Been playing Infinity Mode for 7 hours now

>been playing Infinity Mode for 7 hours now
>barely halfway done
This is great. What other games force you to play for extended periods of time without saving?

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Laser sword was totally worth red ringing my original 360

Had to leave it on for three days to get the boxers

Did they fix the game breaking down if you entered the food court after the 4th day?

Guess we'll find out once people played the game long enough

It crashed for me on the loading screen to the helipad, tho I was going in and out waiting for Chris to spawn in the security room at 7am day 4

Is this game actually worth buying and playing now? I never played the original, but it looks intriguing. Is the first game the best?

So is this literally just a straight up port? No improvements other than new resolutions? Fucking crapcom won't get a fucking penny I already played the shit out of this on the 360. Give me a reason to buy your cashgrab re-release

By far. Combo weapons really brought the series down. I've put around 50 hours into the new release and I had well over 500 on 360. Still not bored of it.

>keep seeing this asked but no answers yet

Is there a way to fix the no sound bug? I won't reinstall until I know.

I'd test it but this thread will probably be dead in 6 hours

> almost beat 72 hour mode
> killed jessie and made Frank take a fap pic for later
> killed about a dozen special forces units and stole their guns
> made it back to Isabela
> have about 12 hours to kill till chopper arrives

Do I just chill in Carlito's hideout till 10?

9 hours in.

Noon on the 4th day. Do I enter the foodcourt?

>he's not lvl 50 and he's attempting infinity mode

Not sure if brave or dumb

Only missing 1 life and 1 throw distance. It will work out.

You need every life square you need user, and when throw is maxed out it actually goes a step further, thrown gems will have a high chance of hitting zombie heads and it becomes an amazing crowd clearing tool.

Please tell me you have the mega buster at least

I'd play it safe and not. Theres not even any survivors in there on that day.

I've been using soccer balls to clear any groups I couldn't get around. I have the blaster.

Good, good luck on playing the waiting game. Infinity mode is a fucking fun mode but going for the achievements is the exact opposite.

I've only gotten up once to piss and get a stick of pepperoni and a drink since midnight.

I think it's fun.

You might change your mind when you get randomly dicked over halfway through.

>mfw years ago the first time I attempted 7 day survivor, our power flickered off -just- enough to turn off the 360
>then the second attempt was going good until I got sniped

>I've only gotten up once to piss

I can't decide if WEEEELLL posting is more or less funny after listening to gone guru on repeat for 10 hours.

I know that Cred Forums hates it, but I would say Fallout 4 in survival mode.

Pretty enjoyable in survival mode.

Does the game pause when you alt-tab out?

Delete your post.
Windowed fullscreen, it does not.

Not if you're in windowed mode

I'll keep that in mind.

>listening to gone guru on repeat for 10 hours.
Why the hell would you do that to yourself?


You can use the Real Mega Buster in infinity mode? Well shit, I had just used whatever was around as weapons when I did my run.

I did the same thing, probably less funny.

for the 7 day achievement, do you have actually have to play the game until 7 days pass in-game? without saving?


I'll be done at 2pm today.

>You can use the Real Mega Buster in infinity mode?

Yeah, and that was one of the things that really chapped my ass about the sandbox mode in OTR, after unlocking the proto-buster, it's not available in the sandbox mode.

Absolute horseshit

>What other games force you to play for extended periods of time without saving?
Dead Space 2's hardcore mode limits you to 3 saves, some recommend not even using the first save until you get to the Ishimura which is about 60% of the way through

you can try getting all the PP stickers or try shooting down the helicopter

so that means you have to play approximately 14 hours straight to get it?
that sounds mindnumbing

Easier than it was on 360. I only posted on Cred Forums when this game came out so I couldn't do what I'm doing now then.

Those lips only have 1 purpose

How long theoretically can one last in infinity mode?


It's just a matter of having the game on while you do something else, while checking back to feed Frank every so often. Now that the game is on PC, it's less risky to pause the game if you can't be at your computer every 20 mins.

Food items are limited though, you'll die of hunger eventually.

The world record is something like 18 hours

The record is 18 days.

However long you can stand to play and can continue acquiring food from stores and survivors. It appears the current record is over 18 days, which translates to 36 real-world hours.

>less risky
Tho not to say i've never had a console crash, I feel like theres still a good risk of crashing on PC. Since this happened to me

Think about it back on the 360 and how many RRODs it was responsible for.

I said less risky since this game was released when the 360 was notorious for the RROD.

After you beat Overtime mode and replay 72 Hour Mode, do you still feel compelled to make sure to do the Case Files, or do you blow off the story and just have fun doing whatever you want too?

imagine being a few minutes away to surviving 7 days only for your game to crash

Can you save the game and continue playing later?

As in, you can leave your computer running without fear of it melting.



Are you casul?

Stupid fucking artificial difficulty

fuck man this game makes me so angry

>try to unsheathe my katana at carlito but i nearly get stunlocked to death
>rescue some guy and his friend and decide to give him a gun and all he does is crawl on the floor whimpering and he won't get up
>ai in general is very poor which i find vexing

>Escorting 3 survivors day 1
>get into middle park of mall
>fortunately they got stuck on a tree
>snipe from a distance
>snag another survivor
>get to elevator with one square of health
>hidden zombie trips and grazes my pants with its finger
>kills me

Was infuriated, but want to try again.

Post setups

I also have a timer on phone running (100 secs per food bar) so I don't forget to eat while alt-tabbed.
Going for arthur's boxers

Reminder that if you need a megaman blaster then you're a casual.

>that look on her face like she is about to laugh

I'm going to starve before I get 7 days.

>if you need a megaman blaster then you're a casual
>using the Adam chainsaw setup

>open screenshot
>see that stupid fucking mask
>close screenshot

How good is the port?
I wanna play this again.

>not liking based servbot

If you're on PC the game runs at 144hz which makes it super smooth compared to the 360 original. It has all DLC suits pack in. It has native DS4/X1 controller support.

It's 20 bucks--cheaper on key sites.

