Yu-gi-oh fags will defend this

>Yu-gi-oh fags will defend this

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Wouldn't Marshmallon be the one defending the Yugioh fag?

There are many outs to this. Not broken at all.

That card is shit, there are way more efficient ways to do what it does


>still destroying monster by battle

It can be easily destroyed by any card and moster effect though.


if you are retarded enough to not understand how easy this is to get around then you, user, are beyond hope

This is why I can't take modern YGO seriously. Featureless and cartoony as hell with no actual effort put into the design. If you look at actual old designs like Relinquished, then you'll notice they didn't pretend to be kiddy shit.


The wording? I can't defend it.

I have been trolled hard

>Pokémon fags will defend this

>guaranteed replies the post

Okay so if I understand this correctly. You can discard this card to destroy a spell/trap or effect?

Is that the new XYZ Catapult dragon?

My waifu

Not sure if trolling, but that card is pretty old user, it's from GX era. Also Toon Monsters were in the same booster as Relinquished so your point is moot.

Why do Yugioh cards have essays for descriptions?

But YGO designs are great, so...

Yes. It's called a "hand trap."

That's ABC Dragon Buster
There's also this

Say, what's the most waifubait deck out there?

I want one with the most lewd or cute looking waifus, I want to create the most weeb cringy deck money can buy

Toon monsters were deliberately made to look like that in order to create a gap between their gritty abilities and their looks.

If it's after Battle City, then it's new. Before that the game was actually good, where a self-built Dragon deck could beat the top decks. Now it's just spamming the field with bullshit and everyone running tourneyfag meta decks.

Holy shit, that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

I love it.

Because they can


Pretty sure Yami used it against Bakura once so it should be before the GX era.

>YGO designs are great
Just no.

looks like one of those new pokemon

>Doesn't use the VW parts

I still like Imperion a little more.

Magician girls

So can you attack with AtoZ. Then during the same attack phase banish it to summon ABC and XYZ and then attack with both of them too for an easy OTK?

>If it's after Battle City, then it's new
So you are like that kid that used to make up rules for duels at school?

>that one kid who tried to trade with fake cards

It was actually normal Yugi that used it
I'm pretty sure he used it when he beat Atem too

All cards use the same format though:
>Summoning condition(s) first
>Cannot be targeted/destroyed effects second
>Special effects of that specific card last

So new pokemon are both overdesigned and simple?
Which is it, fags?

It's always cute when someone who thinks the game they played at school was the meta.

Then you're free to think whatever user, Yu-Gi-Oh has always had very cookie cutter decks from the beginning and always had very clear cut ez win decks. Enjoy other games or play a classic format with other people. My locals has a classsic format toruney where you can only use pre-GX era cards, it's pretty fun seeing people bust out very old cards and seeing them scrub around. I play sometimes myself with a shitty ass pre support Gravekeeper deck.

It's not a quick effect, I don't think you can do it during the BP.

The new hotness! Odd-Eyes Rebellion who?!

Level 7 DARK Dragon-Type Xyz Pendulum Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2500
Pendulum Scale: 1
Pendulum Effect:
(1) Once per turn, if there isn’t a card in your other Pendulum Zone: Place 1 Pendulum Monster directly from your Deck into your Pendulum Zone
Xyz Materials:
2 Level 7 Dragon-Type Monsters
Monster Effect:
If you can Pendulum Summon Level 7, you can Pendulum Summon this face-up card in your Extra Deck.
(1) This card gains the following effects if an Xyz Monster is used as an Xyz Material to Summon this card.
• This card can attack twice during each battle Phase.
• Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all cards your opponent controls, and until this turn ends, this card gains 200 ATK for each card destroyed
(2) If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

Waifubait or not, that's actually a pretty useful and strong strategy.

>Now it's just spamming the field with bullshit and everyone running tourneyfag meta decks.
Oh, you mean like in any other card game? Netdecking is cancer, there's no way around it, but don't make it sound like it's specific to Yu-Gi-Oh! family member.

How the fuck are you supposed to read that?


Yugi used it against Bakura, didn't remember.

>Once per turn, if there isn’t a card in your other Pendulum Zone: Place 1 Pendulum Monster directly from your Deck into your Pendulum Zone

>Dragon decks
>in old school yugioh
oh look nostalgiafags are flooding the thread again.


I've alway been wondering... how do you set Synchro/XYZ Pendulum monsters on your Pendulum zone?

>more fucking Odd-Eyes
I can't believe there was a time when people used to bitch about Utopia clones.

The very last line in the effect.
>If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

Not sure

By having good depth perception, nerd

it always sucked

spirit reaper was genuinely broken though, it was still playable in the synchro era

Dragon decks became good as soon as that Red Eyes Metal thing got released, right?

Who /fow/ here?
This weekend we're having the world tournament and as soon as they finish the open beta for the online game, which has every card from the very start, should be up.

Reminder Triamid is fun as fuck and will probably get more support soonish like Shiranui.
Also damn girl dat Shiranui Style Reincarnation is nice as help, glad I got 2 Solitaires already before they tripled in price.

Haha damn, thanks.

Every main character and rival from each gen recieves infinite amounts of support, permanently. Look at Dark Magician-Blue eyes, Heroes-Cyber Dragons, Stardust Synchrons- Dragon Archfiend, Utopia-Gagaga and now it's Odd Eyes and a ton of other decks, since for the first time in Yugi there's a ton of viable decks.


>Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all cards your opponent controls, and until this turn ends, this card gains 200 ATK for each card destroyed
>this card can attack twice during each battle phase
Oh joy, another OTK monster that will be banned because Konami intentionally shoves OP shit into new packs to drive sales.


Yu-Gi-Oh thread?

>Once per turn, if there isn’t a card in your other Pendulum Zone: Place 1 Pendulum Monster directly from your Deck into your Pendulum Zone
>If you can Pendulum Summon Level 7, you can Pendulum Summon this face-up card in your Extra Deck.

That alone is so fucking bullshit.

3k beater you need to let die to do anything good, not a big deal. Dies to targeting, just bounce or spin it

just fucking Castel it or something

What if you could Enchant creatures in Yu-Gi-Oh just like in Magic? How broken would that be?

>Ojamas will never get more support

It is.
During either player's turn means you can chain it.
Otherwise it would be quite useless.

You use it for OTKs and to dodge things after you used up your resources for your negation.

>has to be summoned with another XYZ monster meaning at least 3 materials used


It only gains those effects if its summoned using an XYZ as material tho, so its not actually good.

>the pack releases
>someone gets 3 of this
>sets up a pendulum scale that lets level 7s be summoned
>special summon two of them
>use them as XYZ material for the third

wrong Metal.

You also need to use that one Magician that turns ranks into levels or rank-up it

it's fucking garbage.
Just spin, bounce, tribute or banish it.
There's way too much non-destroying removal in the game right now.

That second effect only applies if he's already been on the field. You can't just Pendulum Summon him out the gate.

Wight Wight Wight Wight
Why even play anything else?
Gib support Konami

Ojamas are a cancerous meme, and they are still viable. making them any more viable is Exodia tiers of annoying and could easily win, for example say, they got a searcher and a hand fusion. That would be utmost degeneracy, especially with ground collapse at 3. Oh man I don't even want to think about it.

A monster is only face up in the extra deck if it's a pendulum monster that got sent from the field to the graveyard
Also Xyz monsters don't have levels

They're cute girls who eat cake and spin the opponent's board to throw out degenerate OTKs that only require two searchable cards to go off.

OP got backed the fuck up

What's that card again that allows me to draw 2 cards from my deck?

Nirvana High Paladin >>>> Xyz Pendulum

user, that's not how that works at all.

Are monarchs still RIP?

What? Ojamalock is fucking garbage
The only half decent way to play them is a mediocre rank 2 deck

Reckless Greed

Lots of cards do that so be more specific.

That would be reckless greed.
No. They are good even when hit by banlist.

I hope you're just baiting cause that isnt how it works at all.

pantheism of the monarchs

1. Cant use XYZ monsters as materials for others without special circumstances. Need a RUM or something else that changes an XYZ monster to have levels
2. Has to be faceup in the extra deck to be pendulum summoned which means it has to make it to the field in the first place through a normal XYZ summon of 2 level 7 dragons

ranks into levels on another rank 7 dragon or you need the 2nd magician to level change as well to match the levels

Either way its 3 mats for a card that dies to pretty much any removal, and even if your opponent gets it into their pendulum zone just cosmic cyclone it and they wasted a fuckload of time

I meant, that card which allows me to draw 2 additional cards my deck without drawback.

>mfw some of these card texts
Holy shit

>tfw played Exodia Blue-Eyes at a local and actually went 2-2

Better than expected.

They are still more viable than Amazoness, which got a wave of support back in Stardust, and now got new cards in Arc V, and are still worse than Ojama. It's a hard life being an Amazoness user.

Performapal recall?

Elemental Hero Bubbleman?

Performapal Monkeyboard

subterror behemoth stalagmo

Six Samurai United?

I meant, that spell card which allows me to draw 2 additional cards my deck without drawback.

>Playing YGO
>In the current year

dumb worstgirl poster

Wonder Wand?

YGO is more of a nigger thing

I bought 3 monarch structure decks like half a year ago to get back into yugioh.
Any way I can stop it from being brick central with cards that are already in the structure deck?

You must mean Avatar Of The Pot.

Karakuri Anatomy?

Is it perhaps Pot of Avarice{/spoiler]

Pandeity Monarchs?

Literally the best time to play YGO though. Blue Eyes is fucking meta.

Also, this comes with all 3 of Yugi's decks from the anime.

>Worst girl

Golden Bamboo Sword, duh.

>Literally the best time to play YGO though. Blue Eyes is fucking meta
And even if it's the best time it's still a huge joke

Here's your (You)

Blue Eyes is beyond broken

sounds like pot of greed, pic related

Then why are you here, user? Seems kind of silly to discuss a game you have no interest in.

Surely people don't do that on the internet, right?

Nah that can't be right

Pantheism, Ehther and Stormforth got hit to 1, so no, you will have to get creative or look up cookie cutter updated builds on youtube. I'd rather get creative, since everything went down to really low prices because of the hits.



you can find a compendium of card sellers here


Enjoy Yugi-boy

Monarchs don't work without Pandeity and Stormforth.

You know just how shit Yu-Gi-Oh is when people consider a monster like this too slow and overall not worthy.

Pot of -9?

So why did OCG ban Based Level Eater?
Did some deck top because of him or something?

Fuck, you tricked me

Dude it takes an entire other Rank 7 XYZ otherwise it's just BEWD.

