Yakuza 6 Playspots


>Deep Sea Diving
>Baseball Management
>Cat Friendship

This is shaping up to be a good game.

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I don't care about fighting elements if game has this amount of fun stuff.


Can someone post the recommended emulation settings pic/pastebin for Yakuza 1?

Don't have the pastebin unfortunately.


Did they bring back the combat from previous games? Demo looked like something entirely new but this TGS video looks absolutely samey to old animations.


Thanks guys.


I'm trying those settings, now it looks much, much better, but the frame rate has become much, much lower.
Is there any way to fix it?

Set resolution to 3x or lower.

>kiryuu smiling


It works, I love you man.

Have fun, mate


Did the last thread got deleted because it had Anri in OP? Even though she is in the fucking game.

Thanks javposters

Minigames are looking better than the combat itself

Does this work for Y2 as well?

Four fucking months bros,
Believe in the YUME that we'll get Y6 as well.

it looks like dogshit

So they have full fledged baseball game added in, as well as clan battles. This fucking game...has everything in the game


So, there'll never be an english version of Kenzan, Ishin and Kiwami?

Should work, they are very similar.

No clue. I've never actually emulated either of the first two games, though I imagine it might work due to the games being in the same engine. Sorry.

Special edition W H E N

Sega's confirmed that they won't localize Kenzan or Ishin due to the amount of Japanese history people would be required to know to get what was going on. Still, PS4 is region free, so you can just import Ishin and use the KHH translation guide.

I think they said they had "no plans" to localize Kiwami, though they didn't give a reason for not doing it like they did with Kenzan/Ishin, so it's still possible. Hell, given that they're actually releasing a physical version of 0 so soon after 5, that's a great sign for the future of the series.

Also, for anyone who didn't get it with PS+ in August, Y5 is currently 25% off ($30) on PSN: store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/yakuza-5/cid=UP0177-NPUB31658_00-YAKUZA5000000001

Well, at least we can get Kiwami. Thanks.

I hate SCP service so much, man.
Worked perfectly for weeks and now I have to reinstal it again.
Why can't Sony stop being such lazy pricks and give us backwards compatibility?

They still make sales on PS3s, so it kinda makes sense. I'd love backwards compatibility though because my ps3's laser is broken and I don't feel like fixing it just for Yakuza 3.

I wonder what'll happen if SEGA will re-release Yakuza 3 for PS4 in the west. They'll re-translate it or just use current translation?

You already know the answer

I'm talking more about Yakuza 1 and 2, I have a PS3 but I'm forced to emulate on my PC because Sony are shitbirds and thus have to deal with the piece of shit program that is SCP.

>giving a fuck about the worst Yakuza game

Fuck you, man, I loved it.

>but I'm forced to emulate on my PC

Sony never told you to be a dumb fuck and sell your PS2

The thing got bricked years ago, dick welt.

Kiryu taking out a killer shark is gonna be great




I wonder if it'll really be 60 fps. At least on Pro.

>mfw Zero on local store shelves

>minigame to look after your wife's son


Fuck off, that's his grandson.

way too fucking moe


good joke, there is no worst yakuza game.

Good job looking like an idiot, user.

There is no worst. They're all great. 3 was comfy as all fuck. All they need to do is re-localize it without the cut content.

Is there a list of everything 3 had cut?

What the fuck is this game even about?


How's Dead Souls?


Cute Yakuza doing cute Yakuza things. Basically moe for gangsters.

pretty damn fun run n' gun game

Wait, those are JAV actresses.


Gansters, dreams, family and minigames.


I hope 0 and 6 have more stuff like this.
Kid got fucking served.

>tfw just imported Ishin
What am I in for

An amazing game with a better combat system than most of the Yakuza games, you need a guide though unless you understand japanese

Being confused and overwhelmed over the fact that it takes place in another country. This is what they were trying to prevent by not localizing it. Better listen to God Bless America while you play just to be safe.



On PS4 I hope.

60 FPS ton of fun.

If you haven't, get Kenzan on PS3 too.

Kazuma looks really cool with just the red shirt.

I'm assuming you know about this already but just in case

>Kazuma Kiryu last stand


>Saejima has to break out of jail again

Some more gameplay

no this time he has to break into jail

>Sajima starts working for a jail
>ends up becoming a warden
>prison riots happen
>prisoners take over the jail and lock up all of the workers in the cells
>Saejima has to break out of prison AGAIN

So, who will the fouth playable and least memorable character be this time?

Finally, the wife's son simulator I've always wanted.

Pastebin, ho!


>baseball manager
>cat friendship
>deep sea diving


I swear to god Shinada had better come back with all this baseball stuff going on. Make him the manager of an opposing team or something.

>Fuck. I better find Haruto's father quick...

truly, Yakuza is packed with some time-sinking shit

Playing Yakuza 1, I have just drunk sake with a hobo drunkard to get a key, and a sake icon showed up beside the life bar. Does it mean that Kazuma is drunk?

