Game stops holding your hand

>game stops holding your hand

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>game offers to hold your hand

>your waifu dies again

>Game offers to hold your penis

literally no game does this


>most of the game is really easy
>final boss is extremely difficult

My experience with two thrones. I dunno what the fuck, but I wasn't able to initiate qte on him, he just flies away. So I dropped game in 10 minutes before ending, yeah. Watched it on youtube about 5 years later.

>hard mode is easier than normal difficulty

>Game stops holding your hand
>You do fine

>game is stupidly hard
>final boss is easy as shit

>game never held your hand

This is true in Tales of Graces because the hardest difficulties let you unlock special abilities faster and getting killed in three hits forces you to git gud at dodging.

Game holds your hand, without actually explaining the core concepts that enemies will use 100% on you in every battle.

>The final boss is a genre shift

Let's hold hands, Cred Forums!


I guess if it's you user

I can't fucking surf this board until I beat an entire series. Fuck this gay Earth.


>game suddenly becomes a danmaku

They've been on my dick 0.3 seconds ago

You sick fuck

this is a good song though


I wanna try to hold a hand

>game holds your chocolate milk


Christ. Even the dog is like "Are you fucking serious, dave?"

>That final verse

>get sweaty palms all the time so gf doesn't want to hold hands in summer

>early to midgame take no grinding
>endgame requires an entire game's worh of grinding


What is adoption???

>willingly adopting a mudbaby

>she stops holding my hand


>Sister offers to hold your penis
This game is fun.

>game throws level at you that is significantly harder than the last but compensates by making the next one easier leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and a chance to rest for a bit

>Adopting a baby that looks nothing like you
Yeah, good job making their life worse than if they were just living in an orphanage.

>daughter offers to hold your penis

No, that's gross. Incest is only acceptable if it's cousins/brother and sister/sisters

>having shit this taste


brother/younger sister > father/daughter > younger brother/sister > daughter/mother > grandfather/granddaughter > cousins > son/mother > non-related siblings/cousins > the rest

Father/daughter and mother/son are wrong and gross.

Put Twincest at the top and we have a deal.

>game chops off your hand

We're reaching levels of shit taste that haven't been seen before, captain

This. Who could even fucking jack it to father/daughter?

source on pic


>not reading the doujin of the bratty high schooler getting fucked by her dad

Good wank

>Not reading the doujin of the eternal-loli grand-aunt fucking her manly grand-nephew
You father/daughter plebs will never know the pleasure.

Whoa, hol up. Father/daughter is still good. Just not better than mother/son.

>Muslim chops off your hand

>not reading the doujin of the 6 loli daughters fucking their dads in a huge orgy at a summer camp

>the game is about holding hands

Sauce on that doujin pls

Shadow of the Colossus > ICO

The great debate...

This thread is about hand holding, not being a cuck.

>When a shitposting thread gets repurposed into something greater

I want to kick those legs

You're using the word wrong again, R*ddit.


>end act 1 of game
>"this game is easy"
>it was a tutorial all along
>get my ass wrecked in act 2

left > right

Thanks Rabi Ribi. I totally wanted to be emasculated by cute little cat girls who require precise timing and dodging to beat.

>killing the world for pussy that leaves you
>being the ultimate beta white knight

You need to go back.

Both, duh.

Thanks, farn.

That shit got fucking boring after the first set of witches.

i want to fap Cred Forums
post some sadpanda links

exactly 73% less hilarious than him being a cuck

I liked it.
It made me remember my ex, and I fucking cried at the end.

As the boy of boy/girl twins, I never understood twincest as a concept. Can somebody explain it to me?

What's there to get? It's the ultimate form of degenerate pleasure and taboo, making it all the more exciting.

It's the best if they get married. Destroying social standards on the basis of love, rather than generic lust.

>you can hold a little girl's hand
>she gets older as the series goes on
>she stops holding your hand


It happens in slav games because they can't into casual difficulty. Stalker is more difficult in easy mode than in the max difficulty.

Left is for men

where's this fluid druid from? I have zero animu expertise as I only frequent Sad Panda, but she looks cute and this is obviously a screenshot. I need this anime in my life. Please tell me.
inb4 bocu no pico

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
It's pretty good.

Thank you based user

>game doesn't try to be sexy
>it actually isn't


>not adopting a future NBA player

>Cred Forums fails to notice they clicked on the wrong board.webm

>you're waifu stops holding your hand

For the love of god, source.

I want to marry this Witch.

Taylor Vixen

God bless you, user.


>final boss is a cute girl
>she wants to hold your hand

Is that even possible for a human?

>cut off my hand and mail it to her


We're getting there though

>girl offers to hold your hand
>teleport behind
>heh, you're a thousand years too late to hold my hand
>quickly draw your katana and sheathe it
>her head explodes
>sheath your katana while you walk away from her
>Lincoln park plays

thousand years too early*

Sauce? iqdb and google got nothing

so what?

There's no point in reading ero-manga if can't read it. Well made individual pictures are better in that case.

far right

>has no h manga Japanese skills

>Final boss is a cute girl
>She wants to hold your hand
>If you do it you will FUCKING DIE
What do?

How is it like to hold hands with a real girl?

Small and soft hands. Well taken care off.

But I also have small and soft hands as a man, so idk. Many grill's hands have been bigger than mine.

The worst is when they make fun of your hands for being a handlet.

at least you can use almost every controller out there. My troll hands can't do that.



>game has cringey last boss fourth wall breaking that messes with your save file or exits your game

You guys shared a vagina. Now you can share her vagina.

Excellent tastes friend. Don't forget uncle/niece. And father/mother. The most sacrilegious of all incest.


>game holds your hand all throughout

asking to be a cuck?

Second on that sauce

Boku no Alice in Wonderland


>Game allows backtracking

>in my Christian image board

enjyo kosai

>going into the inverted castle in SoTN

Start with right, then left you fucking dipshit.

>Game never intended on hand holding you in the first place


I really, really like this image.

fucking drakengard 3

Nice joke taro we are all laughing right now


Oh no no no

Could be worse.


>western art

>Game holds your hand for 30 hours and then stops
>game ends 2 hours later

I will never beat drakengard 3


>tfw sad panda randomly stops letting you in and you have to relearn all the shit you did to get in there in the first place

boils my blood, sempai

>not just making an account when it was piss easy

It's you're own fault tbbqh fampai

>your waifu stops having hands
>she actually says she regrets not having any hands and not being able to hold your hand anymore

Beyond Good and Evil, because the final boss stunlocks you and reverses your controls for 30% of the fight

Sonic Generations

>getting dumped
>dumping a qt
What an asshole

The right girl is gross tbqh

Damn it man
I have to do shit today
I can't just be jacking it all day

>game doesn't hold your hand and assumes the player possesses a basic level of common sense and intelligence
>neo-Cred Forums shits all over it
Well done, Morrowind. You are the casual filter that weeds out the shitters.

W-what happened to her?