Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Senator

Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Senator.

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Hey what are you guys talking about?

Dood Sex


A bomb.


So what's different in the latest GMDX update? I haven't updated yet

I take it he was agreeable?

Oh yes!

Welcome to the coalition, JC. I might as well start using coke.

Almost pathetic

>Let's shitpost like it's still the year 2012

>Deus Ex will never get actual discussion because of retards who repeat the same joke day in and day out thinking it'll remain funny if they do.

>Being this mad over Deus Ex memes

Why contain it?

There is always actual Deus Ex discussion in these threads. Are you new here?

Get out of here Denton.

Deus Ex threads traditionally get lots of discussion and this meme just acts as another vehicle for it.

Of course I'm mad when Redditors are driving the DX1 to the ground dozens of threads in a short time span making the same jokes over and over and over again

In the end, they'll beg us to save them.

Oh, look at all this discussion! Truly, this thread revolves around the game and not the memes surrounding it.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?










Not him, but if discussion isn't happening here at this moment that's just how it is.

What is it, Thursday to Friday graveyard time?

you're not funny


I was under the assumption that the latest Deus Ex bit was a short DLC for human revolution. How wrong am I?

new full-fledged game with the same character. so quite wrong.

MJ 12 could be loading the gold onto a plane right now.

How shit was the marketing for this game? I didn't hear a peep and I spend time on Cred Forums for cryssakes


much shittier than HR's.

Not having the benefit of what amounted to a fantastic large-scale demo surely didn't help, and the game is basically HR2 so it's not as fresh.

Mankind Divided isn't like Invisible War levels of bad, but it's not Deus Ex levels of good. It's a solid transition title that experimented a lot with the gameplay mechanics to set up the final game of the trilogy.
Deus Ex > Mankind Divided >= Human Revolution >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Invisible War

whats the best way to make a non audible take down?


>it's a Pageposting thread

what does G E P stand for?

But Paul... that would require the Explosive Mission Pre-Order DLCâ„¢ available only from GameStop.

Guided Explosive Projectile

This x1000000000

If you wanted to turn everyone on the board against Deus Ex, I think it's working.

Now who is best pony? (The correct answer is Applejack.)

Guided Explosive Projectile

It's basically a rocket launcher that can lock on to enemies

If you could have guaranteed hot sex with whomever you want whenever you want BUT every time you cum you lose 1 point of IQ, who would you fuck and how many times?

how do we silence the savages from rattling their cages?

Get out autist

get yourself checked at a medbot asap

Dr. Reyes will see you regarding your case of terminal aspergers shortly

>says the memelord

Dr. Reyes is your choice? But how many times? How much IQ are you willing to lose?

>says the autist

this is what happens when you use an expired aug upgrade canister

>20 posts in
Wew lad.

Doc Reyes is not for sexual

>says the Kornposter

It'll be the same shit 200 posts in, don't pretend.

We'll see who's wrong then.

You can feel free to have a look at the other FEMA threads with almost 500 posts where we actually talked about the game and also posted funny pics all day

But by that time you'll be back to your Final Waifu XIVXVXVXVXXVXVIIXIIIX threads, I'm sure

>if you don't like our shitty meme spam, then you obviously like weebshit

Wrong again, boyo. You're not deflecting your autism on my watch.

Anyone else wish DX had another automatic weapon to use? I feel like the Assault Rifle is too much like an SMG, short range and inaccurate

Putting points into swimming lets you bypass a large number of fights. You don't need points in these so called "useful skills" when you never get to use them anyway.

>I don't like thing
>people makes thread about thing
>"I know, I'll go into the thread and tell them how retarded they all are for liking thing! That'll sure show them! XD"
You're a tremendous faggot and you're gonna die alone, user

>says the autist

Even if this wasn't shitposting
>putting points into swimming
>what's aqualung
>what's a rebreather
>what's using the regen aug while drowning
>what's medkit spam while drowning

>it's been 5 years since Human Revolution came out
>Still no Malkavian Mod successor

I'd say it's worth upgrading once at least

You're talking about Smiley from Mankind Divided, right?