>Should I confront Jingu and save my girlfrend and bestfriend
>Naw, I'll take my surrogate daughter to the park and get shitfaced with this hobo
Kiryu is a dedicated time waster.

Yes. You'll get more encounters when you are drunk. At least in later games, I forgot about 1st one.

Does this come out for PC? Haven't really played Yakuza before but it looks fun.

Oh well, as long as I can fight as usual without him being dizzy I'm ok with it.

No, it might not even come out in the west at all.
If you're interested you have to buy a ps3 to play 3, 4 and 5.
You can just emulate 1 and 2, 0 is comming to PS4 and so is 6.

It's a miracle when they come out in the west at all and I'm pretty sure japs don't give a shit about PC releases, so it won't happen any time soon. Shame really. You can emulate 1 and 2, though. Use this emu: buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/

Ah, thanks. I'll look into the series.

I-implying I wanted your Take Care of your Wife's Son Simulator, Japan

Nigga, it's his not blood related daughter's probably not blood related son. Stop this stupid meme, it doesn't fit here.

This cuck meme is the worst one in ages, I swear to god.

don't reply to them
they are just memeing and give 0 fuck about yakuza

>city pop section

Fucking noice

Good only if you want fanservice

6 is Kiryu only

I can't get hype for this when Yakuza 0 isn't even out yet in English.

I like the minigames of Nagoshi-san. From Monkey Ball to Yakuza. He should do a party game.

If I can punch sharks underwater then this game becomes the GOTG for me

Damn, I was hoping to get back into akiyamas shoes again.

The biggest battle is that against the frame rate

>Yakuza 6
>Sonic Mania
>Shenmue 1 and 2 HD
Sega is pretty cool these days


Sega does what Nintendont

Who cares about that when I can fuck up the ace of Japan?

Fuck man. Too much shit to play.

>Yakuza 0
>Yakuza 6

Feels good though.

what's DR1

I didnt know Nintendo owned all those IPs, you'd think Sonic would have gotten better games instead of all that garbage behind it.

>Yakuza 6
Western release whenever 2018-2020?
>Sonic Mania
Don't care for Sonic so I don't know what this is even
>Shenmue 1 and 2 HD
Have they even been confirmed outside of that investigating making them real?

>embarrassingly unable to take publishing duties for Atlus games in EU
>Valkyria Chronicles for current gen is a Valkyria title in name only

I'm not seeing any change really. I will give props for putting VC1 on pc though.

Dead Rising 1 I assume.

>Don't care for Sonic so I don't know what this is even
2D Sonic for the Saturn

>implying the father isn't kiryu

it's like you fags didn't even play 5

It's just a random kid Haruka decided to take care of
This isn't Kiryu's last game because he'll die but because in the end he'll full-time take care of the kid together with Haruka and they'll be a complete family
They won't fug though
But they should

Was 5 worth it at this point? Never got around to it.

This is probably the only correct answer.

It's a B-Game. Technically a mess with horrible framerate and camera. But it's also damn fun and full of great fanservice.

Think "trash" like EDF. Perfect B-Game.

How can SEGA afford to make these Yakuza games that actually look so good with so many features despite selling so few copies of the game?

They sell like hotcakes across Asia. They just don't here and it's not like they give a shit about NA anyway.

I never bought a hot cake

>despite selling so few copies of the game?
it's one of the most selling series in Japan now.
and recent games sold well in China as well

>some guy finally made sfm porn with Haruka
>it's Kiwami Haruka


>mfw I know a guy that ACTUALLY wants to pre-order this game

Similar but no certain.
At worst you have to activate something on the hardware hack setting of the video settings to fix ONE issue.

Why not, it looks great


Jesus christ they just keep outdoing themselves each game don't they. I sincerely hope we get Y6.

In 4 years. In 4 years you could learn a good amount of nip tbqh, when they decide to release another one of these.

>Sega's confirmed that they won't localize Kenzan or Ishin due to the amount of Japanese history people would be required to know to get what was going on.
yeah because Americans totally hate samurai movies. I mean Japanese culture is just so fucking confusing I guess that's why the last samurai bombed in america oh wait

I think the West will get it since we did get every main line Yakuza title eventually, but it will probably just take time.

How is Yakuza 1? Did it age poorly or should I start with the newer games?

Start with Yakuza 1.

A lot of content to cut if localization happens.

Better not even try.

Yakuza 0 is coming without a single cut content and it's the game with the underground bikini catfight

Yeah thats what you said about 4, 5, and 0.

Thus your first Yakuza thread? That dude always shitposts with that exact same reaction image. He's a staple of Yakuza threads.

Played it recently it did not age poorly BUT you are going to hate the lack of lock on system.


Also advertising in the game I mean Kiryu has a Sony xperia

and it was true every time

Pretty sure he used to be on Phantom Pain threads before launch

Just like they cut everything from 4, 5 and 0, right?

