Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

New trailer from TGS.

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Nail confirmed.


>Just wait for XV2, user. They'll really beef up the roster and consider fan complaints
I appreciate all the combat improvements, but Dimps has really shown an impressive disregard for fan feedback.
Inb4 "only autists care about shit like Super Saiyan changing hair"

Yeah I really don't see any improvements beyond expanded overworld, other than that it looks exactly the same.

They'll be putting up polls for what people want to see in the updates post-launch, so gather some friends and spam the fuck out of those if you want spiky hair.
As for roster, most of what we knew about XV1 by this point came from data mining the network test. Once people tear apart the XV2 test, we'll have a better idea of whether or not the additions will be worthwhile. The constant focus on Turles and Slug in the trailers has me worried though.

>No SSJ changing hair
>No Android race
>Shit power-ups for humans and majins
>Literally still only 1 fighting style available to each race+gender combo, despite dozens already in the game from XV1
>Another garbage-tier storyline that deals with Mira, Towa, and other faggotry
>No interesting storylines like focusing more on the androids and Dr. Gero
>Multiplayer will be cancer yet again because the phyiscal/ki-based system is complete faggotry and unbalanced as fuck
>Singleplayer is shit, vs. AI has 0 depth and grinding PQs is boring as fuck
>Can't even make AI tournaments despite the feature being years old in DIMPS games

This game is fucking let down. I ain't paying $100 for this shit and you're a fucking shill if you disagree. SSJ3 and 15 more ki-based supers in the game isn't enough, lol.

Inb4 the game barely has more character creation options

can't find a better image
but probably this confirms the outfit recoloring

Did they even add any new races?

Pretty sure they said there were going to pen up a lot more options
Besides, I saw plenty new waifu hairs so I'm good.

polishing the existing races was a better option
ssj were broken in the first game

Yep, basically. Why spend money on this when it's just going to be the same stuff as the first.

Not really, they stopped being broken after 2 months when people realized physical-based human builds were far superior

Stupid shitter

At least 15 new hairstyles for Humans and Saiyans iirc.
And facial hair options.
Plenty of new clothes too, which no longer have stats, and are recolorable now.

>implying being able to spam skills isn't a broken mechanic

>new races


The only races in DBZ are there.

any info on the beta?

i really hope this medal shop is meant for the logos on the clothes

>clothes don't have stats anymore

thank you, dimps. that shit sucked in the first game.

8-10th october for the closed beta
14-16th october for the open beta

Cell Race?

Nah, the main races are there, but not all of them.
Really hoping XV3 has a generic alien option. Especially with how prominent Frieza's army is, and the Barbarians from Super.

Wait for Xenoverse 3.

>trailer is in japanese and there are no english subtittles

fucking stopped


Yeah, the unique android that there was only one of

Lets cheapen him by demoting him to a race


You mean human, because objectively there is no difference between Tien and Android 18 visually.


Again, human with different skin color


When has there ever ben dragon characters?

>generic alien option

There are, its called taking a human and changing the skin color.

Piccolo Demons

>haha goy just wait for Xenoverse 3 in the mean time throw us $100 for our DELUXE edition of Xenoverse 2!

Kill yourself

they could do bio-androids
the regular androids are just modified humans
what they could do is robotic enhancement for humans to turn your human into a android with exclusive perks

>There are, its called taking a human and changing the skin color.
Yeah, sure do love using Appule's head on my humans. Love all those horn options too.

>beings that toryiama retconned

>wanting to play as one shot henchmen

>color humans red

Get a load of this fucking shill. Nobody wants to half-ass the features in the game to pretend they are playing an android or an alien.

If DIMPs, the company who's cock you are currently sucking, can't be assed to include even a visual subset of the Earthling race like Androids or general Aliens, then we can't be assed to play your shitty sequel.

The President/King of the World is still a beastman.

I don't really care either way as long as I can give a CaC an entirely magic-based moveset.

2 fucking days?

Wow, thanks for nothing.


>google who the FUCK that is

>this ningen wants to play as shitty literal who beings.

i think it the same for the first game
just a weekend

>Superfaggot is an underage who has no knowledge of Dragonball outside of the newest installation of the series

Who would have thought the franchise was now infested with a new generation of retarded teenagers?


yes, how dare people try to get into the show now that they are old enough to appreciate it.

Howabout you get a job, dumb frogposter?

>no imperfect cell


you have to be 18 to post here user

Imperfect Cell is in.
Semi-Perfect isn't.

>When has there ever ben dragon characters?
Get a load of this normie! Didn't even watch GT!

Yeah, I meant Semi-Perfect.

but he is
semi-perfect cell is the one missing
>we will never get a real super vegeta transformation

Is there an English trailer yet?

Master Roshi better be in this game.

Yeah, it's kinda shitty that they left him out.
Frieza's second form too. Funny how in the list of forms that aren't in, they didn't mention his third though.
Frieza's third form will be in so they can easily mod it into Frost's assault form for DLC.

No. The proper Xenoverse stage event is tonight though, so we'll probably get it soon.

he can't fly so he won't be
just like the rest of the db characters

Meta-cooler's confirmed.

Plus they've seemingly redone the transformation stuff.

Super Goku in base form is confirmed, so SSB is probably just a transformation for him instead of a seperate character.

Like Hercule, right?

Jaco can't fly either but he can in the game.

I don't see why they can't just make Master Roshi fly.

Worst excuse ever. They could've easily bullshitted up a reason for them to fly.
Have a series of PQs dealing with a timeline where humans learnt to fly and got super stronk back in the DB days, ending with them slaughtering the Saiyans when they arrived.
There, now they're on par with early Z characters and fit in the game just fine.

