Hey kid, wanna /ss/

Hey kid, wanna /ss/

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danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2479605?tags=tales_of_(series) kloah

hime best girl

i-i-i was bottlefed, ma'am, take pity on me

And you all thought this game would only pander to fujos

I'd rather the meek demure girl because I'm vanilla as fuck

If you buy my game first.

>aliased hair out of the ass

consoles were a mistake

oh look, mommy gfs

Yes, this man has the right idea


Wots the actual term Japaenese use for /ss/

/ss/ IS the japanese term

Not with those disgusting eye lashes.


Is it wrong if I want to put my dick inside Gentiana's ass ?

its funny how the characters that actually look asian in asian games are ugly as fuck

sorry i don't want to buy a generic weebo game with anime girl screaming in jap
Ps : Fix your AA on your hair.


What's wrong with her hair

Only if you give me a foot job.

No, just means her design is working as intended


so we get a shiva harem?

Beautiful and kinky.


Whos this semen pokemons?

I like this term because it doesn't seem like something one would know normally.
I imagine it's like when someone asks you if you like something and you don't know what to say so you either say no and get teased or if you do you get called a pervert.


>converse easter egg

into le bin

>she sees your shota bulge

>ruining shota with women
I didn't know Cred Forums had such shit taste

What if she's his mom?

>she'll never be your mommy gf
why even live?

>being this insanely gay

Nothing changes but everything gets better

What if shes his time travelled clone.

We can all agree that /ss/ is the best form of hentai, right?

I was worried FF13 would be the last of /ss/ I would see in FF.

No, older man and young girls is best.


It's oneeshota

Shotas deserve cool things.

unlike those slutty lolis

Confirmed absolutely shit tier taste. Any porn involving ugly men is bad. The only time I accept older men is when they're monsters or animals fucking girls.

Why is there no /ss/ where I can self insert as the girl? I just want to he impregnated by a cutie shota.

she was perfect

Shut the fuck up, Freud.

Was, yeah. They ruined her hair and her eyes.

how can i be in a ss relationship without milf envolved?

God Hope is so lucky!

Older fit attractive men can be good. But you are a fag who wants to see young men naked plus a pedo.

Also ss is really mommie issues porn or didn't get to fuck my hot female teacher. So beta male.

Teen girls are hotter than 40 year old women.

>tfw they never fucked after LR

I remember reading a doujin of a guy getting turned into a girl and then getting fucked by a shota.

the female in /ss/ is basically another toy for the boy to play with.

Or at least, that's the hot way of thinking about it.

Shotas belong to big-breasted onee-sans. Anything else is haram.

those are just sneakers bruh

>kid wears trendy shoes
Oh no

Can't wait for the doujins.

While technically OP your 13 year old looking cunt fucking a shota is still /ss/ she shouldn't be throwing around terms like "kid" when she looks 13.


Aranea x shota Noct femdom when

>there will be no /ss/ art
>just homoshit

someone translate that chingchong


is the be/ss/t

>just homoshit
fucking normies

/ss/ is the purest form of love




danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2479605?tags=tales_of_(series) kloah

Kloah gots a serious case of sameface syndrome, all the shota he has ever drawn looks exactly except for the hair color. Still, my dick doesn't mind too much

>you will never be a shota again, being eyeball raped by women

/ss/ and other dirty thoughts are bad!!!

Reminder that this came out

They should've fucked in all the games.

I need that pixiv link.

Just finished reading that

Watch all the doujins be about Noctis and Plumpto

eh, fine by me

They actually become canon in the post-LR novella
But enough about that
By the power of Grayskull, more HopexLight /ss/!


anything of note happen in that novella?

Holy shit finally

>They actually become canon in the post-LR novella






who the fuck looks at this garbage lmao. women cannot possibly have boobs that large, it'll fuck their posture up. lmao

you can see her nipple in this pic, reported


Holy fucking shit.

I didn't think it was possible for me to hate FFXIII and it's fans even more.

But holy shit, you did it. Bravo.



Only is there's lactation involved

I just realized english dub wont have her saying Ara ara boyo which I bet she says a lot...so japanese with english sub it is.


Link please?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Freud would have a field day with you sick fucks.

What are you crying about. The people, they like to masterbating to anime pictures. They are invalids, they will never reproduce. It is comical.

So literally into the trash they go?

I am okay with this.



>mom tells me boners are a sign I need a piss
>spend ages trying to piss with a boner


How can it be mommy issues if I self-insert as the girl? I just love 2D little boys.

Art is by Nora Higuma, you unknowledgeable fuck.




/u/ was a mistake




Left or Right?



Uhh, you don't get to bring shotas

Why can't I kill both

They're elves


and then theres that faggot that links half or more of the thread

you should have not gave him the (YOU)

Gentiana and this pole dancing bitch seem to be the only gals in this game worth anything

Why did they have to ruin her?



ugly as fuck


Got it, I'll get her route first. Thanks user.

Predestination: Final fantasy edition when?


this is cool and all, but what are some actual /ss/ videogames?

What's great about this image is that I don't even have to post the sauce
We all know what it's from

tales of ber/ss/eria


I mean /ss/ games where they actually hold hands


yes that actually happens in the game

you sick fuck

you know what I mean
give it to me


no I don't

I want a game where they FUCK


Ass to ass ?

they have hair sex in the game



Ok, this one looks way better to me for some reason hnngh.

Finally, someone else with patrician taste


PD future tone

>Noctis is a prince
>Gentiana trying to steal his royal "genes"


>"Noctis, have you penetrated someone yet?"

And that's all the SFW I can post

She looks older here
than here
Is that because the characters age during the story or is she always like that?


As of right now based on the trailers she looks ageless. Not sure if its intentional but 12 years later when Noct/Luna are grown up she looks the same.


And where is the NSFW

The Temple of the Goddess

I don't care what people say, she's still the hottest.

Everyone's favorite FF waifus are well known but which game has the worst girls?

Letting autistic kids alive was too, but look at you.


>Thinking /ss/ is about the boy

>Not the giant titty monster that is usually taking up 85℅ of the page


god bless xil

Which games have /sm/?

inazuma eleven

That goes without saying, same for any other Level-5 or Nintendo game. But which other companies drink from the homoshota well?

nice thread