It's over. Sony won.

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ok so the visuals are detail porn like in modern movies but is it actually a GG?

this. visuals honestly mean nothing desu senpai




doesn't matter now, breh. welcome to the era of graphxx

What screen is that?

That bezzel is sexy

fuck i love falseflagging

I can't see that much difference between Pro and OG honestly. Just HDR and a lil bit better IQ.

But the game is going to come to PC. And it will still suck on PC.

Game looks like it'll be awful until they release some "Definitive Experience" version with all the shit they cut out to sell as DLC so it's not like it matters

And yes I own a PS4


But I thought we were all shitting on ffxv for being an overall disgrace to the FF franchi-

That's pro footage and you know it

That's not a real screenshot, though. The screenshots of this pro version look like they could be bullshots for the original version.

Look at tress on Pro footage and then look at trees in my screen.

That PS4 looks like it was shooped into the image or something.

Direct feed footage when

whats the hdr meme about

Holy fucking shit, I've never seen more obvious VPN samefagging and shilling.

What the fuck is goingo n with Sony shills here lately?

And the game looks like shit, plays and looks like shit.





Wow, this screenshot almost makes it look as good as a Wii game at 1080p.

If it wasn't for the blurry grass, horrible LOD and the paper trees on the right.

This looks crazy good. I assume it's a bullshot.

>I assume it's a bullshot

you don't say



The scam is real.

>at 1080p

That's not what the game runs at. Apart from this it's what it looks like, though. You must inscrease the colors of your TV, though.

How do we go from this... TO THIS?

it's like the HD meme from a few years ago.
just shit to make you spend money
the colors look better

I would say its bullshot if i haven't seen Dengeki stream which was played on standart ps4.

I don't get it. What is this "pro" version? Is there a new Playstation announced or something?

And when this is the pro version, how bad does the normal version look? Not even the pro version looks better than Witcher 3 on PS4, pic related.

What is going on?

Yes, Pro is new version of PS4, with higher specs.
Pics in OP is Pro version, while

is standart one.

Literally nothing.

um... realistic "thing is very far away" look?

>sony gets the regular PS4s version downgraded to shill PS4pro harder


So technically you had to spend $800? (because you already have a regular ps4)
I can build a pc for cheaper and better quality. Your move pscucks


>FFXV being on PC
>having games on PC
ggez. Hate the playa not that game, homes.

You are clinically retarded if you don't think XV is coming to PC. It's already been confirmed multiple times, it's just coming later so it doesn't look and run like shit ala consoles.

>wanting to play Japanese boy band the game
No thanks.

The PS4 Pro is a mid-cycle half-step that introduces 4K playback on media, upres'd 2k to 4k for games and promises some minor improvements for 1080p users (FPS, more details, etc). It's retailing for 400 USD and coming out in November.

We 2014 graphics now?? I don't wanna buy a pro.

>giving 40 million early adopters the middle finger
Fuck Sony

What games looked like that in 2014??

lol you're an alright guy


it was running on something like double 980gtx?

Lighting looks better now. But having that detail in the distance again would be sweet.


Xenoblade is a sprarse, blurry looking ass mess with shity draw distance on anything that isn't a bullshot.

they both look fine

Lol this granny at back

only impressive thing here is the lighting, tons of games on the current ps4 that look better than this, textures and detail vise

maybe this is the high framerate mode, I can't tell, will have to wait for comparison videos by digital foundry

I want to be one of those chill guys who sticks with older hardware for as long as possible but I just can't help it. I need the pro.

What exactly am I looking at

You're a dumbass

You're victim of marketing, im sorry. But i can understand, its hard to keep urself novadays.
You're literally poorfag and nobody if you don't have last version of Iphone or last version of Sony Playstation.

>40 millions PS4 owners cucked
>FF XV will run like at 15 fps and looks like shit on old PS4
>Sony Won
So, this is....the ...power...of...Sonygger

They try to push their "upgrade" meme.

Look. The only relevant question now is whether or not if Sony will offer some kind of trade-in upgrade plan to bring the cost of ownership down to about $150 extra for existing PS4 owners. If it's $200+, then it will see less adoption rate.

Trees definitely look better.

>post yfw you didn't fall for the early adopter meme

Would you?

Where are you getting these images, you're a dev? More please.

I'm not a shota so I don't know if she'd be interested in me ;_;

I feel this way, too I want to ride my launch PS4 until 2019 when the PS5 releases, but I imagine seeing nothing but PRO/Scorpio footage for the next thee years will be suffering. This won't be like PC from late last gen. Sony and MS kept PC in check and focused marketing with console footage. Even then, not many games made their PC versions too much better for fear of offending Sony/MS. Now, it's consoles that'll be giving developers license to push the mid gen refreshes. It'll be an onslaught.

I got it from reverse image search, user.

That actually looks really good to be honest, it's almost a fake seeing those AA.

How's Persona 5 on the Pro?

Sonyponies deflections

>mfw my only TV is 1920x1080

>mfw that scene is no longer in the game

Seriously that was probably my favorite scene to date at the time. Hell, probably even now.

