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>play this game as a kid, was never able to beat this boss
>replay it as an adult
>it's actually super easy


yeah I recently replayed it and beat it in the first try, Nightmare was much harder imo

that's where my hard mode run ended


>Great Jaggi
>casual filter


The entire game:


I seriously cannot parse out what the fuck I am supposed to do. I just got into this place. Fucking snails and poison bubbles and I drown for some reason and fucking eyeball electroshocks me



Entire game is incredible when it comes to puzzles, but trying to get through Hell Temple on hard mode DUE TO THIS SINGLE ROOM is fucking infuriating.

Well, the first thing you need to do is ___________git gud__________

inb4 non casuals say it's easy



This same thing happened to me last month.



That level will always be the biggest load of shit in the series. That part in particular isn't even that bad once you get the pattern going, but it's still a good two or three minutes of tedium to reach the top. They don't even have the common courtesy to put a checkpoint after it, so pray to god you don't die to the boss.

R.I.P. my best team
Thank God I savescum like hell in this game

This map was a nightmare in Long War when the fucking Chryssalids had Lightning Reflexes and shit. I went in with a team full of the Engineer grenade throwers and Rocketeer dudes and still struggled a fair bit. Doesn't help that on the Long War version there's a few randomly thrown in Thin Men around too just to poison you and fuck up your stats.



An end game dlc boss is not a casual filter.

Gascoigne is the casual filter. That is the point where casuals will turn off the game. Orphan of Kos.


This fucking fuck. Was the bane of my existence the first time I played that game. Beating that fucker felt so fucking great. He kicked my ass again for a bit when I played the game again after having not touched it for years. I forgot how to beat him.

That's the cabin sequence right? I couldn't do this for the life of me my first time through. I was stuck on that bit for longer than I should've been.

>mfw this took me four hours
I am not good at platformers

>Small room
>Ice aura

Barroth is the undisputed casual filter of MH3U. Anyone can get past Jaggi. Quro is a bit more difficult, but still manageable. Deviljho is not a casual filter as casuals will not make it that far.

Mud Dog will make casuals quit.


Handling the car was more of an issue than the track.

He's handsome rich and charismatic, of course you don't like him. The reason why is also apparent.


This whole fucking game


Casuals didn't make it that far and the only true enemy there was the frame rate on consoles.

Even casuals can get there easily with the Master Key item.

Still beat the old fart.

But he is, a ton of people who get the game and complain never completed the first hunt.

>literally the secret final boss
are yuou a reatard?


Even moreso back in the day.

>playing on a toaster
>have to go through a loading screen to Duriel's chamber
>almost dead by the time you get control


are yuou?


I owned the PS2 version and always assumed that part was trash just because the port was shit.

Tricky but you can cheese it on the second run, pic related.

Deluge popping early is the bane of my XCOM existence

user, the master key is used to bypass Blighttown, not get there.

Pic related, it's MRW


You need to get there if you want to fight Quelaag, dingus. True, it's not as excrutiating than having to do the sewers and the rest of the place, but you still have to do some platforming, having the mosquitos and have to go to the giants throwing shit boulders.

There was an Mp5 in doom 3?


>Final Boss
>Casual Filter
Motaro, Kintaro and Goro are all much harder anyways.

And for non boss characters, Night Wolf and Sektor were a fucking huge pain in the ass.
>throw projectile
>either get it reflected back to you or instant teleport uppercut
>homing missle spam

Just morphball in the left corner and he misses you 90% of the time. FUCK the jumping phase though.

That would be the facility with the invisible ones. The big rocket guys really made me sweat too.

Even screenshots filter the casuals.


What game?



SMT III: Nocturne


You find a number of ships fleeing from a small space station. You hail them, asking what's wrong: "Help! We're being overrun by some sort of giant alien spiders!"

>1.Send the crew to help immediately! Giant alien spiders are no joke.

>2.Leave them alone.

This, fucking cyborg always made me rage.


i wouldn't even call it a casual filter as hardcore mafia drivers, if you can call them that struggled with the buggy mess this mission was. not really a filter imo if the mission was broken or hard beyond imagination.



Duriel himself is pretty easy tho.

underrated post

>Not matador


Dark Souls



I didn't even make it this far before quitting


Nightmare was harder than Yakuza

You think this is hard? Try doing it in a 1% run. Zero energy tanks and 15 missiles don't go a long way at all in Fusion.


pfff. small time.

Consolefags have trouble with this one.

>casual filter
>3/4 the way through the game
If you want to use fft better example would be that old man knight that splits up your party to 1v1 you

I remembered that spider being hard as fuck but when I played through it 2 weekends ago I killed him on the first try.

Nightmare, Ridley, and SA-X still killed me once each though.

>3/4 the way through the game
Damn, I just got past this part and you're telling me the game is already over? It's too soon

True casual filter coming through.

How? All you have to do is spam missiles and charge beams in his general direction and you win. He's a total pushover in Fusion.

I didn't have that many e tanks and I was a dumbass the first try. Killed him with plenty of health left on the 2nd try.

