For Honor Closed Alpha

How is killing the weeb scum going?

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Anyone who plays a woman samurai is a weeb no exceptions

Xboner here, I still need a code.

My GT is: o Disruption
My Uplay is the same thing only there's no space between the "o" and "Disruption".

Begging for xbone code

Uplay is End_My_Life12

Really wanna play

Also, it might take a little while for me to respond to friend requests since my Xbone is updating right now.

Let the begging begin!

Wouldn't mind a PS4 code. Uplay is AndersStorms

Helped an user out in the last thread, might as well do another before logging out and going to sleep.

tfw you didnt realize the alpha started but got in

Last time i'll beg for a key as it's shitting up the threads and doesn't look to be happening anyway.

PC Uplay: LIJWilson

Begging again.

uplay: READHED
platform: PC

All I can offer you is friendship.

sent ;)

Who's the best, or will be the best?

if anyone's got a ps4 code, ID is ArgentOvid

Thanks man. I'll pay it forward as soon as I get my keys.

Who should I play as if I want to dual wield in the final game, Berserker or Peacekeeper?

Hit me up, brethren!

Uplay: amileontti

on PS4.

Plz for code.

so far conqueror is my favourite class.

Wouldnt holding a blade like that murder your hands?
Geralt does it in Witcher 1 aswell, always found it weird.

I don't think people invited by others can send out their own invites, but if I'm wrong about that more power to you.
Does anyone else need a PS4 key? Got one more.

Here, please.

Will invite other


Yo I'd like one if possible.

ID: ArgentOvid

Not if you're wearing armor.

Begging for a PC key. My uplay is MastahBen and also embarrassing


Sorry bud, you were a bit too slow.

If the others I invited are allowed to send invites, hopefully the'll get you.

>sign up during e3 reveal last year
>get in technical test in october
>get in second test in august
>get in "closed alpha"
>have easily combined 200 hours played
At this rate i don't know if i'll get burned out before it's even released.

(Don't forget to accept the uplay friend request, though. Can't send it until you do.)

At least the game is somewhat different each time there's a new test.

Got a code from an user, thanks man!

Scratch that it worked. All out of keys. Sorry to the hungry anons I couldn't help out, but first-come-first-serve is only fair.


Sure, in the first we only had the warden and the oni and 2 maps in 1 mode. Also nice to see how the balanced changed over time.

Begging for a Ps4 key

Someone pls be a Good Samaritan


Thanks, senpai!

I'll forward the favor to if it's possible!

I signed up but didn't get the code, and I even tried that one thing where you go to and I still got nothing

if any kind user wants to help me out, add my uplay:


looking for a pc code. i'll give you 5 bucks for it.

>am developer

>need to friend people to give keys

>Cred Forums

Hell no.

epic simply eric

99% of the people i've spam-invited are level 1, with 0 games. I don't blame you, probably a whole bunch of fucking fake accounts to farm keys.

I just read you have to heavy attack to parry in the last thread. Someone please help me with this. I need to punish people in this game. I want to like it but it seems like I just get trounced by groups of people all the time. Teach me the finer points of combat

Yo, whoever maxed45/FamishedPants is, I'm waiting on that invite.

My GT is: o Disruption.

>farm keys
Not even that, i wouldn't trust some random with one of my keys simply for the fact that if that retard goes apeshit in the chat, or voice or even decides to put a fucking swastika on his ingame emblem, with my invite i'll get flagged for it.

afaik you dont get invitations for being invited

Who's the hardest character to play?

who sour grapes here?

I can't play so it's a shit game.

No idea how to send keys.

My key was sent, so I'm not sure if I can invite others afterall. ;_;

Depends if hard to play means a custom playstyle or just underpowered.

I'd say probably Conqueror right now.

Orochi is definitely the easiest to just pick up and spam light attack with. But against any advanced player that will just get you your shit pushed in. Hardest character to play well i'd say is the Berserker.

Anybody feeling generous on PC? Uplay: Rocket_Nut

this is extremely irritating.

how is it lads? i'm downloading it now

if torn epidermis is murdering your hands than yes. Otherwise nope.

Pretty bad, because I'm too busy killing the knight fags that take themselves too seriously. Viking fags are okay.

Can you change the resolution? It won't let me in the graphics options

What country do you live in?

the US

What are the eligible countries?

alright, i'm in

the 1v1s are extremely fun and there's a lot of different mechanics at play

anything that's not 1v1 is utter chaos with zero actual strategy or control, might as well roll the dice


Try using private browsing, that fixed it for me.
There's not real solution to that problem that I know of though since it seems to be a case per case basis

PS4. But I can't figure out how Ushit website works.

Help me navigate to code sendan' if someone wants codes for PS4.

I got invited to the ps4 closed test, but my code was apppsrently for pc.

It sucks since i have my ps4 this week but not my pc. Fuck.

give code

Did you redeem the code?
If you haven't I'm sure somebody here would like it.

didn't work

Add me on Uplay/Psn: DemetriusXVII
Then go to

Should there be an invite friends button?

'Cause there isn't.

hey do what the other guy said then add me
^ my uplay

Does it show that you've been selected for alpha?

Sorry, guys.

Damn. Thanks though

Really like this game. The big selling point for me though that I can play this on my couch with my brother in split screen. It's been so long I've almost forgotten..

Oh, it says you already have the alpha.



