Tales of Berseria

So there's English gameplay out now.


Should I be hyped? Does anyone know how this game fairs in comparison to the trash that was Zestiria? Did they fix the problems that were in Zestiria? How long is Berseria?

Tales of thread I guess

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Eizen's voice is pretty nice

What I've picked up from threads on here and Cred Forums is that it's an improvement to Zestiria in every way. The combat has more freedom and isn't limited to characters, the story is much more engaging and the cast is really well rounded and interesting.
Velvet has a waifu tier personality under her edgy shell and the shota is the manliest guy in the game.

Everything I've heard about the game is positive.

But it's still taking way too damn long to come out in the west.

Berseria in compare to Zestiria is another world. Zestiria was one big garbage in gameplay and story, but Berseria has great story, with good directions and polished gameplay. I was scared if fighting would be broken or something, but it's great to create your own build. Of course there are small things here and there but mostly game is very polished.

Dub is kind of shit.

>How long is Berseria?
Took me 60 hours to beat final boss and around 75 with all sidequests.

The game starts off a 6/10 but after 20 hours it turns into a solid 8.5/10.

Oh hey Jerry. What's going on?

>no skits
>no Magilou
I hope we'll see more soon.

It all depends on the difficulty level, I went with Semi Normal and after 60 hours I am around the end of the game.

I played on Evil and then Chaos when I unlocked those.
I usually never played tales on higher difficulties but this time it encourages you to do so because of all the bonuses.

The game makes a point to shit all over Zestiria themes, so people who hated Zest (everyone) will probably like it
it's a good, fun game when it doesn't try too hard to show its edgy side with compelling characters and a solid gameplay system

How does combat/equip and character customization compare to Graces F?

I was expecting Zestiria to improve upon ToGf in those terms since its combat system was similar enough but it ended up being utter dogshit and fusing weapons wasn't nearly as good and varied as Graces dualization system

You can learn permanent mastery skills from every piece of equipment.
You can dissemble them for materials and use those to power up weapons.
If your total + count exceeds certain limits you get special bonuses.
Say your weapon has +3 and your armor has +2 you get a total of +5 and some bonus, like increased soul gauge, more BG, etc.

In the EX Dungeon you learn a skill that gives you twice the material from dissembling a powered up piece of equipment

It's okay but I'm not a fan of forging around for all eternity.
No devils arms was a bit of a letdown... I don't think they'll ever return.

Berseria's equip system is a mashup of Vesperia/FF9 and Zestiria. You learn skills permanently from equipment and are encouraged to swap them around characters, but you still get a billion duplicates as drops that you can disassemble for materials to upgrade. However how far you can upgrade is gated until you get certain key items throughout the game. It's miles better than Zestiria but about the same level of boring.

It looks pretty bad desu

Why would you lie?

The only issue seems to be the shota's voice
its too high to sound like a young boy

>that shitty music
will they ever fucking fire this hack


>that costume

Berseria was a much more complete Tales of game than Zestiria, but it's not polished in the same way. Berseria got rid of most of Zestiria's annoyances but also managed to miss all the little details that were great--the monster log, the overworld/battle chatter from the party members, passing NPC gossip in towns, characters' end of battle quotes that changed depending on your set support abilities, the dynamic camera work for mystic artes and feeling of impact/vibrancy for normal artes, the cutscene direction, and Go Shiina's few tracks. Also windstepping because Berseria's rareboard sucks ass.

Yeah the dub voice definitely does not fit. Shota is manly as fuq

>Berseria's rareboard sucks ass
This is true.
You get it too late, they make you run through all the new areas before allowing you to use it, and it could have been 3 times as fast.

Why do they keep missing and losing focus target on the enemy? annoying.

Probably because they just press all buttons.
The game controls really well in battle.

Button mashing on manual. Also Berseria's battle camera, while better than Zestiria, is still ass.

>the overworld/battle chatter from the party members, passing NPC gossip in towns
That was replaced by the biggest amount of skit in a Tales after Vesperia and much much much more npc events
The npcs in the game actually talk to the cast, are voiced to boot and what they actually say changed through the game constantly.

Berseria shits all over Zestiria

The important question to ask is, will this game be censored?

My wife Laphicet is so cute

>Does anyone know how this game fairs in comparison to the trash that was Zestiria?
Better than Zesty in pretty much every way, and one of the better games in the franchise on it's own.



This is Bamco so you should know what to expect.


Berseria episode 2 dub is out.

I'm not particularly crazy for Magilou's VA. Oscar sounds a lot like Sam Riegel (Flynn, Jude) but I don't think it's him.

>much much much more npc events
Most of the NPC events were terrible. They are just voiced dialogue that is sometimes mandatory for progression. The game doesn't even animate expressions or gestures or swap in/show the party char that's supposed to be talking. This sucked especially for the confessions.

>the biggest amount of skit
The skits are beautifully animated and voiced but there are too goddamn many of them and they are way too long. Since Zestiria they've been getting longer and used to regurgitate important plot info at the expense of cutscenes. Most of the cutscenes in Berseria are Xillia 2 quality where they stand in a semicircle and cycle through idle animations, with all the important stuff already explained earlier in skits.

There's nothing to censor

>There's nothing to censor
Just like with Xillia.

