What went so fucking right ?

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It's a Nocturne clone, and that's what edgy SMT kids like.

but Nocturne is trash and easily the black sheep of the main series.

more like Miss Missgami Missei IV: Missocalypse You Missed Edition

I played SMT IV but it was a little boring honestly.

How is this better? Because if it's just the same again I won't buy.

Giving Dagda an Irish accent.
Not as good as him being Char but it's a good compromise.

Why is he so smug?



Picking this with my ultra little bank money instead of DQ. I hope I'm doing the right decision.

Baby's first SMT

It comes packaged with punching God in the face

oh no

so why did the counsel of 4 and lilith look so bland and similar compared to any older demon? did they get a new artist and is he still on the team?

My god. One half of his face looks really cool, the other half looks like a lesbian. I'm glad there will be helmet armors to cover his head.

In 4 they had Kamen rider designers as guest artists, they didn't do this for 4 and had most of the 4 designs redrawn to look a good deal better

I really wish they'd have just gone with a mohawk, I hate the sidecut

i never missed this much in sj or in 4

Maybe the hair armors will be back. Like that bald head from SMTIV. Or maybe Flynn's hair. Cover it up.

>the lesbian half even has a red earring
Does AtlusUSA appeal to you, Cred Forums?

Pure cringe. Gave me cancer.

>they uploaded that in the japanese Atlus channel too
Not gonna lie, the video made me laugh.


That looks... Really over designed. The guy in the back is alright but the twerp in front looks like he needs his shit slapped.

A REAL Shin Magoomi Tenseye


Not the character design, that's for sure. Probably the gayest looking MC in the entire series.


What do they say? I'm deaf.

Is it normal to spam the Heal at the bar during the early game
I can't go like more than 5 battles without it, and that's assuming a demon isn't knocked out before

Do whatever you have to do to survive.

It justs irks me how nonsense it is to heal so often.
Well, at least just like Dark Souls dieing and reviving is actually part of the lore now so I dont feel bad about game overs

is it better than SMT IV? because that's been a fucking slog for me

How Personafags even compete?

Do I need to play SMTIV first?

Nothing, considering the game has a lower score than Persona 5, which has a lower score than #FE

I played #FE and I'm okay with this, because I don't really feel convinced about buying the other two.

>skrillex the demon boy detective


>fe shit apologists

You should. Most characters are recurring.

Wait, SMT4 has character customization? I thought it's like Strange Journey.

Ok, thanks.

Yes. A ton of armors. You can wear the demonica too.

And if you're gonna do it play neutral

So far (I just reached shinjuku or something and have to repel the serpent of chaos for the first time, level 27 in 12 hours) I find it way harder than IV, the partner is actually usefull, map is not a clusterfuck. I'm liking it more than IV, for now.

The plot of what has happened so far is somewhat explained, but still it would be quite confusing if you didn't play it. There are lots of cameos. Keep in mind that this game basically starts at the beginning of the neutral route in IV.

is DEX build still most op ?
haven't started the game yet. Persona 5 is longer than i expected

> A ton of armors.
Not really, the game has only three sets of armor: starting gear, black demonica and demonica.

When I said armors I meant overall. Not specifically "armors". There's a ton of outfits. Better?

you can like both you know?
and Persona 5 is the game that open the way for HD SMT. they gonna reuse P5 demon models


Useful to know. I'll try.

You forgot the Amazon jacket.

Get out of here with that sensible talk user

Not really, but it wouldn't hurt at all to do so

I'm going full STR and I was crying untill I started pumping up my LUC.

DEX doesn't increase phys damage anymore, only gun.

You should go DEX OR STR and add up LUC for crits or go full MAG ignoring all physical skills, both builds also require an investment on AGI. MAG is probably the best for early and mid game, also because now hama and mudo are normal damaging spells that try to instakill only if you are smirking, STR/DEX+LUC is bonkers in late game when you can crit almost every turn and also get a spell that manually makes you smirk.


If you're gonna go neutral in SMT IV
The way the game detects alignment is fucked

So this isn't available in Europe/Australia is it?

is literally perfect!

>buttblasted persona/smtbabbies

>Bored of IV, just want to end it all
>Was an edelord the whole game
>Decide to skip off chaos world, just rush to the portal and press the button
>White forest
>Johnatan appears
>Check a guide for this bullshit
>Rushing the chaos world gives you 8 fucking points in law for no reason

Fuck the aligment system in IV.

And fuck atlus for making law route so shit in IV.

Any gun skills I should be looking out for early on? I've only got a couple of weak gun attacks with ailments on them, a couple of buffs/debuffs, and Magaon so far.

Will Magaon even be useful enough to warrant keeping it on the MC instead of just having a demon with it handy?

>"you can see him too ?"
holy shit I actually laughed

What frimware version this game requires?

Magaon is one of those skills that you don't really want but always save your ass in certain situations. good luck fighting king frost without it

But it was the best route in IV and one of the only good Law endings.'s out!?

What's the normal difficulty, Conflict or War? Is Conflict too easy?

I'm just passed him and it did come in handy despite not even knowing he'd do it since Angel got it and Angel's usually one I'd always happen across in these games.