>Meta-cooler's confirmed.
And we fight him alongside Golden Frieza. Clearly Dimps had a spy in the /dbg/ and took our Platinum Cooler idea to heart.

You guys actually like fish lips Cell?

>still PS1 graphics for some reason
>still disgusting shit story forced on you instead of just giving us a full fighting game with a normal versus mode and a full roster
>still this awful character editor which only lets you creature mongoloids
>this 1/10 gameplay

Definitely the worst thing that ever happened to the Dragon Ball video game franchise and somehow people act like it'st he best thing that happened.

he killed goku



>Worst excuse ever.
i know
its extremly lazy
they gave videl ki blast so why can't they just let db characters fly

I just want Big Bang Crash, and Semi-Perfect Cell getting in would mean a bigger chance of the move getting in.

I did see someone flying around on the flying nimbus in that video. Think it was a CaC but no reason they cant have him hop on it in that case.

They really fucked up here, everyone pretty much agreed that X1 was okay, but X2 could have alot of improvements that could make it amazing, and they've pretty much ignored that.


i like to recreate fights
so i want to have super vegeta to beat the shit out of semi-perfect cell

they gave Satan a Jetpack...

That's the Human "transformation". Along with the power pole being part of the normal moveset.

satan had always a jetpack in most games

>saiyans hair doesn't stand up again when super saiyan


>tfw no rush mode where you fight hundreds of aliens
The PS4 probably can't handle it but god damn I wish this was in the game.

so what is missing that you wanted?

no fuck that
fuck that bardock story mission

I hope they made fighting multiple opponents less of a pain in the ass.

Shit really? That's stupid.

More fleshed out combat, Roster at least the size of the Tenkaichi games, more interesting story (no Towa/Mira), better customization, more races, more balanced races, transformations for every race, better powers that represent races/powers.

not him but Super Boo's absorption
I wouldn't mind these forms being costume slots but yeah
also Dabra would be nice, especially because he is Towa's brother

Blue Hurricane

it's less of a transformation but more of an awakening skill
doesn't change the fact, that most awakening skills in XV2 are transformations though

It's weird how they left that out, but fixed pretty much all the complaints about the clothes. Those complaints were usually all lumped together.

>blue hurricane
a copout

I'd make it in a way where enemies would die in one or two hits. The challenge here is that there is just so many of them.

You'll be doing so many combos and ki blasts but they won't light up.

tenkaichi is dead. get over it.

>saiyan hair doesn't stand up when ss
>wig hair actually turned yellow, but couldn't be coloured through customization

the only thing I never understood in xenoverse

>not liking Towa and Mira
why don't you like them

my problem with this is that regular ki blast still stagger you
and since the AI is dumb as fuck
all they do is spam ki blast

>using her outfit on your CaC doesn't give you the underboob window

I mean, is it really that big of a deal to go through and make stand up versions for the hair? Some of them already stand up and dont even need a SSJ version.

I'm mostly pissed because I use this hairstyle a lot.

mods fix that

I don't see why they can't just fix that for a future game mode.

Make a select few have a higher chance of doing ki blasts.
Most enemies are melee.

they are complete trash

>I am Towa which sounds like a male name but I am a female
>I am Mira which sound like a female name but I am a male
>together we are evil JUST BECAUSE

>the theme of XV2 is bonds (father and son, mentor and student, etc)
>Dabura and Towa are brother and sister
>Supreme Kai of Time speculates in XV1 that Dabura's death is what set Towa off on her plans for conquest
>Dabura still doesn't make it into XV2
Dimps, what the fuck are you doing?

>evil just because

isn't towa the sister of dabura or something?

>together we are evil JUST BECAUSE
So essentially a Cell and Buu?

according to DBO lore she is Dabra's sister, which also got used in the DBH arcade game

thanks doc

But what about the rng?

They've confirmed the drop system has been changed.
How it's been changed hasn't been revealed yet.

no rng rape anymore

>fight against Gohan equally
>stone spits
>summon weapon magic

I think they blew their budget on Jamemba

They claim to be fixing it. To what extent I don't know.

A lot of the games shuffle Dabura under the carpet. I've never watched the show or read the books, but isn't he supposed to be strong?
I thought he was at least as strong as Cell was.

>implying they couldn't just use his sword animations
all they need to do is make his model and add skills

he fought against Gohan on equal ground
people will eternally debate if Gohan was SSJ1 or SSJ2

yeah, I think it wouldnt hurt if Dabra got some sword moves from either Jamemba or even Future Trunks


designed to kill goku

slave of babidi who wanted to break free and he didn't give a fuck

youtu.be/yHpz3z66yjc youtu.be/fTUe7ATrHqk

>main evil is evil just because his or her sibling was evil too

i am guessing that its about meeting the certain conditions now

Buu was evil just because though.

Cell had no real reason to kill Goku. His purpose was to become perfect and be evil. Why? Just because.

It makes more sense if Dabura is as strong as Cell and Gohan is SSJ2

Teen Gohan dominates Perfect Cell, adult Gohan struggles against Dabura

Future Trunks also beats Dabura in Super, so there's that


but then why is he constantly ignored then? was this just not important? the only time i remember him getting actual spotlight in a game was the PSP ones Story Mode

Don't forget Gohan fighting Dabura was weaker than we was when he was fighting Cell

Also, didn't Trunks fight Dabura in SS1?

Xenoverse 2 and Dokkan Battle conference stream will be in a little under 9 hours.


Hopefully we'll get more info from that than we did from the minor presentation last night.

>Also, didn't Trunks fight Dabura in SS1?
I thought he went SS2 while fighting him.
All I know for sure is that Kaioshin died during the fight.