The same applies to MTG though. How many cards from newly released sets actually come out of Standard to be played in all the other formats? You're lucky if even 1 does.

>MtG fags will defend this

but the ridiculous speed and the absurd solitaires are what make the game fun.

OCG banned Level Eater?

>Posting fedora;gate
>in the current year

Frognarchs still exist, also he's obviously not a YCS player, so let him have his fun with a watered down version of the current narchs, or he could build it another way.

>Strong monster that's hard to get out isn't worth it
Stop the fucking presses

people play frognarchs?
Isn't the frog engine too slow?


kamigawa was fucking ridiculous man
>that fucking 2/2 legendary dog that made WW strong as fuck
>that legendary white fox
>falling star


Questionaroonie for my Yugibros.

What's the status of card effects that have a specific instruction, but you don't want to do it, and the card doesn't say that you HAVE to, for it to work?

For instance, Common Charity. Say I draw a Normal Monster or two, whatever. Can I REFUSE to banish it, in lieu of opting for the cost effect "If you have no Normal Monsters?" discard all?

I'm just trying to make sure I don't overlook some legal loop that costs me a tourney win someday.

>mfw Ink-Eyes in EDH

God famn that card is so cancerous

Yes people do still play them. i have 2 friends that have the deck since it's so cheap. Don't expect ez wins or anything of the sort, but you can use some of the newer monarch cards to support the old deck. Also frogs are getting support soon, look forward to it.

No, there's no choice in the matter.

The card does say you have to do it


Difference being MtG stopped being ridiculous after the early sets. Yugioh has only been getting progressively more ridiculous.

I understand that monarchs needed to get hit, but as a newcomer I don't really feel all that excited about spending more money after getting slapped in the face.
I aint Jesus.

And frognarchs aren't really my thing, since the reason I liked monarchs was because of the 'no extra deck' thing.

Probably because it was worded some strange way in the OCG version.

Common Charity is mandatory.
If a card doesnt give you a choice, you dont get one.

>if its after where I ditched it for the next fad that I was pretending to like, it's new
Same mentality as genwunners

>tfw I still can't play D/D/D without a turn 1 guide

I will never be ZA PERFECT at this rate

Alright, so tell me then. What happens if I had a card active that, say... forces me to reveal my hand at all times and discard all Normal Monsters I draw.

Whose effect would go first? Common Charity or that card?

I'd like to see that, but a bit more tailored, and including GX stuff. I feel like GX was the peak of the game, when there was a good variety of decks, that were all fun to play and decently viable.

Why is this allowed?

>Kamigawa block

>Monastery swiftspear

>so why did the OCG ban a Synchro material monster that can be used multiple times in the same turn without any drawbacks


What card are you talking about? It'd help if I knew the name and card type.

Frognarchs don't use extra. The new support has it, but it's OCG only currently. Also yes, they were understandably hit because they were dominating. If you're not willing to buy the cards you can download a simulator like Devpro and play with friends if you want.


Whichever card activated last

>New gladiator beast
You're fucking with me. I fucking loved Glad beasts. They were so fucking fun to play. Flexible as hell, and you could do some seriously clever plays.

>not doing Atoz Buster Cannon Dragon and do ABCD
My autism has been triggered

UB-02 isn't a pokemon

>Asian porn caring of the women
What asian porn is she even watching?

It's not.

Best machine walking through.

but it isn't

Eldrazi are more balanced than what they may appear to be because most of them require a fuckton of mana or setup to be able to cast, and even then there's counter and kill spells that can ruin all your setup.

Monastery and Rhino are still a lot less ridiculous than old MtG and all of Yugioh.

Is OCG having a problem with Synchro monsters?
Did Shiranuis or Speedroids or something get super degenerate somehow?

It literally isn't.

It's a hypothetical situation!

But if I have to give you an example, then assume that my opponent has activated Card Crusher Virus, forcing me to show them any cards I draw for three turns and destroy them if they're mons.

>not barrel dragon

faggots the lot of you.

This card is fucking shit, let me break it down for you.
>2 Level 7 Dragon-Type Monsters
The only effective way to vomit out two 7 dragons in pendulum, so you need scales set and the dragons in your hand. Sure you can do Hieratics, but why go for the level 7 plays, if you are playing Hieratic? They support 6 and 8 much better.

>This card gains the following effects if an Xyz Monster is used as an Xyz Material to Summon this card.
This means to actually use this card you need to make a rank 7 Dragon (Red Eyes Something Dragon, OE Absolute Dragon), then have Creation Magician in your Pendulum Zone to give it a level, THEN summon another dragon, so you can actually summon the thing with the full effect

Also, you can Astral Force Requiem XYZ Dragon, but to summon that thing you need to use another RUM, so it's the same shit.
The card is nearly unplayable.

I guess you could also just use two generic dragons and blow it up with back hole or something, that might actually work. Also you can use Gaia Charger as one of the materials, that might even be somewhat viable.

Just make Ultimate Falcon and attack over it.

Still didnt make Synchro decks broken.
I guess they really didnt like those gimmicky kinda shit Gofu Eater Black Wing Quasar decks.

GX was the peak for many. I understand many old players feel irked because of the new shit that came out but really, the game is imo, far more fun and deep now. Yugioh has some severe ruling problems that got fixed to some degree by PSCT, but the lack of an established vocabulary like Magic has made it suffer in the long run. Yugioh should be more simple than other card games, but because of this it has become very complicated in comparison with many others. I still find it very fun and far better than other games, but I understand the sentiment of not liking where it went.

