Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

>Enjoying the additions to the demo?
>Any theories you have with the demo?
>Excited for the actual game? Are you happy with the major change in direction the series is taking?

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Are you talking about the changes to the demo or the changes to the RE series?

>changes to the demo
New room, new scares, new items, new messages

>changes to the RE series
First person, more focus on horror, pretty much getting rid of all the action, main character is very much a normal guy compared to the STARS-type characters that are normally the MCs, defending yourself is much more limited, puzzle-focused, VR-focused

At this point Resident Evil can be divided into as many sub-series as Mega Man. They can make anything and just label it differently. Presented with possible infinite variation, I'm not sure what excitement I can muster.

>>Enjoying the additions to the demo?
Wow, it's fucking nothing. Missed opportunity IMO, hopefully we are missing something. They really should have played up this update given the initial reception.
>>Any theories you have with the demo?
Nope. I'm just waiting for the next update at this point. I don' t think there is anything else to find, as most of the secret were found a day after initial release. Maybe time locked content? I'm going to wait until we hear word from the ambassador program.
>>Excited for the actual game? Are you happy with the major change in direction the series is taking?
Optimistic. As for changes, I like what I am seeing so far, but we haven't got anything substantial enough to say how far or close this installment will come close to or compare to the others. I personally don't feel too attached to the bakers so I hope they are mostly contained in the intro to the game, or for story purposes mostly.

I haven't played it yet since the update.

No theories come to mind.

I'm looking forward to the full game quite a bit, and I'm as old as an oldfag RE fan can get (been playing since March '96).

Nice fucked up post.

And this is what people want out of horror games in general, like silent hill or fatal frame, but not resident evil, which has always been very action oriented. This is capcom trying to milk the pewdiepie over-reactions on youtube crowd. See: Outlast. Personally, I'm still excited for it, but RE7 could have and possibly should have been a new IP. There's absolutely no resemblance to RE anywhere in it.

I don't think there's anything else to the demo. Maybe they will add new content with yet another update.

Didn't they say indoors it's first person but outdoors it will be the same third person action?

>Are you happy with the major change in direction the series is taking?

>There's absolutely no resemblance to RE anywhere in it

This can be applied to Zero, Code: Veronica, 4, 5, and 6

I don't see how adding horror elements to a survival horror franchise is a bad thing or going against the usual tenants of the RE franchise. But they really need to stop teasing and give us some real gameplay soon. Also to say that this has no RE resemblance is a bit of an overstatement. Not to mention that many of the RE games could have been named a different IP too, zombies, parasites, and mutations aren't exactly exclusive to RE.

I like changes so far. I don't mind the change to first person and it looks like we will scarces amo once again. Also playing an inexperienced char, without co-op in a segregated area sounds way better than what we got in the last 4 games.

And i like the "this nuh ma re!!!1 wres leon!!! why nu 3rd preson" bullshit that's going on right now.
At least now you little kids know how i felt playing RE4 three years after the perfect REmake.
Keep the butthurt up.

I keep hearing that RE7 will have no characters from previous games. Or maybe its that the main characters are completely new. That was definitely Ada Wong on the phone, so even if Leon or Chris don't show up, I'm sure there will be mentioned a lot.

Also, I still don't fucking understand the RE universe. Do normal people in the RE universe not know about zombies despite whole cities being overrun with zombies? A show like Ghost Hunters, where the camera crew themselves doesn't even believe in ghosts, existing in a universe like this doesn't make much sense.

I haven't heard this at all, and I'm following this game closely. I think it is first person completely, unless we got new info from interviews I haven't heard yet the past couple days.

>still no pc demo

what the fuck man

This is a good thing though. I don't want the entire demo spoiled by fat scriptkiddies.

We still don't know what year re7 takes place.

What do bio-weapons have to do with ghosts?
Just because a company figured out how to reanimate corpses, that doesn't mean paranormal shit exists.

I'm pretty sure people know about the zombies, but why would that keep people from living out there lives? Bears, moose, mountain lions, etc kill people in the wilderness yet people still do shows. Same thing with diseases and being largely populated areas. Also zombie viruses exists=/= ghosts exists.

So what way can they tie in Umbrella Corporation into this?

It's a test site for a new fear based virus based on alex weskers virus.

Whe are Leon and chris going to come save the player chracter.

I mean he seems like a complete bitch. Leon and Chris would kille that family in seconds.

RE fanbase is shit anyway, they get angry every time a new RE game comes out. I think it's almost impossible to satisfy them.

It's probably an abandoned Umbrella test site or stuff like that.
Would be not that bad a a concept desu.

Can they just show some fucking proper gameplay of the full game already?

I think Resident Evil 1 in First Person could be fantastic, but so far all the demo has given us is an idea how the inventory works.

I kinda do to be honest. There really hasn't been anything surprising found yet in either versions of the demo, and if script kiddies went through the game alot of people's time would be saved. Including my 5+ hours spent on this demo, wtf is wrong with me?

Isn't it just the Bakers son?

Bakers probably test subjects similar to Lisa Trevor and is also why they are immortal. Maybe family man himself is an scientist for umbrella.

>tfw have to launch the demo everyday hoping I would find something interesting or just to test a retarded theory.

>PC demo
>People would start digging through the code.
>Find all the hidden shit fast as fuck.
>No more discussion and free marketing.

That's why.

Umbrella is already in the demo. If you played the demo, you probably already know this, but there's a photograph of a umbrella-branded helicopter watching over an unknown group with the text "Why are they watching us?" or something like that.

I'm pretty sure the photo is taken from Mr. Baker, who is trying to keep his family isolated and out of public eye, but Umbrella keeps spying on them. Umbrella is probably (definitely) the one that caused the Bakers to mutate, maybe for a closed experiment.

the twist you are the wife you are looking for, a lady trapped in a mans body wew i cant believe they did it

I honestly think they might show up at the end most likely, or maybe even meet up a couple time like Rebecca did in RE1.



Old Resident Evil has been dead for a decade.

>antagonist of CV is a man-lady
>protagonist of 7 is a lady-man


Though i love how everyone is like "This is not a Resident Evil!" and yet no one really knows what a RE should look like.

Resident Evil in it's core was always a playable B-movie.
The gameplay and atmosphere was what made the series shine though.

I think the only moment when RE was realy good was the REmake. It has a very unique tone, almost classic.

And RE4 was the moment the series jumped the shark and kicked it in the nuts. It took everything RE was known for and made an awesome parodie of it.

I still think RE4 was the big final "fuck you" from Shinji to Capcom for killing his baby.
It was succsessful, but fucked up the series in the long run.

But Aunt Rhody doesn't know about Resident Evil being dead, so you might want to come over to her place and tell her that.

Resident Evil 8 should jump ten sharks at once and feature all sorts of monsters: vampires, werewolves, ect. I want to see the reaction of the RE fanbase.

Fuck off, memer.

It really doesn't feel like a resident evil game. However the resident evil games haven't been scary for a long long time.

I am excited by this game although it could have been an entirely new IP and I would have been just as interested, the resident evil title feels a bit slapped on

>RE8 comes out
>RE9 comes out

>the first half of the game is the main character of RE7 trying to save his wife from the Bakers in the Baker's mansion
>at the end of the first half, the MC is captured by the Bakers and is killed
>second half of the game is Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy joining forces and getting revenge on the Bakers for killing the main character

I thought you faggots said that Code: Veronica is shit?

Just started playing it today and had more fun with it than RE2 (I've barely started in 3). It's the first RE that's forced me to use my knife on enemies, it's got great atmosphere, and the soundtrack is fantastic so far. I would say the characters are great too, but Steve is too much.

>It really doesn't feel like a resident evil game

So many kiddies whose first RE game was 5 and have never personally played the first one. Apart from the camera angle this is closer to the original than anything from 4 onwards.

Playing the X version on PS3, btw.

This is true of any game.
Can't wait to see people say that Watchdogs was good.