What's her ethnicity?

HR isn't really that moddable.

It's not an important question.

Not white




Enraged Enrique

Good luck!

But that's wrong, user

What the fuck did I just waste my time reading?

Just fuck my shit up

Just mess my stuff up.

Can you please explain what this is supposed to be

Icarus is coming.


When I played through Dudes Sex I went for Pistol/Melee Skills and spent the rest in Computers and misc shit. I also went for Invis + Fast running aug so I could cheese some of the fights like when escaping from Paul's apartment I didn't know you could save him

Basically doing the whole game stealthy.

Is it worth doing a full dakka or atleast competent fighting run, or it stealth more fun?

GMDX mod, I went with Stealth + Low-tech master; Spy drone(to disable robots without GEP/EMP), speed, cloak, passive bullet+electricity resist AUGs. Using mainly dragon tooth, pretty good for me.

That Bob Page line and a few meme pictures act as a catalyst for discussion. Think of it as a dumb traditional way of starting a Deus Ex thread. It's like a general thread.

This tune is great

which was a shame, modders could fix HR, implementing a melee system and lean, and then removing takedowns and the 3rd person mark of the beast

>actually asking for another lel so randumb mod

That's a pretty big claim.

Needs a fucking minigun, it's like THE iconic heavy weapon and the game doesn't have it. Flamethrower, GEP, plasma, LAW, that's it right?

>inb4 FEMAss


>not liking Kornheiser
get out fag


Well played.

sorry for memeing on your post user

So this is the new generation of Cred Forumsirgin...

Yeah, great discussion you're having. Thanks, meme spam!!!!!!!

One thing about Deus Ex that was nice was how grounded it was, still having newspapers, as one developer described it, you were climbing laadders and getting into the fire escape to infiltrate someone's home out there, that was very easy to relate to and the game posed situations very similar to our real world.

IW fucked up by going too much into the future, it felt "jetsons-like" similar to what the same developer said, but worse than IW, HR felt more futuristic than Deus Ex, despite how it was supposed to be preceding it. Newspapers for example are gone, it's all some tablet like technology for some reason, augs looked slick as fuck.

Also the whole "now this cyber arm can control you" was quite farfetched. The whole push for a "us vs. them" situation and ridiculous emphasis on augmentation "debate" just made the world seem quite dumb and exaggerated, and sometimes created for shock effect, like the whole AUGS GONE CRAAAZY. It's not how that works.

The gray death for example was an engineered disease but notice how it was far more of a subtle approach, and grounded in reality, since there are people out there who say some diseases like AIDS were created in lab, for example. Now a glorified prosthetic arm is gonna subdue you mentally and turn you into a killer? Sorry that's dumb as fuck.

Is this some epic attempt to "counter" our so called "meme spam"?

Heads up Anonymous, you're a faggot

>Full fledged game
Rocky Lmoa

>Sometimes at slaughterhouses

Nigger 99% of meat comes from abattoirs wherever you're getting this spam from can't even get the facts right

trying to enjoy some IW here

Do you have a point?

He doesn't like FEMA threads so he thinks he's ruining our fun by spamming nonsense

You're not going to follow that terrorist you posted, right?

Woah, do they diss JC motherfucking Denton in IW?

in that conversation it does make sense, they want to shill those social experiment things by portraying JC in a bad light

Why not just copypaste some content mill dreck on a boring subject? You add "value" to the discussion simply by expending the effort it takes to think up and type these posts.

What does this give you? I'm still enjoying the thread, just ignoring your spam.

At least IW still allows me to do one thing

>I'm ignoring (You)

Doing a bang-up job so far. see funny deaths

It's pretty simplistic, low-quality writing, user. Also they're not every single minute. Though I suppose I do have to admit even then it's unlikely he's actually making these up on the spot.

Also by "value" I meant that people would find amusement from the fact that there is a live person wasting effort on this. Especially on Cred Forums that shit apparently amounts to legal tender.