If yakuza was more popular in the west, they would butcher it.
waiting for fucking long time or playing censored game, I don't know which is better

How so?

> raising my adoptive daughter's son: the game

no thanks

even if I love the yakuza series, I don't want to see motherfucking kazuma kiryu turned into a cuckold

Is it weird that from a distance I thought that was Scout from TF2?

Son I don't think you understand what a cuckhold is.

Don't fall for obvious bait, newfag

If you listened to Nagoshi, they give no fucks to pretty much anyone but male fans in their 30s.
>pretend to like Yakuza
>didn't play earlier Yakuza

As someone who has never played any of the Yakuza games, what does any of this have to do with being in the Yakuza?

He looks like he's gone legit and become a family man.

He was a yakuza in 1 then became the leader of the yakuza for 2 seconds.

Hes gone legit in all the games past 1 but he keeps going back when their are problems.

He always get pulled back in.

To be fair the choice of using "Yakuza" as the title for the franchise was terrible, as he hasn't been Yakuza since the first game.

oh c'mon guys, stop replying to memer faggots

I'm really hoping they bring back the styles from 0. They were a great addition.

So at 1:05 when it shows VF5 and Puyo Puyo it says 2P and some other stuff in moon. I'm assuming it's referring to 2 players, but does anyone know if it mentions online play?Or is it local only? I'm happy either way, but I'd just like to know.

Maybe, in Yakuza 5 they gave Virtua Fighter 2 with online multiplayer.

Yeah, I know. But I just want to make sure that it's online again. Does anyone that speaks moon know what it says?

Pretty sure it was confirmed for online already with local multiplayer

I don't think so. They would have showed that off. Instead we get new animations for his rush attacks and finishers.

Kiwami drawing by Namori (YuruYuri artist)


Who's the best character in the series and why is it Majima?

All those City Pop girls are choice as fuck. Been playing them non stop atm.

About to watch Dead or alive with Kuze in it.

They didn't mention about VF or Puyopuyo, but Yakuza clan management sim mode has online multiplayer.

I'm playing it right now. I like it and I recommend it, but be aware that the gameplay of the fights is simply atrocious. The real enemy you must fight against aren't even other charaters, but the gamplay itself. The other aspects of the games compensate it, roaming is really fun, and the story is a cinematic experience done right.

Well, if they're adding online play for that mode, then I'm sure that it must be in for VF5 too, r-right?

>Y6 release in 2022
>go online
>literally nobody there

Pretty sure VF5 got confirmed to have local couch fightan only in 6.
Although that's what has been confirmed so far.


What am I looking at?

>first REVELATION in 4.

I thought this was a serious crime drama game.
Fucking legit combat though.
Suicidal combat training can fuck off though

New to PC what's a good ps2 emulator?

Nonsense, the 30 of us that show up to every one of these threads will be there.

It will die the day after, after most of us realize that we're shit at VF.

It's better than nothing I guess.

Is there anything other than pcsx2 even?
Think some settings for Yakuza were posted earlier.

I can't remember if it's Kenzan or Ishiin, but one of them actually has a glossary FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE because the game uses a ton of archaic period terms that have fallen out of modern use. You think they're going to go to the trouble of translating all that shit?

>Is there anything other than pcsx2 even?
idk desu, never done this shit before

>Based Ace of the Universe is a character
>The noblest brain is a character
>Anri Okita
>Grandpa Kiryu
>Full, playable VF5FS

This legit might be the best game ever

>Anri Okita

Preorder confirmed

PS2 emulator.

Is Anri only going to be in that internet dating mode, or will she be a hostess too? If it's the latter, I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the casino to recover all the money I'm going to lose at the hostess club.

Duh, I meant, what are those automated builds, I haven't seen them even in emugen.

hype for 6 is nonsense
you everyone preordered 0, right?

waiting for a Special Edition to be announced or at least to be closer to release, buying a PS4 mostly just for it m8

First day it went up nigga

>y6 will probably be localised after 5 years of its nippon release

Why can't we be hyped for both? But yeah, I preordered 0.

It's an official build bot that makes latest releases of this emulator. Stable from main site is too old.

>5 years

If the current state of Cred Forums is anything to go by, Yakuza threads will probably be dead by then, and all of the old posters will be gone : (

Well I hope you guys enjoy it anyway, wherever you may be.

Don't have a PS4.

Waitin on them Yakuza PS4s.
If they ever come to the US

Fuck you nigga, I ain't leaving.

Current state of Cred Forums be damned, niche game threads will always be good. Shitposters will just flock to the biggest bee while games like these can sit peacefully in the corner.

>Yakuza 2 won't show up on my "bios" list

>too hype for 0
>go to youtube and watch some videos
>find qt Chink girl's lp video
>can't stand her squealing ching chong language
>quit watching

well, avoiding spoilers is not so difficult.

