit as he is.

I like Nobbel, hes much better than the other faggot nerds who try to make lore vids

Ret paladin:
Two-handed sword

Prot paladin:
Shield and sword

Holy paladin:
Two-handed hammer

One of these things are really fucked.
What class was Arthas?

>the group doesn't follow the tank
there's no fucking reason to go around, you can fucking save 5 minutes you fucking retards, god I forgot how fucking dumb these people are

>fags who started playing wow after vanilla are the most insufferable, entitled little cunts in the game
>go to orgrimmar and its 90% anime elves, not a player orc or troll in sight
>that cunt who stands on top of the npc with a mammoth mount
>"new expansion, this time wow is more amazing than ever before!" now go kill 10 bears
>stupid fire mage artifact with balls of fire above their head, looks fucking retarded

Blizzard aren't going to nerf them into oblivion but they will be bringing them down along with WW and DH, they've already pretty much confirmed this. Any spec that can do a fuckton of AoE will be tuned down. They're just waiting for a week or two of raids and mythic+ to gather the data and see exactly what needs to be adjusted.

I really don't think they are going to nerf the specs too much, it would cause too big of a shitstorm thanks to all the AP some people have put into their weapons already.

honestly theres not one wow related youtube channel thats not shit

The whole world is already gay and shit though.

>join group via LFD

>tank is demon hunter
>1st dps is demon hunter
>2nd dps is demon hunter
>3rd dps is hunter
>I'm pally heals


>it would cause too big of a shitstorm thanks to all the AP some people have put into their weapons already.
People are going to cry even if classes get buffed because "they would be forced to reroll".

>join dungeon via LFG
>be fire mage
>every DPS is a fire mage
>completely outdamage them

Nothing could make my dick any more diamond

min/maxers are the worst thing about wow, and all modern mmos today

>400 posts
>ctrl+f "multi"
>not a single mention of blizz killing multiboxing

shameful Cred Forums


A class spec which never actually attacks with their weapon gets a huge two-hander. And holy is now a melee-healer, the heals become less effective the further you stand from your targets.

>falling for the Versatility meme

>Leeroy is what's breaking the meta
>Not Yogg, the literal flip a coin: win or lose the game
>Not the 4 mana 7/7 and Tuskar Totemic or Doomhammer
>Not the lack of control options
>Not the eternal prevalance of Zoo
>Leeroy Jenkins

>less likely to happen?

How is it less likely? They fixed a bug that made it so getting a second or third legendary was a lot more likely, if you don't have any legendaries it doesn't change anything.

Your last complaint is ironic considering how many of those things were non issues PreBC


>go to Undercity to see if Sylvanas has a reaction for the Windrunner bow
>she actually does with voiced lines and everything

Pretty neat

Everybody knows alliance players are a bunch of fags.

the fuck are you even talking about

do you have some inability to post like a normal adult human, why are you posting in a response type of way without quoting someone? Why are you shitting up an already shit thread with a stupid reaction image and cadence?

>ilvl 850
>1m+ gold
>60k resource shit
>need 30k+ fucking power for new traits

why am i even still playing this shit jesus christ im just looking at this map theres a million quests offering fuckall and nothing and the fucking emissary chests are fucking insult

meanwhile some casual cuntfuck has 3 legs while im stuck with zero and starting to question my sanity

i might just kill myself to stop myself from playing this garbage

>the faction that's 50% eternal angsty 12 years olds who unironically scream for the horde in the mic in bg parties, started playing at Catashit, listen exclusive to death metal, make Coldsteel tier oc's donut steels, and wish they were fucked with spiky dildos if it were necessary to become a real life (insert any edgy race here)
>other 50% are fedora neckbeard basement dwellers, wear shirts with the horde emblem 24/7, pretty much blizzdrones who re-subscribe with every expansion, yet still claim that WoTLK was the last good expansion, spergs all day about muh lore despite being a dead game, and still believe in the Warcraft4 possibility

in this post: dumb neet burns through everything asap and complains

>open 11th world quest box, hear an item cling and get excited
>it's an ilvl 800 blue
>open 12th world box, second item cling; get really pumped
>it's an ilvl 810 WARFORGED blue
this fucking sucks
blizzard are a bunch of fucking hacks and world-drop legendaries/artifact power are only the surface of the problem

>ywn be this triggered by a post about a video game on a anime website

>tfw had to change to alliance for legion and can't stand by sylvanas side anymore

i regretted my decision 10 minutes after launch

Some of them are okay, but some are horrible.