Trunks trained in peacetime
his Super self is stronger than SSJ3 Goku SSJ2, if you go by the Super manga

>hoverboard racing
would you?

youtu.be/ybE15rz0378 best Filler

it also looks like we get some flight challenges

Exactly, weaker

So his SSJ2 form would only be on par with Dabura rather than the beatdown against Cell

His SSJ form wouldn't touch Dabura, and Vegeta notes that him and Goku are capable of beating Dabura

>I thought he went SS2 while fighting him.
There was no lightning.
>his Super self is stronger than SSJ3 Goku SSJ2, if you go by the Super manga
So SSJ1 Trunks = SSJ2 Goku?
That'd explain why SSJ1 Trunks was enough to beat Dabura who was equal to Gohan SS2.

pretty much, Super Trunks is strong as hell, only to be overshadowed by Goku and Vegeta
and Hit I guess

I would like to have translations, I should probably tweet herms

The worst thing about this game is that our comes out at the same time as DS3 DLC

some people forget that trunks is the same as gohan and has the same potential
why are people so surprised to see that his transformations are stronger than pure saiyans?
mystic gohan was stronger than ssj3 goku

You're right, user; its not unreasonable and its not autistic at all. Spiking hair is a staple of the series and it is yet another failure on Dimps part.


it actually fits

>he wants a shitty dragon oc character so he can "rp" the forgotten demon son of shenlong or something

Goten > Trunks > Gohan when it comes to potential.

I would rather have following added
Cell race
monster alien race
mechanical androids

also give elf ears to humans

>elf ears
fuck that

So that user can pretend to be a kai, l guess.

Exactly. Spike always thought of creative ways to fit characters into the engine.

For example, kid Goku would spin his tail like Tails to stay airborne.

isn't kai hair enough?

would rather give human elf ears than having another race, which still can be made with human, who has recolored skin
people always want to add new races just for the sake of adding new races

So which race are you picking this time? I'm going human due to character transfer and SSJ will be nerfed

l don't know. Doesn't matter to me but l guess that user wanting the elf ears wants to go even..further..BEYOND.

Why do people care when the first game was RNG item grinding and the online didnt work for 3 months.

Where did you hear this?

I heard there's stats on clothes, but there's also a "vanity" slot to cover up those clothes so you could wear whatever you want.

>tfw majin ultimate transformation is literally a kid buu recolor

To be fair, I can't think of a better idea. But surely they could have thought of something?

Item drop has been changed so it'll be easier for players to get the items they want.

1 week for me, but I didn't really care about online.

lsn't that DBO/H lore, anyway?
So even then, they copied that idea and called it a day.

how about turning into kid boo while keeping the clothes

It's what Toriyama wrote for the race, so they likely don't want to disrespect his wishes.

Humans getting Nimbus + Power Pole is what baffles me. That shit should just be a normal option for a playstyle, not a transformation.

we don't know yet
i guess we should wait for the beta to get an actual confirmation on the stats on clothes

Why even have RNG item drops?

Am i playing a JRPG? why not just let me buy what i want and grind zenny. Why not just make it clear what requirements need to be done for an item?

Random drops dont need to exist.

probably some MMO thought process, which was a bad decision on their part

What should humans get then?

>how about turning into kid boo while keeping the clothes

and the hair

and the face

it should be easy to have done this

>Yeah, the unique android that there was only one of
>Lets cheapen him by demoting him to a race
How is that any different from Majins?

max power form like roshi
but then again saiyans and fridges can do that too

Just don't give them a unique power up at all. Anything you see a human do through the course of Dragon Ball can be done by everyone, so make them into non-unique transformations and buff humans by making them hit harder without a transformation.

Buu was the worst villain so it's okay.

according from what I've heard from places
Potential Unlocked
buffed form

the first two are already available from the first game
buffed form is not even human exclusive, Super Saiyans have grade 2 and 3 for that and even freaking FREEZA is able to do it with his 100% form

l like it. Reminds me of a dungeon crawler or even Castlevania: Harmony of Despair which l loved grinding with friends. Got 2 Miser Rings so that should say alot.

What l fucking hated in XV1 was RNG on top of RNG. If you do the prerequisites for an extra fight, that fight only has a chance to trigger. That was the dumbest shit ever. As long as you do the prerequisites, the fight should start always. The item itself should still have RNG.

Is this game gonna be filled with silly movie and Super shit again where Toriyama just suddenly decided he would draw humans in neon colours and call them races?

Roshi's Max Power form.

a third eye

What about an android transformation? They're given light blue eyes and mechanical sfx

Nice devil's advocate there friend

It's not really a transformation, that's more like a build for humans. Humans regen ki naturally, so that's already similar to 17/18. If you want to go 19/20 route, you equip a drain move and maybe some eye lasers. Boom, there's your android.

>everyone is just going to create tiny saiyan girls in skimpy outfits again.


Welcome to Cred Forums, user. Home of the lonely.

>equip Drain moves to namekian
>equip Rocket Punch or eye lasers to Namekian
>android/cyborg namekian

I really hope rocket punch or Hell's Flash is an equipable move

Fuck off.


not exactly a transformation
i would like mechanical enhancement to turn your character permanently into a android

Erased from existence in a tragic time machine accident.

I hope so too, but if they are, I have the sinking feeling they'll be human exclusive. You fire the Rocket Punch and it comes back and re-attaches, so that's gonna look really weird for Majins and Namekians.

Unless they're really lazy and just have it detach and reattach. Which might be the first time where it's not so bad that they cut corners.


i do like the new UI
the old one was very plain and boring

this is the makeup option I guess

So Cred Forums is going to host classes at Orange star right? we will have our own Dragon Ball slice of life anime!