How's the framerate?


console is locked 30fps

I'd love to try this game, I've been looking forward to it but skeptical ever since it was announced.

Does anybody have a PC invite?


I'm not shit at games and we can play together and be bros.

>doing duels as warden
>get matched against a raider
>he's pretty good, dominates me the first two rounds with environment kills
>i make a comeback, get some well timed guard breaks and overhead counters
>barely win the match
>i say gg
>he responds with "you just keep spamming those no penalty guard breaks to win"

In the billion to one chance that you're in this thread, you massive fucking faggot, I just want you to know what a prick you are.

You wouldn't have said shit if you had won. Fuck you.

>giving codes to weebs

Orochi scum go home

would love an xbone code from an user, the game looks pretty cool

my uplay is: cosmic_lion

I've been using the name for like 13 years.

people relying on instakills to get them points don't really get to discuss not being a faggot

especially if you're raider and your guardbreak into throw has like a 180 radius

Any xbone/PC codes? Uplay is Dooferoony

Never give codes to weebs.

Give them to me instead MastahBen

You're the one saying gg and shit and still getting mad, bruh

>I've been a weeb for like 13 years.

point still stands

>and still getting mad

I always get pissed whenever anyone takes a close match and shits all over the outcome FOR NO REASON.

I mean jesus christ is it not enough to just have fun?

feels like this game gets shilled alot. Looks like trash 2bh.


It's just the name everybody knows me by.

weeb bs is only reason to get this shit, it´s boring otherwise.

you'll always have to deal with scumsuckin dirtbags in life, user. that's just how it goes

Xbone code would be highly appreciated.

GT/Uplay: Kontonno

would also try a PC code but i have a toaster

Wish I could help fellow weeb trash, but I only got it for Xbox One. Sorry, friend.

eh i didnt get my code for peesee

>All these requests for Xbone codes.
Are there really this many Xbros on Cred Forums?

^ if there's anyone left in the thread with some spare PS4 invites, hit me up on uplay

those fuckers at ubisoft scammed me

It's okay, I don't understand the weeb meme in response to this specific game.

There are 3 factions, you're going to end up playing all of them.

I got two invites on PC left first two people to make me laugh gets them

So is there splitscreen mutliplayer in the alpha?

uplay: READHED

Does someone feeling generous with PC invites?


[Also play with me]

I'm not gonna give a game code to a weeb for a game that has the option to play as a samurai and use katanas and shit


Yes i am desperate to play something new

I want to Deus Vult but I don't know if reinstalling uPlay is worth it


uplay: cosmic_lion

Invite me

Just give me the key you shitcunt
Uplay "DependableSkell"

That's okay bruh, I'm sure you're a great person and everybody likes you.

ulay is MastahBen

Yeah, we just don't have threads about the xbone because without fail shitposters flock to it
Like shit, just let us discuss our shit

WINRAR! One left boys

>tfw you bash in a weeb's head
>tfw you behead a weeb
>tfw you you kick a weeb off the ledge
>tfw you stab a weeb in the back
>tfw you were lying about playing
>tfw you just like saying weeb
>tfw you ponder why anyone would hype up a shitty ubisoft game

Lawbringer, Shugoki, Warlord master race.

I'm here for the crusades against nips and vikings, may I have the code?

Yeah, no kidding. It's suffering to admit to being an Xbro on Cred Forums.

I have a feeling Lawbringer will be fun as hell.

I have a feeling Valkyrie will be super annoying.

do you have a code my xbro?

uplay: cosmic_lion

>Tfw experience advantage from previous alphas
Reading people for days.


Alright fuck it, first person to reply to this gets the last PC invite good luck bitches






Uplay: Bongi347

dont give it to the weeb


PC works too :)

Mad. MAD.

i'm not mad i just love bullying

>hype up
it's a free demo. And just like the free demos for nioh, for the division and rainbow six siege, for overwatch, for literally everything else, people like free shit.

>missed an invite from you all 3 times now


>have 3 invites but none of them are going to (you)

Thanks, kohai-kun! Downloading.

Thanks, been looking for this gif. It brings me joy. I dance when I'm eating sometimes too. Mainly because if the DUDE WEED I just smoked.

You cheeky cunt m8

Anyone got a spare key for pc?
If so Uplay is: RattNozzle
Thanks if anyone can help

You clasp the blade's sides with your palm and fingers, this gives an insane amount of grip and it's basically impossible for the blade to move back and forth in your hands.

Can't wait to play the Lawbringer and bring some real medieval massacre into the fray.

>pollaxe: the ultimate weapon for infantry
>the most armor of any fucker in any faction
>hybrid, so is a balanced class

who doesnt love some good dank and dancing with pizza user, I havent smoked in 5 days :(

Only if it slides in your grip, which it shouldn't

How do you grab as warden? I've been trying all night but i always just guard break and push. The tutorial said hit MMB twice to grab.

Got a great helm for my warden

You have to point your mouse in a direction when you do the push. Otherwise you'll just push them forward.

>Coming out in 2017
>Can't get a code now
>If I start playing at the release date I will find myself a tweener in terms of skill level for a long while unless I muster a serious amount of time to get good

Solve this with adequate reasoning and i'll give you a key.

Isn't the point half-handing to make the sword more rigid and easier to push through gaps in the armor? Why would you use it against an unarmored opponent?