4 more days for official release. It's been leaked though and anons have been playing it before it's Japanese release.

Dagda's English voice

War has 30% more damage taken/dealt with tripled compendium costs compared to Conflict. Personally I've just been changing to Conflict when I need to pull something out of the compendium then changing back to War for battles.

>tfw when actually got neutral without a guide first try
Do you even balance?

Though I will say, some elements in SMT IV were clearly idiotic, like stacking press turn with smirk and demon whisper making you ball out of control. The hardest part of the game was the very first hours, then it was smooth sailing. Also AI partners suck.

Asahi is cute.

If you were a godslayer you'd be smug too.

What do you think ?
Persona 5 is gonna be the exception.

I got it to, and for all the faults of IV, actually getting neutral on your own was satisfying, especially when the game practically fellates you for picking the "correct" route. Also Isabeau a best, come at me.


I always figured everyone liked both but liked seeing Persona fans get assblasted from the bantz.

That's the case with me anyway

It seems mediocre, so far just a casualized SMT4

>Assblasted from the bantz
Sounds like you didn't click "read more" on that comment.

Winter 2017

So, March 20th 2017

I hate to be that guy, but somebody had to say this
>he STILL hasn't hacked his 3DS

Not bad.

if by good you mean dieing
Best Law routes as far as protagonist happiness are SMT1 and DeSu.

My attacks have been missing a ton, even with maxed Sukukaja.

If it wasn't for the fact that his JP voice is Shuichi Ikeda, I'd call his English voice superior.

I did, but in my personal experience Persona fans get pretty upset over people making fun of them, even when the people making fun of them actually do like Persona too.

Persona did so much damage flooding the fanbase with cancerous twats who don't know anything about the original SMT series, think Teddy is the official Atlus mascot, and desire that everything should be like Persona 3 and 4.
Every ounce of payback to those people is more than welcome in my book.

>dump all points in MA from level 1
>level 10 now and barely any difference in damage
So this is the power of world of MA......

It's really inappropriate for them to include Krishna, Buddha, Vishna, and other POC gods as enemies. Will not be buying this.

Are you raising agility?

Every thread until you people see the light

But that serves no purpose at all in IV, there each point of MA was like 1.5 extra damage from what I remember

Fuck off balancedfag

Man am I glad SJWs are too busy shitting themselves over mainstream stuff to care about most weebshit

Even max Strength is a better build.

You just wait.

>"Tokyo's Bad Day"

this shouldve been the actual titlee

I really wanna play it, but I'm currently playing Strange Journey.

They fixed STR and made it where it effects physical skills, right?

Yup. Been keeping a 5:3:3 ratio for STR to AGI + LUC, and even though my agility's way higher than the rest of my party's, I'm still missing a ton.

STR effects melee skills, DEX effects gun skills

sbdolute garbage

I'm retarded. What's the best stat to buff in IV?

I hope this game burns in hell. Fuck them for making a lesbian protagonist. Fuck them for adding 16 billion waifus. Fuck them for not canonically slitting that whore Isabeau's throat.

his voice actor is the Smash 4 announcer supposedly

>throw bone at demon
>it leaves
>couple battles later it comes back with the bone in its mouth

>smt 4U

>everyone keeps ranting and raving over Apocalypse
>google it
>3DS exclusive

So you're playing a Persona game that's 50+ hours in length on that tiny screen?


where were you when mainline went to handhelds 7 years ago

>you're playing a persona game
and with that facebook tier reaction image
not even worth a (you)

Where do you redeem the bonuses from IV save import on Apocalypse?

Persona money keeping entire franchise alive so you should at least be thankful

>there are anons who think SMT1/2 aren't the worst games in the franchise

Persona ain' SMT

>Pascal is cute.

SMT games sell fine for it's own series though.

Hello again.

Smt 1 is a flawed masterpiece

Fuck hordes. They seem so much more annoying this time than they were in IV. At least they tend to give good exp though.
>Toki insta kills a horde and two rounds of reinforcements.
Good girl.

The worst game in the franchise is Ronde

I can't really get into the way the battles are in this game...
No attack animations, just a screen with the enemy and the numbers popping up

Do i need to beat the neutral ending of 4 to understand this game?

Mag or Dex. Dex scales better and Desperate hit is fucking broken. Mag lets you be an almighty spammer/buffer in case bosses have elemental resistance


You also have all those medieval armors that unlock in Mikado. Most of the equipment comes in sets, too.

also why haven't you done that already

It's ridiculously easy

Why is his voice so fucking good? Who is even the guy dubbing him, he reminds me of some character but he talks so smoothly


An hero.


Actually no it doesn't until 4 every SMT game was considered a flop by Atlus

I'm honestly surprised how much of a improvement this game is to SMTIV, glad I pre-ordered it

heyyy that's pretty

Only 3 flopped.

Reminder that if you're in the US to get your free SMTIV Apocalypse theme if you haven't already

Growth or Fusion?

and Nine and Strange Journey. If it doesn't sell to Atlus's expectation its a flop

I'm level 30 and I'm about to fight shesha for the first time, I have been going around to grab some demons for fusing, am I overlevelled?