>people bought a ps3 hoping being able to play versusXIII, turns out it became a lightning machine
>people bought a PS4, after all, we got trailers, even a demo
>turns out you need to buy a PS4pro to not play the ps2 like tier game

remember: the main argument against PCs is "it's expensive"

>upscaled when the game is 720p
>not even upped colors

2/10 for making me reply.


>shitty draw distance
You can literally see that desert ring in the background which is three Skyrims away, retard.

If a game is advertised as pretty, but then doesn't look that pretty, and ultimately looks like shit in the end then yeah, they matter.

>tfw always told FFXV-kun those trees look like fucking awful shit, are way too dark and look like paper trees
>he always defended them
>now even SE realized the trees in the game look like shit and changed them completely so they actually look decent now

Where is FFXV-kun anyway?

Is Final Fantasy faggotry and Naruto faggotry the ultimate link? Both is equally gay and awful in its genre. Probably share 99% the same fanbase.

You wanna talk about colors in XCX user? Every single screen I've ever seen of it looks like it had some shitty instagram filter put over it. They're completely unrealistic, and unlike XC, it's not in a good way. Even the falseflag comparison shot in looks worse than FFXV despite having clearer definition because the formation and color/lighting of the crystals is completely unrealistic and nonsensical.

Someone should shoop Tabata's face on him.

>tfw a literal few second scene from the 2013 trailer is more well-written and charming than anything Tabata has shit out since then

This is just headcanon/speculation but I got the sense that the original Versus trailers were directed solely by Nomura, 2013 was collaborative, and obviously everything since then is either Tabata or some lackey of his. 2013 felt like a definite tonal shift from the first Versus trailers, and it stuck just the right balance imo. The new trailers seem to have removed the Versus vibes completely, which I think is too far.

A lot of people like to hate on Nojima because he's really hit or miss but when his stuff hits it hits hard

I don't think there was a tonal shift, it's just that we were shown a completely different city than the one we were shown in all the Versus trailers.

The 2013 trailer still stayed true to the grand "epic" tale Nomura always advertised Versus to be and the soup scene is a good example of the realistic human relationships he was trying to portray.

Everything since then has been completely different. I remember thinking Duscae felt really odd and couldn't put my finger on why. Things only went downhill from there.

I think Nomura had mostly full control with some influence until after the 2013 trailer. He did a few interviews during it's reveal and then after that things went a little dark and then he departed in 2014? Things clearly changed during the team during that time. Ferrari even confirmed things getting cut in 2013 when he left too.


Yeah no, video related is what it actually looks like. Foggy, sparse, blurry and empty. Like a late 90s PC game.

>Nomura's good ideas plus Nojima helping him with writing

Versus would've been good atleast.

>one part of oblivia the desert region, at night
kek are you even trying nigger?

>Trees definitely look better.
cause the picture is a downscale of a 4k screen in something that isn't even 1080 p.

Are you?

global warming


>I can't see that much difference between Pro and OG honestly.
because those pics are downscaled. The don't show real 4k screenshots cause it's still a mess of low poly environment and aliasing.
the "vivid color" are just adjusted contrast on the screen, nothing to do with HDR

It is. The Wii U runs XCX at 720p

this is still oblivia, under meteo contition upscaled from a youtube streams.
You believe so hard "nobody has a wiiU" that you can't realize you are getting crushed there.


As IF that is what's happening, though.

The game is straight up ugly because of the inconsistent art direction.

More horse power is not going to fix that.

Not in any meaningful way.

I though people buys Pro for better Image Quality not just for 4K meme, its too early for 4K.

>oversaturate and overcontrast image
>Cred Forums retards think it's an upgrade

>Japanese boy band the game
Top kek. This makes total sense as well.

>Xbone webm


Noctilum, and these caps are from a 720p stream. How much more damage control can you Nintendrones get? The game doesn't look anything like the bullshots you purpose that it does.

Everyone has played better looking games since the days of the early Xbox, just because it's finally time you guys caught up doesn't make a mediocre looking game amazing.

Welcome to 2016, enjoy your fog, shitty LODs and blurry textures in exchange for a huge empty ass map. No Man's Sky might be right up your alley too.

so is the Pro GPU more powerful than the 980?


Get the fuck out. This is what the New 3DS was to the 3DS and people were mildy unenthusiastice about that too.

It's just an upgrade to keep the system somewhat current for new users that buy in.

M8 it's like 960 tier.

>so desperate that they downscaled the 4k to less than 1080p over a tilted angle

>Doing 4k
>Doing 1080p without problems
I refuse to believe.

you keep failing miserably.

So how bad is XV going to look on a regular PS4?

>off-screen shots

We all know where THESE go.

It still looks like a 360 game, kek. Is this the best they can do?

This. The only thing that "looks" good is the lighting.

woops I'm sorry, I forgot streams magically add super dense fog, remove all clutter and mobs from the map and downscale all the textures.

Not to mention it's the very same type of samples which you're judging FFXIV, being a stream, if not better because Xenoblade has actually come out, so we have direct footage rather than the bullshots you're having everyone believe is actually indicative of the game.

Ok, maybe a little more.

It's basically a down-clocked 470.

Will pro let them play at max 1080p 60fps?

That's where it's at.

I think I'm just going to stick with the launch model PS4

I dont have a 4k television and the Pro is already nout of my budget, I just have to accept I can afford nice goodies because I'm not that well off.

