Just lost my dog I had for 9 years to a stomach tumour, any comfy games to play while sad?

Just lost my dog I had for 9 years to a stomach tumour, any comfy games to play while sad?

pic related.

Trauma Center.

ghost trick

Aw, I'm sorry user. I lost my 1 year old puppy this year. She got hit by a car.

I don't have any games to suggest. I think OoT3D was the first one I played, after being inspired by the BotW trailer.

haunting ground or rule of roses
alternatively UAB

ghost trick

its fine! feeding him people food makes him happy, just look at his little tail wag
what's the worst that could happen?

Sam and Max series
Heart of Darkness
Final Fantasy VIII
Fable 2
Parappa the Rapper
Fallout 4
Secret of Evermore
Klonoa door to Phantomile


My dog died a year ago. She was 15 years old. I can still hear her last breaths.
Stay strong user.

>got hit by a car
Stop owning pets.

She was wild and unruly chihuaha/russel terrier mix. I was watching her, and she dashed off all of a sudden because my neighbor's dog barked at her. The car passed by and just barely clipped her head, but that's all it took to kill her instantly. At least she didn't suffer.

He's right, stop owning pets

>letting your unruly braindead dog run around without a leash in an unfenced yard
yeah you're irresponsible and shouldn't even consider reproducing let alone have pets

Sims 2: pets

>not on a leash
Your fucking fault, faggot.

>tfw dog is getting incredibly old

He used to be a lot more hyperactive. Now he just slowly walks everywhere he needs to go.

I have another, younger dog, but he's a fat fuck because his last owner fed him burgers and pizza and shit for years..

>have wild and unruly pet you can't control
Already your failure but why would you have a dog you can't control unleashed in that situation? Your just like my parents who leave their gate open all the time then get pissed with their dog for wandering off. Irresponsible. It's sad you lost your dog but it's your fault and you should feel bad.

Sleeping Dogs

how does it feel knowing you murdered your dog

Sorry to hear that user. I'm dreading losing my lil pupper (pic related).

How about something like a JRPG. Maybe not the comfiest of genres but something story driven will take your mind off your loss

I'm nothing like the parents you just described. You have no idea what I've been through for the dogs I've had before her. I was training her to be obedient, but she was the runt of the litter and just never learned. She would run off and eat other dog's poops, tore apart our dry walls, open the drawer to get into the trash so we had to tie it shut.

Of course I feel bad. The worst part is that my mom had a premonition about it one week before in a dream, but I didn't listen.

No, you're nothing like them; you're far worse.

I got Persona Q a while back but never finished it, is it worth it?

sorry to hear but having a hyperactive dog not leashed in an unfenced yard with neighboring dogs beside a road was never a good idea.

Sorry bout ur pupper user :(

DQ7 comes out today, pick that up.

Was literally going to post this. Actually comfy as fuck OP, please play. There's a button to take a shit, and then you can eat your shit. It doesn't get any more realistic than that

Sleeping Dogs

My dog died yesterday too, it feels like shit. My best guess is playing some VN, like VA-11 Hall-A.

go to the pound and get another one
you can't replace the first one but at least you'll save another one from being put to sleep or adopted by an asian and eaten

My dog got shot by a farmer
I've hated farmers ever since that day
It was a fucking jack russell, I know people find them annoying but I loved it and it couldn't have hurt a sheep

I'm sorry OP, one my dogs died 2 weeks ago, she was around 9 years as well. I didn't feel like doing anything for the first few days so I can't really recommend anything that might ease the pain.
I've been playing Live A Live for short periods of time recently.

>I was training her to be obedient, but she was the runt of the litter and just never learned.

her being a runt has nothing to do with how well or poorly she learned. You're just bad at training.


>tfw want a doggo
>place is too small and doesn't allow them
I'm gonna be getting a budgie soon though, I love birbs.

Always wanted a birb but I've had cats all my life.

Also get a square cage and never neglect it.

Sorry for your loss, OP. Maybe Planescape: Torment? It's like reading a good book.

>doggo just turned 1
>probably going to live for another 9+ years

Feels good man

Fuck all these other faggots
It sounds like it was an honest mistake that Im sure you regret everyday
Sorry about your dog man

My long hair chihuahua is 14 and he's also really slow now. Poor little guy's hearing and sight are definitely going.

Feels bad man.

They're good companions if you treat them well. They're social animals, so don't leave them alone.

>couldn't have hurt a sheep
If they're in lamb and it's chasing them then it absolutely could. Keep your dog on a lead.


>that image


I wanted a cockatiel at first but they seem to be much noisier, and yeah I'll try to get a big cage.
I live in a single room appartment and rarely leave so I'll be sure to spend time with him.

He looks like a bro. I'm sorry, OP.

holy shit user the same just happened to me yesterday. I barely opened the gate and she run and was almost instantly hit by a truck holy shit it feels bad. I hope you are already feeling better and don't mind these fuckers saying shit

Try this game. It's the coziest thing I've played in a long time. It's kind of FTL meets Oregon Trail with some minor roguelike elements.

Dr. Mario

I just want people like you to stop killing your dogs.

My cat gets out all the fucking time. He got out one day and on my way back from work I saw a tux cat on the side of the road. I pulled over and it had all the same marking as my cat even though it was slightly mangled. I put him in my car on a towel to bring him home and bury him. I walked around to the back and with the dead guy in my arms and tears in my eyes my cat comes dashing out of the woods at me. It was the happiest cry I've ever had and also really fucking freaky since the dead cat I had had the exact same markings as my cat.
Call me a pussy I don't care

Fallout: New Vegas

instead of crying about it on Cred Forums, why don't you go look for him, you faggot.

I just want people like you who can't have a minimum of empathy to get fucked hard in the ass so you know how other people feel

fable 2

It's Cred Forums. The culture evolved from kids thinking it was funny to be edgy or to get a rise out of people since there weren't any rules even though it's long since wore thin. Stop being lazy you fucks. If you're going to be a piece of shit then at least be entertaining or you're just shitposting.

I used to play turn based strategy games or management games to occupy my mind when I felt like shit

What goes into caretaking for birds? They need to exercise their wings semi-regularly right?

I do have empathy. I feel for OP, assuming the dogs diet wasn't terrible, and I feel for your neglected dogs. What you don't get from me is an outpouring of sympathy because you made very poor decisions and got your dog killed for it.

a pussy i don't care

Look for his dead dog? Can you not read or are you suggesting he kill himself?

Ghost Trick

>Just lost my dog

Ah don't worry dude, he'll show up.

Fallout 4 with dog meat and dog meat perks.also with all the dog mods.

>Stomach tumour
yeah no I don't think so

I'm sorry op.

What did you do with the dead one?


The level where you had to save your dog gf from being turned into cat food as she went through the machine was stressful as hell though.
Like kid me had to drop the game I couldn't take the stress.

Sorry user. Losing Pets is the worst. I'd say just play your favourite game.

For comfy i'd suggest Unholy Heights or Banished.

RIP your pupper :(

what systems do you have?

I just kind of placed it in the woods.. I dunno, it wasn't my cat.

PC and PS4

I remember playing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus when my dog died.

He/she had kind eyes.


Fucking piece a of shits.

I wish I could have a dog. But can't where I live ;_;

Sorry user, I know how that feels (lost mine tonight)
Just play your favourite game hopefully one that doesn't have a doggo companion you named after yours ;_;

So for me, that'd be Sunless Sea and Pathologic