>The skits are beautifully animated and voiced but there are too goddamn many of them and they are way too long
>Most of the NPC events were terrible

Berseria has one of the best script in jrpg so who care if there is "too many", actually I wanted more.
And they actually say a lot of important thing in them, a lot of the skits are relevant to the characterization and development of the cast and a lot of them are hilarious to boot

>while better than Zestiria, is still ass.
Does it fuck up later on or something because I played the demo and watched some of a few streams and it seemed fine.

At least Agria had a middle finger to articulate, the only thing hands are used for in Berseria are to grab apples

The camera is fine, I never had any problem with it.
You can move it in a very fluid way and you never fight enemies in tight corridor that let you do or see nothing.
Compared to Zestiria it's heaven and hell

I agree with NPC stuff, I always listened for 3-4 lines to see if there's something worthwhile or if it's okay to skip.

The skits were absolutely amazing though. I hope they keep this system or make it even better.

>Velvet has a katar-like blade she uses in battle


Underrated weapon right here

Sincerely hope so considering children might play this game and it has a tendency of showing too much skin.

and another

I like what they did with the bubble above the npcs since it lets you know if you talked to them or not, I don't remember if Zestiria did it since the npcs were ass in that game.

I liked most of the npcs events myself, the confessions of course were great but there was a lot of various conversation that deepened the setting or even the characters backstories like Magilou for example.
Of course in term of production it was pretty mundane but the fact that they were all voiced was pretty amazing.
Also all the guys who propose to Eleanor

The camera is fine in open areas but still bad in dungeons or areas where there is ground clutter like rocks and plants. A lot of dungeons are made wider or have gaps between the walkable area and wall to account for swinging a camera around but it still gets stuck, though not with as much frequency as Zestiria.

More like tales of /ss/

>no linear movement whatsoever
>no MP system

It's shit. Not even a Tales game at this point.

>Sam Riegel

Please not him, we already have Jude in Berseria. I don't want Riegel to voice major supporting characters.

I got a feeling they will reuse the same cast from God Eater games especially since some of them never voiced any character in Tales games..

>. A lot of dungeons are made wider or have gaps between the walkable area and wall to account for swinging a camera around but it still gets stuck
did you only play the trial?
Because the battles always give enough space to fight and see shit by teleporting the player a bit rather than being directly on the field.

You can endless combo so well in this game, it's ridiculous, especially in the higher difficulties.
Then you accidentally let an enemy cast a spell and your entire party is kill.

>wanting MP

The fuck is wrong with you, are you some kind of masochist?

Does Berseria have fusion or links or any other dumb mechanic that hinders playing with other people? Zesteria was especially bad because it forces you to play with two people and they can only play the human characters

>those punching animations

Eizen looks so satisfying to play as

Pretty much agree with this. Sakuraba should take a break from composing.

>no more fighting in the world map like Zesty

Thank goodness, goodbye corridor fighting

I beat the game. Yes the game teleports you to a more open area but there are some areas where "open" means "against a bunch of rubble" or "including a doorway". The ex dungeon level that takes place in Lorelei is a good example.

No, every character has their own little mechanic, which makes it more fun to switch around a little.

Rokurou's counter was especially fun for some bosses.



Whoa, best track is back?

>tfw you lured a bunch of birds into a corridor so you could MA kill them all at once for massive amounts of Yggdrasil Earrings

>The ex dungeon level that takes place in Lorelei
You mean ロウライネ ?
It's basically the only area in the game that is like this and even then I had no problem.
You are being completely unfair when 99% of the game show none of these problems

How optimized was Zestiria?

The game doesn't look that graphically demanding but does it run like shit on PC? Do you need high specs to run it well?

I might just get Berseria on PC but if Zestiria ran poorly on the PC I'm worried.

Zestiria ran fine here. 60 fps with the fix and virtually no drops.

Specs related.

Don't expect much. The PC port is outsourced to a small group of people.
Remember, Japan doesn't even have a PC version.

But it probably won't be as bad as Symphonia.

That's not the only location but it's the one that's at the forefront of my memory because it was the worst. It's not completely unfair to say that the camera is better than Zestiria but still has problems.

Zestiria ran great on PC and is not resource intensive at all, played 60fps 4k(probably upscaled, not 100% sure). The only issue would be if you keep a million save files and that is mitigated by having an SSD.

>'s not the only location but it's the one that's at the forefront of my memory because it was the worst
it's the only one.
I immediately remembered when you talked about it but absolutely no other place jump to my mind

I'm bad at analyzing specs, how does my get-up fair in comparison to yours?

Yours is weaker but should be fine for Zestiria, at least. Can't say how Berseria's gonna turn out but I doubt it's going to be much worse than Zestiria, requirement-wise.

I didn't have any camera problems at all, but once or twice I experienced some enemies being behind "a bunch of rubble" as you said.

I wouldn't call that a camera problem though because the camera did what it should do. Not once during the game did I think "Man, I wish the camera wouldn't do this"

Maybe it's just personal preference.

>passing NPC gossip in towns

MUTTON FRESH MUTTON was the best part of Xillia

You'll be fine with those specs.

Berseria will probably be similar to Zestiria. Played on PS4 and visually it looks the same. Even has the same framedrop/spellqueue issue. There's more random object decoration and water effects but not enough to warrant more powerful hardware than what either of you have.

Lucky you. I've somehow managed to end up with the camera up a monster's ass a la Zestiria quite a few times.

Nice, thanks for the feedback. This gives me hope to be able to play Berseria without needing a PS4.