0% because the question is fucking stupid

Ehh...I got it to work a few times but I think I'll just stay with maining Conquerer for the alpha.

I just want to really only play knights but warden I just don't feel. I spoiled myself on conquerer to start with the resolute block and I play warden too defensively and I get shit on cuz MUH HONORUDU both attack faster than warden can and if I miss one block I'm garunteed dead cuz they also run faster than warden.

Fucking Lawbringer looks dank I cannot wait. I'll prolly play Conq Law and Peace depending on what the team needs.

There isn't all that much to master here, despite the variety. Don't worry so much.

>at random
well that depends. Is it random as in human randomness or is it decided by "random" as in an RNG AKA not random?

While we're at it, are we talking about mentally functional humans or developmentally disabled ones? Is there a choice at all? Truly if we choose at random rather than using any sort of deduction, the answer has no meaning because we chose randomly so it doesn't matter what the actual answer is, we picked randomly 100% of the time.

Then of course you have retards who actually try to solve the problem by saying "oh well 2 of the answers are 25% so 50%! huhuhuhuh" and they're wrong because they're not only not picking randomly, they're picking an option that isn't either of them, and 50% isn't even a valid choice as 50% denotes two answers and two answers can't be put into a single choice when there are four choices otherwise it would be three choices, so in the end, it depends all on what people look at the question.

so like 90%.

I wish the Knights had a sword and shield character instead of sword and flail. I understand they want to avoid having clone classes since the Viking side has a sword and board class but it just seems odd to have a crusader stand-in character that doesn't have that classic combination.

Maybe DLC will eventually allow the crusader to take a sword instead with a vastly different moveset to his flail and maybe different from the Viking class too.

Well logically you could simplify the math associated with this question. There is a 25% chance A is right, a 50% chance B is right, a 0% chance C is right, and a 25% chance that D is right. If selected truly randomly, you would have a one in four chance of picking any of these answers. If you multiply the odds you have of picking an answer by the % chance it has of being correct, you have odds as followed:
>A 1 in 16 chance of being correct
>B 1 in 8 chance of being correct
>C 0 in 16 chance of being correct
>D 1 in 16 chance of being correct

There is no correct answer. It's a paradox.
If it's for PC, my Uplay nick is Shawaeon

Warden is a solid pick against the Orochi if you have good timing. Your light overhead counters enemy overheads (so you can deny orochi their free combos) and chaining a guard break from a light attack is a good setup for serious damage.

One thing you have to watch out for is their wind burst counterstab on a deflection. That shit has gotten me killed so many godamn times.


If C is correct then the probability of the correct answer being selected is 25%.

Since the answers are all wrong, if the probability of the correct answer being selected is a number, then it is 0%, and so C must be true.

name is "cvltist"

Can I get a key without any stupid shit just so we can play together?



Do stupid shit first.

>ubishill staged circlejerk
so predictable

>shitposting comment with no original thought

so predictable

Both A & D are right, just because there is more options there is a higher chance of picking the wrong one. In that case its 25%.
But I am a simple person.

it is a paradox, therefore it cannot have a correct answer:
should the chance be 25%, you would have 50% chance of choosing it, so it can't be
Should it be 50%, you would have 25% chance of choosing it, so it can't be.
Should it be 0%, you would have 25% chance of choosing it, so it can't be.
Should it be any other number, then you have 0% chance of choosing it. But the number isn't 0% since we already considered it, so it can't be.

I don't have a Uplay account and I hate Ubisoft and For "Honor without an u" is a glorified rock paper scissors. Go fuck yourself OP.

The chance to randomly pick either A or D is 50%. That means the 25% answer of A or D is incorrect.
There are no right answers.

I will glady take it on his behalf
Uplay: Rocket_Nut

You don't understand, I play games like I expect to be in the top 5% but I naturally suck at most games I touch

If anyones got a PC code I could use it friend
uplay is Sheaboys

I never understood brand loyalty or scorn. If a product is good, it's good. I mean, Ubisoft has done good things before even if they regularly fuck us now.

I have one invitation left for xbox one.
gimme your uplay

if anyone cares enough, i would really appreciate it
my Uplay is Rovenlock

you're on a board that still somehow has console wars

don't bother questioning it

33.33% because there are only 3 different answers
bongi347 pc
key pls


uplay: starshock

please, I'll suck your dick man

>All these weebs want codes

I say thee nay.

why you gotta do this man
i just want to do what Deus Vult

I don't have any invitations 2bh, I would share

A lot of people are sleeping, try in a few hours depending where you are

fair enough, go with god

>tfw registered months ago and never got an invite

Hope I'm not too late. My uplay is xbox_uplay

Let The Purging Begin.

Stay in Europe, you white pigs.

You know no honor.

Any xbros spare a code? uplay/GT Dooferoony, I'd appreciate it very much

please sir uplay: cosmic_lion

If anyone has some leftover keys for PC

Uplay : Clad120

how's the optimization?

Not sure what I think about it. It's fun but definitely needs tweaking and polish. Wish it wasn't so sluggish currently. Maybe it'll be faster/smoother in the final.

What are the vikings like in this game?

I'm playing on xbone and it's good


Bring it on, Chopsticks....


Ave Maria, My EYE'S!

Anyone have a spare xbone invite?