Nothing groundbreaking. If you are done with Dead Rising, this remaster won't change your mind. But it's a damn fine release on consoles that didn't initially receive the original.

reminder that they retconned the age of the neanderthal photojournalist known as frank west to the age of 20

oh wow


Will my sword be in the room if I go now?

It was.

You should try Smuggle The Pot. Grab a plant pot and get it from one end of the mall to the other intact. Get a point for every time you make the zombies lunge at you.

This is the thing that kind of upsets me about the port. It's a straight port, meaning there aren't any new challenges by way of the achievement list. It's one of the things I really enjoyed about OTR, with things like "get 8 survivors into a clown car," "get the first survivor you encounter to damage the last psychopath," or "go 72 hours without consuming animal products or alcohol."

AI is intentionally bad, parodying the stupid actions that survivors in zombie flicks make. Sometimes it's funny, other times it's infuriating.

You're retarded


Resident Evil doesn't exactly force you to but if you use more than 3 ink ribbons in a run you're a pussy faggot

Yeah, it's still fun to make up challenges on your own, but it's not the same without a bit of recognition from the game or someone in the room to compete with.

Seems so.
I've seen a post about it on the subreddit.

>save the bitch crying about her baby
>she immediately walks in front of my sledgehammer swing and gets her skull crushed

Guess she just couldn't hack it

I stopped using shotguns because it can be a OHK on survivors walking into your shot.

>tries to make a joke using a blunt object
>"hack it"

Are you fucking autistic?


So was he gay?

Dude, she just lost her baby. I'm sure she was shattered.
Experiences like that can break people.

>hack it
you were literally one word off, fuck

He was "Our guy"

Who's that?

Why did they go from a fairly competent zombie game to "lul so wacky!" Saints Row shit in 2-3?

That's his granddaughter and her parents.

Western devs and wacky, hipster nerd humour.

Western devs

Dead Rising 1: Created by Japanese
Dead Rising 2: Created by Americans



btw, if you didn't know DR1 has a secret intro video if you leave it on the main menu for a bit.
or you can just watch it here

Around 2008 Inafune had the idea that Capcom's game should be appeal more to a Western audience. The plan to do this was to let Westerners develop the next entries in some of their series. The development of DR2 was handed to a Canadian company that in the past had only made some little known racing games. The team would later become Capcom Vancouver. The team was still under supervision from Japan for the second game. But being from a different country they had different ideas of what the game should be tonally and mechanics wise. This started a shift that's becoming more and more clear with each game in the series leading to DR4 ditching the timer completely with even more emphasis on overpowered gadgets and weapons. Other notable games are of course Lost Planet 3, DmC and the 2009 Bionic Commando. This outsourcing trend ended in 2013 after Inafune had left the company leaving Capcom in tatters. Now they're slowly trying to get back up again, playing it safe and only developing titles that they think will sell for sure while also keeping eye on the fan feedback.

>Just beat 72 Hour and Overtime.
>Did new play through to get Genocider.
>Started new play through to get Tour Guide and Frank the Pimp.
>Gonna do Infinity, try and get 5 Day Survivor.
>Do a 100% 72 Hour playthrough after that.
Fugg I missed this game.

A shame that ive had to pirate this since they dont sell it in cuckmany. I really love this game

This game is fucking terrible.

>that picture
I don't remember Kakyoin stabbing Old Man Joseph... huh.

What changes have they made in the remaster?

Get perfect gunner, legendary soldier, and hella coptor while you wait.



Ability to play on consoles that don't fucking kill themselves because of shitty build quality

I left it running for like 10 minutes and it wasn't popping up. What gives??? I remember when people thought that this was Katey and her mom before DR2 came out

Not much. Just make the game smoother and zombies are pretty much all loaded in with little to no fps drop.

DR2 was kinda split, wasn't it? Japs and Fats worked together on it?

OTR was full Canada tho.

it's not even really a remaster, it's just a more stable and smoother port.

DR2 and OTR are both full Canuck.

I still want to see the version of DR3 that was in development before the Xbone was a thing. I have a feeling it was a bigger DR2 with a latino-demographic-friendly protagonist before MS stepped in with notes.


>Trump cucking everyone distracted me and I died
I don't even care.

Praise KEK. Make America Great Again.


wtf are you even talking about

Stop fucking posting this DSP.

Trump informed the MSM of a major announcement concerning the "birther" issue. He then proceeded to welcome endorsements from a bunch of generals and admirals for about an hour and then addressed the "birther" issue in two sentences and walked off stage.

I don't actually care though. I was just confused by those autistis meme words.

Fun fact, the Real Mega Buster actually deals the same exact amount of damage as the mini chainsaws, and if you have the three books it allows you to use it for 2k+ hits compared to RMB's 300 shots.

>That voice


Why would they even go back to Willamette?

Because it's some kind of a soft-reboot.

Why bother calling him frank west when he doesn't look, sound or act like him?

is it just me or did they change his face a bit?

They changed everything but his name from the looks of it

Shoulda called him Frank East.

Dead Space 2 Hardcore mode



Is this made by an American studio AGAIN?

They always miss the charm of the first game, especially in that VA work.


Also frank wasn't some quippy faggot, he usually didn't talk to he could quietly take pictures of shit without people paying much attention to him. Most of his character in the first game is people saying or implying that he's an asshole scumbag journalist with him shrugging and somewhat agreeing.

It's what I'm doing now. Holy shit, I wish there was more to do during the 4th day.

>Is this made by an American studio AGAIN
It's never been made by an American studio.

>Case West and Case Zero are not included
Fucking why?

>Got to 41k killed earlier
>Game crashed

Was that mod that puts Frank's DR1 model in OTR ever released?

Probably MS' monkey asses. Upsetting, since there's no other way to get the costumes from CZ.

Fallout 4. The pure excitement of it makes you want to continue and continue, so many DLCs too and mods! It is really great

Non-japanese then.

Same difference.

Does DSP stand for Dick Sucking Phaggot?

>no AA

>defusing the bombs with the bike
>arrive at bomb number 2 with carlito on my ass
>he destroys my bike
>i defeat hin
>game teleports me away from bomb 2

Does anyone know where the game's save files are located?


