That guy who wrote a college paper on video games

>That guy who wrote a college paper on video games

What was yours about and what kind of grade did you get on it?

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"Watch Out for Rolling Rocks in 0.5 A presses" and I got A star

Yeah I did so what? Wanna fight about it?

I wrote an economics paper comparing Activision/Blizzard's business strategy to EA.

I got a B+ for not including enough graphs.

Wrote about the beginning of Resident Evil 4 right up to the Chainsaw House.

The teacher pulled me aside and told me I had a future in writing. Kek

My whole final thesis is about videogames.

I didn't do vidya but I did something almost as autistic, perhaps even more

I did a paper and power point presentation on the Napoleonic Wars, following Napoleon himself specifically and all the important battles that he fought against the coalition

I actually thought it was really interesting because for the power point I only used artwork of the battles themselves and gave a short description of each one as they went, culminating with Waterloo

I got an A from it but I don't think my classmates enjoyed it as much as I did

>user actually follows directions and does super detailed report on Napoleon
>calls himself autistic

Nah, you're good man.

I couldn't since videogames were already taken
So I did it about manga instead

got max grades and teachers asked me for a copy each so that they could get their students interested in their subjects through something that youngsters appreciate like manga

I did noe vocal presentation about fallout 2. Got nine out of ten.

>made a precise presentation of one of the most important general
>affraid this is autistic

what the hell with american culture, how can an rapport on this kind of subject can be called autistic?

I got a 93 on my proposal for a multimedia arts project that describes the history of video games in the context of console generations.

I did one on the creation and use of Internet Relay Chat and how little it has evolved.

Someone in my class did one on Pokemon.

Back in high school I wrote an essay about the main character of Persona 3. Got a good grade for it. Then the teacher asked me to read it aloud for the whole class.

What kind of faggots are you? I got a master's in compsci and didn't even consider doing anything video games related. My thesis was about machine learning algorithms and their applications to model urban traffic.

An argument against the idea that video games caused violence

It was only shortly after the Jack Thompson shit so people still thought the violent video games thing was legit. My presentation was literally a few graphs and talking some basic fucking logic and everyone in the room had their mind changed. Got full marks.

I'm not American and I'm getting a major in economics so Napoleon has literally nothing to do with them

thanks doc

Did mine on Google Glass and got a top mark. I'd say the paper went better than the product itself

Mine was an essay entitled 'Should Britain stay or leave the EU?'

I did that in front of class about 5 years ago when I was 14 or 15.

I wrote about using crowdfunding to fund your projects and and made a statistics analysis using crowdfunded games. Got an A

Psychoanalysis of Fuminori from Saya no Uta. Got a pretty good grade, somewhere around the 90's.

I also did one about Luka's journey to be a hero from mgq. Got around an 86 on that. Of course, I never mention the sex scenes on both visual novels.

Well that just sounds like a shitty project on the teacher's part, if they just decided "yeah, let them do a piece about whatever"
At least you did something with cultural, historic and significant impact, rather than "Just how hot would the inside of Sonic's shoes get?"

>Primary school
>Had to write a story in English class
>Just steal a video game story

Worked every time

A Cities: Skylines thesis, neat idea!

And how did you vote, since it sounds like you actually did your homework....literally.


>topic of my college paper: making of garden
>too fucking lazy to document whole creation of garden irl
>boot up sims 3
>create garden
>write shit about it

shit was so lit

>How hot would the inside of Sonics shoes get?

Well now I get to miss work because I burned my crotch spilling coffee, thanks user

>a man that unified a continent, made reforms that are still applied today
>nothing to do with economics

>based his entire reign under his only rule and made the rich as fuck religious people fuck off
>nothing to do with economics

>in order to unify his people, he used WAR
>nothing to do with economics

he literally used the oldest blueprint of economic growth in human history, how come this has nothing to do with economics?

98. bhaktinian theory applied to Bioshock

In america if you aren't talking about sjw issues etc. Or the sports and tv news headlines you're an autistic loser. Who should die.

wouldn't sonic's shoes just melt at that speed?

> that Asian kid that did a 30 minute presentation on Resident Evil 4 in our college public speaking course. It was so awkward I had to leave the room.

I voted Leave. I'd pretty much made my mind up when I was doing my research back then.

It wasn't really about video games-

It was an essay on how true communism could be adapted in society through by removing humane faults through cybernetic augmentation and instilling a hive-mind

I didn't go full autism and said I got the idea from Deus Ex.

I wrote a donut steel fanfic story for a creative writing assignment and received a 100 and a writer of the month award.

Now I write fiction for $1,000 a month in sales. Thanks Mr. Johnson for letting me know I was a good writer.

Because I didn't do the economical aspect of Napoleon, I just did the battles of the coalition and mentioned Pax Britannica a few times.

That's it

All in a day's work. You're welcome.

Please tell me more. Im intruiged.

Still think its the better option after the last few months?

>French class, 8 years ago
>Homework was to do a powerpoint on a vacation you had where you saw all the sites and described it in french
>I just google translated everything and thought it was fine
>Found out I could put gifs in PP and found Ace Attorney gifs
>Put Phoenix on the bottom left and Godot on the right
>Each page was some pictures of the trip I made up. The events of the trip in French, and Godot on the bottom right being a dick to Phoenix
>Eventually I had a side story of Phoenix telling Godot that he would get an old dude to slap him if he said anything else
>Got Manfred Von Karma to do his finger click and got the Godot explosion animation to play simultaneously and thought it was cool
>People even laughed
>Skipped many slides and I forgot what I translated and thought I was cool because of the animations
>Right at the end, I even had Godot get revenge on Phoenix by doing custom animations of him throwing Coffee on Phoenix
>mfw remembering it all

I bet you were drowning in pussy after that.

Currently doing a research paper on the viability of (3D-printed) metamaterials for mass-produced prostheses. Not strictly videogames but I'm drawing heavy inspiration from Doo Sex and using some vidya to talk about the cultural perception of technology/transhumanism.

Technically I didn't need to put near this much thought into it because art school but this shit's fun.