Sounds gay.
l'm in

buufu high

I was gonna buy it anyway but this, this alone is reason enough to buy the game

pic related
It´s me during music class

I'm going to create at least one character of each race and gender combo, and I am going to create lengthy and in-depth backstories for each and every one of them, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Well he is king of the demon realm.
Why do you even care? it's fucking DBZ, it's the poster boy for dumb shonen animes.
The main protag is literally a dumbfuck who fights just because.

Stop pretending you are some connoisseur looking for enriched writing from fucking DBZ villains amd find a different hobby if you hate it so much.

>Still no breast slider
>Still no way to make a loli character that's not just a shrunken adult

>Can time travel
>Doesn't save her brother with time travel

Can't you make fighters krillin sized?

That's the problem, we can make Krillin sized but they look like a midget like Krillin instead of a kid.

>he unironically makes a character that doesn't have anime tiddy when he can make a character with anime tiddy




>implying we will ever get loli saiyans

You're the faggot here for not wanting adorable children to masturbate to in our time travelling video game about Scientist Demons, Space Cave Men, giant bipedal Lizard/Bug creatures and Bills wad of bubblegum that was stuck to the bottom of your desk.

I need SSJ4 transformations! that and an improved final flash, it wasn't fair that the only truly great finisher was Perfect Kamehameha.

Golden Frieza's death beam was pretty legit. Also RugBeat.exe was pretty good too till they nerfed the fuck out of it.

lets hope super armor isn't a thing in this game

SS4 won't happen because they'd have to come up with how a female SS4 looks.
We'll get God and maybe eventually Blue instead.

True but PK was just so overpowered even compared to that, invincible while using it, stupid range and lock on, I know Cell is perfect but fuck there are limits.

With female couldn't they do something similar to Towa's underboob but instead of clothes it's fur?

Perfection has no limits

I hope for Dokkan they ACTUALLY shorten the gap on cards.We still have the great ape festival, LR Goku, Super Vegito, U6 V U7 Tournament characters, Turles Rebirth, and now Future Gohan Rebirth+LR 17&18 to catch up on.

True, at least until you come across a one armed boy and his dead dad.

Fusions event too, unless we get a western localization announced at the special stage tomorrow, in which case they'll likely keep the Dokkan event until that comes out.

Dude, are you playing Global right now?

>grinding GT cards
>GT medals
>metal apple farming
>Jackie Chun medals and SA
>Metal Cooler grind
>3x EXP and gems
>SSJ3 Veggie and SS Tao next week

There's way too much shit to do and not enough stamina to do it. Going at an even faster pace to catch up to Japan will require everyone to use stones to finish any events, plus we'll no longer be able to prepare for anything or save login stones. You don't want that.

So is Cauliflau a futa ... ?

Saiyans should stick together. We need to tribe up.

Mix bloods stay out! If your hair or blue or purple your a mud blood get out REEEEEEEEEEE!

Where's your fat buu?

>Brown eyes
>Not black eyes
You can't lie to me, pretender

N-no, i'm a pure blood, don't believe the lies!

>We need to tribe up

I agree but you're lacking a tail. You're just as disgusting as the half breeds.

I tuck it in my pants I swear!

Tail option in character creation fucking when?

Waifufags gay up another DB thread.

That's not a waifufag, that's an RPfag.

Please, that's not my waifu. Chi Chi is my waifu.

Same difference. Both are gay.

>I tuck it in my pants I swear!

Are you trying to make my giant monkey rage with such statements!?


in XV1 or XV2?

Oh, so you were just saying any meme word.

pretty much this.
i will pirate that shit like i did with the first one, but it's still pretty weak... the last good dbz game i've played was from budokai series in the ps2

also, if you're paying for this you're literally buying an expansion for the retail price

1. I owned it for a year or more and never played it.

people consuming gookshit are desperate for videogames, so they will eat up anything they shit - just look at pokemon and every single successful franchise ever released in japan: stale and developed by creatively bankrupt studios over and over again and still, those pathetic reashes still sell very well every time they get released

manchilds, weebs and similar trash are the easier targets to make a profit when it comes to videogames

From what timeline does Xeno Trunks come from?

Not putting spiky hair on SSJ transformation is unparalleled laziness even by Dimp's standard

The company motto for bandai namco is make make a lot of cheap games for franchise with obsessive fanbase

>also, if you're paying for this you're literally buying an expansion for the retail price

Considering that I put 100 hours into the first game, I'm ok with this besides I'll probably buy it from GMG with that VIP discount

saiyan or human if you never played it

Well, looks like saiyan won anyway.

thats probably because ssj allows you to spam skills

You telling me all clothes can be be recolored?
and that you can keep the stat gain on clothing while still looking stylish?

Not really. He's still waifu posting.

do race bonuses still exist in XV2?
i heard they rebalanced that

the guy on the left is using commander reds suit
and the one on the right seems to use vegetas new blue shirt in red

>Cred Forums getting their memes wrong again

>vegetas new blue shirt in red


The latest trailer shows someone wearing Commander Red's outfit recoloured. It wasn't possible to do that in the first game.
Don't know how stats work yet.

That's not waifu posting.

seeing how yamchas filler baseball gear made it in
badman and postboy are probably also in there

Goku's casual clothes are also in.


It really sucks.

Oh fuck am I ready for BINGO



>no wings
does this mean we get multiple accessories?
or just a wings+hat accessory

might be either
personally I hope for multiple accessories


>personally I hope for multiple accessories
me too
it was kind of bad that they didn't let you wear multiple accessories
just group them to certain things like head accessories and body type accessories
so you can wear swords with hats and glasses

DLC If enough people ask for it.

absolutely disgusting

Are the greyed out items in the paralel items I still have to acquire? Or is it the other way around? Greyed out items I already got?