I hate what they did to my qt undead waifu.

>I hate what they did to my qt undead waifu.

goddamn, this

fem forsaken look like complete fucking ass now

>844 ilvl
>haven't done a single Mythic
>only done maybe 10 Heroics
>no legendary
>can't stand the 5 man content
>now spend more time browsing Cred Forums legion threads and the GD forum

Can't wait for LFR to be released.

you got fucking slammed lmao, nice L tho

>can't stand the dungeons
>plays LFR

what type of autism is this anyway

> good orcs

Fuck this shit.

>World is ending
>Alliance and Horde still fighting each other
Just fuck off and give us cross-faction dungeons/raids already. PvP can be justified with some "we're just training" or time travel bullshit

The "I hate interacting with people and I sperg out at the very idea of it so I'm going to play an inherently social game where you cannot do anything without interacting with other people then whine that it isn't single player enough" kind.

>Mages complaining

You're reaching pretty hard. I simply just don't like small group content. Always preferred the Alterac Valley over the 10 man bgs, 25 raids instead of 10s, etc etc.

Wow, so you hate winning the game and playing it well.
You must also hate that the Olympians like Using Bolt only practice running too. He should just work on everything like swimming shot put and judo because he's ruining the Olympics. Fucking min/maxers

>sport analogies

elemental shaman was good in WoD tho

>World Quest spawns with a BiS relic
>For the spec I don't play
>I have better relics for my offspecs than my MS

Wait so Sylvanas is warchief?. I've barely touched WoW.

Does she still have Varimathras? This makes no sense at all. Nobody can be okay with this.

Are You okay? Why are You mad that someone has fun? If You are soo angry about something then it's not a suprise that You have a autism.

could you project any harder

just because you, as a retard, want to do the downie version of raiding with other retards doesn't mean hating the best dungeons ever makes sense

>This makes no sense at all

That's why they had to completely asspull it by literally saying "BECAUSE SPIRITS SAID SO LMAO"

>people who keep charging forward in dungeons and don't wait for other party members to catch up
When it's at



Retard tanks that try to skip every other trash pull and just end up pulling extra shit and wasting more time thank if we just cleared a path.

>well, it IS a MMO, so some social contact might be good for you user
Not him, but...

>Beme: Hey.
>Sefirof: hay :D
>Beme: [Quest] wants me to collect a [crafted item], are you able to make this?
>Sefirof: ya
>Beme: I have the materials with me now, would you be willing to make it for me?
>Sefirof: ya 1k den
>Beme: What
>Beme: I already bought the materials. I thought paying someone was only required when you don't have them on hand.
>Sefirof: xD nah
>Sefirof: u pay :3c
>Beme: No.
>Beme: I think I'm going to look for someone else.
>Sefirof is ignoring you.

I can do without the "social contact" with this community. Almost word-for-word based on a real story.

Allegedly Varim betrayed the horde with Putress at the botched attack on The Wrath Gate in Northrend during Wrath. What more likely happened is that Putress and Varim were thrown under the bus by Slyvanas when her betrayal of everyone did not work out.


>allegedly blah blah
Do you actually believe that? I'm looking for an answer here, what are the chances you think something like this will be revealed at any point of wow? One in ten? In thousand? In a million? Are you out of your mind?

What are you fucking talking about? When Apothecary Putress, the forsaken who figures out a cure for the scourge plague, betrayed the Forsaken, Horde and Alliance go into the Undercity to end his ass. We end Varimithras and his involvement with the Horde as well you fucking retarded nigger. He is no longer involved in the Forsaken or the Horde

ALLEGEDLY they went against Slyvanas' orders but it's much more likely she threw them under the bus when it did not work.