My uplay is xbox_uplay

any bros with a pc key?
uplay: PauloDesFamille

is this game better on a controller?

i have a 360 and a steam controller but i only use them for like fighting or racing games

>Two White people
>One Asian


Yes, controller is pretty much better to use. K&M works, but it's slightly clunky.

Got 3 invites for PC. Prove that your uplay is not a throwaway.

log into your uplay account on the site

Any PS4 Keys left?

Uplay is Fuzzyngton

How do I Warden? I want to be a knight but I'm maining Kensei and I'm wrecking shit with him while I eat shit with the Warden. I feel like the Warden doesn't hit hard enough but maybe I'm just playing him entirely wrong.

Has anyone got any codes left for the PS4 or PC? My Uplay is SpiralGee

Here's my list of games and level, owning Primal fills me with nothing but regret.

>split screen
Wait, really? That's fucking cool.

Asking one last time for an xbone invite before I go to sleep.

My uplay is xbox_uplay

Oops, forgot picture.

warden is just a really basic character, decent shield breaks, decent range, decent damage, decent parries

you have to do everything to be good as him, not just hit very hard


d-dont judge my taste

Just play the warden more and recognize the patterns others use while fighting him and try to stay one step ahead. He's my main, I'm absolutely destroying Orochi and Berserkers, the only one giving me problems is the conqueror.

Ward is all about understanding core gameplay.
You need to utilize everything he has and bait top attacks.

Parry and Throws are your friend, parry incoming attacks, go guard break intro Throw and bash them into objects / walls. Free top heavy hit. If you can't throw them into wall, Parry Guard Crush Side slash 2x, Shoulderbash; Rinse and repeat until enemy dodges away.

I'll rejoin the masterrace this Christmas after chemo

so many things wrong with this gif it's disgusting

2 gone 1 left - prove that your account is not a throwaway and you can have my last pc invite.


Fuck you Division.

Sorry, but is there anyone who could share the extra alpha key? Maybe someone who didn't like the game so much

just give it to him.

is there a limit to how many keys they are giving out?

i just signed up

20 seconds too later. better luck next time.

More accurate stabbing.

A lot of HEMA is fucking interesting as fuck.

howd you end up with so many keys anyways dude how do people get keys

If you've been invited by Ubisoft you can invite up to 3 friends.

SpiralGee here, thanks a lot dude! Worked like a charm.

It's ok. I wasn't monitoring the thread closely enough.

Thank you. After hours of trying finally got one.

Welcome to my world, distracted with BF 4

Is there a reaon to register today?

For future tests, sure.

Any keys left for PC from a kind user?

uplay: Little_Scary

There will probably be a beta down the line so yeah

>At long last I can finally say I did FOR HONOR



I would love an invite if anyone has a spare. I'm an idort, can use an invite for pc, ps4, or xbone.

uplay: Dajaystr

Some aggressive Warden gameplay Using Throws and Shoulder bash to win.



Is there a way to actually buy the cd key? I've seen it on Kinguin, but it's for XBOX only

That was beautiful

Begging for a PC key.

Uplay is: DR.FumblesMD

Anyone have a spare PS4 code?

uplay: gman5690

Would greatly appreciate.

I saw someone streaming this last night, it actually looks like a lot of mindless fun. Some of the character model textures are hit or miss though, like the fabrics have great textures but then a piece of chainmail or skin will look low res.

Could anyone share an extra key, guys? Would appreciate it. Thanx.
Uplay: BukkakkeTornado

Berserker/Warden master race.

combat seems kind of unresponsive

i try to attack or dodge and sometimes nothing happens

scrub excuses

Combat is responsive, your reaction or controller by choice isn't responsive. Just check out the webm's above and you won't see unresponsive combat.

I will pay $5 NZD for a PC key.
uplay: MaxFlame89

email me your paypal at
[email protected]

Can you even have private games with other people in the alpha?

Woman Kensei looks like a normal guy, much better than the male counterpart

Did the closed alpha just begin or why is there a thread up at all times now?

Either way, I want one of those invites/keys ;_;

>Amazing at the game
>Literally have a 100% winrate on duel mode
>Decide to try and stream to show how brilliant and cool I am
>No one watches
>Turn it off

>being so desperate to play a fucking ubisoft demo that you're going to pay money for it when everybody else go tit for free

Dumb fucking Kiwi.

thats you deserve for having a pride faggot

That fucking end.

sent :^) chek your email.

Thanks, that's so kind!

Considering how many people are begging for one, I didn't even want to try

How does unlocking abilities work?

I don't get it.

Platform: PC
Uplay: HomingHobo
Acccount's somewhat new I think, but I think I played Splinter Cell Blacklist on it. Other one is old as shit.

It's the guy who wrote Spec Ops the Line.

Are you guys able to download it?

I cant seem to access the alpha login

So there is no chance to get one in this thread I guess?

play hero to 20
unlock abilities
3 per tier
build load out
unlock the tiers in every match
rich get richer - the game

Jesus Christ

restart uplay. it's what i just did and it's updating.

not getting hopes up but would really like a key if anyone could spare

PC Uplay Issedia

Yeah, i'm playing it right now.

There are still hope, but don't ask. Wait for a random to pop up ready to deliver keys.

I still have 1 more key, but saving it for a friend who MIGHT join, he's played in the previous alpha so chances are he doesn't want in again. So once he declines I will give away 1 key.

game is basically a moba

people try to spam attacks as it stands

knights are OP in the alpha knights would be OP in real life anyway so this is fine fucking weebs and pagans

Beserker master race is so fun to decapitate weebs with.shugoki looks pretty awesome too

The Slants and the LE NOBLE SAVAGES have metal as good as the knights in the game.