Oh yeah I forgot about NINE and SJ, my bad.

looks like he's lvl 40

Well fuck me then.

But I don't want 3D battles

How long is this game?
>That Dagda's accent
I fucking love it

Are you guys ready to doki doki the Toki?

is dex still superior or str in apocalypse? in IV, dex boosted both physical and gun attacks, some japanese/austimos calculated it

dex and str now work as intended; Str boosts physical attack and Dex gun attacks.

>non-plebs already finished the game more than 6 months ago
>EoPs are STILL waiting for the dubbed release
>probably exposed to a bazillion spoilers on Cred Forums just 1 week after its release on japan

why haven't you learned moonrunes yet?

The more important question would be why we haven't left Cred Forums yet

Has her scene been censored?


Citra running the game at higher res. Eventually.

The game leaked. People are already playing it.

is best hoy in the game?

Hoy is kill

can someone tell me what stores have this game early?


hey you fucking SMTards is this true? defend your fucking existence and explain this to me

im trying to get in the series here

Check your mom and pop stores

the 3dsiso store

Asahi's jap voice makes my dick diamonds

Not really. Hoyboy shows up, but it's just the form that Lucifer takes when conversing with humans. Same with Jonathan and Merkabah.
He is temporarily revived along with Jonathan for the final battle on the Peace route though.

You are a strong guy

Nocturne may have been a huge change but it wasn't a terrible game.


who's the best NPC in the game?

I'm really quite surprised at how much more I'm enjoying it than regular IV. I like the new tone, STR build is good this time, Smirk is better, Quests now have goal points on the map, MUCH better partner system, even demon negotiation feels better.

They clearly put a lot of effort into improving off of IV.

Story wise the best decision was to move away from LNC routes and go for original routes that suit the story. Some SMT premise just isn't about the demons vs angels and yet often you are forced to go back to those at the end.

Combat wise it's just a more balanced 4 with a great selection of demons. It has more exploration and party members are a bit more useful. etc. all the little things and qol improvements add up to being a great game. 4 was never that bad anyways.



Lilith, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Merkabah in the original IV were designed by Keita Amemiya creator and designer of among other stuff GARO (he also did some designs for Kamen Rider Black and Black RX, but his style was pretty different back them. His Garo stuff is closer to his SMT designs).


Is mage still a good build?

spoiler that shit

It has tons of spoilers for SMTIV, but it does explain what's going on by itself.

desu nintendo only fanatic's pettiness is getting pathetic, they're actually acting like a low budget handheld game is stratospherically superior to a new home console persona game. You really need to get over your obsession with what brand your toy is.

I just got an used 3ds. Is it fine to just play this game right away or should I play the other SMT on the 3ds first? I took a quick look at the list and there seem to be 2 or 3.

I'd play IV first.

Everyone who played p5 has already agreed that it was terrible.

>dungeons are still shit
>p5 dungeons are also ass
>SMT will never have good dungeons again

what a hell happened?

That's what you parrot to justify your unhealthy obsession with nintendo.

It's easy to make good dungeons when they're grid based, the transition to 3D has made it quite difficult to design good dungeons.

story wise is better than adachi 2.0
and exploration is more rewarding here.

I have every console (aside from the xbone) and a pc

DEX for life.

I haven't seen anyone say anything bad about P5's dungeons, especially compared to P3 and P4


What's a good ratio to pump points into St/Ag/Lu? I did 3/1/1 for the first 20 levels and now I'm doing 1/2/2

t. Personafag


MAg points wasted. What does luck even do?

+10 Walters for going str

I guess that Adachi is Ikutsuki 2.0 because he betrays the party. All traitors aren't the same character user.

nigga this game gives incenses as if they were life stones

they take fucking hours and are composed of mostly hallways that need to back track to get into the next zone.
The chance system also makes it slow to advance since you need to wait for each encounter but is needed to not get fucked.

post fave low-level demons

in this game you can either go Str for damage or go magic for poking weakness and support. I think the latter is superior because you can always get an end game demon with huge damage but your MC has unique ability to always use items and summon and restore.

But it's up to you. That said you shouldn't neglect Ag and LU, the most I would do is 2/1/1 until you see decent damage from Str.

is the same fucking twist they give each game but this time is more blatantly obvious. is just lazy.

>this is a godslayer

Man Dagda looks so cool

SMT has always had top tier demon designs

And SMT games only have characters that can be classified into lawfags, chaosfags or neutrals. Is that any better?

2/2/1 2/1/2

depends on the artsit to be honest

Rate my Godslayer.

How you liking the lewds user?


She's nice.

They got a much better artist I gotta say. Even though most of the designs are still the same, they clearly got someone to delete all the bad models for new ones. Makes a world of difference.

it's the exact same thing. also 1st person rpg battles are a cancer

>1st person rpg battles are a cancer

are these teenage numales the same kind of people who do western localizations? because that would explain the 5th grade vernacular and cringe inducing humor

>Tfw fucked up my build cuz bad

Looking good, mermaid unlocks media at level 20 by the way, and she'll need LOTS of exp to reach it, probably not in time for the next boss You'll need it tho.

