Why is borderlands considered cancer but this isn't?

Why is borderlands considered cancer but this isn't?
EXPLAIN Cred Forums

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The first Borderlands is fine. Cute girls are also fine. You are welcome.

Which one has cute anime girls?

because it has qt animu grills, and virgins loves qt grills

Because it was shoehorned into boredlands to appeal to leddit users, while meme spouting is just a theme in nep games.

Because it is done poorly in Borderlands. Also the cuck master himself had a part in BL and not Nep.

Butt hurt neppit user detected

Because it has cute girls and that's all that matters to retarded weeaboos.

They're both shit, in fact I'd argue Neptunia is worse since at least Borderlands has mediocre gameplay and isn't pathetically shit in that department.

Nep has cute characters at least.
meanwhile Borderland's characters look like puke

What does she say in the jap version? 2ch?

>but this isn't

>Even BL2 and on have better gameplay and less memeshit than Neptunia

>hating any vidya games



>tfw you lose your virginity and stop liking cute girls

because niche

I believe it is because it's associated with Gearbox.

[spolier]And Aliens: Coloniel Mariens[/spoiler]

Threadly post about marrying Compa desu~

I think.
I heard that the line is indeed about chans

Do you think meme is Memeland's ally? Gearbox merely adopted those meme. Neptunia was born in it, molded by it. Neptunia didn't didn't see the west until it was already on Vita, by then memes were nothing to Compile Heart but more content!

Everything is cancer on Cred Forums. Including Cred Forums

Biting, but care to explain those posts to me instead?
People actively go in Nep threads even if they dislike it to shitpost precisely like they do with Borderlands, where did you get the fact *we* are biased towards Neptunia?
Nothing on Cred Forums is universally accepted, but of course, Neptunia got a bigger fanbase because they pander to anime and games tropes with cute girls and actually decent humour, this kind of thing attracts way more people, especially on our chinese imageboard.

You gotta go back.

>one of the series is based off of video games and internet culture
>the other is a sci-fi game that takes place in a gritty wasteland setting

Like a moth to a flame. People on here are more drawn to shir they hate than shit they like.

>actually decent humour

Pic related, the redhead is OP.

Sure, it's memes but it's appropro in Neptunia.

Cred Forums, where Idea Factory learned the truth about contents, as well you. There's a reason why this imageboard is the worst hell on the net... memes.
Every user who has lurked here over the years have looked up to the content and imagined climbing to good discussion. So easy... .so simple... And like the shipwrecked men turning to sea water from uncontrollable thirst, many have gone shitposting. Compile Heart learned here that there can be no true meme without content. So, as they publish Neptunia, It feeds people Tsunako artwork to poison their souls. CH let them believe that they can get content so that you can watch them meme over each other to keep getting replies. You can watch Idea Factory baiting a whole thread and when you have truly understood the depth of your wizardry, we will fulfill Neptune's destiny... we will get stickie'd and then, when it is done and the thread is over 500 replies long.... then you have my permission to (You) me.

Idea Factory at least doesn't allow memes be dreams.

You sure showed me with that image and greentext

Nep has seriously shitty writing and if anyone says otherwise they are lying.

>I dont like it so no one can like it

Better than most AAA titles these days.

Nep is carried hard by Tsunako's arts and the VAs at first. V-II is about as good as it gets when it comes to plot in a Nep game.

>Nep has more plot to No Man's Sky

Just because you like it doesn't mean it isn't shit.

Just because you dont like it doesn't mean its shit.

Borderlands was written that way from the start.

A lot of the Nep games are localized by 9gag instead of translated. It's fucking grating if you actually know the language. At one point the line is "At least they're not making fun of me for being a news reporter for video games" and the english line is a big spiel about Gamergate.

It became quite true to the Japanese meme by rebirth 3 and after.

The Japanese net culture jokes got localized to western sensibilities, but Ran-pig and whatnot remain untouched.

>Television and Film separate boards

Well hey, she's a newfag

>Go to Cred Forums
>First thread
Wew lad

Both are pretty cringey, but the difference is
>Series entirely built around vidya, anime, and internet culture references
>Series that just shoe horns in references for the sake of references
It's different when a character literally modeled after a video game console mentions some internet stuff, instead of when it's just done for references sake. Same way that Steins;Gate mentioned tons of internet shit and it wasn't as cringey as other examples because the series is pretty much built around Akiba and 2ch/Cred Forums type references and shit. There's a difference between cringey and earnest, and cringey and shallow.