I had to write several pages of shit for my Creative Writing class. I took that chance to write a first person perspective of Pokamon Blue and go from start to finish although I really only got up to the first gym fight.

Got a B

Definitely. I must admit I quite like what Theresa May has done so far, although I wouldn't go as far to say I want a 'hard Brexit'

A poll was out the other day saying 71% believe that Britain is headed in the right direction.

My senior thesis for my economics degree was about runescape's grand exchange. I did well

Aw, who hurt your feelings, user?

I actually wrote a speech on Cred Forums last semester. I got an A on it somehow.

Was set in the Sins world. Forget which faction. There is a child who lives on one of the planets, and his father left to join one of the navies (spaceship armadas).

Well, he decides he wants to do the same, join the navy and leave his planet, and the story just follows his aspiration to join the military and destroy a lot of (name of other factions, I haven't played the game in ages).

He graduates high school and enters the naval academy, continues to be very bigoted in his hatred for the other factions and devotion to his own. Continues to idolize his father who he has not heard word of, as causality reports and that kind of stuff are a state secret, and only those in the military are allowed access to them (one of the reasons he wants to join the navy).

He completes his time at the naval academy, gets sent off to fight in a battle and his ship is blown up at the very beginning. And I ended with something like, "What a waste this all was."

The last few months have proven it was the right choice. The migrant situation in Europe isn't getting any better

In 6th grade I wrote a Morrowind fanfic for a creative writing assignment. It was almost 20 pages, while we were required to only write 2, and I got an F (as well as a 2-week in-school suspension) because my teacher thought I copied it from the internet.

Fuck you, Mr. McDougall. You were a crotchety piece of shit who killed my passion for writing and I hope your house burned down in that fire.

>wrote a paper over the Shagohod
>went specifically into detail on it's design, whether or not it would function in the real world, and what effect it would have had on the Cold War had it been able to
>got to interview several retired experts in military weaponry and history
>had a shit ton of fun and got a lot of laughs out of it

Component-Based Hierarchical Finite State Machines in C++

It was a bit of a cop out compared to my original plan, but I got to bastardize constructors and got a 2:1 out of it.

That is fucking autistic

I wrote the whole story of final fantasy x for my gcse english coursework. My teacher didn't know anything about games and didn't realise i stole the story, got an A too.

>not doing a "No A College Run"

Literally plagiarism

You do know that to maintain any access to the EU free market, we have to abide by freedom of movement laws, right?
Any other forms of non-eu immigration are already controlled by our own immigration laws. Being a part of the EU or not doesn't change that.

I almost forgot. It was written entirely in the form of journal entries (the boy), and I submitted two versions. One had a lot of shit redacted (because this kid was in the military), and that was the "original". I was worried I would get points off if I didn't show the redacted bits to the teacher, so I included it at the end.

I thought I was shit in everything since I got low grades, and Mr. Johnson let me know I wasn't garbage.

Wrote an argumentative paper about how video games don't actually cause violence and could actually be used in education as a tool for those with disabilities and learning disorders
Got an A. Professor told me it was well researched

>tfw did a college speedrun with 0.5 As

What is that, an A- ?
Does that not still count as an A, just a shit one?

Gender inequality and women representation in the interactive media... ESL and my advisor can't into English. Basically just translated Anita and tvtropes and "idea-guyed" the ideal game that would to reduce the gender inequality. Got A, because my advisor's daughter liked the game idea.

It's still and A. You can't say it's only half.

so, would that function?

Wtf doc where's the dose.

Exactly what I'm saying. I don't want all the human garbage pouring into Europe right now to have freedom of movement into Britain

Sorry this shit thread full of people making shit up isn't getting me in the right mood. Try again later.

What grade did you get tho?

We had to write an analysis on whether multiplatform was a good business idea or not. Obviously it is but I don't remember the details of what I wrote (though its probably still on my computer somewhere). This was around the time SFV was announced so I remember mentioning that.
Holy shit that was a stupid class

>going to college
Yup go be another cog in the machine sheep.

I ripped off golden sun for a creative writing project in 5th grade. Everything down the names. Nobody called me out on it.

I remember my teacher told me
>wow this sounds like it could be a video game!
Did she know?

Absolutely not.

It probably wouldn't have affected the war even if it did work, unless it had been in the hands of a rogue group like it was in MGS3.

>having any job at all
>living at all
>existing at all

Enjoy being a cog in the machine.

>Ledger>Nicholson>Da Jokah Baybee>Leto

I was waiting for the part where you put on a small Napoleon costume, put boots on your knees, and did a one man reenactment of the wars in front of the entire class.

There's nothing autistic about what you did, user. You did something academic in an academic environment. And you had fun doing it. That's awesome.

I wrote an essay on Nier as a post-human narrative, focusing on its science fiction elements disguised by fantasy dressing. I got a B, I spent too much time explaining the plot (probably shouldn't have included stuff from Grimoire Nier either) and not enough applied theory. It was a lot of fun though.

>I thought I was shit in everything since I got low grades, and Mr. Johnson let me know I wasn't garbage.
I wish I had this. I remember when I was 16 we got a new english teacher, and she told us to write something to gauge our level of english. I didn't know what to write, so I wrote a short science-fiction story.

The next day she returned it with a note saying 'this looks like it was copied from a book'. I got so angry I decided from that point on to never do beyond what the teachers asked. I wish I hadn't made that decision.

So surely thats an issue with the EU that needs fixing. Since, apparently, the core part of May's shambles of a Brexit plan is that we Need access to the free market, we can't Avoid the EU's freedom of labour movement.

Why? I'd like to see it. The best I had in my college public speaking class was some bitch telling us the proper way to apply make up and some dude telling us the proper way to lift.

the girl with the make up speech was some really cute jewess with huge boobs in a low cut tank topand she was so nervous she kept fiddling with her hair and stuff so much her shirt fell down one side revealing practically her entire bra on the one side. I guess she was too nervous and didn't notice, the professor eventually told her and she ran out crying. 10/10 jewbies tbqh

I wrote it on the move from video games being a distraction entertainment to becoming a void filling necessity for the struggling middle class.

I got an A.

