Will it fail?

Will it fail?

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you wish


Most likely, but I'm still gonna buy day 1 for the exclusives

I want to say no, but I need to be realistic.

Of course it will fail.

It's time to grow up guys. Nintendo is over. Let it die.


It'll probably do fine.

If they make it a straight console wihout shitty gimmicks, no.

If they make a shitty gimmick console with fucking cartridges and another stupid screen controller, third party wont even look at it and it's going to be Wii U 2: Wii U Harder

Nintendo will always make money off of children and their stupid parents, so they'll be fine. I wish they'd make a dedicated home console to compete with PS4 and Xbone, but Nintendo has no incentive to do that when they've got the handheld/social markets cornered, and Nintendo is legendary for their disdain of third parties.

I love how Nintendo say "Oh, Sony and Microsoft? No, they're not our competitors"
YOU STUPID FUCKHEAD. You don't get to dictate who's your competition or not, the market does!

Are you fucking retarded or what? Do you think the current BD shit model forcing you to install every game just so it can load in less than a fucking year is any good? Fuck off.

Or it will probably sell decently, wont ever be a breakthrough like gameboy or wii.

Gimmicks sold, look at wii controller. Nx isnt a replacement for the wii u or a hybird though.

Probably a tablet with gimmick controllers. Might connect to tv. So the tablet becomes a controller.

At this point I'd be happy if it makes it's release date. Six months until it comes out and we know nothing.

It's better than 120$ retail priced games and disk production is way faster. I'm pretty sure third party wont like to put out games on carts for both these reasons. It works with handhelds because the games are much smaller, but a 50gb game on a cartridge is gonna be retarded expensive.

Maybe. Maybe not.

It will likely do okay. Not revoluntionary, not bad. More than Wii U though


Hey, idiot, it's not 1998 anymore.

Gimmicks don't sell. The wii was a fucking toy. Outside the couple first party games, all the games were complete shovelware.

can't fail if they never release it

If they don't fuck up the market completely and go back to the DS/GBA days of looking "cool" in ads we could expect sales between the GBA and the GC, depending on WHAT THE FUCK IT IS

That doesn't mean what you think it means.

Dead before arrival.

meant marketing
I still cannot believe how much the Nintendo marketing changed for this gen, didn't they get reggie especially to market shit well in the US? They were alright in the GBA/GC and to a certain extent DS/Wii era

Wii is the top selling system, its a gimmick system if you use the wii mote and wii mote based games.

If they don't reveal it soon and start marketing it like crazy then yes it will fail.

>Wii is the top selling system

No that would be the Playstation 2 with over 155 million consoles sold, followed by the DS, Gameboy, Playstation and then the Wii

The PS2 was the best selling DVD player though.

if they dont realease it with a 299-350 price and a fuck ton of advertizing yes it will fail, it doesnt even mather if its shit, if its good advertized it will sell


The wii was a fucking GI Joe action figure. Just because it sold well doesn't mean it's not a toy.

>if they dont realease it with a 299-350 price and a fuck ton of advertizing yes it will fail

If they release it at that price point it will definitely fail as $299 is the same price as the Playstation 4 Slim and $350 is dangerously close to the price for the Pro. If they want to stand out they'll need to beat the price of the slim and Pro. $299 would only be feasible if the NX had comparable specs to the Pro which lets face it, it won't

Just because your console is black and it has games with people bleeding in edgy ways in it doesn't mean it's not a toy.

>good looking monster hunter on the go or on my living room TV
They already have one sale, babycakes.

>caps lock
>exclamation point
Reddit's that way.

Of course it will. Nintendo is notuing but shit gimmicks for lonely manchildren

I think it will be between the wii and wiiU. Well at least people know it's a console right...........

I wish and it will

pretty much this

All I know is that like every other nintendo console for the last 10+ years it won't really be worth owning until it is near the end of its life or already dead.

I don't want a world where Nintendo keeps fucking up.

I hope so.

It already did

The only way for it to not fail is to create another wii-tier gimmick and that means no good games for an entire generation.
Kinda sad really.

It'll be worth getting as soon as somebody finds an exploit or creates a flash cart to play roms and emulators on

Never said it wasnt. But it proves gaming can tap into fad based western people and sell.

Been done before, pseye or kenetix xbox.

Next nintendo system has a gimmick.

Ps2 had the dvd.

Ps1 had that reverse hipster nerd fan base and people bought more than one version because it breaks easy.

Only if you define failure as not being the number one selling console. All Nintendo needs to do to be considered a success is gain a relatively good install base, attract third parties back to Nintendo, and make a profit. If they can manage that then shareholders will be happy.

Plus its not like they have to try hard to be number 2 on the list of consoles this generation, Xbox is struggling worse then the Wii U is in terms of sales

>Xbox is struggling worse then the Wii U is in terms of sales

It blew past the wii u long ago and even recently has been number 1 for sales in north america some months.

When was the last time, if ever, the wii u outsold the xbone in a month?

Rationalize it however you want, both the PS1 and PS2 dominated their generations as they had a huge install base, no gaming droughts, all the third parties, hundreds of games, and in the case of the PS2 complete backwards compatibly with enhanced features.

If Nintendo can squeeze profit out of something like Wii U, I doubt it will be a complete failure. I'm not expecting a rousing success either.

What is "it".
We don't even know.