Let's hope so man, but I don't know, yesterday we had some kid on here saying that PS2 games "feel shitty" and that he would rather watch people play them on youtube. I mean the board is getting younger, and I often wonder if there will even be a place for niche Japanese games on a board like this after 5-10 years, especially since it seems like people that are currently in their teens have absolutely no interest in a series like Yakuza/RGG. I think a lot of us are also getting older and are starting to feel out of touch in this place (could just be me though).

Anyway, I don't want to derail this thread with off topic meta shit, so I'll stop.

So how do you guys feel about the new combat system with 6?
I'm a little worried about how it apparently was in the demo but that physics based combat looks astonishing.

Think he means he wants everyone to preorder 0 so they localize 6

That second video just sold me on it. Those physics look satisfying as fuck.

It looks like with enough practice in it you can get some really cool shit to go on, nobody they get to demo it is really taking advantage of that. Throwing that guy off the ledge and then leaping after him gets me hyped to 11

>Kingdom hearts 2.8 and Yakuza 0 on the same day
January is gonna be crazy

And Resident Evil 7.

February is looking insane too. You have Nioh, Persona 5, Berserk, and possibly Nier Automata. I think I'm going to leave my house even less than I normally do.

I'm still not sure about the new heat function, but everything else is looking great.

Way better looking than the demo.

Also new story trailer

>tfw seeing all the games I want get release dates in feburary

what were they thinking

>>Yakuza 2 won't show up on my "bios" list
Nigga what

Emulation, didlo.

If sanada doesn't show up as an unlockable player for the baseball team I'll be upset.

>what were they thinking

They probably weren't thinking at all.

It pisses me off how we're stuck with mostly shit games for the rest of the year. But then come the first two months of 2017, they decide to suddenly rape all of our wallets.

You're clearly too retarded to emulate it. Just go back Sonic games.

Just glancing at the thumbnail made me think it was a skinny Wreck-It Ralph

Never knew Yakuza 2 was a BIOS

When Yakuza is a bios of PS2?

Theres still plenty im excited for the rest of the year. Gravity Rush 2, World of Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian and FF15. Im not super pumped for 15 like I used to be but I'm still playing it. Feel free to shit on me for that and last guardian hope.

Hint: It's not, it's an ISO. Bios are basically the ps3's hardware instructions.

I know, I was just teasing

buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/ Go here, take latest version of pcsx2, download these: theisozone.com/downloads/playstation/emulators/playstation-2-bios-pack/ and put them in your downloaded pcsx2 folder. These are system files from ps2, they are needed for emu to work. Download Yakuza iso (just google 'Yakuza iso' and it'll find you game on emuparadise or somewhere else).
Load up PCSX2, select plugins (default will do just fine), select Bios (look at game iso and choose EU or US depending on a game version, go with latest version of bios), then press Config and set-up your gamepad as you want and set up video plugin and "Emulation settings" based on You can decrease resolution to 1x, 2x or 3x Native if it'll slow down. Also you can try to use frameskip if slowdown will be unbearable.

Dumbass. Yakuza 2 is in your ISO/ROM list. The BIOS is the part that you need for the emulator to work itself.

Was for helping him, not you, unless that WAS you and I'm just retarded.

Shinada is great, but his story is basically done.

>Feel free to shit on me for that and last guardian hope.

Nah, those two and Gravity Rush 2 are the only ones I'm somewhat interested in. Problem is they all come out in the same fucking month too. The next two months have pretty much nothing though imo.

How was the VF2 netplay by the way?


I luckily have a bit of a backlog, and will have DQVII to keep me going until the end of October. I just wish that the Yakuza 0 localization didn't take them so long so It came out in late october/november so I would have plenty of time to just fuck around with it

I forget what it's called but there's some crazy bastards that have been trying to translate this one VN that's almost entirely written in ye olde Japanese. I don't blame anyone for wanting to avoid that shit.

It probably would have been better for its sales too. I wonder who the genius that decided to release it on the same day as Resident Evil 7 was?

Probably the same retard that decided to release Binary Domain on the same day as Mass Effect 3.


>We have considered it, because there was a feeling that we’d like the Yakuza series to be better known overseas
>But the idea disappeared right away. The series was originally intended to target Japanese players, and so setting it overseas would conflict with that original concept, and the popularity of the series within Japan might decline as a result. Also, in terms of marketing, there was concern about the global appeal of a Japanese main character anyway. So it seemed to be tricky.
>We get more and more comments from players overseas, and we do listen to them.
>In the West we have about 100,000 players, which compared to the players we have in Japan is a very small number, but we consider them to be very important fans, and we want to make games that they will enjoy.

>In the West we have about 100,000 players
>100,000 players

>but we consider them to be very important fans
Sure thing Sega

>we consider them to be very important fans, and we want to make games that they will enjoy.

But I enjoy Yakuza games because they don't "target" me. I like the fact that they're made for Japanese men in their 30s first and foremost. I would hate to see them try to Westernize the series. If they want me to keep enjoying their games, all they have to do is keep doing what they're doing.