>but this isn't
This isn't early 2014 anymore. Everyone already played neptunia and have gone to /vg/ to contain the cancer



Original line for this? 何これ

Was this V? That kind of stuff was especially bad in V from what I remember, MK2 and especially VII are both at more acceptable levels

RB 2

Why contain it? I's cool!

Because Monsoon would like this game with its memes

what did she mean by this?

well, I guess 2 and 3 were pretty bad, 1 and VII are ok though right?

>yfw Neptunia makes fun of Cred Forums all the time

Yeah, HDN, RB 1 and VII are okay
I found RB 1 to be the best in this desu

Where are all my Compabros at?

One's a relatively light hearted series with a meme-y localization
The other is literally nothing but forced attempts at memes

1 was only about memes and little about plot and story which was pretty okay considering it didnt end up that cringey

VII is pretty good, while the jokes and references were on par with RB 1

both are pretty nice considering RB3 needing a patch to fucking run


Hello there

Neptunia references are a lot less obnoxious and general take it to a level beyond "recognize this, lol" to actual humour.

Cred Forums and /nepgen/

but that is cancer

There we go.

>go to /nepgen/
>ask about the NepxNoire ship and if its canon
>thread derails into shitposting

Nepgear, stop shitposting

Post more Noire

Nep is cancer

>not cancer

Steamax is right on the money with that.

>overmemed, even by nep standards
>memed even further beyond by localizers thinking their job is to rewrite instead of, well, localize
>plutia a giant shit
>nep, sadly, at her a shit-iest
>assuming you're playing RB, third game in a row with similar assets and gameplay, starting to burn even hardcore nepfags out
>technical issues on pc despite the simple as fuck engine and the other RB games running fine
Why was V/RB3 so bad?
Although credit where it's due, I love how IF takes the negative feedback and uses it to fix shit, with how much better animu ploot and VII turned out, and hell I think one of the sega girls even stands up to iris's meme sadist form in the IF gameAlso it's still playable, of course, and rei is there so it can't be all bad
now here are some neptubes because I hate delving into the low points of the series

Neppit is localization right? I don't think Japan uses reddit, what was it originally?

But I consider Neptunia to be cancerous as well. The most I can say about it is that it offers a nip perspective on the console wars, but that's about it.

2ch. nijiura would be Cred Forums.

I think neptunia is already cancer is the eyes of the majority, the fanbase is one of the worst out there with its waifufagging and delusional shitposting.

Borderlands is malignant, weeb shit is benign.

seems accurate enough

And Nep did go to nchan in the Nip original version, although she didn't get told to go back to Neppit there.

borderlands = feminist crap

neptunia = anti-feminist

there it is

Cred Forums is willing to forgive all sins from fanservice games.

>this isn't


That's... pretty good localization actually, keeps the tone and message, doesn't add a ton of extraneous shit (just the nepnowa bit, and it's funny and short enough), makes it into something more recognizable to the local audience; they really pulled their heads out of their asses for VII huh?

I find it funny that Neptunia is actual female empowerment even in the sense that the chief character designer, the director and noted devs are female, yet it is seen and painted as anti-feminist by the SJWs in the west.

Hell, the Neps know about their cuteness and flaunt their sexiness, but they bant about it with each other and not let themselves get too bothered about it.

because feminists are idiots and "female empowerment" is mostly bullshit

feminism is anti-women for most part
it's only pro-women when women in question are cultural marxists


this is neptunia, it's very definition of cancer

it just goes without saying

It's almost as if the translation's purposely trying to meme.

>cute girls that are shameless about being cute girls to their other cute girl friends, while still actually being characters and not just cute girls, and the whole thing is made by girls
I know, it should be a-ok, but unfortunately sex negativity is the default (unless you're an ugly landwhale for some reason) and men can enjoy neps too, so it's evil
>the designers are brainwashed or something with internal muhsoggy
>even if they're not they're encouraging it by objectifying them! (tl note: objectifying means any sexuality at all, not actual objectification)
>petite 2d? PEDO PEDO PEDO
At least even normies have started to get fed up with this shit, maybe in a few years it'll finally fall out of style

Nisa being shit translators isn't a meme

>missing an apostrophe is meming
nigger they have to translate like 1000 lines of neps nepping and are probably paid peanuts and don't even give a shit, it's a typo

Yessy, this user is right

what the fuck is NEPNOWA IS DEAD referring to?