Are you retarded?

If your opponent activates Crush Card Virus and you have Common Charity set the previous turn and you can use it, you should be able to activate its effect. However, if you're running Normal Monsters you're most likely going to draw into MORE normal monsters and the effect CCV of will go through regardless.

And when he summons another next turn because he can search it?

Nope, search Battle Beast on the Yugioh Wiki.

There has been a character playing Gladiator Beasts that has literally been carding all the main characters.

It is a good time to dust off those Glad Beast cards.

>GX was the peak for many
It truly is a mystery
Was the CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES meme really that strong

Thanks for the help.
I'll try to play around with the cards that I have.

Why attack over it when you can just suicide bomb it?


Then you just attack over it again.
Just gotta make sure all their stormforths are gone.

>Not perfect machine king

>Eldrazi are more balanced than what they may appear to be because most of them require a fuckton of mana or setup to be able to cast, and even then there's counter and kill spells that can ruin all your setup
>More balanced

So do tell me. Why is Modern filled with so many Eldrazis if they are now "balanced"

Gusto scum please die

t. noellia

>your favourite deck will never get more support and will forever be shit
what's her name, Cred Forums?

Then what happens if I drew Exodia? I can't declare a win because Common Charity's effect is still going?

What happens if my opponent has a card that says "If your opponent ever holds more than X amount of cards in their hand, banish all cards in their hand."


"If your opponent draws more than 1 card at once, they take 8000 damage."

When Common Charity finishes resolving, I never drew more than one card if I didn't start with any cards to begin with. So does the 8000 damage activate?


>implying /tg/ isn't /magicgeneral/

This is still more vidya related than your twitter and eceleb threads.

Counter Faires
Oh wait, my girl is right here.

>GX was the peak for many

more like "whatever shit that broadcast on toonami/whatever local channel that made a shitty dub is the peak for many"

I bet you fucks haven't even seen dark world and darkness segments, which are total out of control bullshit and arguably the worst YGO season outside of Zexal 1 and the entirety of Arc V.

Exodia's effect goes through at the end of a chain, so if there's anything going on when you draw Exodia, that effect has to finish before you can declare your victory.


Not even best Ancient Gear m8.

>Tribute Ancient Gear Gadget to summon with Geartown up
>Can attack twice, deals piercing, opponent can't use effects when it attacks and it destroys a spell/trap after each attack

Even this will be 2nd once Chaos Giant comes out

I'm purely talking about the card game during that era, not the show. (5Ds was pretty good too, it just made too many older decks obsolete)

Never count your favorite deck out. Remember they give legacy support every set these days. If even Alien can get support, Ojama can too.
Never forget what they did for Based Gem-Knight.

ITT: Favorite deck themes

>Masked HERO
>Dark Magician
>Six Samurai

Exodia's effect activates the moment you have all pieces in your hand, even in the middle of chains.
(like Artemis)

Yes to both
Fuck off

At least they made a small comeback with Scrap Factory.

>I am new as fuck

Because like most things in Magic, it has a counter. If you're playing Blue you can strategize to wait for your opponent to try to get a big guy out and use a counter spell. Or if you're Black your one of 500 kill spells will also do the trick. There's also returning the card to hand, exiling, other ways you can deal with Eldrazi. Even with a setup your opponent won't be able to pump them out overwhelmingly most of the time.

Burn will always be the king.

It's banned in modern and not viable in vintage.
Sure, it's strong in legacy, but there's better shit in that format.

it's been so long though, i've legit lost hope
all they do related to them is bring out shitty cards that have them on the picture but rarely ever do anything to help the deck

Destiny Hero. It's just too slow and defensive for the current meta. The only deck I've seen that's even slightly viable, is one that abuses a ton of card draw, and Chain Material, to shit out Destiny End Dragoon turn 1.

>your favourite deck will never get more support and will forever be shit
Literally every old card.

that's not what scrap dragon does

You fuck off. The user above you says otherwise you dip.

>Playing blue against an aggro deck
You're gonna lose. Also, Jund is on top of the meta in modern

Just play a synchro build or a "make plasma fast" build

>Decks that will never get more support
>Is about to get more support

With DN dead, my will to play died with it, think I'll check out MtG

>six sams

>and not viable in vintage

At least it has been supported, many archtypes never even see the light of day.

Monastery Mentor

>marshmallon in 2016

I said many, not everyone. Personally I think 5D's and Arc V have been the best, alongside Season Zero

It's just like you said though.

It activates in the middle of a chain, not in the middle of a card's effect resolving
If you draw the last piece with Graceful Charity and then discard one of the pieces you don't win

Well it's a good thing that's not the only thing I mentioned. I mean Burn will tear through an Eldrazi deck with Sanic tier levels of speed against slow ramping up.

>Hero BeatRIP
>Prophecy RIP
>still waiting for Subterrors

>dark magician
I really want it to be useful. with that new girl card its getting closer and closer since now it has access to rank 6 xyz. I dont even want it to be perfect, I just want it to stand a chance.

wtf I hate yugioh now

>Not playing aesthetic husbando Kizan
Why live?

You win this time user

>flavor text says it's the ultimate in attack and defense
>now he's bypassed by all the bullshit of modern Yugioh

I dread the day Judgement goes to 3, just like Gateway to 3. not really for Gateway since I'm a filthy Six Sam user that has everything at max rarity waiting for the day it gets unbanned and up to 3.

