Comfy isometric vidya

What are some comfy isometric games?

Preferably immersive, with lots of vegetation, cute graphics / staturated colors, no accent on combat or violence, sprite-based, medieval setting, with gameplay that is not very demanding.

Example: Settlers Online.

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too much combat

Great answer. Great game with great voice acting and music

Get AIDS now

You know, is there such a thing as an isometric Minecraft-like game where you control your character like a MOBA hero or something?


SimCity 2000. I know it's old as fuck and the newer ones do way more and can be modded way more etc, but I still find it pretty relaxing, maybe because it's got a nice balance of a certain amount of depth but not the kind of extreme nitty gritty of SimCity 4. That's fun too, but it's a different feeling.

Also a great choice.

I don't think I agree, the combat is mostly nice and serves to emphasize the comfiness of the Bastion itself. It wouldn't feel the same as this awesome sky treehouse thing if you weren't also venturing forth from it.

any mmo like this? maybe something with chibi animu characters?

Cultures / Northland / 8th Wonder of the World


well.. not sprite based but 3d. still, its great.


Stardew Valley

The games from ImpressionGames like Caesar, Pharaoh (pic), Zeus

not isometric

Those are great
This one was pretty much comfy: the game

also not isometric


Why, Hotaru no Nikki of course!

How about a comfy isometric RPG?

Fuck demons, I wanna slaughter bandits and boars.

Wait, shit, that's Eschalon.

why are all videos on youtube about this game in polish?

Ded game.

I loved Pharaoh but it felt easier compared to Caesar

That's because Caesar was ridiculously hard.

>everyone posting proper strategy games
>that one weeb faggot who can't keep his chinese cartoons to himself posts some shitty weeb game




I recently started playing Tropico4.
Nice looking landscapes and you can build comfy cities.

Medieval Commandos. There is "combat", but it's really more of a puzzle/strategy game at heart.


Strong Dofus vibes, which was comfy as fuck back when it was my first mmo in middle school and my eyes were full of adventure.


caesar was an ass

are you comfy enough?

pic related for 134% comfiness.

This and Desperados is as close as you can get to Commandos games without playing Commandos

Never got around installing OpenRCT2. Then again I would have to find my old installation disks. And I'm too lazy to pirate.

just started this
comfy as fuck taking care for my peeps

>7 years in assembly

When will any egyptian building sim, be it Pharaoh or Children of the Nile, actually feature 3-sided "actual" pyramids?

Unfortunately you've chosen to start with any sort of agricultural seed already available to you, and thus have removed almost all challenge and progression from the game.

Well its kinda hard with an isometric grid. There would be space around it thats "empty" but unusable. Guess it looked weird and they did the 4side ones.

where is fucking factorio?

>Start a new town
>Build a forester and a foraging building
>Collect food
>Build herbalist
>Expand town a little
>Everything seems to be in order
>A few winters pass
>Town dies
Every single time.

Pillars of Eternity tbqh
>great soundtrack
>great artwork
>>too much combat tho

What is this?

Here, in this post and here you can see it being debunked Better luck next time.

how to start with no seeds
tho the gathering hut is getting a lot of food so i dont see how seed is a challenge

build houses quicker retard.

If you build houses the kids move out of their parents house and fuck and make children so that doesn't happen.

I'm sure that's an alien concept to you so I'm here to help.

Pretty much gotta start in Hard Mode. Also a single variety of food will not suffice, nor will you get through the winter that way.

Seeds are also really the only major unlock/reward you get for producing stuff to trade.

Haven and Hearth.

Probably shouldn't be, but for some reason Fallout 1 and 2 are comfy to me. Likely just nostalgia but I'm posting it anyway.

Anno 1404 my nigga. Also called 'Dawn of Discovery' on steam. Actually its fucking $10 on steam, god damn.

But its a comfy game. Good fucking soundtrack.

How is Factorio not isometric?

No shit, I can see that, is it just a town building sim mmo?


so banished isometric then?

Just started playing this, super fucking comfy, gonna get a friend to come co-op with me.

comfy as fuck. I never found redding during my first play through. I love Klamath as well

No. And a bad game, too.

why the hell does everyone forget Emperor

Used to love those games.

I loved Emperor, but it really coulda been a bit more fully featured, and kinda needed/deserved an Expansion like Zeus did with Poseidon and Pharaoh did with Cleopatra.

inb4 cavalier oblique

no need to uncomfy words m8

is it time to start building a halloween park in time for October?

Thats the chinese themed one right? I kinda learned only recently about it and was a bit hyped. I don't know why its never mentioned, maybe it doesnt have that much nostalgia going around.

Play the ipad one which just does it for you.

Is this a mod?

According to my supermarket's candy aisle, Christmas season started on the 13th September, so you're already late.

is this ice wind dale? man so long i must play it again soon

Jagged Alliance 2

how do i make old shit like pharaoh and zeus looks good on modern computer

wtf is happening in this picture.

Something is wrong

I know. I wanted to know if this was modded or base game, because that character and his dialog don't ring a bell.

For Cultures its best to just play the originals and forget about Northland and 8th Wonder.


Fallout 1/2/Tactics
Some Settlers entries

He posted the worst screenshot imaginable to showcase that game.


>Settlers Online

Don't tell me an online game is actually good?
Also my captcha is the name of a street near me

Is this the game where you later on go fight those demons in the dungeons n' shit? Played that years ago. had some fixes, but the website appears to be offline to me



I love this game so much.

