This engine is 12 years old with barely any technological advancements in the last 12 years

>This engine is 12 years old with barely any technological advancements in the last 12 years

How does this make you feel?

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I bought Half-Life 2 and Metallicas 'Ride the Lightning' on the same day.

Good times.

PBR is the next big thing, the only things Source does right to this day is handling overdraw and non-retarded bsp tools

>tfw shit internet back then and had to download steam and was forced update all single player games


I don't understand this new buzzword lately, is the PS4 Pro shit the same shit Source Engine added for Lost Coast?

What's the difference?


It's just bs marketing because Sony has nothing else to show off, just like they lied about their system being 4K even though it's not. It's been in games forever.

2 different things both called high dynamic range

HDR on TV =/= HDR in vidya.

fancy shit that every modern engine uses now, makes things a lot more realistic and nice looking if used correctly, its not hard to actually fuck up safe values and some idiots do dumb shit like bake AO into diffuse.

do you have a wiki or anything? i cant find it anywhere

google marmoset pbr, tried pasting link here but it detects my post as spam even if I edit it

i think its the stuff they put in battlefront 1 to make it looks like photorealistic.

half life 2 is basically GOAT
>rag dolls
>great story telling without any cutscenes
>physics that include weight, physics included weaponry (anti gravity gun)
>great atmospheres
>challenging and diverse enemies
It was so far ahead of it's time, just like the first one

Valve has been updating source eveey couple of years. HL2 does not look like it did at launch.

Source 2 when ?

Also thanks to this, they have broken compatibility with a lot of older mods. The linux bullshit fucked up a lot of things. Fuck Valve

Those reflections still give me boner

isn't it out already?
I think DotA 2 uses it

>How does this make you feel?

Source is dated as fuck op. The map size is ridiculously small and very few people make maps that don't look like they're from HL1 or Quake. Even Unity has more features out-of-the-box, which is why most Unity games look better than most Source mods. This is why most Source modders moved onto making Unity games. Same for UE4.

Also HL2 is a shit game but HL2 SMOD is the apex of first person shooters

what game?

Physically Based Rendering, my dude

>half life 2 is a shit game
>I'm 12

To expand on this, HDR rendering in video games has been a thing for a while, but they're just used for eye adaptation simulation on standard dynamic range screens, since SDR screens can't actually render out the full HDR values.

HDR screens let them take that HDR output and keep it as-is instead of fudging with it to fit a SDR screen. Basically, more colors, better contrast, with brighter overall whites and the like. Instead of 256 shades of grey, we now have 1024 (for 10-bit) or 4096 (for 12-bit).

It's something you have to see in person to really appreciate.

physically based rendering

rather then the shaders being whatever the fuck the artist think looks good, the shaders are based on how that material actually reflects light in the real world

its not so much new tech as it is doing things in a different style of shader pipeline, with accurate real world data to use as a starting point


Dude, every single game made after 2013 is using it because the small performance hit is no longer felt with modern machines and it's more realistic as well as easier to make.

First game to use it, ironically enough, was Remember Me, the game no one even remembers.

Makes me feel like consoles were a mistake.

I'm pretty sure CS:GO and Dota 2 use a version of Source 2.

The real answer has to do with exposure stops, which is just a way of saying how far apart pure black and pure white are.

Most tvs can do something like 7ish stops. The human eye though can see anywhere from 20-30+ stops worth between black and white (estimates vary a lot)

HDR tvs can do 10-15, or even higher.

Barely any technological advancements? Straight up lie.

Go compare Source on release to Source today. It is HUGELY improved.

They do now, both were upgraded.

pabst blue ribbon

It is. Once you go SMOD you can't go back. Original HL2 does not have enough features (enemy variety, weapon variety, other odds and ends), which SMOD adds in.




Wrong, only dota 2 use it

I wasnt a fan of the whole orwellian approach they took with story. I like suruvival puzzle fps. escaping a bunch of niggas trying to kill you. Just started playing underhell mod and its freaking amazing

HL2 had decent enemy variety for a shooter released in 2004. In fact VARIETY is exactly what the enemies had going for them, from antlions to manhacks. Name a mainstream shooter that had greater enemy variety.
The weapons were mostly clever or not so clever plays on tropes, but some of them did stand out - like the combine mg alt-fire and gravity gun.

Every time I see a contrarian vehemently attacking HL2, their complaints boil down to buzzwords like "variety and other stuff lel".