Come to think of it, we consider you're waifu to be a trite but true meme.

What did he mean by this?


NepNowa. Neps are /u/ so it should come as no surprise.

Nep + noire (pronounced nowa in nip) is dead, it's poking fun at nepgen and similar shipping


You remember the famous ME3 rant? Imagine that, but weebier and directed at an entire industry over the course of a few years


>took trite but true at face value because it makes sense in context despite sounding weird
>took me a few minutes before I realized

>Losing your virginity

Enjoy your life of wage slaving and child support. You had your shot at wizardhood and you fucked it up.

>that one fucking gizmo in the middle of the sea of animu

Yep, thanks to some asshole spamming "post you're waifu" threads, we now can't use the word waifu anywhere on the starting post since it's an autosage word.

>le blackscienceman maymay

Because weebs

But Neptunia is the most widely hated JRPG out there.

>everyone hates this thing, said the frogposter
(you) have a good day now

ME3 rant?

yes, THE mass effect 3 rant
as his hate for the rgb end emanates to the far reaches of existance, so to shall mine towards the numales latching on to a socjus trend to ruin a niche they're not the intended target for because they think videogames actually matter to real world issues

you do realize the pic was an edit, right?

What would Nepchan Cred Forums be like?

>It's Neptunia scum thinks anyone likes his shit series episode

I mean wordfilters are braindead to get around, if you want to discuss cute girls waifu isn't manditory, and if you really need to open a thread with "waifu" just use waif, wife, or some generic corruption like wifoo

This sort of discrimination against ASICums.


>iris heart is my waifu heart
truly these people are worse than arfoire

>there are people that don't love this memelord in english

I don't know why but I love this

But Vert is making fun of reddit


I wish the writing and characterisation of the first game came back, every character in Neptunia just seems so shallow and 1 dimensional after Mk2, even conquest ending showed Neptune isn't just a shrieking child.

Everything else about that literal Trinity Universe skin can stay though.

>want to care for protect peashy like a cute daughteru
>want to fuck yellow heart raw until I pass out
I don't know what to feel anymore


Somehow that's a bit more annoying than the English version.

Why not both?

So, from someone who hasn't played the games but sometimes lurks the threads since they're often funny.

What's the deal with their transformations (HDD mode?), is that something they can just do at a whim?

For Neptune especially it seems her entire personality changes, is she still the same person when she's transformed? I assume she can't just stay transformed, because she seems a lot calmer and more mature like that.

>is that something they can just do at a whim?
>is she still the same person when she's transformed?

She's still Nep. She puts on a serious demeanor but the Nep leaks out more and more with each Nep game. She teases Steamax in V-II cause it's fun, she complains to Nepgear about transforming sucking the fun of riding a roller coaster in V, and she grumbles about being a flying mule as she piggy packs her party across bodies of water.

nepu is adorable and I could listen to either version all day

I believe she can't stay transformed forever. If she did, then it'd eat through her shares, which is basically the life essence of the goddesses.



Because nobody who isn't cancer cares about Neptunia, while Borderlands still has something going for it.

Some people say nep is cancerous; some say it isn't. Some say Borderlands is cancerous; some say it isn't.

Different people have different opinions, OP.

>is that something they can just do at a whim?
it takes energy, but yeah they do it whenever, nep did it just because some schmoes called her and blanc flat (unfortunately for blanc, white heart is equally flat),
They are the same people, and their personalities are mostly the same, but HDD alters them in the sense that certain traits are suppressed (i.e. vert's fujo, nep's goofiness) while others are brought forward (blanc's anger, nep's competence) but they're not completely gone/come out of nowhere so you could still tell they're the same person, with some exceptions

oh, and HDD modes are generally called [color] heart instead of their normal name, but again don't let that throw you: same neps

But Nep doesn't like it that you (player) are more attracted to her Purple Heart form...



Actually I guess I can't
that bgm loop is getting on my nerves, nep is fine though

I said no such thing! PH is nice, but Nep is perfect!