Pillars of Eternity is extremely comfy

Huh? The Egyptian pyramids are square though.

I love it too user, but the campaign is so ball bustingly hard.

Anno 1404 is fucking great, becomes a lot better with the community patch though.

>Uses Java
>Hordes of pillaging Russians

Yep it deserved to die.

King's Bounty


Aw shit I think I might actually replay and finish this, thanks user.

Yes plz kthx
Beat every fuckin map all the way up to RCT3, so comfy my chair got comfy.

>Play NOD campaign first
>That artillery
>Play through as GDI
>That artillery

Why do 2d isometric games feel more comfy than 3d ones?


>mfw the sound of the lumberjacks and fletchers/spearmakers doing their work

>3-sided "actual" pyramids?
Pyramids are tetrahedric though

That perspective is all fucked lmao

better design

As comfy as it gets.

That arty was nice.

Dark Reign has even more crazy, long range, accurate arty. At least for both sides.

Is there any good mods for this?


Its good man

I feel old

Look up what isometric is.

Shame it was broken as.

Yes, but you need to find yourself someone to play with.

My FUCKING nigger. That moonbase map was the comfiest thing imaginable.

Best Anno.

Can anyone identify this game? I had this in an old screenshot folder, but I can't for the life of me recall what it's from.

>dark reign
i remember finding an old jewel case of this in storage once, never played it though
was it good?

>Can anyone identify this game?

Yeah. Played it many times, but always ended ut with a ghost town in round 166 or whatever it was. Cool start though.


>58 seconds

Have you tried Islands of Wakfu?

Kairosoft games.

I literally just clicked the "google" button next to the picture.

Its good but was overlooked because it was released in the same week as Total Annihilation. While DR1 (2 is bad) is a more advanced (and much harder) C&C clone, TA was something completly new.

Not isometric.


> comfy
yeah getting pillaged by russians sure is comfy

Is this one or two. I remember that I loved 1 found 2 meh

Literally the comfiest screenshot I have.

>yfw a Huntsman kills a Swordsman with 1% health

There is no google button to me.
What did he mean with this?

>Preferably immersive, with lots of vegetation, cute graphics / staturated colors, no accent on combat or violence, sprite-based, medieval setting, with gameplay that is not very demanding.

You'll probably like Edo Towns the best

Just use the Cred Forums X plugin


It's 1.

its still very playable, it aged much better than most games of that time

That was 1.

But I prefer 2, as it was more comfy for me. I need to re-install it. It was a lot harder too. The annoying need to breed animals and release them into wild to get higher zoo rating was the only downside. Though I loved the idea of releasing Dodo's and Velociraptors into the wild.

It was the best game in the series. Best mechanics and best visuals. But no one fucking played it.

look at the size of that wheel
just fucking look at it
was it built by the titans to power a medieval hadron collider?

next you'll say that i have to browse this shit with an n64 emulator

What was the name of that Chinese city building game, you know, from Sierra games. They did Caesar, Pharaoh and Zeus. Then they did the Chinese one I never got and GoG refuses to get it.

Sort of "comfy".

>little dirt paths form where your peoples walk

Never seen a single fucking game do this ever since then. This game was fucking based.


This is not isometric.

What's going on with these people?

I remember something about a patch significantly cutting down on all the trash mobs in the game?

Emperor, god damn. It's been mentioned about eighty times in the thread already.

Back when Peter Molyneux was making good games.

I guess most young gamers today dont even know that he made great stuff before becomming a giant piece of shit.

what ? since when you can co op in anno 1404?

This series is fucking bad but also fucking fun.

What does the patch change?

Yeah, yeah, it's fucking oblique, I know, but the definition of "isometric" has been pretty loose throughout this entire thread. Shut up and post comfy shit.

It's pretty chunky, but not insane, they used to build some big fuckers.

To all the retarded people around here.

Will there ever be a city building game as good as Caesar 3 or Pharaoh?

Age of Empires 3 easy mode.
Comfy as fuck. Be sure to get the rotate buildings mod so you can make a pretty village and town

Desperados was loads of fun.

Though remember it was retardedly easy once you got past the first few levels and I figured out that you could just have everyone prone at a choke point. Fire of a shot and then kill everyone that came to investigate. Rinse and repeat until the map was cleared.

We know.

Calling it "games were camera is in sky but not birds view is too complicated"

"Anno 1404 has a dubious English translation, with many places being seemingly machine translated with spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. So an unofficial patch was created by a user, Brumbek. The goal is to create a truly professional English translation, both for British and American English.

The project expanded and also changed and fixed quite a few broken quests. It also translated about 100 quests into English that never had text before.

It also includes a few mods that can be used without breaking achievements or medals. The mods are such as infinite water for Norias, infinite Natural Resources, no "Production Halted" sounds, and only have one person to find for all "Wanted Person" quests.

So the Unofficial Anno Patch is a hybrid localization, bugfix, and restoration patch. It requires Venice and will have no effect on the base game."

>looking for isometric games
>someone posts a dimetric game

Come on guys, it's like recommending persona in a thread for first person shooters

Since Anno 1404 Venice




I will go with Settlers 3, one of the first games for me and comfy as fuck.

It's in the file name, Alien Shooter.


Will we ever get AoE4?