Is there any word about some other location?

Don't reveal the plot too soon.

CVX is good until you reach the half way point and then it becomes back track city.

lel. It was even true with AssCreed despite the fact AssCreed 1 is fucking awful.

I love Code: Veronica.
So many shortcuts, and tricks that aren't apparent on a first playthrough.

I'm at the safe room just beyond the shutter that needed the biohazard keykard to open. Is that close the halfway point?

>Game has no zombies
>Its just a couple super powerful enemies you play hide and seek with until you can beat them at a specific location/moment

Why is Capcom so detached from what people liked about RE?

RE was never scary, nobody wanted horror and invincible enemies, we just wanted cheesy b-move zombie flick with cheesy lines and puzzle solving metroidvania style.

Nah, you're still a ways off.

Also a semi-spoiler hot pro tip: When you need to stop the gas leak with the gas mask, deposit most of your ammo and weapons in the item box.

That's great news, and I'll do that.

>puzzle solving metroidvania style

The RE7 demo has pretty decent puzzles. I think the whole lockpick behind the stove is dumb, but shit like watching the video tape to change the present is brilliant.

It will actualy have some sort of zombies.
Saw that in an interview with a dev on the german game magazine GamePro.

They just don't want to show them yet because it would spoil the horror too much.

But from the way he talked the new zombies will have a classic yet new vibe to them.

>The RE7 demo has pretty decent puzzles. I think the whole lockpick behind the stove is dumb, but shit like watching the video tape to change the present is brilliant.

Like what? Its one thing, get lockpick, open lock, you say its dumb, its the only puzzle in the tape, the lever is always there even if you don't watch the tape. and picking up a lockpick and using it on a lock five feet away isn't puzzle solving. Nor is it metroidvania style.

>It will actualy have some sort of zombies.
>Saw that in an interview with a dev on the german game magazine GamePro.
>And thanks to a newly translated interview from Famitsu
>It sounds like the game's enemies won't be zombie hoards
>But rather a handfull of very powerful characters
>Whom stalk you throughout around the grounds throughout the entire game

Its literally fucking Amnesia.

Anybody got any story related theories?

Anybody else think the MC is also infected with whatever the Bakers have? Making him also immortal, and also giving me reason to believe that family man stabs him in the face knowing this.

I'm also starting to come around to the idea that Mia might be immortal too? This is based off voice-lines Marguerite has in Eurogamer footage suggesting that Mia is being held hostage too and has a "gift"?

Sounds likely. I just want to know how Umbrella is involved and if Albert will make an appearance.

Like Nemesis stalking you in RE3 but without zombie fodders.

I seriously doubt they will be as intimidating as Nemesis.

will there be any kind of action in the final game or will it be a walking simulator?

>The Know
Kek. You do know they just round up info right?

It is simply a misinterpretation, zombies will appear IN ADDITION to the Bakers. Go read their source, which I might add is a reddit post of loosely translated info. Here is what the poster actually said:
>There are no hordes of enemies in Resident Evil 7, the enemies are more personalized and stalkerish, but can be combated and defeated.
>The Lantern gameplay shown off recently is a taste of one of the aspects of RE7. You'll face the enemies in tougher scenarios in the memory sequences, and there will be a number of them through the game. The Lantern demo is only a taste of what's to come.

Go watch some developer interviews where they talk about how the game is supposed to feel like, and they admit that they are holding back a bit. Let's just hope it turns out good.

There are weapons.

>Like Nemesis stalking you in RE3
[no] More like the way you were stalked in Amnesia but with AI being retarded.

One of the gamescom lantern demo testers said there was an area where he was stuck for 15 minutes because the enemy was walking in a circle inside a room, and every time he peaked at it, even if its back was turned to him, the enemy would walk towards the only door he could go through, making him hide again.

We'll see. I'm guessing it'll be like all those horror movies (Friday 13th, Saw, etc.).

Puzzles, combat, survival and inventory management are confirmed.

>And thanks to a newly translated interview from Famitsu
>You do know they just round up info right?
Reading is fundamental, nigger.

>gameplay trailer
>only cutscenes!

>>You do know they just round up info right?
>Reading is fundamental, nigger.
I know, that's why I posted the literal quote from the source double-nigger instead of putting complete faith in youtubers.

>healing items are now preorder exclusives

what a time to be alive

Wait a minute, you use a fucking spray can as a flamethrower?

That's badass.

>You do know they just round up info.
>Literally reference Famitsu
>Directly reference them referencing famitsu
>Did you know they got info from a different place














>BONUS healing items are now preorder exclusives

Fix'd, still pretty scummy though. But I don't know why people would want to make a survival game more easier. At least microtransactions are confirmed not be in game. But DLC still is :( Capcom is still fucking at it.

>needing healing items

casual talk right here.

I'm guessing the world is bigger than we think it is.

Please calm down your autism. This is why you don't trust people without reading the source yourself. She factually fucked up a statement that was 100% untrue, that is all I was pointing out.

The way the inventory system seems to work is great.

There's 12 item slots, 3 rows with 4 slots. The upper 4 slots are for your d-pad quick select, but some items also take up more than one slot, so when you put one of those items in a quick select the rest of it goes in the lower rows, like the bolt cutters for example.

It's a really cool middle ground between RE4 inventory and older games inventory, while still allowing for quick select slots.

Yes, if you follow him and give him the finger, it unlocks the ability to download the full game right now.



I know the trailer was actually sort of good and almost showed some gameplay for once.

>shit posting this hard and being this retarded.
Why the fuck would you post a factually wrong youtube video when you could just post the translation to support your point? And then make a assmad post like this when you get pointed out. ISHYGDDT

That's not a mansion

marketeers are not even doing their work properly

>graphics look really bad
>ps2 tier fire
>scripted fighting sequences
>VR driven action scenes

im mad

There's several locations.

I believe an underground lab has also been leaked.

at least they should make the trailer look good
but when you can't even bullshot the trailer, the thing is literally a trainwreck
nobody is behind the wheel on this one guys


>Resident Evil Biohazard
>Biohazard Resident Evil
really capcom?


this game is a VR tech demo rebranded to cash on sequelfags
don't tell me i didn't warn you

It's never too late to make memes friend. I'm surprised family man busting through the wall hasn't been exploited yet.
It's a plantation mansion, to be more specific.

it is just that nobody gives a fuck thanks to the red herring bullshit

you can pull that one off one time
but you can't update the demo, throw even more unusable items and wait for a good reaction

they think they get publicity but in reallity people are moving on

the twilight demo should DELIVER NOW, not by xmas

>this game is a VR tech demo rebranded to cash on sequelfags
>don't tell me i didn't warn you

Ha, you seriously think Capcom could afford to be making a game like this and not have it be Resident Evil from the start? They even said themselves that first person was always the plan and that VR was added later after last year's E3 VR Kitchen demo was so successful.

This was always going to be Resident Evil 7, deal with it.

I mean this is confirmed to be semi-true. It's VR bait, but it was always meant to be Resident Evil.

In the dev interview back during e3, the devs said they wanted to test the waters with VR and first person and made the "Kitchen" demo, and people loved it. So it took off from there. I personally don't mind the first person, as long as the content holds up.

I fucking agree. They really failed to capitalize on this demo, they really needed to add another "WTF, there is a secret room, that leads to a secret tape, that leads to another photo hinting at umbrella!" instead of a fucking hand and some bullets.

what they have to aford?
this VR shit was already there from the get go

and it is a rebranded product
it looks cheap indie as fuck
it literally ignores the lore
and it is a cheap 3-4 characters story, where you are playing as literally who

this game is a walking simulator with 'boss' battles to get Let's Players cash

because yes, now these companies get revenue from their game BEING PLAYED BY YOUTUBEFAGS

>It's another "This isn't the real Resident Evil!" episode.