I wrote about TTGL last year in a teen lit class in my final year. Wasn't really a proper essay, more a short review/analysis of a piece of teen lit of our choice. Got an almost perfect score, all As and one B. Pretty chill class overall.

Not vidya but whenever I have to write an essay on films I just do Fight Club. I've been doing it since high school and well through university.

>Tfw starting my English dissertation later this year
>No fucking clue what to write it on
>Don't want to be "that guy" who asks to do his project on video games or comic books

Well, it helped that Mr. Johnson had been an author himself. I ended up showing him a lot of short stories over the year, and he submitted a couple of them to different magazines for me.

Still didn't change the fact I left high school with around a 2.0 GPA.

Not technically videogames, but I wrote a third year assignment for my film studies degree on 3D technologies in film and the next logical step for film (and pornography, important to make this distinction because porn wins format wars) is VR headsets to allow immersive new experiences.

Got a HD, lecturer loved it

I wrote a 5 page paper on the story of GTAV my freshman year

It took me 3 pages to finish describing the prologue mission, then I skimmed the rest of the plot and bullshitted the analysis.

>Still got a B because I can construct sentences
seriously, you should see some other people's papers. We did peer review and by the time I was finished looking over this guy's paper I had written over almost the entire thing in red pen.

You wouldn't believe how bad some college papers are, getting a well-written one about anything is considered a victory.

Quit being a faggot and just do it over something you already know a bit about. If it's over a video game or comic, so be it. At least you're more likely to get a good grade.
For fuck's sake, man. It's just English.

>had a project in 9th grade for creative writing where you had to draw an eighth dwarf for snow white and write an essay on him
>perfectly copied the sterotypical jew face with the massive nose and clasped hands and named him Greedy (other dwarves had names like sleepy, lazy, etc)
>wrote an essay describing how he steals jewelry from snow white or something
>ended up getting a 96 for a major project grade and having the entire class laugh uproariously at the drawling was after I presented it

I wrote a Master's thesis about ten years ago (Jesus, I'm old) for the use of video games in education. DDR for phys ed, typing games for typing, all the education games available for geography and history, etc. It was published and I've got a copy around here that I haven't looked at since because I knew it was garbage when I was writing it.

*at how detailed the drawling was

Took an Intro to Video Game Design course at my college last semester because it was a total joke and an easy A, Wrote one paper on video games as art with all the usual suspects (Metal Gear, Last of Us, Zelda, Walking Dead) and one on Triple A versus Indie games in the modern market. Got As on both. For the final project we actually had to make a game in Game Maker. Since I knew absolute dick about programming, I got a game from some kind user on Cred Forums in one of the development threads. I actually got an email a few months ago from another professor who asked me if I could work on some programming project for her because the professor thought I was some sort of prodigy,

How do you publish your stories? Did your teacher put you in contact with someone? Because I've always had some ideas in my head about stories and I need money.

I wrote an English studies presentation on Majora's Mask.

Luckily, the prof was a huge Zelda fan and actually was super into it and helped me out.

how much did you pay and did you learn anything of value from your course?

the way you talk aboot it makes me think the whole course is a cash grab but i'd like to more aboot your experience if youd be so kind

What do you write about?

That's because it is, user

Not video games but
>creative writing in high school
>I literally just copy the entire plot of Chuunibyou and change the names
>get the only A in class

Dude if you've never been to a college course let me explain:

The point isn't to learn something, it isn't to learn anything in fact. The entire point is to get good grades. It doesn't matter what you know and don't know, it only matters how you do on the assignments. For example, I took an intro to linux class last semester, I got an A because I turned in the homework but I STILL DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LINUX.

If you actually happen to learn something, just consider it a bonus.

Don't take a college course unless you intend to get the full degree, they're pointless otherwise.

Did a powerpoint presentation and a speech about the history of the RPG genre in my web design. The project was fairly casual in a small class. Got an A on it.

I designed a conceptual video game for my college thesis. I didn't know how to program so I just made the concept art and designed the levels and weapons etc. It was an Illustration program.

Or maybe you just went to a shitty university

I have two pseudonyms. One is for sci-fi and the other is for low fantasy.

I have an agent who in turn connects me with publishers, generally the same publisher for each release.

Fine, don't listen, take one intro course, but don't say I didn't warn you

>Going to college

I'd rather work in a fishing boat then go to college.

I've a master in industrial engineering, thanks for the warning anyway

Did a report on the effects of violent videogames. Got a A.
>Violent video games are actually really bad for you.

Trans-humanism/Body "Cyberization" (like ghost in the shell)


I tried to explain how various animoo and vidya superpowers would interact with society and the world
it was actually pretty autistic
got a

>look it up
>get genuinely uncomfortable and have to stop watching

guess I'm a casual

That's interesting, but do you mind tying that back into video games? Did you use examples from them?

>wrong "than"
>implying you could've gone even if you wanted to

I'm almost done with my master's in criminology and never encountered a class where I was forced to learn anything, only write papers, do assignments and take tests. None of those require any learning

Fuck off, Umezawa.

I wrote a speech for my public speaking class about how much I hate giving speeches once. Professor gave me top marks though, he said it was because I "subverted expectations" or something.


Teachers with a professional background in whatever they teach are the only ones worth a shit. I had a journalism class in college where the professor did nothing but take roll (in a fucking lecture hall) and review homework (from a pre-printed workbook), but the labs were conducted by a sports writer with published works. Learned more in the two or three times I went to his lab than I ever did from that stupid bitch's lectures.

>plays the grammar nazi
>"master's in criminology"

>Typos mean you can't go to college

I dunno about degrees for specific fields, but with generalised degrees this is true.

It's more the skills you pick up in those degrees rather than the shit you learn. I mean knowing History or Literature doesn't really get you a job outside of academia, but being able to apply yourself, researching and working independently is a useful skill that employers will recognise.

Found your problem

I wrote a college speech about the Tool's album Lateralus and how it utilizes the Fibonacci sequence. Top that autism.