>It's in the file name
Fuck me for being stupid. Thanks.

I want to return to that world in a brand new game, user. I want it so badly.

>Ctrl+F Cossacks
>Phrase not found
Butts. The first and the second game are great and the third is already announced. Based UA devs.

Also, a few more mentions from the top of my head.
>Transport Tycoon
>Seven Kingdoms 2
>Sacred (if PoE is mentioned I guess this qualifies too)
and finally
>Gender Wars

>Heaped Piles

Mah nigga

LITERALLY just thought of reinstalling this after like 9 years. This morning i woke up thinking about it.

I know the feeling.

It was the foundation of something that should have been truly incredible. I think it might have been the most "rushed" feeling game I have every played.

post cavalier games

This is now my new fetish.

I'd say WarCraft II, but of course that's not isometric. Looking at peons chopping down wood...

I have strong feelings towards this game.

Too much combat to ever be comfy, and it's far too fast paced.

cossacks 3 is out in 4 days chum

My african american brothers from another mother, i love the game, i barely see it talked about aswell.

HOMM IV on easy mode

it's too comfy


Only other game that I know which did this was Populous 3: The Beginning.
Really neat though, made the world felt lived in.


First Divine Divinity was cavalier oblique.


It looks like it'd be ripped off pretty fucking quickly when the rivers flowing heavier than normal. All that shit in open river with a single beam connecting it.
I don't think I've ever seen one just jutting out into open river like that.

I feel like I'm in a straight jacket when I play this. I think it's just the design choices but it feels so restricted and bland.

Hopefully Tyranny fixes this, because it's a nice looking game.

Populous was based as fuck. Wasnt that Molyneaux too? I really fucking wish he didnt tutn to shit after Fable and B&W2

A worthy sequel to either of them is my dream, but im afraid hat if current Molyneaux made a new black and white it'd be a fucking mobile game with gems to buy boosers for your pet.

>tfw played Populous on ps1
>Got rid of it somehow, since I was a retarded nigger or lost it
>Never got to play it again and beat it

I remember it being hard as fuck but thats most likely because I was young when I was playing it but damn I really enjoyed that game. Never was able to get it to work on my PC though.

>In video games and pixel art, "isometric" refers to some form of parallel projection (commonly, the form of dimetric projection with a 2:1 pixel ratio) where the viewpoint is rotated slightly to reveal other facets of the game environment than are typically visible from a top-down perspective or side view, thereby producing a three-dimensional effect. In almost all cases, however, the term "isometric" is misapplied; in true isometric projection, the representations of the x, y and z axes are strictly oriented 120° to each other, whereas in other views the angles may vary. The terms "3/4 perspective", "2.5D" and "pseudo-3D" are also commonly used, though these terms can possess alternate meanings as well.

What is it about pre-rendered graphics that make them so comfy? Is it my own nostalgia or is it some other thing?

Doesn't Atari own the rights though.

Thinking this makes me sad inside.

Wait, was it Activision?

That's even worse.

I love these types of games, a lot of them feel like you're growing a bonsai tree which develops by itself, you just shape it.

Not isometric but I love Black & White for this.

stardew valley is not isometric, you fuckhead, get over it

Do we just post games now?

The talking heads made me smile because of how happy they were.

>In videogames and pixel art, "isometric" refers to something that isn't isometric

>Dark Reign
Oh shit. Nostalgia blast.

Original War also does this.
Especially neat is the fact it also does it for tanks so you can know a tank went that way before you even see the tank itself.

>a lot of them feel like you're growing a bonsai tree which develops by itself, you just shape it.
That's a nice way to put it, I agree.

Is Banner Saga a comfy isometric game? I really like the classic 2d animation.

Why is the new stronghold so bad?

The world in this game was fucking huge. And all those secrets.

People are loving you, milord.

sort of comfy, but I think the tone is too worried to be really comfy
and the isometric components of the game are all combat, as I recall, so I don't think it really fits

>3 days

But im just, a gnome....


Glorious game

I'm a little fuzzy to the compatibility with new PC but I think you should be able to run it with a bit of difficulty,

Just looking at the screenshots is making me want to replay it or start a modeling a scene of something inspired by it

To this day I am still unable to beat the Legendary Heroes scenario

he was shit then too, but lucked into having good development teams

the whole "you can do anything" is basically what black and white was, he promised a god game where YOU. COULD. DO. ANYTHING! you could only do some things

like the games back then were good but they were still letdowns for many because of his asinine promises

really the truly good shit was bullfrogs doing

There are some scenes that are actually bit comfy. But, I agree with you, it's a bit somewhat uneasy feel in the second part.

>Try out the second game, base game's campaign
>finish 3 or 4 missions, love the game so far
>get to the mission where you start with 4 or 5 sewer entrances at the start of the fucking game

I stopped playing there, although the gameplay is very interesting.

>on ps1
nigger what?

provide me a comfy, exploring game that I can burn hours with

Well the difference between now and then is he had a dev team carrying him behind the scenes back then. Now he only gets the inexperienced and/ore shitty devs behind him because everyone knows about his bullshit.

Peter Molyneux was part of making good games, yes. But he was never the sole developer.

It is top-down which is part of that definition

>called isometric
>"it is not called isometric!"

love this game. Installing it right now

No Man's Sky

Aww yeah!

I miss isometric games like Rollercoaster Tycoon or Age of Empires II.