I've been pretty successful with it lately as a lockdown deck, secret village of the spellcasters and royal decree can really fuck things up.
Throw in hand destruction and morphing jar for hand refreshment and mask of darkness and a cat of ill omen for royal decree and you're golden!

>D R A G O N S

GX never hapenned user, just a edgy bad dream

He was outclassed by Blue-Eyes fromday one.
His Flavour text was always bullshit


loved stealing monsters from idiots months ago before the whole DN copyright shit happened

>There are people on this board with taste this impeccable
My nig

Alright thanks (if you're not that user I was responding to)

Whats the most 'pshh nothinf personnel kid' card out there?



>When you're running a Skull Servant deck and they remove your graveyard from play

>Six Sam
>Gladiator Beast
>Dark World

What a week for Glad Beast users.

No, I'm not mexican


You also mentioned running removal to deal with it
I don't think you realize the amoint of creatures in the Eldrazi decks. Plus, you can dig for them with Ancient stirrings since they're devoid. No deck runs that much removal.
You're assuming your burn deck will always be fast and that you're opponent will always have a slow start, which is downright retarded

>Not running a Necroface

>Dark World
>Six Sam
you might not realize it, but you are in fact a taco nigger

His name is Harpy's Brother.


>when your wightmare or wightprince effects get negated

Card design isn't the problem with YuGiOh.

Yeah, weird
I even searched for 'Harpie's Brother'

>not having a good chance of being slow



A few years ago I wanted to get into yugioh again and looked through the archetypes.
I liked Noble Knights.

But a good friend of mine basically explained that I had chosen the Fedora of Yugioh archetypes.
So I didn't buy them and stayed away from yugioh.

I still love Warriors though. Marauding Captain was my favorite back when I played.

You win this one

Is. It is printed on the god damned card and they can have it when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Look up Marauding Captain's speculated backstory, he actually forms a storyline based on the artwork of the cards he appears in

All decks do.

>Noble Knights
You made a good decision by not playing them

VR Yugioh game when?!

Sky Scout?
That's Harpie's brother mate


Yeah I know although he is more of a side character to gagagigo
I still think they looked nice but I take you and my friends word for it.

most cards do

Is the card game still fun or has it totally gone power creep mode? For reference I haven't played since the Joey starter pack came out God fucking knows how long ago...2005?

*was printed on the card
It was changed, just like fixing waboku, making chaos emperor say "your" instead of "yoru", buffing armityle by letting you resummon him (this one doesn't matter since he's garbage), changes to Y dragon head and Z metal tank so they work with union hangar, and the countless other erratas


Full on powercreep.

Freed a shit, Gagagigo did nothing wrong

You might as well have not played the game with how different it is compared to even 5 or 6 years ago.

When we get Tag Force 7.

Will we actually get new tag force games?

I really liked Tag Force Special.

Yes, but it won't cancel the effect. That explicitly requires "negates" in the text unless the terminology has changed since I last played.


>Freed a shit,
How can anyone not like Freed?

There's a couple more cards, including his Xyz and a couple cards of shits stealing his Xyz materials

Does that mean if I have the Harpie's Brother it'll go up in value?

Pepe Freed WHEN

it will cockblock continuous S/T effects, just like MST has for decades

Yes it does

Yeah, from 0,02 cents to 0,50.

Who was best charmer v/?

2500% profit is never bad

It was only a decent card when we had the stall meta. It is and was always garbage.


Charmer harem anime never ;_;

>implying that shit was even that bad
By today's standards that could probably get unbanned
Not to mention envy of the end and beginning, or butterfly dagger

New Toons are fun as fuck and play exactly like the cartoon, too bad they're still shit

Yata still bad.
You can clear a board easily.


The only reason thousand eyes is banned right now is because it can give you a very easy removal with instant fusion, not because the card is strong itself

I hate how every Fusion card has to waste text space now retconning the original fusion rules.

>not liking stupidly broke card errors


>tfw you yata lock someone in a tournament and rather than accept their fate and fold, the force you to play it through to the end
>Swing for 200, your turn
>Swing for 200, your turn
>Swing for 200, your turn
>Swing for 200, your turn

Fuck you faggot. I know you were using Yata too you salty bitch, you're just mad you didn't get it off first and now you're making us both suffer you fucking piece of shit.

This card looks baller. Would have it in a poster in my room.

but TER isnt banned

Thousand Eyes is at 1 here and 3 at OCG


at 3 in both

His name had to be changed since he isnt really part of the harpy archetype, meaning his japanese name does not have harpy in it.

No he is completely free.

Not everything is ultra degenerate hardcore JAV fare.

You could say the same for American shit.

are old cards; 1st, 2nd gen, worth anything? I have a ton of cards from when I used to play and I'm thinking of selling it all

>tfw this hit ruined my turbo dark lord deck

rip drawing half your deck in the first turn.dek ;_;7

Yes, my bad. i still haven't sunk in the new list because of emergency teleport denial. It was a hard day to be a Gusto user

I had someone who made me tap my deceiver exarch for each copy I wanted to make.

Haven't played in YEARS, is Lightsworn still OP


First edition cards from packs could be worth something. Other than that, no.

>tfw Ojama king in the anime


>Played by some no face jobber


It's ok
It got a Xyz monster that's broke as fuck but is a prize card so fuck you

Not OP, but unbelievably cancerous and Judgement Dragon still breathes.