Deal with it faggot. I don't want the franchise to go stale, and the series has always changed in many was since the beginning.

tfw you realize the true sequel is The Evil Within

and i know, and i don't particularly enjoy the gameplay, but that game truly captures the good old mechanics that pisses everyone off now, but where the standard of the golden era

I dunno where you heard that. The devs said that gameplay from the demo is not 100% representative of the game, hence now combat is confirmed.

>and it is a rebranded product

Flawless logic, but if that's the case, where is the real Resident Evil 7 then? Where's the Code Veronica answer to RE7? It's their best selling franchise after all, is it Umbrella Corps?

Exactly, have you ever been teased before, user?

But in all seriousness, I really do think they need to show off "real" gameplay soon. Most people only have so much patience.

Still relevant

>But in all seriousness, I really do think they need to show off "real" gameplay soon. Most people only have so much patience.

We did get a bit of a feel of movement, exploration, how the inventory works and melee combat in the demo though.

But yes I agree we really need to see some of the main game, combat especially.

I'd argue that CV is actually more similar to the original than 2 and 3. RE2 felt like a straight up action movie a lot of the time.

>So many kiddies whose first RE game was 5

4fag trying to shit on 5 again while pretending there anymore relevant to the series than 5 and 6

i think they are in a really bad position right now

think about, from a dev perspective:
1 8th gen is a toaster gen
2 the real money these days in consoles is behind Madden, GTA and Nintendo crap (pokemon go, not wii u)
3 PC is amazing tech-wise, but:
3.1 gives a lot less revenue
3.2 pc mob gets pissed easily and they literally DDOS you if you don't deliver
3.3 they can pirate/mod you into oblivion
3.4 steam gets a cut
4 the VR industry reinvention

what would you do?
cash on franchises
push the cheaper VR solution
waste little money on titles because troubled waters (RE7)
wait til Sony/M$ up their HW game, or go FULL BLOWN PC

this transition period is shit, so lets just marketing our way into 'success'

Code Veronica is my second favorite after REmake. Fuck the haters.

No matter what you think of it, Resident Evil 7 seems to have been a very smart financial move for Capcom.

Younger people love it, and Capcom have said their aging Resident Evil demographic is a problem for them. Kids don't make up the majority of the Resident Evil playerbase, 30 year olds do. Resident Evil 6 was supposed to sell 7 million, it sold 4 million on release and "flopped".

Meanwhile RE7 is both cheaper, plays well to a new younger audience and is a perfect fit for social media culture. If there goal with RE7 is just 4 million they're gonna hit that and then some.

I enjoyed TEW. Never bought the dlc, though

and i agree, that is the point of my post

but by 34 year old persona don't personally enjoy the change

this game should be a niche RE like the Wii ones did back then

RE6 bombed because it is a bad movie game

RE6 really should have been a reboot. RE5 pretty much wrapped up the story arc with Wesker's death.

i pirated the whole thing
and one of the DLCs felt really good, because you have to sneak your way through the entire level without weapons

i had a lot of fun with that one: enjoyed it more than the main campaign

>RE6 really should have been a reboot

It probably shouldn't have had 4 campaigns and a 200 man dev team either.

>Younger people love it, and Capcom have said their aging Resident Evil demographic is a problem for them
Younger people are autistic. I don't see why Capcom can't just make the main series like 1 through CV and continue the Revelations games on the side.

A full non-handheld Mercs game would be cool as well, and action spin-offs are always an option.

recently i saw a review that clocked the dev team at 600 mofos

RE6 could've just been Leon's campaign, had they not squandered the perfect early locations and made the tone less serious.

>Younger people are autistic. I don't see why Capcom can't just make the main series like 1 through CV and continue the Revelations games on the side.

Because they're a company that wants to make money. REmake2 is coming out, that along with RE7 going in a new direction is great.

Shame about Umbrella Corps being so shit though.

Yeah pretty much. It was cool to finally see Sherry again even though the Wesker Report got retconned.

>they want to make money
>REmake2 is coming out
Does this not prove that there's still an audience for the more classic style RE?

Downloading now.
Andre is senpai and behind the ruse.

>Does this not prove that there's still an audience for the more classic style RE?

Yes....which is why they're making it?

REmake re-release sold over a million copies, people have been bitching about a REmake2 for fucking years.

I'm saying that there's a market for new games in that style, not just remakes. I seriously doubt it'd do any harm, especially considering that Capcom has been pulling the "back to survival horror roots" card for years.

REmake2 will end being an over the shoulder shooter, if it hasn't already been secretly canceled.

That doesn't mean there is a market for the game in that style. It means there is a market for updating the older games, retaining the style, and banking on in built nostalgia.

In order to actually judge the market you need to take a half step forward and then a side step regarding what they say they want.


How would Capcom showing off a new, quality RE title in the same style as the games pre-4 not excite "nostalgic" fans?

>I'm saying that there's a market for new games in that style, not just remakes. I seriously doubt it'd do any harm, especially considering that Capcom has been pulling the "back to survival horror roots" card for years.

That is what they're trying to do with RE7 though, if you go by their words. The director is the guy who made Revelations 1. He says Resident Evil 1 was the main source of inspiration for him with this game.

People bitch about RE7 not being like old RE, but the truth is that we have seen almost no proper gameplay yet, and we know shit like save rooms and item boxes are in the game. People are just counting chickens before they hatch, as usual.

I'm not saying RE7 will be exactly like the old games, it won't. Thinking they'd do a new mainline RE with fixed camera angles and tank controls is just a pipedream. RE7 is getting marketed to streamer culture kids, but that doesn't mean the final game won't have the design of a Resident Evil. RE7 may very well be a proper Resident Evil, just in first person. Hell it's not even a reboot and still fucking part of the same canon.

Because mechanics are only part of the equation and by making a brand new game that only retains the mechanics you alienate 2/3rds of the market.

I dunno, I really hope capcom wouldn't be retarded enough to mess up the core gameplay/style of RE2. Especially since they green lit it after fan reception of REmake being ported over to current gen. But who knows?

I wouldn't be surprised.

>implying an RE game in first person will feel like the old games
Not to mention the scripted bullshit in lieu of cutscenes.

>alienate the market
Hence the Revelations games continuation and action spin-offs.

>implying an RE game in first person will feel like the old games

How the hell couldn't a first person Resident Evil 1 totally work? First Person is easily the best option for modernizing RE1, fixed camera wouldn't fly with modern audiences and a free third person camera is shitty for tight spaces and gives you too much situational awareness in horror.

A first person RE could be rad as fuck.

Wow Cred Forums actually wants RE6 2.0

Different user here, I agree that first person is a departure from the old games, but I think it will work out better in terms of both design and horror.

I also feel that scripted encounters are better than cutscenes anyways, imagine more moments like the dog busting through the window and freaking out while before almost becoming a jill sandwhich. Not to mention that this game will undoubtedly have cutscenes.

>How the hell couldn't a first person Resident Evil 1 totally work?
That's not what RE7 is.

this game looks like they tailor made it for the retarded PT demo crowd

rip resident evil 1996 - 2017

No cutscenes.

We don't know if it's close to that or not yet.

Capcom really needs to show off more stuff, January is coming soon.

No 3rd person, no buy

>That's not what RE7 is.

Actually, a lot of things point towards that is totally what RE7 is.

>RE7 has a save room theme
Stop the fucking presses.

RE7 isn't a first person RE1 just because it takes place in a mansion and has a save room theme.

This might be really unfortunate. Positive is that it helps immersion and makes it more grounded. Negative is we might lose some of the cinematic atmosphere and wacky shit, or at least make the wacky shit less wacky.

this is basically the halloween 3 of videogames, what the fuck was capcom thinking?

You guys should just wait till we get more info. No, point in arguing what the game "looks" or "might" be like.

>Doesn't understand what save rooms returning in RE7 actually implies about the game design.

I'm not surprised. Item Boxes are back aswell by the way, but I guess you wouldn't understand the importance of that either.