If he declines to join you in the game, I'll wait for you - Uplay: BukkakkeTornado. If you really could share one, I'd like super-appreciate it

PC code anyone? I want to be a Honorable knight
uplay is NononsButt

yeah but with the limited stuff in the alpha you can out power other classes as knights as NO ONE is playing the game as intended ( and likely never will ) your power attacks and basics shit on samurai and Vikings unless its 2+ v 1

What is the point of this guard system if every single fight is a clusterfuck.

Based on this photo, I'd give you an invite if I had one.

Holy fuck, i'm getting my shit pushed in.

Orochi is hot trash in 1v1's Not being able to block on reaction is garbage. Its definitely made to be a 2v1 class.

Shiiiit, I keep getting hit with the "You do not have access to this page at this time" when I click the email link to join the alpha.

>all that half-swording
Just get a polehammer, dammit.

Anyone got an extra PC invite? ubishit name is Hmoer.Simpsn

How do i do the Raider unblockable swing ?

>Warden is an Easy class
>Kensei and Orochi are both Medium and Hard
Weebs are trash they said :^)

Kensei and Orochi are also the most satisfying

anybody wanna trade a For Honor key for Battlerite beta key?

>current year
>STILL hating on weebs

Weebshit is cool again grandpa.

cancel that
im retarded and didn't check my email
apparently i already got an invite

>Weebshit is cool again grandpa

lol no

Does that mean you have three invites to handout?
If so would you mind please? My Uplay is Rocket_Nut

Zoning attack. Light and Heavy hit at the same time.

However, people can dodge them AND parry them.

I would really appreciate a invite, I am really amped for this game
uplay MaxFlame89

I've got 2 invites up for grabs from a previous thread since the anons that asked for them didn't accept the friend request.

PC only

The assassin class feels so fucking dogshit, you lose 1v1s, you can't block, you die instantly because the other classes have fucking 5 second stuns for some reason.

what is the actual fucking point of it

yeah, i sen't you a request, you have to send them to friends for whatever reason
i wish they would just use codes

anyone else want a invite i got 2 more

Well they're assassins, not warriors. I guess.

woul appreciate, Uplay is NononsButt

Hit me up senpai
ID: Thedeeknight

will you play with me right now so we can go shit on shitters?

most of it is also completely made up

I can't help but chuckle when I see people fighting like that, randomly spazzing and shifting, no footwork to speak of

look at the way the guy in red crosses his feet as he approaches. I promise you nobody in history fought like that, and if they had they wouldn't be alive long enough to pass it on

help a nig out por favor
PC: brekiy

promise to pay it forward

What do you mean? We're all fighting FOR HONOR™

You think so? I play berserker and the only one I have problems with seems to be the conquerer

Do it mid-combo. They won't expect it. It's still fucking readable though

Does anyone else feel like Dominion is the least fun gamemode?

>Begging threads on Cred Forums

please bro.

uplay: dajaystr

Nah I love dominion..I like to guard the points as a berserker going 2 v 1.
3v1 is too goddamn much though

Uplay : DaisukeHanzo

Get with the times.
Liking weeb shit (un)ironically is cool again but I will mock you next year when you jump on the bandwagon late as always.

Damn, what combo do you prefer using? I want to play warden real bad now.

>there are people in here that are not playing Vikings
>there are people playing female knight
It's like you want to be raped

>not playing the glorious female Raider
>those abs
>that everything

Maybe I do.

This game feels like shit honestly, I barely feel like I'm even controlling my character in fights.

>play agaisnt a warden
>they do nothing but sit still blocking waiting for you to attack so that they can spam guard break
its a beta and already people are playing like complete faggots

So how do I invite other people?

git gud

Viking master race

friend them on uplay then send them the invite through that.

>viking faggot thinking he's hot shit swinging around his axe
>Back that little shit into a corner and hit him with the unblockable YUUOOOOOHHH

Ah okay thx

>No Roman class where you get to rape your adversary in the ass to establish you manliness and dominance

To do the Warden's 2 hit attack combo do you need to alternate left to right and vice versa?

I can't tell, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Romans and Saracens are DLC

it's like you don't

It's just 2 light attacks in succession, either left or right (don't switch stance).

The first hit has to land though.

Nothing manly about faggotry.

Say's the savage heathen.

you know the real weebs play female knight

ty to Homer

Bread and butter combo is Side Slash, as if one connects the second always connects. Which is why shoulder bash -> Side slash is good for chipping away from health. Top heavy attack is good to bait a guard crush with a feint. Followed by Shoulder bash. Though you should try to throw enemies into walls as that gives you a free heavy attack.

Oh, focus on parrying enemies attacks. Parry -> Guard Break -> Throw into wall / Heavy side slash.

Don't know how you play, but I feel fully in control of my character.

If he's not attacking, fucking Guard Break him. Free combo, exploit his strategy.

Also remember you can parry unblockables.

I got a invite, but the link in the email isnt working. When I click on the link, I get taken to a page saying I got in, but I get redirected from this page after a second or two, to a login page. I log in, and get taken to a "YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS PAGE"

I have tried logging in before I click on the link in my email, but still more of the same. I have tried clearing cookies, and using different browsers.