>CTRL+C CTRL+V is effort

How's your Deus Ex thread going? Full of new and exciting discussion about the video game franchise?

Does this guy even know how big a meme superstar he is?

He actually thinks he's having a negative impact on the thread

electronic holographic waifus, running the world

Yes, and he's from Russia

Oh no, Hungarian actually

Although for some reason he wrote in Russian

>"lol he thinks he's derailing, but he's not!"
>everyone replying, nobody discussing vidya

That's fucking great. We need to make Harold a star.

What went wrong with IW's ragdolls?

...Okay I don't know what the fuck is going on. I don't even really give a shit about Deus Ex, I just happened to wander into this thread because I saw one of the random paragraphs and got curious. I think maybe you misunderstood what I was trying to say with my original post? My point was that if you want to shit up someone's thread, you don't do it by wasting effort typing out(or I guess in this case, copy-pasting) responses because that just goads people into messing with you and livening up the thread.

>not having the jelly skelly biomod



Get out autist


Deu Sex mix with EYE when?
To create the perfect shitpost machine

I've reveived reports of shitpost attacks on FEMA threads. There's not enough front page to go around and the autists are starting to get desperate.

EYE sucks dick.

It's the quintessential meme game only liked by Cred Forums to be contrarian.



it's true, don't even compare that frog shitpile with deus ex, ever

These threads are no longer about the game itself.

>people complain about these threads and not the furshit, loli and General faggotry infesting the board
>just go for game discussion instead

Oh my god! JC! A shitpost!

I complain about those, too. Other bad threads existing doesn't excuse these shittyfuck meme spam threads.

True but whoever compares EYE with Deus Ex has some mental problems.

The game has no level design whatsoever, it's always the same old building with crossroads awful design.

You just spend so much time in EYE shooting respawning enemies from across the map, it's ridiculous. I guess it's okay when EYE does it.

I don't think you actually played EYE.

Old memes... are the future.

Are there any other reasonably good games like deus ex? I'm getting a little bored of prodding terrorists.

I did, what exactly was wrong with my post? Fighting respawning enemies from 15 miles away or the awful levels? Or are you looking at the game using some rose tinted glasses?

The game doesn't come close to Deus Ex at all, DX wasn't just skill points and a progression system.

Deus Ex Human Revolution


Thief and Thief 2 are kinda sorta similar

why are slavic mutants called Omar?

Great thread, faggots. You're really proving the shitposters wrong.

Do you have even a single fact to back that up?

lol memes great thread bro

I've actually been sent by the Illuminati to stifle any real discussion about the game by flooding threads with spicy memes

I'm glad someone has recognized all my hard work

System Shock 2, I guess. Gets compared a lot.

I think it's about time I played Invisible War.

Are there any essential mods for a first playthrough?

>suggesting tha Mediterranean individuals may have a significantly reduced role on the actual spawning stock than the European Atlantic ones

Omar means lobster in Russian. Dunno what it means, I guess lobsters are known for their adaptiveness to environmental changes.

>invisible war

If only!

>essential mods for a first playthrough
install KYS 2.0

How do I fix the weapom switching glitch on the GOTY edition of DE1? It's pissing me off and what I saw on google didn't help.

It's somewhat true but also they play quite differently, with SS2 being more of a traditional RPG for the lack of a better word, with those stats such as STR INT AGI and whatever else it had.

Also SS2 was more of a game like Half-Life style game, everything you encounter is out to kill you, while DX is more nuanced, has friendly NPCs, and the whole shtick of choices gameplay.

still both games should played anyway

John P's textures for Invisible War, it's the one I'm using and I'm a sucker for sharper textures. I think you just gotta not use the Biomod Eyes that come with it, they don't look that good
also you gotta get a widescreen fix somewhere

>he actually believes Mediterranean eels have more effect on spawning stock than European Atlantic eels

Top-tier pleb.