>Have to choose a partner for a work about something related to jobs in High school
>Best friend already have a partner since I wasn't in the class since the begenning
>Have to choose this guy which was a "gaymer", friend but not really good friend
>"Hey user, lets talk about the new vidya competitive scene!"
>Literally what the fuck is that
>He explains me what is tourneys and e-sports
>Fuck no, lets better talk about something else like agronomy in our country
>"fuck that, agronomy is for faggots. e-sports is the new era of jobs and you can earn a fuckton of money!. After I finish school I'm going to be in a team"
>mfw I have to endure that guy and talk about e sports for 10 mins or more

this guy's actually right

any passion for anything that isn't sports or politics is judged as autism by most Americans nowadays. and it kills culture. we could get nuked and as long as it's nowhere I or my firneds or family live, I honestly wouldn't bat an eyelash, because whoever did it would probably be in the right. be more like "well something had to give eventually"

Im currently writing about consumer behavior when exposed to mutual expectations and information in a digital environment using steam as a data source

The professor helping me seems to really like the idea and his specialty is competitive markets.

Im satisfied with my idea.

I once mentioned to a friend and his mother (we were driving somewhere) how I was really enjoying the criminology class at my school (we went to different schools).

The two started laughing at me because they didn't think criminology was a word, and I got embarrassed because since even his mother was laughing, it had to be something made up.

Your "best friend" probably really thinks you're this faggot you sound so much like

Tool is awful. Put on your favorite shirt so we know

I've given two conference papers on representations of war and conflict in games, they were pretty small conferences on popular culture and politics, but it was fun to do and raised some interesting points.

I did the whole "Are video games art" thing.

Used games like Mario Paint and Okami (stylized Japanese ink art style) as arguments, and then included counter points like CoD or yearly release games where the games were made mainly for profit, not much of an "art style" direction.

At the time I was in college was when this just hit the news and was the big debate here:

I wrote a shitty short paper talking about Dark Souls and its narrative as ergodic literature which is contained within the context of the game itself, as a decade-late rebuttal to Jesper Juul's article on narrative in games.

It got a good grade.

Guess what, all video games and most art in general is made for profit

How plainly you can tell is what consitutes good art, and yes this is a thing

>Every fucking faggot in my class is doing a presentation on video games
>I decide to do one about the affects of adopting Video Games as part of your identity and the impact they can have on the development of other hobbies, leading to a dependence on an expensive past-time they might not even enjoy but are too reliant on to branch away from
>Get an A
>The highest mark any of them got was a B

Not sure how it feels, man

>implying Cred Forums is a a thesis paper that I review before submitting

then/than is a pretty elementary mistake

I'll always have decently paying salaried job with benefits, that's for sure.
>implying I want to be a criminologist

I agree to a point but you aren't going to be picking up any valuable skills in Game Design 101

Being a gamer does nothing to make you a special snowflake in this day and age and your teacher knows it, and probably knows you're the biggest nerd in the class anyway

High marks are good

I ripped off sidequest plots from fallout 1 and 2 and slammed them together to form some sort of a cohesive plot, I got a B+. Okay I guess.

>implying Cred Forums is a a thesis paper that I review before submitting
Then why did you tell that user that he wouldn't be able to go to college because he misspelled "than"?

This one time in school we were each alloted about five to ten minutes on a subject of our own choosing, a kid in my class did a presentation on the show Robot Wars and it went on for about fortyfive minutes or so. No idea why the teacher never stopped him.

I had definitely mentioned this, citing how movies or music is no different.

Big argument was how what is considered art has no solid definition, so you could argue a pile of shit is art. Example:

Sounds like you skirted the line between plagiarism and inspiration and I can't even tell which one it ultimately fell into

Fair grade

As a teacher at a university, I have to say you little cunts who keep talking over the allotted time are cancer. The lesson doesn't end when everyone presents. Why do you think I gave you all a time limit? Now we have to do presentations next week, as well, so we have to rush a lesson to catch up.

I did a speech on how to do good speeches. It's the funniest thing ever because it just goes in a similar vain to this.

The best part about it was that the teacher was annoyed because he wanted the next part of the lesson to be about how to present a good speech, and I had already given all the points you need.

>something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. : works created by artists : paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings.

all video games have artists on them

I got an A on a presentation in my journalism class on corruption in video game reporting previous to gamergate. I focused on Famitsu and the ad revenue controversy that ended up creating Giantbomb?

My teacher scoffed and mocked me openly in front of the class when I pitched my idea. After I gave the presentation she apologized and the rest of the class was impressed, I got the highest grade.

No, they have craftsmen

A&E are not close, despite what the network tells you.

Than and then are different words to be used in different contexts

Who do you think draws the designs of things that get put in a game? You're retarded.

faggot kids and their "I have to like it for it to be art" drivel

Don't get me wrong, I believe games can be called art, but oh man there were so many troll threads back when Roger Ebert said that they weren't. Yahtzee had a piece about it now that I remember that I had referenced at the time:

At least it gives you the option

I had to write a 20+ page grant proposal, give a presentation to support it, and come up with my own research design that would actually work

Environmental Reconstruction of Easter Island Micro Wear and Phytolith Analysis

Sound interesting? It really was

My final year thesis was about fiction in video games.

I wrote a short science fiction paper based on a couple of games of SS13 where a detective is trying to uncover the fate of several other stations that have been hidden from record. Got an A.

I doubt a mass produced dlc ridden piece of media created with nothing but the number of sales in mind, will ever be considered art, and I'm glad of it.

>SDE major
>one of my mandatory classes to get my degree is video games journalism

oh BOY

Your teacher should have realized nobody listened to your speech.


why not write about the inhabitants of Easter island or their statues?

did you know that the people who lived there survived mostly on the fruit and nut "paleo" diet that people are shilling?

Did you also know that tropical islands with this diet, especially Easter Island had the highest rate of tooth decay?

If we're supposed to eat fruit and nuts why do they rot out our teeth?

>meme major
enjoy your job

or don't

And neither are ' and s close to the spacebar, and yet look at what you typed

>Who do you think draws the designs of things that get put in a game
Designers, painters, or people that know how to draw. They are not necessarily artists

>the guy who makes food at McDonalds is not a cook
>he is a cooker, guys

Punctuation errors are fundamentally different from usage errors.