Jesus, I've played WoW on and off since launch and I don't know how you can give a fuck about so many other people. OP you need some soul-searching.

You're paying for a service you cunt.

You can bring oil to a car shop but you'll still pay them money to change the oil in your car. Are you stupid or something?

Grinding has never been fun.

1k is overpriced, but normally you tip like 100-200g for a crafter if you're using your mats. If it's only like 1 item then like 50g is a fair price.

While that's true, I personally would craft something for someone who had the mats without an issue. Changing oil on a car requires effort, I'm not autistic enough that social interaction is so draining on me I can't be assed to click two buttons for someone in need.

This is a terrible analogy since changing oil in a car requires some sort of effort every time it is done, meanwhile crafting something is clicking a trade, and navigating a craft menu that has filters to make it even easier for you pathetically jewish privateers.

In the real world that makes perfect sense, but in the game world, it doesn't require any effort on your part to make it.

I believe that's the reason that in the many years up until now, nobody has charged me for mats-up-front and neither have I charged anyone else. It was only during Legion that the first person ever tried to charge me an exorbitant sum for a no-effort job.

Do you see my point?

>ALLEGEDLY they went against Slyvanas' orders but it's much more likely she threw them under the bus when it did not work.

This. I am talking about this. Do you seriously believe that to be true? You legitimately expect this to be revealed as true at any point in wow?

No it is not.

The analogy is not retarded because people spend time and "effort" to raise professions. While you can argue it's true that not hard to click two buttons they still have to develop that skill.

That is what an economy is. You pay for services. While you can justify 1k is expensive and I agree with you on that. People will charge for services because you take up there time.

Its fucking brought up in the story that people don't trust slyvanas' involvement you fuckhead. I couldn't give less of a shit if they confirm or deny it.

Really only in legion?

I would see server spams back in TBC where people would charge for you to get your gem cut for 10g-100g a pop.

Maybe if I didn't view playing a video game as a leisure activity people chose to do, and thought of it as an actual career pathway like you guys. . .

Yes, they have spent time building the profession, but that effort wasn't specifically for me. This is simply a case of someone having built it up for their own reasons, the only thing I ask of them is this one product.

Let's say I ask someone to take up Jewelcrafting just so I can get a 600 Jewelcrafting ring. They spend their time and money for me, gathering and buying materials.

Would I pay them for that? Yeah, since there was effort involved on their part. But let's flip that and say that I gave them every single material needed to advance them all the way to 600 Jewelcrafting, and the mats for the ring too.

Do you honestly fucking think that charging me in this situation is justifiable

Yeah that's another good point, people don't pick up a profession with the sole purpose of serving others; people tend to pick up professions with their own class in mind before anything else proving that.

See, that's the issue, moron.

It's a game world. It doesn't exist independent of us. It doesn't run on its own.

If the devs don't confirm it, it hasn't happened.

What, you think it happened independent of them and they're hiding it? Sylvanas betrayed the horde, but blizzard is hiding it? For sylvanas to betray the horde, blizzard must want her to betray the horde. And if blizzard wants her to betray the horde, it's because they want to do something with it in the game, or at the very least have it for lore/flavor. If it's never shown, never confirmed, in any way, then they don't want it to happen. And if blizzard doesn't want it to happen, it didn't.


DK received the exact same treatment when they were introduced. they will dominate early expansion as per usual.

For real? I admit; I never cared for Jewelcrafting. Is Jewelcrafting the only thing that you've seen that happen for? Has it only happened for the brand new professions?

Jesus user how many vaccines did they put into your body? You have become autism, destroyer of threads

>Things you hate in WoW

Some people pick up professions to make money. I picked up alchemy because I know potions will always make bank. You can't argue that some people do it for themselves and some people will do it for money, there are no statistics to that and you will only get anecdotal evidence.

Yes I agree with the notion that it should be free if they are using it to level. But we are assuming things here which changes too many things, what if you want them to craft you a high level item that only a small percentage of people have? That it took them long rep grinding to get because the sole purpose of it was so they could craft it and make more money?