Is there enough time in Overtime mode to get Zombie Genocider? I don't feel like waiting the whole 3 days to get an ending in 72 hour mode.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\58375136\427190\remote

You might have to turn off steam cloud.

Grinding for it took me around 2 1/2 days in game.


Not really. Especially not if you actually want to complete overtime mode.

Is the food court glitch still in the game?

>food court glitch


kek that xbox add at the end

I'm a piratefag but the folder name was enough to help me find it. Thanks man

If anyone wants to know for non-steam its

if you went into the food court on day 4 or after(I think) on infinity mode the game crashed

Got to the last part and turned it off that zombie tunnel after the clock tower is bull shit. I was level 35 and I still didn't have enough health.

So if I want to get into dead rising, which games / dlc are worth getting?

>trying to hold Isabela's hand through the tunnel
>she can't make it more than 10 feet without letting go

Its only on day 4, and it probably isn't fixed. Most of the bugs I know about are still in from the 360 version.

the first one, that's it

The first one.

First is the best, it's a dkwnwards slide from there.

1 and Off the Record

2 is alright and 3 is hot shite

thanks, I was looking for that earlier

How do we go from this...

Don't bother with any DLC. None of it is really worth it. 2:OTR is a non-canon retelling of 2 with Frank instead of Chuck with a little extra stuff. 3 is okay. this?

Why are all the survivors saying ''no way'', ''you can't be serious'', ''you're nuts''.

Burt Thompson has died!


So there isn't much reason to get 2 at all then right?

Am I the only one who enjoyed 3?
I will also be getting DR4 on my Xbone.

I mean, I started with DR1 on my 360, and I've bought every game so far. I just really like the series.

2 is fine. Worth a playthrough. If you don't like the direction the game goes in, I'd drop the series after you play that though.


Not really. Story is canon, but otherwise OTR is just better.


Why haven't we nuked the canadians yet, lads?

2 is good. 2:OTR is the one there's no reason to get unless you want fan service.


First game, Second game and Off the Record.

If you want to cry you can get 3

game is fun but there's so much tedious shit and it cancels out the fun and just makes me hate it

>not saving by using the elevators underground



If you're trying to suggest the latter looks bad then you have terrible taste.

t. Cougarbait

It takes about 4 hours. You can do the story missions along genocider and still complete it, but that's about it.

Yeah I actually fucking hate it. I couldn't do it 2006 and I can't do it now.

mods to remove time limit when?

It just lacks any charm and takes away most of what made the first two games great. It was worth a play through but that's it.

Fucking casual

Dead Rising is a SHIT game

never. just wait for dr4, faggot.

Not that guy but...
Fuck you. I already played this game to hell and back when it first came out. Now I wanna enjoy the game without some shitty time limit hanging over me.
Kiss my ass.

But if OTR is basically the same game as 2 but with more content, why would I play 2? Unless the story is somehow extremely amazing

>it's because you played then you like it now
But that's wrong, i played DR1 first time on Steam and i had a blast. Sure DR2/3 brought a lot more polished mechanics, but DR1 feels more visceral and pretty hardcore in places.

Then just ignore the story missions. Fucking around for 6 hours at a time is more than enough.

It isn't, just play Off The Record.

Hmm, i never played Dead Rising 1 and i'm playing it now. It's has bugs and it's flawed, sure. But i'm really loving it.

The two games stories are different so if you want the canon story, you gotta play DR2...and Case Zero....and Case West.

>and Case Zero....and Case West
Wich aren't included in the remaster so why even bother?

its funny the things you dipshits say to defend your niche game when it could simply be its own mode and not affect how you want to play the game at all

>Spend 10-15 minutes doing the story to open the entrance plaza gate
>Ignore story cases and fuck around for the rest of the time

Wow, so hard.



on PS4 if I want a break can I just suspend the the game in rest mode

That's the point I was getting at.
DR2 is pointless without other two games, so you're just better of playing OTR since its better than it in every way.

does the supermarket not have unlimited food?

I beat this game and got the 100% story arch completed...

is it worth playing again on mah PC??

how much is it on steam, thinking of going to 7/11 for a steam wallet card

and if you want to mess around in a sandbox, you have plenty of other games to do that with

Yeah dead rising is limited any way.

My game won't end if I ignore the main story in 72 hour mode, will it? Just hunting for cheevs.

best memory of 1:
Camping on the gazebo to survive the first day or two of 7 day survival and making forts stockpiled with food out of furniture before realizing you can just cheese the zombies by putting a hand in an out of reach area.

best memory of 2:
Getting all the gambling books and gambling until I could afford the car.

best memory of 3:
The ending credits.

Piss off nigger. Just open the entrance plaza gate and don't do the other cases. you can still kill psychos and save survivors

>doing barricade guys after getting them both killed my first run
>go to fight the guy who's hostile right when you walk in, I think Bert
>figure one sledgehammer swing would calm him down
>kill him instantly and then I can't talk to his friend

well, it'll end in 72 hours.

That's good enough for me, thanks.

Post your frank

it's closed in infinity mode.

nigger you don't know true pain
>have a couple quicksteps and a katana
>get knocked off immediately
>use quickstep to get back up faster
>he quickscopes me back off
>run back up, quickstep wears off
>use another quickstep and get knocked off 2 more times
>let the zombies by barnaby eat my face

How much am I gimping myself by being one health off the cap in infinity mode? Is it worth it to just grind up to 50 before I start?


Yes, every box of health counts, it's like 20 minutes of free time.

If you want to play it again, sure. $20, which is fair

I can just go into a new 72 hour mode, grab the exp books and kill myself once I hit the cap right?

Can you still do the 2 handed call item replacement glitch?


Can I play DR2 co-op with two pirated copies on PC?

Our gay you mean?

>tfw got zombie genocide
And now I wait.

That's why you defeat him before going after the bombs.

>keep trying infinite mode
>keep getting to day 3 and dying because I'm browsing Cred Forums and forget to check frank's health
Who /add/ here?