>But I enjoy Yakuza games because they don't "target" me.
That's why they make sure you enjoy it.

>If they want me to keep enjoying their games, all they have to do is keep doing what they're doing.
And translating what they're doing without any changes.

I pray that someday they do the Asian release with english subs shit that a few other games are starting to do, the idea of having to wait 3 years for Yakuza 6 is painful

These games fucking suck.

Those translations are ass though. It's like running text through Google translate.

Yakuza 6 Theme.
Fits in great with the whole "The Last Game About Kiryu".

Holy fuck, that's hitting hard. Totally different from previous hype-inducing themes. This 11 year journey is finally coming to an end.

>instrumental version plays during the last phase of the final boss

I fucking knew it was Tatsuro. There's no mistaking that voice

Mmm...tatsuro yamashita. This game gonna give me bigger feels than 2

The girl losing her mind over selfies is pretty funny.

is there any chance of Kiryu & Haruka just getting a happy ending at the end of all this? Why doesn't Kiryu just kill Daigo already, fuck

So good.

I'll pass, it looks like a shitty attempt at Score.

Usagi Drop end

Don't worry mate, Yakuza stories always end on a happy note.

Poor Daigo, he's a nice enough guy and he even ended up with a pretty cool fighting style through 4&5's boss battles with him
He's so bad at doing anything aside from breathing though

Its the only option at this point.
Although the only way I'll be satisfied is if Kiryu takes over the Tojo completely so Daigo can fuck off forever. Kiryu's storyline is stpuid as shit because he always tries to get out instead of stepping up.

Jesus Christ, no.

This is one of the most feels core songs ever. It'd be even worse if there was no hype boss fight.

Just Kiryu laying in a pool of his own blood dying with a faint smile on his face as this song plays...knowing he lived to protect those he loved.

>Flashback images of Nishiki, Yumi appear as the chorus kicks in
>Key scenes from Kiwami-5 appear in the ending credits

He can finally see them again...

And then he wakes up in the hospital after the credits

>Haruka refuses to call Kiryu "dad"
>and is willing to ditch the world just to stay by his side
>Kiryu lets his chance with a cute and likeable woman his age slip by for no particular reason, his current life is sort of a shambles
>and he clearly doesn't love Haruka in a romantic way but is unable to ever actually say "no" to anything she says/demands
Too many similarities, it's making me feel uncomfortable

Wouldn't put it past them tbqh.
this game is going to make me cry, i know it. i've had the best times in my life playing these games

He's a great shot.
And a terrible leader
Also he's in the new clan battle thing.
>Level 4
>Saejima is level 13
>Majima is level 14
>Majima and Saejima are more competent than three Daigos

I fucking dig it. Giving me 90s ballad vibes. So good.

Jesus Christ, imagine if they decided to end 6 like Sonatine, or even more depressing, if Kiryu and Haruka got a beach ending like in Hana Bi.

>no final boss fight, just kitano shooting kiryu in the gut

Is this some kinda gacha shit?

>Hana Bi
I'm not ready for these feels.

Hiroshima gameplay

Get comfy.

Been playing that 6 theme nonstop

Tatsuro is a god

>Yakuza moving to the suburbs

that PTA's going to get fucked up

It's a shame the theme will be cut in the west.

Hiroshima looks comfier than Okinawa desu

Comfy as fuck.

>Swear I've heard this guy's voice before
>Realise he sang the ending for Summer Wars

Maybe I should check out his other stuff.

That's because Hiroshima isn't this weird hodgepodge of Okinawan and Mainland culture with the shadow of US Military Bases looming over it constantly.

Do it. He is great

Speaking of comfy, good old reliable Kamurocho


I think it's something like..
Kiryu's fucking pissed about the Tojo clan so he makes his own.
Build a clan out of people you meet through the game including people like Majima and Saejima.
Fight other player clans in mass battles.
No idea if it has any PvP, probably not.

Reminds of the that shitty Godfather GTA clone

Where you can recruit your mafia guys

I hope you can learn the Destino and Rainmaker as heat moves


Everything looks great and improved from other games BUT for some reason the fighting gameplay still looks as shitty as it was in that Y6 demo.
Did they even read the feedback from fans? Did anyone really liked that weird zooming camera during fights, mashing triangle heat move and mmo styled health bars shitting up the screen?

He saved Sega.
But at what cost.

The main problem is that weird obsession with physics.
It makes fights look comical, not raw or cool.
Ironically, Yakuza 6 really does look like Sleeping Dogs.
Even running kick is the same,

I don't know why people hate life bars so much.
seems trivial.

Yes I noticed that same problem, the physics sometimes look nice when throwing enemies to water, the animations are at times weird too.
They tried too much with the no loading screen meme and more "fluid" combat bam ham style and because they are not some big studio with 6 years of devolvement time and only barely 2 the game feels kind of wonky at times and rushed.
At the same time I love all those additions especially the improved lighting but sad that gameplay which got greatly improved in recent games like Kiwami now looks like a step down in the newest title.