Greyed out are skills you already have.
Costume pieces and Z-Souls never go grey though, because you can obtain them as many times as you want.


I hope we get multiple accessories. There was someone I wanted to make and 2 accessories in XV1 would have been perfect.

I forgot who it was.

Yet another rarity level?

Both LR released so far are an incredible grind but both are free

>made a CaC swordsman looks perfect with glasses
>can't have both
i am stuck with a magical sword appearing out of nowhere

They're free cards with stupidly high stats/cost that require a metric fuckton of medals to awaken.
LR Super Saiyan Goku's leader skill is All Types Ki +3. His base card drops from his event iirc.
LR Androids 17&18 (they're a single card) is All Types Ki +4. Their base card drops from friend point summons.

You're stuck with that regardless; they don't use the sword accessories you equip.

i know but sword moves do look better if you have a sword accessories

Pic related; medals required to go from the UR to LR.
The card starts as an SR. Luckily, previous requirements are nowhere near as bad as this last one.


SSJ3 Gotenks is pretty fucking hard to beat jesus christ, I just want to dokkan my SSJ3 Gotenks and STR SSJ Gotenks

I think I might actually commit to actually making a full on Android character this time, but I need a set of design rules.

All I wanted was a Cell race. Will wait for the bargains before picking it up

Cell's outfit is in the game and rumors about clothes being recolorable.

I'm going try making a Bio-android CaC

>will never get to be a tooled up android that dosn't need Ki, only TECHNOLOGY

It's not fair.

>Who exactly is it behind that mask
Are the Japanese mentally challenge? That's Goten all grown up.

>m-muh tenkaichi roster!

You mean the roster composed of 20+ """""different""""""" filler characters with some sort of variation between Full Power Energy Blast/Full Power Energy Barrage/Full Power Energy Ball?


Cell's armor is an outfit now and you can recolor all outfits now.

are you implying XV doesn't do that?
there are like 20 goku and vegeta presets

That's just moveset variations. And they're not filler characters, it's the MC and his rival over the course of their adventures.

It's still dumb though, same way Tenkaichi 3 splitting Goku into Early/Mid/Late was dumb and solved by Raging Blast and customising the movesets of the show characters.

>still another 4 hours until TGS stream
Anyone got a time machine? The wait is killing me.

they should add that feature
then the presets would only be different clothes

They should, but Xenoverse isn't really built for it. Since all of the versus modes are operated in the hub world, they'd either have to add a new building for premade character customisation or go back to Tenkaichi/Raging Blast style menus and have a customisation option.

try spending more money

thank you bamco ceo, you have saved my life i will now spend my life savings on Dokkan Battle

Are you retarded?

>implying we need 20 different goku presets

Sleep a bit

>ozaru vs giant namekian

shit what if they give the sayjins the oprion to become ozaru instead of ssj

damn i can only hope i get 100% power form in xenoverse 3, at least im not a buu

Every race should get a 100% power form in XV3. The only ones that haven't already had one in the show were Namekians, but there's nothing to say they couldn't pull that shit.

Literally nothing in the trailer worth getting excited for.

picollo kind of did

Post favorite recent pull from Dokkan.
Not your favorite of all time though.
>Tfw you're stuck playing Global

Not too recent but one of my tournament pulls a month ago made the grind pay for itself.

I got SS2 Saiyaman Gohan. He's pretty damn good and he has one of my favourite card arts, so pretty pleased.

Should probably mention theres another stream coming today youtube.com/watch?v=qrOKOn_kjig&feature=youtu.be

30 stone discount multi on the GT banner.
Already had STR Godku, but this one'll be a great addition to my mono-AGL team.
Just need to save up for Super Vegito now.

we know

>They didn't pull the best card in the game.

Did the discounted multi and got nothing good. I'll wait for the next dokkan event and hope I pull something useful.

If Krillin has no nose how could he snort boogers at jackie chun?

i got majin vegeta in my first and only multi for his banner

then thanks to vegeta i got a bunch of db tickets and i got this king piccolo

This game is shaping up to be basically "We didn't fix anything inherently broken with the first game but we put in more characters, moves and other stuff!" which is what I honestly expected. Bamco does it with all the franchises under its wing.

I would pirate it to fuck around in for a while at least but they'll probably use Denuvo or something that takes like five years to crack so probably can't even have that.

My GT discount trolled me. Got SSJ3 and got super excited for PHY SSJ2 GT Goku but I got the lame AGL SSJ version whose rate is actually lower. All I wanted was the Pan.

>Fixed the dumb RNG
>Fixed the hit detection
>Nerfed Super Saiyan

I dunno, that's a good start.

We don't even know how 'fixed' the RNG is without a hands-on example, and we have no idea how the hit detection stands to scrutiny in an online environment either.

Man. I loved the fuck out of the first one.

I wonder if they'll keep the infinites.

I'm just pissed that they didn't do the fucking obvious spiky saiyan hairs + tails.

How hard could it have possibly been? I don't even main saiyans and it bugs me.

you can still dash and guard cancel so it should be possible

All I really ask for is something like increasing the drop rate of all possible rewards in a mission every time you finish it. With a drop chance like 3% you can literally do a quest forever and not get it if you are unlucky. I just want to feel like my grind is actually moving me towards goals instead of having me at standstill forever.

Given that modders already did that for XV1 it really does seem lazy as fuck.

Even Ultimate Tenkaichi, terrible game as it was, gave your donut steel character hair styles that changes appropriately during SS.

>We didn't fix anything inherently broken with the first game

They actually fixed a lot that was broken and caused severe issues from XV1 one though.