>"Dota 2 is now powered by the Source 2 engine, Valve's latest game development platform."

fuck off matt

>some modern games use less physics and physical objects than half life 2

why is this allowed? physics is the best thing ever 2bh, makes the games interesting

>Source 2 comes out for Dota
>nobody even notices it because it didnt change a fucking thing

source games get pretty much updated to their newer counterparts. Dota 2 went from source 1 to source 1.5 to 2 now and HL2 and it's episodes got updated aswell.

It did, game looks and runs a lot better.

It actually did, people who play the games actually noticed, for example Dota has Vulkan support aswell if normies didn't notice

consoles can't handle it.

>playing bideo games

Previous systems couldn't play 4K movies. Am I missing something?

>ywn cuddle with alyx
why even live

Game looks entirely the same

looks like a ps1 game

>consoleniggers ruin everything

almost like every recent game thats casual or been cqasualised has been marketed to console.

WEW... mad me think.. for a bit

how do we kill the console?

I remember having several CDs to install Half-life 2, only to have to involve this shitty ass program called "Steam" to go along with it. Steam was buggy as hell and crashed more often than not, but I guess it was kind of cool being able to chat with your buddies while playing vidya.

>mfw Steam is the best video game distribution software available, even with the DRM.

There is also an HDR for cameras

It's not considered "bad" now per se, but it used to be thought of as near-realistic while now people clearly see it as stylized pseudo-realistic.

Modern AAA games are stuck in a trough though now where the percentage of the dev budget spent on artists churning out completely non-gameplay related minutiae is asymptotically approaching 100%.

When I play games like DX:HR/MD I see a bunch of frustrated wanna-be fashion designers and interior decorators sucking down the budget. I would gladly play blatantly cartoony games that were twice as long/deep, since any semblance of immersion is broken by the ultra-streamlined game-ified mechanics anyway.

>looks the same
>clear differences in that screenshot

it doesn't, also I bet you did not watch the video

That made me feel way more than it should have :/

Which normally means taking multiple exposures of the same scene and combining them together to increase the dynamic range, aka number of stops.

However modern high end DSLRs can hit 15+ stops if they are pushed, making hdr by combining images kinda pointless unless you want that 2006 flickr aesthetic.

>valvedrones are so delusional to think there's some major graphical difference here

Nigger are you blind?

>pc barely meets the minimum specs for hl2
>doesnt met the minimum for doom 3
>oh well at least I get to play half life
>steam is updating
>it hangs
>this program is not responding
>this program is not responding
>this program is not responding

t-t-t-thanks gabe

plastic bottle rocket

>without any cutscenes
Just because you can fiddle with props during doesn't mean they aren't there

highlight the differences then genius, im dying to see whats so radically different here

I'd rather fiddle with props than press escape, enter and space to try and skip an unskippable cutscene that lasts 5 minutes and represents 2 guys having a conversation about some movie

It's funny how old HDR in gaming is actually the opposite of HDR in photography.

>Engine is 15 years old
>Bethesda keep adding more things and piece it together like a Frankeintein Monster.
>All of that at the cost of performance and stability

It can't even do ladders

>uses pants on head retarded animation system that needs to use the physics engine or some shit
>with the switch to the 64 bit version, the tools to animate go from free to gorrillions
>no more animation mods
>also vehicles near impossible, muh ladders, and across the board instability
why don't they just use something else?

>implying the Source engine was good for any longer than a year after it's release

>Name a mainstream shooter that had greater enemy variety.

Wolfenstien 3D, for starters. Vanilla HL2 did that but with better graphics.

>Every time I see a contrarian vehemently attacking HL2, their complaints boil down to buzzwords like "variety and other stuff lel".

SMOD HL2 is much better. You've clearly never played it.

>Name a mainstream shooter that had greater enemy variety
Unreal, Duke Nukem, Doom 2

>smod hl2

for some reason enemies have too high an accuracy and shoot to quick, had to spend most of the game in slow motion, is there a fix?

also can you give the npcs helmets and shelds?

Oh yeah, because enemies with different guns are completely new aren't they?

So going by your logic: Combine(pistol + MG, C.MG, Shotgun), Headcrab (+ fast, poison), Barnacle, Antlion(+ Queen), Zombies (Common + fast, zombie), Manhacks, Striders, Gunships

And yeah "oh man SMOD is sooo amazing u guise look I can eat enemies gibs!!! LOL PSP GUN LAUNCHES UMDs DUDE!!" is so much more in-line with the stablished game world isn't it? The mod is a frankenstein of different things added just for the hell of it

Get out

>water reflections
>portal 1 had amazing light reflections
Is Valve the god of making good reflection phsics without needed execssive processing power?