That picture is meant to fools us. It's actually five different guys. Kind of like with Hideo and Kojima.

The problem is that you already have enemy health bar at the right bottom side of the screen since the first game in the series and after like 10 games they decided to add another one over their heads even if there is already BIG as fuck health bar at the bottom.

Japanese fans call him 'Abura-sumashi'

This is gonna suck so hard when this gets cut from the West. Tatsuro Yamashita is a god. That voice is unique as fuck.

They promised that nothing is cut from 0, so maybe they won't cut 6 too

If they even localize it.

They will. Eventually. It's the last damn chapter of Kiryu's story. I give it 4 years.

Feels like a mixture of Okinawa from Y3 and Kineicho from Y5

Is it that old prostitute simulator? Man that looks interesting.

That's fucking noice. This game has a massive budget to have all these stars in it.

blue board niqqa

I think "Bubble" is cut from 0.

At least it hasn't made it's debut in the western trailers yet.

Feeding cats and then beat some guy's skull in with a motorbike

They don't even advertise their games in the west.

Fuck them

Pretty sure they spend more money on getting these stars in the game and so on than they do in the actual game. The dev team isn't that big + these games get less than 2 years dev time tops before the devs immediately have to move to the next game

>they still did not fix up the combat
Its over. It looks no different from sleeping dogs. Advertise it as Japanese GTA and shit might fly this time.

>Muh combat

yeah it's over
now fuck off

It doesn't have BamHam-style combat at all like Sleeping Dogs does.

The only real issue with the combat is the pretty trashy looking Heat Mode thing.

>All dem minigames
>Hiroshima and Kamurocho
>Youko fucking Maki
>Tatsuro Yamashita doing the main theme

Still want to play the latest build to see how the combat got tweaked since it was really clunky in the demo. But otherwise, this shit looks great!

Character trailers. Youko is definitely a qt. There's more on the same channel.

Youko Maki (Kiyomi Kasahara): youtube.com/watch?v=b0ypp5js6_0
Beat Takeshi (Toru Hirose):
Tatsuya Fujiwara (Yuta Usami):

Yakuza 5
JP: December 5, 2012
NA: December 8, 2015

Yakuza 0
JP: 12 March 2015
NA: 24 January 2017

Yakuza 6
JP: December 8, 2016
NA: ???

That's not counting music. For licensing reasons a lot of the themes get replaced in all of the localized Yakuza games.

Not only it look trash, it is trash. Why would they implement mash Heat button whenever you connect a heat attack. Maybe i'm jumping the gun here but lets hope you don't have to mash buttons for every heat moves.

This fucking suck.
I mean - opening was so great because of the music and visuals. It sets the mood perfectly.

I've seen standard Heat Moves in some of the gameplay, or atleast that's what it looks like. Around 3 minutes into the video here has one a with a knife for example.

Heat Mode seems to be it's own specific thing from the way it's being described.


so good.

How many dicks do i have to suck to get the license song over for 0?
Might happen seeing how it happen with Yakuza 2

>That brief scene in the second video of fucking Hobo Akiyama helping Kiryu out
so are all the protagonists lives in the shitter now in this game or what?


I've been refreshing Yakuza Fan like crazy they keep updating with new shit. That gameplay, god damn.

>Youko is definitely a qt
look at her tits
what a slut

and Kamurocho..

I have a feeling this will depend on how well 0 does. If it sells above expectations, I could see us getting it in the next two or three years. If it completely bombs, well, let's just say that I hope everyone is planning on learning Japanese.

I mean I know 5 didn't do too well and we still got 0, but I think that at least on some level they understood that it was a digital only game, with zero advertising, released on a console that was on its way out.

I don't know if we'll be as fortunate if 0 bombs (I hope I'm wrong though).

3 years
2 years

5 years


Who day 1 import here?

Wish I could enjoy it like that, afraid I'll have to wait until they translate.

from the announcement at Playstation experience to release date is a year and a month, I'm hoping they do something similar or even wait and hope Zero does well and announce it in like late february or something

GOTY confirmed.

I really want to, but the idea of having Ishin, 0, AND 6 to play through at the same time means I wouldn't play anything else for a few years

I know no written japanese but that won't stop me.

Probably not day one. But I'll import it if a year or two goes by after 0 and we don't get any news about localization.

Fuck waiting 3+ years to get my Yakuza fix.

Atlus is helping out the localization team so it won't be like it was with 5. Probably 2 years at most if 0 does reasonably well.

I honestly doubt 0 will do that great. We dont' have much of a fanbase here and its a pretty niche game. I really hope they are satisfied with moderate sales.

>Atlus is helping

STUPID OLD FUCK confirmed.

This It's pretty much hinted that the baby is not hers and some yakuza/political child that has a huge bounty on his head (just like Haruka once was) and she felt like she needed to help him after someone dropped him off at the orphanage.