Do I need to beat SMT4 to play this? I played 4 up until you turn on the reactor or whatever, sided with Jonathan, really don't feel like going back to it because it's been so long and I was set to get the Law ending anyway

It's not boring. There's no boring opening like with Mikado kingdom and the dialogue is a lot more . . .relatable.

Improvements include
-Better smirk system
-More balanced for builds (MA dominated vanilla IV)
-no more vague quests (there are quest markers now)
-updated partner system (you can now choose your non demon partner and they level up)

Dont listen to this shitposter.

you're an irrelevent relic, go play a board game or something

What's wrong with Final though?

SJautists are making the most obnoxious Nocturnefags seem mild.

No you don't I also dropped at the same very moment, IV:A is much better


>SJautists instead of being hip with SJwarriors

>Leanan Sidhe at Level 18
>Still hasn't learned her last skill so I won't fuse her yet

>Plan on going Mag
>Keep putting points into Str and Dex cause I always think I'm gonna need to for something
>Never do


Fuck, this shit looks great. I had a ton of fun with SMT IV, even if the dungeons were shit

I hope SMT V will go back to consoles, I'm tired of playing in 240p on a 3DS

So how is the route you get determined? I want to save the true one for last.

who cares when/where do I obtain the gothic lolita costume

you need them a bit in the end. so it's not a waste to put a point or two in it from time to time. you get plenty of incenses anyways so maxing is not a big deal. most of the incenses are str/mag and you can farm them too.

Rev up that asset reuse Atlus

>those stat distributions

Can I play Apocalypse if I didn't play IV? I want in on the fun wagon

I'll be seeing you degenerates on the official release date.

What do you get from save import?

You can I guess, but SMT IV is fucking great.

It's like Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, two parts of the same game.

Yeah, but you should play IV anyway

>oops all demons

Ok fuck you, I actually laughed.


Team maniac

I lost my 30 hours save data when I was killing the Whites, am I going to miss something important if I just play Apocalypse?

You disgust me


The door is that way user. You and your shit opinion are welcome leave anytime.

It changes the battle/victory music to the appropriate stuff as well, they even did a new remix for If...'s victory theme

you will miss the point of Flynn and why the fuck you are chasing him for the first part of the game.

which is fine if you are the type of person to not care about motives in an RPG.

As a "Godslayer", can I murder everyone? Can I go fucking nuclear and kill even Dagda?

If you were that far in then you could just youtube the end of the neutral route. That being said, the game takes place right before the neutral route resolves and from what I understand changes that ending so you should be fine honestly

I wanted to buy IV and I've been ready to get it a lot of times, even during sales, but some shit always happens when I want that game. It's like divine intervention telling me not to.
Fuck divine intervention on apocalypse though, I'm getting it.

Thanks for the info btw, I appreciate it

You genocide existence, including Dagda and chose a party member to become the herald of the new universe you create

Holy shit. That sounds fucking great.

Lham Dearg used to be a higher level demon, but they dropped him to level 1 demon and still kept his phys resistance. I love him for SMTIV's early game. I also prefer human-like demons in general, so it's nice to get one so early.

Is Kaneko still alive?

>dungeons are still shit
>p5 dungeons are also ass
>SMT will never have good dungeons again
>what a hell happened?

Dungeon people now all work on EO.

Sounds edgy even by SMT's standards

the only part left is after rejecting the Whites you go back to underground Tokyo, destroyed both demons and angels by being a charismatic leader in hunter ranking and somehow saved everyone by invoking the power of Masakado. After that you get kidnapped and 4A begins.

Also Isabeau wants to fuck.

He's having another volume of art published later this year, the last one was 2008.

But given the setting of SMT that's the only way to get rid of God's influence on your universe, otherwise he will always come back. It's explained in the game as making the sacrifice for true freedom.

I hope at least Radiou makes it into the western release

Sounds like an upgrade/director's cut instead of a sequel proper.

So are you Dagda's bitch the entire game or can you reject all gods and pull off a humanity: fuck yeah?

All right, than you for the answers guys.

Should i play 4 before this

You dont really have to but if you like that type of gameplay already sure. IV is still a pretty good game i boring at parts.

IVA comes with a host of improvements so it's a more accessible game to play compared to IV.

I like all these games.

Did any of you fegs fought YHVH yet?

I loved it, but it definitely shook some things up. It's still a good entry point into the series though.

>What went so fucking right ?

I hope they don't screw up his voice

>What are ya gonna do? Stab me?

Literally the first I've ever heard of NINE. Is it at least decent?

You can literally tell God to fuck himself and create your own universe.

>God creates the universe
>Give humans the potential to rise up and gain fucking retarded amounts of power, rivaling God himself
>Gets upset when humans do exactly what he gave them the potential to do
Is YHVH a retard?

