You guys ready? I hope you are ready

You guys ready? I hope you are ready.

But who was devs


Read it about two months ago and i liked it. In my option, its not as good 2033, but better 2034.

I just want another stalker game with modern graphics, even if they have to call it something else surely that game it going to be made one day... r-right guys?

Was 2034 ever translated into English? I read 2033 a while back and enjoyed it.

It's a hint.

Yeah it has been, currently reading it right now and enjoying it for the most part.

My local Coles had a stockpile of them when the game was released

Holy shit, I didn't even know that he'd written a new book, I played the shit out of the first game, I'm going to need to finish the redux versions and books before Christmas.


You mean a book that the entire civilized world outside of EOPs read like 2 years ago? Boy sure am hype.

When is the english translation out?


I'm sorry you can't speak southern ya yankee

I read it last year

>Artyom starts to go fucking crazy he wants to GTFO from the metro and meet survivors
>everyone is telling him there are none
>he refuses to believe them
>Homer mets him
>he tells him there are survivors he heard it
>Artyom leaves his wife he goes with Homer
>Nazis capture them
>Artyom will work in a concentration camp
>he escapes
>almost dies of radiation because he will go barenaked outsite without a mask
>the little girl who was in love with hunter from the previous book meets artyom
>she is a whore
>also a whore of a big big big guy
>she arranges for artyom a teratment
>it turns out the polis made big fucking jammers to block radio communication
>there are survivors from the whole world
>they did it cause they believe they can only survive if the world thinks moscow is no more
>artyom wants to convince people that there are survivors
>noone believes him
>there are actually areas where people can live above the surface
>the polis sends people to arrest artyom so he leaves with his wife in a car to find a place to live on the surface

the end

No stalker sucks ass, get over your meme slav game

no it doesn't faggot, its just not your thing, I like New Vegas and Stalker, they are both buggy as shit, look like shit and dont controll very weel, but I love thoose games nonetheless because of their atmosphere, modding them makes them pretty decent and fixes a lot of issues, I hunderstand why you may not like it, but stop calling everything you dont like a meme.

Metro 2035 book is coming out, not translated yet.
Metro 2033 movie in the works, got greenlit earlier this year.
Metro 2035 game in the works too, possibly open world.

This is the general rundown we have right now.

>open world metro
>exploring the creepy outer stations
>muh lore
>can't be ocean puddle yadda yadda because it's still inherently restricted by being a subway system
дa tovarish, very good

>almost dies of radiation because he will go barenaked outsite without a mask
>she arranges for artyom a teratment
That's not how radiation poisoning works.

Well fingers crossed they make this metro like that. Metro is great but its just so damn short even on the ranger difficulty.

this, I want more of that swamp level in Last Light

Damage from radiation poisoning is permanant but the particles themselves are not. You can recover from fatal poisoning if you manage to flush it out of your system fast enough with Potassium iodide or Vodka (no you can't, it just numbs the pain until you're dead)

Radiation sickness can be treated if you didn't absorb too much of it.

If you get a dose so high you "almost die" during that, you will most certainly die shortly after.

There's some slight chance that STALKER might actually get revived back to life, but I doubt that Cossacks 3 selling well alone will be enough to reboot the series.

You do know Georgia is a country right user?

I need to reread Metro 2033.

Is 2034 worth the time?

We were until the yanks burned it all down

Not for long.


We need another Metro game. Now.


The Metro games were great but I hope whoever developed them is working on a new thing now. I read on Cred Forums that they said they're working on a game that happens in a spaceship. That would be great to see. I think they'd be able to nail that.

Hopefully it would be a spaceship that is actually fully habituated and not the usual "everyone is dead or gone"

But it is heavily implied that Artyom dies in the second book when they cleanse the station.

>Metro 2035 game in the works too, possibly open world







It's a shit book, nothing to get excited about honestly.

the Metro series was decent, but Roadside Picnic (the novel wich inspired STALKER) was better

This. Actually I more recently heard they fell for the VR meme but I think that was a like an experiment sort of deal. A sci fi game would be awesome from this guys.