>Super Saiyan is no longer indefinite infinite Ki mode
>Hitboxes seemingly unfucked so you can actually maintain your combos
>Supers and Ultimates do not grant Super Armor and can be easily stopped by basic attacks

The Physical and Ki distinction is still there and we still don't know if they actually made Majins not complete trash but that's really all pretty minor compared to what they fixed.

Majin's hit of super armor was actually pretty great for PvE.

>Even Ultimate Tenkaichi, terrible game as it was, gave your donut steel character hair styles that changes appropriately during SS.
Even the Korean grindbox that was DB Online had the hair change.

I guess it's the pain of trying to figure out how some hairs spike up? Like Gohan's bowlcut. It's still lazy, but I can't think of how you could spike that up.

Wouldn't it just become a normal spiky hair if it stood up? Like similar to Trunks but not so symmetric.

there is so many shit to do in dokkan right now, somehow i managed to get all the super strikes to level 15

thanks to WT and the gt event now my str beerus is maxed and my str ssjgod goku is at SA level 6

im so fucking ready for the beerus dokkan event but first we get ssj3 vegeta and then the great apes i wish they could just do a dual dokkan for beerus and vegeta

Got any general tips for the super strikes? Jackie Chun has been piss easy, but the previous ones were a total gamble on whether or not I'd be able to clear them.

Damage reduction units are your friends, especially for hard hitters like Mecha Freeza. You'll generally want your hardest hitting SRs, a super sealer/stunner, damage reduction and maybe one UR to do a ton of damage.

>majinbabe midriff

Thanks. So I should favor Enemy Attack -x% leaders over the ki+3 leads?

It's an option. It'll make the fights take an absolute age though. You generally want to stick with ki leaders because if you're supering often, you'll end the fight quicker.

>Tfw defeating the enemy with Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Fusions but they aren't dropping it
Lads. At this rate I'll never be a Super Saiyan.

good thing metal cooler wasn't in the first game
having to farm shit in his kill X coolers in X min would have awful

slice of life is for plebs. we should have delinquent gang fights instead


Ki leads are almost always superior. Go double for six Ki. Try to pick units with good Ki links or passives. Ki is everything, you want to super every single time.

Also good are any passives or SAs that "greatly" lower attack or passives that say "reduce damage by x%," block with them.

Keep well-linking characters in the first two slots (during the fight) every time they're up so they appear every other turn.

>Dokkan Battle date change
>cumulative login day 365
Aww yiss. 10 stones, 3 Elder Kai, and a buttload of medals.


I for one can't wait to see the facial expressions.

Is this Turles' other ult? Meteor Burst seems pretty situational since he fires it straight down, so it's good to have another option.

So it's heavily implied that Turles and Slug just works for Towa and Mira because its fun right? They sure as hell don't look mind controlled

they like the idea of fucking shit up

With it be in English?

>still no tail option that isn't wrapped around you
I'm mad.

>Cell absorbs 17 and 18 at the same time to skip semi-perfect
I mean I get it, Semi-Perfect Cell's small story relevance was mostly kicking Piccolo's ass followed by being a pincushion for Vegeta until he plays to his pride, so that'd be really boring for XV. But still..

This for fucks sakes shills

There's just not a lot you could do with him. Any kind of story power up you could give to him would just be "Semi Perfect Cell is strong enough to beat Vegeta" because that whole situation went about as disastrously wrong as it could have without Towa/Mira's help.

And the only move he really adds is the Big Bang Crash, which is just a variant on the Big Bang Attack.

One more hour until the stream.
What are you guys hoping for?

I dunno, but I find it funny how they're not gonna address Nail, poor bastard

Form customization for Frieza/Buu
A look at the so called choices in the story we get to make

there is still stuff they could do
like him killing 16, piccolo and tien
and have goku fight him

Show off more of the customisation.

mini games
CaC shit
some PQs

More shit to do, I guess. But a lot of that has already been confirmed.

I also wanted femkidbuu at the very least, but that has been deconfirmed.

stream where?

Almost everything I hoped for has been deconfirmed, and I was hoping for pretty small stuff.

Maybe I can still get my colorable majin tongues.

read the thread

I love my buus, so I sure hope they think of that.

reveal more characters



Announcement that I can claim 18 as my waifu even if I have to fight the whole roster on the hardest mode without losing



HEY! ...guys?


The only thing I wanted for Buus was to be able to play with a body type other than grotesque fatass. Have they said anything about that?

Enjoy transformed Buu mode.




Be a gurl.

Whyyyy didn't they call it Xenoverse Infinite so they could shorten it XVI??

i guess they want to make more than 2 XV games

Considering the yearly turn over, that seems pretty likely.

No Rosé No Buy

>Xenoverse Infinite infinity

lets hope the localization won't be ass this time
>thanks for helping, pan.

>There is way I'd join you

The XV guys must just get no respect. Heroes guys knew about SSJ Rose and even Zamasu and Black being different people but they decided not to fill Dimps in.

How about a prequel they call Xenoverse Year Zero?

>wanting to play as reskin goku with his special snowflake ssj transformation

>Vegeta dies
>"I've got no time to play around with you"
What did he mean by this?

but user, Xenoverse is the prequel

Fucking Christ that line always irks the shit shut out of me. Like, was there just no direction in the booths? Was everything just one-take and calling it a day? Shit, honestly, I think Sean's performance just bothers me for xenoverse the most. Awkward pauses, lines that don't match the tone of what they should be. Then there's Vegeta's audio and subtitles never actually matching.

Fuxk, none of that shot better be present in XV2

manlet is crying because he got shitted on
so he pretends the fight was too easy for him to win

SSR is fucking A E S T H E T I C

Goku Black is based, lithe and sexy instead of like roidnigger goku

That's how most anime/manga tie-in games work, the developers have no idea what's actually going to happen later on in the series, so they have to bullshit their own stories. Like how every One Piece game just makes up shit for Shanks and Garp's movesets as they have never really shown off much of their fighting ability in the story so far.

even turles is better than that faggot

>Uh, guys?