Being able to peak around corners and other first person BS would be terrible for a RE1-3 style game.

Also taking out the static cameras would destroy the amazing atmosphere and sense of dread when you hear a monster but can't see it.

I'm not sure what first person really adds besides a potentially more gunplay oriented game and VR jump scares.

Capcom is only doing this first person shit because they needed to find a way to make the combat slower paced in a saturated environment without relying on clunky over the shoulder mechanics. It's still lazy as fuck and doesn't even feel like Resident Evil anymore.

>save rooms and item boxes mean RE7 is going to be great

>Also taking out the static cameras would destroy the amazing atmosphere and sense of dread when you hear a monster but can't see it.

You realize this is still possible in both first and third person yes?

Your vision is limited in RE7, just in a different way.

>Being able to peak around corners and other first person BS would be terrible for a RE1-3 style game.
There is no peak around corner button. There is almost nothing you can do in 3rd person, that you can't also do in 1st other than seeing your character.
>Also taking out the static cameras would destroy the amazing atmosphere and sense of dread when you hear a monster but can't see it.
You can totally still do this, you just can't see your character lol.
>I'm not sure what first person really adds besides a potentially more gunplay oriented game and VR jump scares.
Exactly. The only advantage third person adds is just allowing you to see the character you're playing.

Did third person camera angles rape your mother?

No, I actually prefer 3rd person dude. Just pointing out some things, no need to get defensive and project.

>save rooms and item boxes mean RE7 is going to be great

If you had any idea how the game design of old RE worked, yeah. You would realize save rooms and item boxes bodes well for RE7.

would this game be saved if pic was in?

They can have that shit in RE7 and it still turn out to be shit, you know.

you are one stupid motherfucker

I never said that possiblity didn't exist.

No. Merchant worked because of the kind of game RE4 was.

He has no place in a Horror focused RE, he was sorely missed in RE5 though, what the fuck Capcom.

well at least we have Andre

There will still be guns in RE7

It's quite likely, given what we've seen so far.
>scripted shit with no choice in how you react, despite it trying to be more immersive
>combat with enemies that probably can't die until later in the game

Scripted shit has always been present in RE to some extent.

Stuff like when you're hiding without weapons is most likely a video tape. The main character is confirmed to be called Ethan, who explores a mansion and has access to pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, axes etc.

>MC, Andre, and Mia are all immortal and held captive in the plantation mansion.
>Andre is a pussy and spends his time exploring and gathering resources in the mansion.
>Becomes the RE7 merchant and sells you supplies in exchange for whatever currency is in game

>scripted shit with no choice in how you react, despite it trying to be more immersive
What? In the lantern trailer it showed you can hide, and in the demo you can solve puzzles inside the tapes. RE is filled with scriptted events too.
>combat with enemies that probably can't die until later in the game
What again? Don't alot of resident evil games do this exact thing?

What would you do to save RE7?

>tfw Capcom keeps adding to the demo
>tfw the demo is actually the real game and Capcom has been feeding us more parts to it in an episodic like manner

No it's not. It's basically a mediocre sequel to RE4. You still get railroaded through mostly linear levels, and puzzles are all but nonexistent, unless you count brain teasers that are "Wait a minute, that card..."-tier. Not to mention, it turns into a shoot-em-up about a third of the way in.

Don't tell me that's fucking HUNK.

>showed that you can hide
Pretty sure it was required for that segment.

I mean the shit like in the new trailer. Jack busts through the wall with a shovel and beats the character down. Now, I may be wrong on this, but it looked like control was taken away from the player.

>this exact thing
Right, but their fights aren't "unwinnable". You can't temporarily stop Nemesis, for example. Also, past enemies like that were actually intimidating.

I think, at most, the demo will end up being just one of the murders leading into RE7.

It's a rehashed model from Umbrella Corps I think.

meant to type "can stop Nemesis"

Will be going to sleep soon.

Fuck off, RE4 babby.

Oh shit, dawg. Are the Umbrella Corps going to show up in RE7? That would include HUNK, I think.

If that was the case, it's not working out so well for them.

>I mean the shit like in the new trailer. Jack busts through the wall with a shovel and beats the character down. Now, I may be wrong on this, but it looked like control was taken away from the player.
This is bad because? Scripted events and cutscenes don't mean a game is bad.

>Right, but their fights aren't "unwinnable". You can't temporarily stop Nemesis, for example. Also, past enemies like that were actually intimidating.
I thouht you could stop nemesis if you were good enough.
I think family man can be spooky, especially if the game enforces the fact that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Sleep tight user.

Probably. There's also this BSAA agent model

>a westerner is writing RE7

It's gonna be shit

>scripted events in a horror game
>not bad
And there are no cutscenes

>no cutscenes

But we've seen cutscenes in the trailer, like Ethan driving his car down the road.

He wrote FEAR: Extraction Point. I have a feeling that it's going to good. Besides, 5 and 6 didn't have good stories either, did they?

no cutscenes literally mean THE ENTIRE GAME IS SCRIPTED

So what are the new things found in this new demo update? I found
>Basement key
>Dummy hand
>4 handgun bullets
>A brand new phone cutscene telling us some doors need to be closed for now
Is there anything else?

I guess it comes down to tastes. And I know about the cutscenes, just referencing that scripted events are essentially interactable cutscenes. Still doen't mean the game is going to be bad. All the resident evil games so far have these and people still like some of them.

These pictures come from the photgrammetry presentation the RE team did. They were discussing how they modeled the characters. They most likely won't be in game. Still possible.
Is the writing in fear good? I was worried about the writer but I haven't played the games.

Isn't this an oxymoron? Aren't all games scripted, unless they are simulators or something? It's not like the RE is known for multiple branches or anything, pretty linear to be honest.

There is that message written on the wall too.

All resident evil games are complete shit th only great one was re4 so I don't care.


>i am a butthurt wittle fag

The writing itself in FEAR isn't really special, but the one thing that Extraction Point did really well was the scares. The game fucks with both in-game and in the dialogue when creepy things happen.

*fucks with you

so they just added a hand and a room? that's it?

Are the family members going to be the main enemies in the game, or are they going to be reserved for boss battles and occasional Nemesis-esque surprise sequences? The trailers make it look like they're the only enemies you'll actually face in the game, but then there's those leaked pics of the zombie-like bad guys.

But basically, I think RE7 will be GOAT if the bulk of the enemies are the zombie-like things, and the family members are bosses/occasional recurring enemies, and I think RE7 will be complete shit if they're the only enemies you will face and you just spend the entire time hiding from them.

>greentexting incorrectly

I think it's going to be like the clocktower or haunting ground games where there are only a few enemies but the enemies that are there are really strong.

The trailer showed that Jack Baker can likely regenerate as well as the other family members, so I don't think it seems to far fetched.

>stabs him in the face
Are you retarded? He punched him

I only watched it once, but doesn't he stab you in the 'Family Meal' trailer?

You haven't watched the new trailer?
2:41 is where the stabbing happens if it does at all.

He's talking about the Tape-2 trailer, where familyman stabs Ethan (the MC) at the end

Yeah, that would make sense. I'm just hoping for a return to enemies whose strength doesn't come from numbers, like in the older RE games, where one zombie in a corridor was pretty daunting on your first playthrough.

the very end implies that Jack stabs him with the knife he's holding.

He punched him with a knife

I dunno how I feel about him being the writer. I can see how the MC might be infected by the Bakers, and then see hallucinations and spooky stuff, which is completely cool. But I don't know if I really want that stuff in RE. As long as it's done well with good writing, I'm all for it.

Does anyone here want the spooky girl to be Alma like?

He's a great guy, I don't get why you guys don't like him desu

...No. It can't. They share characters, enemies, story elements, and gameplay concepts.


Famalam and Andre are literally the only thing that i like about this new RE game

they look lifely as fuck

Here's another version from the meme demo days.