Rejecting Dagda leads to the peace ending where demons are still around but you get YHVH to fuck off for a while and move the Tokyo citizens to Mikado
Going along with Dagda has you kill absolutely everyone that knows of YHVH (including him) in order to remove him from the collective consciousness of the universe so he can't manifest again

God didn't create the universe in the SMT universe, he manifested as a result of people thinking he exists

Well then that means that he'll always be there, if they don't want YHVH to be a meany pants why don't they imagine him as a nice guy?

He works in mysterious ways.
Do not question it.

>Well then that means that he'll always be there
Not if you go edgelord ending in Apocalypse

Rate my YHVH Buster

Lame outfit.

I think in the game it's not quite explained that way. YHVH probably didn't plan for humans to gain that much power, there's likely some other factor in work as hinted in 4F. He always wanted humans to be obedient little drones but humans are also influenced by demons and the pagan gods who are at least partially independent from YHVH's influence.

One way to look at it is that it has not taken genesis as the premise but the relationship of mankind with all kinds of major religions as how powerful/influential they are.

Nocturne is not bad. Just vastly overrated by ps2 babies.

The same people that overrated RE4 to hell despise the fact it started as gamecube exclusive. The same people which overrate KH and literally every crapware that was released on ps2.

Yes, I agree with it being the black sheep. But that doesnt make it bad.

Great taste OP.

>Still hasn't shipped yet
Goddamnit Amazon I can't handle the suspense

Or better, I go and play the actual new SMT game fucktard which was made for relics like us.

Also, persona 5 doesnt have enough models to justify a full 3d smt. 50 devils done out of 300 is almost nothing.

Gameplay improved but characters and story are literally persona tier
God slayer ending is something I expect to see in the cheap harem garbage anime, not in the smt

Get an orange bowl cut. Then you can be Guy Gardner.

Do Pleroma skills stack?
Alice wants to learn High Dark Pleroma, but I already have Dark Pleroma on her.

I know I'm late but you barely fight Shesha then. Don't worry.

What does Luck even do in this game?
Should I play maxing Luck in my first run?

I think they stack like in 4, don't quote me but in general they are not worth it. It's better to have resistance and utility and put skills on a demon with high skill affinity. You get all kinds of pierce later on so if it's your main dps you definitely want that on as well.

Raises crit chance
Raises chance of ailments and instant death success on enemies, lowers the chance of success on you
I think it makes negotiation easier too
It's necessary on Phys builds, nice to have on Mag builds

Crits for smirks

I was afraid it'd be overrated, and after playing SMT I and II and hearing about some of the changes, was afraid it'd be too different. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed SMT III and it became my favorite SMT. Still need to play Strange Journey, IV Final and if though. "if..."'s gonna have to wait awhile though, I think after Strange Journey and Final, I'm all JRPGed out.

Is it a good idea go go for a luck build to get smirk and crits 4 dayz?

>and cringe inducing humor

Yeah, like Japanese humor is any better.

One of the PR guys called it a side story.

> It's been leaked
Do you have a single fact to back that up, such as a link to a .cia?

You could literally just go look on 3diso.

See, posts like this make me believe that the piratefags of today have somehow got impossibly dumber than ever before


Is Mag MC still a steamroller or other stats actually matter now?

It is.

I wanted to wait until the EU release but FE Fates is boring me to death and the save transfer bonuses are lame, should I start this?


Is the leaked CIA in the Pastebin the official US release or is it just a fan translated Japanese version?

I think mag is still better, as explained above.
It's not a steamroller and I'm not sure you can do something like Bazooka spamming in 4 but I only played through it myself once.

But the game isn't hard by any means. I beat everything not in the paid DLCs and they are in general pretty easy except for gimmick fights and those with status ailments that you must prepare against.

Yep. Fucking hilarious how Japanese characters keep falling over in compromising positions, or make food so bad someone is sent to the ER, or "WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE!" for the umpteenth time.

Yes they stack, yes it's worth to have it on Alice since it makes her the best Mudo user, at least until Mephisto's DLC drops.

>literal moe 'blobs'
>I still want to fuck them

I did LCK+AGI in SMTIV. I was basically a super fast healslut/buffslut for my entire team. It was pretty fun, actually. You just have to get used to relying on Hama/Mudo skills in order to kill shit.

I hear the story is pretty stupid and personaish, is that true? Because that would be a shame. I was hoping the story would be an improvement from IV

I'm playing through DDS, it's my first time playing a mainline game. Should I be grinding a lot? I'm at the part after you make a deal with Ass-tat's tribe to fuck up the Solids. I got into the base and almost got whooped by the first two demons

>Piratefags playing a week early, and probably not even going to buy it
For you? A lot apparently. For Atlus? Not much.

Oh, mighty 4chink, pls tell me what to play first
0-4: Smt4:A
5-9: DQ7

Have fun waiting while I get a week's headstart on it. I can just transfer my save onto my cart later too :^)

> enjoying the most autist game series on the planet.
Delete thread.

>I-I-I'm going to buy it
>I'm n-n-not like those other pirates!!!
>S-s-so what if I wait for it to drop to $10 on a sale, a sale is a sale!!!
Neck yourself.

>playing traditional long as fuck jrpg instead of absolute madman adis fueled skrillex in demon world

Where did the pirate boogyman touch you?