>their going to the movies
>theyr'e going to the movies
which seems like they knew what they meant to type?

Did you know Easter Island once had the largest palm trees known to earth and was covered in a dense forest?

And now the largest plants are shrubs while even the grass barely survives

They also ate people, so...yeah

I would never know how to end my essays in high school. I would write a good essay but would be stumped in the conclusion. I would always relate the topic I'm writing about to a conflict and end it with" war... war never changes." I wrote a paper on the film The Birds, and ended it with" War... War never changes." I wrote a paper on the Watergate, and ended it with" War... War never changes." I wrote a paper on the Jurassic era, and ended it with" War... War never changes." I wrote something for Spanish class, and ended it with" Guerra... la guerra nunca cambia. "

Did you know that they died out because of deforestation?

>Punctuation errors are fundamentally different from usage errors.
Yes, and it means that you have an equally poor grasp of the language
>which seems like they knew what they meant to type?
Those examples are nothing like adding a random 's to a word that didn't need a copula nor a genitive

it's pretty fun, user. I made a few prototypes on unity and what not, figured why not try to get educated on this shit some more. My tuition was paid for, so it didn't hurt. Always wanted to do what the next man wanted to do, make some video games.


they usually want
>In conclusion, (summary of topic). (summary of first point, second point, and third point) (findings)

It was on Japanese learning music of other cultures and how they applied them. I used wind waker, I got an A.



Hence the paper

>ending with "in conclusion"
Am I back in the fourth grade?

>high school
yeah, that's pretty much 4th grade

Not him, but you got FUCKED.

I don't understand why people get so embarrassed about simple grammar mistakes. Everyone makes them.

This is not my daily dose doc

What is this OFC shit? I need some real medicine here!

It was about comparing Bob Page's search for immortality in Deus Ex's with Gilgamesh's in The Epic of Gilgamesh for a class on ancient literature

And this was actually part of the assignment, we were explicitly supposed to compare the works we'd studied to a video game

I gave an extensive presentation on the deep web, cryptocurrencies, and digital tracking only to have my professor (and department head) refer to me as an unscrupulous hacker for the rest of my academic career.

I once used the term expatriate in front of my family who all work for intellegence agencies and they laughed at me saying I was missing pronouncing ex patriot and that expat wasn't a word. These people defend America.

>that one guy that referenced a Cred Forums post in his college paper

Was in accounting and we had a section at the end of the year where we had to take any subject we want, but present it to an audience that has no idea of what it is.

And we had 20 min to describe the subject, so the audience aknowledges it, understand it, and can transmit the concept of it later with the minimal content loss.

I took Monster Hunter:Freedom, and got 17/20
tfw had an homebrew to take screenshots and ran the powerpoint like a boss
my presentation was so spectacular that I had 2 QT grills to come at my house because they thought I was in fact a cool guy
too shy to open

They were going to prank you user. Better that you left the door shut.

I think I wrote one arguing against Roger Ebert's assertion that video games are not and could never be art.

I still disagree with that. I received an A.

I also wrote a paper about how the Taliban is funneling heroin all over the world using the Dark Net, crypto-currencies, etc. It was tech related at least.

I'm a International Relations/Poli Sci major and I didn't have to do any Gen-Eds that usually require you to write stupid papers on video games (had enough AP credits).

Come to think of it college papers are complete bullshit. You're just compiling common knowledge into a typically convoluted narrative hoping to argue some already over argued point. Seriously, 99% of the time even primary sources you consult have been consulted to death or are insipid. Academia is a farce

Gathering, interpreting, and disseminating information are all valuable skills.

>Be little me in 5th grade
>Got a computer and played the shit out of Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds, as it was my first and only game.
>We have to write a small 3-pages essay as a homework
> Free subject
> Wrote a 3-pages essay on how our city was attacked by two recon alien tripods
> Somehow a group of armed survivors ended up on a bridge with the tripods beneath them.
> Two of them take a handful of grenades and jump from the bridge on the tripods, slip inside cracks in the hull and blow themselves up
> Got the equivalent of an A
Looking back, it was probably lame as shit, but it may have sounded pretty surprising from a 11-year old.

>let me stroke your ego so you keep paying tuition fees

Fucking teach me something you piece of shit. I openly despise professors like that.

Won't be writing my dissertation until about 5 years from now, I'm just starting university next month. Even then I'm sure it's not long enough for me to come up with a topic

Why was there a question mark after Giantbomb?

Also, link us to this.

Skills that can be learned without a 60 grand price tag

I would like to both defend and rebuttal against that post...

Undergraduate level courses (unless you are in a specialty program, Honors Program, or a philosophy major, so less than 2% of a given schools undergrad population) are not analytic or interpretive and are exactly what user said. They just require you to compile information.

From my experience, undergrads don't begin to write analytically and critically examine primary sources until the upper level 400 courses (or equivalent). Then when most undergrads want to transition to grad school, they have no fucking clue what to do when you are expected to craft high level critical analysis. It's just not taught in modern academia.

video game addiction


>high school
>need to make a "visual" project about miosis (cells splitting, cant remember specifics)
>some shit in class makes a remark about me liking dragonball and and how i wont be able to use it or something
>challenge accepeted
>make a comic about Cell's cells trying to replicate during the final Kame-Hame-Ha
>get an A- because I went out of order (the cells that were shown at various part of the cycle being destroyed and skipping to other parts, i showed them all just not in order)

>middle school *******

I did a argumentative presentation in year 12 on why we needed an R18+ rating for vidyagaemz in Australia.

I got an A but I guess the topic is a bit autism.

I did mine for my Undergraduate Thesis I got an A because the others used the typical subject of analysis

I did a presentation in secondary school on EVE. I don't actually know what grade I got for it but my overall grade was a B and I've never been good at English exams so I probably got most of my marks there and in the coursework.

From who? What about the associated content knowledge or the actual evidence that you have acquired those skills?

Depends on the major and quality of the school. A lot of my 300+ level EDU and COM courses required extensive research and articulation to actually get anything above a C, and that's on top of the vocational skills we learned. I started taking those courses sophomore year, so more than half of my actual education was analytical and interpretive.