>three days to get the boxers
>14 actual hours equates to a week's worth of time in-game

You don't even have to kill yourself. You can save and quit at a toilet

>Not running around as default starting gear frank

nice taste


>Trying to escort these fuckwads out
>The morons behind the counter unload holy hell if you so much as sneeze in their direction before recruiting them
>Incapable of jumping over a counter
>Jonathan fucking kills Brett for no reason, just kept shooting him when we left the building

I've always wanted to try out DR1. How's the port? I don't remember OTR being that good.

>being this boring

I forgot how fucking long it takes to kill those 53k zombies. I can't believe I had the patience for this shit when I was 11.

I just killed them with my sniper rifle. You get a free machinegun from one of them. That's what they get for shooting me twice.

>Not being edgy and wearing the Man in Black suit
Faggots, the lot of ya.

I should have killed this fat fuck

u can get the machine gun even if you recruit them, just exchange a gun or shotgun with him and he drops the machine gun lol

I always got reminded of re4
It's literally the same phrase but in Spanish

The record is 18 days and that's only if you take 0 damage and consume every piece of finite food the game gives you.

>try talking to them
>accidentally roll
>the 3 of them start shooting at me and I got in a stunlock.
>6 blocks of health left, almost died

>enter new area

The bombs in the maintenance tunnels don't spawn if you decide to give the story the middle finger that playthrough, right?

Sorry friendo, if you didn't like OTR you're not going to like the first one. OTR mechanically improved a lot of things, but follows the same fundamental design. The first one has some pretty big flaws that can be understandably hard to get over if you didn't fall in love with it when it came out.


why does frank look so fucking funny

Oh, sorry. I meant the port for OTR wasn't very good. I had a lot of fun playing through it.

So the blond haired girl just told me the military will kill everyone and i'm left without a case. What do i do?

>drunk gets no dialogue
>figure i have to hit him so he agrees to go
>i only got chainsaws, let's try this sniper rifle
>shoot him in the head
>his head fucking explodes
I wasn't even mad, that was hilarious.
I tried the same thing with sledgehammer just a day before.

What case? Just get to the safehouse if you've completed Carlito storyline.

fuck around until the helo arrives duh

>being a boring nigger
>posting Pearl

Yeah, sounds about right.

Its worth 20 bucks desu. if you get it at full price kys

I bought it at full price when the port was first released on PC.

Fuck around. ~10 am Isabela will call you and you need to go talk to her at the hideout, and then wait for the heli at noon. If you just camp the heli you'll get the bad end.


Go visit her for a surprise. Then go back to Isabella and idle there till the last 2 hours when the helicopter arrives.

Oh, the port is pretty great. On my i5 3570k and GTX Titan it runs anywhere from 150-300 fps. The only issue I've run into is some serious chopping with v-sync on. Overriding it in my Nvidia control center with an adaptive v-sync fixed the issue, but I haven't heard about anyone else having the same issue. The only other thing to note is the game isn't based on the 360 version's final code, apparently the source code was lost so it's based on an almost final code of the game. This only manifests itself in some subtle lighting changes. Other than that it's the exact same games as it was on the 360 with full support for whatever frame rate and resolution you want.

there's a cutscene that pretty clearly shows what happens

Are there any cool mods for it yet?

You got shot near a balcony of course you were gonna fall.

How to easily kill the special forces?




Do the cases 1-x and 2-x to remove all gates.

Machine gun

Katana works well.

Should I Keep the [HEAL +] book?


>Forces you to play on a time rather than allowing you to play on your own pace
>Makes saving a fucking pain to do, and only one slot
>These are good mechanics to Cred Forums

>buttmad savescumming casual

>I want the game to hold my hand

>and only one slot

the remaster literally adds multiple slots, not that they were needed anyway, you casual.

don't forget the terrible AI for survivors :^)

Disembowel all the way. Not only is it hilarious and never gets old, it's a one hit kill.

Dead Rising 1's PC release is already shaping up to be just like Dark Souls' PC release, except without the multiplayer component, I see.

In other words, casual fags gonna whine. I'm already waiting for the "The Dead Rising fanbase is toxic!" complaints to start happening.

Mannequin torso in 2 hits

The sad part is most of us played this game as kids 10 years ago. Casuals are literally whining about a kid's game being too hard.

I beat this game when I was kid as well, these fags don't even know what the fuck they're talking about.

I never played any Dead rising game.

Is it time?


There has literally never been a better time.

I fucking hate when this shit happens, especially when you need to be in the safe room at a certain time and theyre fucking about trying to do that all at once

Dead rising 1, pretend no other dead rising game exists after that.

Maybe try off the record after that but that's it.

Canadians fucked the game up.

I played through and finished Overtime mode back when I was 15, and did it again at 18, before doing it all over again earlier this week at 25.

I've gone from raging at how stupid most of the newfags to this game are to laughing at them.

>Roam around collecting some gear
>Fight a handful of psycho paths on the first or second day
>Head to the food court and make a barricade with chairs around on of the eating areas
>Run out the clock getting drunk on wine to maintain your health

Sure, it's cheap, but it was fun building the fort.

The fanbase is pretty toxic, and the game itself is problematic, enforcing negative stereotypes and (surprise), putting a white male on a pedestal.

>Only experience with Dead Rising is 2 and OTR
>It was years ago
I'm rediscovering the agony of being low level, having no health, no inventory space, being slow as fuck and getting annihilated by psychos.
I missed it.
Also Frank is a much better protag than Chuck so far.

What happens if you dont do any of the cases and dont board the helicopter? Does the game just end? Can you just fuck around in the mall infinitely after that or does the town get bombed like in dead rising 2

>all these people finally enjoying the original DR after all these years


Yes play the first one.
Two is good also, you can play that and/or Off The Record. Some people here say you need Case Zero and Case West to enjoy 2 but you don't, just read a plot summary online or watch the cutscenes.

3 is okay, I don't think it's as bad as people here say it is, it's just not as good as the first two.

Game ends and you can restart with your stats

Also, I wanted to add I'm glad to see the game runs at a so
mooth 144fps. I just wish there was a toggle to remove that annoying frame pause effect when hitting Zs.

>Can you save the game and continue playing later?