I'm pretty sure I fought him with less than half the maximum possible number of health tanks and he still wasn't that bad.
Fusion had some tough bosses, but Ridley wasn't really one of them. I found the plant boss that shoots plasma shots at you much harder, really.




he's a lying retard, that's about 2/5ths of the way through


As far as I remember spamming missiles didn't do enough damage and he would kill me before I did him if we traded blows too much. Charge beams did more damage.


You just reminded that I even have this game and I need to fucking beat it for once.

For the retards that cannot figure out how Morrowind's gameplay / dice roll mechanics work.

>there are people who didn't get past the temple

Literally this. Jesus fuck.

They fail to understand that you can actually hit something with your fists instead of the shit spear the game gives you.

Is the joke that they'd press the big logo?

The joke is that they are too stupid to use a PC.


Yeah, that filter looks like something a casual would use.

>go the back way
>run to quelag's lair

Wow so hard

>because no console, ever, have a power button

i get it's a joke, but it's a pretty bad one user.

It's not meant to be a good joke, but more of a statement that console retards are too stupid to use a PC thus ruin their pre-built PCs with GT210 and Intel Celeron and think it's a gaming PC because they paid lots for it for no reason.

Yeah, real pros use xbr :^)


>casual filter

go to hell


Really easy though. You can do it without using any ammo

There are two kind of people who have completed La-Mulana.
Those who used a walkthrough, and those who lied about it.

>thinking dark souls is hard
holy shit this soulsfags




beating super metroid without ever using a guide and for the first time can prove... bothersome

anyone else here play hyper metroid? pretty decent romhack, but makes the game so disgustingly hard its outright unfair during bosses

I don't remember that being much of a problem.
If you managed to get past that fucking Wyvern and Fire Elemental, everything else was much easier. Fuck those things.

to be fair its a bit counterintuitive that for like 70% of the builds your fists are better weapons than a spear
not to mention even then you have less than 40% hit rate

Might be that I remember it being one just because of the memes.

Kingdom Hearts 1:
This fucking fight.

I remeber using a guide for that part when you need to super bomb some glass passage, i feel so stupid after being hours running around like an idiot

>"Lightning brings the cactus pain.
>Now it all begins again."
>"Of crumbled inn few reminisce.
>Its faulty beams will not be missed."
>"Lonely mushroom bursts to flame.
>In the land that quicksands claim."
>"Three rocks await the winter's kiss.
>One by one they meet their bliss."
>"In the end shall bloom a flower.
>Sacred light reveals its power."

But you can lose that fight and still win


Is Ys allowed or is that cheating?

why is he considered hard?
i'm playing my first MH and only encountered him once via random encounter, but after the main hunt i had like a few minutes left so i didn't have the time to kill him.

No, real pros use SAI3X

Couldn't you just use Alucard to fly up or was it an autoscrolling thing. I don't remember getting to this stage.

really easy with a controller

analog inputs help immensely

>dark souls

i hate soulsfags so much.
i played ds1 the first time 2 years ago and i utterly destroyed space jam on my 3rd try with med roll and a +7 zwei, the only hard thing about that game is baiting kalameet to get his ass down on the fucking ground so you could eventually hit him and tomb of giants since i didn't know about lanterns and it took me ages to get to nito

Or Gold & Silver.

It probably depends on your equipment at that point.
By the time you get to the Undercity, you already have access to workshops to make half-way decent Hagane weapons, and enough weapons to actually make them, as well as a decent range of spells and gems. The early Abandoned Mines seemed harder to me since you typically have fewer options, actually doing non-shit damage to the Wyvern or Fire Elemental was a nightmare for me even on about my third playthrough.

I was usually good with Flood levels, my issue was with the ending battle in Reach when the two phantoms are shooting at you.

i don't get it.
do you really just have to ring them in that order or am i missing something here?


Honestly, every fight after that ramps up harder than the last. His second form, then Sanbone Trio, Gregorio

>do you really just have to ring them in that order




Whoops. Didn't mean to quote.

Also this fucker.

That's not a cliff racer

>secret boss
>casual filter
Get this dingus outta here.

SSH1 stealth fail if you kill the guards.


>still can't beat 8th dan
kaidan never ever.

Literally impossible.

As a kid I never beated sanbone trio. I only finished the game many years later because someone brought the game up on Cred Forums

Holy fuck this is right

i found the goo face one the hardest. anyone else?

Do you just not understand what a casual filter is?

First fight in Mortal Kombat 2: Im ok whit this
Second fight in Mortal Kombat 2: THE CPU TROWNING YOU ALL THE TIME!

Most stupid casual filter ever.


There's probably something wrong with me, but I found pic related harder than almost any NG boss, for some reason.
Maybe NG controls just clicked with me better. NGB had such smooth controls, man.

The only hard thing about him is the fact you don't have counter at that point.

Just abuse the wall attack


Yeah being a Halo fan is pretty fucking casual

Because casual loves Zelda, this is literally casual filter

To be fair that's pretty much the hardest boss in the game that I can remember, everything after that is so forgettable by comparison.


