Do i have to watch lord of the rings for Shadow Of Mordor to be good? Steam sale

Do i have to watch lord of the rings for Shadow Of Mordor to be good? Steam sale.

Is it good in the first place? I know fuck all about lord of the rings.

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it's good for what it is. no one cares about the story.

You should watch LOTR trilogy anyway

if you are still there

how about the combat

this but no to your question

it's a fun but shallow game

it's bamham with a sword and a dagger

it's shit too

i keep hearing this

not just 1 movie i need to watch all 3

such a big job, I guess i might do it though man

i just keep remembering this video with a guy playing blind (literally) and he just mashes his spacebar and never gets hit.

No, it just means that collecting all the artifacts will be really dull. If you're into the LOTR lore, it's a lot of fun to find all the small stuff laying around.

Game is pretty fun. Story missions are average at best though, and boss battles are all QTE's. Messing around with the Nemesis system is fun.

Got it when it first came out, and I'm not a fan of the LOTR movies or in general. But the game was pretty good fun for at least 12-15 hours. After that it petered off a bit.

Thanks for explaining that, i now understand that the extra shit is literally tied to the movies. Which i've never seen and so therefore i probably wont care too much about getting those items.

Take a day off and watch the extended trilogy

are there more games like this?
not a fan of bamham but i really like this game, despite noting many of it's flaws

mad max

alright thanks

mad max has similar melee combat and a decent and pretty world, but is even more of a tiresomecollectathon and does not have the nemesis system to redeem itself

yeah i guess mad max is kinda similar, but it was a painfully mediocre game desu
i mean shadow of mordor was as well, but it was just plain fun while being shit
whereas max is just shit

Its good for 20€ but no more, game is very short and its open world activities are very simple. Its fun tho, combat is barman arkham but with some nice additions, and movement/gameplay is basically assassins creed

You'll like it more than a autistic LOTR lore fag.

It's basically Batman mixed with Assassians Creed and very cool nemesis system.

Worth 15 bucks and a weekend.

I would even say it's more for the book readers, if you have only seen the movies you will still miss a lot of references.





>Do i have to watch lord of the rings

>He's never seen the LotR movies
what the fuck

okay but it's fun

bought the 'best' batman game, cant remember which one that is meant to be, hated it, refunded it.

I guess nothing is going to live up to dark souls.

Tbh i want Xcom to go on sale, i want to give that a try. This shit is seeming like a shitty version of dark souls. Ignored Witcher franchise too. Sorry to sound like a fuck.

If you don't like Batmans combat Shadow of Mordor will do nothing for you.

this is the video i was thinking of in

Thanks, ill wait for xcom. I really dont want to pirate it but i want to play it.

>he thinks people actually go back to watch old ass movies when new good movies are comming out every day like xmen

Calm down grandpa, no one feels like watching your old ass cuck movies from 40 years ago when there's actually memorable movies comming out.

You'll enjoy SoM much more without knowing anything about LOTR since it goes against everything the series stands for

xcom goes on sale with EW (necessary) all the time in major sales

next one is at the end of october i think. Great game.

Not a Lotr fag but
holy kek

The movies don't go into even half the references the game has to other parts of the lore. To get the optimal experience you should have read The Hobbit, LOTR and The Silmarillion.

i've seen bits and pieces, are they really that good? i've never seen clips that make me go WOW I NEED TO SEE IT ALL

Only thing i will admit to nerding over would be the nazgul or whatever, those fuckers are badass

Only thing redeeming of Mad Max was the car mechanics and racing is fun as hell. Topped the charts for all the races for about a week. Until those perfectionists started pouring in.

Actually don't watch it. The movies are okay I guess...if you're illiterate.

Read the fucking books and have a good time. I read the books and decided to watch the films but was bored out of my mind. So many events are bland and underwhelming. Don't watch that shit, read it

They are THAT GOOD, the best trilogy in cinema

As far as fantasy and action movies go, they're unmatched. They were a labor of love and it shows.


yeah i struggle to make it through a movie so a book is out of the question

i mean i've played dark souls for over 1k hours, i love all the lore and shit, just GAME i dunno...