>Pantheism, Ehther and Stormforth got hit to 1
Fuck you Konami.
We can't have one cheap deck that can sort of compete with the really expensive archetypes?

It is not good enough to deserve that ban for any other reason than they are money hungry assholes.

Old school days when Chaos Emperor, BLS and Yata were new, shiny and all the rage.

If you play fag decks you deserve the tedium of it.

Secret Rares still have some value and you might get some bucks from useful old school cards like Raigeki. Otherwise, don't bother.

Still got my IOC SR Chaos Emperor Dragon desu

He wasn't always banned user. He was playable for a period.
The deck was mostly cheap but Kuraz and the other cards we're very expensive. Card sellers always find a way to make any cheap strat expensive by making the generic support or some other older cards of an archetype be very expensive.

can you still make a decent Dark Magician Knight deck

I remember I made one with Elemental Hero Prisma and shit


Just string me up boys.

Monarchs still were way cheaper than anything even remotely on that level and they are not so dangerous as that they deserve that banlist.

You can't defend Konami here. They are assholes.

But this one can't even stop time.


Was literally just going to post it. bless you user.

are you fucking serious?
now i'm mad

>galaxy eyes
>rank 4 spam

The guy that plays this archetype in GX went on to voice Dio

>you will never get to play broke ass time lords

feels bad man

G : Destroy artifact



Atleast post the actual broken cards m8

also means Chazz won't be in arc-v

Thats the other one though.
>use michion for 4000
>then two sandalias for 2000 each


that doesn't seem all that bad

Given how they handled the other legacy characters that might be a good thing.

I ran a snake dec for the lels back when I played YGO and I think it's probably why I wear glasses now


QUICK: What are the best Yugioh games that i can emulate?

I still find it hilarious that the "god" cards are now completely outclassed in every way.

Arc-V had a bad guy who has barely been relevant thus far kill five throwaway characters who played old GX archetypes simply to have that guy finish a duel for once. One of them used Ojamas.

They didn't even get names and died after one single turn.

PPSSPP is the best emulator so tag force special
Get a fan translation.

I can't read Jap dude

>want to rewatch yugioh
>+7679 episodes

Blame Konami for making the legal versions absolute shit.

MTG, specifically EDH, is literally the ONLY trading card game worth playing.

The way time lords work is you swing once each turn for some crazy effect and there's not much your opponent can do to stop it in normal decks.

lossing 2000 hp is that bad for a swing, it's the fact that you'll lose 2000 hp 4 times in a row without being able to do shit.

Plus the one he posted has 4000 attack for a turn one summon with not cost

Makes sense though.
Fusion dimension so they use fision archetypes. They had to give them some monsters.

One thing I don't get about Yugioh is how can you tell which effect takes precedence in some cases? Like, some cards are like "(Y) cannot be destroyed by (X)" and then another card is like "(X) destroys all (Y)."

Obelisk was okay during that period in the game, honestly the only God card that was worth running.

Just watch the original series for how hilarious and rule breaking it is and then watch 5Ds and maybe Zexal and then Arc V. GX was shite.


Blame Konami for designing a card game with a power creep so intrinsic that if they don't make each new set increasingly broken and retarded, the cards will be completely ignored and irrelevant.

>GX was shite.
Jaden was shit but GX was fine.

What even is it?


Ghost trick

Jaden was good after becoming edgy in season 3.


try to defend this :)

>not Judai

found your fucking problem, if you haven't yet rewatch it, and the original series first if you haven't, subbed, and you'll realize how mediocre - bad the dubs are


It was banned really fucking fast.

I mean I had to watch the last few seasons subbed. There was no dub.

Jaden, Judai who gives a fuck. He is shit in both languages.

Bullshit, they could simply write on each card whit harpy effect: "exept harpy broter"

How many of these can I put in a deck?

It was a guy this whole time

So what the fuck did happen to yugioh after Battle City?

>Recommending skipping GX
>But not Zexal


Skip a turn.
Literaly stop time in the oponent side.


This is the shit that makes NO goddamned sense about Yugioh. For whatever fucking reason they refuse to use the tried and true block rotation format, so instead with each new release they have no choice but to put out EXTREMELY broken cards so that they can be relevant in a meta that's been compounding one new bandaid over the last one on a GAPING, BLEEDING, AMPUTATED LEG. Then when they realize they might have gone too far in a few places, eh, just chuck it on the ban pile! We already have 300+ cards on there, why not add a few more?

It's retarded fucking design and it's why I'll never play the game again.

Ritual Beasts.

Hey please don't bully ok

The card wasn't bad at release. It's the fact that decks nowadays don't give a shit about dropping cards into the graveyard

Yami Yugi recovered his memories and went to Egypt heaven
A dork went to a school to learn how to play card games and dumb shit happened
A hobo rode motorcycles and stopped satan and a cosplayer from the future
An autistic fashion disaster fought space-hell and became god
An acrobat fights a dimensional war

>it's another "I solemn Exodia!" thread on Cred Forums
CapG needs to be lynched

Because its an ancient old card in the OCG that was printed in the young days where sending random cards from your Deck to the Graveyard was considered as a disadvantage.

Also, calm down.

Who was responsible for making it that ridiculous? Who thought anyone would continue watching it?

