Who do you want to see in Resident Evil 8?

Who do you want to see in Resident Evil 8?

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Nikolai or this guy.

Rebecca starring in Revelations 3.

Rebecca navigating lewd traps while in a String Bikini!

>doesn't sell ammo, despite having ammo in his jacket

Why the choker?

the ammo is just a gift for buying the ammo upgrades
they are not on sale

shed never wear a bikini, shes not a slut

These are extenuating circumstances! Rebecca's trapped in a large scale Ero Dungeon made by Umbrella Corp! She can't choose what to wear!!

jill and becky going on an adventure together

Becky exists for slutting around.
Her purpose in STARS was being slutty and relieving cops from their pent up semen.

fully rendered sex scenes

Will Jill start to dye her hair or will she keep it blonde?

I hope she dyes it brown again, but knowing nips she’ll keep it blonde.

Sheva and Jill

Yeah, because it would just fall straight to the fucking ground if she ever tried to wear one.

>censoring feet

You disgust me user.

shes going back to normal after Wesker's virus left her body




>fat cocks boys, whip 'em out

Super strength was because of Wesker's virus which is why she had the device on her chest to constantly inject it, her becoming blonde and pale was from experimentation by Wesker when he was getting the T-Virus Antibodies from her


An actual RE game again.

Oh there was experimentation alright

Revelations 3 with Sherry, Leon, and HUNK

But user... pic related...

the best girl of course

quads confirm,i just want a good game like the first 3



Kill yourselves

>every time i see sherry posted i want to go and replay re6 even if its a ungodly abomination of a game
>every time i remember how you cant use her lewd costume in the campaign

God damn you capcom, did you have to do EVERYTHING wrong with re6?

Best personality in franchise that for sure.

Just play mercs, it's actually fun unlike the campaign

it's a blue board user.

Why would you want to ruin a good thing? He's dead, he went out in a memorable way, leave it be.

>stupid waifufag
>best personality
>doesnt even IRL shitpost everytime he talks to ja/ck/
such wasted potential, can you imagine how glorious it would be if the entire game was a dick meassuring contest between jack and ethan, exhanging one liners and stuff?

>running around grabbing clocks
I will never understand why Cred Forums loves this shitty minigame so much.
Maybe because it sounds like running around grabbing cocks which is their second favorite pastime.

>killed by a nigress and a roided up chris
>memorable way

I know but mercenaries gets old fast after playing it on 4, 5 and 6 so much

A decent and worthy ending for the original main cast. How long can they keep pumping out Chris & Leon saving the world?

Hell, have a timeskip and 70 year old Chris as head of the BSAA or something.

Wow the 7 shills are early today.

>Best personality
>Literally has no personality whatsoever, just a schizophrenic blob that morphs into whatever the writer wants to ape next

New characters

Because I don't want the series falling back into a masturbatory rut where all they can do is pull in more RE1/2 characters to investigate the Bumbrella Borporation's latest scheme

Inb4 she stops aging and we get Jill for several more games.

>lmao meme text counts as an argument

I mean there are faggots not pretend 4 is bad, sure why not, let's pretend RE5 Wesker is not memorable regardless of the fact that he constantly gets referenced.

I like how instead of scared he just got SO FUCKING ANGRY.

I legitimately want a scene of Chris, Jill and Leon discussing how the Racoon incident ruined their lives and dreams. They just wanted to be cops in a quiet burger town.

you may not like it, but RE7 is the future of the franchise, like it should be. RE is going to return to its' former glory.

*now pretending

a game staring becca. 0 was shit compared to REmake

>re7 is the future
>it's going to return to it's former glory


she deserves agame, she's eager to please and will do anything to earn her own game

>Bumbrella Borporation
Haaa ha ha ha ha ha

I know waifu fags in these threads hate it, but one thing I sincerely appreciate in 7 is jettisoning the baggage of the previous convoluted storyline (which had devolved into nothing but pandering and "remember THIS from RE1-3???") in favor of a clean slate. In fact, the attempts to tie it back to the main story in general were pretty weak. RE has a plot that was and is in serious need of a downsize.

RE7 is just like the classic survival horror games, my dude, THE genre that was where the series peaked.


>clean slate

I wanna see Rebeccas feet

Note I said the attempt to tie it in was hamfisted. Only moreso in the DLC. For the most part I was glad the game had little mention of the stupid shit the series had progressed (regressed?) into. 6's stakes were so stupidly huge (and not in the good way) that the series "lore" needed to be "nuked" like Raccoon City.