I wrote about digital rights management. Videogames were a part of it along with movies and music. I got an A because I know how to write without sounding like an autistic sperglord.

I'm early DBZ Goku-tier when it comes to hiding my power level. I've had people (including one girl) approach me and try to talk about anime.

Not happening.

but that's very definition of autism on Cred Forums - putting "too much" effort in something, getting too attached to certain thing you're doing.

i'd love to bitch about this characteristic of Cred Forums more, but i'd just look like salty autist

Wrote one about MGS2 and how the player has a role in the narrative.

I got a B-


I've written a few. One on faith based prison programs and their effect on recidivism rates, one on the rise and fall of the Roman Republic, one on Caesar's Civil War, one on Sulla's Civil War, one on the Franks, and three about PTSD. I'm a fucking psychology major. And before you say 'Do you want fries with that', I'm going for a doctorate an clinical practice.

Literally everyone watches anime. It's more mainstream than American football for people under 40. Get over yourself.

Might as well just scream nerd.

Economies of scale in the NA flight industry.
The effect of cultural distance on M&A activity.
what kind of colleges do u guys go to wtf

I wrote a couple papers on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
I never actually read the book, everything I know about the Three Kingdoms I know from playing Dynasty Warriors.

When I was a young britbong in year 11 and final fantasy 13 came out I fucking mainlined it, loving the gameplay and universe but hating the actual plot. anyway in a creative writing class I basically rewrote the story with better personalities and entirely different ending.

it failed, there's just no improving that story

>ff13 came out 7 years ago
>this user is at least 23 now

my first eng 101 paper asked me to write a 1 page descriptive paragraph so i did it over planet snivelak from a ratchet game

What's wrong, too stupid for med school?
"""clinical""" psychologists are a joke.

Narratology of audio-visual media - a comparison.

I basically wrote about how video games generally aren't as good as movies when it comes to telling stories. Got a 2,0. The work is lost on my old laptop's harddrive.

>encouraging people is bad
>I just want to go home and read a book

Wrote an (community college) essay about Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus and how they impacted my life. In the end, I just wanted to be more like snake, and wander taught me to be selfless. Prof wasn't a gamer but apparently I was good at showing why those games were good and even culturally important. I passed.

>video games generally aren't as good as movies when it comes to telling stories.
But that's wrong.

Interactive media are inherently more compelling than non-interactive media. Video game stories are shit compared to movies, but video games are a relatively young narrative medium.

>31 March 2010
>MMORPG’s: A Look Into Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
Found it. I think I got an A.

This is only autistic if the topic was 'my summer holiday' or some shit.

I wrote an essay on Dead Space once.
Got the best grade that teacher had ever given me, but she also told me never to write about video games in her classes again, because she couldn't keep up with all the terms I used or something.

More recently, in one of my college classes, our professor told us to quickly prepare a five-minute speech about any piece or type of media that we greatly enjoy or has influenced us in some way.
I did mine on the BlazBlue franchise, explaining what it is, how it changed my life, and ending with me explaining how I'll be participating in my first "proper" tournament this November.

I'm also seriously considering going all-out and making a character guide for Valkenhayn for when we have to make a full-on 20-minute presentation about "whatever you want" later on.
The teacher is an avid video game player as well and plays Tekken, so it should be fine.
... Right?

TF2 and the Built Environment. An examination of how every aspect of the game including playerbase is facilitated by the structure of the level design and visual aesthetics and design.

Got an A, paper was publishing worthy.

I did this once with a Simpsons episode

Not vidya but I wrote a paper about violence in media and opened with the opening scene from Dirty Harry. Then I talked about how violence in media acts as an outlet rather than a motivator

Prof gave me an A

I really just wrote something really superficial down over night because I knew my prof didn't know jackshit about vidya. I'm not sure if I actually hold that opinion, I was just arguing for it.

Yeah, but the work was about narratology, not narratives - as in, the tools to tell a story, rather than the story itself. And since video games have two seemingly seperated aspects - the story and the gameplay passages - the actual game parts of the game really go against author-created content.

But yeah, there is that whole interactivity thing, and I do think there are games that are narratively impressing in the way they utilize their medium, but generally (atleast so far) a game dev's options to tell a story seem quite limited.

Do I have time for your bs?



it should be fine
might be a bit technical if you go too deep
explaining things like frame advantage and hitboxes might be a bit much if you expect the class to follow

still do it tho

You need to leave the internet, kid. I rarely hear anyone even talk about anime/non-normalfag and I work in a University CS dept. Closest was the anime girl and this one guy who likes SMT and Persona

one time i joking said to my teacher i could make a presentation out of anything and then pointed to a chair and said "I could even make a presentation out of chairs"

and then i did and i got an A for it lol

>video games have two seemingly seperated aspects - the story and the gameplay passages - the actual game parts of the game really go against author-created content
I tend to agree, but I really think that's more an issue of design philosophy than an inherent limitation of the medium.

Visual aid is allowed, thankfully, so that should help out a fair bit.
I'll try to keep it as basic as I can, still.

stealing this

We had to write fictional letters to our famous idols. People in my class choose brazilian country singers like "Zezé di Camargo & Luciano", "Leandro & Leonardo", while I wrote a letter to no other than Sonic the Hedgehog™. I cringe at the memory. I had to explain it to my teacher when she was reading mine out loud because she didn't knew what I was talking about and my classmates managed to make fun of me somehow even if nobody else knew what it was. I was 9 or something and got an A.

i wrote about the history of RPGs back in 11th grade, needed to do it to graduate for some reason. i did it as an excuse to play the final fight in FF6 and waste time for others so they didn't have to do their reports that day so that they had an extra day to finish theirs.

made $100 that week, it was good.

>caring about what you "look" in an anonymous image board

My first English paper was a goddamn 10 page research essay.
I feel like I got shafted.

