Battlerite CBT

Can we talk about this game goddamnit

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no. your shilling sucks ass.


>favorite character


>favorite teammate


>cancer on game

Poloma and the little water girl

Is it a MOBA?

If so, you should kill yourself without delay.

is it gonna be available at 20 sept to all?

its more like wow arena

It's a casualized moba. No levelling up or item management.

I think early access is $20 and it'll be free to play on full release

Ah, so it's only Diet Cancer?

It's still shit and you should feel bad for perpetuating the worst genre in history.

I've played League daily since beta. I should've killed myself long ago.

The opposite. Previous game died mostly because publisher went full retard, but also because it's too hard compared to standart MOBA
Wait, i have to pay to play at sept 20?
Why do you think it's "cancer"? Try it for yourself before jumping to conclusions.

>Q: How does Early Access differ from Beta?
A: On September 20th Early Access begins, which means that from that point until the Free-To-Play launch of Battlerite, anyone who wants to play the game immediately can purchase access to it. During Early Access the Battlerite servers will be available 24/7.

Q: Will my alpha/beta key let me play in Early Access?
A: No, access to the alpha/beta will not carry over to Early Access.

>Q: What will Early Access cost?
A: The target price of Early Access will be €19.99 on Steam (local prices may vary). Besides including everything mentioned under the "Early Access" header

From their steam community faq

I fucked up the quotes

Stop shilling

Nobody gives a shit about the market saturation of MOBA's, casualized or not Battlerite is just another corpse on the fire.

okay, well.
i guess i'm gonna pay, i'm having too much fun with Shify And Froggy

It's not Dota-clone, It's literally MultiplayerOnlineBattleArena

quite the opposite, senpai

do they keep changing the name and trying to sell this thing?
i remember playing it in like 2012 and thinking it was meh.

The whole first half of the thread was bitching about that, user. Don't worry I'm aware of how you kids feel about labels

>about labels
you mean shitposting
how do you know i'm not older than you?

I was just sent four keys. I have no friends.


Same, here are my four keys if anyone wants them (note that they apparently only work for one day since the game launches soon.)


Because you made a reply to tell me that it wasn't exactly a MOBA, but it's actually just a MOBA.

I have no other way to prove you wrong since the NDA on the game

Somehow I want to try this, but I've never played a MOBA before and I'm afraid I'm going to embarrass myself horribly, since it's going to be my first time. What the fuck do you even do in this game?

There's nothing to prove wrong kiddo, don't worry trying to cleverly hide the genre won't keep it from being lumped in with other MOBA's.

I can see now that you are a fucktard, but thanks anyway for bumping this thread




Three more keys, just grab

you fight other people in 2v2 or 3v3


Jesus Christ you are 12, aren't you?

2v2 or 3v3. Pick a character and spam skills at each other while dodging other skills. It's Bloodline champions 2.

It's wow arenas rts style skill shots only

Not minion lanes and other gay shit

There are no creeps, no towers, no power equilibrium outside of a given round that doesn't scale evenly between teams, not even a healing fountain. It's legit just PVP. It doesn't even control like an RTS, it's like a top-down shooter with CC, buffs, and debuffs.

It's pretty fun actually, and I've never played BLC.

Fuck off Funcom shill

just remember to be fucking civil and not flame everybody as soon as you lose a round, and maybe somebody might help you
so far the community is pretty chill, although LoL kiddies are already appearing
remember to play training, and then dick around in practice mode

in practice there are combat dummies. some immobile, one mobile one, 2 that attack, and a friendly dummy for healing practice. you can switch characters on the go in practice mode, as well as battlerites
maybe play one game against AI to get comfortable, then join 2v2 or 3v3 queue


Switching characters on the fly in training mode is such a godsend. Sure, it takes me like 15 second to load the player model, but you can still move, act, and look at/select rites while you wait.

and don't forget about EX abilities, that is alternative versions of normal abilities
you can see them by holding shift (default key) and looking at your ability bar
ex abilities all cost 25 energy (except one) and the associated ability goes on cooldown when you use them.
there's also the R ability, that always costs 25 energy but DO use it, thing like Lucie's roll, or Shifu's Tendon Swing are important tools in their kit

you must have quite the toastes, for me it's instant and my computer is years old

Is this thread not literal advertising?

Not that I hate this game or anything(I had a lot of fun with it a few years ago.)

>5 overwatch threads an hour
>not advertising

Nope we are safe faggot

Want a key?

Grabbed the third key, thanks senpai.

this fucking mentality is what's killing Cred Forums
yeah, 50 anime/porn/shitposting/twitter/overwatch/ Cred Forums threads are fine, but as soon as somebody wants to discuss a new game that's coming out?


so who are your favourite heroes? sirius/freya main here

I do not care about nor do I play Overwatch so I ignore those threads but, If you are advertising your game very blatantly then try to deflect your misdemeanor onto other rule breaking threads, you are only adding to the nonsense.

I'm still playing pomp but I don't like her changes at all disappointing how much they've dumbed down the game

how much time do you spend here to be so completely brainwashed?

You are genuinely so stupid that you deserve death.

Favorite character is time guy but it honestly feels like the water girl is just straight up better in some ways.