Probably one of the best mods ever, also one of the best shotguns to ever grace vidya.
Episode 2 never ever though

sounds neat, what's the basic premise/gameplay gimmicks?

Oh fuck I need to replay this.
>That perfect mix between tacticool, survival and exploration.


You're a swat team member whose wife mysteriously died, possibly from suicide, and you're just getting back to work.
Some weird "terrorists" attack a hospital and in chasing them after clearing it you come across a mysterious facility and everyone inside ends up dead except you. You're framed for it and sent into a black mesa-ish underground prison but there is some strange disease going on. Soon most people are infected and want you dead. You must escape with your few surviving allies while fighting the "zombies" and the mysterious organization's goons trying to cover everything up. That is as far as the prologue and episode 1 go.
Does't sound like much, and I really didn't do it justice but I can't tell you more without giving you some MAJOR spoiler. The game has a amazing story and cool psychological aspects to it, and some great twists too.
As far as gameplay gimmicks go you have a F.E.A.R-like bullet time thing, though I hear they removed it from the later versions, and you actually have to manage a inventory for healing itens, food, drinks and batteries. There is also your House, that works like a Hub world, where you must uncover the mystery behind your wife's death and it works like a horror-exploration game, and the house events progress as the game goes along and with the time of the day.

yeah man, and it could get pretty scary at times too.

>Does't sound like much
bullshit, you had me at SWAT guy in black mesa-lite prison
Now are your allies actually useful persistent allies? Or like the resistance fighters in HL2 vanilla or random schmoes in EYE that you just lug around for a bit until they inevitably die? Or maybe just story allies like bioshock?

Source is an open ended engine. With any knowledgable developer, source 1 could be made to handle some pretty cool technology, but it was severely limitted in the fact that it was strictly a 32 bit engine, and the tools/workflow was VERY antiquated

Source 2 changed all of this. It upgraded the engine to be 64 bit, and it improved the workflow to be more modern and simple (you no longer have to write a QC file to import models, and maps no longer require sealing to work because they no longer rely on a float system)

It doesn't look any different because it's the same models, textures, and essentially the same shaders but updated slightly (The phong is more sophisticated in S2 for instance). But the real power of S2 is the fact that it's going to be essentially 8 times more moddable once valve releases its first actual SDK.

Persistent and yeah they can help you out a lot in a fight, and though some of the voice acting is cheesy can be really bad they make up for it with actual good characters with their own goals and story.

>S2 releases
>"we're gonna get some good mods"
>forgetting the fact that Valve activly tried to kill mods and SMOD.
>valve will jew us again in everyones lifetime
>half life 3 will be a mistake

>valve released an SDK that literally has a "create mod" button
>"tried to kill SMOD"

The atmosphere was great thanks to the source engine, also the first part when you're defenseless iirc.
Too bad the infected had the default run animation typical of the citizen in HL2 and were overall easy to cheese, kinda took away some of the pressure but still easely the best source mod I've ever played.

>tfw will wont get a new CS for another 10 years
>valve will JUST port CS:GO over to S2

>all the updates that broke it
>some guy had to port it and release fixes


they still killin mods tho

I really wasn't expecting that first infected, so when that nigga came running straight at me screaming in the dark I really got tense.
But yeah, after some time you're just kicking them in the face, but they still can do a lot o damage if you let them gang up.
The good thing is, by the time you're starting to get tired of them the soldiers start appearing.

>VERY antiquated
I do steam workshop with those tools, It's hell on earth.

No wonder it takes valve years to dev things.

It runs noticeably worse. Since it came out, people have had about half the FPS as they did on the Source 1 engine, and performance has only got worse over time.

Graphics got as good as they ever need to be around 2004-2006.
Everything beyond that was superfluous bloat.

any news on source engine 3?

>low quality and blurry water reflections
>lighting is low quality
>most objects are not casting any shadows
>those sharp seems where the water connects to land
>low quality textures
>distant hills covered with fog

can you fags stop pretending now?

