Opponent beats you once after many matches then leaves

>opponent beats you once after many matches then leaves

Winning against bad players is just boring unless they start getting visibly mad

Happens all the time in Smash 4 FG. What a shit game.

I only do this if the opponent is leagues better than me. Usually comes down to a really close tie, so just barely winning gives me anxiety out the ass. No need to go through that twice.

>opponent gets mad that you use joke characters and leaves

>having a series of matches and losing against dude that's clearly better than me
>finally win a match
>match was completely stressful and i only just barely won it

i actually prefer getting my ass handed to me

Just the worst

>leave because got work to do
>come back 8 hours later
>check messages
>he's saying you're burthurt for leaving or something

>opponent play Mario, Ness, DK, and flowcharts.

>opponent picks Corrin/Mewtwo and rolls away to the edge of the stage while spamming projectiles.

Or, better yet
>opponent play Falcon/Mac, and tries to show off for YT, and winds up SDing twice, then gets salty.

feels good

>smash babies

If that's a ponytail then I'm going to need sauce because that's obviously a best girl. Twintails need not apply.

Fuck you

I'm guessing it's twintails then.

>gg ez

>guy loses repeatedly
>changes name to 'lol baddie'
fucking yoshi players

>izi pizi

>be in yurop / game doesn't matter
>good score
>your score is just getting better by assblasting a couple of the same guys over and over
>15 lines of slav shit in global chat you don't understand
>but your name is mentioned many times
>get killed once by a totally other player
>slav 1 left the game
>slav 2 kill
>slav 2 left the game

>team (enemy or your own) with an obvious cheater carrying them to victory type "gg ez" in chat after the game.

>play Smash Bros 4 online
>faggots fucking everywhere with their gay meme tags

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

>all those special snowflake faggots with roleplay tags
>[insert furry or weeaboo trash name here]

And they do this before every single match, slowing the game down because they don't change characters anyway so why waste all that time between matches just to be a massive faggot?
Again, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

>that guy who loses and gets mad as fuck
>he spams a bunch of insults over and over before leaving
>that guy who posts shit like "oops" when he wins
>that guy who wins one single time after a bunch of losses and spends the entire duration of the character select screen timer posting
>sorry bro
>lol u suck
>or other shit like that, over and over until the timer runs out and then they quit like a little bitch at the last second

Holy fucking shit, what is wrong with you people?

And I should add, this all happened in For Fun Team Battle, not even For Glory. Nickname tags were a mistake.

>Losing horribly against someone legitimately better than you
>Still having fun and learning
>They switch to another character and just do dumb shit while you're still trying to play seriously

It's sm4sh. What else are you going to do aside from flowchart?

>opponent forces you to lick her feet

If someones just flat out better than you, he's also having a hard time playing the game seriously. Doesn't always mean he's making fun of you.


>shitposting with best girl


This fucking artist man. L E G S.

>get invaded in dark souls before being able to quit
>have been holding in this shit for the past 30 mins
>come back to paragraph worthy hate mail
I miss xbox live hate mail.

>playing Destiny PVP
>on one of the shittest maps for the game type
>enemy player flees every fucking gunfight if I get the first shot off
>camps automatic doorways with sniper, and never once uses a different weapon
>gets high K/D for the game with extremely low kills (that were probably all me)
>next match on a more open map
>stomp him into the ground so hard it negates his previous game
>he ragequits before game ends

>gg no re

Out of like 10 matches, I would probably win 2.
He was better than me, but he wasn't so much better than me that it was a complete curbstomping, just an uphill battle for me.
Then he switched to someone else and just spammed DPs in neutral.


Look m8, I'm no fan of Eli, but there's no way she's below Honkers.


that annoying redhead is god-tier? no... just no... fuck yourself in the anus

At least Honoka has positive aspects to her character (her optimism and determination in saving the school). I can't think of a single good aspect about Eli, aspect making Nozomi and Nico look better in comparison.

I do this all the time. 50% because I know I probably just got lucky, 50% because I know it gets you upset.

>playing GTA
>plane crashes near some CEO's shit
>CEO kills me like three times in a row
>destroy one of his crates for being a dick
>messages me
>"kys u scrub ur bad 1v1 I'm lvl370 ur 12yo pussy pussy pussy"
>he hounds me the rest of the game
>I'm just trying to drive around
>after like twenty minutes, I just go passive in hopes he'll fuck
>"ur bad pussy stop running finish what you started"
>"you killed me first though. I'm Judy trying to have fun"
>"yeah okay pussy"
>finally goes away
>quickly leave passive, pull out the Barret, shoot him, then leave the match


fuck off*


Fuck auto-correct

how can one girl be so delicious?

>those massive knockers

>sum dood snipin errbody
>kill him
>teabag him
>he can't do the same because he's too far

>if you quit when you lose, its because you're mad
>If you quit when you win, it's because you're a try hard


>playing tf2
>open server browser
>find upward/2fort/hightower server containing anywhere from 6-10 people
>50% chance they're fucking around and being "friendly", staging a montage video, or practicing rocket jumping
>equip cuntsman
>unequip all cosmetics
>proceed to style on them
>cap points while they all scream "DON'T CAAAAAAP" in chat
>continue landing bullshit midair lag headshots and other dumb garbage until they're either playing the game or the server is empty
Been doing this for years and not once has it ever gotten old.

>player is clearly new to the game
>calls everyone that kills him a noob

Clearly the only answer is to be the last one to quit.

>sprint is bound to ALT instead of SHIFT

>player is clearly new to the game
>fucks up a couple times because of this
>autistic 14year olds, adult brazillians and slavs fuckin lose it
>from that point on, anything bad to happen in the game is this new players fault

As someone who is afraid to play online games until I'm competent at said game, i don't get this directed at me very much, but holy shit do i ever want to murder people like this, who take videogames incredibly seriously and bully others.

I feel you. It's why I hate ranked modes and games that keep (public) win/lose stats.

Losing is bad enough but when it's keeping count for everyone it's even worse.

I miss the days when the only organised tournaments and matches were "competitive".

>Crouch is bound to C instead of CTRL

most of the bullies are jajaja so they literally don't matter

>Playing TF2
>Get a domination on the try hard scout on the other team
>He instantly goes to spectator and then back to his team to remove the domination

>mfw I bind sprint to alt every game so I can alt-f4 while sprinting to minimize the chance of a guy killing me

>go on a 70 player kill streak with the Scout Heli in BF4
>one guy gets a lucky small arms shot that goes trhough the cockpit glass and headshots me
>"haha noob get rekt"
>he's 12-27 and near the bottom of the scoreboard

Doesn't make me mad, just makes me feel second hand embarrassment. Why do bad players love to talk shit the one time they get lucky only to get shitfucked a million times again after that.
That attitude can't be nice to your ego.

This thread needs more nozomi