>Get Gogeta in an X combo
>"That move won't work on me!"
>It does and Gogeta dies without being able to retaliate
Nice try, though.

As lazy as the bastards at Bamco get, you have to feel sorry for them a little for being the ones doing the shonen games. Every time they release a game and it doesn't contain every single minute powerup the MCs have in the latest chapter, people are going to shit on them for it.

>goku vs piccolo
>i've got a full belly and tons of power just like the good old days, right yamcha.

>Be loli of time
>Time is your domain
>Your sideckick is getting retroactively deleted


Sense of urgency and time travel rarely mix well.

>loli of time lusts after a stupid monkey

Honestly, Super has been so bad that it's general absence from XV2 is a blessing in the skies.

well to be fair
that monkey is a brilliant scientist

Why didn't you just wish all Ningen away? Stupid fucking dragon ball super.

>Goku vs Jeice
>Yeah, whatever........................................but you guys let your hairs guard down way too much

>Goku vs Beerus
Geez, lors Beerus, you're so finicky..................................................and you sleep too much

You can make the best of a bad situation. The GT DLC for XV1 gave us the Spirit Bomb as an ult as well as GT Trunks' Z-soul. As dumb as Super can be, having some of Hit's Time Skip abilities or Black's Ki blade thing could be cool.

>Goku's family
The top trickster Raitz
Qt Gine
Alpha Male Bardock who flies into space to defy Freez
Goku, the strongest after all
>Vegeta's family
King Vegeta, who gets on his knees to pleasure Beerus and Frieza at the same time
Vegeta's mother, who left King Vegeta for another man
The Prince of all Jobbers, Vegeta, who needs low class warrior Kakarot to save him all the time

Which family was truly "low class"

He wanted the dragon to make him black instead.

I'm pretty sure Roshi can't hop on the nimbus, he'd just fall through like Krillin

Well, there's no fun in that. Plus some really angry god of destruction or Kaioshin from another universe might come and fill Zamasu's boipussi with pain

>just tarble

Hit's timeskip will work just like Guldo's and Jeice already had a ki blade thing, so did Vegetto.

Kill yourself, autists, if anyone made the franchise (game wise) shit, its the retards who kept buying the same game over and over and over with literally only 5+ new characters added in each time with literally hardly any to nothing changed about the graphics or gameplay.

And fuck, at least this has a story that isn't
''Replay the same 3 story arcs that you've played in every other game before''.
And yes, I know its only 'slightly' altered from that, but at least 'slightly different' is better then 'exactly the fucking same'.

we still have kid chichi and launch
i would be fine with either or even both

>Super Boo's absorption
People ask for this shit but I don't think they know how much work it would actually take to make this not come out like shit.
Like, fuck, they couldn't do this in the pure fighting games with no unique characters, how the fuck would they make it work here?

Not that guy and I agree with you, but Super buu's form was a legitimate transformation, and so is the kid buu form. They could have made majins have their own versions of those. And I mean VERSIONS, not "literally kid buu with a different color".

>Have short hair
>Hair shoots up and grows a foot in length
Ill be honest, Im fine with that not being the case.

just like body change worked in the previous games
have like 3 or 4 preset characters that get chosen randomly
and give your character their moveset and the top from their clothing

Why would it grow in length? And if you don't want it to do that, don't go Super Saiyan.

>designed to kill goku
>Kills literally hundreds of other people purely for shits and giggles
Yeah, TOTALLY not evil for evils sake.
I mean, he wanted to blow up the planet, to uh...kill Goku?
Made a tournament to show off his power to...kill Goku?
And fuck off with Buu, cause that was literally "Ancient Evil" tier. Fucker killed Babidi and still went on to massacre every one on earth for shits and giggles.

8min to go

>you will never fuck a female majinn
Can anyone give me a reason not to kill myself?

Just rub putty on your dick

>implying they don't fuck you

Nth for Human-Freiza Klan-Namek alliance against the two meme races, Majins and Saiyapeople

The problem with what you just said is that sometimes Vegeta's hair has shades of purple in it. (And sometimes brown for some reason)

Is there any reason to be a divisive faggot about that?


Stream starting 2min countdown


Being divisive is really fun. It's always good to round up the crew and put on your general blue uniforms and kill Monkeys and Fatties/Fapbait

>this funky ass countdown

Who's the cute femtrunks?

Jap girl Trunks is CUTE!

>feminine trunks
muh dick

>dat Trunks

Can someone spoonfeed me the link for stream? Thanks.


>also, if you're paying for this you're literally buying an expansion for the retail price
I mean, so was Budokai 2 to 1 and 3 to 2 and so on.

Post pics.


Evil Goku SS3, note the goatee

Can these two guys shut the fuck up? I want to actually pay attention to whats going on on stage.


>Just the trailer we've already seen

>You will never go to Time Patrol highschool and have afterschool private lessons with the loli of time headmaster

Thanks, user.

That bardock cutscene looked fucking sick. I really wanna watch the full one.

You now realize Dragon Ball Super would look better if it was CG.

>human with different skin colour

Jap stream for those who want to watch without the retarded commentary:

I mean, thats been literally every Dragon Ball fighting game since the first Budokai, so its not like you should be surprised.

>Announcers laughing at Piccolo

Yep. Joke.

Thanks a bunch. Those two jackasses were fucking pissing me off with their retarded babble.

Why does this nigger literally know nothing

just like everyone namco hires to sell the game

Look! It's the Great Singing Man!