They're god tier classics

Thanks mate, i'll do it probably this weekend.

you too, thanks my dude

>i struggle to make it through a movie so a book is out of the question

Do you have ADHD?

i can watch a movie but a 2+ hour movie is stretching it

a book, ehhhhhhhh

a trilogy of movies - ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
call it what you will, id rather play a game.

i mean, yeah, they're pretty good, but the story focuses on a group of men without much diversity.

there are no women, no minorities, and certainly no transgender people in the core group.

the main woman character is basically just a love interest, and the only other woman of note is forced to pretend to be a man to do what she wants. it's pretty sexist imo.

that all being said, the cinematography is wonderful, the costumes, the acting, the battle scenes are all amazing. it's just... not progressive enough.

cmon, take your nostalgia glasses off grandpa. You're so out of touch if you dont like marvel movies, just like when the parents of my parents parents were told that Rock music sucks dick. You're just being contrarian because you think you have standards, but youre just getting old and nobdy has watched lord of the whatever the fuck before, let alone have time to watch all 3 movies, like how boring is that even. Go watch a real movie, dad lmao

Please play the entire game like that and see how far you get.

This is like playing the Arkham games and only smashing counter and saying LMAO WOW SHIT GAME IT PLAYS ITSELF.

OP here

please defend this

i saw this shit a year ago and it's stopped me from buying the game ever since

it's like i can just spam spacebar if i'm in trouble, sick game. Please explain that it changes at higher levels or something.

kek what a salty faggot

a lot of the stuff he's doing is late-game skills like getting two executions every time it powers up instead of one, and the skill that gives you unlimited executions for a few seconds when activated. nothing forces you to buy or use those skills

also various story missions require you to do various things, not everything is just a huge brawl, and some will be more difficult than others

enemy archers hurt a lot and there will be sections with a lot of them

there are also stealth sections, and i found stealth to be more enjoyable than the brawling anyway

also, due to the nemesis system, there will be certain bosses (named orks) that become nigh invincible (immune to almost all kinds of damage)

overall, combat against a bunch of orcs is generally not very difficult, no, but there are other enemy types and some of the bosses get pretty strong and i died a fair amount by trying to play without spamming like he did

nothing forces you to play that way

you sort of had me until the 'nothing forces you' angle. But it might be enough to defend it anyway. I mean as a noob coming in to the game i can see myself not just going "Haha I WILL JUST SPAM SPACEBAR".

Thanks user for explaining.

i played through the whole thing and had a fun time without ever spamming space

You wouldn't believe how much they raped the lore in this game, but what do you expect when you've got people who don't read, let alone get, Tolkien working on this crap.

>The Eagles are depicted as animals no smarter than horses and live to serve you as your taxis and packmules in spite of being a fiercely independent and sapient race in the books.
>Dwarves are reduced to low-brow comedy relief and do nothing but make references to alcohol and Dwarf Fortress. Also, there's a dwarf that goes streaking.
>Elves all wear skimpy bikinis and fight with katanas.
>Anybody can be a wizard now.
>Barrow-Wights are literally hobbit zombies that moan "braaaains"
>Gollum's uncle is in the game and he's just Gollum's model with a cheesy mustache and an obsession for little girls instead of the Ring.
>Hagrid makes a cameo in this game. he just says "You dun it nao, Ranja" and attacks you.

>Celebrimbor is a fucking blacksmith
>no he's elf marvel superhero in this

You should watch the movies because they're great, but they aren't mandatory for playing the game.

If you're not trolling, then you have to be one of the stupidest motherfuckers in existence. Holy shit

you know i had enough fun with this game that this thread made me start reinstalling it

its on sale
do i?

Watch the movies

You dont even have to play the game, but you have to watch the movies