Nice, sounds great I'll give it a shot

it's not like valve allows sourcemod devs to sell or release their games on steam or anything

>and maps no longer require sealing to work because they no longer rely on a float system)

I fucked around a bit with Hammer back in the day, does this mean you don't have to make a physical skybox around your level anymore? I remember if there was a single small gap in your skybox, none of your lighting would work at all and it'd just be an empty void


Source has that "old time charm" thing, in the way your uncle's shitty broken Ford would have.
Developing for it may be hell on earth, but I actually really liked still building shit out of Brushes and exporting bsp files like it's some sort of shitty Ruskie Quake-clone.
Then again, I never did anything bigger than a single map or tried working any other engine besides Bethesda's crap, so I wouldn't know much.

>steam approved

seems right

but they still killed many mods and killed futre modding with CSGO, used to be fun having all this variety of weapons and skins and ability to move barrels

>Source has that "old time charm" thing

Fuck off.

There's nothing charming about crap software.

yeah but does it actually look good

i dont see anyone rushing out to buy that bullshit tv that was rgbYELLOW, how do i know this isnt the same thing

Titan fall was source. Do you guys think 2 is using it?

how old is this engine?

hammer is garbo no doubt

but simple, brush based geometry split via bsp is still the best way to make online fps maps

I'd say 2011 but yeah, devs should quit worrying about graphics and start worrying about making a good game. Of course autists on Cred Forums will complain about ">this is a game in [insert current year]" but let them complain.

Everything else about a game>graphics.

Technically yes, but if they're to be believed it's barely the same engine.

>On Titanfall we started with the Source engine; we replaced the renderer, we replaced the audio system, we replaced the net code. What we have now is very different from that. We have stuck with the Titanfall engine, but we did a lot of rendering improvements. We have physically based rendering, we have this really cool texture streaming system we wrote, HDR, bloom, depth of field. Hopefully you can see the results of all that hard work we put in that the game looks really different.

>We also have a whole new audio system again. This time we have audio environments. Audio-wise, if you compare the two games again, it’s a huge leap. We have sound occlusion and reverb happening. There has been a whole bunch of areas where we make big changes to the engine, so there’s not a lot of Source left; we continue to rip out chunks and rewrite chunks and make it do exactly what we want to get out of this engine, and get the performance what we’re looking for.

They are using a new one since Ghosts.

Compared to HL it is

>Instead of 256 shades of grey, we now have 1024 (for 10-bit) or 4096 (for 12-bit
>we now have 1024 (for 10-bit)

No they're not. It's the same engine, just been evolving in different ways for Treyarch's CoDs and IW's. I think Sledgehammer used the Treyarch iteration.

It's funny because growing up playing valve and source games I could still tell after a while playing it was running in a modded source engine


CSGO's development history is very strange. Firstly, Valve did not develop it and it was meant to be a console exclusive. The fact that the game ended up on PC seems almost like an afterthought considering the problems it still has after all these years.

This does not excuse Valve in any way, because since they took over they treated it like garbage. They assigned a very small team that is simply overwhelmed with how much they still have to fix. I have no hopes that fundamental flaws such as the fucked positional sound or the lag compensation will ever be improved. Then you have stupid shit like the absence of an unranked competitive mode, a still botched gun game and so on.

This also makes me think that there is little to no chance for a Source 2 port of the current game.

It just works.

>Fallout 4 haven't crashed me once in 50h of gameplay
>user will still talk shit that Bethesda haven't improved their engine

just fuck off

They're cheap and lazy.

I actually just watched a documentary on Quake/Doom not long ago and it really is kind of mindblowing to see how little things have changed over the last 2 decades.

Like, yeah, everyone knows CoD still runs on a modified id Tech 3, but do people really, truly understand what that means and how it impacts things like weapon variety, level design, etc.? Pretty neat shit m8

Old as fuck engine but manages to actually look better than the valve trash.

Even fucking borderlands 2 had more enemy variety.

Do you have a link to that vid?

And it looks 12 years old.
Its gimmick was using actual photos instead of custom made textures, same as resident Evil 4 and other japanese games.
And while it does look good in some scenes, all the lighting information is prebaked and it looks like absolutne shit in others.

The advancement in vidya graphics made in last 12 years is insane, move to deferred physically based linear renderers is a huge step towards photo realism. There was a dozen pseudo global illumination solutions made and ambient occlusion shading gets better and better,

Not to mention there already exists a next step to using just photos for textures, photogrammetry

>HL2 SMOD is the apex of first person shooters
>not the original Doom/Doom 2

Is it an online video or some Netflix or physical media shit. I'm legit interested user. What's it called or do you have a link?