You can now.

All they would have to do to massively improve this port is get rid of that ledge.

>He doesn't carry the ceremonial sword + katana + handgun for Dead Rising May Cry mode

*at a smooth
fugg :DDD

>level up

Did you not think to drop a weapon and punch the guy?

>Playing and going for 7 day survivor
>Dont know about glitch
>get about 12 hours in, enter area and game frozen.
Wasted a day and never played again

>Pick up jap book
>Immediately can speak intelligible japanee
Why can't it be like this in real life? This isn't fair!

Why are some of you fuckers so allergic to doing what the game intends for you to do?

For the gun fuckers, all you have to do is let them open fire on you at first, run out of the store, run back in, talk to the one guy that runs up to you, and give him a picture of the safehouse vent.

For the fat fuck, all you have to do is bring him any, single food item when his mutiny case pops up. You can easily do this while bringing back other survivors during that time frame.

come, no come? Decide quickly please

>no Case West

Isn't it the canon ending?

If they want people to buy Dead rising 3, then they can't forget to introduce the main force behind the whole story anyways.

I photo man. We go safe place now.

I don't trust any of the shit on TPB, and I lost my blackcats password

Case Zero and Case West are both Xbox Live Arcade exclusives, unfortunately.

I think it's silly that they're not added as extra features to Dead Rising 2's port, but eh.

I don't know man, the CODEX release I grabbed from TPB seems to work alright.

I used the codex release with the hotfix and it worked fine.

> intends

I can play however I want user. Why are you allergic to people playing the game differently?

Not to mention the Codex installer has a killer synthwave music.

He totally is. Chuck is just character type
>Single Father/Dead Wife/Protective of Daughter
a pretty one note cliche protagonist.
Frank is a bachelor, former war photographer, who was probably a wrestler. He's there to cover a story. You can level up by taking pictures of people getting violently murdered. For Frank's character one of my favorite moments is when the Cult shows up and they're about to sacrifice that woman. He just starts to take pictures. Frank only ever fights the psychos when they start coming for him. And his progression into a has been washed up media personality I felt was a pretty accurate for what'd happen to a guy like him when the fame and the money actually hit. Despite being in a goofy capcom zombie game he's one of the few video game characters you could actually write a character study on.

Ending E happens and you have to restart the game.

don't go for the pp stickers. there are 2 in the place where the cultists capture you and you can only get in there by getting captured.

Neck yourself.

Alright i'll try it. ty

Because you're dumb and people being aggressively ignorant infuriates me.

Aren't you the ignorant one for getting pissy about people playing differently/not optimally within the game's normal mechanics. I'm not using a trainer or anything, just playing the game "normally"
I bet you get angry at people using the hockey stick to cheese Carlito2 or letting the arsonist burn.

>"Power" Push



Why are we playing as Michael De Santa in Dead Rising 4?

I didn't even know about people using a Hockey Stick against Carlito 2. Sounds kinda fun, since I just go at him with mini chainsaws.


Except the dead rising pc port is 1000000000 times better than the port of dark souls. MT Framework magic

>not beating Carlito with dinner plate headshots



Do you also take shits into your open palm and toss the turds into your toilet, because it's your "playstyle?"

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I was addressing, you literal autist.

why is frank so edgy?
>ive covered wars you knowv *unzips camera*

2/10 made me reply
nippon shit intentionally made to make fun of americans and based on american zombie movies

>I didn't even know about people using a Hockey Stick against Carlito 2. Sounds kinda fun, since I just go at him with mini chainsaws.

You can just walk up to him with a taser and hold in the button and he'll instantly die.

You can also do this for most bosses btw.

>There's blockades for this mission in the tunnels to prevent you from using a car in the garage

Fuck you too isabela for having a shitty bike

Just go and do it. If you don't find anything then you where too late.
Also take a photo.

*rolls behind you*
*takes picture*
pssh, faaantastic, kid

I can't find zombie blond girl. I got to the safehous after her zombie cutscene, but before the special forces show up. Am i fucked?

>not having the maintenance tunnel key
>not using the convertible under paradise plaza

cmon son

Just kicked the shit out of Otis in infinity mode. That's for calling me at the worst times you old fuck.

hardware store guy, the 'Nam vet. Best Psycho.

I did have the key, and there was a car parked next to where the bomb was when Carlito killed my bike

Who's building forts?

Fronk is best West, you entitled fuckboy gamer.


Did they make changes for the PC version, or is it just another port? Why should I play this over OTR?


because DR1 is the best dead rising
only issue is the AI

Those fucking convict assholes respawned for some reason. Fuck that machinegunner.

>for some reason

They respawn every day. It's a feature :^)

Hey, did any of you anons think Capcom learned fucking anything from Donte and DmC? Me fucking neither. I think i'm just going to ditch gaming and take up making money and banging women as new hobbies.

He doesn't look or act like Frank either. They made some new guy and slapped Fran's name on him because they are assholes.

How does this game play on KB+M?

Just made this other fort, any of you guys making forts?

>tfw my 360 RROD on the 6th day
At least I don't have to worry when I marathon this on PC.


Comfortable. The only unintuitive thing about it is the fact that you aim weapons with Q and pull out your camera with RBM but that's a nitpick that can be changed in the settings anyway.

I'm trying to get ending b since I missed talking to isabela but keep getting ending c even when I'm standing right on the helipad when noon hits, do I have to stand somehwere else or what

>european sword and katana have the same durability

then the fuck even have two types of swords to begin with? Also that massive battle axe that looks like something Conan would use has only 5 more hits than a katana are you shitting me? Why every good weapon is made of plastic?

Considering the need to refill health, etc, he probably means total time between pauses and and breaks and such.

Can you leave them all on the roof and come back later?

To make the game harder.

Get some skill books to increase their durability.

>gun runs out of ammo
>scream out loud in anger
>throw gun on the ground with so much force that it fades away and ceases to exist

I love Dead Rising.

They slowly lose health, so no.

>groaning about them

They're fucking easy to kill, you newfags.

>brought medkit to Brad
>story didn't progress
now granted technically I run out of the time but for some reason quest didn't disappear so I guess the game glitched?

