Are there any actually good games for mobile?

Are there any actually good games for mobile?

Games with a good story / fun mechanics and not just pay to win / farmville garbage?

Terra Battle


>game about dropping balls in cups has 1 million downloads

That's a shame.

Hell no
>You ran out of free plays! Watch this ad to enter the shop and get Love gems for 9.99

The World Ends With You has a great mobile port.

Not counting the few ports, and the very, very few """""""""art"""""""" games, no.

Plague Inc.
Run of the dead (if I'm not confusing the name)
Pokemon Go

Emulation is a very valid option too. If you can't stand the touch screen there's bluethoot controllers, although i never personally used one

>pokémon go
>good story or fun mechanics
>not free to play garbage

I dunno user, i just have fun capturing. The game doesn't even have the usual freemium gimmicks like "wait 30 to capture another pokemon", all you have to do is walk to pokestops

Why is this?
Did a famous dev try and fail at making a regular mobile game, or is just no one willing to develop for it?

>zun art based vr porn
I didn't know my dick needed this

Kingdom Rush series. That shit is great. The first one is free.

I wanna fuck Hong Meiling

I'm sure I saw the cover for a ZUN art doujin, I've never seen anything more than that, though.

>Are there any actually good games for mobile?

DQ 8


the definitive version of Sonic CD
being able to actually play MHFU with a controller
mobile port of SMT

but original games that aren't ports? Good luck, can't think of any

The ports of Ghost Trick(played) and Dual Destinies(haven't) are pretty good. In fact, I think ghost trick might be better on smart phone.

>Finally get a smartphone this past summer
>Alright, can't wait to try some games
>Literally one good game, and the rest are trash

You must build a boat has an amazing mobile port. Also dungeon raid is a very good puzzle rpg, if not simplistic after a while. It works on OpenFeint so the leader boards don't work aby more.

Terra battle is bretty gud.
Dungeon Link is hardly P2W at all if you don't do arena bullshit.
Mobile version of Hearthstone is fine and good.
The Room 1-3 are very good if you like spoopy puzzlan.
Metal Slug Attack and Battlecats are both fantastic if you're looking for line combat that's difficult, but fair without using P2W elements.
FF Brave Exvius is pretty fun for a pseudo rpg. There's probably others too.

I've heard go things about Hitman Go.

Pirate Bloons TD 5. Fun, just not worth money

Hitman Go
Battle cats
Fieldrunners 2
Plague Inc
Tactile Wars

And my absolute favorite - Slayin

I bought that game using play credit from Google opinion rewards. You're totally right. It has pay 2 win garbage in it even AFTER dropping 3 bucks on the game.

If you want to make a good game, why would you make a mobile game?

The player base doesn't know what a good game is. This means that they likely won't appreciate the difference between your good game and any other mobile trash.
Your good game likely isn't going to make shit compared to one riddles with micro-transactions, and also much less than if you instead made a good PC game.
This then feeds the temptation for the dev to add some micro-transactions, because they might as well, because mobile players think that's normal for video games.

Then you have the controls.
A lack of buttons and a touch screen which doesn't really help (besides for rhythm games, which is why you'll see them get recommended often)
The accelerometer has potential, but it is mostly useless because you're turning the screen and can't see shit, while also looking like a retard if you're in public which is the only time people play mobile games besides while pooping.

Shattered Pixel dungeon