Played BOTW

>Played BOTW
>Enjoyed it
why the fuck did everyone give this game a 10/10 GOTY one of the greatest games of all time
It's great, but I'd give it 8/10 max.

don't get it either. world feels very lacking with not enough interesting content.

Congrats, you are continuing the daily trend of why Zelda is only 8/10 or whatever, and don't act dumb pretending you don't know what I'm talking about.

I haven't played BoTW, but I don't need to to point out that you contradicted yourself in the same sentence. I'm guessing I'll like it as much as you did OP, because I really think open world games are shit, but after seeing some vids about advanced tech and shit, I'm kinda coming around to it.

I plan on buying a Switch and wanted to begrudgingly try Zelda to see what the hype was about. And I'll still do that, minus the begrudging part.

The game isn't as much about content as it is about mechanics

>you contradicted yourself in the same sentence

Ah, no you didn't. My bad. Seeing your thread in the catalog made me think "one of the greatest games of all time" and "It's great, but I'd give it 8/10 max" were in the same line.

Yeah, nonsensical meme and nintendo cultists' ravings aside, a 7 or 8 is a fair score, it really depends on how much you prefer solid core mechanics over actual and well made contents.

Because reviewers only played the first 10 hours of exploration in the overworld. The dungeons are lacking and the shrines are almost all shit.

How does it feel to know that is objectively better than your favorite game?

Game started a 9/10 for me but then fell to 7/10 the more I played. It made me realise that open world games are not for me at all.

this but 100% unironically, genuinely can't understand the praise, same goes to witcher 3

solid games but nothing more

yeah it was a masterpiece.
10/10 best game ever made.

>but 100% unironically
My post was unironic in the first place though

what good do the best mechanics do if there is barely and content and meat to the game? BotW is the epitome of a vertical slice tech demo to sell a pitch. They forgot to actually build a real game around it.

I think it's because of its presentation. It feels important, special, and epic.

yeah but there's always tons of people that come in these threads and just say something about shitposting

I enjoyed this game thoroughly but am deeply saddened at the lack of riju art

>How does it feel to know that is objectively better than your favorite game?
The game is objectively very flawed though.

What's the source of the unshopped pic?

If I can ride a shield down a mountain getting off to glide, then slow down time to shoot off the head of a Skeleton and proceed to beat it to death with it own arm it's gonna be a 10/10 for me

>a lot of fun and clever systems that intertwine with each other flawlessly,
>doesn't hold your hand and force you through story
I guess those two points were big contributing factors. I think some of the flaws were overlooked by quite a few, but overall it was a fantastic game. While I don't think it's the best of all time or perfect, I do think it's at the very least one of the best games of the past few years.

Same reason they gave black panther 10/10 reviews.


A lot of people are saying that's because of black pandering.

And it is.

But Zelda doesn't have any black leads.

That's cool, it was probably a 9.5/10 for me

Link is yellow.