I couldn't stand the useless academy bullshit that was written way worse than previous seasons. Then when I heard there was another series I was a little intrigued then it was card games on motorcycles.

sending spell or trap cards to the GY from the deck still isn't exactly a thing you want to be doing in most decks
nobody in their right mind would give their opponent a chance to send a monster

Fine but my point still stands. Yugioh is so absolutely broken that the only way Konami can keep making cards is to break it even more. What's the fucking point? The game's already an incomprehensible mess - eventually every single duel is going to end on the very first turn. Why do they continue to destroy their own product instead of just fixing it with rotation? It makes no sense.

>card games on motorcycles.
You know tumblr memes aside 5Ds really wasn't bad at first.

>not Azneyeswhitedragon


Spiritual old and busted.
Ritual Spirits new hotness.

>hitler stash

Jokes on you, card games on motorcycles is the best season

>Banish 10 cards
>make them unusable too

completely fucks decks relying on combo pieces, which is a lot.


pretty sure no one can defend this



The first Yu-Gi-Oh expansion had not fucking idea how a balanced game worked, the same thing happened with MTG, Pokémon and other games.

If you're referring to new cards that get insta-banned instead that's one of Konami's most lucrative jewish tricks.
>Make broken card
>Everyone spends a fuckton to get it
>Meta is stale and unfun as fuck
>Ban it
>Make broken card

From what my brother said, it's good for when you already have all the shit you need in your hand. I still don't get it but he's more into the meta than I am.


shitty resolution, what is it saying?

Azneyes literally fell out of existence after he said yugioh is dying though.

CapG is the new Azneyes; literally all of his videos now are
>check our this replay of this deck that's irrelevant (all of his non-meta replays)
>guys this old ass card is TOO good if you ignore the thousand forms of removal (that one continuous trap played during Nekroz format and literally every deck has ways around it this format)
>this card is BROKEN and needs to be BANNED instead of hitting the problem (Level Eater)
>this deck I even acknowledged before being good is good but let's ignore this deck that finally topped (Cyber Angel of Saffira and Zombies I think it was that same event)
>guys I'm good at this game because I only play redditors from table 500 don't make me delete my utopia deck
A cut and paste of Azneyes

Fun name, good beatstick you could use when you played at school.

YGO designs hasn't been great since Dark Magician Waifu.

Proof: All her clones in the newer sets.

>If you're referring to new cards that get insta-banned
That is indeed what I was referring to. Fuck Konami

I love how much cards like this just utterly fuck up entire decks by themselves

What he means it its really not that great unless you already have the cards you need in your hand.

I haven't seen this card in ages and see Chainsaw Insect more often.

Why even make it 2 numbers from 1-6 and not just 5 and 6

They will never return.

Not if you're D/D's and run all your pieces at 3. An additional card for pretty much free turn one is all that's needed to establish a bigger board that your opponent can't break this format.

Plus Omega can easily return what you banished, and D/D's can easily go into it.

1.8% going first 2% going second

>implying this isn't great card art

>Allure and Gold Sarc at 3 with a well needed Necroface reprint and Pot of Desires
Mom holy fuck

>anime shit
Yeah YGO's art style is trash bro

They're still with us in spirit.

>tfw D. Fissure and Macro Cosmos are both limited

Macro Monarchs were the most fun I've had back in the day. I'm waiting for the rest of the Paleozoics since they neutered the new monarchs.

>Didn't know these things existed
>Pull the fire one in a Dark Illusion pack
>Get hype as fuck thinking I found the holy grail or something
>It's trash

It would be fine if getting cards in the graveyard wasn't a good thing. The idea is that if you picked 5 good cards then you would end up losing out on four of them, and if you didn't pick 5 good cards then your opponent would just pick the least useful one. If they made it banish cards instead I doubt it would've been a problem.

>friend builds DRAGONS for fun and throws in new techs
>I build a faithful to the format build with updated extra deck (Flare Metal)
I forgot how exactly it went, but I close 2-1'd him, even with both of us plussing for days.

While GOAT format is fun for thinking several steps ahead and actually managing resources, DRAGONS is so much faster and hyper

only in TCG, OCG both are unlimited

shame though, nothing more hilarious than watching your opponent throw away his combo pieces

2100 atk on first turn was pretty good back in the day.

I remember being the only one with a flat 1900 atk 4 star among my friends
good times

We only have two of them so far, so I wouldn't write them off yet. Konami is clearly trying to make them into a more balanced Druler.

I remember having only having 1800s and then people started playing this bastard against me. That 50 makes it annoying to try to remember LP (luckily noone ever used those monsters with 20 or 30 in their stats)


Behold, the 2k atk without downsides.

Nowdays is shit because anyone with half brain could vomit R4s with more atk or a good effect.

>charmers will NEVER EVER be viable

Even when he first came out he was already out classed by Cyber Dragon.


Why not just play on ygopro? It's faster than DN was anyway.

I'll just leave this here.

Is there a way to make this card viable in any way? Tribute fodder and Worldlocking your opponent? I used to rock Arcana Force back in the day using its shitty coin flip mechanic to just make every match into an RNG nightmare.

I played a deck that used some cards that came back after being banished or something to just lock my opponent until I won.

There is the Strike Ninja + D.D. Scout Plane loop. Though that doesn't really make The World playable.

>Coral Dragon back up to 20 bucks since sneek peak
>Victoria going up barely any listings for secret rares
>Ulti Photon Thrasher are 60
>tfw got 3
I'm tempted to bank on these shits right now.