>ex-Army journalist
>fall in love with DR because fun and because Frank West is a journalist
>i mean seriously he is, fucking has one hand on his camera ALL the fucking time
>talks like a journalist
>acts like a journalist
>watch this motherfucking trailer
>this imposter never protects camera
>acts like an asshole
>fucking donte all over again
Fuck you Capcom. I mean, thanks for rporting DR and all but fuck you.

I can't run it, can I?

Is he ever happy? It's like Cred Forums all bottled up in one man.

But there is no reason to have them respawn when every other psycho permanently goes fuck himself if you deck him.

mini chainsaw
or any boss weapon really, they all respawn

>GPU and/or CPU melt on the 6th day

why is carlito such a fucking faggot

You can't get Ending B if you fulfilled almost all the requirements to get A, C, or D.

Remember that the survivors have already escaped by then.

Why this game feels more enjoyable than DR2 despite DR2 having bigger world and combo weapons? I played second game first so it's not like I'm blinded by nostalgia. It's a shame the AI is braindead and those survivors are so stupid it's no wonder people couldn't deal with a fucking zombie outbreak if average person in DR universe has 40 IQ.


Camping at the helipad gets you C everytiem. And you never gets isabellas call there.

>Loses 2 hp
>In a mall full of food
Fucking casual. Bet you were fighting Carlito, who can literally be taken out buy a hockey stick.

muh village

>World War 3 breaks out and destroys the power grid on the 6th day.

I was wondering where they went, figured the special forces guys executed them or something
kidna weird that there's no cutscene showing them excaping

>when every other psycho permanently goes fuck himself if you deck him
I don't know what the hell you were trying to say, so I'm going to consider whatever point you were trying to make invalidated.

For some reason, two separate copies of a Naruto PS2 game I played both only allowed me to save at two points. Once halfway through the main story, and then again at the end.

There were 'save points' littered around everywhere, but they never worked.

I tried playing a 'bonus campaign' at the very end where you played as Sasuke trying to get out of a fortress or something. Played for nine solid hours and didn't even come close to the end of it, and I'm still fuckin' salty. Does that count OP.

He said it like a total retard, but you really can't figure out what he meant?

Also the psychos respawn so Leisure Park isn't just a big boring open area every day.

There's a note left by Otis in the Security Room where he says that he's stealing a chopper from the military and taking all the survivors with him while he has the chance.

where in the security room? I was in too much of a hurry to search it

I don't care enough to try and guess at his meaning when he can't take the time to clarify and properly communicate his thoughts.

His point is still stupid either way.

On the desk, in front of the monitors.

There's a note on the desk in the security room that tells you what happens. The special forces do kill whoever is left in the mall though.

He's asking why the convicts are allowed to respawn even though the other psychos don't after you beat them.

In the wii version, madonna, cliff and birds are recurring special enemies.

I think it ultimately comes down to:

- Different team
- Grounded closer to reality than the absurdity of the strip in 2
- Combat feels better, quicker, better effects, etc.
- More zombies without the game shitting itself
- Better lighting and, somehow, textures (what the fuck Canada get your shit together)
- Better Psychopaths
- Everything feels more dangerous
- No Zombrex shit

thanks, I'll check it out when I go for ending A

are you kidding? this is a game that was on a 360.

most toasters blow the fuck out of 360's, those things had half a gig of ram, and a cpu from a calculator.

What, she's been at the mall since the whole tank fight at the end of the first?

I'm still just gonna go with all we've seen is a movie and eventually a real outbreak will take place and the real Frank will show up. Otherwise why not hire Franks old VA? He was fine.

>Combo weapons
No fucking way, are there no combo weapons in DR1? Literally the most pointless unfun mechanic I've seen in a fucking videogame.

>haha lol so random wheelchair with machineguns XD
>end up just making a shit ton of lightsabers because they're overpowered

My plan was to scort the 4 survivors y already had with me to the security room, and then get out to pick some food. I didn't know that once you leave the security room with the quest active, it instantly counts as failure, instead of having a timer. It's not my fault it's fucking retarded

You have the option to play the game without them. They aren't terrible. I only use the ones that make the most sense like the spiked bat

I blame the Canadians.

>Don't cut me off like that, it's rude!

Why didn't they bother updating the graphics?

Did it really bother you two that I'm intentionally being a dick about his mentally deficient phrasing of his thoughts?

>end up just making a shit ton of lightsabers because they're overpowered
And here you'll just end up stocking on Small Chainsaws because they equally break the game, especially if you stack the three magazines that makes them practically indestructible.

>feed Frank
Frank Tomagachi when?

>Everything feels more dangerous

except these guys who are easier to kill than fucking zombies

>No fucking way, are there no combo weapons in DR1?
Combo weapons only became a staple of the series since Dead Rising 2. Before that, it was all about taking pictures and using books.


Easy to kill, but their bombs can kill you pretty easily and their gas can fuck up your run a bit.

At least from what I remember

It's all fun and games until they bust out the pocket sand

But that's literally wrong.

Of course not. Where did you get that implication? It's easier to think everyone's retarded here, including myself.

Well yeah, because people are less hardy than zombies. Except for the psychos

I get super god damn tense around these guys because they usually show up when I'm escorting survivors and carrying a shitload of weapons/items that I don't want to lose.

Fuck their rape gas.

It doesn't take too long if you go for that one car, ram it on zombies until it breaks down and then go get another one. 2-3 hours of grindring is probably how much it took me.

You know, they honestly seemed much less prone to throwing out pocket sand in the remaster.

But maybe that's just my personal experience with them on my last playthrough. The only time one of them threw sand was while he was off-camera and too far away for it to hit me.

What was her problem?

fat girls are always nuts

>What a jerk!



>Get away from me.

>I cant take it anymore.


>What a jerk!

>Quit acting like that.

She just wanted to punish dirty skanks as is her duty as an officer of the law.

I dunno, I had to deal with a bunch of them during my last play session while escorting survivors through Paradise Plaza and they kept throwing pocket sand like crazy.

I forget, is there really anything to do after the special forces show up while you're waiting for Isabele to call?