After making a map in UE4 im never touching hammer again.

I thought the game was garbage before took over?

Have there been significant gameplay improvements?

I don't want to seem like I'm shilling, but this guy makes some really fucking neato retrospectives.

I like Go but as it's own thing separate from the other CS games. But that explains how the weapon wheel made it back from the Xbox CS

I never liked hammer to start. UEd2 and beyond just had a better workflow to it.

Nah man
Me and another user asked you're not shilling. Thanks for the link. Leave it to Cred Forums to somehow spread learning and actual interesting conversations hidden in the shit storming. Love ya user

HL2 was probably the last game I had slight hopes for before it was released. Didn't live up to the expectations. Haven't been hyped since and laugh at posts claiming that an unreleased game is "best game of the year"

gameplay has been declining in vidya since 1998
Hey it's the iconic vidya gun guy, I like him

recipe for op

He talks like he belongs in an NHK documentary staring Peter Barakan

I love it

Any particular game you had in mind for 2011?
Personally I'd say 2007-2008 with Crysis, Stalker and Wipeout HD I'm pretty much ok as far as most things go graphically.

>it was meant to be a console exclusive

>xbox ahoy
my negro

>those super sharp shadows
>tfw we'll never have those in Source again because nvidia bitched

There certainly has been. We're well on the way to streamlining every (AAA) game so that it plays exactly the same as every other, a perfectly accessible grey mash of time-wasting busywork geared to appeal at least a little bit to the widest audience possible for maximum profit. What more innovation could anybody want?

>not Quake 1
[confused HUUH]

What do you mean?

>Portal 2 had almost zero objects in the environment you could fuck with

I was SO PISSED OFF at that.

I don't want to cuddle, I want her to sit on my face.

>a cube
>a button
>jackie chan

you being sarcastic or forreal?

graphical engine is the same as the engine

good to know that you're a fucking retard calling others retards

>I actually really liked still building shit out of Brushes and exporting bsp files like it's some sort of shitty Ruskie Quake-clone.
Why specify clone? Source is directly derived from the Quake 1 engine.

I really love brushes myself, especially in stuff like Q1 where you don't HAVE premade models to plunk down other than the usual lights/enemies/etc so every cool archway, statue and staircase you see in a custom map is all brushwork.

>does this mean you don't have to make a physical skybox around your level anymore?
You mean making one big box around the level? You shouldn't do that, it murders performance and prevents vis from working properly. Only box out areas where it makes sense to.

>being this fucking stupid
You only fooling yourself, kid

nvidia complained about the graphics draw or something and all source games now have blurry shadows that you can only fix with console commands that aren't always available without using sv_cheats 1 (meaning they're unusable in multiplayer or singleplayer without achievements)

similarly, we'll never have uncompessed textures again (mat_picmip -10) because stupid kids were crashing their pentium IIs with 256mb RAM in TF2 with it, so valve removed the option from TF2 and has locked texture quality to -1 in every source game since, while also back-porting the lock to HL2 and its episodes with the Orange Box engine update

>no chairs to stack to get into vents

Make PC's as easy to use and as cheap as a console. Consolefag here, would be on pc if I could buy a pc that is as powerful as a PS4 pro for the same price with no building or hardware knowledge required. Until decently powerful prebuilts become as cheap as a launch ps3, I may never get a pc simply because I don't feel like I'm ever going to be able to put one together.

Can you build a Lego set?

You can build a computer.

>portal 2 gme about physics and portals and science n shieet
>has physics and objects

of course its going to have some [hysics and objects

>make PCs easy to use

you gotta be a broke ass brain dead nigga to not afford or put a Pc together, shit is like legos

the engine can only render the things you listed to a certain degree, the engine is just as responsible as the textures and models retard

>of course its going to have some [hysics and objects
that's just it

it doesn't

>people are actually stupid enough to buy into the '*extrapolated* exponential technological growth' meme
It makes me feel smug and superior.

portal is easy af they should never make more

Reminder that this was your standard graphics in 2004

Honestly, building a PC is a bit harder than legos.

It's more on the difficulty level of putting together something from IKEA.