3D immersion? Fuck that.

Colonial charter adds tons of crops, buildings, and production chains. It adds so much replayability and I can't imagine the game without it anymore.

>mfw farming tobacco, processing it, turning it into cigars and exporting it

what is it?

Didnt follow vidya back thrn just played games my brother bought because i was a little bitch ass kid, so didnt go in having expectations. Wasnt let down either

Holy shit maybe i should be doing the same today

Most of my playtime is spent just playing huge, mildly easy random maps.

It's fun

>Worthless clod, i'll tear you apart limb from limb!

>had a dev team carrying him behind the scenes back then
Yes, but doubt it that is the sole reason for why his games are shit now. Fable was a very solid RPG despite him bullshitting all the way through marketing campaign of the game. The dev team tried their hardest, but that's just not enough for Molyneux ambition. It is his fault

that town honestly looks like it came out of one of my hentai RPGs

>I feel old

You bet.
>at 10, dad puts Theme Hospital on family computer
>dad is a doctor, mom is a nurse
>entire family is talking business, treating patients and shit

YOu really have abuse to pause-scuming a FUCK ton to keep your important heroes perma-invulnerable.


Totally different user here, I'm interested in Haven & Harth if we could get a small coalition together

any comfy merchant games?

The one and only RTS game based around trains

protip: The AI on that mission goes into max overdrive if you ever have more than 3 heroes

So build 2 markets, train a solarius and rogue; upgrade your palace, get an elven bungalow for the doubled market income and start saving up gold. Then you get a mages guild (don't train mages), and cover the entire map in mages towers and blast all barrows at the same time. You will have a horde of enemies but you already won


what exactly do you call this style
How its isometric but uou only get to see a small portion of the world at a time and you can below the grass layer
I really like it


>go on Cred Forums
>ignore the blatant anime banners and advertisements
>ignore that our mascot's a green-haired anime girl
>proceed to complain when people post Japanese things

is that project zomboid?

when black and white was coming out was the age when video games were starting to become relevant topics on tv
like not just commercials but full on half to full hour shows dedicated to videogame news and reviews
when molyneux founded lionhead he always accepted interview requests, especially at trade shows and conventions, i dont think they even hired any pr at all actually
but basically he'd be all "i'm just so excited" and start over selling and promising things that simply weren't possible to get other people as excited as him, after his stellar reputation after his time with bullfrog he probably truly thought he could deliver
so he'd tell all these lies about upcoming best god game ever black and white and when it finally came out, while it was a solid title and most players had fun it simply was not the game he had promised

NMS is basically a full on repeat albeit i dont think sean murray was a big industry name before NMS

it would be one thing to go into games with little or no expectations but sometimes they're forced on you without your consent
molyneux is a lie rapist

buon giorno reddit

>search it on steam
its not a visual novel is it?

I'm so glad the only reviews and reports I ever read in my life was my countrys game magazine which liked to make fun of all games while pointing out the neat things about it along with all the crap.

I was so goddamned excited about B&W when I got it and I wasn't disapointed, still one of my favorite games,

Wow so many zombies! Too bad it adds nothing to gameplay and the game is shit.

Not really worth getting when there are superior zombie scavenging games on the market like State of Decay, which already has superior combat (combat sucks in project zomboid), basebuilding mechanics, NPCs, and vehicles. Or just good strategy games with more than one boring enemy type and good combat like Neo Scavenger. Zomboid is stuck in development hell and will either never be released or will be rushed to 1.0.

Unlike the developers say in the early access game text box, they have not delivered on their promises is there is not even a fucking NPC system after 8 years, which is the main feature everyone bought the game for.

And instead of working on cool gameplay features like NPCs or vehicles, the devs are now shifting towards "crafting and building" mechanics. Seriously, they have an opportunity to make a unique zombie survival game, and they're trying to turn it into another clone of autismcraft?

Save your money. If you really want a zombie game, I'd recommend state of decay

It's a capitalism simulator


fuck it. i bought.

it's actually a pretty solid game
not even fucking with you


This. Comfy as fuck, solid sense of progress throughout, and combat is only as hard as you make it, not that anything can even touch you once power armor plus shields. Though some angry autistic will say it's not isometric because the tiles are squares and not diamonds, the viewing angle certainly offers the appearance of depth

i'd pay for a fresh legacy server

Sorry user, I didn't open the thread, I did a quick reply then opened it.


For anyone who has played the full game and not just the lite version I just dl'ed, is it worth buying?

So far I'm enjoying it's really compfy feel, whatever this roughly defined feel is.

Out fo curiosity, how does AoW 3 compare to its predeccesors?


We all feel you.

I like the way Afterlife looks, but the game is simply fucking impossible. It was impossible for me a 9 year old and its impossible to be a a 28 year old.

wakfu and dofus are the closest thing to what you described

The torture descriptions were messed.

There is only one king.

I really like Banished, but once you reach a certain level of civilization you can hardly lose. Once you have a few crops and decent supply of leather and firewood the only thing able to stop you is a random disaster. Is there anything to reach for?

>The music.
>The corny 90's comedy on building's description, souls' hobbies and in the banter between Jasper and Arya(?).
>The difficulty is balls to the walls hard.

I still install the game from time to time, just to get that sweet kick in the nostalgia groin.

