RTS game thread

One, two, some, lots.. and out! we're ready for a coh2/MoW thead

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>Jackson shots bouncing off a Panther

I have the first games + expansions installed, but too lazy to start playing.
Supposedly it inspired Dawn of War 2 and I absolutely loved that game.

>being this slow

Armor thickness =/= armor angle



Panther is indestructable from the front, right?

Panther has more armour than the Tiger in CoH2

More like 4 shots from the AT gun and it's dead.

Brits have top tier banter in coh2

Panther has a big front, but the Tiger has good armor all round. Atleast that was what i thought

>all round

Tiger has less armor on front but more HP and armor on back

>having 1 sniper instead of 2

why does every nation but Soviets suck so hard, user?


Those 2 snipers won't help when tanks start rolling in and you have only ZiS and maybe SU76 to defend yourself.

A medium tank goes down in 4 normal 160 damage AT penetrations, panther takes 5 if I remember right.

>mfw king tiger out of nowhere

>tfw can't find an old RTS game I played as a teenager back in 2002-2005

I only played a demo, but it was some snow level and I think your units were riding horses going up a mountain with trees

There are 3 obvious things in life
OKW turtling lategame for KT

>mfw simcity being destroyed and allies ignore the KT rolling up to my glider

>more than one guy
>more than you
That is a given
Stop playing 4vs4 and git gud

I just downloaded C&C Tiberian Sun and I get black screen when I start it

Windows 7 64bit btw, already tried compatibility modes and running it as admin

>in 4v4
>USF ally goes calliopes
>other 2 ruskies go Katyushas

1v1's are decided in the first minute, either loss or win

2v2's are the same, expect my teammate always fucks up

3v3's are perfect

4v4 is just for fun

>take down the panzer iv
>tiger appears

>1v1's are decided in the first minute
Yeah, with your loss scrub

The levels of disgust are of the charts because you remind me of myself when I was a baseturtling faggot that blamed the team for everything.

winning in 1v1's is easy. First guy with a vehicle wins

>mfw i play with friends
>they always cry about brits and sim cities
>we play allies so i pick brits ( my fav anyway ) and try to play "cancer"
>nobody covers me when i try to setup, i keep asking for help
>left against 2 players pouding my forward emplacements
>i have no units in 15 minutes in the game because i spent all resources on setup and it failed
every time they ask me to play sim city i tell them to fuck off since then

When will RTS games get good AI

Maybe when you play as SU and not have the SU76 ready for the inevitable blitzkrieg rape.

USA and brits will shit on your tanks easily

Germans just pop tanks that are not Stuarts in seconds.

>rts game
>playing vs ai

what are you fucking gay


>Panther drives
>accuracy drops to zero

>enemy has brits so immediately I start building artillery
>enemy has gone static
>I bombard them until they leave
>they scream "Germany OP" and ""useless team"
>take the middle
>now we push...
>allies have gone static
>enemy bombards them to death
>they scream "Allies OP" and ""useless team"
>all flanks now open to rape me
>move back

another day on 4vs4

DOW1 inspired COH1. COH1 inspired DOW2, DOW2 inspired COH2

COH1 still a best

>teammate getting into heated discussion on abandoning the island in favour of getting the middle fuel
>listen to him
>3 (three) out of the 4 enemies are there
>the fourth one is getting the ammo'
>island is completely undefended
>waste 10 minutes trying to take the mid fuel
>teammate still doesn't want to go to the island
>it is fortified
>the enemy holds both fuels and all VPs
>"ammo wins us the battle you dumbass"
>get flooded with tanks
>"your obsession with the island cost us the battle"

How we can make ostherr great again
>the tier one unlock upgrade gives you a 5man grenadier squad with an LMG42
>tier 2 unlock gives you a 5man grenadier squad with a panzershreck, you can upgrade a second one on them
>tier 3 gives you an officer, that can call in artillery and a forward retreatpoint
>buildings are automatically contructed when you upgrade the tier, tiers are more expensive to compensate
>start with 80mp and 10 fuel less but HQ can construct all T1 units

did they ever fix okw 1 shotting usa bases with their jewarty?