The only "games" in this decade are being made by Eastern Europeans.

That was someone else, artyom is fairly common name

It's honestly pretty bad book, it's existential crisis: the book with very little interesting shit happening.

It's a lot closer to the tone of Metro 2034 than Metro 2033.
It's pretty obvious Ghlukovksy is a one hit wonder.

Didn't they have a Stalker like mode in last light where it was a small open play area and you'd have to go find a bunch of items? they might be building on the gameplay of that

Last Light was hot garbage so yeah no

The swamp? That area sucked balls.
Jesus I hope this guys are smart enough (or tough enough to talk down their publisher) and not fall for open world shit.

They must know by now what their strengths are.

Can't wait to take over outposts and clear areas from monsters.

Gameplay wise, everything with the mutants and on the surface was excellent.
For story, fuck. It peaked when Pavel turns on you and then nosedives hard. I think I lost all interest by the time Khan took me to the magical underground fountain on a vision quest to cleanse my sins.

Was Last Light the game of 2034? I've read it a little bit years ago, it was shit compared to 2033 so I stopped

The thing I didnt like about 2033 is that they hype up the central station through out the whole game. Then when you arive they have this huge grand entrance, yet you only spend 1 minute there and leave

Needs good multiplayer if it wants to survive and be a good game. Nobody cares for the solo experience anymore.

isnt the game called metro? why did they mispell the title lmfao!


No, Kshatryia

You mean the Swamp? Yeah, that was great.
They also had a DLC that was a big open map where you'd go outside to look for shit before going down each day.

But that shit isn't open world. It's big and open, but it has constraints and is still semi-linear, as their games should be.

Going outright for the open world meme will make the game be shit for sure.

That was clear as soon as he added a self insert writer character into the second one.


The swamp area was pretty good. And no, that's not what he's talking about. He's talking about the DLC mission for Metro Last Light where you play as a stalker and have to explore the library.

>why did they mispell the title lmfao!
Retard. It's in Russian.

>Nobody cares for the solo experience anymore.

facebook com/4aGames/photos/a.441262092613430.100150.338168536256120/1186411024765196/?type=3&theater

twitter com/4AGames/status/776450712343486465

Yeah I hated 2034 and the fact Homer was his blatant self insert AND the main character.

Adding self insert is one thing, making the self insert the main character is just full on hack.

Swamp level was top tier


LL is easily in my top 5 fav games

That's unfortunately not from Metro.
It's from their new IP space themed game.
They said they were working on 3, one of them is a space title.

Are the Redux versions any good?

He's talking about the Library DLC you morons.

Get the Metro 2033 Redux version if you want good graphics, better AI, and better optimization.

Avoid LL Redux. It only contains minor changes.

Original 2033 is better than 2033 redux.
Last Light redux is better than the original Last Light.


How was Homer a self-insert?

>2033 redux
>better AI


>Can't even use stealth in the base game

fallout 4 :^)

I hope it's good. Not a big fan of Last Light (and 2034 for that matter) as I felt it lost most of the tone that made the first one good. Not to mention the cash grab antics 4A started pulling after finding success.

I'm still waiting on 4A to release something new so I can decide if they're a bunch of hacks or not.

>Avoid LL Redux. It only contains minor changes.
The fucking Stalker/"2033-like" mode

>gets exiled from his own station
>parallel to Glukhovsky being repressed by soviet gubment for his opinions and kicked out
>goes on a journey to write shit
>parallel to him traveling abroad and writing shit
>gets inspired by Hunter's and Artyom's journeys to write his masterpiece book
>parallel to Ghlukovsky getting inspired by the journey of Red from Roadside Picnic and writing 2033 as his masterpiece
Also nothing bad ever happens to him, he always goes unharmed in all the dangerous situations and is pointlessly shoehorned into a story where he is completely irrelevant and is only there as mouthpiece for the author.
This goes double for 2035 where he's even more out of place in the story than in 2034.

2034 and 2035 are pretty bad books in general and Homer is one of the reasons.

Has it been translated?