Has anyone else got this problem?

Warden a best.

there isnt any combo that he is using
hes just mashing tacle and guard break like a retard and winning since its much harder to react to them while also being attacked

Carpet muncher detected

Nothing womanly about faggotry either.

We begging for codes? My XB1 BY is FRZN Czar. Don't have a uplay.

all viking shitters do is spam tackle near ledge's, in order to gain easy kills.

I want a PS4 key please

Uplay: HK5047.

Yes I had been playing a monumental amount of KOTOR when I came up with it

Yes, I had the same issue. But my issue was that I was all ready logged in with a different Account on my browser. So make go to and log out and log in with whatever account you recieved the invitation on.

Holy shit, how do you get such beautiful quality on the webms? Mine are all shit 18 fps, denoised and horribly compressed.

Thanks, but I've logged in and out shitloads. This is driving me insane, I REALLY want to play.

>Holy shit, how do you get such beautiful quality on the webms?
I don't know senpai, might be the original footage, I use shadowplay and webm' for retards (version 10).

Who's /for honorabu/ here ?


hey gamers i need a PC code


ill pay you 5 shekels if you do

>game defaults to borderless window

Find out yourself faggot inb4 no invite

Then go to attempt to log in, but do forgot my password and enter the email you got the invitation on. See if it's a match, if it is just get new password, clear browser cache and cookies. Access link on Email and login with new Uplay account on

Where can I see what version I have? I got the "Latest" Webm for Tards, but I'm not getting near as smooth quality as you.

>You actually have to edit games files to get fullscreen default or selected


if i buy the game do I get access? The 1v1 duel mode looks legit fun

So what's Cred Forums's consensus on this game?

Is it fun and are the classes big guys for you?

Welcome to valkenheim bitch

GoT > Vikings > Anime

Get shitted on, snowniggers.

same problem in dark souls 3 pvp
people who think they are good just play extremely defensive and wait for you to do everything
sometimes I'll stop chasing them mid duel and they'll just sit their confused

I like borderless window but that's actually a little fucked lol.

I don't know, but try downloading this one, it's the one I use - it's heavily outdated I'd wager, but it works fine.

Sorry about the "link", but the spam filter is doing my head in.


uplay: acupofgreentea on PC

holy fug 4v4 is crazy

>there are people not playing Orochi

Explain yourselves

Jokes on you! I don't watch GoT..doesn't seem that great anyway with all the fantasy shit
>hold the door!
>Nah son hold it ya damn self

Not sure how I feel about the revenge-mechanic - although you can just bravely run away from them. :^)

I'm not a weeaboo

Easier to pull off then parry, with less risk and free hit. It's basically EZ mode once you've learned the core mechanics.

It's better than vikings, nigger.

No invite.

Daily reminder that if you're playing as a raider you should kill yourself

Are there different weapons for each class like Chivalry or is it just one weapon?

>better than anime


well atleast it HAD speed, it feels slow as fuck now so I guess I gotta switch ti zerker

why the fuck can people dodge or hit back after I fully parry them and go into the parry attack

Says Sir Anonfag. Dragons are overrated, snow zombies pretty much, Peter Dinklage is ok, and even though I've never seen an episode I know everything that's happened because there's no way to get away from the GoT circle jerk sessions everywhere.
The Lothbrok clan shits on John snow

The classes are your different weapons user.

Yeah I will try that. Webm Attached is as good as I can get it, it looks like shit compared to yours.. And it's somewhat same length and resolution..

No, only those who are invited by Ubisoft have invites for others. (Ubisoft don't invite anymore)

No need, they all get killed anyways.

No, but you can customize their appearance. Each piece has 3 different sets for each tier, there are 3 tiers. Weapons are locked to classes.

this game would be unplayable 4v1 gangbangs nonstop without revenge mechanic, fuck off

Yeah that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.

I guess this is a riposte/deflect?
But how do I trigger it?

Git gud

i am willing to buy for honor alpha code
pls reply to this post if you have it

>No, only those who are invited by Ubisoft have invites for others. (Ubisoft don't invite anymore)
rip, i really wanted to play it but it's like 5 months away

What do you use for recording and what's your general fps in-game?

le invincible charge
le stagger

Where do you get extra codes if you got invited

Tap Heavy attack in the same direction enemies attack is coming from.. See that Red marker? When it flashes red you tap Heavy attack while taping the right joystick in the same direction as the attack is coming from.

Just gotta wait for an invite i guess. Or someone to willingly give out invites.


Need PC code my uplay is onetruedad, charitable anons please

I play berserker..I shit on everyone Without cheap shit

>Just gotta wait for an invite i guess. Or someone to willingly give out invites.
well i doubt anyone will be giving out codes since so many people are begging

Anybody wanna play together ? No key beggars please i dont have any

Will deflecting leave the opponent open for a counter-attack or does it just "reset" the situation?

Yeah I got a code from uplay but I didn't know they would give extra ones for you to give out

you only get keys to give away if you personally got invited by Ubisoft.

It's done through uplay.

When looking at the webm posted I see that the quality actually ain't all that bad.

But I use ShadowPlay to record at [email protected].
In-game fps is fluctuating from 100-120. That said, I do set my fps limit to 30 and lower depending on what the file size output is on first render.
And you can invite friends on your friendslist.