I will save up and for the PS5 and by then I might be able to afford a nice TV too

Yeah enjoy your upscaled barely 1440p quality x-D

>I play on consoles so I dont have to upgrade xD

It's actually between a 970 and 980 in terms of theoretical output. Also there's supposedly some specialized hardware dedicated specifically to the pseudo-4K approach they're using.

Thats because the pro is not actually capable of running very high res textures

Pretty sure Tabata expressed interest in a Scorpio version. Pro version will be 3rd best behind PC and Scorpio, especially considering the lead api for the game is DX12 and not Ice or Vulkan.

>release PS4 version
>wait a while
>release the definitive 4K edition
>wait a while
>release the way it meant to be played version for PC

They are going to milk it like Rockstar did with GTAV.

post more you slut!

>970 and 980
More like 970.

It's a 4.2 teraflops card on AMD architecture. For reference, a 390 is 5.9 Teraflops.

Why does Cred Forums hate 4k?

I would think enthusiasts care about 4k.

Cred Forums loves OLED 4K tv's.

I'm not paying another $400 just so FFXV can have prettier trees and grass. I hope the delay helps out, but I doubt it.

I don't hate 4k but its difficult enough to run anything on high settings 60fps on a high end pc on 4k.

The ps4cuck edition runs upscaled 2k blurry shit that tries to pass of as 4k thats the problem.

If you sell your ps4 for $250+ like me, it's more like $170

What about the regular PS4? Did they fix that too?

You posted compressed stream screenshots, you literally do the opposite of what you claim with those pictures.

It's 1800p with specialized upscaling called "checkerboarding."

It looks good to me. And so does it to these guys. youtube.com/watch?v=pUb63Dc7-Bw

And anyways, if you don't want to play in that mode for whatever reason (retard) you can just play in 1080p with 60fps.

Posting screenshots of Witcher 3 is pointless.

The game doesn't look amazing when static. It looks amazing because everything is moving.

Likewise. I'd rather put the money towards a new GPU and 4k monitor when HBM2 is here

I bought a normal ps4 for world of final fantasy and 15 because I don't give a flying fuck about the pro. If I want quality I will play a game on my PC.

If you believe even for a second that 15 on a ps4pro will run at 60fps you've gone off the deep end already.

Movies can run on 4k TVs with no problems just by putting a disc in. To get a great experience with 4k on PC you literally need to spend $2000+ dollars.

>there's no differences!

Of course it looks like there's no differences. You can only see the differences Pro has on an actual 4KTV.

Because it was already confirmed that even the tombraider ''60fps'' edition doesn't actually hit 60fps. All they promise is that it wont drop below 40 or 45

You can't win against something that is made for everything.
You can't run the LHC on PS4's, or even develop PS4 games on the PS4.

You don't get better frame rate on PS4pro, who told you that? If the game runs at 30fps on PS4 it's going to run at 30fps on the PS4pro

>To get a great experience with 4k on PC you literally need to spend $2000+ dollars.
But isn't this an enthusiast site full of predominantly pc gamers? Aren't you all at the forefront of tech? 4k is objectively better than 1080p. It's just the facts, so don't you want the definitive experience? That's what you "master race" guys go on about, right?

It's checkerboarded 4k. Same number of pixels as 1600p but arranged in a checkerboard pattern that theoretically allows for better reconstruction than simple interpolation.

>Look at weather icon
>It's a tornado.


Actually its up to the developers how the extra power will be used.
TR guys actually said they will give the player three options on how the extra power is used:
1080p/30fps with more piss filters, 1080p/60fps with PS4 graphics or "4k"/30fps.

>You don't get better frame rate on PS4pro, who told you that?
It's in the FAQ.

>was promised graphics like this with the original PS4
>buy PS4
>1 year later
>"actually here's an updated version, this will have the graphic capabilities you hoped for 3 years ago"
>now feel pressured into buying a PS4Pro

that's kind of the problem with show casing 4k and HDR and VR stuff. You pretty much need to see it in person. There's zero ways to show it off to the average consumer.

Don't worry.
Cerny is at your house, right now, well hidden, JUST waiting you to buy the PS4 pro... to announce the PS4 pro plus.

Underrated post.

>around 2011-2012
>okay these are the target hardware specs. Devkits have a gtx 680
a few years later
>lol no our consoles are less than half as strong as we promised go fuck your self
>well I guess we gotta downgrade to hell

years later they ACTUALLY release the console they promised in 2012
>it's back to normal on both scorpio and ps4pro
>s-sony wins

Yeah it only took them 6 years to reach current midrange GPUs

Stable =/= better
Better would mean something like 60fps.

In this case, it just means that you'll actually be able to play games at the advertised 30fps.

>buying a console for a game that doesn't even have a confirmed release date
>doing this when, at the least, console manufacturers have been doing more efficient 'slim' refreshes since the PS2

I was holding out for the PS4 Slim. Pro was just a pleasant surprise.

The game's resolution is 720p but other than that, this is a real screenshot.
However if you don't have your TV set to Vivid then you aren't going to get the popping colours, this game looks quite ugly on standard.

