So I decided to get heart of the swarm on a rts kick and after a few levels I got some complaints

So I decided to get heart of the swarm on a rts kick and after a few levels I got some complaints...

>kerrigan says protons can't be infected
I'm pretty sure kerrigan presonaly infested the dark Templar matriarch and forced zeratul to kill her
>kerrigan justify killing protoss because they kill zerg
Zerg are mindless killing machines that go planet to planet killing every one this is not the same at all wo wrote this dialogue?
>Zerg are now "din do nuffins"
How deep does this rabbit hole go? I'm only like seven missions in Jesus christ

>How deep does this rabbit hole go?
Too fucking deep

wait until you see LotV

Is multilayer worth getting back into? I was rank1 masters at the end of liberty but the game looks pretty clown now after watching some vids

highly doubt it. I heard they've ruin everything

But there is no alternative, I'm honestly tired of team based competitive games

The plot of HotS is absolute ass. Also, while WoL is one of my favorite single player campaigns of all time, HotS just feels slow. This is particularly offensive for it should have been designed around Zerg race but whatever.

I really liked it

Literally nothing has been ruined, you want to play as it used to be without any new units? you can still play wings of liberty matchmaking but to be honest I don't see why you wouldn't want to play the latest expansion.

I think this amon shit fucked it all up, it should have been zerg fucking everyone up then protoss saving the day

Also I hated how the cherecters you played in sc1 got retconned, like Matt could have easily been the magistrate

How big is the player base now? What rank are you?

Also widow mines r gay, and I used to play terran

What did you like about it? Why do you prefer it over sc1?

No idea how many players there are but on legacy of the void you get matched in about 10-15 seconds, I'm currently rank platinum I didn't play wings of liberty but I assume it used to be easier to get to master, most of the players are veterans now but there still are new players filling bronze and silver leagues.

Also there are tournaments almost every month so it's definetly not a dead game, and the game is getting a major balance update in a month.

I play zerg and if you are good mines are not that much of a problem.

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masters league in wotl was top 4 percent of the player base IIRC what is it in lotv?


I don't know google it.

Btw there's also a grandmaster league now

i bet the queen of blades hasn't showered in years...

There was a grandmaster league before
>Google it
I'm asking you since you said you assumed it was easier to get masters league. I'm curious what that's based on since you're now saying you don't actually know. You wouldn't happen to be talking out of your fucking ass, would you?

I never really played SC1 but Played all campaigns of SC2 done them all on brutal too I liked it that much.

I guess I liked the way it felt like a little diorama of sorts, minatures that moved.

Also I love sci-fi and felt like this was a great little love story the old school science fiction stuff, you can see where they drew inspiration from, if you love that sort of thing. Mixed in with their own space cowboy stuff it was pretty cool, the world/universe was realised, it went a bit DS9 with the ending but was romantic, and the ambiguity of whether he killed himself or not at the end of SC2 was pretty good. Miz that with the fact Metzen has left Blizzard I cant believe I never saw the signs.

There's more stuff too but it's great.

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Uh I actually said the exact opposite here:
>but I assume it used to be easier to get to master

Since the game is older now I assume there are a lot better players now so it USED to be easier to get to master but now it's a lot harder.

The love story is the worst aspect of the damned thing. The "inspiration" was every generic romance story ever told.

You should do yourself a favor and play sc1.

>WoL is one of my favorite single player campaigns of all time

Sorry user but you've got bad taste. WoL was average as fuck really and the story was stupid.

(Psst you know I can tell it's you every time you post even on other boards, right?)
I actually said the opposite of what you're saying I said the opposite of.


I guess SC2 is for new comers who don't give a shit about the first SC bravo blizzard

It isn't that big, but it has people playing.

>never played sc1
that's probably it then, coming from a from a fresh perspective the story's pretty Dec

But as a vet the story is just a complete mess as a follow up to brood war

I actually only browse Cred Forums and Cred Forums and this is like the third time I posted anything in years but k.

Also I re-read your post and you're right, I misread what you wrote but still I assume it's harder now since the game is older.

Player number doesn't affect anything what matters is what percentage of player base the masters cut off is

It's actually one of the things that drives me away from getting back into it, I know my mmr is much higher then my rusty skills and vet user basee. I would probably have to lose 100 games to get into a fun bracket

I never said anything about player number.

But it's logic think about it, the game is old so the average player has been playing for more time and is generally better than what the average player used to be.

The game puts you in calibration matches the first time you play at the end of each league season, if you haven't been playing in a while you'll start with the calibration and once that's done you should be put in the correct league so there's no need to lose 100 games.

The only way that makes sense is if you could go back in time with all your extra practice because you realize you'd be one of those players with less experience too back in those days so the playing field would be the same do you understand?

This is only true if people don't stop playing and there are no new players

It's 100% true for brood war but I'm sure the wiggle room in Sc2 is pretty big

I dont understand what you mean, english is not my first language but by my logic it should be harder now since there are people that have been playing for longer.

An example that comes to mind is left 4 dead 2, I play that game a lot since it was released and at first there were a lot of bad players but now it's mostly decent or good players, the average player is much better than it used to be and I think the same is for SC2

>Playing the story

You fucked up, OP

It's for the MP or do nothing.

Yes the LotV exp was good and there's a big rebalancing patch coming up

It's a perfect time

The game can't decide your ranking with 5 games, every one has a hidden mmr and every season you get placed near your hidden mmr win or lose, a pro gamer throwing 5 games won't end up bellow masters for example

You're saying it was easier to get masters in sc2 in the beginning because everyone was new. You'll note you would not be exempt from that and would also be new, and also be comparably bad so that would make no difference on how hard or easy it would be to get masters. Even so it would have little bearing because the top 4% would still be the top 4%

It doesn't matter if the top players are rotated out as new or veterans, their place stays the same and you would still have to surmount them in MMR either way. If it was in the beginning of sc2 when they had less experience, you too would have less experience. Likewise in lotv where they have more practice, you'd likewise have more practice

I really want to get into RTS but Starcraft 2 will probably whipe my soul.

What is a good RTS to start with?

I can't play mp, my rank is way to high for my current skill

Also why can't we have both? Brood war had both

There are none, it's Sc2 or nothing

You're missing the part where if you start playing now you have several years of practice to catch up to while starting on wol you would only need to carchange up a few months worth

You're acting like the game hasn't completely changed with the lotv expansion you start with twice as many workers. There isn't a single wotl build you can do in lotv that you wouldn't have to modify and wouldn't be useless. The only thing that matters in terms of difficulty is what percent of the player base the masters cut off is at, if they lowered it from 4, then it will be easier, if they left it at 4 then it will be the same

>I can't play mp, my rank is way to high for my current skill


First World Problems

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A whole new way of looking at life

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The gameplay and upgrades where fun, and you got mission around like Tychus piloting a 10 stroy tall death machine. There were good moments.

Raynor character was absolutely destroyed tho. Put a fuckign bullet in Kerrigan, nigga.