Nepnep is lewd

pls post more Uni

>that disgusting art style on every poster
>Displaying figures and mangas in your room

being subtle feels way better than making these kind of decorations and arrangements, it only makes it worse


I'm not decorating my room for you so who cares

Maybe I'm just not degenerate enough for this site, but I generally don't want to violently fuck my daughteru, but unlike the average daughteru she transforms into a crazy grown up tiddy monster with a world class ass wearing a revealing tron unitard, thigh highs, and elbow gloves

So does Noire actually fuck those slime dogs or what? I can't get it up for impure girls.

To make it worse, she still very much has the mind of a 5 year old.

>He browses Neppit
L m a o

even if she's a grown up titty monster with an amazing ass, she's still your daughteru you sicko

>have a thing for cute immature girls (I'm in a nep thread aren't I?)
>yellow takes it to new levels and turns it all kinds of weird
I mean I'd still fuck her, the pillow talk would just be reeeeealy weird after she transforms back

Because nep-nep is best girl, and you must be a fool if you don't love her.

Of course I wouldn't actually do it, but god look at those tits

I wish I was Vert's little sister.

>Cred Forums

I'll hire those hookers and use VIVE to pretend it's my waifu.

She'd probably just say she was sore, that she probably wouldn't wan to do it again, ask for some pudding and then sleep.

>but I generally don't want to violently fuck my daughteru

What if your daughteru was BEST GIRL though?

yes, but suddenly the I cup goddess you creamed inside is an adorable 5 year old girl. I mean I like loli to an extent, but it generally caps at around anime "12" year olds

>vert always wanted a little sister
>she gets a big sister instead
>mfw shenanigans ensue

At that point user you've got no one to blame but yourself. You knew what you were getting into and there's no turning back. Just hope none of the other goddesses find out.

>make vert the imouto
Shit why didn't we think of this sooner

Every thing is considered" cancer" by some one who doesn't like it.

Boaderlands is a competent shooter and Neps are cute funny commentary on the industry.

It's all good man.

I got a Nep game on PS4 from a sale a couple of weeks back. I think it's the 7th title or so? I've been longing for some cute innocent fun RPG, is this a good entry point (I know NOTHING of Neps) or should I start with Hyperdimension 1?

You must be referring to Megadimension V-II (It's V-2, not 7)

VII is fine as an entry point. It was my first nep game myself. You won't fully appreciate all the characters the way you will after playing the rebirth games, but it's fine to start off with it.

Much of the game is explained in a way that is meant for newbies like you. I was surprised by how accommodating the game is to noobs.

HDN 1 is a mess, if you really want to start somewhere I'd say Rebirth1.
Though honestly the games all stand on their own pretty well so you could start with V-II

jej, no, V (for victory) was the third game, VII (victory-2) is the fourth
and I guess you could just watch the animu if you need the lore, but I'd personally recommend rebirth 1 and possibly 2

Can't really blame him for thinking it's 7. Really naming it VII instead of V-II was probably a dumb idea.

I am going to marry Neptune!

Sorry I wasn't laughing at him, just how many people IF catches with that cheeky bullshit

Sorry, user, but Neptune is already mine.

Hm? There a story behind that particular naming? It always did seem off to me.

And I'll marry Compa!

Vert is Imouto to Windows platform.

Weebs have no quality control. They literally rate every anime shit 5/5, 10/10 etc. because it has anime and caters to their taste.

They are like MLP of video games. As long as their archetype character is there and the end credits feature JAPANESE NAMES they rate it highly.

They really have no fucking quality control ever.

Weeb games often are boring shit, VN tier garbage.

Japan can do no wrong

Western games are objectively shit. I have never once played a western video game that I enjoyed. NEVER.

>tfw you've fallen way behind on your Nep Nep backlog
How will my favorite Nep Nep know that I love her if I can't even platinum all her games

you need to relax my man, nep would appreciate it but would she really want to see you stressing out over backlogged vidya?

What the fuck was her problem?


shit writing
>discount narcoleptic compa that turns into the most generic meme armored sadist that gets away with everything scot free, even when she does shit that the audience can't stand
If she
>a. actually got what was coming to her
>b. was more sensibly written like the animu
she'd have been fine

All the neps are on the spectrum on some form or another. Pic related is cutest autist.

Personally, I don't give a shit about plats. But boi, am I having a fun time marathoning the Re;Birth games. Unfortunately, that meant everything else got pushed.