Ok so I just finished RE remake with Jill and wanted to replay it with Chris and cotumes and stuff. But. There's that grenade zombie and while it's not that hard to avoid it I already died because he was just behind the corner where the camera doesn't show him. Abd that's fun I give it that but is there a way to disable that option? Also, do I take it right that Chri's campaign has more backtracking because smaller inventory?

>they look lifely as fuck

Fuck off frogposters.



I do.

who would go /fullhomo/ for Andre?

Is that a new fancy meme to shit on resident evil 4?


Ethan definitely gets infected.

>Shitting on any RE
Spot the underage

>Younger people love it
Then they should have made this a new IP for them instead of pissing off a huge chunk of their fanbase. If the kids don't even care about the brand then why are they slapping it on there? Capcom are so retarded they could literally just hand over the franchise to the Revelations team and that would satisfy pretty much the entire fanbase and also save them money, but they're using RE because of its big name to grab some new audience, with RE6 it was COD crowd now its Youtuber bait whatever the current hotness is what Capcom will turn RE into. But this is even more ridiculous than 6, which at least still felt like a natural progression of the series up to that point. This is just something completely out of left field completely devoid of any spirit of the series at all.

Producers? They come and go. But a good poster like you, user – you stick with me.

Didn't mean to quote.

Was this Pepe created because of the demo?

>Implying I haven't already.

I'm almost thirty.

>tfw you're playing REmake and you saved all your flashbangs and magnum ammo until the end and now the labs and Tyrant are hilariously easy

and stuffed from the looks of things.

That's my problem in many games. I save strong items for later and never use them in the end.

Which one is better?

Tbh, I'd eat something.

Forest appears after you beat the game with both characters in the same save file. To avoid him from showing up don't start "once again" with the other character in the same save file.


Left, although I can certainly appreciate the style of RE2 and 3.

That's strange. I only beat it with Jill but he's already here.

>4 months
>still no Andre lewds


People have been shitting on it for years. Despiste what 4babies think, not everyone likes your whacky shit game.

Doesn't change it from being a fantastic game though.

Moira > Rebecca > OG Jill > Adult Sherry > Claire = Ashley > Ada > Helena > Nu-Jill > Andre > Sheva.

>Ada that low
>Nu-Jill that low
>OG Jill that low

It is baby's first tps, it's good but not great. People who never played on pc before praise it. Also the locations and gameplay elements are all in different styles and were just all trending things in console gaming mixed together. It was all that was going wrong with console gaming just the first brick. And no I don't hate it and don't praise old RE's. For mw it was just another regular game with shitty controls and I always wondered why people put it so high on a pedestal.

>it was popular so I didn't like it

guys i didn't save at all and a fucking hunter killed me

i'm so angry

Projections, projections. I didn't like it because it was a bad tps and had no style. Just as I said above.

no wonder he couldn't eat in the trailer he's got duct tape over his mouth



It's funny how in RE1 Chris runs away from boulders and dodges them, but in RE5 he punches them to death

That's because he wasn't /fit/ monster before 5.

But that's Andre, not Ethan the MC.

Is Andre gonna be ok, guys? Or is he just there to die for a cheap scare?

>It is baby's first tps
Stopped reading there.
How can anyone be this ignorant? Resident Evil 4 is revolutionary, dude. It set the stage for third person aiming. Every time you aimed, the camrea would immediately snap to your shoulder, assisting you to hit your target. After RE4, tons and tons of games replicated that aiming style and today, it's a standard. Back in the day, TPS' would just change to first-person to let you aim.
RE4 shitposters are getting annoying as hell, goddamn.

I wonder why.

Capcom are too afraid of making a new franchise so they decided to just slap Resident Evil/Biohazard on there.
A fucking shame really.

>Back in the day, TPS' would just change to first-person to let you aim
I... don't even know what to say.

Who here does ADR?

> Moira that high

nigger are you serious? She was just a plot device to expand Barry's character

>closer to to RE1
Stop talking bullshit and actually play RE1.
This Amnesia wannabe is nothing like RE1.

I don't do ADR.

Guys I have 103 handgun rounds

I thought there was supposed to be no ammo in old school RE

I spent the mall on bug guys in the lab.

I think that this game has the potential to be very close to RE1, and listening to the dev interviews gives me some hope. They better not fuck it up.

for all the Andrefags out there



you heard it here first

I spent all on snekes

"hssss hssssss"
*bang bang*


Did you even play armed&dangerous, max payne, alice, syphon filter, freedom fighters, messiah, mdk, mafia, the suffering, oni, other older games I forgot about, did you play them? You literally are a RE4 baby. All those "revolutionary things" in re4 were the beginning of the downfall of tps games.

I was meant to say "many".
And what's wrong with that exactly?
MGS did it for example. Of course, I'm mainly talking about console games. Also, to prove my point, notice how all these games have a shoulder-snapping aiming mode:
Dead Space
Gears Of War
Grand Theft Auto 4 (Notice how it only appeared in 4 when SA released one year before RE4)
Max Payne 3
Army Of Two

I can confirm this, I just followed him and saw it


i confuse the hunter

run behind it tjis time and it turns and missing me with the claw jump

so happy!!!!


So you admit that you're a re4 baby and don't know shit about games. Also
>Of course, I'm mainly talking about console games
I don't see how a game suddenly changes into a good or bad one depending on the platform. "Well it's a gret game but only on consoles it's nothing special on pc but it's still great and revolutionary" that's what you're saying.

>but then there's those leaked pics of the zombie-like bad guys.

Half of those pictures from CEDEC are for models made for Umbrella Corps, those guys with gas masks are models captured for Umbrella Corps specifically.

The only models i don't recall seeing in Umbrella Corps is the dude on the left and maybe the one on the right too.

Oh, man. Well, thanks for informing me. I was a bit worried about the Umbrella Corps-looking dudes being included among the zombies.

I've been with this series since the first game, and this simply isn't Resident Evil. It is an entirely new game with the name slapped on. This resembles P.T. more than any Resident Evil game, fuck it basically has the hallway from P.T. in the new trailer. As long as we get more in the Revelations series I'll be okay, but this game is Resident Evil in name only.
I hate Resident Evil 4, and I hate this new shit. Resident Evil 4 is responsible for brown haired Dante. And this game is NOTHING like any of the other games, except possibly the worst Resident Evil game: Gun Survivor. This series has had many ups and downs, but I think this is going to be the new low. I would be okay with the game if it were named something else, but Capcom is scared shitless of new IPs, and they expect this to sell because of the name. Unfortunately, they are probably going to be right. I hope that it tanks immediately because people don't buy these. Kids now watch 'scary' games on youtube while someone else gets scared.

>I don't see how a game suddenly changes into a good or bad one depending on the platform
I literally never said that. What I meant by that it's much easier to make shooter controls for PC than it is on on console. Seriously, compare literally ANY FPS PS1 with a one on PC. Doom or Quake for example. RE4 did that cleverly by making you stop every time you aim and making the enemies stop everytime they're near you, giving you enough time to shoot already and punshing you for taking so much time.
Also, I don't remember SA having that. Huh. It was a long time since I played it. Sorry for being a little ignorant there.

>Does anyone here want the spooky girl to be Alma like?

Well, then you won't be disappointed.

Yes they do. Revelations 2 opens up with the bio-terrorism task force commercial.

I know one thing for sure. Resident Evil isn't a first person series, and should never attempt to be one again. The RE fanbase isn't any better or worse than most video game fanbases. All of them are filled to the brim with elitist babies.

I don't like FPS games at all. I never have. Now Capcom has taken a property that I enjoy and turned it into something that I don't. I was excited for RE7 after the teaser from RE6. Looks like there is something else that won't be paid off for another decade if at all.

>trusting modern Capcom
I don't know whether to commend or condemn your optimism.

>this simply isn't Resident Evil. It is an entirely new game with the name slapped on.
>And this game is NOTHING like any of the other games
>Resident Evil game: Gun Survivor
Can you at least be honest and just say that you don't like the new direction because it doesn't fit your tastes?