help pls

And How will you fix the Soviets I wonder? :^)


rename them USF.

the dl links are dead though

>play Soviets
>conscripts can't fight anybody

>get vet 3
>get insane received acc modifiers
>stand next to a tank avoiding all bullets until the tank is damaged and you pop a sticky

Yup, i really don't like 4v4 and 3v3 that much. But my friends are too big of a pussies to do inhouse 2v2 between us.

t3 or t4 upgrade for cons that gives them 6 svt 40's

This will just rename them into Penals then

I would just Add Guards to basic access
Also PTRS for Conscripts for constructing t3

maybe one squad will not get mowed down by MG42 Grenadiers to get there

Cons need something imo. I would not give them lmgs or ppsh's so i thought better rifles are the way to go. penals are diffrent enough with stronger offensive vet and flamers. Also it takes 3 satchels to remove any okw truck so you can cheese with them but it takes some resources.

>sherman moves just an inch
>proceeds to miss every shot
>panther moves just an inch
>proceeds to eviscerate 2 of my shermans

Fuck RNG sometimes

snipeing the T4 truck is a massive blow though. Unlike other factions you cannot rebuild it cheaper and it hold all their tanks. WIthout it they are stuck with pumas and luggs.

well then you shouldnt play wehrmacht because they have way worse on the move accuracy and panthers also shoot slow as fuck. They are hell to chase a tank with, because it takes 30 seconds for a few shots and there is a decent chance it gets killed because of a snare.

>has blitz
>hard to chase tanks

Nigga pls

It's gonna chase them and do what? shoot once per 7 seconds and miss if you dont stop micro

I wish they at least made ost panther equal to okw one in stats, okw has better vet on top of that as well. As much as i love brummbars, i hardly ever see a reason to go t4 in 1v1. It's just p4's stugs and call in's

I often feel that if I am winning hard it is because the enemy is saving up for something and therefore doesnt give enough pressure. Then I go for T4 and get a panther. Usually when I do it the allies suddenly come with an IS2 or pershing or something like that. Then im glad I have a tank that can go toe to toe with them. If I get a few more P4s instead I find that those often die very stupidly with just a max range shot and cannot do enough against a callin tank.

That's true, it has it uses but i'd rather wait for a tiger instead of going t4 in that situation, cost is pretty much the same.

tiger is more expensive to replace and if you pick a commander with no endgame callin those options are not available. Commander P4 aura+panther is pretty insane combo

brah you don't know how many times I see panthers shoot very well on the move its ridiculous but I'm talking okw panthers with vet so it probably doesn't matter

>Roll out a Panzer IV
>Get ambushed by ATs and bazooka spam
>Panzer IV gets decrewed
>USF captures my Panzer IV
>Wrecks my units with my own Panzer IV
>"why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself"


I just wish ost panther had at least the mg stats same as okw. Okw panther is at least a threat to infrantry and not minor annoyance. There will be scenarios when i would like a panther i agree but most of the time i feel more confident just having mid game presence if p4 and roll out a stug or 2 vs heavy stuff. I really like panthers but they are not in a good spot. On a sidenote i feel like people underestimate panzer granadiers. i only ever see them used for shrecks but their mid-close damage is great. they can duel with 2x bar rifles on mid-close so i always like to have a squad or 2.

>not wiping the floor with every possible infantry type in the game with terminators aka penals

>mfw I decrew a KT as American

Oh and bundle granades are great after buff as well.

Against USF Pgrens are pretty important. LMG grens just get fucked by the mortar. I usually get 2 pgrens if the situation allows it. Great overall, bundled grenades can really fuck up weapon teams and if they have a tankhunter you can just shoot them while they constantly miss. Even better is if you pop them just as the enemy charges you. Nothing better than seeing a T34 roll in only to suddenly look into the barrel of two shrecks.

Only problem is that against medium tanks they can bleed like crazy and only do some repairable damage.