>Capable of
Entirely up to the developers. Most developers are not going to invest more money on something 34,000,000 people might not be able to play.


I feel this way more about 4k and HDR, really. I know if I had the pro I'd still mostly be gaming on PC but fuck if all this marketing isn't selling me on at least those 2 things.

I must embrace my Jewish ancestry and be thrifty, I will stick with my 2nd hand 1080 ultra-wide damn it and I'll like it.

>Most developers are not going to invest more money on something 34,000,000 people might not be able to play.
It appears to be that people are buying the PRO more than the Slim or the Xbox One S or the Titan X Pascal

Very few people buy the Titans.
The cost/benefit is just not there.

Are there actual comparison screenshots?

b-b-but muh 4k native max settings 60 frames !!

muh pc master race!!

Why buy a 2000$+ TV for a 400$ console?

I mean even the cheapest 4K monitors start around 800$ when I last checked.

What's the point of 4K TVs at this point anyway? It's not like anyone outside of Europe or maybe Korea/Nippon can afford streaming Netflix in 4K. Cable is literally physically capped at [email protected] or 720p/60. All the BR releases now are 1080p aswell.

>Very few people buy the Titans.
Speak for yourself

4k is objectively better than 1080p.

It's a fucking fact. Get over it, poorfaggot.

I speak for the masses.
Not everyone have Asian privilege.

>I bought it, so that must mean everyone else did too!

>you can just play in 1080p with 60fps.
you can't. A lot of games are either going to be severely limited by the pros cpu (making pseudi-4k30fps a great deal easier than trying to reach 1080p60fps), or they'll be multiplayer titles where Sony specifically said they didn't want pro players having a framerate advantage.

240p at solid 60 fps > 4k at choppy 25.

I was talking about TVs. There is no content for it.
Also [email protected] is infinitely better than [email protected]

don't you mean
>"""4K""" at choppy 25fps

fake 4k, real 4k, don't matter when its choking more than eminem getting his gf blacked in front of him.

Is it just me or do the shadows have lines in them? Like a zebra pattern

The Pro wouldn't be bad if they actually bothered to give people who already had a PS4 some type of trade in program. Instead your best bet is to just sell the stupid thing on ebay for $200-250 and then you still need to shill out the rest of the money.

Its absolute garbage. Hell I've even seen normalfags throwing a bitch fit about the thing, mostly over the whole 4k blu-ray and bethesda mods thing, but even still. Sony should have thought this through other than "We can trick people, more money woooo!"

In a couple of months, we will have "early adopter Sonyggers vs Pro Sonyggers" threads. Based Sony.

well, that's it then... sony won again.

they fucking did it again

>I've even seen normalfags throwing a bitch fit about the thing,
But it's just like their phones

Now you mention it, yes, there is a very little bit of shadow acne in the picture.
It is an very fucking annoying problem to solve, because the fastest way to solve it can cause the so called peter panning if you use too much, but shadow acne if you use too few.


Yeah I was surprised too, figured they'd flock to it because it was shiny and new tech like a dumb fish, but people are actually being smart over it (granted for dumb reasons) but at least its something. A lot of people have been trading in their PS4s and stuff and waiting on the Scorpio or whatever its called.

Weird as hell, looked up the the best trade-in program just now actually, PS4 and 5 games well only get the Pro for half off, and those games can't include different yearly versions of sports games. PS4 doesn't even have 5 games worth it right now.

Holy shit are you playing on composite cables on a tube tv or something? Game looks godly when I, and anyone else plays it.

Your pic really reminded me of Moire Patterns somehow lol

Xenoblade X looks a million times better than XV, the one faggot who is in denial hasn't actually played it.

im not bothered, if i really wanted it thats just one week of pay

>But isn't this an enthusiast site full of predominantly pc gamers?

most of the board is filled with teens who act like hipsters by hating everything popular, most them don't even play video games apart from the last big trend like dark souls 3 of battlefield one

It is a form of moiré pattern.
To generate shadows in modern games, you make a "picture from the point of view of the camera", and then use this picture as a reference when rendering the main image to not illuminate things that "are not visible on the picture".
But as the picture is imprecise and made out of pixels, sometimes the data and real geometry don't match completely and you get weird patterns.
The fix is to pull the "virtual image" up a bit, so you don't get the weird intersection.

That's actually exactly what it is. Due to the way basic shadow-mapping works, there is literally a fine stripe/"zebra" pattern on certain surfaces unless you take corrective measures. Then, because of the way the image is sampled, you get moire patterns in the final render.

Its not the price that is the problem, its the business practice that is the problem. What happens when you buy one and then next year or in two years there is a better version of the thing out called the Pro+ and then you just have to buy that because they know you will, the Pro sold.

Its not about the money, its about the practice. It only becomes about the money because they're trying to jew people even people who already bought a PS4 out of even more money. I understand they have to make their money, but its kind of shitty to keep spitting in the face of customers, eventually people will wise up and as I've said, a lot of people are backing out entirely or trading in for Ones/Scorpios. Besides even if it is one week of pay, that pay could better go to things such as bills, gas, food, etc.

>"picture from the point of view of the camera"
"camera" should be "light source"

i play this shit all day and xv looks way better. you are in true denial

Holy crap, i completely derped there.

