Be male

>Be male
>Play exclusively female characters
>"B-b-but I'm straight though!"

Why is this allowed?

We all secretly wish to be a beautiful girl.

Case in point, things like this happen when too many virgins hang around each other online.

the female characters weren't very good so i made my own

I thought Cred Forums had a pedo problem? Wasn't aware they were all trannies.

Well like in rpgs and shit id rather look at a girl butt than man ass. Also lewd mods faggot ass op

>I-I-I'd rather look at a females butt!

Wow, what a shitty excuse. We all know you WANT to be that female with the ass.

Just admit you have a fucking problem, you mentally ill weirdo.

yes, I'm straight

that's why I play with females

if I played with dudes that'd be pretty gay

how is it a problem?

it's a problem when you see a female character in a game, and you immediately decide 'she wants the d' from the way she moves across the screen.. then it turns out to be a guy, and you feel like a homosexual.

what if you play as both?

looks like I found the new fucking faggot thread

Because you can manipulate the camera in lewd ways.

It's like you never played a Saint's Row game.

>be male
>dont wanna look at guys while playing
>pick female
>other guys have a problem with this
the fuck is wrong with you bro chill out. as a man i´m genetically coded to choose females it´s basic instinct

then you're my nigga

Youre not supposed to state at your characters ass the whole game, but if you end up doing that you're probably gay and use that excuse

>playing RPG
>want to play a role
>make a character that is very different from me to help get into role easier
>being a grill helps role play
not that hard desu senpai
it's the same thing as saying
>be human
>play exclusively non-human characters
>"B-but I'm not a subhuman"

>looks at man-ass all day while playing video games
>not a raging faggot

>it even rains in that fucking country

Whats it like sharing insecurity issues with closet faggots and trannies?

>has man on screen
>can't take his eyes away from said man's ass.
user, I have some bad news for you.

I'm horny and also wish I was a cute little girl getting fucked by a lot of hard dicks

wait, how would that make you gay?

are you femenine

is there actually any difference between male and female ass, both will look like shit if you dont work out

Im gay and rarely make female characters.

Pygmalion you ignorant cunt.

>never rains

what part you live in senpai? we got loads of rain in the summer and rest of the year is gonna be pourin

>he plays exclusively as buff homoerotic manly men characters
>you can smell his insecurities through the monitor
I hope this is not you

my city is usually compared to mars or a desert as a joke
if you go out of this goddam swamp you get normal rain
western europe