In the end Kiryu and Haruka will raise the baby as their own as his mother and father, and eventually they'll have a baby of their own in the after credits. can't waste those godtier dragon of dojima genes, he needs a blood successor for Yakuza 7. I can already envision a plot between Kiryu's son and his pseudo brother Haruto

It's kinda sad, there was constant daily Yakuza 3 threads prior, during and after its release on Cred Forums.

Same for Y5 release and Y4. We'll still be around. Weeb games will always have a strong following on this mongolian knitting board.

There's already a screenshot of Akiyama in his normal suit.
If anything that could be a flashback or undercover Akiyama.

Until I'm not finished with Kenzan patch I'm not leaving. If I'll continue with current pace it'll be finished by Y6 western release!

Nonsense, Kiryu would never do such a thing to Haruka.

Besides, Akiyama will the be true successor.

Also I found a picture of Akiyama's outfit from the trailer while looking for the one above.

They are happy with moderate sales. They know the Yakuza fanbase in the west is small but dedicated.

>33 hours into Yakuza 5
>still innawoods with Baba
Enjoying my time here. Feels nice having a lot of other shit to do instead of rushing the main story.

I love the hunting village. It was such a nice change of pace after playing through Kiryu's segment.

No way would they do something like this, I could've sworn that Usagi Drop's ending was controversial even in Japan?

I hope so user, I've done everything I can to preach to people about the series, but its still a niche series at the end of the day.
Hunting was initially stressful for me, but it became maximum comfy by the end.

This just hits every feel.

>Daigo is finally kill
>Kiryu is boss of Tojo
>Haruka gets a sick ass body tattoo covered in flowers
I can dig it

but I doubt SEGA wants to glorify the gangster life, they typically portray yakuza as lowlife in these games

I highly doubt 0 will sell more than 10k copies.

>Playing Yakuza 5
>Forgot to do Victory Road as Saejima
>Only realise I forgot when I'm nearing the end of part 3

The ending got a lot of hate because it was rushed.

It was

Anri agrees.

You'll have the opportunity later when all the characters meet up. You can go back to their original cities.

The crappiest thing about 5 though is how you can't make clear data in premium adventure, so anything you do in premium adventure is locked there, you can't carry it over into a new game. Absolutely killed my desire to do completion stuff. I hope they fixed it in 0.

Oh nice. Thanks user.

>you will never play the minigames in couch coop against Anri.
>she will never watch you beat all the bosses on Ex Hard without using healing items while cheering you on
>she will never dress up like the geisha in Ishin just for you

Why even live?

>cut content
>shit tier translations
>game makes you spend majority of the time playing Mr Daddy at the orphanage for several hours
>supposed to end Kiryu's story which never happened

Please , all the other Yakuza games are fine except this trash

She sure is happy for being a known slut

why wouldn't she be?

>Easily an 11/10
>Men bend backwards to give her whatever she wants
>Gets all the attention a woman could ever hope for
You're implying she shouldn't be happy?

Of course she's happy, look at those titties.
I'd be ecstatic if I got to look at those every day.

replying to tumblr whale/sad man is not recommended

>no PC release

Wow, it's almost as if Sega hates money or something. Didn't they LITERALLY say that PC leaps over consoles in terms of profit?

>Wow, it's almost as if Sega hates money or something.
That's what every western Yakuza fan tells. PC release is just one of these things.

Asia does not give two shits about PC unless it's an MMO or starcraft.

>hot as fuck
>gets paid a bunch of money to promote things she probably doesn't care about
>a bunch of different men constantly compliment her and tell her how they would do anything for her
>probably gets even more money from a bunch of rich old bastards that want to fuck her
>will probably have a career in show business in Japan, and no one will judge her for her past

Why would anyone be unhappy about that?

This speaks to me, penetrating the 10 levels of irony I'm on. This nigga is so soulful

>be an idol in japan
>talk to a boy your age once in public
>literally everyone hates you

>be anri
>take dick for a living in japan
>be famous for it

I'd assume she'd be hated public image wise since jap men are weird

My fat weeb friend was telling me about how he was picking up Yakuza 0 or some shit on his PS4 soon. I've never played the series but he described it as asian grand theft auto. Tell me about this series.

JAV idols don't become famous for pretending to be every fans imaginary girlfriend.

Idols≠JAV stars
Idols are supposed to be "pure" so the fans can imagine them marrying them and saying "I love you kikimori-sama!". So when they talk to another boy, the fantasy is shattered.
JAV stars are supposed to fuck.
Yes, the idol industry is fucked up.

Core gameplay is a 3D streets of rage.

Tons of other side shit to do.

Cheesy but fun soap opera style story.

I don't know if I'd describe it as asian GTA though. Guns are hard to come by and you can't steal cars.

stop having stupid friend


Just read the thread.

I spelled hikikomori wrong what are you going to do about it?