No, deflect completely blocks attacks and gives them a window to follow up that counter with a light (un Blockable/Dodgable) or a heavy hit which is Slow, blockable and dodgable.. So people just use the light attack for free damage. And it hurts. Chip damage, but they can be offensive while playing defensive because of that.

Basically forces you to play defensively against orochi.

Would love pc code so i don't actually have to buy this thing. Also magical opportunity to kill some weebs.
Uplay: Zall_CZ

So is Orochi just trash

I feel like I have to work way harder for such little damage, it's frustrating as fuck to counter a bunch of the enemies moves then get tackled and hard hit for half my health

Can't download.

>I do set my fps limit to 30 and lower depending on what the file size output is on first render.
Don't skimp on fps, that's the main reason why it ends up getting choppy and generally bad.

In terms of overall quality, bitrate is the only factor that changes filesize.
If the bitrate needs to be lowered due to file-size, adjust the resolution of the webm to accommodate the bitrate.

Never seen that before, I tried moving it to "public", try again.

They used to make up for the low damage with speed, but their attack and movement frames got lengthened significantly so I feel like they're kinda trash now

It sure wasn't trash before. They had incredible I-frames and could cancel attack animations with dodge before. That made Orochi rather strong, but people bitched about it in the Technical Alpha so they had both those moves removed. Now they just agile counter attackers. So yeah, you need to go for counter attacks and use your speed to cancel enemy attacks.

Ah, got it. Thanks

>Faggots who run away

You're the lowest form of human being

Running away is crucial because some fag can just R1 you from behind at any moment if you stay in a fight, its not worth it

>get invited to last 2 alpha test but not this one
>dig up old invitation emails
>find one that leads to older alpha test joining form
>fill it again
>welcome to for honor alpha
it just works
and no I'm not giving invite codes, I'd have to add you faggots to my uplay friends list

Just unfriend afterwards?

user pls I will suck you dick for an invite
my uplay is cuteanimegirl

tactical retreat. im not gonna fight you without stamina

Anyone got a PS4 key?
PSN is Onyx_Okami

Still hope if I have a chance to play this game. I'll try again - if you guys have an extra key, my Uplay is BukkakkeTornado, thanx

I mean when you're near death

It's the worst especially since resspawning is so fast and resing has such a huge window

Stepping back to recharge is fine
Running away is faggot shit

Xbone u play is assassin31gd0g thanks if anyone can give

i know how to break guard light/heavy attack
and do a colorful spin attack
what else can i do

Im looking for a spare PC key

Uplay: NeedAHero

Would love a PC key. Deus vult motherfuckers!

Uplay: Laisku

Fuck, wrong username. Meant Laiskuli

PC codes pretty please

>user deliverd
>didn't even have to suck his dick
well now I feel bad

Female Warden is cute
I get to finally live out my Joan of Arc fantasy.
Seriously though, the movement animations in this game are incredible.
>The way heroes hold their weapons when resting or running
>The armor designs
>The gorgeous level design
>That slight dark souls-esque combat with counters on par with the tension of fighting games

Too bad I'm complete and utter trash at the game. I get my shit pushed in 80% of the time.

You call that an Army? HA! Tremble Before his Holiness Legion!

is this a begging thread ?
Uplay Khetrak

So when is it coming out? From the videos it seems pretty fucking solid for an alpha.

What's sad is that if this game was made by anyone other than Ubi, Cred Forums as a collective would praise the ever living fuck out of it
It has everything Cred Forums circle jerks over
>Skill based combat
>Ability to cut the heads of weebs
>fucking vikings
>its a moba]

shit i mean khetrak64 , for some reason uplay dont let me use the name without some number

Samuraifags pls go

unfortunately it's made by a company that is known for ruining everything.

But I am 100% hype, even though I know better.

February 14th
they'll most likely do an open beta weekend or something like they did with siege, which was the only way I could justify spending money on a ubisoft game since siege was fun as fuck for about 400~ hours

Why does uplay suck so much? Won't even let me send out invites.

>some guy beating me i 1v1 3 matches in a row
>fainally get him one match
>see him ready up as fast as possible

I know the feeling. I was dumb enough to buy into the Division hype.
Anyone play on Xbone here? I'm not that great, but I would love for the chance to actually cooperate with people.

Is there any way to get into the Alpha now without begging like some degenerate?

Tell me. How does your God fare against an axe?

You can make me laugh and ill send you an invite

>People complaning about raider
Heres an idea
I swear to god it's like people want to get thrown into fires because you all stand right next to the burning pile of shit like it gives you cover or something

Everyone know's Jesus is only weak to Nature spells and Spear weapons.

Meme fighting at it's finest

>but unblockables dough
Berserker is the master race anyway

I mean, siege went pretty well imo
yeah ubisoft is usually garbage but I'll give 4honour a chance at least
they'll definitely do an open beta

You send invites from their website. So you need to add friends on Uplay app then go to for honor website to send actual invitations to people on your Uplay friendlist

>people complaining are newbies
Anyone with some experience know that you can dodge OR light attack them to stun.

You can still parry it, see Or dodge it ( Dodge to YOUR left )

Shoutout to Micklo and pepsim. you guys fucking rock! Great to see anons gathering around and delivering. Peace.

Please refrain from linking to Citation Needed Man

siege was lucky it went well
ubisoft did a terrible job handling it and couldn't keep it going it just had a good core idea

Oh shit thanks, wish I knew that earlier.