>mfw i found the money cheat when i was younger.
I was not prepared.

need more babbys

Paradox owns the ip now and i think it's the CEO who also loves the game and wont let go of the ip so there is hope

Banter and Jasper's voice in particular are top tier.

Installing this shit RIGHT NOW

we bout to get COMFY

Very edumicational

Transport Giant graphics in OpenTTD when.

Settlers 2 Anniversary Edition

Did they do majesty 2 aswell? It wasn't as good as 1 but i did still like it.

Age of Wonders was always superior to that HoMaM cancer.

>dat water upload/credit payment sound
>dat soundtrack

my nigger

I don't think it's possible for an isometric game to not be comfy.

I think it's a 3D grid.

>that soundtrack
>those aesthetics

Despite being a 3D game, I think Runescape has this feel

>mfw walls and gates you can use to filter walkers
>workers aren't limited to an area anymore

I was going to say "ywn play Dorf Fort in glorious isometric pixelart" but I googled it and apparently Stonesense can now be run in real time? But I'm guessing you can't actually give any input in the isometric view, only in the ASCII view. Am I correct?

>There are people that prefer RCT over TTD because "hurr I can make coasters that kill everyone who rides them"
>They will never experience making super comfy train routes through forests and valleys connecting cities and industries
>There will never be another Cred Forums server for OpenTTD

Got any newGRF suggestions for OpenTTD?

The city building games were the dope when I was young. Learnt all I know about the classical age empires from it. I played the everloving shit out of Ceasar III.

I wish this series would make a come back.


greatest game ever.


Comfy games' features are kind of at odds with exploration games' features. That said, Don't Starve is relatively comfy.

Oh man, I could spend hours just trying to get the different buildings and reading the descriptions, they were fantastic. A shame the gameplay sucked shit.

Came here to post the same game.


>Alright gonna kill those motherf
>Oh SHIT son is that a goddamn berry bush?!
>"Olaf died"
I love this game but man the combat is goofy

If only I could get it to work without the graphics fucking up on windows 8.

Look at those faces


Just because a retard wrote the Wikipedia article doesn't mean it's true.


I like Caesar 3.

comfy as fuck

Gonna play it now, recommended newGRF for new players?

Anno always comes to mind.

1503 and 1404 are the two best, man.

Big map-like screenshots of 2D games are something wonderful.

Cred Forums factorio server when?

I don't know when but I want it now

I have been waiting for an occasion to post this!

Hero of the Kingdom is one of the most comfy adventure games I've played. Bit on the casual side, but I know Cred Forums would love it

>linking the page in Italian
eyyy what are you tryin to pull here

It suffered from the same thing as Civ 5, whitout both the expansions its pretty meh, but with expansions its solid 5/5.

Looks like a Stronghold clone.

I still have the original Emperor CD.

Gonna go install it right now

how was the "new" Stronghold Legends?

I never bothered playing past the original stronghold: crusader

Are AoE2 or AoM comfy games?

Hell yes. Well unless you're playing a difficult match
You tell me.

I think RoN is a bit more comfy than AoE2. They're both pretty fast paced but RoN allows you to turtle up your cities and a front line kind of forms so it gives you that comfy feeling of "a seperate peace" while a war rages on the other side of the map

It was real comfy. Except the looming threat of getting robbed and permanently killed was always there.
If a game like this but more pve focused existed, I'd comf the fuck out of it.

wtf, that looks better graphically than pillars of eternity

I rushed my post
Totally different gameplay

combat is shit

Stronghold has an economic mode where you just have to produce certain goods and keep your people happy. Are you sure it's nothing like that?

How is that comfy?

Yes, I played both

Hero of the Kingdom is an rpg-lite, if you want to call it that, where you click on things in the maps to collect them and to finish quests.
There's various skills (fishing, carpentry, combat, alchemy).

It's an EXTREMELY simple game, but one of the comfiest I've tried in years.

It goes on sale ferquently for 0.99€, I recommend it (and its sequel).

Here's a video

>words have different meanings in different contexts
the horror

>Are AoE2 or AoM comfy games?
say no more


How is it not?

Ogre battle 64

I came


settlers 2 is comfy as fuck imo, also baldur's gate 1. i just love that game so much

It's generic """oriental""" music with some electronic beats typical of the 90s-00s. I repeat, how is it comfy?

I've had this game sitting in my steam library forever. Is it actually worth installing? I thought it was just bundle fodder

knight & merchants

Nostalgia can be comfortable

For new players I recommend just doing the default game itself with any AI you can find. (Some of them will probably be broken or just operate as city inflators), but it provides some competition/world growth.

Once you've tried out a game or two and got the basics try out this essential list of newGRFs
>FIRS Industries and anything related to it (Triples the number of industries in-game and makes the chain of production way more involved than just "Bring Wood to the Saw Mill")
>Any train set of your choice. I usually go with BROS (UK trains) or NARS2 (USA trains), but there's sets for pretty much every major train system, and there's a global one with a variety from every country available.
>ISR stations so you have some actual freight stations cosmetically
>PIPES (New track type that works like oil pipelines, kinda neat just to try out)
>Aviator's Aircraft Set for planes
>FISH ships
>NARVS (North American trucks)
>Your choice of road and building set, this is just cosmetic really

I dunno, there's something magical about them.