I seriously think XV is stealing assets from XIV, not a lot but some things here and there. Got this creepy vibe I can't shake.

>its the business practice that is the problem
wrong, the consumer is the problem

back then devs had to make glorious expansion with new games mechanics to sell 15$, now they just need to take a skin, tweak the colors and sell it for 2$.

they can sell the same console with a new chip every two years for 400$ because consummers are cows that are waiting to be milked to death, hell it's even common for people to take a loan for that.
the practice is perfectly fine because it doesn't force anyone to fall into it, but they know it will sell easily because people are retards

Luminous was said to be a "cousin" of whatever it is they use for ARR. The lighting/materials in the third World of Wonder environment trailer reminded me of it a bit, but it seems they've tweaked it since then, for the better imo. Still, it's not surprising that they're similar. I doubt they literally recycled assets, though.

i'm just saying. i plan to get a desktop so i dont even want the pro really.

And what did Sony "win?"

Smoother framrate literally means that the framrate is higher

That foliage looks like shit

And Final Fantasy games have sucked for the longest.

Fair enough, consumers are the problem. I mean it is a smart business practice because of that.

Either way, to not offer a proper trade-in program for people that already own one is shitty. I mean, good they're offering one period by trading in the PS4 with 5 games and you get half off, but as I said, how many people actually own 5 games for the PS4 and then you're just trading in your games in the first place. What happens when the consoles with digital games on them, such as the Battlefront PS4 bundle, do those count as games? I doubt it.

Then you need to buy a proper 4k TV/monitor to even get the most out of the Pro and I know a surprising amount of people who don't own 4k TVs, more so with monitors. 4k TVs are getting cheap, but a lot of the cheap ones are just garbage bullshit 4k TVs.

I doubt it either. I get this uncanny valley feel. Like, too many similar elements and ideas. Even ideas for world structures and design from XIV. That ice crystal shit in one of the previous screenshots reminded me of some place in Limsa in XIV. I haven't played in years, since 2.3, but I still sorta see it.

1080p/2k is the best at the moment till a single GPU can do 4K 60fps by itself on max graphics.

Now fuck off.

>That foliage looks like shit
No, your simply insane user. The foliage looks fine.

this just looks like a regular PS4 game graphics. just wait till this shit comes out. none of this will look any better.

I can tell it looks better, but its marginal at best, not worth an upgrade really. Now a more stable framerate might be, but depends on how more stable though.

What did they do?

Made something new for idiots to eat up.

FFXVI will be a lot better because will be based on bravely default, and PS4 pro will be dirty cheap by then, assuming won't be a PS5 title.

>HAHA i wasted my money so hard and everybody will be so jealous and mad ;D xD

>early adopter

You'll be an early adopter of the Pro goyim. ;^)

>tfw we're in a vicious cycle now
>early adopters of base consoles will get jewed by pro versions
>pro early adopters will get jewed by pro+ versions that the early adopts of base consoles will have waited on
>repeat ad infinitum

The Joys of Capitalism!

Well as they say, a fool and his money etc etc

Sony knows this well

This is why the US is in such a shithole as it is. People complain about never having money due to the economy rising and min. wage not rising over the years along with it, and yet they go out and buy every brand new piece of technology so they can brag.

Like you said, a fool with his money and Sony knows it, along with Apple, Samsung, etc.


>no sauce

>>Nomura's good ideas plus Nojima helping him with writing
Have you not seen Kingdom Hearts?

>picture of an average pc player

Average PC player has 2 women? One for the main bitch, the other to cuck the consolecucks.

I am talking about volume.Pkeks can't afford new games let alone hookers.

But clearly there is clearly a PC player with your mom right there.


Back into the sega genesis vs snes era, except with shittier games and less blast processing and mode 7 being tossed around.

The colors itself are more impressive than the graphic upgrade, if that's just thanks to the HDR then i feel no need to get a Pro

>Friends buy the ps4 early because it's future proof and they look forward to FF15
>PSNeo rumors surfaces
>Playstation Pro announced
>FF15 pictures with enhanced graphics shows up

I cannot imagine the salt


They just need to fix character models, fuck the environment. Why does everyone's hair look grainy as fuck and the models range from high quality to low quality at random times

They ruined the best looking girl.
Fuck you SE

>2D trees

This just looks like the HDR mode. Anything can look good with that enabled.

>There are people on here that died waiting for the last guardian and XV
>Both in development for 10+ years
>Both delayed
What the fuck is going on in japan are they in some sort of relative time bubble or something?

She's definately the best girl in this game, hands down.

Would hold hands with without regrets.

There are ghosts on Cred Forums?

Fuck the upgraded console bullshit, if there was a PS2 pro that came out in 2004 people would've rioted.

Yeah, no matter how good the upgrade is I won't buy it. Don't want them to do shit like this ever again.

Much of a muchness

i dont think they did enough to justify the ps4 pros existance.

it cant do 1080p 60fps or 1440p 30fps with decent detail

the cpu is underpowered
there is not enough ram.

even 16gb of combined shared memory would barely be enough. considering a decent pc with 16gb of system ram and 8gb vram can barely run 4k 30fps or 1440p 144hz

maybe if they put like 32gb of ram in the next gen consoles come 2020 they might run 4k 60fps at medium

>sony gave squeenix money to wait with the PC version so that people think they have to buy a PS4PRO to have acceptable graffix

>sony won because a shit game gets better textures

sonyggers sucking on japanese dicks again everybody.

