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Is this one of those "some men want to see the world burn" threads?

The only flaw I see is the missing TM and that's pretty autistic to be making a thread over that.


relax with some comfy TV, OP


The show is about a guy with OCD, right? Because that's some next level trolling.

At least in this case it's a clever idea.

it is clever until you realize it was not even done on purpose
people don't give a fuck

it wasn't on purpose because i remember that by the end of the series the guy got over his OCD or at least tried to get over it.

and then he died

it was done on purpose

how do you know that? it looks bad as fuck

>Game 2
>Game(tm) 3
>Game(tm): Spinoff
>Game 4
>Game: Spinoff


You forgot to include GamE, the shitty reboot of the series.

this shit needs to end now

It's a show about a guy with OCD.

do you guys throw OCD as an excuse to fuck up this bad?

OCD is doing things like switching the lights on and off for 7 times in a row, or not walking over the lines between floor tiles

but this is just plain laziness

Now you are mad like a guy with ocd that saw that something is out of place.

I have a few more minor examples of similar, like the volume number being in a different place, from the same publisher.

Fuck why would they do that?

Also why volume 12 and then 15 of something?

OCD is gettings pissed to the point of sending an email threating the dev or getting those games out of the library
these are just literally fuck ups
people that don't care about their jobs

also laziness: they could fix that in 10 seconds at most

i think that's because steam forces the game to be named the same as it's registered as. and capcom submitted it lowercase.

>Fuck why would they do that?
Different publishers and as someone else put it, they just wanted to watch the world burn.

YenPress even went back and republished the first 5 volumes with their new spine.

>Also why volume 12 and then 15 of something?
I have a lot of manga like that. Picking them up cheap from 2nd hand stores like HPB. Sometimes I get whole bags full and pay maybe $0.25 each.

thought the same for years
but i saw on steamdb the other day that they can change the package name whenever they want

hence the Bioshock series renamed to BioShock

they literally don't give a fuck

Not one bit

Try finding your totalwar games in your library without using the search button...

I once opened a thread on Steam for Valve to add a rename function and sub categories in the Steam Library because it's so fucking messy.

Go a lot of support from community but Valve doesn't give a shit.

Devs can even use a 'SortAs' parameter on Steam so that the game gets a name but can be sorted as other thing entirely

literally to avoid title saga fuckups

see the tools are already there
it is the devs/publishers


As someone who doesn't have total war, what is wrong with it?

i literally didn't even knew i had any Total War games

thank you SEGA

In the older games they put the title before the TotalWar name, so your games are all over the place.

>getting worked this hard

Yeah, they are using it so well.

It's not really that. I have OCD and it can also involve intrusive thoughts and worrying about things that aren't possible and doing stupid shit to avoid these situations that can't even cause you harm. That's why some people have rituals. For some people it's more on the obsessive side like me.

Valve doesn't give a shit what you do. And you can change it anytime you want considering there was someone that logged into a dev's account and renamed the game's title to something vulgar and did other shit. The only thing you can't do is put your game on sale on a whim.

How many games do you have on Steam?

i guess i dont know a lot about it, sorry
it is just that whenever someone points out a lack of care on anything, people will throw the autism or OCD moniquer....

these library fuckups would take literally seconds to fix but devs don't care

and that pisses me off

>mfw this thread

Yeah, it mildly upsets me when people label that as OCD too, or normies on Facebook being like "I'm so OCD lol". I guess a lot of people don't understand what it is, I didn't mean to spend out.



OCD lives matter.


Get on my level

And Gam3, G4me, and Game (2016)






my balls sucked in

Specifically manga 2nd hand stores, or just shit like a half price book store?

i personally hate this episodic shit flooding the library

>metal gear solid v.webm

post the rest. i need to see what happens

did he died?

Bunch of shitty indie games? What's ur worth stalker?

Fuck you AssCreed 3


>survived with only minor scrapes on his back

God fucking dammit Ubisoft

play more of your games faggot

Physical evidence that your a faggot. I'm sure people already know. You didn't have to buy that garbage to prove it to everyone.

Why did you delet?

"I have autism" the thread

>I'm an idiot and can't differentiate the word autism from OCD

>that's not a good idea

>1955 games
>2363€ total cost with sales

How many did you get thank to shitty pay what you want indie bundles?

impossible to tell, but not that many
i paid a lot using card jewing
and also the ridiculous amount of titles they gifted until it got shut down

i still think bundles are the best thing ever: i basically stopped pirating thanks to steam + a really aggressive market

>it's a "DLC is bad and there's no such thing as good DLC" episode

That's not what this thread is about you dumb cunt. Learn to read

Is this one of those threads?

>Electronic Arts
>Electrontic Arts


You bought RE6, there is no saving you

Jesus fucking Christ.


i did a gifting thread
one user pasted some keys when the tread was almost over

>hey guys, here a bunch of gun monkeys keys.....

nobody took them
>i will test one to see if it works
RE6 for free

such a based user
the game is ubershit

>Man Survives
stopped reading there. what a dumb fucking title

...why did you buy prince of tennis?