The book version of Metro Last Light

Lets make this objectively clear:
>Last Light
Redux doesnt add much but it certainly doesnt make the game any worse. However Last Light is objectively worse than 2033 in many aspects, especially regarding stealth gameplay. The AI in LL is straight up garbage with completely blind enemies. So for LL, redux isnt much of a difference but there's no reason not to use it.

Redux absolutely ruins the game. The AI is batshit retarded, the small visual upgrades are barely relevant and frankly in some places the game looks worse due to fucked up lighting. Redux actively makes 2033 more like Last Light, as in a more casual and CoD-like way.

Best way to play Metro series is this:
Original 2033 -> Redux Last Light

even if its bait it made me laugh, good job

Also this, redux adds Ranger Hardcore (the only good way to play Metro) which for a jewish reason was lacking from the original release

The author is shit.
Metro 2033 vidya > book.
Then he wrote Last Light, which was shit.

>The book version of Metro Last Light
They rewrote the book after Last Light, The writer liked it so much.

Then he expanded upon last light story in this rewrite.

I thought the author of the books wrote the story Last Light, and decided to write 2035 after he realized he couldn't fit the whole story into the game.

Metro 2035 is out and translated.

Honestly, I can't remember.

So which book in the Metro universe is the best?
I've read the mainline books and enjoyed the background story, the writing was fairly bad however.

It's not a "novelization" of Last Light, it's more complex than that.

This is how it went.
Gluhkovsky writes 2033 book, becomes bestsellers, spawns entire book franchise by multiple authors
4A aquire rights to vidya adaptation and make the 2033 game (which removes a ton of stuff that was in the book and is generally inferior to the book)

4A want a sequel but Gluhkovsky's new book (Metro 2034) is not fit for combat at all since it's a more psychological story and doesn't lend itself to a game so they ask Glukhovsky to write script outline for a game, and so he writes the outline for Last Light and the game gets made.

Ghlukvosky decides he wants to write another book and uses Last Light script outline as a base for it, and 2035 is born.

2035 ended up having very little to do with Last Light story however.

It's its own story and LL is simply not canon to the book universe.

>2033 Redux
>good graphics
Lighting took a hit imo, mostly aesthetically (lots of prebaked lighting, some missing effect and some overused effects). 2033s lighting was also fine tuned to create a specific mood even if it meant the lighting wasn't as realistic and "dynamic". Texture wise it's about the same really. Lots of reused assets.

>better AI
Redux enemies are far too oblivious when it comes to stealth. Combat AI I can somewhat agree with.

>better optimization
They were early adopters of DX11 and it really fucked with the game, but most modern graphics card shouldn't have a problem running it at all.

Gunplay was the biggest improvement when it comes to 2033 redux. Other than that, they just wanted to bank on the next gen consoles.

>Metpo 2035
>Russians in charge of spelling

Last Light is shit

>guy in the station tells you to hurry before it gets dark
>it actually gets dark if you don't hurry

was anyone else annoyed by how much the story changed in LL? i got really annoyed by how they tried to push the "MC is the bad guy for killing off a threat" narrative. like seriously the dark ones didn't talk to anyone, most or all who ever saw them died or were knocked out and they were pushing towards the human settlements. how the fuck did artjom even ever forget such a huge event like a dark one saving him from certain death? the morality of the story just made so little sense

Repressed memories in children are very common, especially at a young age in a traumatic environment like that.

i get that. but to me that event doesn't seem like one that kids would repress. it be more of an event you would tell all your friends about, especially the ones who were with you and are going to ask you why you haven't died.

Read the book, it's the godawful adaptation of the book that was the abysmal shitty game that fucked up at conveying the message. You're an imbecile for complaining without reading the book.
Get cancer and die.

Is the new metro game going to be VR shit or something? I saw a picture of their office with Oculus headsets.

I liked the game at least for the fact that the 'bad' ending was still satisfying, I didn't feel like the game preached at me.

I do agree the first game did a real bad job at giving you a reason to trust the Dark Ones and the game never even made it clear to me that they weren't the same thing as the mutants trying to kill us the whole game.