Oh shit

Hello decay shill

Still upset zomboid shits all over your shitty game i see

As long as DF has that shitty interface it will never be comfy

You know, every criteria you listed pretty much rules out Exanima but I'm going to go ahead and post it anyways because I find having fun in vidya comforting.

just git gud

Every time i listen to this i imagine im going to hear it when im 70+ and just break down in tears

yes, toady needs to git gud at UI

i wonder if he even knows what a mouse is

Banished is comfy.

>not having a small community that just lives off deer and berries
pleb, farmin is for suckers

i really wish age didnt fuck you over so much though, the valley of death in this game is absolutely brutal

You need around 25 habitants and good mood

Oh yeah, the blue Boom harvesters of Doom, I loved that

Great game of my teens

Nobody gives a shit.

>shitting on anything

Couldnt think of anything better to say, huh? I'm going to go ahead and break it down, just so that more people on this board will never waste money on your shitty Project Zombored.

>Neo scavenger: hardcore turn-based rogue-like combat, many many weapons with different stats, different damage types, craftable weapons, different armor, inventory management during combat, enemy variety

>state of decay: real time combat, several different melee weapon attacks, finishers, dodging, stamina bar. Items you can use to distract zombies, items to boost your stamina recovery, you can't just sprint around kiting zombies because your stamina will run out quickly. Inventory management is important because your max stamina will decrease after exploring for a while so you need to bring special items with you or rest. Gunplay is /k/ as fuck, so many different guns and ammo types, suppressors. Taking down a horse of zombies with well placed shots never felt so satisfying

>zomboid: literally click to knock zombie over, click again to kill, invisible stamina bar, can't tell how effective your hit was. No skill at all required for gunplay, shot accuracy and damage is entirely dependent on your "shooting level"

I can go into how scavenging and crafting is better in the other two games too if anyone is on the fence about PZ. Don't waste your money on PZ

Dark Colony. Still playing this shit.

>its another copy pasta
Your dedication is outstanding shitposter

uses the same assests of Knights and merchants?
that game was so good

I purchased PZ just to make you mad.

Feels good. Gonna have fun playing with mates.

Exanima is great

My first post is a modified copy of my review of PZ, yes, but I just typed up what you replied to right now.

Once you learn the interface it's glorious, you look like a pianjist and everything goes smooth and fast as fuck

Never heard of it, looks pretty neat

>hes still going
>still claiming zomboid, one of the best zombie games of all time is bad
You're adorable. In a terrible, mindless shitposter way. Have your last (you) you silly bastard.

>implying you didn't already own it
>implying you have friends

Enjoy your collecting food for hours, alone, with no real threats, lol

For some reason, my copy of Caesar III defaulted to Hard difficulty. I had a lot more fun when I turned it down to Normal. Although it still has the problems of its "walker" system for services.

If you don't know, how it works is that you build a building, like a market, and it sends out people to walk around the city. When they pass by a house, that house gets the building's services/goods. The more services/goods a house gets, the more it will evolve into a better house and get you more residents/workers. The problem is that you could have a market right next to a bunch of houses, but the houses would never get market service because the AI never decided to walk past them. So you'd have to build redundant markets to make up for AI stupidity.


this looks way too industrial and "planned" to be comfy

a comfy town should be crowded, badly planned (as it grows on itself, propping new buildings wherever there is place and not where it would be optimal) and built in a chaotic way, so that it has a crude charm

underrated post

>with no real threats
>literally the only zombie game with threatening zombies
Im sorry you're so casual you couldnt even operate the options menus.



>all those wooden houses
How do you survive winter? Chop down the Amazon rainforest for firewood every yet?

fuck me I've gotta' go play some AoE2


yeah that game can be pretty comfy

the amount of comfy is off the charts

Making the zombies fast strong doesn't make the combat any less shitty. It just makes the game an even more boring grind for food than it already is.

Not him but foresters make more than enough wood


(ball of flame)

>he didnt even play it
Im sorry you are casual. Its upsetting you never got to enjoy what is one of the best zombie games of all time.

I remember the days before Ivan appeared. They were of comfy max. My friends and I built a large complex, huge farms, had a whole scouting party running around making peaceful contact with surrounding villages.

And one day I logged on. My best friend David was dead, only two of his scouts had survived and were telling me over Skype that there was a gang of assholes that had raped and pillaged our greatest Ally to the West, Stanktopia. Nomad assholes were common. My first toon was killed that way, I didn't think much but to arrange a combat party, to hunt down the hoard, make them pay for the murder.

In a week, our village was nothing, our farms salted, our people murdered. We held our ground for a week. But even after I helped to fall first Ivans. More came coming. The rape of the Vodka hordes had destroyed the entire community that had been built. All of our work, burnt to cinders. R.I.P Havnen and Hearth. You were too good for this world. Too pure.

there is no more games like this

Cant you just play on a server without ruskies

If it's fun, it's not really bad.

am I too late to the party?

when it comes to comfy, I miss indev minecraft

a single island that you had to conquer, finite but large enough to be fun, instead of a whole empty world

a reasonable amount of things to do and craft although it could have used a little bit more without bullshit like magic potions and shit

and hope, since notch was putting out new, small but cool updates each week

also, after months of soul-searching I finally bought Story of Seasons for my n3ds. I'm not even through my first summer yet, but damn was that a good buy, it's super fucking comfy.