>This isn't the real Resident Evil, I would know because I am a fan!1
This shit is getting old, as well as saying that this has NOTHING similar to older games is just plain exaggeration. Get off your high horse.

I have a feeling they took Alpha RE4 with the virus that fucks with your mind. It was to turn people into mind controlled super soldiers but the subjects were easily influenced by their nightmares.

Guys at:
United States New York: 9:00 pm Friday
United States L.A: 6:00 pm Friday
United States Texas: 8:00 pm Friday
Melbourne,Sydney,Queensland (AUS): 11:00 am Saturday
London: 2:00 am Saturday
Germany: 3:00 am Saturday
Russia Moscow: 4:00 am Saturday

1 hour long Resident Evil 7 conference at TGS. Don't miss it or family man will hit you.


Is all this season pass stuff already known about?

thos props are a fairly good representation of the shitty graphics

good job

And that's how i felt for a while after seeing what direction they took with the Franchise after Re4 (the time after the remake), which also includes Revelations.

But now i am all "meh" and wait with my criticism after i have seen what the actual game will be like.

Major change is something i learned to expect from this franchise by now and i found comfort in knowing that at least one out of all this games was perfect and that is the REmake.

REmake was the high point of the series and in my point a perfect game. Not only a perfect Resident Evil but a perfect game.

RiP Resi. Thanks for the swan song of survival horror.
Now Please go way.

Yes, it was known since it got announced at E3.

>tfw completely forgot about REmake 2's existence until this post
Thank you, user. You just made my day better.

I imagine this is what Ghost's family looks like.

Most likely, or something similar. Would make sense with being immortal/strong, and all the ghost stuff with the main character, but not so much with Clancy in the tapes.

I chuckled. We need more OC.

When will the DLC meme die? Companies do this shit and wonder why nobody buys games day 1 or wait for price drops. There is just so many games where I skip the DLC completely & will youtube it, if it is important enough.

I loved fixed camera angles and tank controls, but RE murdered that genre for me.
It's like as if devs get rid of side scrollers because we have full 3D now. That's how i feel about it.
Nowadays everything has to be 3rd person gun'n blaze or Amnesia.

I will give this game a chance, but RE is dead for me since 2004.

I think RE6 gameplay would have been better suited for a new Dino Crisis game. Diving, Rolling, Running from Raptors and shit. I think that would have been better

They still make good games you know.

everyone is just trying to embrace the change because they want it to be good.
it's very obvious that it's trash but no one wants to admit it.
It's going to be No Man's Sky all over again, people are going to defend it until release at which point it will all be on the table.

>game isn't even out

"it's very obvious that it's trash but no one wants to admit it"

>not playable until January

"it's very obvious"

>it's September now

"no one wants to admit it"

>you literally have not even played the game

"it's trash"

Until Dawn is an actual Resident Evil game. Fixed camera angles and everything.

Why does the handgun set give you a condom?

>It's like as if devs get rid of side scrollers because we have full 3D now. That's how i feel about it.
This is a good point. I really don't care for tank controls, though. Fixed camera angles are pretty stylish and unique. I can't really even think of any recent games that use this. It would be cool to see someone bring it back and do something new and fresh with it.

because of Andre's nighlife

I just realized ammo crafting must be a thing in RE7. Neat.

literally the same points you made were made with No Man's Sky and Watch_Dogs
>b-but you haven't even played it yet
it's a first person horror game taking obvious inspiration from the likes of Outlast in an age where that exact criteria is over-saturated and they thought it would be a good idea to start with their Texas Chainsaw Massacre dinner.

They don't have any ideas for this game, they're banking on VR and Let's Players being drawn to the first person horror because it makes for good reactions on streams and videos.
Like No Man's Sky they're purposefully withholding information and giving people very limited snippets in the form of footage and the demo.
They are afraid people are going to see this game for what it is, they've got nothing.

This is the post we need, but it isn't the post we deserve

>user ignores a demo that is trash

>user ignores a patched demo that is the same trash

>user ignores the past about the franchise

>user ignores E3

>user works for Capcom PR

>Every single game Cred Forums has called shit, is actual shit undoubtedly.
>Outlast invented horror, first person, and video cameras.
>Paying homage to horror classics is bad.
>A videogame being popular and on youtube means it's bad.

>Like No Man's Sky they're purposefully withholding information and giving people very limited snippets in the form of footage and the demo. They are afraid people are going to see this game for what it is, they've got nothing.
This might be true, I'll give you that.

>user is seriously trying to justify reviewing a game before he's even played it

If it were the other way around, and you were saying the game was 10/10 without playing it, everyone here would be telling you to fuck right off.

No, not realy.
I mean it has some nice visuals, but it's not even close. You can't die outside of cut-scenes and qte's for example.

The appeal of fixed camera angles in a horror game are not only that they look stylish, but they are a gameplay element.

Going into a new room and hearing, but not seeing an enemy is something very nerve wrecking.
Do you stay putt and wait for it to come closer?
What if it doesn't?
How many are there?
Can you safely run further because it's somewhere around a corner you don't see yet?
Those decisions are what made the old-school resi games good.
And especialy REmake toyed alot with this and your expectations.

This. Shills and anti-shill are cancer alike.

again, I'm getting deja vu because we've had these same discussions for other games like NMS.
I'm not saying my opinion is absolute, of course not, but sometimes it just seems really obvious and it's dismaying when so few people seem to see it.
And then they act like no one could see it coming after it comes out.

They saw Outlast, Amnesia, P.T and all those steam indie games get lots of attention because people LOVE streaming and LPing that shit.
It's gold for creators and publishers.
VR also gets similar attention.
All PS4s can stream out of the box.
So rather than evaluating what made RE popular and considering how that could be implemented into a new generation they make the same mistake they've made before, they make a different game they want to make and then brand it as RE.


You wot?

He means "reverse-shill". The opposite of shilling, where you trash a game instead of trying to sell it.

Goddamn dude that is some grade A autism you got going on there.

that was a rumor for PT

I don't feel like I'm an anti-shill.
An anti-shill tries to stop people from buying a game.
If you read my posts I never say no one should try/buy RE7.
I'm not calling you Capcucks or saying you're underage.
I am just highly skeptical because it feels really obvious to me that they're just following the market and using the IP as a justification rather than just doing what they want for the IP.

If you want a good example of anti-shilling I'd say Overwatch is a good example.
A lot of people got upset that people here bought that game.


thats ghost girl

>of course not, but sometimes it just seems really obvious and it's dismaying when so few people seem to see it. And then they act like no one could see it coming after it comes out.
I would avoid grouping people on Cred Forums into categories. Things you might see a red flag aren't necessarily a bad thing for other people. And when it comes to enjoyment from playing videogames, it is subjective thing. A game being similar to another is not the same thing as lying about features in your game.
As far as I can tell, no-one has accused you of being one. I would also ask you to be aware of what people are arguing you against, no one is saying that capcom is NOT trying to market their game. It's just as obvious as you say.

Some people are guessing that it might be Mia. Nothing really supports that though, but would be pretty cool thematically.

But if ghost girl is the girl in photo, and if she isn't a ghost. How is she still a loli?

Theory: There will be some kind of Cabin in the Woods related twist near the end of the game where you find out this rural area was actually a containment/testing area for a new virus Umbrella is working on. They are constantly monitoring everything that you do. Near the end, Chris and Rebecca break into the testing area and try to destroy the area and save you.

Theory: chemtrails turn people into zombies

it's andre pre op

Knowing umbrella I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lab under the plantation.