Yes linguistically that
is what it means. But what will the actual result be?


Actually selling my ps4 and buying the pro for this game alone.

That's retarded.

Retarded would be to play the downgraded version of the game you've been waiting for 10 years when there's be a superior option out there. It's also a future proof for KHIII, VII:R and Spider Man games I'm also waiting for

Haven't really kept up with news on the game, but is it coming to PC?

It looks far better on pro and I was originally going to get it for my PS4 but fuck that if they've downgraded it.

I meant don't sell it. There WILL be places you can do a trade-in deal. My local store is doing it, and since my PS4 is still in decent condition, I only have to pay $200 for the Pro. I'm kinda cheating though, as I know the owner of the EB.

>but is it coming to PC?

Definitely. Just no real way to judge the date.

I'm sure if your PS4 is in decent condition, and you have the box and wires, you could sell it for more than that.

Almost looks like Xeno X. Great achievement.


no joke though

all the final fantasy games are hitting PC and shit like Nier and even more weeb games have been flying on to steam.

>xv-kun continuing his shitposting, this time with console wars


>Ignis and Gladio don't know who Ardyn is

is this a plothole

I don't know who Ardyn is.

Yeah if you have the box and all the wires, and controller cleaned up, you can still get a good buck for a PS4. Selling it isn't the worst idea.

does X look good on a 42inch+ 1920x1080 tv? It's 720p 30fps and no AA iirc. it cant look that good.

I'll be buying the non shit version

It's looks good on my 32inch tv.

Look at all the sweet little lies from sonycorp
great work Kaz, your loyal followers are certainly keeping the 4k meme alive.
Pity the pro won't deliver.

Nigga that image is full of blur and aliasing. Do you honestly not see it?

The fuck is even the point of a ps4 pro? It can't even hit 1080p 60fps which should be the fucking goal instead of pseudo 4k bullshit when nobody even owns a 4k tv anyway

There isn't a non-shit version of XV.

sony is right, im considering buying a ps4 pro instead of a new video card

He's the chancellor of Niflheim.

I'm getting the xbone version, which is probably going to be the worst version anyway.

They've most likely NEVER seen him before, but they recall his name.

Look at the water reflection and refraction under the platform.................

No he's an impatient traveler, ready to turn ship.

Is it weird that I'm more hype for the trains than the cars and chocobos in this?

Maybe I'm weird.

I remember the cat footage, and even undeveloped, that train station reminded me of FF8.

Jesus, why they even bother? It doesn't make any sense.

it looks like a fuckmesh because everything is moving. It makes the world look incoherent.

it's a different time of day, and not cloudy. pro version wil look exactly the same as OG ps4.

>ingame Hime looks great
>Anri Okita in Yakuza 6

holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

>Anri Okita in Yakuza
wut? Did I miss something?

At first I hated Luna, but I just realized she's been a sort of prisoner for over a decade, and probably raped as a loli.

Feel bad for er now.

Meh I'm just getting that FFXV Slim bundle. Don't know why they aren't offering a Pro version.

Yeah, no wonder she acts like an autist


thread here

hows that 30fps on low settings going for you?

You'll need a HDR tv for that though.


user, it's gel that solidified after the city crashed into the ground, not crystals

while that's entirely incorrect and retarded, that dress is a fucking cool idea.

sony has invested well this gen with advertising.

And while I'm thinking about it, design too, the ps4 is a good looking console.

4k requires far more expensive hardware for minimal gains. There's barely any point in 4k because the upgrade is so minor

Thailand confirmed hype.


Thailand confirmed for good taste.


You see nothing in motion:

TGS trailer implies they know WHO he is specifically but they just have never seen him before.

Streams compress image quality you dense fuck.

message for Luna-fags

Hime true waifu


The only things XV looks better at is technical fidelity since it's a PS4 game versus a Wii game. Otherwise it's a generic world without art design and with gay boy characters while everything in Xeno is handcrafted and every hill has its own unique name based on its look.

Hime is love.

I want Crowe.

>PS4 game versus a Wii game. Otherwise it's a generic world without art design and with gay boy characters

>This is what Xenofags say to themselves to feel at least some what relevancy

Also, this is what Crowe looks like with a hime cut.

there is something about xenoblade that makes it feel like it might actually exist, you can literally feel it breathe as a world, I don't know how the fuck they did it and I wonder what Monolith could achieve with PC hardware, really makes me think, please nintendo let the NX have decent specs.

holy shit she is so cute

in some shots she looks like Keira Knightley, that jaw doe

>SONY won by fucking 50 million people over

what kind of a fanboy actually roots for a company instead of their own wallet? Are you literally so talent-less/ pride-deprived that your only worth in life is to defend a corporation that IS NOT your friend?

>fucking over
Games look and run better on better hardware? Oh no
It's not like the original PS4 could do any better

FFXV graphics always remind me of The Crew from ubisoft

Is it any different than rooting for a team in a spectator sport? You feel happiness and pride when they win a game, but you had nothing to do with it.