Meanwhile China sends rockets into space, build their own modular space station and soon enough will be on the moon making fuel to colonize our solar system.

They are also going to build a nuclear plant in Britain.

They are building the future, while ours is slipping away.

> all dat heavy breathing

did you beat it?

>Game 3

I hate you

Can Asian people not see where the escalator ends or something?

yeah but the problem is that a China-based future is toxic, caughts on fire easily, and is always a ripoff

literally think about China doing anything else that manufacturing copies of intellectual property for cheap

here is my review for you nerd


I don't understand

Title not clickbait-y enough

They don't trust and try to avoid the metal plate. Either by not stepping on it at all, or trying to redistribute their weight across a larger surface

Japan used to do the same. They are just catching up at fast pace, hence why their civil engineering have some serious flaws.

There is no doubt the future is in China though.

Europe is about to fall apart again, America isn't far behind. The rest of the world is backward and unable to produce brains.

Except Chinese tend to really, really cut back on making actually good and endurable shit.

And they really like to cut corners.

I mean, they have this mentality of trying to fuck you over constantly and if they succeed, that's on you, not them.

there is a reason they are checking

chinese escalators have sucked people into the floor and crushed them

Why did Ubisoft stop using colons in their titles

to promote uplay

The problem with China is that they are making progress through disregard of their own people. You normally abuse illegal immigrants and slaves for that purpose.

> colonize the solar system
> make first contact with more advanced aliens
>dont fucking realize they represent ALL of earth because first impressions stick the most
> their shoddy fucking ships explode and kill most of the alien ambassadors and their entourage
> galactic war ensues and mankind is wiped with an ending similar to X-COMs original bad ending

Jesus, I forgot that game completely

after sharona it was never the same...

are the aliens really that stupid as humans are?

Because when Ubisoft sees a colon they have to ram a dick right up it without any lube.


They got hundreds of millions of expendables.

i love muh chinks when they release an iphone knockoff for sub 200$ that looks like a million bucks

i hate muh chinks when they sell you cables that caught fire

i love muh chinks when huawei

i hate muh chinks when og Sony or Sharp have to close business

still better than XIV

>dive into the future

>china is apparently almost 20% of the global population.


1/4 of the world population will be black african by 2050 thank to UN rice.

You know what? I don't even care anymore. This planet is shit, let the muzzies and the blacks ruin it.

>library pet peeves turned into Cred Forums
the thread

its OCD

chinks distrusting their own country's jobs
it is what it is

do you chinks are behind all these fuck ups in the steam library?

because i do

will they ever give us a feature to rename games
this is seriously tripping my ocd and autism


>that review
Just started to play RE6 myself and that's literally what I think of it. It's so painful but for some reason I'm still forcing myself to finish it just to see everyones story since I'm already in the 3rd campaign. Kill me

>mfw a friend genuinely enjoys the game and has spent over 40h playing it

I just can't understand what drove him on.

is he fat?
because i have found that i enjoy a game a lot more if a eat a lot while playing it

do your deed and pls review the title properly
this shilling needs to end

Nah, skinny little shit.

>you are all going to die down here

>that one guy who managed to grab on to a cable
Are the Chinese populace constantly ready to face death?

>Worth less
>More than double the amount of games

how do you have gta 1 and 2

the number includes DLCs and episodic shit
check what appears on my profile

i see you are also waiting for Origins and Knight Complete bargains

She comes back, for an episode.
Natalie brought something to the table after her first season

Bought the complete pack before they were removed from steam.

They did that on purpose, did they?


It's an excellent game user.

The series is about a guy with OCD.

these niggas baiting and shit

stop this
stop THIS

Yeah, that's why I posted that

The only DLC I will allow is the DLC for GTA IV and Mafia 3. As long as the expansions aren't as shit as in Mafia 2.

There's one infamous .gif of a woman riding up an escalator, at the top where everyone is stepping it suddenly popped open and she fell in and got crushed to death. If I was a chink and saw that I'd be scared shitless of escalators too.

>first letters of each word in the RE4 title aren't capitalized
really triggers my fucking autism

dat british accent

That's the problem.
I downloaded depressurizer because I heard you could change the name of stuff in your library with it and it does in depressurizer, but when you update your library everything changes except the names

>He thinks space is real
Get a load of this goy.

They must have done a reprint, because they ain't like that no mo'

chinese engineering

do i have to say more?


You're retarded if you don't know what people are getting at. Whilst I'm not saying it was on purpose, Monk is about a cop who has OCD. People are saying those covers were done as a joke reference to something the character would hate. They're not throwing the term OCD out, it's literally what the show is about.

