ITT: ugly maps in gaming


>tfw I fapped to this map once
I have no idea why.

Anyway, it's pretty cool how they managed to include all of the Burroughs+ New Jersey. I wish more games set in NYC went to as much effort.

Don't say stupid shit just cause you want to be screencapped


Your thread is shit. Post good maps instead.


user go get help



He's probably going to screencap it himself.

Such a trash map, 95% of it is useless too

kind of looks like BotW


>The Land of Always Winter

To be fair it was named by goat fucking savages.

LMAO this is some top quality /r/Cred Forums material right here! Include me in the screencap!!

99% of place names in the real world have names like that too if you translate them.

Westeros is supposed to be the size of South America.

But GRRM Martin got the shapes and geography all wrong so it seems more like it's a bit larger than Great Britain maybe

A fucking ninja turtle

Name 5.

>make a vertical and a diagonal line
>call it a map
Great worldbuilding




Let's be real, BotW has an ugly unappealing map

patrician map


Honestly looks like a beginners version of an RPG worldmap. It is just so stupid with no cohesion. It's also impossible to tell scale since there's obvious undocumented territory all around.

What are the green dots?


haters gonna hate



Josh ?

You won't be the next floor tiles guy, asshole

>upside down

plus it either takes months to travel from the south to the north or a few hours depending on which season you're watching


Newcastle and most of the -sex places in England which just stand for where that group of Saxons were. Newcastle is the Romans fault too.

WOw heres my wacky reaction!

>a rectangle

I mean yeah, it filled the entire map screen, but still. Looks silly



Iceland, Greenland


The Black Forest in Germany


>seafaring island civilisation
>dusty 'exotic' southern peninsular
>eastern plains populated by horseriding barbarians
>those mountains ranges
>a fucking boot

who designed this map, GRRM?

shut the fuck up jesus christ

thanks for saying what we were all thinking wow sure am glad you were here to tell em

>who designed this map, GRRM?
>a hidden icy penis
Of course he did the fucking homo.


In finland we have the following: ballsack island, dickhole (lake), cock mountain (a hill), piss island, nigger island, cockbottom (town district) and jerkoff river. People are so great at naming things


The Grand Canyon is actually just another name for your moms asshole.


The image was webp when I saved it, so I just took a screencap of it with the snipping tool since 4cham doesn't support the webp format

I love Might and Magic maps


Rockstar maps are ba-

it's this small, huh

Guys help was this a deliberate thing in the map?

What is it supposed to be?

your mom

I highlighted a thing in OPs crap-map that looks like a whale facing upwards.

>a rectangle

nigga thats a square

I've heard that Greenland got that name as a way to lure in people to colonize that area despite it being a frozen wasteland. Is it true?

That train line is such nonsense

I can see it

Australia names everything how we see it

A square implies perfect symmetry.

laugh at my joke wtf


A rectangle implies 2 sides, with 90 degree corners and the parallel sides matching in length

remember this shit ?

fuck you

looks more like an elephant to me

Welcome to the Forest of Fuck
No pls


Could also be Steelport desu.

Any place called "New" like New York or New Jersey
The Grand Canyon


Gotchya, chief.

That's when Finland was under Swedish rule and the Swedish faggot cartographers came to consult the locals regarding place names on maps they were making. The Finnish peasants annoyed about the foreign cunts pestering them so they gave them all sorts of rude joke names.


don't include this guy


lmao! screencap this

Haha wow this is epic!!!

I seem to remember GTA4 being the same size as the city in GTA5 alone?

A square is by definition a rectangle.


>played with friends on gta iv online so much that we all memorized how to get to the airport
>played games with the blips turned off so we could stealth against everyone
>planned an assassination of a friend we'd always fuck with with blips off with the sniper in TBOGT
>gta V comes out and we have great fun
>stops being fun around the time all the stupid ass grinding comes out
>eventually drop it
>see all these new updates and never install because i'll never find someone with a moneygun

There's something about Dragon Quest III's map. I wonder what.

im arguing that the map is neither

What's that one extra island supposed to be based on? Everything else is Earth.

Continent of Mu

It will be revealed in future DLC and we'll all act like it was always there.

wasn't Atlantis supposed to be circular? maybe that?

I like the theory that everyone is double the hight of humans in our world.

Wouldn't the houses and shit look tiny then?

Just like Iceland is green and Greenland has ice


I wish map designers would learn geography and meteorology. Then they could make worlds that look somewhat realistic.

For example, there is a phenomenon known as rain shadow where a mountain range will block rain from passing through them. That causes a build up of moisture and greenery on one side of the mountain and a desert on the other side. Pic related is an example. The map designer for this map could've easily have constructed such a thing on one of the many mountain ranges but failed to do so. There's just no logic to the map other than north = cold.

Who the fuck cares, nerd boy? This kind of realism does not make games better.

Why even have a world map for your game world if you're not going to appeal to geography enthusiasts? It's not like the world map has any relation to the mechanics of the game.

It's the opposite you retard

Because having horse people across the sea and barbarians up north is what he wanted for the plot. The precise topography doesn't matter and self proclaimed """geography enthusiasts""" would find something to whine about anyway.

>its a Cred Forums correctly identifies redditors who want to be the next floortiles/ohio guy

theres still hope yet


>Ohio guy
One of my absolute favorites

And wouldn't knowing how things work create a level of depth to the world that would help immersion?


There was a guy in a thread earlier talking about his scat fetish which was pretty in depth.
Something about being into women who are scared whilst shitting and running away, mid shit with shit coming out of them.
It was a good thread.


Then why bother adding any sort of realism? Why try to emulate medieval society and peasant life in your story if you can just throw together elements? Why bother learning about armor and weaponry and battle tactics and strategy if you can just make shit up? Why study linguistics to give your made up elven language a semblance of realistic structure?

Some fantasy authors go to great lengths to emulate realistic aspects to give their world depth but when it comes to the map they just start drawing whatever they want with no logic.

I read an interview with Horii where he said that originally, Cannock was located where the Lake Cave is, but players found it too difficult to travel that far early in the game.

So they moved Cannock closer and put a dungeon from a different part of the game in the lake.

Also, apparently basically the entire game's enemy stats, encounter rates and locations, and general balance were completely overhauled in the very last month of development, because playtesting revealed the game was way too hard. Which explains the infamous balance problem the game has.

>gameplay > realism

Pretty sure Manhattan means “land of many hills” in Algonquin, or whatever.

i had no idea dorne was part of the same landmass as king's landing.

i essentially thought therre was a grassy continent and a desert continent

What do you expect. It's George R R Martin

There's literally such a phenomenon depicted on the map in the answer you replied to, no? (South of Westeros)

Ah, sorry. Understood that you meant the north of the continent. Need to go to sleep.

Why are map threads so comfy bros?

I still cannot get over how bad this map is. The day I saw it leaked the day before the game got released, I was like, theres no way this is real

Low and behold Rockstar didn't give a fuck