Not even counting all the time I played it on desura. I bought it on their website years ago. Why do you keep insulting me with no counter argument? The game is literally just another zombie survival crafting game in early access hell. Just because it's the one you played first doesn't make it good

>he actually stole someone elses image to save facec
My fucking sides

We're done here

I've had Sacred sitting around for a while, and I really should get around to playing it. What do the difficulty levels mean? Is it just Bronze = Easy and Silver = Medium?

In any case, the graphics are indeed quite comfy.

Unless it's updated, there's still only one server. I think you can host a server, maybe IP ban anything from Eastern Europe on and you might have fun.

>I bought it on their website years ago
>early access hell.
Yeah, lets ignore the fact its gotten major updates for years and is about to get the biggest update ever completely revamping animations, graphics, combat and gameplay

Dumb shitposter, back to you go

Have a good one EnigmaGrey. Enjoy the fans slowly starting to realize that you guys are hacks

something is wrong with that phong

I think it's because they tend to be more stylized instead of realistic, so it makes it easier for you to feel like you're in another world. It works especially well for fantasy, medieval, and ancient settings.

Hes trolling user-san, just ignore him

>tfw no gladius 2
I've never asked Disney for anything but I would literally suck Goofy off while Daisy pegged me if it would make them fund Gladius 2.

All those changes and yet the game plays exactly the fucking same topkek. Textbook example of early access shite gone wrong. The only thing project zomboid has done well is the slow degradation of the world. Maybe someday a GOOD game can be made using their engine lol

nigga please, that's not theme park

yeah, that's it. in MP (that died in like 2009 or so) the server difficulty levels were locked to character levels - so you could for example not join a bronze server at level 20+ or silver after 50.

>being this in-denial

Lol. You repeating it over and over isn't going to make it true. Just close the thread if you can't handle criticism of your casual ass game

I know, but making fun of autistics like him is fun.

Plus its making him mad as fuck

>hes replying to posts not even in reply to him
I can taste his salt from miles

Pretty excited for the PZ update, VoiP is going to make it way better than it already is.

Gladius was fucking great. I managed to get it working pretty well on Dolphin a while ago, though I dont know what differences there is between the gamecube version.

>All those wooden houses
What the fuck.

>Not converting/wiping out yellow and placing your TC there
You're in for some fun when Elam comes knocking with axemen

Enjoy your ERP with voip. Maybe you two can head over to /soc/ while you play and share picture of each other shoving this into your assholes


But I'm russian, user.

Did they ever fix the AI in this? I always had this problem where I would plant plenty of food, but my farmers, who I had a maxed amount of, would not harvest until it was practically winter, and I would lost 90% of my crops and then everyone would starve and die.



do yourselves a favor and dont look up outpost 2

I wish I could get into this. People are always talking about how great it is, but I just could never decide on a build, which always cripples my ability to enjoy these games.

I wish you could get the game and its expansions for a reasonable fucking price. Still like 40+ on sale. At least Civ is practically free every sale for it plus the expacs.

>dat one roller coaster

top lel

at least it has that medieval fantasy setting.

Check those weapons


This. CC is amazing.

>Want to play Anno 1404 and 2070 properly
>Can't ever build pretty cities or ones that are actually efficient and worthy of development

I just make ugly jumbled messes. ;_;

I remember spamming archers and autoresolving a lot because I was shit at the combat. Good times getting the resource bonuses and stuff though.

I sure as fuck am glad I stopped devoting my entire life to this game before they changed the graphics. and fucking made it p2p.

An actual EXPLORING game or some shitty procedurally generated hoax of a game where you collect procedurally generated stuff to build more uniteresting stuff to collect more procedurally generated stuff? If first then Gothic 1/2 and Risen 1.

Speaking of Bullfrog, I think this could count as comfy as well




I won't work out. You will never come close to all 60 of those russian bots. Those bots will also come destroy everything.

>Armies of Exigo was EA's attempt at a Warcraft 3 clone
>Gameplay was great
>Good graphics and audio
>No hero units

baka they forgot the one aspect that made WC3 stand out.

Isn't Earthbound like that?

Not isometric, but damn there was something really fucking comfy about this art style

This was a good thread.

Is Balrum any good?

What is the most recent isometric 2d game?

>all those games released after 2000 that are completely comfy and unique in their own way

>tfw looking at the new games being released now
There is still hope.
Tbh, I wish all game devs are small (~50 people or so) and not restricted by the corp too much. I believe that there are still a lot of creative and passionate game devs around that can make games like the old times. They are just every very restricted by the publishers now.

Pillars of eternity ?

I honestly didn't like Stardew Valley that much. Yeah, it was comfy and all but feel too grindy for me to fully enjoy the comfiness.

Artistic like a painting

I find it boring and uninspired once you get out of the first village.
Agree, the requirements should be a bit more linen. However, it's still a game that was made with love and passion.


Adding Age of Wonders. Yes, it was posted, but I specifically mean the first game, the next ones kinda lose the pixel-arty charm. And the music, one of my all-time favorites.

Absolute madman

Genesia, aka Ultimate Domain. Can be tedious but damn if it doesn't look comfy.

Of course I mean this old DOS version, apparently they made one for iPads and holy shit it's ugly.

So are you guys actually playing any of these, or just posting them?

And which has the best eye-candy?

mah nigga

Zeus or Anno 1404

Is Heroes 3 counted as isometric?

in a thread where 3d like banished or 1404 is allowed, factorio can stay as well.

too bad most players only get 1-2 fps.