Not resident evil 7 that's for dam sure.

a pretty much disconnected story was nice
but adding 4(?) characters to the plot idk what they even plan to do now
i would love to see boxing man partnering with Barry in the future

>nu-chris in charge of keeping an eye on nu-umbrella because they needed someone with experience in the field
those were good calls

7 would have been good if thescenario had been the same, but Dlvey had been part of the "Badlands" of America, abandoned to the Bioweapons following the events of 6 and general decline of the world. They could refer to the previous games, and have a relatively clean slate all in once.


I love Becky, but this made me laugh.

I want President Ashley Graham.

Still lusting after Leons dick.

7's scenario is fine as-is. To be honest its 6's story and events that I hope are left behind and forgotten. It's glaringly obvious from REV2 and 7 that the world isn't some post-apocalyptic hellscape as it was in 6. 6 tried (and failed) to appeal to every demographic with its hap[bio]hazard campaigns and wound up pushed into a corner that necessitated the soft reboot.

RE5 is great, imo. The only real problem I had with it was the item management, which can be cumbersome. Otherwise it's a nicely tense action game. It's also a fucking cheese ball of a game with a budget and Wesker is memorable in it, plus I actually like the african setting. It has its charm in its own way. Oh and the ending song is great.

Then again, I'm not really a die-hard fan of the series. Of the classic RE I've played 1 to completion with both characters on the hardest difficulty, 2 but only the first Leon route, and 3 but this one was actually the first RE I played and I was maybe 8 so I got stuck at the clock tower nemesis fight.

>being this much of a nu-fan

But does she actually become anything like Steve or just get veiny for a second like Leon and Ashley?

idk, i didnt watch the movie

but she always saves herself from becoming mutated

>We will never see controllable-zombie Becca being instructed to suck Arias' (or Chris') cock like a good little BOW.

Vendetta could have been so much more.

I want president Ashley Graham and Sherry to be in the same game, so they can argue over who had the worst parasite, and who Leon enjoyed rescuing more.

You kind of get that in RE0's Wesker mode

a new character, you're a scientist in an umbrella lab when things go to shit.

Sherry got tentaclefucked, I think she had it worse.

>just a simple zombie
You are smalltime

Fixed cameras, a big, confusing building, and a bunch of other shit that no one else likes.

But who knows what Saddler, the wrinkly midget, and Big 'Dickcheese' Cheese we're doing to her during the multiple times Leon lost her

I like those
At least the limited inventory made it into 7

Bye becky~

Harry Mason did the everyman role better.

more bullet sponge enemies

New characters and no more poorly written soap opera characters like Chris, Jill, Leon or Claire. A full reboot.

God the Molded were such garbage tier enemies.

More goopy goober monsters

If we're going to go that route, why not just give her a control plaga so she can grow a big dick-tentacle?

so... Ethan?
I bet you also think Nemesis is a bullet sponge and that Outbreaks on VH give too little ammo too much health for the enemies

RE5 is excellent. Last great RE.

>Comparing standard enemies to a fucking recurring boss character
Holy shit 7fags are mentally ill.

more sfm porn

aren't you forgetting something?

>pea shooters

All I want is an HD port of this and its sequel.

What the fuck is Capcom's problem?

5 is shit 4 is better

Nemesis being a recurring boss character doesn't stop RE2fags from calling him a bullet sponge
Capcom's problem is that you still aren't playing on the private server that is superior to whatever Capcom would shit out in every way

I wish this 7 autist would fuck off from these threads for good, we were rid of him for a few days. He clearly doesn't like Resident Evil.

>Thinking RESIDENT EV||_ is a resident evil game

Too much work. And there's hardly anyone playing it.

My man Leon and back to Third Person.

leon and jill would be cool, they havent teamed up before

sherry as fapbait and side character, fuck ada

also it should take place in ruins of racoon city and have a stalker like atmosphere

This is a Resident Evil thread fuck face, go peddle your twitch bait somewhere else.

Again, you're comparing two completely different things because you want to defend everything about 7.

>Comparing standard enemies to a fucking recurring boss character
Holy shit 7fags are mentally ill

RE5 is shit, and that's coming from someone who played it to hell back in the day. There's no way I can go back to it today and play it again. It's just so fucking boring.

It should've stayed a single player game.

>Tfw grass is greener and I think 1.5 would've been a better game than 2

>downloading an emulator, a plugin, an iso and a save file (and potentially deleting REO and REO2 saves if you don't want the unlocked characters) is too much work
>noone is playing it
then why do I constantly see games being played on it?

I just finished it last week and you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I'd bet money you are parroting, especially since your criticism amounts to "it's boring hurrr"

Good gameplay.

