Say hello to best Nep

Say hello to best Nep

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Agreed, Neptune is best Nep.


Hello Compa-chan! Where are you hiding?

Are you having a stroke? Don't worry, I can call a nurse

Cool down a bit, she's coming

I hope the next nep game keeps the composer from VII. VII has some great music.

This is getting progressively worse, we need more Compas

I agree, but nothing will top those

>nep thread
>noone posting
Where are my nep friends at?

Napping just like the Nep you posted, I guess

well I'm up now

9am est.

Everyone is in bed



too busy

Better version


>Wearing a hoodie in bed

It's here

Lowee neps are wearing huge hats in bed
Yeah man guess what that page was from
Finally Blanc lewds


Nepnep has enough porn

Literally the worst nep

fucking hate that "muh sadistic fufufu oneechan" trope

complete garbage

I just think it would get too warm when you're under the covers and wearing a hoodie.
And besides, a Lowee Nep without a poofy hat is just wrong.

Some of us must sleep and enter the dream dimension where neps are realer than real. I hate waking up ;_;

No lewds! Compa can't open her eyes now!

>can't open her eyes now!
Hey Compa, I got a very tasty lollipop for you here, remember, don't bite, it will ruin the flavor

Needs one vanilla doujin. Just one. Please... don't make me get back into writing lewd fics.

>don't make me get back into writing lewd fics
Why not, are you the one who wrote Blanc ones? They were good, you should write a Nepnep one
Also she already has one vanila doujin, a very old one

Compa doesn't take food from strangers I think...

That was someone else. I wonder if he still comes to nep threads.
Maybe I'll try opening my old pastebin account and writing something. No promises.

That's strange, she looks very different

Stop playing with trash, son.

Shut your mouth. I'd take a sleepy dominatrix over generic moeblobs anyday.

Uni is my UNIverse

>blanc's game is on sale on psn
>get it because i want to test remote downloading
>download and play it
>gameplay is on par with an a dynasty warriors spin off
Man in a few years these games are going to be amazing.

the map and objections in that game is vastly inferior to Dynasty Warriors. map way too small and objections are boring shit.

But the combat is indeed going in the right direction compared to Neptunia U.

Do I have to play Neptunia U to play Zombie?


Zombies takes place in its own universe.

Blanc's game also has the worst story out of every single nep game ever so far.


I think that title goes to Nep U or Nep PP.

You must be drinking bleach if you think PP's basic plot is worse than Zombies snipped together in toilet water plot. Nep U is a strong maybe.

Hello Nisa

>worst story
That's not Neptunia "Oh no, Iris Heart took over another scene with her stale dominatrix schtick for the twentieth time" Victory

The Seven Sages and craycray Rei made it manageable. Still shit on Iris Hearts part.

Nisa? But there are way better Neps out there, especially the ones still a part of Neptunia

>made it manageable
Not when the shitty character is in 90% of all events in the game


Anime Pluta was bretty gud.


One moment OP, my boss is calling me


The anime is over quick though, while the game drags on for hours of le sleepy flip flop sadist of consequence free abuse

Plutia in the anime really takes care of her friends.

Noire has many friends and is very popular!

ok Noire.

Blance > Neptune > Noire > Vert

And vert has loving imoutos and consumes entertainment media in healthy moderated amounts