The only setup.

I was bummed to learn that after so many orange juices are in the level they start to despawn.

>bring survivors to safehouse

you're welcome you fucking pricks

She kidnapped retards. Those cunts kept taking the long way toward my marked position. Instead of walking straight ahead a couple feet, half of them decide to walk around and into 2 big groups of zombies and 2 groups of cultists.


Thanks, I just got it.


>Everyone's content to quietly sit in their crowded rooms
>Go inside one of them
>Everyone stands up to personally thank me
>Repeat in the other 3 rooms
>Now everyone keeps beating the shit out of each other whenever I come back to the security room

So what exactly is up with the huge hate for combo weapons? What's wrong with them?

>Go inside
>Door beats the fuck out of some stupid cunt sitting right in front of it
I laughed


Most of them try too hard to be quirky and look like shit.

This is such a fucking sham. I'm glad I dropped off after DR2. I hope every game capcom releases brings them 1 step closer to bankruptcy because they deserve it.

What is up with the hitstop? Did I just never notice it as a kid or is it just more noticeable at higher frames? It feels like the game is taking a shit when hitting a big crowd of zombies with a blunt weapon.

lol u didnt even consider performing a suplex on him?

or even just going unarmed and jabbing him with ur fist?

is that in infinity mode?

if you account for possible kills with a combo weapon it doesn't have enough of a payoff more often than not. The sledge/fireaxe combo is literally the only combo weapon i can think of that's work making

Nope, you can tell because it has the normal PP bar

Also orange juice isn't infinite in infinity mode

dr1 threads are just flowing with proof that Cred Forums is overwhelmingly scrub tier at videogames

>that one guy barricated in the shop that attacks you on sight and you have to hit him a few times
>I had a sledgehammer

There's only like 2 combos actually worth using and the rest are good for a two second chuckle and then never using again.

It's a nice form of collectible on a first playthroughs but really in the end it doesn't add anything to the experience...


The trick is to ignore people who obviously don't know what they're talking about.

>trying hard to seem "japanese" and replicate the feel of the first game by simply adding le so random XD shit into the game
>not fun
>dumb mechanic that adds nothing of value
>not fun
>all this work could've gone to writing a better storyline, having better characters,ANY sort of atmosphere or just simply adding more actual cool details, unique loot and other cool stuff
>haha lolz a stuffed bear that shoots an LMG XD

>not Spiked Bats, Knife Gloves, and Laser Swords

Nigga please.

Also casinos are simply boring fucking places to explore especially in a zombie apocalypse.

>Cred Forums back when Dead Rising 2 first came out
>people pirating the PC port left and right
>people taking screenshots of their wacky outfits and combo weapon use
>everyone having fun and enjoying themselves

>10 years later
>everyone's talking shit about Dead Rising 2 and combo weapons

What the fuck happened to you faggots?

What is it Cred Forums what EXACTLY is wrong with desdrising 4. Why do I hate it so much ?

Does nobody understand that pressing up on the D-Pad (don't know what it is for PC) makes Frank go unarmed?

>Dead Rising 2 was ten years ago

>novelty falls off to reveal that the game wasn't nearly as good as your first impressions suggested
woah never seen this one before

The only people still talking about 2 are the ones complaining. I like 1 more than 2 but I'd be lying if i said I didn't have my fair share of fun with 2.

Six years ago.

Doesn't invalidate my question.


R to go unarmed but you need one free inv slot and V to drop.

cheese him

No one started saying this shit until this week.

>I'd be lying if i said I didn't have my fair share of fun with 2.
So you had fun with a video game product that are all designed to be enjoyed by humans, congratulations my man. We all had our fun with Skyrim, Fallout 4, Borderlands 2 etc. This fact doesn't make the game any better.

>Having fun isn't a mark of quality
I guess that explains why everyone likes DR1 so much, I'm not having any fun at all.

>Grounded closer to reality than the absurdity of the strip in 2

See, I thought the origional setting of two was in Las Vegas during that outbreak. Then someone just put a large fence around the outbreak area and turned into a improvised pay-per-view running man show. Where the rest of Vegas bet on who would live and die?

So you've never been to DR generals? What the fuck are you even saying? DR2's okay, but the drop in quality is incredibly obvious to basically everyone who played the first game.

Then stop playing?

>Removed time limits, something only retards complained about
>Brought Frank back but he doesn't look nor sound like Frank
>Pulled a Kojima on Frank's original VA and didn't even bother getting a hold of him to ask if he wanted the role
>Back to Willamette for literally no reason
>Tries to be a fan service game more than OTR which was literally a fan service game
>Continues the WOAH WACKY CRAZY shit from 2, OTR and 3 instead of trying to recapture the atmosphere from 1
>Combo weapons are back even though they it doesn't make sense. Chuck can do it because he's a mechanic, the guy from 3 can do it because he's a mechanic, but Frank is a fucking photographer and shouldn't be doing that shit. It was fine in OTR because that was a non-canon spinoff built off 2.
>Selfie mechanic
There's a lot of reasons. Maybe it'll be fun, I hope so, but I love 1 while finding the rest forgettable and it's clear they're not making the game with 1 in mind, so I'm almost certain I won't like it.

>Going to fulfill Cheryl's request to take lewd pictures of her
>Open the door, everyone is crouched, sleeping
>Talk to cheryl
>as soon as she says she wants me to take sexy pictures, EVERYONE stands up and most of them cheer.
I love this fucking game.

A good game makes you angry, scared and excited.

You're like a slut that just has one objective, to get fucked.

>Ross asks for a gun
>Give him one because there's a group of cops with handguns just around the corner

I don't know what I was expecting.

I wonder how long it will be until someone figures out how to adjust the camera distance/FOV in the game. If it was pulled back just a tiny bit more it'd be perfect, but it's fine otherwise.