>not using steam's library management tools
>not creating groups for different games series/genres
>not creating groups of letters and putting games in there
>not doing anything to help at all
>complaining about it

fuck off with this bullshit, you can easily solve this garbage by making a group called "total war" and put all those bullshit games in there.

another thing you could do is make a "non-steam" shortcut to the game and rename the fucking shortcut to whatever you want, hide the original game in a "fuckups" category never to be seen again, then use the "non-steam" shortcut which will still launch the game with steam

there are literally many ways you could solve this problem, yet you faggots just go and bitch instead of fixing the problem. this is gaming today, expecting everything to be handed to you with no effort at all. just like the garbage skinner-box garbage that is the total war games

casual fucking scum, i hope you faggots die

For shit like tbat, just catagorize your games.

wtf you on about
i was talking about the thread and how lazyness gets always excused with OCD or autism

literally my point
this fag knows a lot of tools to fix it, but still doesnt realize the problem is the lazyness of devs
it is not my problem

and yes i use depressurizer
but they could just change a letter and suddenly millions of libraries could get the matter solved

Lower case name is the proper one for 4 though. Just look at the cover that's how it's meant to be. Same thing with Umbrella Chronicles and probably something else I'm forgetting. There's no typo or mistake in it.

so then... are we getting RESIDENT EVI|_ for the new one?
shut the fuck up

>game (tm): something 2(tm) - more shit (tm)

fuck my shit up

The animated movies are the ones I forgot btw.

>nobody behind the wheel
is it too much to ask for a little CARE

What a huge faggot you are...

I know there are workarounds you fucking homosexual... My account is twelve year old, I've been dealing with that shit forever.

It's been a decade and Valve hasn't fixed shit.

With sodomites like yourself, it's no wonder they aren't bothering to improve the UI.


resident evil as is fucking awful as asscreed with how inconsistently and shittily they name their games. It's probably done on purpose because "muh marketing focus testing group says people don't buy games with 4 in the title"


>dude is biohazard revelation before 4, or is the curse of the pirate's curse before biohazard/zero HD do-over? what about racoon city biohazard epic revelations brotherhood? oh wait that one doesn't even run because we shut down the online multiplayer service that ran it lolz but we'll keep selling it tho

devs can 'sortas' in the game properties

so you can get any of the fucked up named sequels but the sort being resi1 resi2 resi3 resi4....

that is why some franchises order by release properly
>devs that take care



>our game officially releases in 8 days?
>should we optimize the game and shit
>nah, add more monetization

Eternal Crusade everyone

t. Zhang

>its valves problem

bitch, the tools are there for devs to use to sort properly, but they dont use them... thats not valves fault

until then, its your job to fix your own fucking library

>max FPS goes to 0
but what would happen

"Mickey Mouse" italian magazine with Disney characters' comics.

These are from 2007, no idea of wtf happened.

Tbqh Capcom is just as bad a company as Ubisoft, EA and Taketwo in my book.

if it is a legal thing then the people behind registering the games is stupid as fuck

someone put spaces instead of tabs in the printing machine

Yeah, enjoy your dystopian future where your life is worth as much as dogshit on a rag and where success depends on how much you can cheat others before they complain.

>where success depends on how much you can cheat others before they complain
So nothing changes here?

The DLC for Evil Within was pretty great though, not sure what the problem is.

That's called capitalism.

Anyway Europe is that fucking close to another civil war because of decades of pro immigration policies which never fully integrated to our societies, the whole refugee business thanks to Merkel as well as failling ethnic European birthrates. I don't think there is any future to enjoy for us.

China is fad, all the rich chines who fuck ed over their country men are escaping to Australia, Canada, America. China is an absolute shit show, remember the ussr also had a space program before it came crashing down revealing the government was in retarded levels of economic ruin

Yeah, but this isn't the cold war mate.

China isn't anywhere close to economic ruin.

Actually they own our balls.

As far as Chinese immigrant go, they never fully integrate either. They keep to themselves and are generally responsible for little to no crime, but when shit hit the fan who do you think they'll work for?

>failling ethnic European birthrates
Doesn't help that our women are arrogant unlikable bimbos.

the punctuation

what site's this

post results

tbf a lot of men don't want to marry either. They don't want responsabilities nor they want the financial drain that is a child. A lot of marriages end up in dirvorce as well, which in virtually every case ends up in favor of the woman.


>blaming women for your problems
No wonder you're a virgin

In the thumbnail I thought Initiation was Inflation.

Dobson in a Batman costume.

some people in the thread still don't know what the fuck is this thread about

>Hitman is in order other than the latest game



Britbong here. I'd rather not get married. I'd rather fuck about and have a good time of it all. If people get all mad at me for contributing to the downfall of white people, I don't particularly care. I'll be dead soon and so will they.

I'm pretty sure RE6 used to be all capitalized too, like RESIDENT EVIL™ 6 / BIOHAZARD 6

i think the same
when i saw the image i doublechecked my library because i remember that another one was hugely fucked up

anyway peep the new one:

At least they didn't name it "RESIDENT EVII. biohazard / BIOHA7.ARD resident evil" like it's stylized in the logo

did he died?

Cred Forums Videogames - Cred Forums / Cred Forums VIDEOGAMES - Cred Forums

Coming from the pussywhipped betacuck.

britbong here also, i'd be fine getting married if it was a woman i liked, and also a virgin. that's like finding a needle in a haystack factory these days though


>that quality
>that focus
do you know quality pixels? did you miss the last E3?