>Mag Nocturne
>Phys Devil Survivor

I've been screwed over too many times. Which stats are useless this time around and which are good?

t. humourless faggot

Play Devil Survivor 2 and you'll love the shit out of Phys

Pick one out of St, Dx, and Ma. Ignore the ones you didn't pick. So, Attack stat of your choice, Ag, and Lu.

By what metric?
DF feels more autistic on the basis that it's so unconventional in the design sense to minimize visual representation in favor of functionality to that degree.
Then there's Age of Decadence which is so poorly designed that you have to use second degree savescumming in order to get shit accomplished, which begs the question of how on earth the player is able to enjoy it.

Help me decide on a STR or DEX build. Dex looks more fitting for Nanashi but I didn't like using Guns in 4. Which has the better skills this time around?


Guess it's time to dust off the 3DS. Last game I played was Project X Zone 2 and that was unbelievably boring.


Yeah, I haven't played anything since finishing Super Mystery Dungeon last month.

>all the routes were unsatisfying, Law and Chaos do the typical "YHVH or Lucifer's ass slave" thing that I hate
>Walter and Jonathan go from cool guys to singleminded assholes in the blink of an eye just to fill the Chaos hero and Law hero roles
>Neutral was about being an indecisive faggot instead of being rational like Stephen or believing in humanity like Gore

>both routes look interesting


STR. Only the strong survive, user.


STR is still fine, though. None of them are total shit.



Psst nothin personel kid

>Toki at the lust cauldron
Why is this allowed?

I remember when some moron ranted about how Polytheistic Alliance -> Divine Powers was censorship. Was Polytheistic Alliance ever actually used in English anywhere in the Japanese version, or is that just something fans started using? Because I looked up the Japanese term and it was 多神連合, which literally translates to Multi-Gods Alliance.

Because it makes my dick rock hard.

How is the dub? Is it decent enough or should I just download the undub CIA?

Dub will always be Americans butchering Japanese names.

Dagda is pretty good, most of the others are tolerable. Nothing has stood out as awful for me.

Well I thought SMT4 dub was good.

Didn't really seem that way to me in SMT IV for the most part. The dub actually seemed pretty good, same with what I've heard of SMT IV A (but I've only heard the trailers).

It was

Just a heads-up. The undub cia still has english voices for cutscenes and Nanashi and Navarre in the overworld.

Shame you can't name Nanashi. I get it's not a big deal but it feels pretty damn weird, you know?

You can. When you pickup your smartphone it asks for your Hunter Name. You can use your real name (Nanashi) or whatever you want.

Dubs are shit so often that you shouldn't even need to ask.

I can understand enough Japanese that I could play most games and understand 90% of what's said, but SMT games tend to have difficult, archaic vocabulary and minimal context or emotional clues.

I agree that most dub are shit but I asked because SMT4 dub was actually decent enough.

Is a main LCK build viable in this game? I loved going through IV and spamming Mudo/Hama and insta killing everything, hopefully I can do it again in this one.


SMT in Japanese hasn't really been much of a challenge for me. Persona 3 and 4 were a pain though, but that's because of the colloquial style of speech that's so often used. I rarely just bullshit with Japanese people, so I'm unversed in those sorts of styles.


The real challenges are the bosses and they're all immune to instant kills.

Of course, but I just want to know if Mudo/Hama still work the same way (LCK based) or if the mechanics have been changed.

>Those stats
>Lv 24
How are stats distributed in this game?

same as last game 5 per lvl?

>Get to the part where I need to recruit some demons
>Trying to recruit a goblin, but he keeps getting pissed and attacking me
>Get a choice to call him ugly
>"Man...That hurt"
>Fucking runs away
Just found my GOTY. Hopefully it doesn't turn to shit at the end like SMT4

They don't instakill unless you're smirking, but smirks are more common

It's good to know that STR is better in this one, I'll stop putting points in MAG.

Damn, seems like I won't be able to first turn wipe everybody anymore. Takes a little off the viability of a LCK build but I guess it's still doable since it's not hard to smirk in a lck build

so I downloaded this piece of jizz on my cfw 3ds and had to skip through an hour of visual novel bullshit. when does the real game start

After 80 hours

holy shit


So you can get this costume right at the beginning of the game?

Raidou Kuzunoha 3 confirmed?

post sick SMTIV and Apocalypse tunez

it's dlc

Of fucking course.

>Mainline SMT is good again
feels good man

When was it bad?


After the final credits


Are Gun skills as overpowered in this game as they were in IV?

Also, any new special fusions?

When it went on a strange journey

Ok, define this for me. By what measure was Strange Journey a bad game?

No, Str and Mag are also as viable.

What the fuck, that game was pretty good, the only one that wasn't that much good was Nocturne because it was pretty barebones and yet it was still a pretty good game

Not him but it wasn't really bad. The only thing I'd really rail against is the Protag becomes fucking worthless and is reduced to an item vendor later on, which is really bad when it's the one person you can't swap out of the party and gives you a game over if they die.

Hating on SJ is the hot new meme because it's popular.