Are neps shaven down there? Do they even need to shave? How old are they?

>tfw you lose your virginity and still like cute girls

They're gods. So ageless.

presumably, and ageless goddesses so age means nothing

Yaknow, i never really cared about purple heart when comparing her to nep. After giving it some thought, i think they'd actually do good as 2 characters interacting with each other.

Like i think PH's character is a good straight man kind of character on the surface but since she's still nep, she can still relate to the autism. Basically a vert but not as savvy and a tad more sincere.

Her replacing nep doesn't feel good to me, but if they were to stand side by side then I think it would be entertaining.

>Weebs have no quality control.
>Every single person who likes Neptunia on Cred Forums says it has a lot of problems, but they still enjoy it.
It's almost as if people can enjoy things, without going on and on about all the GOTY awards their a game got, or how it's "DA BEST GAEM EVVVER"

Because that's a DLC scene which honestly has no affect to the overall story

>mom walks in

how do you react?

I'm gay I just play for the memes

Go back home mom. Dad's not coming back.

no it doesn't, it's just Reddit lingo

>play V and stick slutty skins on the little whores
>removed function from sequels

shit game

I mean, they kind of do with big nep now since she's perma nep

I laughted harder than I should

thats barry btw

you can still costume them, and half the HDDs barely have any clothes to begin with so slutty isn't an issue

I'm playing ironically mom

>allowing kino and sitcoms on the same board

Vidya references and meme-spouting is Neptunia's entire premise. The series was created because of console wars.

Are there many situations where big nep talks with purple heart? I'd like to see purple heart and big nep gag duos in future spin offs if they do end up working well together.

I have no idea, I'm still working through the rebirths, but she definitely does interact with purple to some extent

I miss it when shitposting was entertainment

Because the team behind nepshit doesn't shit up english social media. Borderlands is a much much better series, especially 2 with all the expansions.

does a colored version of that r18 island post card exist?

Not sure why you used spoilers, nepfags tend to be more excepting to newcomers than nost.

safe than sorry, as they say

Sure you wouldn't.

>Peashy tries something she saw in a porn you left on as Yellow Heart, of course she has no idea what she's doing.
>You lose control within seconds
>You: "Ahhh... Damn... I came with the force of one thousand suns. What have I done?"

There's not many instances where Big Nep talked to Purple Heart. Big Nep basically is Nep that doesn't think she's protag 24/7. Big Nep and Nep both love to pretend to be retarded.

Big Nep memes as well, but she doesn't get that many opportunities since she's not protag.

>leaving porn unattended around the neps, let alone pishee
just how irresponsible are you?


Does this sound like the response of a nep who disapproves of lewdness?


it's irresponsible because you shouldn't give them any more ideas than they already have

It's his fault, not mine.
To answer your question, I make Captain Tylor blush.

Because weebs are two faced and openly support cancer as long as it panders to them in the form of cute anime girls. Borderlands however, was an average, good at times, game before two and it didn't really create a rabid fanbase that would support whatever shitty product Gearbox puts out. Therefore Gearbox is given all the flak, that they definitely deserve, while Compile Heart is still seen as "good".

I like neptunia and play JRPGs exclusively. Still not a weeb.

Weeb doesn't mean "anyone who likes something made in Japan." Sadly, the word has lost all meaning because newfags like you have come along who have no idea what a weeb actually is.

As long as it's the dumb, ugly chicks screaming at me being a shitlourde, it keeps them from trying to date me.

>responding to it
Ledditors coming to this board always post like this thinking it makes them fit in. Just ignore it.

He's still right, you know. Weebs, or even non-weebs, will absolutely eat shit up as long as it's japanese waifu shit.

It always gets a pass and if you say anything against it you're directed to reddit.

>calling me a newfag
>clearly did not read my post
When did I ever state that a weeb was anyone who liked a Japanese product? A weeb is more described as the extreme of an otaku you fucking retard.

HOLY FUCK I can't make this shit up even if I tried

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

It would if I ever actually went to Reddit, yeah

Yeah it really does hurt seeing what terrible taste weebs have, and how they will defend garbage.

Tumblr isn't any better, user.

>people hate borderlands

The first one was good, and while 2's writing sucked ass I enjoyed the classes that they added. Never played the pre-sequel though.