There's also the issue of buying a controller for your PC. I'm not going through all that. I'd rather just play it on my PS4.

>It should've stayed a single player game

So you're telling me i was playing with a ghost that whole time?

It is fucking boring. The only fun parts were the village at the beginning, and the Wesker fights.

Now that I think about it, it might just be the worst mainline RE game.

those giant things from Damnation

it's more of a Resident Evil than anything after and including 4
nice reading comprehension
I'm not comparing anything. I was just asking if you were a baby who can't stand enemies with a lot of health
I'd rather have you off yourself and have a server that would last for a long while than Capcom's server that would be instantly shut down the second they find REO not to be profitable
that's RE6

You have issues, user.

>hs answer is doubling down on the "it's boring" non argument

Yep, definitely a retard. I'm so glad i don't listen to Cred Forums when it comes to video games, never fails to be dead fucking wrong every time, the opinion that prevails is the one that's loudest.

I'm speaking as someone who put tons of hours into it back when it was new. You're speaking as someone who just played it recently. You shouldn't be talking tbqh.

>I'm not comparing anything.
Yes you were you fucking retarded nigger. You tried to discredit the complaint that the Molded were bullet sponges by comparing it to Nemesis being a bullet sponge despite them being completely different people.

What a fucking autists, Jesus Christ.

What happened? Did you make another failed thread that died in 10 minutes?

I honestly think that most people on Cred Forums make posts to just forget most of the content in their posts. How else do we get people who claim they didn't compare two things when they obviously did

>tfw they are remaking RE2

>You tried to discredit the complaint that the Molded were bullet sponges
but I wasn't. it's not my problem if you aren't able to read
it's a proven fact that RE7 threads last the longest

I played through Veteran twice with each character on all content, i already put a bunch of hours in online joining random games and i am halfway done with mercenaries. I've been play the game for weeks now and still do.

It's 100% fresh in my mind, i enjoyed it tremendously, as much as REmake and 4 and here you are telling me otherwise with the same non arguments that i saw before trying he game for myself.

I am the only one who should be talking.


Yes you absolutely were you utter fucktard.

in the style of re4

>as much as REmake and 4

You're a bad liar.

keep telling yourself that, maybe it'll come true the more you repeat it

Photogrammetry of Mila Jovovich.
Ultra high quality model on animated prerendered backgrounds/film with movie transitions in perspective.

Stylish dresses. Silenced Berretta 92 with laser.
Decadent mansions, you're Umbrella, pre any outbreak. Listen to justifications for evil stuff. Shoot unsuspecting company members and affiliates. Get congratulated in a head office, obviously told before to do just that. All speeches just to get them to inform their subordinates, who'll be easier managed remotely.

Well kept country side out the window of a train. Now confused as what to do the player can exit following an escort through a station to a lavish bunker where a function is taking place. Observe an infected person change to the audiences amusement. Shoot it. Celebration stops. People whisper things. It moves, gets up. You shoot it again. Reload. It gets up. Wesker anounces how the virus halts aging and how close they are a version without subjects, states the virus is both the weapon against humanity and the cure, to which they laugh, he goes on to explain what they are already familiar with, that the virus just needs more test subjects. Billions.

In this very wrong arena now wander up to anti terrorist suited mercenaries on the balcony. Meet Hunk, who has missed the talking. You don't know how involved he is, he's identifiable by being masked.

>the resident evil 7 year olds will never leave the thread

>in the style of re4

Hopefully not.

And you're a good drone

user... You're right. It's gonna be first person Like in REV||_

I'll bite. What exactly am I droning?

>it’s a proven fact that RE7 threads last the longest
No. 1 in every 10 or so 7 threads will hit 500 posts.
General series threads are 1 in 5 or so
Classic threads usually peter off at around 350
Waifu and meme threads never hit bump limit

>Parroting non arguments
>putting REmake and 4 on a pedestal

Tell me about how Dark Souls 2 is the worst game ever made next.

This is the worst idea I’ve ever seen

are you ready for the clairenaissance

Oh, okay. This will be the last (you) you get from me.

What a joke.

I never said that.
Wesker in re5 is best wesker and hes totally a badass, I wanna see him back. that is why its insulting to see him go in such a wimpy manner.
I said bring him back, fuck it. He already came back from the dead once, jesus aint got shit on wesker

he was the best thing about re5 for sure

I just want the series to die so I won't be disappointed anymore

Rebecca and Moira.

I want to see her engaged in the act of bestiality!