Still really strong, but not as ridicolous as bazooka spamming.

Well I can't really remember what were the special fusions in 4, and I'm just level 32, so I don't know. Were king frost or high pixie in IV?

and the only reason it became popular is because liking Nocturne was too popular
are you starting to realize this fanbase is full of contrarians

How long do I have to wait to get her this time?

You can fuse her at level 51.

DDS isn't a mainline game though...

Maybe you should just stick with Persona, artard.

Thank god

That's a good thing, it makes you rely on your demons more. I hate it when your main character does most of the job in SMT.

that's not its name

>Town is just a menu hub, dungeons are sectioned off
>Battle system is shallower than Devil Summoner or even SMT2
>Fusion system is really gimped
>Game ranges from incredibly easy to requiring a complete reformulation of the party for certain bosses who regenerate
>Music is repetitive outside maybe the battle tracks
>A lot of sections are fetch quest bullshit, going from one sector to another to get some item and leave
SJ has some top tier dungeons and some good new demon designs but it had a lot of flaws

There's a giant difference between being overpowered and a completely useless piece of shit. In SJ they made the MC way too weak in the lategame for no actual reason, since he is completely fine for the rest of the game.



>Only maxing one stat

What the fuck is this meme?

you forgot
>Chaos and Law are cartoonishly evil and Neutral is basically the default choice
>alignment characters are at their absolute lowest quality and even color-coded before SMT IV did it
>Red Sprite crew is boring and dull outside of a single toilet meme sidequest

>Ryuji gets Johnathan's scarf

what about Walter?


When does Toki show up? I just killed the bigass snake.

Is optimizing.

Instead of being mediocre in everything, you can pick one thing and be extremely good at it. Since you get passive pierce anyway, STR or DEX is as viable as MAG.


I've just repelled the snake and now I'm sad because I tought I would have met her in the next main quest.

How did people get the game early? in english?


What if I don't?

someone gamestop fag leaked the .cia

A horrible fate awaits you

I'm sorry I couldn't resist

Bring it.

I should've known

Just you wait. That Nanashi brat is gonna bring it

>tfw the manga will never be finished

It's different from the others so people hate it, even though megaten as a franchise was based on breaking classic rpg conventions and it went through radical changes multiple times during its lifetime (just see how different the snes era games are compared to the psx/saturn era ones, and again with the ps2 era games).
Seeing how diverse the franchise is you'd think that the fanbase would actually enjoy change, instead almost every single game or subseries has its own obnoxious fanbase that hates everything else (SMT fans hate persona, but SMT1/2 fans also hate smt3, smt3 fans hate smt4 and vice versa, persona 1/2 fans hate persona 3/4 and vice versa, devil survivor 1 fans hate devil survivor 2 and vice versa, people who enjoy digital devil saga are usually the coolest since they just keep to themselves and don't give a shit)

If you're speaking of Demonic Gene it actually was, I don't remember if the one for Law was though because we didn't have the raws last I checked

When do I get the rewards for clearing SMTIV?

Just get some beads, revival things etc for having a save file, nothing for beating it.

You get extra app points for each path you cleared

Anyone know how to get the Black Card yet?

>wanting to make the game easier than it already is

Wasn't Nocturne literally the only SMT game that didn't have bad Chaos or Law routes?

Nothing, but Atlus USA won't get as many shekels if they don't rename games.
>no, these americans won't buy a game called 'overclock'
>we've got to change it to 'overclocked'
>'break record'? fucking gibberish
>'record breaker', that's more like it

Are the White still around or did Flynn get them to fuck off?

DeSu1 if you go out of mainline
Nocturne didn't even have Law/Chaos routes but I wasn't too fond of Reasons, Nocturne just has the problem of too much stuff on True Demon route, even if it's not locked to it it prods you to go on it

>low MP
>STR build
>trying to leave dungeon
>hit enemy
>it's an enemy horde episode
>beat them
>reinforcements show up
>beat them again nearly no MP left for me/party
>reinforcements AGAIN
>dont back down
>grit and bear it
>get enough EXP to level up (have level recovery app so whole team gets health and mana back)

I'm having so much fun with this.

I'm getting tired of reinforcements.

>fight the same horde 4 times thanks to reinforcements

The EXP is nice, but man that's a boring fight.

Oh boy, 4 sounds annoying. If I encountered that more than once in a dungeon I'd try and run.

I wish. 0% chance to run for all four when it happened.

Anyone know how to import the save data from SMT 4 to Apocalypse?
I have the legit Eshop version of SMT 4 on my 3ds but everytime I try to import to Apocalypse it just says cart not inserted properly.

It's not Shitsona

Are they the same region?

>Dat Law set
Law always wins

Do you have SMT4 installed on your SD card?

>you can literally have snu snu with Ashera
What a time to be alive

this happens after neutral lock so whites are indeed btfo

I originally deleted it but had the saves backed up. Then I redownloaded from the Eshop and even went and loaded my cleared save data. I'm not sure what's wrong.

Law's the oddball in that they have the best designs but literally everything else is total garbage.

Even holds true when Law & Chaos show up in Fate/Grand Order. An adult Saber's leading Law and fucking look at her.