Plus her ultimate is strong as fuck

Because a guy wants to talk about a game that just went into beta?

Discussing video games is the literal purpose of this board user. Do you think every thread is an ad?

Both are shilling. I refuse to believe that Cred Forums is now somehow full of Bloodline Champion fans that make several threads per day, despite literally no one making a thread about the previous dead game for years I've been here. Fuck you and fuck off, should have made a moba instead of a casualized BLC clone

So you can't come up with a rebuttal?

There were tons of threads about BLC when it was in beta, stop trying to posture like you browse here

the dude :)

I've been in BLC threads on Cred Forums before, stop acting like you are here 24/7

Why did they remake Bloodline Champions when it bombed incredibly hard?

There were like 2 threads per month and no one played the game since

Sorry, but I am 24/7 here. Call me no life faggot, I don't care, BLC was rarely discussed here ever

>points out this is a video game discussion topic and that's the purpose of the board

>not a rebuttal

Okay user nice try.

It bombed because Funcom bought out the game last second and then refused to actually do their job as a publisher and market the game

It's not surprising they would want a second crack at it without Funcom involvement

It was 5 years ago and there was a lot of threads. We still had league threads back then fag.

Either way, the game is being advertised a lot more than blc, so of course more people know about this one, what's the issue? Why is it advertising to talk about a game we are enjoying ? God ur a fag

Rebutted? We are talking about the game. Are we not allowed to talk about new games for x amount of days???

What disscussion?

I've seen is over a dozen beta keys being posted and the explanation of game mechanics.

Because faggots like you derailed the thread with "wah wah advertising!"

And asking and answering questions about game mechanics is discussion you fucking neanderthal.

The new pomp look is shit. Waifu ruined.

She a lot more op now though, shiiit

That is discussion you fucking retard

Game is hard as fuck, but i like it.

Moving her place swap ability to EX made her pretty boring to play though, imo.

Only healer in game with no cd heal and can heal both ally at same time is so strong tho

I hope they remove the dumb animal thing

Her little fairy thing? I think he's bad ass. What's your issue with it ?

came here to post this

Will they add more heroes at sep 20?



I also wish they add non-ranked Q
It's better to train against real people

Goddamnit all the codes are taken


Oh at last,thanks user.Got the second one.

old inhibitor: if you hit your shit you blow people up
new inhibitor: if you hit your shit people are mildly uncomfortable

wtf is inhibitor?

yup, inhib was my favorite hero
feels wrong without the dashes and his e is retardedly small

so i switched to spear man and jade

Game is balanced around 2v2 now and old Inhibitor would have been broken + unkillable in this game same reason Psychopomp was gutted

why's everyone in this game such a cunt

I'm usually top of the scoreboard and there's so much flame and shit talk all the god damn time

>Psychopomp was gutted
Pomp is the strongest healer in the game by far right now. Her wolf is retarded for orb control and overall damage. Its accepted at the higher level (4500+ and private test group that helps SLS develop) that she is too strong right now.

>Game is balanced around 2v2
There currently is supposed to be a migration process towards 3v3.

>I'm usually top of the scoreboard
Means nothing

idiot moba players who think that being an average rank shitter makes them good at this game since the ability UI is similar

That's purely a numbers thing, she was massively dumbed down if you compare her to BLC in terms of the way she fights, same with Inhibitor

They did this because they wanted to make a babyzone game that was brainded enough for even league players to understand

If anyone wants keys, I've gotten 4. reply with the following

favorite anime

I feel like Pomp is one of the few chars that didnt even become simpler. Shes way more dependent on sticking to her retarded team mates now, you cna still swap well with EX Space, bait with normal Space and do a lot of things she was able to do in BLC. In fact, I honestly think that shes somewhat harder now because she is really damn dependent on proper positioning, but that might just be me.

where the fuck do I go to hear the developers plans regarding the game

steamid :

thx for delivering.

Positioning a teammate between you and an enemy and holding down M1 while occasionally poking is braindead

In BLC she had the option to play far more aggressively and alternate between defense and offense and her skills synergized far more fluidly, not being able to heal yourself at all means you can't take any real risks against someone who isn't retarded

I'm kinda hoping for Sentinel to make it over.
There was only like 10 people playing BLC when he was released but I damn lot of fun wackin shit with his stupid hammer.

That's the reason I'm so shit with new pomp now and it hurts. I bitched about it in the 12+ hour thread yesterday but I never did get home to try her out in a different way.

Maybe it's just cause my teammate always plays inhib and then goes ball wall hard behind both of them so I can never get a heal off on us.

Cred Forums's irrational hate for anything even remotely related to mobas is insane

even more so because you could apply a lot of it to WC3

how the FUCK do I deal with a double support team composition. I guess I just stay the fuck out of 3v3, because that shit is aids as fuck.

Where is harbinger?!? i want to bring the har

He was in the trailer, so hopefully soon.

Also I'm kind of surprised by all the Hate for the game being "easier". It still easily has a really high skill cap among rts games, as well as it doesn't have paragraph ability texts anymore. In blc you literally had to spend first 5 minutes purely reading

i hate 2v2
its very hard to win, i don't know why
especially because chars are random, and if they have better comp you fucked