You are probably right to a certain degree, at which point your (?) other statement comes into play: video games are a fairly young medium, so we will see how it develops in the future. Early films were basically just filmed stage plays. When a new medium comes around it tends to imitade older media before emancipating from it. Vidya basically needs that emancipation, and it will probably come at some point in the next ten or twenty years.
While I dislike most of these artsy indie games I must say that atleast they experiment. (It's just a shame that experimentation these days is instantly laudated in the indie scene, rather than waiting for succesful experimentation and examining why it is succesful, but that is a different matter alltogether.)

i mean i also go to community college paid entirely with financial aid so there's that

And I work in a warehouse and can start up a conversation with literally anyone about anime. At my uni anyone I talk to also has had conversations about anime, and vidya. It's almost as if you're pretending that the most popular forms of media aren't popular. Or perhaps people avoid talking with you about the subject because you are too autistic when talking about them?

I did the same thing. Went a regular university for a semester, it's arguably easier except you end up with 200k indebt at the end.

>Or perhaps people avoid talking with you about the subject because you are too autistic when talking about them?
I don't talk about them period.

>every class that had research papers or persuasive essays there was some kid that did a paper on how video game violence doesn't cause violence or how video games are good for you
>as if the teacher hadn't read this before
>just did papers on how schools should offer more foreign language courses or how the crusades weren't bad and how Islam is shit

I'm not sure whether I should feel like the normie or not. At least putting even teachers to sleep with my presentations was amusing.

Never did that but I did use footage from the beginning of the first stage of the Russian campaign from call of duty 1 on a history presentation I did on the battle of Stalingrad because teach said that the one part from Enemy at the Gates would be too graphic for school.

Tbqh, indie games have done nothing but disappoint me lately. The most reactive games are almost always old cRPGs or Harvey Smith titles.

>not caring about how you "look" when you want to say something in public, even anonymously, even on smug chinese drawings image board

you won't be successful user

teach me, sempai
gib steam name

I did a business model and financial analysis of Nintendo. I basically said if they don't change they will fail.

I got an A

It was a 2nd year university class on semiotics, I got an 86%

success is not taking any advice from cartoon characters in chinese imageboards. success is setting goals and going there with no second thoughts.

>goto high-school in a third world country
>Have high population of Indians but not Indian country.
>Have Indian English teacher but she was a Muslim.
>Write a narrative essay based on fallout universe.
>Get praised for my originality by teacher
She was strict but kind if cool actually.

In America men are made fun of for having interests

>college paper where the topic could be video games
What kind of clown college was this?

I wrote a few papers on vg not causing violent behavior. I dont know what i got on them since i never looked at my grades... passed the class tho.

>Had to write a fictional story with a historical background for English senior year.
>wrote about the medieval Chinese conqueror Raoh, King of the Fists.
>got a 98

Well. To be honest it wasn't about videogames. It was about movies. It's by far the weirdest shit I've ever done in front of a public.

I had a serious case of performance anxiety and couldn't do anything in front of more than five people. My hands always got all sweaty and cold. I could feel blood going to my head and it always felt heavy. You know how is it.
I decided I was not having anymore of this shit. It was a paper about any form of appreciation of aesthetics and a consecuent performance by making a small presentation of your area o interest in front of class. I picked films because films were way more acceptable as an interest circa 2008.
I made a really good paper about western influence in japanese filmmaking and went a long way talking about Akira Kurosawa. For my performance I did the same but I also talked about my favourite films. Since it was a performance and not a mere presentation I had to dress up.
So I did, as V from V for Vendetta. Mask and all. I didn't even know it was a thing. I used the mask to enter the character and fight against my anxiety. I was not myself, I was V, I thought. Made a pretty good impersonation of the character and got an A+ both for the paper and the performance but something bad happenned after
I took out the mask after my performance finished, but the character refused to leave. I had a brief moment of ego distortion, and I was still V. Some poor guy made a shitty presentation abou believing in oneself basing his work on some shitty power point chains that went around by mail. He was going to get bashed by the prof anyway. But V demanded me to expose the guy as the rat he was.

Wasn't really about vidya per se, but I wrote about both the ESRB and the MPAA, and how I believe both organizations aren't particularly necessary in the modern world.

Jesus Christ user. I sincerely hope this is some kind of copypasta.

I'm in the process of writing a paper on the relationship between digital media (specifically video games and the internet) and attention disorders such as ADD/ADHD

So I did. I asked for a couple of words in the middle of his performance and asked him how many people should I send the email to get good luck in love and whatnot. I inmediatly bashed him for his shitty work in the middle of the class and everyone was struck down by what I was doing. Guy seemed like a very emotional man and I heard afterwards that he didn't had the time for doing the paper nor the performance since he was going through a lot of personal shit and everyone knew except for me.

From that moment I went from being "that creepy loner dude" to "savage af". I mean, It got better for me since I made a lot of friends by shitting on the guy but it didn't felt good. I have not heard nothing from him since 2013 and I seriously think he killed himself I should've apologized

It aint

>feshman year of college, 2008
>had to take required public speaking course
>one of the speeches was a debate speech and I had to choose a controversial topic
>decide to do video game violence, Jack Thompson/GTA, giving several examples of the history of "violence in video games"
>class laughed when I showed the Daikatana ad "John Romero is gonna make you his bitch."
>was pretty well composed
>ended up getting an A- on my presentation
>mfw I recall using Shitaku as a source for one article

Completely unrelated but do you own a fedora by any chance?

I did this with the stick man rpg flash game

I wrote a paper about video games in video game class. My thesis paper was about image manipulations (something I only knew about b/c you need graphics for video games). And I think I wrote about some MMO that "accidentally" put graphics over the unsubscribe button for an ethics paper. Oh, and also I wrote a Japanese paper about how video games spread Japanese culture. Video games have lots of long katakana, so it bloated my ji count.

No, I do not. It was 2008 my man. I try to think that I'm a well adjusted man. Despite having a folder for reaction pics and browsing this hellhole for more than 7 years I think of myself as a normie. I do have a beanie, a fishing hat and a baseball cap.

I wrote an essay about monetary policy in EVE Online and how it could be applied to blockchain proliferation given that it's functionally a simulation of an economy where each individual has total control over their equtiy/liquidity

I made a quiz on RPG Maker for a literature project.