>vanilla fags are on the defensive even though the game has no mods

I used to think like that until I played Morrowind without the code patch

big mistake

I was speaking in general, stupid modcuck.

Sure you were, lmao

Well Morrowind is a piece of shit, no mod can fix that

Notice how I didn't quote the name of the game? God you modders are dumb.

>this damage control

The best thing about Mankinf Divided is that is made me replay Deus Ex just because of how much it referenced the game.

I had too much fun. Though it doesn't run in windowed mode without the game suddenly being in Mach 5. Which is annoying.

I don't think GMDX 9.0 is out yet.

What exactly was wrong with Human Revolution, what's your take on the subject?

>tfw you realize only the first 2 minutes of Deus Ex get memed on Cred Forums because that's as long as most people on Cred Forums have ever played it for

how about you cut the bullcrap and tell me where that ambrosia shipment is being taken

>"Hide Your Pain" Harold

This couldn't be more perfect.

Stay mad modfag
The game will never have mods anyway :^)

Of course they're desperate, they can see page 10, and the sound they'll make spamming the thread will serve as a warning to the rest.


Revolver ocelot liquid snake breh

>being mad at memes

dem receptionists

Did you take the christmas/birthday money, Cred Forums?

My heart melted when I declined it


I've still not played Doos eggs
Does the first game run on a laptop with intel grafics?

It should, on my crummy laptop I hit 600FPS somehow.

It's literally a 16 year old game. What the fuck do you think? What the fuck kind of retard asks a question like that? Is your laptop 17 years old? No? Then yeah, it'll probably run this ancient fucking software just fine. God, these threads are bursting with retards.

Should do the trick


Look at the release date, should answer your question.

>#1 lmao


on topic, i played invisible war recently, and it really wasn't as bad as people said.
i mean, obviously it's much more casualized than the other games, but it's still somewhat enjoyable.
i actually liked cairo and antarctica, and JC didn't seem TOO forced.
overall, i'd say play it, if you're really desperate for more Deus Ex. Just don't expect a very good game.

That's terror


Maybe you should try getting a job

1.That's Shitposting

>has never seen deus ex redux

Are you the same autist who raged over the NV threads?
Maybe you should try getting a job



how many times can you make the exact same thread before it becomes a general and belongs on /vg/? I guarantee this thread qualifies, and no longer belongs on Cred Forums
why haven't you played deus ex as much as this guy





No, Savage

I already played Deus Ex like 4 times total, but with a long time between the playthroughs.

You're fucking dumb. My laptop has integrated intel graphics and it lags like a motherfucker even on the menu, yet it can run cs source for example at 100 FPS. Some older games don't run well with integrated graphics

I have integrated intel graphics on my laptop too and it runs insanely well.

Use kentie's DX10 renderer.

They can also open the mayor.



Majestic 12

I'm a frenchman


I wonder why modern games don't make use of Detailed Textures like Deus Ex does. It's such a simply concept but it keeps textures from looking like blurry garbage up close.

Maybe you should join MJ12, IN A BODY BAG.


I agree. I really think that Deus Ex looks good because of the detail as opposed to games looking good because they're modern.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little terrorist? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the UNATCO academy, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on the NSF, and I have over 300 confirmed silent takedowns. I am trained in prod warfare and I'm the top GEP gunner in the entire UNATCO armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another takedown. I will prod you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of UNATCO spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, terrorist. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with the GEP gun. Not only am I extensively trained in swimming, but I have access to the entire arsenal of my inventory space and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "factual" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking bomb. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price you goddamn idiot. I will shit augmentations all over and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, terrorist.




Adorable and fuckable.

>play GMDX 7
eh this is alright, but it really seems to force a stealth playst-
>notice and then install 8.0
>stamina bars

Has anyone here played DX: Nihilum? I've heard a lot of good things about it. Is it worth the time?


Real talk: Since we're having this thread every single day, we need to have a name for it that rivals the catchiness of "Baneposting".