I went fast T2 before it was cool.
Actually Ost T2 is so good I don't know why more people don't rush for it.

Well now they do, for 222.

How you like my nam deck fags?

you mean skip T1?
First of all you miss out of grens and their faust, even if you go osttruppen you still need T1 for the faust. So you have no snare. Second of all the sniper is great. For the 10 fuel and 80 MP its just too good to pass up.

you still get T1.

How do I get good at the multiplayer in CoH2? I always get rekt.

I take it you mean 1v1? First pick 1 faction. Learn a good build order. Then you just have to practice to get a feeling of how the game progresses. Usually people fail because either they do not coordinate their troops well or are not prepared for vehicles. So always be ready to get an AT gun at the very least.

spread out units
get MG's
Control fuel
Rush tanks

Oh. t1 skip. I think its to important to not have it, even as with ostruppen as you said.

>I think its to important to not have it,
why do you think it is important to NOT have it.

And dont float resources unless you are saving up for something. You will eventually know the timings of what units to expect when depening on map control

its too important of a building to end up skipping it. That sentence was fucked im sorry.

and if you find youre being held back by fuel while floating MP (usually MP is the most important resource though) and you really cannot think of something you need that costs just MP you can build a fuel cache. Usually lategame those are really handy if youre in a tank production fight.

Why is british sexton and base 25pdrs so fucking garbage. Sure you can throw a flare to spooky enemies away but thats about it, sometimes they will ignore it and it wont do anything.

>play Wargame EE campaign
>finish the german campaign, start the soviet one
>get to choose some unlocks before starting mission, see 7 accuracy on T55AM, buy it because it's not like I'll need to rush somewhere in the very first mission of the campaign, spend the rest on miscellaneous stuff without buying any big dick tanks
>mission 1 starts, you have to rush through the entrenched enemy to help your encircled polish comrades, then defend a huge fucking push for way too fucking long while polish ATGM IFVs crawl around entire map
>my only tanks are T55, T55AM and T64
>there's no way to refund your unit purchases
At least I was smart enough to buy recon helis.

Also, is there a way to even get those stars other than playing the campaign?

Put KV-85 or IS1 in at T4

If they get attached to actually good squad :^)

What america deck would allow me to fuck cute M1A2 and Longbow at the same time?

USF noob here i need some help with build order especially big team game like 3v3 and 4v4

Commandos move it out!

rifle BAR blob

>Needing build order in 3v3 and 4v4
Nigga just rush to tanks


Does anyone still play AS 2? Haven't been on in like a year

I played it for a while again. It's still shit.
Performance is abysmal. Pathfinding is blind. The players are Russian (retarded). Unit control is poor. Unit AI is even dumber than the player. CoH is objectively a better game.

COH 2 is dead senpai.

DevM has returned user. Sure its not Nystrom or Golraeder but its as good as its gonna get

>hell to chase a tank with
>fastest tank in the game bar one or two
>has turbo sanic speed boost ability at vet 1

Get a brian you fucking moran.

>this is what allies players actually believe

what? the panther is the best tank in the game for chasing tanks with
>high level of armor
>fast for its size
>good gun/accuracy
>blitzkrieg move

if you ask me they need to slow it down a bit, its way to fast for how well protected and armed it is

>>good gun/accuracy
its accuracy is terrible on the move. Axis tanks have it worse since they are supposed to be the defensive side while allies are the aggressive side.

the accuracy is fair if you're going full speed, but if you speed up while the gun is reloading and then stop to fire you're fine. anybody saying the panther is bad has no idea what they're talking about

So anytime someone gets corrected for having shit tier beliefs about something on an axis faction they are automatically an allies player? I've played more ostheer than any other faction.

Also, anyone that doesn't stop their tank right before it is going to shoot while they're chasing something is a water head and has no right to complain about the game if they're just a shit player.

I just cant enjoy modern warfare RTS games as much as medieval or before RTS games. Something swords and arrows and shit I find way more interesting.