If we are going to assume things everything changes. If you are getting something crafted a service should be paid to someone whose time you used, whether how much they charge you is dependent on them. I myself don't mind crafting things for free but when someone charges you for their time it can be justified. If you don't like it move on.

just because hodir is a dumb fuck who walks into random legion portals.

good job

>mine node
>lizard comes out and attacks me
>some guy runs by and tags it
>"target is tapped"
It was maybe 1 or 2 ore but I'm still mad.

If autism could destroy threads, Cred Forums would long be non-existant.

and not a single thing I said was inaccurate

worst possible hordeleader ever. she hates everyone and herself and being a fucking undead. she uses what she can get for her own terms. fuck this biatch. n

As a skinner I wish death upon everyone who does this
>Pull 5000 bears
>Some asshole AOEs once and leaves, never to loot them
Other professions got updates where nodes stay around for a few second afterwards to avoid those races. Why can't skinning get an update?

Autistic and wrong is the worst combination, user.

I don't think you understand what 'special' means.

So is frost DK shit like everyone says?
Should I just level my monk so i have to option of healing to fall back on if WW doesn get nerfed to the fucking ground?

Then point my flaws user-chan. When was I wrong? Tell me!

The Horde's distrust of the Forsaken was shown through their rep during vanilla, as they were the only Horde race that was neutral with Orcs, Trolls, Tauren etc.
The Horde has never trusted Sylvanas, both Lor'themar and Vol'jin have stated this. But saving the Horde at the Broken Shore has caused them to believe that Sylvanas is out for their best interests and not simply their own.

She continues to pursue her own goals at the expense of the Horde, but the Horde is willing to trust her as Vol'jin did.

Class Halls can be big money makers too.

She was clearly involved. It is unknown if she had any hand in the attack. They left that suggested but vague on purpose, to cast doubt. Not everything when telling a story needs to be spelled the fuck out.

Her exact involvement in the Wrath Gate is unknown. However we know they worked on "something" for her under order. Was it the plague? That isn't even spelled out. However an expansion later Southshore is gased, Gilneas is gased. Good Guy Garrosh is telling her not to use it and she's using it regardless. That blood elf DK gets dragged off and tortured after Andorhol along with other events to further put her in a questionable light.

Stormheim happened too. Glad Genn stopped her rapist slaver attempts at immortality.

Fuck Sylvanas. In various positions and using differing flavors of lube. A mixture that on a decade old corpse would surely taste lovely.

Chimping out about use of the word allegedly when Blizzard did intentional leave Slyvanas role ambiguous. Allegedly was 100% the correct word choice for the situation. Blizzard most likely never resolving that plot point doesn't mean that one possibility over the other was more correct.

It is true that most people do it to make money, I agree with you. However there is already a good way to make money from your profession: Selling materials or products that you collected or bought yourself. With this as an easy, steady option, there is no justifying charging money in a situation where you lose nothing. Unless you're a Goblin(jew) and you think time is literally money.

The whole equation of how much you charge in this game is something like: effort required x time lost x difficulty to obtain. Hence Frostguard is expensive because the plans themselves have to be found, the materials required are rare and scarce and it takes a lot of time to get all these things. The same goes for the Codex of the Tranquill mind, which matches the same requirements.

Getting to the point - in this equation, difficulty to obtain is 0, effort required is 0.1, time lost is however long it takes you to reach the person. So I suppose you've got a point: People owe like 10g, just for taking the time out of their day. But do you know why people don't charge for time? Because it's trivial.

Who would be that petty?

>Not popping Counter-strike totem exactly when the DH wants to do his tard burst.

Demon hunter's are literally the softest targets in the game without their defensives.

Intentionally leave Sylvanas' role*

what the fuck, do you pay your mechanic for his college tuition fees?


DK 4-7

Yes, user. None of this proves she orchestrated putress' rebellion though. I don't disagree she's a shady , self-serving character. I disagree that she orchestrated the wrathgate.

>she was clearly involved
>it's unknown if she had any hand in the attack
It's one or the other. We're discussing whether the planned the rebellion.

if sylvanas is never revealed to have been behind the wrathgate, then blizzard never wrote her as being behind the wrathgate.

She didn't orchestrate the Wrathgate. Varimathras did.