>the best Deus Ex game isn't even Deus Ex
Explain this.

no.neither are the nameless mod or gmdx in its current form

there is, you nigger, and its bobposting

That's already been taken by that whole "Bob hates Google Plus" campaign a couple years back. Plus it sounds so fucking generic.



I want to be Nicolette's dad!

>a Deus Ex game

Dishonored is a Thief game, you pleb.

You want to be cryogenically frozen in your student's basement while he tells you that he'll eventually unfreeze you?

>why cuck

>Lucius is Nicolette's father meme

nah its clearly Paul Bob Page

bump for bob posting


I want to engage in coitus and more with her.

some great DX music

It's Pageposting.


Bob page is really great

okay when i exit out the window, am i supposed to be captured or is there really a way to beat the robot girl and gunter without being gunned down

There is a way to beat the robot girl. There is not a way to beat Gunther, at least not at that point in the story.

Tried to play this and had to uninstall after one hour. Awful fucking game. If you want to play a good Deus Ex I recommend Human Revolution.


do you have a single fact to back that up?

Simply epic

> He has a different opinion so bait.
Graphics, gameplay,dialogue,music, all go to HR.
Where do you wanna start?


>not going to Deus Ex

Can't believe I almost fell for this bait.



> Gameplay, can't believe this is even a discussion. DX is a clunky piece of fuck.
> Dialogue, this one can go either way.
> Music, Icarus Theme beats anything in DX

No bait here buddy, just dont have any nostalgia glasses on.


What a convincing argument. Well done

>clunky piece of fuck
How is it clunky at all?

"This one can go either way." You just said it went to Human Revolution. Is it that you weren't expecting anyone to reply to your shit bait, so now you have to backpedal at the speed of light to recover?

Icarus beats anything in DX? Now I know you're baiting. This is the last (You) I'm granting.

oh yes!

> How is NOT clunky? Compared to takedowns and shooting in HR its lmao tier
> The dialogue is the only thing good in DX so I decided to give it a mention
> Enjoy your inferior music taste

I'm fine with this.

>One song beats out the entire god tier DX soundtrack
>this isn't supposed to be bait

Yeah nah, I don't buy it

Burden of proof is on you shitter. How is the gameplay clunky?

Give HR a try after playing DX, see if you change your mind.

>lol this is bait, let me point it out and reply so everyone can see I'm smart
Good job, retards.

>he exited out the window
>he killed paul
what an idiot

> Shit combat, shit movement, shit menus
But it's still smooth!

Mathematically likely.

>shit menus
nigger, the menus are way better than the ones in HR and you know it. There's no arguing that.

So you agree with the combat and movement being shit? What a shock.
And no, HR menus > DX menus

Do you people really like this shitty game? I played it in 2003 i think and it was boring and easy as fuck, 5/10 max.

do you have a single fact to back that up?



youll get a lot of replies but apply yourself next time

why aren't you retards not playing this shitty game and giving me (you)s instead? This cock ain't gonna suck itself.


I know you're baiting but I could really accept this opinion. The game is overrated as shit. I just enjoyed it for what it was.

Hillary is bleeding all over the place

Harley Quinn is having a picnic.

>that color scheme
And people make fun of my based magenta UI.

Are you really this insecure about a game.

Not everything is bait.

I felt pretty well about not killing Manderley when escaping. It just felt wrong to play by Walton Simons' script. No fuck you, I'll knock him out, you deal with him, faggot.

>unironically bringing up takedowns as a positive
End yourself.
>wahhh shooting is bad in DX I actually have to take aim at my enemy and train in my weapon of choice instead of being immediately masterful of every weapon I find

>the dialogue is the only thing good in DX
You went from saying that it's bad, to saying it could go either way, to saying it is good in 3 posts. Change of opinion, or backpedaling at the speed of light after being called out on shitty bait?

>inferior music taste
Something tells me you've never listened to the DX soundtrack, since every song on there (Paris in particular) beats the shit out of HR's pleb soundtrack.

>implying I have nostalgia goggles for DX
I played Human Revolution before I played Deus Ex, you cockgobbler.

go back to redd1t nigger

We want to power down the whole system.