I know. That's why I never go there either.

Cut the bullshit

>five year old with the body of a legal sex god naively mimicking a "naughty video" to try to impress you and fucking your brains out in the process

Why do people play these games if they don't like it? Cute anime girls can't be the only reason. then again most of Cred Forums is that shallow

For me, the characters just bounce off each other so well a lot of the time, it makes the game a lot more fun.

>le hide powerlevel meme
All this means is you are an irredeemable coward

Cute girls were what brought me here, but the lore and mythos is pretty cool. Not to mention the gameplay is very fun and the dialouge is solid even if it is a bit cheesy at times.

It's also oddly satisfying to complete those plans or beat those tough/risky monsters.

Except when using Histoire. Book loli is OP, pls nerf.

They nerfed her in V-II, didn't they?

Histy ain't playable in V2

>but the lore and mythos is pretty cool
>the characters just bounce off each other so well a lot of the time

Keep deluding yourselves, the game is as shallow as a kiddie pool. The only thing it tries to do is provide fanservice of cute anime girls, plot and character come last.

Look at all these arguments, oh wait, there's none

Then let me ask you this, does this game pander to any specific group of people and what is the general appeal of this game over others?

Just like your argument, funny enough.

>does this game pander to any specific group of people
Yes, just as pretty much any other game in existence
>what is the general appeal of this game over others
Humanized consoles and story based off history of gaming industry

At least we agree then on both my argument and the game.

>Humanized consoles and story based off history of gaming industry

I think you meant
>Cute girls doing cute things with a very shallow combat system. Story holds no weight because in the end there is never any actual character development for danger of characters no longer fitting into cliches that we market them on.

Also there is a right way to pander to an audience, and compile hearts current strategy of lure them in with cute girls and then put content like outfits behind micro-transactions is not a good kind of pandering. Instead its merely taking advantage of the consumer.

>Look up the source
>mfw its not cropped porn

You lost any credibility you had when your only response to my answer to your question was greentext, fuck off

Please tell me how the greentext damaged the credibility of my post?

It went downhill pretty hard half way through 2's life cycle. Memes every now and again was easy to ignore but then it kept contradicting itself in tone to the point where the game itself becomes smarmy about its flaws as time goes on.

But that's a discussion for another thread.

I've been hard for like 3 hours now but can't remember if I masturbated or not, just that I looked at a lot of porn inbetween reading posts

then go and fap now so you can be ready for more when other doujins show up

Pretty sure if you did masterbate and you're STILL hard after 3 hours, you should probably get that checked out.

I've just been passively jerking it all this time so if I came before I would probably be hard again
which is exactly my issue, I have no idea and can't really go back to check

>there's been a nep thread EVERY SINGLE DAY

This is getting stupid. Nobody's even talking about the game itself anymore.

Talking about the what?

I remember when Barney was pure.

the perfect woman... unless she accidentally punches you through a wall

>I go into threads for games I don't like and shitpost
btw I suggest actually reading the thread, because it has been full of game discussion

I preferred victory to the new one, I felt the quality dropped drastically in chapter 2

The perfect Goddess is right here user

I like the game. I like the gameplay. I like the RPG elements.
I don't like how nobody ever talks about it.

I don't see any game discussion in this thread. Just worthless waifuposting.

>there's been a thread EVERY SINGLE DAY
Ok, and?

your reading comprehension is questionable

I can say the same thing about you.

>Bunny neps
Oh man.

I'd say Green Heart fits that bill.

Though the lovely Miss White Heart is no slouch herself.

You could say the same thing about 75% of threads on Cred Forums. Just replace waifuposting with baiting/shilling/general shitposting.

>Neptunia memes are ok
garbage weabo fags opinions doesn't matter


Then talk about the gameplay, user. Don't complain that other people don't ask you what you think about the game if you're not gonna get into it yourself.

It's also a game built around gags, so you're going to get more people who talk about jokes more than the game play.


Neptune/Purple Heart canonically have the best butt in the games.

There isn't much to say about it, combat is fine, something like ffxiii but better, also I think they should explain some skills, it took me a while to realize why noire hits so hard with a lot less stats

You spelled Uni/Black Sister wrong.

Because it's honest about being cancer. It didn't pretend to be a black humour post-apocolyptic alien world. If I order ice cream, I'm not upset when I get ice cream. If I order a steak, you can bet I'll be fucking pissed when there's ice cream on my steak.