Perhaps we should separate Casuals from Omega Casuals because actual casuals can easily R1 spam face tank their way through this Facebook game if they didn't catch on to the circle strafe back stab play style.




>Mission 20 where you have to fight Nightmare on a tiny arena

To this day i haven't being able to beat that without items.


On-land charge works well too.

W101 demo.
W101 prologue.

This is accurate. I could not beat the fucker with less than 5 energy tanks.

>all of the faggots who just have to reply and say that Dark Souls isn't hard to boost their ego

On topic; casuals probably quit before Blighttown. I'd say Capra is the real casual filter mainly due to the sudden spike in difficulty so early in the game, even if most of the difficulty comes from the size of the room and the dogs more than the demon.

It's literally not hard you fucking mongoloid, even in it's own series it is the easiest.


Duriel is scary the first time around.
Stygian Dolls are without breaks.


The original

It's the final boss of a fighting game you retard, 30min into the game. Most 90s fighting game final bosses would count here, especially SNK bosses. They cheat and defy the game's logic, so unless you're good at the game, you'll ragequit or waste hours trying to beat one guy.

It really isn't, but it's harder than the average game and almost all of the replies to that post are the average dickwaving everyone does when it comes to Souls these days. Can't even talk about the game anymore without "lel its not even hard you mega casual" dick measuring competitions. The game absolutely had casual filters and you're a retard if you think it didn't.


>needing 8 (EIGHT) geared tanks for four horseman

>fighting Nightmare in 1%


I somehow beat this shit with a mouse and keyboard

I didn't have much trouble at all honestly.

>World 8
A casual wouldn't get that far.

they added nagas?

It's a League of Explorers boss.

Seal Piece mission in Jak 2


These Dark Souls memes need to die. How the hell people are always praising this franchise while it has the shittiest and clunkiest hack&slash controls of the past two decades?

it's allowed as long as you don't play it on normal

are you guys ready for this?

For me, Gigginox was my first wall.

What the fuck is the average game? Shadow of Mordor?

It's just the lack of waypoints for the lapdogs to follow and not having a continue screen that starts you on the literal spot where died that set it apart. As far as combat goes you can start as an R1 spamming face tanking retard and finish as a R1 spamming face tanking retard.

>Anyone can get past Jaggi

MHTri was my first MH and Jaggi pushed my shit it. I realized I must be playing the game wrong if the first boss was wrecking me so easily, so I revised my tactics. Once things clicked everything after that was cake, even Barroth.

My second wall was Barioth

>start game
>die 16 times pretty much immediately after the action starts

Send out A Shiv with Snipers who have Squad Sight, Double Tap, and In The Zone.

Or just cheese it.

Only time I died multiple times in the game.


I hope Breath of the Wild has some really difficult optional enemies or a true final ending. A souped up Iron Knuckle with increased manoeuvrability would be nice.

Casuals lose at the Capra demon.

Basically the first minute of this game

>Anyone can get past Jaggi
the first time i ever played a monster hunter game was MH Tri on the wii, the jaggi was only hard when i was using that crappy useless weapon the great sword, once i switched to the vastly superior SnS i beat him easily.

later on i switched to the even more superior SA and eventually quit at around 55 hours of playing right after beating the lagiacrus because i hate underwater combat and the gigginox was too hard but i had to farm someone to progress

My first MH was also Tri but I got past the GJ on my second try. It really wasn't hard. Barroth on the other hand constanly pished my shit in and basically taught me the basic aggro control and roll dodging.


He's pretty late in the game, hardly a filter by that point

>play this game as a kid
you must be 18+ to post, out you go.

Metroid fusion came out in 2002 dude.

Thank fuck someone correct this. Jaggi my ass, Barroth is where shit's at.



I've played through CC a few times now and had a guide for it my first time (I use to love owning large JRPG guides). How hard was it for people to figure this out? I mean once I knew what to do I notice that the camera hints at these spots but holy shit that shit is obtuse for a game clearing necessity.

barroth filtered me out of tri but i doubled down and went full autism on 3U

Dat finish tho.

>casual filter of MH3U
he was much, much harder in tri


This level from mechassault.

>tfw only ever made the jump by hitboosting through the wall

With warps they would, and I don't think there was a person alive who played the game and didn't know about the warps.

Finally a game for smart people.

Actually, there is a checkpoint after this. What are you talking about, dude.

Also, Alucard trivializes this part and it's highly likely that you'll have him with you if you're in the caves.

You couldn't spam-beat it, and only had a tiny weak spot. I think that's why it was so hard as a kid.

Doesn't even need to start the game to filter the casuals



Good choice user. SS's that level was a hell unlike any other. Everything besides Yotta was easier than Hideout IMO.




No holy water allowed

If I remember right, all you have to do is jump from a low enough point on the left wall.

>finally beat bass
>this shit

I still haven't beaten this. It's not that it's hard, it's that I die in three hits and it takes hundreds to kill her.

>Near the end of the game
>Casual filter


master murai


This level is by far the hardest part of the game. A casual can make it up to here with our without holy water, but item choice on this boss separates the men from the boys.