Is No Man's Sky close to be the worst game ever created in this century?

Is No Man's Sky close to be the worst game ever created in this century?

Nah GTA 5 is worse

no. There are far worse games.

No, but definitely the biggest marketing blunder.

no. but its on top for biggest disappointment so far

Not at all. Were you born after 2000? Have you forgotten shit like Daikatana? Fucking underages let me tell you.

It's certainly the biggest outright scam. Only star citizen can top it at this point.

haven't played it but I'd say it's closer to the biggest disappointment in videogame history

on a side note, what your personal biggest disappointment?
for me it's Hitman Absolution,

When did Diablo 3 come out?

This century? Saints Row 3

Does E.T. on the Atari count as part of this century?


Valid question. Does he mean within the past 100 years? Or does he mean within the 100 year integer aligned with the calendar?

Fuck no, what are you? 12?

Twelve seems a little old for this board.

Have you ever browsed steam greenlight submissions?

You forgot Spore.

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For it to be a disappointment I have to be expecting something. Hitman Absolution looked like ass before it came out. Halo 2 lied to me.

'This Century' means the century we currently live in. 'Within the past century' or 'within the last 100 years' would infer otherwise.

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>on a side note, what your personal biggest disappointment?
Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Fuck Square-Enix. I will never buy another game from them again.

what sort of projecting is this?

I find the game isnt the worst because there are shitton of shitty games, just on steam for under 1 buck.
It is by far one of the greatest disappointments of the century, fuck off retard

Close, but nothing will ever come close to the blunder of RE6.

>tfw got banned for calling out shills in a nms thread pre-release
>tfw i know i shouldn't try to start ruckus
>tfw it was worth it this time
>tfw countless of anons didn't buy it
>tfw countless of anons aren't Sean "You see that Mountain?" Murray

he just made this thread so he could satisfy his cravings of using buzzwords

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Phantasy Star Online

K.. Keep me posted!

Fair enough. I figured that's what you would say, but I had to play devil's advocate anyway. I guess it just seemed odd that one would say "this century", as if everything before 2000 could be assumed shittier than No Man's Sky. Did OP really feel the need to omit all those games? The context suggests that "this century" wasn't a literal phrase. And that it would include games before 2000.

It isn't bad, just shallow. The marketing campaign for it may just be the worst ever, though.

Not for the sake of being a "bad game", no,

But it is one of the biggest blunders i've seen.

its objectively not the worst game ever but it definitely was a terrible flop, one that was brought in on lies, it is shit and overall nothing new, not even the universe concept is new

No, this is

15 fucking years

what about that game that was a bunch of assets stolen from other games

you mean, every game ever?

>Those faggots defending Gearbox saying that they did nothing wrong with DNF

Why did they release the half arsed product then instead of actually working on fixing it?

if you had any expectations by then, you were the retard


Because it's need to be completely redone. They flat out said that they wanted to show everyone what broussard did.

Gearbox deserves a lot of shit. But anything that takes credit for how terrible dnf was from the people that made it that way is bullshit

>biggest x OF ALL TIME GUYSE!!!!!!!111
In five years no one will remember it ever existed.

Anyway, daikatana.

They marketed it very well, they barely showed fucking anything except for a couple cool levels and made people preorder in order to play the demo


there's your problem.

The history of the development (or failure to rather) of the game should have been an hint to stay away

Blunder? Millions sold and scammed, that's the definition of a marketing SUCCESS
>but no one will ever trust them again!
Name as many people who worked on NMS as you can. I guarantee the vast majority of them will walk away into cushy jobs at other companies. "Look at my resume, I worked on the multimillion selling No Man's Sky"

This is why you always base your final buying decision on the reputation of the development team, the political and social views of those there in. It's 2016, information is everywhere and everyone uses linkedin. Easy enough to avoid a title if you're actually informed and are into games on that level.

bioshock infinite

>mfw playing the game after all those trailers

just like Diablo 3.

People really need to learn their lessons. Is the majority of the population so retarded they'll fall for it over and over again?
the answer is clearly YES


The lesson is always the same:
> Don't preorder
> If you want to try a game before buying, pirate.
> If you don't want to pirate, buy the game when it's actually out. If it's a bad game, then too bad, most media sucks for the adult enthusiast, no reason to be angry, take it just like another bad movie/book/play/album. Better luck next time.

People never learn.


i really doubt it took 15 years. i know its been said by them but cmon dont be a retard

A full year has gone by and I'm still just as mad.

they showed E3 demos as early as 1998, it did take 15 years, but scrapped and re-developed several times

The worst, yes. The best money stealer, also yes.

Desert bus

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THIS century.

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DNF is 100 times more of a fun game NMS is.

ride to hell retribution in worse

No, it's not the worst game, but is the most underwhelming.

>last tweet was a month ago
Are they ok?

I thought that was MGSV
I thought that was GTA V
I thought that was Fallout 4
I thought that was Skyrim
I thought that was Duke Nukem Forever
I thought that was Aliens: Colonial Marines
I thought that was Mass Effect 3
I thought that was Tortanic
I thought that was Gone Home

Seems like every 2 months or so there's a new "worst game of the century" on Cred Forums.

Aliens, Tortatnic, Gone Home are geniunely terrible games with not a single redeeming quality

No because pic related exists

Fuck you

What's wrong with GTA V? It's far better than IV. Or is it the Cred Forums syndrome?

>mfw digital copies of games ensure that if a game flops as bad as ET did, they won't need to dump all the excess copies in a landfill