Nope, the official manga confirmed it.

Then why complain in the first place? We can have more gameplay discussion when Nep vs SeHa comes out or Blanc is out for PC, or when 4GO TRAILER COMES OUT

Weebs will defend any piece of trash as long as it has cute anime girls

>Official manga still not sold in the west
I thought nep did better in the west, why isn't this happening?

Not true, people stopped talking about fire emblem for a while. Fates had the cutest girls but fuck it's hard to stick with.

FE used to be good, though
Neptunia was never good

Guessing manga in general isn't as big over here as it is in Japan.

Compa, I found a sexy picture of you!

You're fucking retarded. I'd take Ubisoft openworld number 100 over any Nep game.

Only virgins likes cute girl. I know because I stopped liking cute girls the moment I lost my virginity.

I will wait for the day when Ubisoft develops a Nep spinoff game.

Stop pretending, it ain't funny anymore.

Neptunia is the MLP of videogames

But Neps are cancer.


You mean people pay more attention to people liking it rather than the thing they like? Sounds about right

Manga does pretty well over here. I mean it tends to be more second to anime while it's the reverse in japan, but even bookstores advertise wide on manga.


>defending autists

who's the last on the left?

It's more that I have better things to do than care about something like that, but hey, if you want to waste your miserable, shitty life on being fun police to other people, I can't stop you, only laugh from the distance

Judging by the hairstyle, that is RED, whom is a maker and not a goddess.

No one's defending you here, what are you going on about?

RED she's in HDN1, RB2 and 3

I'm gonna nep you all up!

because borderlands is made from the start to be memeshit, but most of neptunia's memery is just bad localization
some people are very resilient and play these games despite how terribly "translated" they are

>"it's all the localization's fault!"
Nepfags are a sad bunch

ever tried to look into the mirror?

the temptations of the flesh may attempt to lead me astray, but the prospect of wizardhood is even greater

thanks for reminding me user

Naw, nepfags know what's what. The original's got jp memes too and is no better. He's just being one of those kinds of weebs.

But it is. The localization is.
>the original has memes too!
Yes, but fewer, and sure as fuck NEARLY not as much as in Borderlands where the entire game consists of them.
Even in cases where N-chan is indeed mentioned originally, there may be no memes or even references to the real-life board. IFI adds them anyway.

who are you quoting?


Six words. It's okay when Japan does it.

On a side note, Neptunia is fucking rubbish. I literally would be happier if the series left consoles for good and moved to PC. PC has nothing but rubbish, Neptunia is rubbish, it's a marriage made in heaven.

Only virgins and NEET like cute girls indeed.

Once you do it you finally see the light that is child support, cuckoldry, wageslavery and Bernie Sanders.

This desu

Cred Forums will accept literal shit if it's made in Japan

Given that taking nep off consoles would decrease their libraries by 20%, i don't think consoles could afford it.

Neptunia is bottom-of-the-barrel entry level bait Japanese game that gives a bad name to Japanese games. It's the Sword Art Online of moege, everyone's tried it but only faggots who don't know what they're missing like it to a significant degree. If you want to play weebshit then there are many much better options such as Atelier, Fortune Summoners, and the Rance games.

PS4 still has plenty of good exclusives, and multiplats still count.

except Neps are better than trash like SAO

Because the neckbeards here don't interact with real woman so it's "my waifu" bullshit.

that's besides the point, user was drawing a comparison in that both are the worst examples of their respective mediums

I can think of worse games than Neptuina.

like DmC or No Man's Sky

weeaboos blindly consume moe trash and defend it with their lives
in other news, pigs can't fly, the sun is hot, and Cred Forums is shit

i meant that user was saying that neptunia was the worst in terms of moege and that SAO was worst in terms of anime

though thinking back i'm not sure if moege counts as a medium, more of a genre within the medium

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna play ReBirth 1 on my Vita for the first time ever!

have fun, and enjoy the overwhelming cuteness that is nep-nep

is nep as mainstream as league of legends by now? i feel it's no longer a niche weeb title tßh

I don't even know what moege means

game filled with cute girls doing cute things

basically what all moe is

I would stop thinking about that sort of thing. That's how hipsers/contrarians are made.

Neptunia is the RWBY if video games