On consoles maybe.

id Tech 6
Unreal 4
Frostbite 3
Source 2

>some modern games use less physics and physical objects than half life 2

That is actually interesting! Somewhere in the end of 6th gen and begining to 7th gen developers decided to focus on graphics only and from that point,instead a getting better physics,framerate,AI and more complex level designs, we got linear cinematic corridors with barely anything to interact with besides scripted events.

hell even gta got its physics downgraded from 4 to 5.

holy nostalgia.

brings back the days of going over to my friend's house to play halo 2 on xbox and playing truth or dare with his sister, always ending in sucking and fucking eachother until it was time for me to go home

Have they gotten any easier to build? I tried to reverse build a pc a few months ago, and something got fucked up. Prebuilt was a few years old, maybe a 2005-2010

if i made a sorta non-linear WW2 game with physics objects that can also be useful and more gamplay mechanics with rarley seen WW2 guns and a good amount of NPCs on screen rather than focus on graphics would it sell at all? (Story ties in with theme)

>take pictures of the inside of your PC at all angles
>take apart
>put back together, refer to pictures


PBR is a huge buzzword, every piece of that technology is years old, the only thing PBR did is "unifying" them:
- Deferred Rendering
- Different texture maps

That's it.

so like, STALKER but WW2?

Hell yes I'd play it.

I'm not sure what exactly is it that you want? What physics features are you even talking about here?

anything really, ammo boxes, car/tank handling over terrain, ragdolls, explosions send obejects flying, movement, grenades, player ragdoll, weapon throwing, using objects to kill people.

anything that ties into the theme

>PBR is the next big thing

that stuff is industry standard by now.

the next big thing is going to be hq realtime gi

Well Arma 3 is what you want to some point. It's got large amounts of people on screen as well as uses physics at least for the player, grenades and the vehicles. And I think there's a WW2 mod for it.

>arma 3
>filed with autismos and children
ill stick to making my own game then

>And I think there's a WW2 mod for it.
It's pretty broken, honestly, and a lot of content is missing from it. It won't be finished for at least a few years.

I thought Skyrim and Fallout 4 use Creation Engine instead of Gamebryo. Fallout 4's animations are pretty solid and a significant upgrade over previous Bethesda games.

It's a gamebryo evolution really. Same engine, different name. Animations are better because, well, they were animated better. Beth just didn't really give a fuck about animations and eyecandy back then.

Solid as in they kind of gave a shit, maybe, but notice how the lever rifle from far harbor has to reload all rounds every time? Engine bullshit; the new vegas dev mentioned somewhere how jury rigged the single round reload weapons were in their game, and the issue likely carried over to the creation engine

Fallout 4 doesnt look terribe desu
compared to other open world games I would even say that it looks rather good.

The problem is that Beth is trying to turn Fallout into Borderlands

>looks good
>the graphics that blend tohether creating an annoying blur like mafia 3

looks like it

nether of those things is PBR
obr is about the shading method and math behind it, mostly how light reflects off objects
albedo textures are just a logical result of this and not the other way around
deferred rendering is also another thing, a big step in real time cgi by itself

Image based lighting is a shitty gimmick and also completly unrelated to PBR, instead of fake ambient light we should be moving towards real global illumination

It looks and runs liek shit mate.

>Which normally means taking multiple exposures of the same scene and combining them together to increase the dynamic range
no, its the tehnique of mapping all this extra stops to standart 8 bit depth that monitor can actually display OR mapping it to intermediate format that you can edit in post to utilize all highlights and shadows i.e s-log

Dude I have actually shot more HDR photos then I care to remember

You can do what you are saying but only with a DSLR that can record a lot of stops, ie recent full frame bodies.

even old rabals recorded bigger stops in highlights that you were able to pull from raw then standart range

>>great story telling without any cutscenes

This was fucking obnoxious to deal with if you just wanted to play the game for fun after you beat it.

>great story telling without any cutscenes
instead of being able to skip it, we'll lock you in a box with some props to play around like a small child, while the cutscene goes on.
Wow, so revolutionary, i am truly immersed.

>rag dolls
>great story telling without any cutscenes
pseudo cutscenes that you can't really skip
>physics that include weight, physics included weaponry (anti gravity gun)
shit character that's designed to be likeable
>great atmospheres
>challenging and diverse enemies
half life 1 did this considerably better


why tho? shit was fun

It's worse than HL1 overall. Just because you're a Steam memer/so young that your first proper game was HL2 doesn't mean HL2 is good. Riddick was better, even Doom 3 was better.

>Doom 3 was better.
No. HL2 is pretty flawed, but Doom 3 suffered more.