It reminds me of a modern River City Ransom mixed with a bunch of different Sega games. It's nothing like GTA.

Meh i see, i always assumed most japs were deluded with this purity shit and genuinely hate sluts

Why does being a Japanese neet always look so comfy?

Looks really uncomfortable 2bh desu.

I really wonder how these people do it, is living in nippon that cheap that people can afford this lifestyle?

He just needs to clean up a bit and it would be fine.

Yeah, but he won't.
I don't think you understand how bad NEETS are in Japan, they're on a whole different level from the ones in the west. They aren't just lazy and awkward, they're all genuinely mentally ill.

You're probably right. I guess I was just putting myself in his place.

what kind of game is this?
is it a spinoff or a true sequel in the Yakuza series

I hope the enemy (and especially the boss) AI is better. 5 was a slight improvement over 4 but that was offset by how fucking beastly the player characters are in that game compared to the enemies. Dunno how 0 is in this regard.

numbered games are mainline games

0 is a nice balance. Bosses hit hard and play hard on LEGEND difficulty.

it's over
0 will sell like shit and 6 localization never ever

I'll learn nip then you pessimist faggot


After the failure that was 3 the series has still continued to come over. Anything is possible, but it sure does take it's time.

because you're a weeb

Can I just jump into this series with 4? I have 4 and 5 sitting on my PS3 from PS+ "free" games and can't be bothered to get copies of the first three.

4 works alright as a starting point, yeah

Yeah it does, but you'll miss out on three great games. I personally reccomend you emulate 1 and 2, and play 3 as well.


>typically portray yakuza as lowlife in these games
what? the main characters are yakuza because of honor


This is the only game that any PC mustard race would want on the greatest gaming platform

so this is cool and all but VF6 when?

are the VF dev team still around even

All of the main characters are in shitty situations to begin with because of the yakuza lifestyle.

Id even take a port of 5FS on the PS4

How was Yakuza Ishin guys?

>tfw learning moonspeak

Got Ishin and it was fun, how was the gameplay for Kenzan


deadlifts in vidya

Haven't played Ishin so I can't compare
but Kenzan felt kind of like a prototype Yakuza 3, honestly. It was back when the enemy AI was alright too if I'm remembering it right.

Gives me fond memories of San andreas

>Yakuza barely comes to the west
>they consider hiring grade A English VAs and extensive lip sync reworking more fiscally viable than throwing the game through an arbitrary DX11 interpreter

Nah, I think Sega is just bone-headed.

If only you could make him fat too

>make Kiryu fat
>unlock new fighting style where he clumsily tries to punch people
>just uses his own body weight to beat down on people

fucking finally

I swear he couldn't stay that buff and fit by just kicking the shit out of people

So what's going to be the 'Receive and ________ You' of this game?



I've always wanted to play this series, which games should I play?

The obvious one retard. 5 of course and not the first one.

All of them.

Emulate 1 and 2.

If you can find 3, get it. Even if it's secondhand. 4 and 5 are on PSN.

4 is a good starting point

It's acceptable if you can't emulate 1 or 2, but going the latter is much more highly recommended.

Fighting Kiryu as Saejima is one of the most awesome parts of the entire series, and that sensation is lost on people who barely know Kiryu. Same with fighting Akiyama and Tanimura as Kiryu.

so true
fighting kiryu after playing 1 and 2 was the best feeling

yeah I have never been so scaredi n vidya

also the transition from PS2 to PS3 was fucking "epic"

I hate using that word, but it was. I can't wait to marathon when 6 it out.

I dont think anyone gives a heck

yeah the change in graphics and the city in general was so much more impactful than going from ps3-ps4
I hope 6 has the same feeling since it was developed just for Ps4

>tfw you can read his combos
>but he can fucking tiger drop you
>he goes red heat
>he starts taunting

Kiryu and Majima have had less shared screentime with every game. Don't think they even actually met in 5, despite Majime playing a sizeable enough background role in protecting Haruka and having Kiryu's interests in mind

>Yakuza thread
>no music being posted
What the fuck lads, let's do this


Considering Japanese licensing being a fucking mess and PC not being that big in Japan, how likely are PC ports in case the Pro version of 6 isn't up to snuff?

Why doesn't Sega just fucking put in English text for the menus/subtitles in the Asia edition?

>don't think they even actually met in 5

Did you forget the part when they fight each other shirtless atop a tower due to some dumb plot point? You even get to pick which one you wanna play as.

That's Kiryu and Saejima, user.


I'll see myself out.

why would you even acknowledge that post

>he starts taunting

SEGA was hoping that the Asian market would love Yakuza 0, so they went all out with full Chink translation and hiring some Chinese actor to swap models and voices with a character.

It worked and most the sales for 0 were from the Asian market.


Shaping up to be released in the west on 2020

It would increase sales of the Asia edition even more to just let people get the copy of the game that already exists if they can't read Japanese or Chinese though

I wanted to fucking swim back to the jail when he went red heat mode.