Ora ora, Dio is about to begin his final attack. You have but nine seconds of stopped time to defeat him...

Ora ora, Dio is about to begin his final attack. You have but nine seconds of stopped time to defeat him. The last game you played is now your stand: can you stop the power of Za Warudo?

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>Unarmed build in new vegas.

I guess everything goes fine

was last playing Cities Skylines so I guess my stand is the ability to build edit the city at my whim

since I can edit while the game is paused, I'd probably try electrocuting him in a powerplant or set the time to day

do I win?

>vats stops time
>barrage of fists
your stand is basically star platinum

Can he survive being tackled at QPU speeds?


> tfw I was an attack k jet pilot in bf4

>za warudo stops time
>your stand puts you four dimensions away from any harm
truly you have an unstoppable stand

setting time to day would definitely kill dio. but how long can he move within your world of stopped time?

what should I do

how can a game be a stand exactly?

what powers do you have in the game? now thats your power

The villain dies?
What the fuck man, that would have been a great twist if you hadn't of spoiled it for me.

>have 9 seconds of stopped time
>stopped time
so basically i have forever to do shit?

>Yakuza 3
I'm sure there's a heat attack to counter that

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 3

I activate dimensional prison and remove him from play, sentencing him to an eternity of isolation

>Super Time Force
King Crimson + Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?
DIO is fucked

I like JoJo but JoJofags are the fucking worst


>reading colored manga


Americuck detected

i'll use my peter stand

>Dragon's Dogma
You can't kill god unless you use godsbane

>Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

No fighting mechanics, so he can't hurt me. Maybe the friendly atmosphere would even make him turn over a [NEW LEAF].


>Phoenix Wright

I'd die, but Dio would be convicted of my murder.

Stand: [Darkest Dungeon]

Ability: User can cause heavy stress, bleeding and inject poison into any foes in a 4 meter radius with an 80% success rate. However, should this stand fail to activate, all of these maladies will infect the user instead, as well as cause them to scream obscenities about some force it refers to as "RNG."

Why are there people that don't read the manga?

dark souls 3
so i gonna die and start from Death Thirteen act
there was the last bonfire i remember before final fight against Dio

>implying the final kira fight isn't fucking goat after he gets his catweed
Also no he doesn't get killed by any sort of automobile

Is it me or Star Platinum is weaker in Part 4?

his head gets run over by an ambulance, are you retarded?
unless you're going "huehuehue his soul actually gets trapped so he doesn't technically die :^)" in which case eat shit

SP:TW damages Jotaro's heart. He doesn't have vampire regeneration like DIO.

>Rebel Galaxy

Summons a big ass dreadnought to glass a motherfucker.

I think I'll be safe.

doesn't he specifically say he hasn't trained his timestop since cairo? it's been a while since I read the manga.

I'll just call isabelle to beat DIO's ass for me, she's basically god

do you have a single fact to back that up?
i don't remember anything about it

It's what the wiki says.

Fully upgraded Delta. I suddenly realize that if I die, my daughterfu will be all alone. Therefor I can asspull my way through anything The World can throw at me. Not too different from the actual fight, honestly.

Kira blows up the heroes with BTD. He can go back in time, but people blown up keep blowing up.
The kid of his stolen body saves them with stray cat.
Okuyasu is saved by josuke from becoming allahu akbar.
Kira is run over by an ambulance, then torn apart by the demons in the alleyway.
You deserve it for being an animeonly. The manga has been out for years. So have based Duwang scans.

He's rusty because he doesn't practice his stand or its powers. He's let them fall to the wayside to study marine life because lol.

Also is semi-right. The reason Jotaro can't hold TW forever is the same reason Dio can't- it strains the body. It's like a Kaioken in that continuing it for prolonged periods of time will either cause the body to fail or just make it weak enough so that it can no longer uphold the stopped time.

I don't know if dio's vampirism gave him an edge that regard, but it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume so.

Also I was playing some Jojo ASB practice mode with pic related last night. So I may stand a chance if Daddy's around, though I like to think Jolyne could outsmart Dio.

>Street Fighter V playing Balrog
I guess my stand is a punch ghost that punches really hard and stops time with v-trigger cancel

all those spoilers
i'm glad i'm in half of part 5

It literally has Star Platinum in it.

Wait for the anime.
The color pages are shit and the raw translations were actually bad bad.
Duwang was good, it was more of a case of going jap-chink-burger than anything else.

>Sentinels of the Multiverse

So my stand is either I get the combined powers of the Justice League and Avengers, or I have them as summonable to fight Dio.

>pic related, the after victory barbecue

Jotaro is a plot device, not a character. He wins against an omnipotent permatimestopping vampire god capable of overwriting reality and history, but loses against a super fast gay priest running at incredibly hihg speed and a rat with a blowpipe if the plot demands it.

That's why Jotaro is a fucking faggot as a main protag, but works great as a side character in Part 4.

>He's let them fall to the wayside to study marine life because lol.

Nigga wanted to be sure Captain Tenille was dead for sure.

>Monster Hunter Generations

So, it's like Scary Monsters, but instead of turning people into dinosaurs I turn people into flying wyverns. And turn myself into a thicc, /fit/, tanned amazon.

Hope dio doesn't like going fast

That's how stands work. They auto-balance. Star Platinum got time stopping powers so his punching strength decreased.

Bad news for Dio

Here's a list of spoilers for part 5 as well as how the main villains stand works.

Enjoy :^)

>SMT IV Apocalypse
za warudo donĀ“t even stand again my demons

I just finished reading part 6

Holy shit why was the last fight so fucking disappointing? I mean Made in Heaven is awesome, but I expected something like Pucci using DIO as a stand or something as hype as that

Personally I saw it as Jotaro intentionally gimping himself at times. Like, he lets himself get hit by a rat with a blowdart because he wants to teach Josuke some confidence so he can fight stronger stand users in the future. He gets fucked up by Sheer Heart Attack because he had to save Koichi who was a big bitch.

bruno dies
everyone dies in part 6 except emporio
universe is reset

I stay Determined

Wario Land 3
Wario is basically invincible (can be harmed by never killed) so I guess I just tank it

Dio better buckle up because we're going FAST

>the last game he played was undertale


Stardust is horrifying.

Force Dio into your stable family, or ruin his life, your stand potentially could be Heavens Door Lvl

He's the real hero what the world needs

Dissidia Duodecim. I'll be fine

>playing ut
DIO literally has more determination.

He probably hasn't played it since around release and since he is a casual hipster he doesn't play video games normally anyway.

>the spooky halloween sims thing
>make a family of vampires
>he accepts you as his own kind
>win emotionally

>last game played was touhou
It's already confirmed

Isn't the whole thing is that anyone with the slightest true killing intent can absolutely DESTROY monsters without human souls?
Like everyone has horrendous stats by even triple digit HP standards.

DIO's stand is essentially the same as Star Platinum

Mario 64 Mario, used in this context, is essentially Pucci's stand, Made In Heaven.

Pucci fucked Jotaro's shit up.

I think DIO wouldn't even stand a chance.

That was a fun thread. We need more like it.

I'm midway through part 6 now
I couldn't believe how shitty part 5 actually is
Bruno is fucking GOAT but GioGio literally has nothing to him

Nah. Pucci killed Jotaro because of Jotaro's bad timing. It would be much easier with muh superhuman vampire senses

>ss13 clown
>pda slip him
>take off all is clothes
>hide in a locker and tell sec he just ling stunned someone


is this the best panel in manga history ?

>still posting this shitty meme video

I get it, no research, but it's just shit.

>the legend of korra
Just bend all that Joestar blood out of him.
gg ez