I agree on this, Super Buu might be a weird chick is all I can really think of as a problem. Though the kid buu, I mean, to be fair...theres not much to really make different. To make ALL of the outfits in the game change to fit kid Buu would probably be a shit ton of work and would still be weird cause of the combinations. But they could have done something at least.

Is that nigger a fucking tranny?

What does a loli kid buu look like?

I'd be fine with something like that with a bra/tubetop thing.

how would you raise your lolibuu, anons?

That Great Saiyaman pose was really efortless. Poor form, Japan.

in Dragon Ball Online

that's one chubby looking majin girl


This is messy

JUST FREEZE MY SHIT UP [email protected]

Game's lagging like shit lmao

>Characters freezing and becoming god mode

You DID make sure it was playable before the show, right Bamco?

>this laggy ass gameplay

I looks really slow compared to Xenoverse 1

>This nigga shitting on Tien

I don't even like Tien and I'm getting mad.

it looks like it isn't done yet
lots of bugs

>Dokkan now


>These skinny little twig Japs wearing martial arts wear

>Comes out in 6 weeks

>can't even get multiplayer working over a local network
>expect to be able to get online working with only 2 weeks of testing before launch
This is going to be as big a clusterfuck as the first game was.

It's whatever you want it to be

Considering that all the demos shown before were local based, they must not have figured out online yet.

>Tfw you can only make one OC in Dragon Ball Fusions
Atleast I can fuse with Gine to be a cute femboi who wears a skirt ;_;

>Free Golden Frieza in Dokkan
>Japan only

i expect it to work properly once the beta comes out

>Giving a shit about mobile gachashit


I hope so. I never really bothered with PvP, but I'd like to play PQs with friends.

i want femtrunks back on stage

>don't see any improvements beyond expanded overworld
How is that an improvement? Unless they've added something to actually DO it's still just an overly complex menu.

We might get it as part 2 of the 90 million downloads celebration.

Well I mean, that guy also said XV1 and XV2 looks exactly the same, I doubt he knows anything at all about improvements

I missed a fem trunks?


anyone have a screen cap?

Honestly I'm more enraged by the lack of tails.

he's not free, im pretty sure they're just saying that his dokkan fest is out in jpn

>FYI: there will be another XV2 TGS stream in about two hours
Fug. Won't be able to stay awake long enough for that one.

hello my fellow super sandwich

Fuck off, Rhymestyle.
..and don't call me a sandwich, monkey filth.

Fuck Rhymestyle so much, he talks like he has a goddamn speech impediment. Is he a filipino or something

Get the fuck off hellnet Frieza

I don't recall any of the other villains working for Mira and Towa in the first Xenoverse game.

this spirit bomb takes long ass time to charge


and its gone

I'm not Rhyme. But I follow him on twitter and enjoy watching his despair in dokkan videos.

I follow all the Z-squad Brah.


Because they weren't, nor did they get shown alongside them like those two.

Demigra is the only one who really took control of them, they just buffed them before

Got a new phone without making a transfer code before my SIM got reprovisioned.

Lost my account.

SSJ3 Vegeta
Majin SSJ Vegeta
Super Saiyan Bardock
Ascended SSJ Trunks

and like 30 others. Needless to say I am butt blasted beyond repair.

It's all about Living Ichigo, senpai.

>All the dokkan battle was JPN stuff
>All the XV2 was was the trailer we've seen and laggy multiplayer
>was 20 mintues late to the steam so I missed fem trunks

It's like I shouldn't have even bothered

is that the next stream on 12:20?

So wow, that was fucking nothing.

I thought he was hispanic, but when I saw his face he looks pretty white, which was surprising. Might be a white hispanic though, because he has some sort of weird accent.

> A guy asking for Gregrory medal giveaway

No, that's Sword Art Online. I assume the next XV2 one will be after that.

at least we got some pvp footage

He is white

>ending every video with "PEEACE!"
I want to strangle the white spic.

>there are people that seriously think vegito could be stopped by any being in the universe if they fused at the state of the series now

I'm chilean and I don't find his english weird

>JP get a bunch of free Dragon Stones as a gift from the TGS stage event
>meanwhile, on global

How much does it cost in order to dokkan the INT Golden Frieza in jap?

How do Dokkan ecelebs afford all those stones anyway?

Don't worry you'll get them in two years when Global catches upto Japan

>I'm chilean and I don't find his english weird
No surprise considering how Chilean "spanish" sounds like gibberish. Shitty accents must be the norm to you.

i don't see another stream

>have the power to pre-order, liked XV1 well enough
>fully aware of how fucking terrible pre-order culture is and still weary about spending my money a month ahead of time

fuck shit, I can do this right before the game launches but I might not have the spare income in a month

>They are working on what to do with dupe SSR cards and something will be announced in v-jump mag.

Saw Living Ichigo in twitch yesterday and he was getting 5 dollar donations every minute

>thread is 10 hours old
what the shit

Dat big youtube dosh.

holy shit, i'm in the wrong business.

I should do some youtube summons

There's actually an original Namekkian Android in DB Fusions.

Chances are you're better looking too.


the thirst on blondie there

y-you too

If Videl wasn't so perfect she'd have been a great alternative.


buu looked very tanky in that pvp footage
could be just be the lag

>4 girls and one guy all checking out dat ass

they know what's up.

Definitely lag. Everything about that match was lag. Lag... on fucking lan.

at least they know there is a problem
lets hope they fix it

What so when they beat up the frozen Pickle, that WASN'T Hit's timestop?

>No Gogeta
>No Broly
>No Majin Vegeta
>Probably won't get Super Vegito
RNG is suffering

>SS3 Goku
It could be worse, user. At least you have some good cards.