>president ashley graham wants to build a wall because beaners remind her of the time that those spanish dudes kidnapeed her

I don't understand Clairefags

She's not bad but she's easily the most boring female protagonist that I've seen so far, though I'm only up to 5. I can't even describe her as a character, she's just Chris's sister, she was kinda motherly and protective in 2 and that's as much characterization as i can remember.

For a supposed biker chick she's pretty bland in the looks department too

If you know better then provide that example.


That's ruff dude

I want to see her get creampied by a monster dick that just came out of jills asshole after fucking her all-the-way-through, starting with her mouth!

less amerimutts like re7's protag

>shot with TWO RPGs in pool of molten lava after THREE boss fights

I don't understand you people.

trust me, Clairefags are way easier to understand than Vothfags

>she makes leon her head of secret service and always tries to seduce him when they're alone at the oval office by flashing her panties (or lackthereof) while sitting in the presidential desk
>LEEEEOOOOOON, your country needs you!

>not wanting to suck the monster dick
What are you, gay?

Good, don't talk to me

the joke was that the scene i descrived actually exists, with sound too!

Thanks for reminding me of that Eroquis cg set, I'll go fap now

"Today I have signed an Executive order. All federal employees must work overtime when requested by myself personally.2

Well after bathing nemesis in acid, shooting him with an experimental rail gun, and hitting him with a magnum six times at point blank range with one liner to boot, then yes, I would call that a downgrade

Yeah but it sucks.

Leon but only as a cameo like Chris was in 7.

Sherry or Sheva would be nice too.

i thought it was alright.
Can you illuminate me on some GOAT sfm content (i dont know if sfm is still a thing or what the cool kids use these days)

It all sucks.


RE sfm sucks, no one upgraded the models since it started

DOA, Tomb Raider and Overwatch get all the good stuff.

what is it about nulara and animal dick anyways?

Leon needs to eat shit and die. He's been in literally every other game and EVERY movie.

How would leon no-way-fag out of this situation realistically?

>wesker virus

well that's an interesting way of saying it, i suppose

Defect to Russia.

Reminder that there’ll never be a moment in RE more hype than this

But it's an even numbered title. It's the Leon tradition to make an appearance. What if he appeared to get killed, would you be happy then?

I thought COMPLETE.GLOBAL.SATURATION was pretty hype
pissed wesker is best wesker

code veronica had some pretty good music

One of the best memes. Not a hype moment

>he thinks anything in CV is hype

>not liking animal dick

Jill was in every odd numbered title but that didn't make it "a tradition" that would mandate her inclusion in RE7.

True true. Sherry or Sheva then. Maybe both together.

Sherry and Sheva threesome?

Sheba will never come back. The only people who want her back are the same people who watch those shit SFMs, as Sheba is a non-character

>he thought i was complaining
It was merely an observation
monster/tentacle rape>animal rape>monster/tentacle/animal consensual>regular rape>everything else



Why is Revelations so comfy? Currently playing it on PC and so far im enjoying it more than RE7. I heard Revelations 2 is shit though. How true is that?

My hatred for sheba far predates my hatred for niggers in general

Does she even have SFM content? I thought the only people that want her back are racists that get off on fucking non-white women.

>Generic Tier
REmake, 2, 4
>D Tier
ORC, Umbrella Corps
>C Tier
Chronicles games, Revelations
>B Tier
Gaiden, Gun Survivor 1 and 2, 6, 7, Outbreak 1 and 2
>A Tier
RE5, REv2, 0
>S Tier
CODE:Veronica X
>SS Tier
Gun Survivor 4
>SSS Tier

Jill had a nice ass and Rachel was top tier fap material.

>he doesnt like all-the-way-through tentacle kino

Based Enormous tits hair lady.

I don't see why they couldn't bring her back sometime. She's basically the only black character in the series with a chance, and Capcom likes money.

weak bait, it was to at least be believable
No one alive has this much of a shit taste

no fake decisions like in resident evil 7
fuck capcom for punishing me for picking the right girl

It would be a background role. Like Hunnigan but in charge of Africa.

It’s not bait 4fag

Reminder that you're not a real man unless you would fuck normal Rachel and Ooze Rachel.

he isn't wrong by calling RE3 the best game and by calling REmake, 2 and 4 generic though

this is the most terrible idea i have ever read

>It would be a background role.
That'll be the case with anyone they bring back now that their design philosophy is "make a good survival horror game and not a continuation of the Resident Evil soap opera we've been doing for years."

I have a question:
what does the resident resident evil posters here think of the survivor series?