>Hey guys remember that PS3 you bought for Versus?
>Now you need a PS4...
>But wait!
>If you want it to be playable, but the $400 model ;)

I hate SE. Pretty sure this is why it was delayed.

I've never really understood graphic whores, any game with old graphics look fine as long as the textures are decent enough. I'm talking about texture mapping, not 3d models.

All I see in OPs image are 2d trees, 2d grass, 2d flowers and lots of photo effects

Damn comparing that to FF13 and it just makes me sad.

>Where is FFXV-kun anyway?
Killed himself hopefully

>the same $400 priced model
Cred Forums will argue over anything

This is going to turn into another New 3DS after realizing that developing for 5-10% of an already established userbase isn't worth it

You can get a PS4 for £190 second hand m8

Calling Cred Forums and neogaf cancer on witter

Yeah I'm feeling that. I mean, I guess for PC games they could develop for high end, then scale back for PS4, but optimising for a console is already a cunt of a job, imagine having to optimise for 2 different consoles, potentially 3 if there's an Xbone port.

It's not like the Pro is so ridiculously powerful that they can just throw shit at it and it'll work like high end PCs, either.

XBX is still the graphics king.

Told you all this would happen. And when the PC version drops it's going to be even better. Visual means nothing these days, how are people still arguing about it is ridiculous. We should be looking at the fucking sluggish input laggy controls and combat system that needs work.

Platinum Demo was 6 months ago, let it go

>If you want it to be playable, but the $400 model ;)
Give up, no one gives a shit about Pro.
Vanilla PS4 is already great as it is

>Holographic cars in sci-fi game
I'm genuinely shocked.

>Collision detection is graphics
Are you a retard? It's okay lad, but you should probably make sure your mum knows you're shitposting

So have they overhauled the combat system since then?


I was mostly pointing to the reflections on the car and the quality shadows under the trees.

Granted that there will still be reductions in slowdowns in all games thanks to the better hardware, but there won't be much special content for the Pro

>there's a PS4 Slim FFXV edition that looks nice as hell

>it's weaker than a pro PS4 but pro is ugly as fuck

>i have to choose between beauty or power

Why is this allowed?

>hover hands even in a boss fight
this will never not make me laugh

God damn that episode was rough.

>Granted that there will still be reductions in slowdowns in all games thanks to the better hardware
Actually...no. It's the same shitty Jaguar CPU, with a bit more RAM (mostly for keeping the higher textures on hand) and a better GPU.

The framerates will still likely be a bit shit

Why would you pay so much for the slim to begin with
You migh as well buy a pro and make your own Luna version online
In the end it just sits there and plays games anyway

so asking if its a shit game with nice graphics is shilling? everything has great visuals now you should know if you´re actual fucking gamer

like come on man i take games seriously its not shilling im interested for real but dont wanna get fooled in the moneypool with some pretty, unplayable garbage

they'll both be the same

>Nintendo pulls this shit
>Sony pulls the shit

I'm not defending Nintendo, as they're fucking retarded with this shit as well, but seriously, Sonyfriends...

How are you okay with this? This is some cash grab non-sense.

>you might as well spend your own cash on a ugly as fuck machine that you'll see every time when you decide to play games

I guess having ugly gf's is fine to, at the end of the day they're just there to fuck and reproduce

If you compare a gf to a console you're retarded to begin with
Enjoy having a shiny console that you will look at for 5 minute while playing a shit version of games

>it's just a level in Canada I swear it's a Ice rink

Well time to get a Pro.

What are you on about? If you look at the reaction, it's overwhelmingly negative, unlike the N3DS.

Why is Cred Forums so shit at analogies?

>If you compare a gf to a console you're retarded to begin with
Damn this fag really is taking such an obvious joke seriously.

>Enjoy having a shiny console that you will look at for 5 minute while playing a shit version of games

Call me when Pro has games at 1080p 60FPS

>hot chick that is "ehh" in the sack
>ugly chick that will suck your brain through your dick, then fuck you into oblivion

It's a difficult choice, user.

>posting old as fuck outdated stuff
antiXVkun on suicide watch

Thats an upgrade.


>PS4 pro
I'm not shelling out more money for yet another console to play a game that was supposed to come out on the PS3.

That xcx shot is a promo render, not a screenshot from the game.
That XV shot is a screenshot from the game.

user thats a heavy reveal in the game plot you are not supposed to know that

>Promo render
Keep telling yourself that

Just wait for the PC version
>wants better graphics and performance
>buys a console
>buys the inferior console

Hey Cred Forums, how often do you play video games?

t. premature shooter

Go home FFXV kun. We all know you're trying to instill hatred between two good games.

how do i increase the colors

They know of someone called Ardyn Izunia from Niflheim and they know he's the chancellor. They don't know what he looks like though. I assume it was the same for the Ardyn scene in Kingsglaive.

Can't really blame them either because Ardyn doesn't even wear traditional Niflheim white and armor.

They probably had that Luna ps4 planned before they decided to delay it.

I wonder if they'll still do a Pro bundle anyway. Also I'd be more tempted to just get the slim anyway except for that out-of-place and ugly as fuck "XV" awkwardly slapped on the controller.