Siege was a complete cluster fuck when it came out though. It was only playable almost a year after.

PS4 or PC?

>Siege was a complete cluster fuck when it came out though. It was only playable almost a year after.
I disagree
it was plenty playable and "fun" straight from release for many a months


I'm not arguing the raiders I love the game and imo every class has a weakness and none are op I play berserker and the only one that can give me trouble is the conquerer

Lawbringer looks awesome

Also like peacekeeper for some reason


i don't know man at launch the ads time was retard fast, a patch a few weeks later saved and fixed the game

Conquerors are a pain. The best way to deal with them guard break

>Muh Absolute defense!
>Guard Crush -> Intro throw on wall
>Heavy attack
>He panics
>Start attacking
>Toss into wall and heavy hit again.
Rinse and repeat.

Basically Use Throws and Parries to fuck them over, they are slow as fuck and easy to read. If they start shoulder-bashing you to infinity, know that you can dodge to your sides to avoid it.

Is this game going to have crossplay?

Anyone wanna PC inv? I got one left and few faggots I tried to send it to don't answer to my friend req.

First reply gets it.

uplay: nesnet-


I say pretty well.

Before I beg for anything, tell me.
Can I play as Conqueror?

Yes you can.

Warden, conqueror
Raider, Berserker
Kensei, Orochi.

These are the available classes

Help a poor soul here.
Xbone gt Mercenary56
Uplay: Too5ort

Do parries guarantee you a light attack?

Also is the Orochi's riposte unblockable attack dodgeable/parryable or is it guaranteed?

Everyone knows Jesus let it happen. It was all according to plan.

>their confused

their confused what?

Anyone who got a code from a friend, how long did it take for you to receive the invite once they sent it? just found out a friend of mine had a few invited available and he sent me one about 15 minutes ago but I still have not had the game show up in my uplay account.

The invite shows up in the email associated with your uplay account.

At least it did for me.

You have to go to the email associated with your Uplay and accept the invitation through the Email. Which leads you to their site, yadayada. You'll figure it out.

i meant to say they sit in their confused state of mind

i know how to guard break
but i've noticed extensive wrestling techniques
how do i do this

>still no code

I'll try that out..I think after my first couple of fight against them I got real conservative with moth my attacks. They don't kill me they just blocked everything

good 1 man, my sides are in pieces

Wow i wonder who is responsible for this post...

How are you supposed to gauge control responsiveness from a video you fucking mongoloid?

I'm too busy making kniggers eat my folds

I am 5'7".


>Still no pics of female Raider
You disappoint me Cred Forums

Anyone on xbone?

Xbone Beserker here

Could this be another non shit ubi game?

>not shit

Got the email. Love you man. Here's a gif of a bird.

thanks mang, where's my key

Lawbringer is the only acceptable choice, all Weeb and inbred Viking scum need not apply.

Other knights get honourable mention, but Lawbringer is the goat.

>there are still people who haven't learnt to not do top attacks against a warden


snow nigger detected.

Berserker running jump heavy > warden scum

I wanna play shugoki. He looks fucking badass. I don't even like japan.



Shugoki doesn't make you a weeaboo.
It's his special ability

Depends what you think is shit but i can, after roughly 100 hours playtime, tell you one thing for sure: This game is complex. Duel mode is easily on par with any fighting game, 2v2 is the same but with the added layer of a team mate and 4v4, if you have opponents that know what they're doing, requires quite a bit of coordination and teamplay.

In short: this game is fucking hard. Don't think i've ever shouted so much at my monitor than in my first couple hours trying to get over that steep as fuck learning curve.

>the direction they will be attacking from flashes red
How fucking casual is this shit?

Not much to see. It's the same as male she's just got some cloth wrapped around the chest.

I bet you play mine craft

>after roughly 100 hours playtime
The alpha hasn't even been out for two whole days

>this game is complex
Lol, shill detected.

>orochi users
h*ck off

>want the game to be more challenging and punishing for people who don't pay attention to stance changes

This is the 3rd alpha. We've had 2 technical tests that were heavily NDA'd with account info plastered all over the screen beforehand.

I think it's about time I filter "shill"

>Duel mode is easily on par with any fighting game

Just fuck off shill

>probably hasn't even played the alpha
>aww mane sheet red flashes
>judging the game based on one thing you saw
Who says there won't something along the lines of a hardcore mode where you don't get that warning

Agreed. I really want to be good at this game because I really like it, but I don't know if I'll ever get past that learning curve. I'm going to keep trying but until then, I'm going to have to keep a flask near by.

>Duel mode is easily on par with any fighting game

no ui competitive mode when

What is the point when 95% of the playerbase won't play such a mode making queues long as fuck?

Is there a way to see if you got invited to the other alphas through uplay or is it only through email?

blocks, parries, dodge, counter, rangeplay, unbreakable attacks and combo chains all totally different depending on which character you play. I'd call that a fighting game, fuckwit.

I know its the same company but is it the same team that made Siege? The UI is pretty much exactly the same

Deus Vult

I bet you would call the Naruto games on par with 2D fighting games too, huh?

It better be in the beta

I can hardly wait for the female Shugoki

I don't care, watch some of this and tell me what you think. Just ignore the screaming retard. twitch tv/tru3ta1ent/v/89638710?t=58m39s

Shugoki is male only.