I fucking LOVE survivor 1 even though its a bad game, there is so charm that i just cant resist liking it
Survivor 2 is barely even worth talking about since its literally just a cheap arcade guncom game featuring RE characters
Survior 4 was a big dissapointment for me because i heard it was good and that it had a bigger budget but it was just terrible and it looked awful and everyone was and sounded retarded

you are a poor excuse for a human if you dont look for a mate with good mothering instincts

I want to rub my balls on Claire's face.

2 and 4 are not generic you Moron

>comparing Sheva to the most literal who in the series

Why would it ever be a background role? She was a protagonist and that's not the type of character she is.

not him but sheeva was LITERALLY only shoehorned into the game because of the racism controversy
She isnt in ANY of the trailers before the launch one

GS1 is great. If it had been released as a TPS or Standard fixed angle RE people would have eaten it up.

I want Ark Thompson to come back. Hell, he could have been in RE7.

>39 years old

I hope it's Ultra Instincts for her sake.

2 and 4 are shit and the only reason they are liked is because it's the popular opinion

trying your hardest to be the most wrong person on Cred Forums right now I see

>this fucking mongoloid is STILL spewing his nonsensical headcanon bullshit

What is it with Resident Evil that attracts this kind of autism? Beat it kid.

RE2 is a generic fixed camera shooter when RE4 is a generic third person shooter, ncan't see how I'm wrong. they aren't survival horror in any shape or form


I dont know who you are confusing me with but its fucking true you literal retard, there is no headcannon. Sheeva wasnt in the game until last minute you double nigger

I think 2 is overrated but generic? Fucking no. And RE4 is far from being generic. That was one of the best games released in 2005.

Original poster here. Meant generic as in they’re generic choices and putting them below SSS as I usually would, would cause you yards to sperg

Rebecca's Crush...

>re2 is generic fixed camera shooter
>literally the first sequel to the game that invented fixed camera horror shooters
>re4 is generic third person shooter
>literally the title that invented over the should third person action horror shooters

I said fuck off underage, come back in a decade when you have even a layman's concept of how video games are made.

Jesus Christ what a dipshit.

>the game that invented fixed camera horror shooters
I agree with your post but this isn't actually true. Alone in the Dark 2 came out in 1993 and not even that might be the first example.

I too enjoy Survivor 1 even though its gun controls like ass because of the USA design change. I doubt the GunCon would make it all that much better, but it at least feels like a "classic" RE. I would love a remake that ditches the arcade level structure for an interconnected world.

Never played the other survivor games.

>one of th
>RE1 inventing fixed camera shooters
but it didn't. it made the concept more popular, sure, but in no way, shape or form did they invent it. RE2 is just a shitty action title that is all about moving through linear corridors and shooting everything with the near-infinite ammo supply you get. it doesn't stand out in any way

>There's also the issue of buying a controller for your PC. I'm not going through all that. I'd rather just play it on my PS4.
>he doesn't know about DS4 tool
Casuals I fucking swear.

"resident evil 4 is bad"
- Jill valentine

"i hate leon and his ugly jerkface"
- Also Jill Valentine

When is HUNK coming back?

ORC2 ;^)

Revelations 2 starts well with an interesting premise, but then after a couple chapters it loses focus completely on all the characters, the level design turns to shit and the story basically spills all the beans 70% of the way through, making the entire last chapter excrutiatingly boring.


Tom Cruise...i mean Kevin Ryman

>This is Cred Forums on phone posting

"I like getting facefucked in dirty alleyways"
- Jill Valentine



No Way Fag

why are they bullying that one fish?

But they stole those instincts and gave them to Moira. Claire's bitterness has eroded her ability to deal with children.

Umbrella in it's original capacity, just bring those amoral, incompetent, goofy motherfuckers back.

original characters you fuck

She was supposed to be an npc rebel leader in very early drafts. When they decided to make it a co-op game, they just switched her backstory around.

Obviously it's going to be another bunch of regular-joes-with-secrets like 7, and Leon will make an 'I'm Kennedy' cameo because it's an even numbered title.

but it's not. and you're lying. why?

Jesus Christ, we will never again have a decent RE thread as long as these should've been abortions exist.
Fuck you Capcom

>a tryhard at being cutsey
>wears lewd outfits
>let's Wesker keep a picture of her in his desk
>very weak and is easily overcome by anything remotely strong (man or monster)
>will immediately attach herself to anybody nearby at the first sign of danger
>she only joined S.T.A.R.S. so she can meet hunky guys
>eager to please

She's rapemeat. If you spat at her, she'd probably open her mouth to catch it.

So if you just grab her out of the blue and drag her back home she'd let you? That doesn't sound good.

Ashley and Sheeva


re6 apologists are worse imo