I did it to deny the (You) that you so desperately crave, you windowlicking spastic retard.

Also kek, you've run out of arguments. What self-respecting shitter doesn't have arguments to back up his crappy bait?

I'm not even the same guy you're replying to, you fucking moron.

Did you get lost on your way to Reddit?
This is an ANONYMOUS imageboard, you inbred.

right. I am the guy who told you to go back to aforementioned shithole. I haven't posted in this thread otherwise. Calm down you fat sack of shit.

what the fuggg :D

GMDX is shit, I don't get why people love it so much
every rebalancing mod is shit

>emphasis on freedom of approach with both stealth and combat
>powers in place of augmentations
>equipment upgrades
>big hub building where you talk to friends
>many levels are large open cities allowing for interactions with NPCs and discovering sidequests rather than 100% infiltration
Was clearly meant to be a Deus Ex spiritual successor, and it ends up really sucking if you go into it expecting a new Thief.

I just finished mankind divided, is it worth playing through breach mode or is it just a slog? Does it actually add anything to the storyline?
Also are there any story dlc out yet outside of the preorder bonus one?

You can't ask the creator to make things optional either, like the stupid stamina bars. He gets personally offended that you've insulted his "work" that he lifted from HR/MD.

Next week your nigga Pritchard is coming back for one of them.

It's kinda just shit, but I've seen people say it gets good at some point. There are some minute story bits.
The first story dlc is coming out in like a week.

Dishonored has like a vast majority of options for lethal runs and JACK SHIT if you wanna play non lethal. I liked it, but no.

>It's like a general thread.
Then it needs to fuck off to /vg/.

>character named Jaime

This is why the wall needs to be built.

thats french not taco my man

thank you phams, I'll just wait till next week then. I played some breach but it looks pretty boring and grindy honestly, I guess they need to sell those microtransactions somehow


>choking them out
>tranq dart
>distracting them and sneaking by
>just Blinking past them

watch out for the karkian though

Best way to play non-lethal is by NOT TOUCHING ANYONE. Only casuals knock out everyone on the map and call it "stealth".

Jaime Reyes is the name of a comic book character, famalam.

There's another reference in an email with a "Harleen Quinzelle".

Some say that augmentation is giving up the human soul.

Luckily you never had one to begin with.

blink was incredibly overpowered making non-lethal playthrough trival

Riot prods when?
Hubs in France and Russia when?
Official trilogy announcement when?
Nano-augmented boss unit when?
Turning Delara when?
Ayy lmaos when?
Killswitch when?

Can we just say the killphrase for Eidos Montreal?

Some book about kermit

I seriously thought by agreeing to take it that Adam would be like 'its me you daft cunt' instead of jewely pocketing the money.

>Ayy lmaos when?
If you're talking about the Grays we saw in Deus Ex, those weren't aliens.

"Gray Project Schedule

To:MBates; ADonovan
Subject:Gray Project Schedule

I've attached a preliminary schedule for theGray project and want to get your input before we meet next week. Couple of issues I want to whiteboard are their ability to spontaneously generate radiation as a form of "attack," and their apparent resistance to a number of environmental conditions.

We've still trying to resurrect all the information from the old Dreamland data wells, but we have managed to extract a complete genetic sequence from the old bovine experiments that have given us two viable test subjects. They've been isolated in a radioactive field downstairs for observation if you want to work up your informal impressions prior to the meeting.

BTW, we still haven't heard from Feng about the karkianeggs -- we've got the Hong Kong police out looking for him now, but we'll need to push back our planned infant karkian development studies until we hear something.

Dr. Lundquist"

They were genetically modified bovines.

Yeah I remember someone in my recent GMDX playthrough saying they're like monkeys.

IIRC they just used them as a smokescreen for actual MJ12 activities since they couldn't find any use for them

I know, and that won't stop me from calling them ayy lmaos.