If you're still around, pick up the book "Image, Music, Text" by Roland Barthes. It's a good attempt to structurally approach art.

Mine was on how video games do not make people more violent, and actually reduce people's violent urges by acting as a way to vent them. I made an A on the paper but I botched the one before it, so i made an 87 in the class.

>Can video games be considered art?
I was still in my "us gamers" phase then.
I miss that optimistic happy person

You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded

>High school creative writing
>Have to create a character, and use it in multiple stories throughout the semester
>Self insert myself in, and use represent Cred Forums as a bunch of crows.
>Most stories were basically just my self insert trying to argue with a murder of crows that won't shut up about bullshit that has nothing to do with the topic.
Thanks for the A, guys. All those stupid threads paid off.

>will ever be considered art
you mean the purposefully mass produced art of Warhol?

No grades, but we did land a $50k research grant.

Did one on censorship
Got me a A-

Assignment was to write about the evolution of a genre. I wrote about the history of MMO's, World of Warcraft, and it's influence on the genre.

English Lit or Language/Linguistics?
I did the latter, you'd be surprised how many options you really have for the topic. Like the other user said, it is vital that you choose something you are actually interested in. I talked about the future of a multidisciplinary subtitling profession for example (didn't discuss vidya but there were a few journal articles flouting around on vidya subtitle use specifically). All you have to do really is pick anything that interests you and ground it in the literature of your course.

Trust me, you are far more likely to get better marks by picking something of interest to you. In English degrees especially; markers are much happier to mark them over yet another comparative "language and gender" study.

What was your Dead Space essay on specifically?

>I miss that optimistic happy person
I think that to myself sometimes aswell, but then again I just turned from a arrogant smug know-it-all into a depressed cynic. If I were myself from back then now I'd despise me, but then again I despise myself anyway so what's the point?

I once wrote a short story where the moral was basically that ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Funnily enough it also involved crows. They were eating the corn from a farmer, so he got crow-shaped models to scare of the crows, but the real crows returned after a few days, so he got really realistic crow models that even ate the corn themselves, but in the end the real crows just felt right at home and he couldn't distinguish them from the fake ones anymore.

I did a presentation about Justin Bieber in 2010, not long after Baby was uploaded. People thought it was funny and I got an A

For English Composition 1 I wrote my final paper on video games being considered art.

I got an A and my professor told me that it was one of the best argument papers she had seen in her history of teaching the class. She asked me if she could use it as an example for future classes.

I can't even stand to read that paper nowadays because I don't even believe most of what I wrote now.

I had to write a paper in high school about the correlation of real life violence (IE Columbine) and videogames.

The teacher insisted I plagiarized it because I'm socially retarded and have problems forming sentences that make any sense in verbal conversation, but I write extremely well which led him to believe that because my "voice" was so different it wasn't mine. People generally just think I'm stupid because I can't communicate. Fucking normies.

>secondary school or whatever the fuck it's called, I was 15
>English teacher tells us to make a presentation of a video game
>mine is on Resident Evil 4
>spend a shit ton of time making the sickest powerpoint
>get top marks, girls in class didn't give a single fuck, all the other guys want RE4 now

A buddy of mine presented WoW, showing the TBC trailer. One day later we had another presentation in our native language class, where we could pick whatever we wanted. The guy did the exact same presentation, except not in English. Poor choice in subject. All our teachers fucking hated WoW, since student laptops had just become a thing at the school then, and a lot of dudes used them to play WoW in class.

Wrote a paper about MMO griefing and online gaming related suicides. Gave a presentation and made a class of about 100 watch that clip of hundreds of people lined up at a WoW funeral on a PvP server, and then a group shows up and slaughters all of them.

Got an A. Graduated with honors.

for a "psychology of sexuality" class we had to pick topics out of a hat and also associate it to a movie and write a paper on it

I drew something along the lines of "how do people conduct themselves sexually/romantically online" so i did my paper on Gamer since it has that second life knockoff thing that is, while hyperbolic, seemingly pretty accurate to how people be degenerates online

Criminology is a well known joke at the BA and MA levels. It's just there for morons who think they're gonna end up being some hard-boiled detective hunting down serial killers, but will actually just be some hick town cop or prison guard.

Serenity Now, right?

it was a media analysis class that I was forced to take

I wrote a bullshit paper in one night before it was due on how the rpg mechanics of borderlands influenced general playstyle of the female vs the male characters

both females have boosts to indirect types of damage or skills that don't involve just running up into someone's face like a retard, which also effects gun brand choice (maliwan is always elemental, does not produce shotguns etc) and all of the stereotypes with the individual marketing and design of each company

it got me through the class but it probably wasn't a very good paper, and I'm sure if I looked at more meta powerbuild nerd shit now, all of the stuff I said about build choice and weapon brand use was wrong.

Not vidya, but...

In like 3rd grade, I was on a holiday with my family. I loved reading, but didn't bring any books with me. We stopped by a book store where I got 3 W.I.T.C.H. books that I fucking swallowed whole on the holiday. When I got back I tried to get my friends to read them, but they all rejected them because it was "girl stuff".

I ended up writing a paper and do a presentation about why boys don't read W.I.T.C.H., with my conclusion being that people should stop judging books by their covers, whether they were meant for boys or girls, and just enjoy the story.

Yes, I was the weird kid.

This is all fake right? Please tell me I'm not sharing a board with people who are this much of a fucking retard.

But hey I love you

In my senior year I compared Beowulf to Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening

What kept me from getting a perfect score was my music fucking up

Two of my friends also compared Beowulf to Dovahkiin and Sora

>expensive past time
>not going out every day blowing money on eating out
>Triple AAA games generally suck so not shelling out $80+ per season pass GOTY shit show
>Not having to buy much of anything in general but working internet for Skype and multiplayer

Expensive my ass.

Last year college and anime is everywhere. It's entry level shit but it's very rare to go anywhere without someone at least watching it. Even my co-workers are huge anime fags and most are out of college and huge normies.

I think you're just a dumb faggot that doesn't know that certain environments differ greatly from others.