>400 posts
>no Red Alert 2


Very comfy soundtrack too

I never understood how you're supposed to play HOMM.

Kings bounty I can get around moving a small party of adventurers around a big map but this game has no immersion. You move immense armies around to take the enemy's base like some sort of turn based strategy game but there's this fluff in between all that that's way to simple to be considered an RPG adventure but too unbalanced to be considered strategic assets.

No, it's 2/3rds perspective.

mah nigga

i loved nations as a kid

>tfw no isometric citybuilder h-game

Grim Dawn is pretty much like Sacred

my nigger

I still can't believe I found out Cossacks 3 is coming out right after I started randomly playing Back to War again for the first time in like 10 years.

Man I hope it is good. It just has to be.

>isometric citybuilder h-game
Just how? It's like h-wargame, you can't do something like that.

I don't trust you.

Doesn't have to have combat. Just be slave trading, brothels, drugs, and stuff. Incentives to play more would be buying specific girls for personal use.
Also, as far as wargames go, Fire Emblem ripoffs have been on the rise lately. There's like three that are tohou alone, then some other standalone ones like getting fucked to breed more units.

State of Decay is just a massive eh
arrived too late

I can see a brothel management game where you can go into 1st person to "test" the girl. Considering the amount of breeding h-games, I don't know why no companies have tried this yet.

Zomboid is good fun for a few dozen hours, especially if you get some friends to play co-op with.

>you can't do something like that
Why not? When the city building gets too realistic, everyone starts bitching at you and you say "fuck everything", well, there's an option right there.


Is this shit any good? What ever happened to that new official RCT game?

Haven't palyed much of Zomboid, but State of Decay becomes a dull slog the moment you figure out how simple and one-dimensional all of it's systems are and how little of actual simulation there is. For me it was around 2 hours in.

It's fine if you're just looking to stomp some zombies.

>then some other standalone ones like getting fucked to breed more units
Fuck, now i need to make my own TBS with that.

Absolutely fantastic game. I love the fact that there's no minimap so you have to slowly and methodically explore everything save it to memory.
I'm debating whether or not it would be a good idea of the levels had a bit more procedural generation to them. It would really encourage additional playthroughs but I feel it'd lose a lot of its charm, you know? I love it when shits there because it logically makes sense for it to be there and not because of some fucking program.

Please, go away, both of you. Arguments aren't comfy.
Alternatively, post comfy stuff.

>F12 F12 F12 F12 whoops half your territory has been overtaken
really nice game just so fucking slow

>City building game
>You start as a village
>develop your economy and grow bigger
>train up officers to help you manage your city
>get a cute huntress with a healthy booty
>have a hunky brickmason to defend her honor and manage building up your town

Stronghold HD is very comfy.

Mein Neger.

I still can't get over how amazing the Stronghold games look. Easily some of the best RTS games ever made.

Project Zomboid

Nothing better than barricading yourself into a house and drinking coffee while the rain lashes down outside and zombies batter at your door.

Plus, it's extremely polished and content-rich for an Early Access game.

The building tools are good but that's pretty much all there is right now.

Rollercoaster Tycoon World is an absolute shitshow though.

Numbles? Is that you, you fucking cocksucker?

>post comfy stuff

I miss these kinds of games.

Becuase 2D always better then 3D

Game is way too easy even on hard mode.
Get through first winter, produce nothing but firewood and sell the shit out of it for mad dosh.
You'll be set till the game crashes on you.

Playing banished

Tornado rolls in

all my food building get fucked up

Everyone starves


Nostalgia: nostalgia'd

>graphics, world detail, alive villages, music, that voice actor
Too bad their newer games lack the charm original Stronghold and Crusader have.

kingdom for keflings


>Anno 1404 my nigga
My favourite game of all time

>Just started playing this
Have fun

pure beauty

Nice State Fair themed town center, user

>1503 and 1404 are the two best, man
1404 is a pure gem. The peak of the series.
And a new one in the style of 1503 would maybe become the best part of the series

>I just make ugly jumbled messes
It comes with time, user. I didn't start to built dream cities from scratch neither.
Pic related is a 40 hours Savegame i am still working on


Do you faggots even sudden strike?

Der Bergfried ist komplett.

final fantasy tactics advance, very cute characters and artwork, I loved this game as a kid

Hell yeah it can. Shame you uploaded a pic of an ugly ass dungeon.

The comfy days of hanging out with friends and strangers in videogames

>Cossacks 3 next week
Pumped as hell.

I'm gonna try out some comfy vidya thanks to this thread.

Which is less overwhelming, Anno or Patrician?

I prefered Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

>tfw you can never experience that again
>tfw even wakfu is dead to me after the latest in a series of complete overhauls

I'd say Anno. Combat is very late game there, while you can get caught by pirates early on in Patrician.

Anno is simpler, but quickly starts falling apart if you fuck up
Patrician is more about being a jew than a city builder, though

very different game but those games are amazing too

Your farms might have been too big, farmer houses too far away, or barns were too far away. A farm that's about 8x12 with one farmer working it is enough to get a harvest complete while it's still Early Autumn.

Wir benötigen Holz, Sire!

Yeah, they're different, but we were on the topic of isometric GBA games so I went with that. You have great taste by the way.

Es kommen Leute zur Burg!