I stopped caring after WotLK. The Garrosh storyline was okay though.

The factions need to be almost completely reworked though. Anduin is a bitch boy and Sylvanas is a terrible warchief.

Blizzards IN GAME AND BLIZZARD MADE quest text and writing suggest that she was involved you dense faggot. Therefor saying with certainty she was not is incorrect just like saying for certain that she was. Meaning that "allegedly" is the correct way to describe the situation.

I dont know why I am even responding. I am 100% sure this is some terrible attempt to pass retardation off as "le ebin troll"

This 5 follower business is some GAY ASS SHIT, my niggas.

>got three of my dudes on a mission
>other two dudes can't fulfill all requirements for any other missions
I hate having to rely on ZEALOTS or ACOLYTES. Give me another one of my three followers, you buttfucking retards.

Enjoy that cartoony bounce they got as a running animation in WoD

I race changed my dwarf after that failure

>Get my point??

>My bark is worse than my bite

They can't keep getting away with it

So make us an elite force of champions, not literally the leader of a class while running around with 150 other leaders of the class

Maybe you meant "involved" as in, involved in the creation of the plague and not involved in putress' rebellion and betrayal of the horde and that's where the misunderstanding happened.
She didn't plan the wrathgate event.

hm, I thought they added undead after troll.
I think it was before TFT that the undead was released though and I remember thinking it was a bad call.

Yeah you are definitely are trolling, can't believe I fell for it as long as I did

He says he doesn't like the humor, not that the card is too powerful.

Daily reminder that the story of the horde got leaked on the WoW wiki

Baine is warchief guys

I honestly promise I was 100% honest the whole time and thought you meant involved in the betrayal, not in the plague. Misunderstandings happen, don't sweat it.


Nigger I DID mean the Betrayal

It's possible she was involved because Blizzard specifically mentions the possibility IN GAME

>alliance/horde loyalists/fanboys. people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction

Only Alliance kiddies say this shit. Just because you play the faction that has the least hardcore raiders and dedicated players doesn't mean you have to go "b-but we're all e-e-equal...".



>Genuinely enjoy how Frost Mage plays
>Ebonchill designs are baller as fuck
>Hidden appearance is behind pure RNG

Only after WoD came out and the fixed the Female Gnome faces.
They look cute now instead of creepy and mousy like they used to.

>tfw west coast USA with shit internet and the only decent raiding server near me is not only 90% alliance but also the LGBTQAPIFAGGOT pride server

Say what you will but I think WoW's artstyle saved it.
The cartoon-ish visuals kept the game from looking dated. That is the only reason I can think of that so many people continue to play over a decade later. Even just the vanilla stuff doesn't look that bad.

>Metzen made Thrall into a self-insert
Bravo, Blizzard

At least Metzen is gone now

And also the fact that it's crisp to play. Othe games (ie FF14) make the mistake of locking your character into the animation for each ability, and cancelling the animation cancels the ability. Makes the game feel stiff and sluggish.

>alliance/horde loyalists/fanboys. people who will unironically judge you as a person, based on your faction
this is the very heart of WoW, it was the most exciting part of the game from the very beginning and a feeling that fuckmen like yourself demanded Blizz do away with
>random people who invite me in a group without bothering to utter a word or messaging me to tell me what they want
What are you, scared? Jesus
>Leroy Jenkins. This shit was never funny. Not even for 5 minutes when it was brand new.
It was staged shit but nevertheless deserves some respect for the fact that it sprung WoW into pop culture in a pre-meme era
>Red Shirt Guy. Why do people become famous for literally nothing?
Because he made idiots look like idiots and didn't even realize that he did it
>Nostalgia fags. Get over it.
x d
>Ezra the tauren in Mulgore
Literally what
>people who keep charging forward in dungeons and don't wait for other party members to catch up
I'm done replying. 8/10 overall, you baited me good

>that guy who doesn't dismiss his pet before jumping over the ledge in Gnomeregan so it pulls everything in the entire instance
>that guy who tries to do the Blackrock Depths Detention Block skip on Upper City
>that guy who kills the quest giver in Dire Maul West