You translated it and I still don't know what the fuck that card does.

Somebody already beat you to it.

Plus you don't have to argue about rulings with people.


If you're missing a card you need to pendulum stuff, you can just take a card from your deck and use that for your pendulum crap, once per turn. You can pendulum summon the card, but if you summon it the legit way (xyz) you get 2 extra effects.

But that's the best part.

Found my old yu gi oh cards from when I was a kid yesterday lads

Are red eyes black dragon / blue eyes white dragon rare at all?

Some other holo cards are lord of d, flute of summoning dragon, scapegoat, relinquished, berzerk dragon

Also are old non-holo cards worth anything?

You can probably keep those Thrashers on hand if you plan to play meta come October.

Or be a jew and sell them for 70 a pop, that works too.

You just named them, boyo.

I like Magician Girl decks too, even though I have yet to find one that's any good

I can pretty much assure it's not worth shit whatever you're talking about.

Quit shortly before pendulum was introduced. How are Noble Knights? Did they ever get more support, or are they still hot meme trash?

Absolute overextending garbage.

Nope, you might be able to get like $10 for a Blue Eyes and the others would probably be like a dollar or two.

I love moments like these

>infinite discard fodder

How is this card not banned?

Figures, they're shit by design considering how shit the weapons are, and how much they restrict your backrow.

What about Evolzars? Did they get any good new toys? I loved denying people any fun with negating everything.

Anyone got more of these ?

Only a couple.


>Bought legacy of the duelist after seeing so many YGO threads on Cred Forums
>Having a fucking blast
>Skipping Friday Night Magic to play some online matches
I've become corrupted. Tell me, how expensive is it to get into physical YGO?

Not really.

He was errata'd to include "except this card" in his effect so that you couldn't do that with only one.

The text was supposed to be "except this card" new versions fixed this.

Less than Magic, but still too much.

>When "Night Assailant" is sent from the hand to the Graveyard, its "return 1 Flip Effect Monster from your Graveyard to your hand" cannot be used to return itself to the hand.
>You cannot select the "Night Assailant" that was itself sent to the Graveyard, so there is no infinite loop.

The original card wasn't even supposed to be able to loop with itself in the first place.

Could I get some sauce on your background image?

Its cheaper than most magic formats. Most deck value is locked up in the side and extra deck, which rarely change between metas so its really a 1 time investment in a good number of Maxx C and some backrow hate

Built Psyframes for like 150$ including side and extra, and I got 3x of the 40$ card

Depends, you want a playable deck or meta?

Playable decks are cheap and reliable to find. Meta decks have pretty floaty prices but quit high.

To be honest I just keep pet decks at this point.

Cropped version of this.

Thx friendos

If you can afford magic you can afford yugioh.

The xyz monsters are what I've had the most fun with in LoTD, are they expensive cards?

I want to marry Rei.

Thanks user.

Good to see another gusto player out there.

kek, thanks.

Not even slightly.

Anything that has seen a reprint is cheap as fuck.

Is a Buster Blader deck still viable?

No, they get a lot of reprints, there is some more rare ones but shit isn't that much expensive.

But as said. Also ygo cards keep being playable with time, unless it hits the ban list.

If you had two night assailant couldn't you swap them back and forth still?

It did top recently. Once.
It's not great, but it's playable tier 2.

Yes, he's limited for that exact reason.

How can i improve this? Got a spicy Dark magician girl on the way

Are there any god card figures? Obelisk and Slifer could look nice standing by Kaiba and Yugi.

Try putting a hat on that top right Yugi.
That shit has got really fucked-up hair.

yeah, but thats annoying
it's the same problem as having to write EXCEPT FROG THE JAM on every card

What's your cardfu? NOT YGOfu, your cardfu.

oh how I hate this card.

I mean I love playing 'oldschool' without this XYZ/syncro shit, but cards like these just delay the going of the duel and are just a general pain in the ass.

Yeah there is. They don't look that great though and they're fucking hard to find. They're very old.

>ITT: bads complaining about a card that any decent deck can get rid of with any random hand

>write EXCEPT FROG THE JAM on every card
>People mock it because Frog the Jam is garbage
>Eventually people actually start using it anyway

That's a shame


Yeah i'd love to get them but they don't look good enough to justify the cost, and i can't even find them if i wanted to. Shame.

We really need a name for gen wunners for yugioh.

In anycase, if you're one of those gen wunners, Konami is putting out a mobile game called Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links which only uses the first couple of packs from back in the day (with a few modern cards that would support them).

No synchro, xyz, pendulum, etc.

So if you're a huge faggot there's a game for you out there, it's in beta right now.

I have a shitty looking Slifer. If they're that hard to find, could I get some good money if I sell it?




Because a lot of the conditions for each card are too nuanced to allow for keywords like in Magic

>We really need a name for gen wunners for yugioh
just call them nostalgiafags


because their effects are complex
the first ones were too simple, like just draw 2 cards or destroy, now there's more twists and strategies to do

No you have to discard a normal monster. If you don't have one, when you discard your hand, your opponent can check to see if you actually did have one to initially discard.


I will always love my dessert queen

>that moment when Forestcraft clicks for you

Responsible for many child boners.



Watching her getting corrupted and possessed by an old hag in the new expansion hurts my heart. I hope there will be justice.

where the effect at

Card effects and text aren't shown on the cards themselves in Shadowverse, you hover over them to see it.

Based death and taxes