>Beliving SE Bullshots in 2016

Come on guys, really? have yo uguys seeing fucking XV??

>dude is just sliding
>water is frozen
I can't help but laugh.

The promo render image is literally right here , that isn't a screenshot from the game. Not to mention xcx is only 720p.

SE fans stupidity is amazing. all this Bullshouts through the years

Yeah, in the OP pic.

The fps shown in this image are not fake.

A piece of concept art of an MMO over a year before it's release and a running video of a game a couple months out is the same thing in your eyes.

But the pic in OP is offscreen pic from someone playing it on PS4pro at TGS right now.

I just want to play it, i'm not that autistic if the grass isn't as realistic.

>b-but guys, since is o-off-screen is imposible to modify the things on the tv!

SE fans, keep eating shit, not even the PC can make the game look that good and you ready think a console with a GPU 2 years behind current PC GPU and the same fucking CPU will do any better?.

SE fans really are the worse graphics whores, because they inflante and ego over *Graphics*, then the final product looks like crap, 13 was the last game that looked impressive for its time made by then.

I just want to know if the fps improves

It will probably be 30 locked, but that's it
You won't get 60 with the CPU

I hope you're right. 30 locked is much, MUCH better than what it currently is


>alienating tens of millions of early adopters is considered 'winning'

Okie dokie.

>30 locked is much, MUCH better than what it currently is
Where is this fucking meme that 15 runs poorly coming from?


So its how LOVE looks like?

I keepm reading her name as Genitaliana

Maybe ur more into boys, huh?

I want her to breathe in my mouth






If I don't have a HDR and 4k monitor would I still benefit from getting the PS4 pro?


Yeah, you'll have better graphical effects and supersampling.

Possibly. Some games will also include 1080p options that raise graphical features, framerate, or both. Still, there isn't a great list of games that are confirmed to have Pro-exclusive visual features.

Do you even read what you type holy shit

How low has square gotten

Literally copying a wii u game and making it look worse on an upgraded version of a system 10x or powerful than a wii u.

Stay mad pcuck. I'll be enjoying ffxv while you suck my balls.

>He doesn't read the short stories before the game was revealed showing that those cars are all holograms to make the city feel close to Earth

Watch out we have a hardcore gamer on our hands here

I know how to use the contrast, color, and gamma options on my remote too ffxv-kun.



>he doesn't know

console gamers

You're still looking forward to that hot garbage? Holy shit, what's wrong with you?

The PC port will be way better

Holy shit duckroll, you're still in denial about FFXV being best game of the year?

>ffxv barely runs on the regular ps4
>squeenix shits its pants with the time money and resources they practically wasted
>begs sony for a stronger system so they can sell the game
>probably offer an exclusive deal pinching off the prospect of a pc release



>pc gaming is too expensive console gaming is cheaper
>$5,000 tv

>op has a 5 grand tv
>bbbbut you need 2k for pc gaming!

The delay already worked wonders for the game because they don't have to ship the "master" version of the game

There's no facts backing that up right now and no way to make an informed opinion. People have decided on their own emotions that the game will be bad or good but until we see on the company financial quarterly report for Q4 2016 on how much the game sold and the revenues and profits of the company during that period relative to previous reports, we can't say that people on a objective level find it to be a game that is worth selling, let alone game of the year, which is decided by the industry anyways by the end of the year. Nothing else can be decided on an objective or subjective matter on this game until it releases.

In any case, they finally decided to shift the tone of the trailer back to the politics and main plot in the game but it took WAY too long for that to happen while everyone on the XV team was jerking over the boytrip, rocks, VR with Cidney, and cutting content splitting the customer base who had been following this game for a long time.

I seriously can't wait for this mess to be out so people can stop posting about this game and Square Enix can at least do something that will be profitable and making customers happy a la Final Fantasy VII remake.

Judging by the new trailer there'll be flashbacks and such. Regis is a big character and well... He can't really be in the game in a mortal sense.

People get mad when you say a game you haven't played is hot garbage but how come you're allowed to hype a game you've never played as GOTY?



They made his role bigger and killed him off in the movie when he could have "possibly" have been alive in Versus plot draft leaks.

but it can do 1800+

>spend $8k on 80" oled hdr
>$2k is too much
are you poor?


>Hot chicks tier
Gentiana, Aranea

>Cute tier

>Schoolgirls tier

Wasted characher tier

>Shit tier
Stella, Kagari

>Dont know where to place tier


[email protected]>4k60

Switch Aranea with Luna.

>cutie with a cute hair bow


If you want to break it, be more subtle. But it's a dying thread anyways.

Aranea is pure sex, that why she in hot chicks tier.

I'm probably going to get a Pro in January.
So I'll just have to make do with shit looking XV.

I already have the console and I want to play the game.
I don't own a ps4 and I'm not interested in the Pro, so I'll buy it for xbone if there aren't too many fps drops.

pls sauce


XV-kun is among us, lads.


Direct feed capture vid

regular ps4, I suppose

Youtube compression is SHIT

>weather icon

are sonyfags this delirious?

This image is shopped.



is that supposed to be an insult?

So they finally added music when you run around? Even though it's just slow versions of the themes

ill play it on my regular ps4 and just wait for the pc port