Why do people play Mercy...

Why do people play Mercy? It's basically enabling the other five people on the team to have fun while you're there bored/stressed out of your mind.

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I exclusively play Mercy while riding a mouted dildo. It's the only way to enjoy the game.

Because they're too much of waifufags to play superior supports like Lucio and Zenyatta

>I pleasure myself sexually while playing vidya.
>It's the only way I can enjoy vidya.
I don't think it's the vidya you are enjoying, senpai.

Why do people have children? It's basically enabling the other 2-5 people on the team to have fun while you're there bored/stressed out of your mind.

>tfw no ubercharge

People who are into micromanagement games, that have them watch a whole bunch of meters enjoy playing healing roles in any game.
Having to keep track of meters works for some people. Especially in MMOs where it was Your Health, Your MP, and the health of like 4+ Party Members. and sometimes their MP as well.
This game just simplified the role immensely and that is Mercy.

mercy contributes jack shit
>b-but muh rez
lucio would've prevented those deaths
oh and see that genji? the one that is slaughtering your whole team AND your sorry floating ass?
zenyatta would've made him completely useless
>b-but i can heal
no you can't, even ana's a better healer, given the user is not completely retarded

Either braindead faggots (really, not just using buzzwords here)... or, well, girls.

>while you're there bored/stressed out of your mind

I just use damage boost on cheesy characters or my friend and spam "SUPER", it seems to upset a lot of people on the enemy team.

>join team chat
>the mercy player has a nasally, high pinched voice, plays like utter shit while making passive aggressive remarks
i swear to god, every time


remember when valve gave a shit about TF2

they still don't care now that dota2 is their cash cow

>mfw I've gotten legendary on healing or defensive assists 5 times as Mercy

Keep a clean bill of health, fellas.

I think she's good at topping off a competent defending team.

because rez is broken, and she has the best mobility out of the healers if your team is any good at positioning

>lucio would've prevented those deaths
> 12/40hps vs 70hps 24/7


You're an idiot. I'm not even going to bother arguing with you.

you're being a smart ass, but you're not wrong

Thats why I play healers, especially in PvP settings. I like making other people feel like they're unstoppable when they get to go on killstreaks and stuff. You don't get enjoyment at all by helping the team as a whole play better?

A good team is basically required to have at least one Mercy on it. If you don't see one, it's your responsibility to take up the role. The other healers aren't nearly as important.

I like letting disrespecting teammates die and steal their kills.

Awe you're the best kinda guy

Playing Support on a team that's afraid to push through a choke despite having two tanks is a fucking awful feeling

I find Lucio considerably more boring than Mercy, at least Mercy can damage boost a Junkrat/Pharah for some satisfaction.

Lucio and Zenyatta are still perfect for each other if you are doing 2 supports. Lucio and Ana are good for attack.

Mercy is fine if you really, really need another damage/tank character and only 1 support.

>playing "Support"

the whole role is a bad idea in team based games

>It's basically enabling the other five people on the team to have fun while you're there bored/stressed out of your mind.

That's why it's so fun. I love being a little bitch who exists only to let other people have all the glory, and soak up all of the shame if we lose. Any time someone insults me ingame, I'm diamonds.

Gonna explain why?

He's just jerking off sound barrier, the ult that can be canceled if you don't let Lucio hit the ground.

I want to breed mercy

Healers pickers are fucking cancer.
Mercy players are fucking cancer.
>lmao just thank me for not doing shit xddd
I hope they all die.

If i dont heal you die

>keeping people alive is doing nothing and making your ult wipe is nothing

>Being that easy to bait

If I don't protect you you die.

If you let me die you suck and are not getting healed

>Role that requires teamwork is bad for team-based games

This looks cropped

Is there more?

If you let me die you suck and are not getting protected.

Mercy feels more rewarding than pretty much every other hero except Hanzo and Mei.

OP your opinion is that of someone who doesn't actually play video games.

The gameplay appeal of Mercy is not that she "just heals everyone." She heals only one, and the one you heal is up to you as the one controlling her.

She has the highest base heal rate of any hero for a reason. She's the most active healer. Mercy is the single most important player on the team. This is why a bad Mercy is just empty space. If they don't get carded for healing at least 40% team damage, they're a bad Mercy.

Because I suck shit as any other character and no one else ever goes support. I also gravitate towards support roles in any other games anyway. I hate bein associated with these types of faggots though.


Because people were tricked into thinking Overwatch is a team based game.

It's okay, dawg. People like them who actually play support are usually pretty bad at the game anyway.

i request the immediate deletion of these images, as Mercy is pure and should not be sexualized.

>Friend pretty much mains healer in every game he plays
>Overwatch is no different
>Always do really shitty the game after he leaves because I have to remember that I have a health bar.
If it wasn't for the gasping sound, I'd never know when I'm near death.

Playing dps is like a McDonald's meal

Tank/healing is like filet mignon



and I expect a penis too

Nevermind I'm retarded.


Mercy is best girl.

Ded game

>tfw I actually have fun micromanaging everyone's health and flying around the map like crazy while trying to do it.

>Man fuck those guys who keep our team from dying

Please identify yourself before a match so I can know not to heal you at all.

The mistake comes in when Supports are expected to be subservient healbitches, I actually enjoy Dota 2 support specifically because I directly propel my team to victory instead of helping someone else become more effective in their role.

>they still don't care now that CSGO is their cash cow


look up fxnative on le tumblr

Nobody asked your opinion slut
Now go back to sucking other players cocks like you're made to do

Playing mercy is very fun but only when the enemy team is of comparable skill level to your team and your team is isn't a bunch of stupid ass cucks who've never heard of protecting their fucking healer.

When there's a huge battle going on and you're zipping between people to give them an edge in each of their individual fights, that's when mercy is most fun.

When your team's Rein keeps fucking charging into the enemy line for no reason and everyone else is calling you for healing from in a building or the other side of the map while you're getting attacked from behind because nobody bothered to check for flankers it's not fun.

I literally CANNOT heal certain teams because i'd actually be more effective as another tank with the way some people play.

Is it 2012 again up in here? I can't tell.

>lucio would've prevented those deaths
Are you literally stupid? Lucio doesn't prevent jack diddly fuck except for the objective being taken as he skates around it.

Playing mercy is a pain that hardly pays off. Meanwhile I pick Lucio and start autisticly going around the same pillar over and over for the whole match and we end up winning. The more retarded you act the better you do sometimes in this game.
Jewtube with audio version of webm.

>If they don't get carded for healing at least 40% team damage, they're a bad Mercy.
Not necessarily. It's impossible to get over 30 when you're constantly fucking dead. It really depends on your team. It is a team based game after all.


I put my healing cock in other players with or without their consent.

This was and is the hardest thing for me about this game. Normally in FPS the screen will go bright red when you're about to die but in this I have to watch my heath bar after every engagement and it really fucked with me at first.