Everything you said about the fixed camera angles applies one-hundred percent with Until Dawn. Fixed camera angles can and do work in modern games, and I believe Until Dawn proves that point well. It shares more of its' DNA with the Resident Evil series than Resident Evil 7.
I thought I was pretty honest with my post. I don't like it because it not only doesn't fit my tastes, but is also a poor P.T. knock off.
>This shit is getting old bla bla bla bla
You know that if I didn't include the fact that I've been a fan of the series since it came out that I would be ripped to shreds by dipshits, and none of my criticism would matter. This is Cred Forums after all.

>Chris and Rebecca break into the testing area and try to destroy the area and save you.

Then family man shows up and chops Chris's head off with a shovel and smashes Rebecca's head then the final boss battle begins.

the pic is old
the kid is lucas
the girl is ghostgrill

the pic of the helicopter literally screams chemtrails at you

MASSIVE SHOVE IN that clearly demostrates this game is an afterthought rebrand

So obviously the Baker family are a bunch of B.O.W's with sentience. What kind of virus do you think they are infected with?

Who cares?

Considering the director managed to fit a laboratory inside a cruise liner. A lab in a farm would be rather easy and locals wouldn't mind the noise or materials shipments required to build it since farms are noisy.

At least there's no monster with nipples that spray the virus a you like in RE6.

yeah but think about it
that is the hepitome of Japanese bullshit
so it is canon

chemtrails? that shit is amerifat-tier crap

What's else is there to wait for? The hype died down pretty fast after people realized they're not going to solve anything without knowing some arbitrary inputs the dev hasn't clued in yet. Even P.T. had more discussion, to which I would credit the datamining because people found neat things to explore instead of giving up.

Why the fuck did the addition of a single fucking room in the demo take over 2 gigs? There's barely anything there.

So who is up for another streaming session tonight? Willing to do so 10 PM EST.

>Resident Evil 4 is revolutionary

Stopped reading there.

That's the mystery! What could be in those 2gigs?

>the pic is old

I believe he is referring to her form in the boxart or her in the family table picture or her apparition in the trailer .

She seems to be just a little bit younger than Lucas. But Lucas seems to love some meth, so he probably looks way older than he really is.

fuck off rupaul get back to all-stars

Like i said: No it doesn't.
And the reason for that is because you can't die anywhere else but in cutscenes and qte's.
It smells like a Resident Evil, but it doesn't taste like it.

And don't get me wrong, i enjoyed UD and i do get a RE vibe from it, but the fixed camera only influences the astethic's and not the gameplay.

I understand, user. The honesty thing was just about equating opinions to truths. It's ok to not like RE7. I would also say that you shouldn't have to make a call on authority call so dipshits on Cred Forums won't attack you because dipshits like me will lol

>tfw this is probably a bullshot

You are obviously infected with whatever the Bakers have. Or it may seem that way. Why else would they be trying to feed you body parts and are surprised when you reject their food.

Maybe, but I think everyone has given up on anything new at this point.

What if RE7 has different campaigns that cross over each other?

Ethan is obviously infected, people have been saying that for a long time now.

>welcome to the family son

no shit

Clancy was the guy seeing the ghost, not Ethan and ghost appears right on the porch. Plus if Ethan is infected, then he can regenerate body parts just like Lucas Baker and probably wouldn't need to pour medicine over his wounds.

Maybe the infection needs to incubate before regeneration abilities set in?

>then he can regenerate body parts just like Lucas Bake

No confirmation on that. Family man gets cooked in the new trailer, and has burn scars across his face/body in the demo. "Not again" could mean anything, even just family man stabbing him again.

Maybe data for a later update? Dumby data? Capcom being shit at shoving a single room into a demo without it taking over 2 gigs? The world may never know.

That could be possible with what we know from here:It would make sense if Chris, Jill, Leon, whoever they choose come to the plantation due to umbrella shit. If older characters make a cameo at all, they will only cross paths with the MC or arrive near the end of the game.

Who do you guys want to make an appearance?


The lighting and IRL rendering techniques looks so fucking good at times.

Shame the PS4 doesn't seem to quite be able to handle RE7's ambitious new graphical tech. Textures can look like dogshit, but man when it looks good it looks goooood.

Could be some kind of TWD rip off where the virus is dormant until you die. Virus could possibly be transferred through genetics.

>Who do you guys want to make an appearance?



That would explain why the little girl is still a little girl too. She probably died young.

Would be cool, but I can't really think of reason for him to be there. Do you think he'd join BSAA or Terrasave?

So will RE7 have episodes like Revelations? I hope not.

Wouldn't surprise me since the game is being written by a westerner.

Yes:>Like Revelations?
Maybe. I would prefer them to be stupid little missions so I can skip it, probably won't be though.

So like the Siren series? Would be cool.

Still, if you follow my train of thought, Clancy was seeing the ghost before he had even entered the house, so even if the infection was airborne, there would be no way he would get infected like that.

The theories about Ethan being infected are usually related to:
-the ghost sightings
-Jack stabbing Ethan in the face

1. It was Clancy
2. Camera cuts off before the blade reaches Ethan's face. And we all know the cliche of these scenes when there's a cut like that.

I think the idea of being "welcome into the family" is being infected by them. Mia's tape is recorded July 29, 2017. Sewer Gators tape is recorded June 1, 2017. The bakers disappeared 3 years ago according to Andre. People started disappearing mysteriously in Dulvey in the last two years.

Pay attention to what Marguerite keeps screaming at Mia:

So it will be a disaster and cheesy, just wait.

The BH Demo is probably one of the best bad-looking game I've ever seen. Everything is PS2-tier in poly but the lighting makes it look good from a distance.

Luckily the bad textures are only for the demo.

>he doesn't expect a downgrade in 2016

TCM: The Game.

>denial of 8th toaster gen

Crapcum cemented my belief that the series of survival horror is dead. Making it a FPS is the nail on the coffin.

Just put it out of it's misery.

omg at last some new content
i fucking love you mate

What if Ethan was really the monster all along? Virus could be a strain of the T-Phobos virus that makes you trip out and see scary shit.

Frogposters are always cancer.

Would really hope for some kind of back story for RE7 and the Baker family

Until Dawn had nice scrolling camera angles, which would work really nicely in an old-school RE type game.

I just found this about 5 mins ago. I'm not sure if this has already been brought up but whatever. Take a look at that wallpaper rip on the wall and take a look at the dummy hand. Look similar?

Also here's a shot without the dummy hand

Huh... well I mean that's something I suppose

Use it.

I'll try it, hold up

Use button does jack, butting the characters hand in it doesn't do anything, I'll try lining it up in examine mode to he safe

probably some other shit behind those locked doors for the next update


And nope, nothing seems to work. I highly doubt that's a coincidence though.

Have you tried followin Andre?

Try sticking the hand in the vcr

Try sticking the finger in your butt.

try sticking your dick in it

Her name is Sony

Because 1 - 6 were written masterpieces because they weren't written by westerners.

I'm more disappointed with RE than ever with this change in direction. "Oh, let's rip off all of those shitty Indy horror games instead of doing something interesting!"

Anything new in the tape?

>"Oh, let's rip off all of those shitty Indy horror games instead of doing something interesting!"

So what exactly you wanted? Jake Wesker bounty hunting B.O.Ws all over the world while spewing one-liners and dual-wielding desert eagles?

Wasn't that like the actual ending for RE6?

RE7 Hand motion test.

not really, giving out literal bits of info and gameplay to get us excited has gotten old. I dont expect them to reveal everything but id rather they only do the "reveals" once or twice until the release date and keep us guessing then blue balling us

mostly new characters in a claustrophobic setting reminiscent of the original games. Probably some detectives, government/military agents, journalists or activists of some kind that go looking for something and get stuck in a house with crazies, a la texas chainsaw massacre. Dont know if that would be the whole plot or just the start, not sure how id feel either way

its like what happened to saints row, a complete shell of itself and now basically a cartoon. If they stick with this style ill at least be impressed by the attempt

It takes place after resident evil 6, so probably closer to current times considering the video tape is June of 2017. So at least 4 years since then.