People were created to act as cattle for YHVH. Them having infinite potential was an unintended side effect

wait is this shit out?

Take a guess.

>IV is fucking great
>you should play IV anyway
Goro betrays your party and is the final boss in Persona 5

Just go back to your room for the free heal.

The first bar is free

To the surprise of no one.

The whole "traitor" thing is kind of formulaic at this point. Hell, only gaijin were caught off guard by Adachi being the bad guy as his full name effectively translates to "garbage."



>Famed still fusion accident only aside from a few special fusions
>best Famed not even in the game

>unintuitive map
So much fucking better than the first game and it's map

>unintuitive map
Weren't they going to fix this from 4?

>Unintuitive map
Everything is labeled and there is even a big "go here retard" flag.
What more do you want?


And they actually did

Thats because the main complaint was that the normal endings were too plain and boring so with the director cut they added a bunch of shit in

Because those are engrish, if you want engrish or shit like that why don't you fuicking learn japanese?

What does transfering give you? Because I deleted the game but still have that new game+ (after a neutral route) save from IV (without starting it)

Best Odin design

>no eyepatch
Now that I think about it he looks like a high rez recolor of the eagle knights from SotN

The blue thing is the eyepatch though


1) The blue part on his left eye is what you're looking for.
2) IIRC he's only missing an eye in his wanderer form.

>Can't call anyone out on their bullshit
>Choices are either do this super obvious not good thing and fuck everything up or don't do it and sit around until you decide to do it because you can't progress the story until you choose the former option
Not that far in though desu but it's kinda grating.

Also, how many routes are there?

>Yo maybe we shouldn't unseal this god
>Dagda possesses you and makes you do it anyway
Cool choices.

There are 4 "routes" but 2 of them are basically early endings like White in IV.

Two, but the game clearly steers you to just one.

>Demon was blown away
Oh what the fuck?

Is the preorder worth it fampais?

>happens in the middle of a boss fight
Not like I wanted to use Power anyway.

>Smirk Hama and Mudo
Holy shit I love it.

It'll show up later in a random battle and rejoin you, it happened in 4 too

I got a free poster at rockstop
it's a shitty poster but it was free.

Really? I don't remember that happening at all.

Nigga you what

Is there a point to spending money on swords if you have a dex build or guns if you have a str build? So far they both just give bonuses to the stat they use for attacking and that's it.


you have very low standards for engrish

is there some kind of recap in the beginning of 4's story? I forgot everything and am wondering if I need to read some synopsis online before I start.

>there are people playing the dub

>if you disagree with based atlus USA-sama why don't you fucking learn japanese?

I like english Dagda better than Char Dagda because holy shit this guy's performance is perfect.

>any good

You don't need to know anything because it takes place pretty much during the same time as smt4

Am I a casual for not playing on War?

>Lowered hit rate and increased compendium costs because fuck you
Nah fuck that noise.

It does feel like I'm missing a lot more than in IV.

>increased compendium costs when you can change the difficulty any time
also i want to blow my fucking brains out for not realizing they more than triple the compendium costs on war until now

So Cred Forums, are you going to give him "that"?

I'll give him some mudoon alright

I always give them that.

I bought SJ a few years ago, but never actually started it, I've never played a SMT game, I don't want to start with the Persona Series as it looks like dumbed down bullshit, what SMT should I start with SJ or SMT IV and then Apocalypse since that just came out?

It's going to be a pain in the ass playing SJ after SMTIV+Final. IV&Final is meant for new comers after all.

So if you want to have an easier time *now*, go with SMT IV.

Ok, I'll start with SJ then and buy SMT IV after I finish it and then SMT IV Apocalypse after it goes on sale sometime down the road. Thanks!

Who is this little girl and why is she so lewd?

>Squirtle used Fury Attack!

They are both good, just flip a coin.

I never knew turtles tried to ram shit as aggression.

Source? Name? Anything?

Good for you, but don't take too long. Doki Doki Toki will be waiting.

>After you finish Strange Journey

Do you literally not know what Polytheistic means?

>Beat MA with a team of elemental reflect low level demons I looked up passwords for
I'll never leave this shame behind

It's ok friend
I used a busted Alice that did like 4 times the damage of the rest of my team combined to beat it
I still almost lost

No shame, friend. The game can be a bitch at times.

>not gitting gud and/or grinding it out

>free apocalypse theme for 3ds
Finally, a free good theme, the only other one free is ducking sonic.

>Expected to ship September 16
Amazon you lying shits

Fuck yeah. I already own 1-3.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

>yfw new Raidou game

So having played but never beaten IV, is there anything i need to know before i play Apocalypse?

Go back and beat it

Flynn teamed up with Masakados to try and bring down the dome around Tokyo
Walter became Lucifer's body, Johnathon became God's car

Four fucking hordes back to back, holy shit I was sweating bullets because I had to use items to survive

No, Walter became Lucy's fetus arm

Akira was one hardcore motherfucker I also like the explanation for how the body Masakados used was so gigantic and why he was only a had in the present

Atleast you get tons of exp now.