>A good game makes you angry, scared and excited.
Well, not necessarily, but it really did work with the first dead rising

>A good game makes you angry
Guess that explains why so many people like League of Legends.

meant to reply to
but it's still hilarious

you guys are playing infinity mode? How the fuck did you unlock it?
Ive beaten the game twice with perfect endings already and it says it was unlocked but i dont see it on the main menu
All there is is the hidden overtime mode

>infinity mode
>halfway done

It's like half trying to appeal to nostalgia without actually doing anything. Like, they want you to think it's a lot like 1 because it has Willamette and Frank, but that's only really surface level and it doesn't really do anything. Nothing about it seems like 1 so it feels cheap and effortless.

You need to play overtime mode to unlock it, friendo.

What? my fucking brain is melting right now
Are you saying, even though i did the perfect ending twice, which is overtime mode twice
I STILL need to do overtime once? by itself?

Hard to comprehend, but some people couldnt spend 14 consecutive hours playing a game. Obligations.

Install Internet Explorer 11.

have you beaten the big boss on the tank?


if you got the TRUE ending to overtime mode, which is frank screaming on the tank after the hand to hand boss fight

it unlocks infinite mode

should be able to go to start game and choose infinite mode



Retard, you didn't actually finish the game till you beat overtime mode, holy fuck.

We had DR generals?

I always felt like the human enemies in Dead Rising were like enemies that had been transplanted in from another game. The bosses especially. The way I beat them always felt kind of clunky or unnatural. Like their movement patterns and attacks and shit weren't designed around the game's player controls. Often I'd find some cheap way to cheese them, like get them stuck on a piece of scenery. It never felt like an intentional design decision.

>Somebody actually, unironically, LITERALLY voted for North Plaza
Boy howdy I sure do love those cramped-as-fuck corridors filled to the brim with grabby zombies. Gotta love the fucking 4 stores there as well.

not him but I threw a bottle of wine at him and nothing happened

you don't hit him. go toward al fresca plaza and he reconsiders.

I did finish it you motherfucker
which means i went through the frank zombification and leaving the mall with a tank
and that shitty fucking ending song LOOK INTO MY EEEYYEEESSS
i fucking hate this game, its a godamn buggy piece of shit and im the only one with a shit copy that cant unlock infinite mode

I swear, someone asked this just this other day.

Get Ending S, you idiot. Your game should've rolled over into Overtime mode after you did everything to unlock it.

The grocery store and gun store is cool though, and the motorcycle and ramps and shit.

North plaza looks like shit nonetheless.

>i fucking hate this game, its a godamn buggy piece of shit and im the only one with a shit copy that cant unlock infinite mode
Hahahahaha, what a faggot

So just do it again you dumb faggot. Holy shit, it literally takes an hour to do overtime mode anyway. Infinity mode is 14 fucking hours of your life, probably longer if you make multiple attempts. Stop bitching.

>hating Justified

Holy shit, could you be any more of a faggot?

The stores that are there are interesting and useful, it's just laid out extremely poorly.


>unironic defence of buttrock

wew lad

I often forget there's a whole entire side hall in the North Plaza because there's practically no reason to ever run through it unless you're wanting to explore.

Yeah, I haven't had them throw their pocket sand once and I'm on my third play through right now, final day.

Should I try my hand at the 7 Day Survivor for them sweet undies or jump straight into OTR? Already completed two playthroughs excluding overtime mode in the second one.

It fits and it's the leitmotif of Dead Rising 1, kind of like how Kill The Sound was the leitmotif for Dead Rising 2.

Stop being a faggot.

I'm asking myself the same question here since I've done much the same, sans the two playthroughs of DR2.

>Was playing earlier today
>My first run is just to explore and level up was gonna try genocider but started too late
>Running around North Plaza looking for gun store
>Can't find it

Where's the gun store? I ran circles around there at night with the power out walking on zombies for 10 minutes.

>Stop being a faggot.

>Like what I like, you big meanie!

Lel, no

>go to Ned's Knicknackery
>see a bow, helmets, and a sword
>can't pick them up
>go to Huntin' Shack
>I can grab shotguns from two racks but the other one that looks exactly the same is unavaliable

really Frank?

How long is this game that allows people to play it over and over again, including not reloading when they die? It's not short is it?

>calling it buttrock

Lel, no.

Now I don't want to sound like a jerk here, friendo, but you could've checked the map.

Your ass.

games like 10 hours long? but you wont be top level after one full game through, plus its very replayable.

If you play it from start to finish without ever needing to reload or restart, it'll take about ~6-7 hours.

It's at least 8 hours long, but you keep your stats/levels when you restart the game.

So people are doing multiple runs in order to get a feel for the timing of scoops/survivors, or layout of the mall, or levels. It's incredibly hard to save all survivors, beat all psychopaths, and get the true ending from lv. 1.

That explains it.

Forgot there was even a map, thanks for reminding me.

"Same difference" really makes my blood boil.

But I guess it's a doggy dog world

>doesn't sound like Frank West
>hardly looks like Frank West
>the emphasis on explosions and guns
>the fucking exosuit
>alleged lack of time limit

Is this still Dead Rising, because it sure as hell isn't shaping up into one.

Phrases like that are a diamond dozen, user

In the end I just learned that you just can't loose if you could care less about the whole thing.

I'm pretty sure only DR1 vets who remember where everything is would be able to pull it off.

I'm very well acquainted with the game and even I missed some of the unannounced survivors as well as Kent's whole "subquest" on my last run.

Thanks for the advice user, you're an angle.

Well, is starting over from death how you're meant to play the game? I usually hate redoing content but if the game is short it doesn't really matter

I don't agree with the notion that 2 was tonally inconsistent compared to 1. They were both pretty po-faced games story-wise. The wacky shit was in both and came in the form of weapons, bosses and costumes. 2 pushes it a little further but not enough that it's noteworthy.

you can ditch the main story and just fuck around doing side quests and side bosses if you wanted too

How is DR3 like? I know it has the biggest world so why people bash it?

I don't think there's a way that the game is MEANT to be played. You can handle it however the hell you want.

So i exhausted things to do in DR1, what are the most broken combos to breeze through 2, since i need to pick cheevos for that one.

It's okay, it goes Saints Row 3 route and the big world means you have to travel everywhere via vehicles, which kinda makes everything a lot less tense.

They removed the time system.