And what do you think they are trying to do with RE7? They are trying to get away from that, hell, even the Revelations spin-offs were getting away from that

This is confirmed to be a character in RE7, but i'm still wondering where does this pretty boy fits in.

That's Ethan, the Main Character.

>but shit like watching the video tape to change the present is brilliant.


it is interesting because it looks like a younger Pete

Yes and it's one of those moments that make you realize how retarded the RE series got. The entire Jake and Sherry campaign was anime tier bullshit, but since the creation of BSAA the RE series to a huge downturn.

here's your fucking finger!

Believe it or not, but Pete is this nu-male hipster.

Fuck off Cred Forums

Resident Evil was always corny and stupid as fuck, but at least the old games knew that and didn't take themself serious. That changed with 5 and 6. That was the point when the series got serious..... and dumb for being so serious.
As much as i didn't think of Re4 as a good resi, it was at least a fun parody of the franchise.

My biggest worry with the game is that it's going to be like DmC.

I loved the 4 DMC games, and when they announced a new game, I was hype.

But then the more news came out for it, the more disappointed I got.

I really enjoy the RE series, so I want 7 to be good, even if it's going in a different direction, but i'm terrified of 7 being DmC all over again.

Probably not. But his "sister" Alex was in Revelations 2, and no matter which ending you get, Natalia gets possessed by her.

>You will never be this good looking
>it isn't even that good looking either

>basement key
Where's the basement?

Hopefully they never touch or reference that ending ever again. Both Revelations games are terrible.

Why do his eyes look so weird?

>the director of RE7 also directed Revelations
>the producer of Umbrella Corps is also producing RE7


thanks for the basement key DOC!!

Wait, who's directing RE7?


>Enjoying the additions to the demo?

>Any theories you have with the demo?
Yep. This demo is the Epilogue of RE7 and the quotes from the telephone are the different Endings and the photo next to it is how the main character escaped.

>Excited for the actual game?

>Are you happy with the major change in direction the series is taking?

>tfw I wasn't aware of this at all

All hope aborted

>That's Ethan, the Main Character.

Could be, but also a good chance it isn't.

There is something a little uncanny about his face, he almost got supermodel looks but then something went wrong.

You mean lifeless or the eye shape? It's lifeless because it's just a source model that they captured, the reflection and lighting is done by the model viewer itself, so it looks really unnatural. It's like when you capture a 3D model from a game and looks at it in the 3Dsmax model viewer.


Masachika Kawata is the producer and Kōshi Nakanishi is the director. They worked together in Revelations.

At least Mia gonna turn out looks good than that pic

Well, the horror segments where you explore the Queen Zenobia in Revelatons were pretty spooky. So....maybe it turns out good?
New gameplay
Mostly hide in place simulator

I don't do ADR!

But that's just Mia gameplay.

That is one of the Tapes that was already shown in the trailer. Either way, it looks good imo

where are we getting these screens from?

All the footage we see on those trailers or video about the Lantern demo is all the same footage recorded by Capcom itself, and they sent it to the press and that's all they can release.

This is the first time we actually see the lantern demo being played by a normal player. In the official Capcom footage, Marguerite Baker's lines are all muted, the puzzle at the end of the demo is never shown and the press is advised to not even mention it.


>being this optimistic and gullible

Games going to be Alien Isolation with each of the family members. Latest trailer just confirmed Jack as another one with his shovel.

but where in internet

Then what about the confrimed chainsaws and rifles?
Don't tell me that those are just tools to stagger them.

couldnt care less about the flavor of the month. people will play this for the story and forget about the title when the story is finished. Just like Doom or MGSV.

>Don't tell me that those are just tools to stagger them.

I don't doubt that the gameplay for Ethan won't be somewhat similar, but we haven't really seen anything. We've only seen clips of him getting walking around, getting beaten up by Jack, or running into Nig-Cop before his car explodes and he gets kidnapped by Jack.

How do you get the gun? I found the ammo and I still can't use the basement key on the door.

>Resident Evil
>Metal Gear

>flavor of the month games

was it discover why did they give the finger?

There is no gun. There's only ammo that got added in a recent update. If i'm correct, Capcom will release more stuff +fingers per update until the release of the game.

>all this meme potential wasted
>twitch streamers stopped playing the demo hours ago
>the fingergate weekend had a running RE7 thread that hit the 500 reply mark about 12 times
can we finally call this a failure?

Don't mind me here, just being the first ghost in the Resident Evil series!

I don't know what happened, but I broke the knob on the basement door.

yeah right

here's (You)


did I miss something?

I am happy they are finally going back to their roots. I don't know if they are going to keep updating the demo, but I have a feeling this is the last update until launch. Anyone else notice the 3 tv's in the attic? They seem like the same tv from the room you start in. Possible hint?

what this new RE comes pack full of agenda?
you are a transgender protagfor massive tumblr points


YOU are the knob here.

)Upvotes to the left guys(

I wish they added another ending where you can fall down the basement pit. It is like a 15 ft drop at most. You could easily not get injured if you got into a pull up position and then dropped.

and famalam come and kick you in the head, smell my boot son

>Jack is seen beating someone with a shovel in the latest trailer
>ESRB description mentions someone's leg being cut off with a shovel

If you want chainsaws and shotguns then go play Doom, my friend.

or an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness game


are these from the site?

Is he ok?

>new key that do nothing
>part of hand that also does nothing but attach finger
>new room that does nothing but have ammo for a gun that you cant get

great demo, cant wait for the next update

>concrete structure inside a cavern

Really makes you think. Wonder where it leads to...

A laboratory would be the safe bet.

>Wonder where it leads to...

In a Resident Evil game, we all know where it leads to.

What is this from?.

Gee I sure hope it doesn't explode at some point either

the Outlast ripoff going even further

>basement goes to secret lab

>Secret labs with zombies running around is an Outlast exclusive idea.
Fuck off please.

>sneak action
>creepy in your face first person twitch shit
>hidden lab under the house
literally Outlast negro
i know you need your faith
but it's over
nobody is behind the capcom's wheel

Considering mining in Louisiana usually doesn't require support like that...

Any RE fans knows.

Renders from CEDEC, a developers conference where they show how they developed their work and to demonstrate their skills, it also serves as publicity for the teams involved. The guys who made the models for RE7 and Umbrella Corps were there and some smartass decided to record everything.

Let's hope it also doesn't have a 3 meters tall creature in a test tube.

Day of the Dead did it first.

Classic crapcom

>Day of the Dead did it first.
we vidya here

is there any actual combat in the demo?

If this crap has regenerating health i'm going to shoot someone.

It doesn't (Thank god)
Green herbs and stuff have been confirmed.

She already is.

>those pokies

damnit not now its the middle of the day

>you have to buy ps plus to download a fucking demo

Actually in the trailer he wakes up saying "where am i?" Probably just a promotion poster

Originally yes, it was available for PS+ only, but I believe they've said that the demo is now available for everything to download, PS+ or not

P.T only was figured out by complete accident, otherwise it would have been the exact same as the RE7 demo.

That actually doesn't look bad at all. You need the pic with the biceps bigger than his face

People who aren't elitist shitbags praise it. It's possible to like multiple games and platforms, did you know?

It can still have some kind of regenerating health systemThe RE7 demo is completely different. No one can actually beat it because the ending is locked behind updates. P.T isn't like that.

Regenerating health i find it really unlikely.

How would you guys feel if this guy turns out to be Ethan?

One weird thing i noticed is that they scanned a lot of Japanese garden stuff. Lucas Baker is a NEET and a weaboo maybe?


if it wasn't for the obsessed community surrounding RE7, the lockpick would have almost never been found, it's a cheap trick to add "puzzles" to the game.

Oh, they actually explain why they did it here:

Their Japanese sensei in photogrammetry told them to start training in the local park in Japan before flying to Louisiana. The madmen actually went to a plantation mansion in Louisiana itself to capture the assets for maximum authenticity.