He hasn't tweeted for a month. What do you think he's doing?

He hasn't tweeted for a month. What do you think he's doing?

he changed his name, shaved, and left for another country with all the money

As a regular video game consumer, I do believe he is currently purchasing and playing Fallout™ 4, perhaps we should do the same.

Sucking cock

He woke up in a parallel stranger things-like universe where you can't see him and he can't see you.

But shouldn't he also purchase the Fallout™ 4 Season Pass and pre-order the Skyrim™ Remastered?

Well absolutely, in all platforms too, in order to experience all possible scenarios offered by Bethesda™'s amazing Creation Engine™.

He's hiding out with Peter Molyneux and John Romero

Repeated thread

Good show my friends, or should I say Fallout™-riends!

hopefully killing himself

Released his game, made a profit. Social networking is stupid and gay and he seems cool enough to be anti-tech when money isn't involved. He's probably just chilling.

>not joining in on the meme

having a nervous breakdown

Yah-Howdy fella, Im the bandit that worky-durky for the hello games company, I believe I stole all your money, damn shit luck on you fella, well derly-durr surves you right for trusting giving all your money to us, that is ''Hello games''
You should have invested that money Fallout 4® season pass, now that what I call a good investment cowboy, you better hurry up and refund that crooked mans sky and use that refund money on FO season pass before sunset I cowboy bandit from Hello games will ride off with all your money yah-ha

laughing at your threads on Cred Forums maybe. it's a bit pathetic to be so obsessed with one man, what does your gf think of this?

sup sean

I hope you didn't spend the money already, gotta refund that game baby

Swimming in stolen money

Creating these threads.

>tfw my friend bought me the FO4 season pass
>tfw he hasn't been online in over a month
>tfw I barely play FO4

Taking a nice, long vacation and counting all the money he made on NMS. So what if it wasn't critically acclaimed and no one's playing it anymore? It still made a significant profit.

What reason does he have to tweet anymore? The con paid off in the end, even if some people refunded.

If any luck, deeply humiliated for his flimflammery with No Man's Sky.

Taiwanese Ladyboys

Swinging from the rafter.

He got told to stop fueling the fire

he's a smart man

friendly reminder that NMS was LITERALLY never advetised as a multiplayer game and you literal faggots trying to make this the next tortanic are pathetic and insecure

*sips tea*

His PR representative probably advised him to avoid social media until the heat dies down.

Which Cred Forums will probably never allow to happen.

Friendly reminder that I jizzed on your tea

>can you meet other players in the game
>YES! but the odds of that happening are small because everything is unique

>Howie C.K.


Weird they would have it on the box then with a sticker hastily covering it up.

Hiding in the mountains.

Enjoying his stolen bills.

He looks like the textbook definition of a numale hipster. I don't know how he will fare without his daily social media validation.

Let's be real, did he really get filthy rich? It's hard to imagine that Sony wouldn't fuck over indie dev teams.

The demonization of Sean Murray is classic anti-Irish Sentiment fermented by the Protestant Elite in media and gaming review websites.

Sean Murray did literally nothing wrong.

is this real?

you aren't indie if Sony's backing you.

On vacation with all the money he conned.

Yeah it's real. How have you not seen this yet?


Did he forgot to write /kappa for you?

Work, son.

Kinda the opposite of what you expect, I know.

Living it large with all the money he stole.

He'll get whats coming to him though, he wont ever make a game again thats for sure, i'l make sure of it.



He's the same as Phil Fish, so instead of shaving, he put his hair into a manbun and started being a DJ

If I had to choose between browsing social media or watching movies from my personal IMAX screen in my penthouse, I'd probably go with the latter.

fuck this thread, give me the sixtuplus

Finding better places to hide his money.