I think he was just talking about conspiracy theories he proved or something

kek, what even are those dialogue options

Little k's book, if I recall correctly.

>golden armor
Absolutely based.

Code word that shuts down the memory thing making her kill people


Deus Ex's Jaime actually pre-dates the Blue Beetle Jaime

>had been exclusively using throwing knives to distract troops before

>start a new run with Revision
>use the crossbow for distraction
>find throwing knives
>"wait, I recall considering them important the last time I played, but why?"
>look them up on the DX wiki
>can be used to distract foes
>realize I'm fucking retarded

Granted, you don't need to reload knives, but I still don't get how I didn't even think about using the crossbow for that before. Maybe I thought the bolts weren't recoverable or something.

Fuck that. France is fine though.
I'd rather not.


Am I being rused?
This thread was archived, now it's brought back?

Every day until you like it.

install 4chanx

No, you don't understand, the same posts are until

is it a coincidence she looks like this guy?

>that conversation in the picus vault
>bob page and everett talking about placing lucius debeers in cryo

Well, they told her to be more like bernie, never specified which one.

and Morpheus is basically a copy of E.L.I.Z.A.

>go see Maggie Chow
>walk around her room
>accidentally move the maid behind me trying to get around
>she opens up a secret wall next to the vase
>alarm goes off
>MJ12 troop storm my ass
>kill them
>ooooooohhh so that's the lost sword was
>welp conspiracy over

Did anyone really find that room in Chow's apartment solely from "MJ12 Trooper: *Cough*"? I imagine it must have been fucking hilarious

Cold War's over pal, take the Russophobia elsewhere

I did. It was fucking weird.

am i REALLY forced to send this signal

the goal says IF he is right

I did
I knew something up, that just made me look harder

It wasn't a cough but I found it from one of their other lines.

>even thinking that you have a choice

To this day, I never did the mission Maggie Chow asks me to do after I meet her. I just randomly got attacked by MJ12 troops from snooping around and now I just click the hidden lamp switch and get the sword.

she gives you a mission? shiet.
I've done two playthroughs of the game so far and I've never talked to her.

A lobster is not only a crustacean but also a certain type of hypothetical cyborg apparently.
>Bruce Sterling in his universe of Shaper/Mechanist suggested an idea of alternative cyborg called Lobster, which is made not by using internal implants, but by using an external shell (e.g. a Powered Exoskeleton).[6] Unlike human cyborgs that appear human externally while being synthetic internally (e.g. the Bishop type in the Alien franchise), Lobster looks inhuman externally but contains a human internally (e.g. Elysium, RoboCop). The computer game Deus Ex: Invisible War prominently featured cyborgs called Omar, where "Omar" is a Russian translation of the word "Lobster" (since the Omar are of Russian origin in the game).

I feel as though I've randomly figured out a vast conspiracy without even trying. Can even image trying to explaining to the triads how you found the sword
>so how did you find the sword?
>I was talking to Maggie Chow and her maid randomly opened a secret door and activated an alarm. Then I found the sword randomly hidden somewhere
Seriously. Literally the strongest weapon in the game and I randomly stumbled upon it.

Vladimir please

>go see Maggie Chow
>MJ12 TROOPER: (hums)

It's really not a vast conspiracy. Anybody who had been paying attention would already have realized something fishy was up. At that point, it's just a matter of snooping around independently - if you hack into her computer upstairs, you can see through security cameras the secret room, at which point you just start searching around for hidden passages for that secret room, or you can just stumble upon the lantern yourself.

If you DO perform the task she wants you to, though, when you come back, you get ambushed by the MJ12 troops anyway.

t. mudslime terrorist

Either way, it feels as though I randomly stumbled upon a large conspiracy tread without even thinking.

Imagine if Bob page was angry at me for figuring out everything when all I did was randomly stumble on all the conspiracies because I'm just lucky.

But I'm a Russian myself, and fuck that.

Ti che chuvak

Deus Ex v Rossiye bilo bi klassno

How do we contain FEMA threads?

Why contain it?

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